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UH players faring well at Summer League

Midway through the 2015 Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, two teams have emerged as the clear leaders.

Electricians Hawaii (5-0) remained undefeated following a surprisingly convincing 91-69 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners on Saturday night at Manoa Valley District Park.

Right behind Electricians in the standings is National Fire Protection Co., which improved to 4-1 following an exciting 102-98 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness. That game featured a matchup of duos from the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Hawaii College Summer League action

National Fire Protection trailed by as many as nine points in the second half, but the UH duo of Quincy Smith and Mike Thomas led the rally.

Smith finished with 20 points on 7-of-11 shooting, 14 assists and five steals. His driving layup in the final minute secured the victory for National Fire Protection.

Thomas scored 12 points on 4-of-7 shooting, and grabbed six rebounds. His breakaway dunk with 1:02 remaining broke a 98-98 tie, and proved to be the winning basket.

Chris Summers, who is looking to join UH as a walk-on player, scored a game-high 35 points for National Fire Protection.

The opposing UH duo of Isaac Fleming and Aaron Valdes once again dazzled the Summer League crowd, although it was not enough to win this time.

Valdes had 30 points on 15-of-22 shooting, and 10 rebounds; Fleming shot 10 for 22 from the field, and finished with 23 points, 11 assists, four rebounds and three steals. Valdes scored 22 of his points (on 11-of-12 shooting) in the second half for Clark Hatch Fitness.

In the other game, UH junior Dyrbe Enos scored 11 points, including 3-of-5 shooting from 3-point range, to help lead Electricians Hawaii to the surprisingly easy win.

UH junior forward Stefan Jankovic was in attendance but did not suit up for Electricians Hawaii. Former UH player Negus Webster-Chan was also in attendance, alongside Jankovic.

UH junior center Stefan Jovanovic contributed 12 points and 13 rebounds for Wealth Strategy Partners. UH sophomore guard Niko Filipovich added three points, two rebounds and two assists.

Wealth Strategy Partners was without its top player in former UH standout Julian Sensley.

CLICK HERE to view complete video coverage of the games

Saturday’s results
National Fire Protection Co. 102, Clark Hatch Fitness 98. Top scorers: NFP—
Chris Summers 35, Quincy Smith 20, DeAndre Haskins 20. CHF—Aaron Valdes 30, Leon Ballard 24, Isaac Fleming 23.

Electricians Hawaii 91, Wealth Strategy Partners 69. Top scorers: EH—Ricky Clayborne 21, Oscar Tedroso 18, Dyrbe Enos 11. WSP—Rashaun Broadus 21, Stefan Jovanovic 12, Derrick Gordon 11, William Broadus 11.

Tuesday’s games
6 p.m. –
Grantco Pacific vs. Chosen Few
7:30 p.m. — Wealth Strategy Partners vs. Clark Hatch Fitness


  1. Good report again. Quincy/ Thomas/ Summers over Fleming/ Valdes, et al.

    NWC in attendance with Janks. He was playing in the Nike Crown League in Canada ? per his instagram.

  2. Wonder why Janks isn’t suiting up. Hope he’s not hurt.

  3. Does this mean NWC is having second thoughts ? or too late ?

  4. Summers over fleming lol come on now. At some point on this message board we have to be honest.

  5. I like summers but Isaac hands down is better on offense and defense.

  6. NWC is done. Summers is becoming more and more intriguing week after week.

  7. PONO:

    yes, islandman and others… believe NWC did not finish semester? or did in okay standing, However, he must have obtained an agent.
    The overseas leagues, or tryouts, offers, not until later this summer I guess,
    If NWC DID not sign with agent, maybe, however as PONO says, Janks and NWC , in fact this past year’s group SO TIGHT and close, they support each other
    Band of Brothers, I really like them, wish that Eran can recruit guys with as much heart as last years and this years, returnees !!

  8. We are really going to enjoy, pending whatever happens, with ncaa thing
    This bunch of returnees, Sai if he can bring that low post to 3 point line stretch game, and Canda can light it up and handle the ball.

    Special guys, I finally, islandman get the point.. IT IS THE GUYS and their families, Not the current or past coaches.. That is what makes Janks, Q, Niko, Zach, especially Brocke to come back all the way from Dallas, Jovanovich, Fleming, Where is Bobbitt? , Rod if he gets that jumper down, Dyrbe will contribute, Eran likes a lot of guards, pick and pop.. or ball screens.. shooting fundamentals.. Valdes , MT..

    This MIGHT BE FINALLY the PAYOFF year. NCAA or NIT at worse.. just hope team stays healthy, in mind, academically , spirit, and physically !!

    Go Bows !

  9. And Benjy , Audi supreme sales rep, for now.. Would be AWESOME if you and your children had season tickets to UH MBB games. !! THAT IS HIGH CHARACTER !!
    If not, follow on the tube
    I think Benjy’s sons, can be really good, their brother Tyler , remember Tyler McDaniels was going to walkon to , or try to earn scholie two or three years ago with , Gib? He was about 6’9″ 225 and was a shooter, not low post, however could shoot.
    Think he is back in the mainland.
    Otto and Austin Taylor, would be amazing in a few years if they played for Hawaii or another DI school They LOVE Hawaii. great kids, Otto , Austin, Tyler and Olive ..

    Mahalo again Benjy and Jamie, for helping keep majority of guys here !!

  10. UH Fanz 1 please get some help. Your comments are way over Enough of Benjy. Buy an Audi or used car from him. Your comments once again are going way overboard. Please start your own blog.

  11. NCAA Looking for Allowance for Post-NBA Draft return to NCAA Eligibility;

    Gotta Separate / Neutralize Smoke-Blowing Agents

  12. Janks not suiting up – going to play for the National Team

    NWC – probably wouldn’t have the grades to play anyway. Would’ve been nice to have him.

    Summers over Fleming – oh c’mon

    Coach Eran recruiting guys with heart – He hasn’t even had a chance to do much recruiting yet. And with the ones that he did recruit, it is too early to tell. Give him a chance before criticizing him (UHF1). If you really liked them, then why would you assume that some would not return and wish them the best?

    Only hope that the Coach Eran’s style of play (flex motion) will allow the players to play.

    Go Bows!

  13. Eran’s is supposedly 4-out 1- in motion offense or something like that. Wheeler said it is not flex motion.

  14. The 4- out 1 – in is a variation of the flex motion offense. It starts with a high post entry pass and utilizes lots of screens on the baseline. Variations depend on type of line up being played at the time.

    Go Bows!

  15. In my opinion. Summers > Current Walk Ons. Give the guy a shot.

  16. Last year this team had a knack of getting a good lead due to the defense which led to a run and gun style of play. When they tried to slow it down and create plays is when things went awry. Teams caught up and some came away beating UH.

    If they can continue that type of play from last year and be able to slow it down with set plays when need to, I believe they would be hard to beat.

  17. DaBoyz808:

    No, Eran so Very New to coaching as HC and in particular UH MBB, with 11 returning guys playing Benjy frenzy ball, it Will take time, notice my Mantra, from beginning, with hire of Eran, I said, IT WILL BE HARD FIRST YEAR or several, .. unless like a Bruce O’Neil 19 game and NIT first round appearance with Tom Henderson leading the charge, or even Gib with his 19 almost 20 game 2 round appearance in CIT with Amis leading the way.

    I love UH MBB, and sure, I accept Eran, as head coach, I follow lead of Benjy, that young man, is REAL HIGH CHARACTER, High Road, wonder if he might appear Back in UH MBB in some capacity? maybe..he will support his guys..
    Right now, in groups, Eran and staff working with guys, Rod, Fleming Quincy, Thomas, maybe only Valdes, has that nice shooting form, Eran gets those guys knocking down, high percentage of mid to 3 line shots, Team can win some ball games.

    Other forum, a few say it will be continuation of Riley Ball, I don’t think so, a little he learned from Wallace, Bennett, watching San Antonio.. more importantly, team knows it, and Eran knows, UH MBB as a whole has to shoot the ball way better, Their Defense can be outstanding..

    Yes, I am giving Eran all the support he needs, as Ferd’s column this morning said, in regards to SOS, and I guess just coaching and winning , and managing team.. remains to be seen.. Remember when Benjy took over, ? A lot, including myself, I was thinking, could team even win 15 games, a lot said maybe 9 games, Wheels, Jackson, Jeff P.. Lo and behold, Benjy and team almost won 23 games and NCAA berth.

    Eran, go get em, just do your best, and hope you all have great season.
    Is That Criticsim? Nope, that is real..Even if Coach K were the new HC, same thing, he would have to prove what he can do.,. first year or two..by end of Dec, MBB standing at 12-4 or 14-2, similar to Benjy’s run.. Eran, and especially the MBB team will be off to great start,.. anyways as we all know, have to win BWC regular And BWC tourney title to make it Super Season !

    Go Bows. !! And Eran, just go for it !!

  18. eagle:

    You thinking that NWC will try to apply to get that waiver? IF NCAA changes rules? Is it changed already, or is that for NEXT year, remember the new NCAA rules went into affect earlier this summer, unless amended rules..
    Was NWC, going to play in the Canada D league? Anyone knows.. he would have options to play Asia, he would be able to play for pay, his dream like Joston Thomas and about every UH guy, even Garrett Nevels, the NBA.. speaking of Garrett, I wonder if he will work out with NBA, teams this summer? he is a tweener, however, if he can shoot unafraid, just launch and make them, like Curry, NBA or overseas, they love those, guys. every team , every level needs 3 ball or mid range shooters.

  19. Of course the NCAA wants to let undrafted players back in. Wouldn’t want them taking their earnings potential over to Europe when they can squeeze a couple more years of unpaid servitude out. Boy, the NCAA is so empathetic, and willing to change with the times. It’s those dirty agents!

    One group is helping these young men make money (although, they may only have short term goals in mind). The other group has fought over giving any little scrap to these young men.

  20. UHF1

    How can you say that, “No HC experience, it will take time.” Benji, although had some HC experience, was able to step in with Gib’s boyz and still have a winning season. You even second guessed Benji. The team just had talent and that talent has not changed. Only the HC has. Don’ t you think that there is an adjustment period for any new HC?

    You say that it will be a hard 1st year or several only due tot he fact that you have visions that GA or Benji will be back at HC.

    Go Bows!

  21. Jamie Dixon was never a college head coach, until he was promoted to HC at Pittsburgh.

  22. What National team is Janks on? The national team in Canada is currently playing in the Pan Am Games. I don’t see him on the roster. Last I heard he is in Hawaii with NWC.

    Give Summers a shot!

  23. Summers, has to talk to Coach Ganot about walking on, he is ex serviceman, mature, probably strong guy.. Ganot loves to play tons of guards, I think all the guards will play, lot of 3 guard or even 4 guard lineups, with one PF, I guess will have to be Sai and MT again

  24. Quincy and Summers played well together on Saturday. I’m sure Quincy would endorse Summers if asked. That being said, the team already has four walk-on guards. Is there room for a fifth?

    No one seems to know what national team Janks is hoping to make. Perhaps it’s just an unsubstantiated claim that some have stated as fact. I don’t know.

    If injury concerns are keeping Janks out of the summer league, he’s sure not to suit up after watching Niko taking a nasty spill in the final seconds of Saturday’s second game. He may have injured his rib cage. Hope he’s all right. The league should consider having a trainer or someone with medical expertise at the games.

  25. They really need to do something with the floor. Even after wiping it, it’s still slippery. Hopefully no one will get hurt. It looked liked Valdez almost pulled a groin last week.

  26. I think there are many “national teams’. USA have a team in the World University game, I think the have a team in the FIBA and maybe even a team in the Pan American game. I don’t think the team US will field for the 2016 Olympic is set yet.

    Maybe Canada’s is the same….they have multiple national teams and Janks is trying to make their Olympic team. I honestly don’t think he is trying out for the Serbia national team since Serbia is big enough a country to field their own team and doesn’t need to get kids of Serbian ancestry from another country to fill their roster like American Samoa.

  27. IS NOT SET…is what I meant to say…regarding the US national team for the Rio Olympic.

  28. Summers is definitely more game ready than Buscher and Stepteau for sure. There should no doubt be a walk on spot for him over those two. Lots of speculation but I’m interested to see what type of lineup Coach Ganot puts on the court.

  29. I agree with Pono. Buscher still looked like a high school player. Not really smelling the floor in the summer league. Not sure that making 3’s from a walk on is all that important. Just the ability to get it off. Pretty easy to do in a no defense league. But Summers can sure play. I would take him over Buscher and Stepteau.

  30. Ganot you really need another big man, I have always been a Jovanovic fan but what he has put out during this summer league scares me. Don’t get me wrong pick and roll stuff good, but his post up is not working. Look for the basket before shooting or do a sky hook so you can get an eye on the hoop. Don’t just throw the basketball blindly over your back to where you think the basket might be??? Please someone work with him on his post moves and 3 to 6 ft from the basket shots.

  31. RobT:

    despite what others on several forums saying, BWC don’t need bigs, good or decent ones, and look at GSW and Curry, Klay Thompson, etc, just gun and have fun.
    If Jovanovich, now he is a JUNIOR.. yeah I agree, one of Eran’s staff has to work with his post game. He could be very good, just has not been developed by a good big man coach.

    Rob, seriously, I think Eran, and he will admit it, is tied up with whatever happens at NCAA hearings and in court with GA…I think that spector, no matter the rhetoric here or other blogs, we have to wait, and Eran has to see how plays out, it will affect his recruiting for sure.

    Still to have an Ahmet Gueye, 6’8″ 240, when knees were good, good rebounder, low post guy and shot blocker, Get a Big like that, UH would do well in BWC.. Purchase, the RS from Auburn, pure shooter.. wing..

    Just like we wanted from Gib last year, get a Big, it was Jaleel Cousins 6’11” shot blocker rebounder, because of NCAA spector, he did not sign with UH, instead, late get in Sammis Reyes, which was good, until Sammis like others moved on.
    Even that big, big man 6’8″ 270 pound guy Quadree Smith would have helped…

    Jovanovich, man, he COULD BE A VERY VERY GOOD BIG.. however, in Summer league, ? And who is coaching the Bigs, not too many, in the summer small group workouts? I remember Fish was coaching bigs.. ?

    Hey, Is Jovanovich Any taller, stronger, faster or bigger, heavier? or is he still the same as a freshman? as I say, His potential, is good, he can play some time in overseas..has to have better BBIQ and feet.

  32. I DO LIKE JOVANOVICH.. Stefan is great, great student, and good person !! He was a warrior, last year, he helped them to almost 23 wins and NCAA bid too…All 14 guys from last year, don’t get me wrong..
    Janks, I don’t know What Is the Story, Either Dayton or Brian has to interview, Janks what is up?
    And Where is Bobbitt?
    That slippery floor, with all this humidity, guys are going to get hurt again!
    have to keep dry floor.

  33. Wow, uhf desn’t like jovanovic. I thought she liked all of Fib’s recruits? Why else would she yell?

  34. You cannot compare GSW to UH. If we had two of the best shooters in the country then we could talk. Plus the warriors had Bogut who is a good defensive 7 footer. They also have Draymond who although undersized could defend the 4 and 5 position well as validated by his runner up finish for DPOY.

    I have learned to read UHF1 posts here and his CP3 posts on the scout forum as a comedy act. Just laugh at the ridiculousness that it takes to write some of those things. I hope Summers gets a shot because I think he could possibly contribute in an off the bench role if we need instant offense. We would put in Dyrbe for some of those situations but at his size it’s tough for him to get shots off.

  35. Summers deserves a spot as a walk-on…especially if Buscher got there. Is Buscher even playing in the summer league

  36. I am not even worrying about Jovanovich from an offense standpoint. There is no room for him to get shots, since every nowadays point guard calls his own number first. This has been the problem with point guards since Penny Hardaway times back in early 90’s. Point guards shoot so much rather than getting the offensive system going. They try to create their own glory, or one other teammate and that’s it. That’s why the NBA is overflowing with 20-10 (20 points, 10 assist) point guards.

    Look at how much Fleming shot, when he had one teammate who was shooting 70%. Fleming shot just as much as Valdes! It’s futile to say this, but point guards should feed the hot hand, and make sure everyone (even the 5) gets their shots. But that’s not the way it is. Basketball is so much pick and roll nowadays, point guard being in total possession of the ball and only looking for one other guy on the floor.

    Even Quincy had a 20-14 night. And he’s never been a good offensive player. Just hope he improves his free throws this year, it’s his last.

    Last year, Fleming shot more threes than Valdes, and almost twice as many as Jankovic. Fleming’s % was 27% while Valdes was 38% and Jankovic 34%. Need to pay attention to efficiency. If someone else is shooting better, make sure they get the shots. Not take more shots than them because you’re holding the ball all the time.

  37. Uhf1 was the one who always said UH should get a big and he still says that, which most everybody agrees. I and/or a few others brought up the GSW lineup as saying you may not need the big that much, but they are an NBA team. Their last few game lineups were on the “slim” slide. Bogut did not play in the last two games and less than 3 minutes in the game before that vs. Cleveland, all GSW wins. Green is 6-7, 229 lbs. but athletic as you indicate.

  38. Anyhow, do not even worry about Jovanovic’s offense. He could learn the Kareem sky hook from the top of the key, and it wouldn’t matter. He’s not going to need to take any shots. He should dedicate himself to defense, would be the most beneficial thing for UH. Don’t bother looking for a 6’8″ guy if he is slow – remember quickness is key to basketball.

    Hoping for better point guard play this year. Bobbitt/Fleming are good ballers, but their point guard skills…let’s just say they won’t make anyone forget Mark Campbell and AC. The hope is that Ganot actually has a system, unlike last year. We couldn’t do anything in the half court. Just hoped that someone got hot shooting, and hoped for fast breaks.

    Improved point guard play would push UH over the hump, regardless of how many 6’8″ 270 pound guys we don’t have.

  39. Fleming has to take his 3’s to keep the defense honest; note he shot 61.2 % on two’s.

    We may miss NWC’s long range 41 % on three’s; but 31.8 % on two’s. He attempted 156 3pt. FG and only 88 2pt. FG, made 64 3pt FG and 28 2pt FG.

  40. If we have another scholie we should use it on the best available player and not a big just to sign a big. We’ll have 3 more scholies opening up next year which should give the staff sufficient time to find someone for the post.

  41. Give Summers a shot, he seems to have the touch from outside, if he doesn’t lose it. Someone to make up for losing NWC and Garrett.

    Here’s a 5-6 shooter at Kahuku who has a touch.


  42. Supposed to be 5-9 .

  43. Peyton Allen from texas A&M is available, coach Eran needs to give him a call. he woulld thrive at UH!!

  44. Let’s not overlook Quincy at the point. While it was just the summer league, he played a superlative game on Saturday. He had 14 assists, and instinctively went to the hot hand in Summers. He also hit a couple mid-range jumpers, drove to the basket (and dunked once) to draw fouls, and converted 5 of 6 free-throw attempts. Hope he can carry that confidence into the fall.

    I think Summers deserves a look, but put yourself in Ganot’s shoes as a first-year coach. You really want to drop the local kid (Buscher), who went out of his way last year to welcome the newcomers? Or the kid (Stepteau) who comes from Texas, and pays his own way to school for the opportunity to be a part of the program? Obviously, you have to keep Dyrbe and Filipovich. So, if Ganot wants to add Summers, can he get five walk-ons to feel like they’re contributing to the team? Not an easy decision, in my opinion.

  45. islandman: Never can have shortage of guys 6’7″ to 6’9″ who can rebound, block shots, create space, hit free throws, and Defend the paint, facilitate the offense.. Still to have 7 or 8 true guards, and those guards have to be lights out shooters.. Still need some guys to get the tough rebounds.

    helps.. live by the three, and what? die by the three, even if you are good shooting team, Remember, UH with that outstanding scheme and yes.. Great Great Coaching of D by Benjy, they won 2 out 3 from Cal Davis, who were outstanding small ball shooters..

    Fotu, Sammis, Jaleel Cousins, imagine if this year’s ,and Last year’s teams had those guys.. you talking about sweet sixteen, elite eight maybe.. and Benjy would still have career move.
    The most successful Interim Coach in the Nation, in UH MBB history. wish he gets the recognition he deserves.
    He loves Hawaii, his kids, and HE IS MAKING great choice, sounds like maybe even seeing his 3 young ones possibly grad from HS here, That my friends is A REAL man, sure, other mistakes, however, we witnessed a maturing buy, a young guy 47 years old, learned and making adjustments to be with his 3 young kids.. Fantastic,.. Benjy and The Bows.. They make it to NCAA or NIT, pending some disaster, or Institutional Lack of control, banning UH from post season for several years. except CIT or CBI.. Benjy will be elated to See His guys. go to the Dance..!

    Go Benjy, great job, developing, high character, great defenders, and exciting ball, if UH shot better they would have averaged in low eighties scoring like Fotu Soph, year.

  46. Give if a rest already you sound like a broken record!!!

  47. Gib would make a good car salesman, many have said.

  48. “Champ” The way you keep coming at fleming seems like your hating on the youngster. He’s the best guard UH had since AC and he’s only a sophomore. This kid has NBA writin all over him. We’re suppose to encourage our Men’s basketball team not bash them.

  49. If you are hoping for Fisher to somehow clear Gib some, it doesn’t look like it when you read McInnis’ blog today ” Fisher told the governing body he acted at Arnold’s behest, and expressed remorse.”

  50. always nice to have couple bangers downlow when your shots arent falling….we cant afford janks to be playing the 4 or 5

  51. Air Cuba has nine 3’s so far in the game tonight.

  52. Warriorfan, I think you’ve been outed…. How would you know about a player at Texas A&M if you are a Hawaii fan… Too funny and so sad!! You need to worry about your own pitiful situation. Remember karma is a ….

    Also, just a general comment… Everyone should keep in mind that decisions about the team are not made based on the summer league. From what I hear, the players are working out with the coaches about five days a week, and it is what’s done in those workouts that matter most to the coaches. I know that the summer league is entertainment for everyone, and it keeps you engaged with what is going on with the team, players and the program, but I hope none of you really think the coaches read your comments, and base their team decisions on what you say in this forum.

    Trust the great coaching staff that has been put together to do what is best for the team. They are the coaches, and they want to win as much as the fans do, so the team is in good hands.

    Go Warriors!!

  53. Plus One ! Warrior Time in 3 1/2 mos !

  54. WarriorFan? or not?

    eagle, n2joy, clyde, Derek, al, some forum members from about little over 4 years ago, when Dayton started the comments section.. we were THE only ones, servante too, once in awhile, to comment, sometimes, each topic, maybe 3 or 4 posts. We have kept the site going, as long as civil and not attacking the players the families, etc.. the admin, and politics of UH, that is another story, not attacking the kids or MBB program, that we cheer on..

    WarriorFan,..interesting, fellow fans, another post person, never hear from again? different monikers etc.. that is going negative,.
    I accept Eran, and wish Benjy, Gib, Akana and UH to get things straight and move ahead…I will continue to sing the Mantra,. Winning IS NOT everything.. as Vince Lombardi said.. IT IS THE ONLY thing, no matter SOS..who wants to follow or support a losing team, see UH FB and chow…3 years, maybe 4 straight years of LOSING? That does not make sense at all.. Fans pay good money, We used to support, donor lots of monies to UH sports, however save that money for grandkids now..

    Support, AV, MT, and company, I hope pending NCAA.. battle , that UH can play post season and go to the big or little dance.. win at least 19 games, terrific !

    Go Bows .. You WarriorFan, don’t like my comments? scroll over.. I keep supporting MBB guys and the returnees, Benjy’s Bows the most. !!

  55. PONO:

    Of course you were correct, NWC just visiting, seeing his old team members play some hoops in summer league and visiting with Janks..still seeking overseas, or pro team hook up somewhere..per BM.
    Still wonder, WHAT , or WHERE is Rod Bobbitt?

  56. I am coming at him. I’m not going to be the one to say he is ready for the NBA, when he isn’t. He is never going to be in the NBA if he doesn’t get better. I hope he gets better. Because like I say, we need better point guard play.

    As for me pointing out his 26% 3 point shooting. You can’t argue with numbers. It’s a low percentage, and he shoots it more than at least two other guys that should be shooting it. Please don’t tell me you want him to keep shooting his 26% rate 5 times a game next year. He needs to make better decisions. That’s not hating.

  57. “Champ” You seem very bitter and ignorant. You obviously don’t know basketball or talent, he is clearly the best on the team. Just get off the message board. But when fleming gets drafted I’ll make sure to come back to this post and I hope fleming see’s this to know he has bitter haters in Hawaii.

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