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August youth camp complete; more camps planned for future

Camp 3 Photos

More than 50 boys and girls participated in the latest edition of the Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp last week. While that could be considered a moderate success given the late addition of the camp, the new coaching staff for the University of Hawai’i basketball team is already eyeing bigger and better opportunities for the future.

“We have an obligation to grow the game in the Islands and I think there’s an opportunity to do that,” head coach Eran Ganot said.

In particular, Ganot said he would like to add “specialized” camps such as shooting, big men, and parent/child camps.

“We’re going to kick around some ideas that we’re all kind of used to and accustomed to and try to figure out what works here,” Ganot said. “But for sure just do a better job in terms of giving the kids more opportunities.”

Many of the current players from the UH roster were in town last week, so they were able to assist at the camp. At previous camps held earlier in the summer, many of the players were at their respective hometowns for summer break.

“To have a camp in August and have the opportunity to have the kids be around our guys is great,” Ganot said. “It’s great for the kids; it’s great for our guys to understand their position as role models.”

Ganot added that the current players are finishing up summer classes at UH this week, and then will get a bit of a break until the Fall semester starts on August 24.


  1. Neat behind the back dribble with the left hand at about 54 sec of the video, then an assist.

  2. Volunteer coaches not allowed by NCAA for basketball nor in football. But allowed in other sports. Strange rule to me. So Zane can’t be a volunteer coach.

  3. I think you read the rules wrong. It’s prohibited in all sports besides basketball and football. If a head coach is going to use a volunteer coach, both need to schedule an appointment with the Athletics Compliance Office.

  4. Sorry, read the rules wrong myself. You’re right islandman. But I wonder why I know a few volunteer football coaches at a few universities in the NCAA.

  5. Anybody can get confused the way the NCAA rules are written. That’s why we need the compliance office(s) (Artie has said Amanda, both Board Members of the Letterwinners Club, does a good job).

  6. SA article today said with regard to the COA stipends, Norm got the ball rolling with influential boosters.

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