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Stepteau stepping up in Summer League


Brocke Stepteau finally got a chance to talk the winners’ talk against his University of Hawai’i basketball teammates this summer.

Stepteau played a key role in Grantco Pacific’s 97-93 upset of National Fire Protection Co. in Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League action on Saturday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

The redshirt freshman guard for the Warriors scored 21 points on 9-of-15 shooting, as Grantco Pacific ended a three-game losing streak to improve to 2-4 in the Summer League. National Fire Protection, which has UH players Quincy Smith and Mike Thomas, dropped to 4-2.

“It was good – it was extra motivation playing against Quincy and Mike,” Stepteau said. “I think they have one of the best records in the league, too, and we have one of the worst, so it was good to come out and play well and finally get a win. It’s my first win in the Summer League in two years, so it felt good.”

While his UH teammates have been garnering most of the attention at the Summer League, Stepteau has quietly put together a solid two weeks. In four games this summer, he is averaging 13.0 points per game.

He has also apparently earned more playing time with Grantco Pacific – including a start at point guard on Saturday night – due to his continued improvement.

“It was an adjustment period,” he said. “Coming in, no one on my team knew who I was so I just had to earn minutes. That’s what you have to do on any level – earn minutes.”

Stepteau, who is from Dallas, Texas, sat out as a redshirt player last season at UH, though he did practice with the team.

“It’s going to be the same thing,” he said. “I’m just going to come in and work hard every day in practice. Just give it my all. What ever happens, happens. Most importantly just play hard and do what I can to help the team win.”


Former UH guard Pi’i Minns (Kamehameha) led Grantco Pacific with 22 points, and Ikaika Phillip (‘Iolani / Grinnell College) added 18 points on 6-of-9 shooting from 3-point range.

Smith and Thomas had solid games in defeat for National Fire. Thomas finished with 26 points on 11-of-20 shooting, and also contributed nine rebounds and three assists. Smith contributed 13 points and 11 assists.

DeAndre Haskins (Chaminade) scored a game-high 29 points for National Fire Protection.

In the second game of the night, Electricians Hawaii remained undefeated with a 79-67 victory over Chosen Few.

Derrick Low (‘Iolani / Washington State) led Electricians Hawaii with 26 points, including 21 in the decisive second half.

UH junior guard Dyrbe Enos contributed 10 points, three rebounds and two assists for Electricians Hawaii.

Former UH forward Bill Amis had 17 points and 14 rebounds for Chosen Few, and former UH point guard Jace Tavita added 12 points and nine rebounds.

UH redshirt freshman guard Zach Buscher did not score, but had a rebound and a blocked shot in limited minutes for Chosen Few.

Saturday’s results
Grantco Pacific 97, National Fire Protection Co. 93. Top scorers: GP—
Pi’i Minns 22, Brocke Stepteau 21, Ikaika Phillip 18, Sean Caddell 12, Altrekia Christmas 11. NFP—DeAndre Haskins 29, Mike Thomas 26, Quincy Smith 13.

Electricians Hawaii 79, Chosen Few 67. Top scorers: EH—Derrick Low 26, Oscar Tedroso 15, Max Friedman 11, Dyrbe Enos 10. CF—Matt Ching 23, Bill Amis 17, Jace Tavita 12.

Tuesday’s games
6 p.m. –
Grantco Pacific vs. Wealth Strategy Partners
7:30 p.m. – Electricians Hawaii vs. Clark Hatch Fitness

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 6-0
National Fire Protection Co. 4-2
Chosen Few 2-4
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-4
Grantco Pacific 2-4
Wealth Strategy Partners 2-4


  1. Good playing, Stepteau and the other current and former players from Hawaii. Good attitude by Stepteau and showing something to some doubters on this forum.

  2. Nice Brocke! I still doubt he’ll get much playing time under Eran. Maybe he’ll be given the same playing time Benjy afforded Niko last season.

    Quincy has been looking much more confident!

  3. Just praying that everyone makes it out of summer injury free.

  4. Eran loves using a lot of guards 4 at a time, sounds like what Benjy had to do..

    I hope Eran will speed up offense, when they get the D rebound or turnover, get up and go, if nothing there then a Good O set to score,.. however

    Small, very small ball team.. guys, the wings, Fleming, Canda, Valdes have to shoot lights out from 3 to mid range, and the PG’s , and backup guards.. looks like PONO.. Eran has no choice, HE WILL play Dyrbe, Brocke or Zach, if they.. HEY SOUNDS FAMILIAR right, ? from Little to Riley to Gib to Benjy, whomever takes care of ball, runs good sets , works all out hustle and Defends. shoot well.

    Brocke has a shot. smaller guy like him, really explosive, maybe as quick as Q..
    Hope that Benjy Frenzy, with discipline ball, will be back.. I love that style..especially have good handling FT shooting and knockdown shooters at end of close games to win

    Same coaching Mantra for new or older coaches… come to think or it, with Gib, Benjy, Eran, Senque and Brad Autry, would have made a good coaching staff.. just fun and win.

  5. No more Benjy frenzy, only Eran frenzy. Benjy frenzy is at Audi now.

  6. Had a chance to watch the game. Brocke has decent skill set but he really lacks quickness….speed….and athletic ability. He is a floor general type with a pass first mentality and team first attitude. His size is gong to be a disadvantage against bigger and faster guards.

    Summer league does not have decent big men so a player like him can put up decent #s. There also is no pressure defense being played here and I can see him being victimize when being pressured.

    I thinks he is a good guy to have on the team. Low maintenance……hard worker …..and someone that give the starters a good fight. He is much better than past walkons like Lance Takaki and Luke Meyers.

  7. Brocke looked pretty quick in the whole game videos. He can change direction on a dime or nickle handling the ball.

  8. Been traveling for work, so I’ve missed a lot. Good to be able to watch the summer league videos, and get caught up on what I missed here. Watched all the game video from last night, and all the UH players looked good. Agree with Islandman, Stepteau showed something to any doubters on the forum. He looked real good. Agree with Tavs that Quincy looked more confident. Mike T. looked good too.

    Was very impressed with Stepteau on and off the court in the interview. He seems like a hard worker with a great attitude. Agree with Kahuna, he is a team guy, a good floor general, and to me that’s a good PG. He passed when it was right, and shot when he needed to. Real good IQ. Like Islandman said he looked quick to me the whole game. He was defended pretty good by Quincy and some others, and used his quickness and handles to get by the defense really good. He also has a shot, and he made shots from all over the court. Like I said, I liked what I saw from all the UH guys. They all had good games. Quincy and Mike T. showed what they can do too, and I liked seeing Mike hit three’s. Fun game to watch. Should be a fun season too.

    Traveling for work again this week, so will have to catch up on the games this week whenever I can.

  9. You “Can” Log In from Most Places…
    Smartphone, Tablet, Business Office PC, etc.
    (IF You Can Make The Time – Connectivity…)
    I ‘Often’ Have More “ME” Time when i Travel (Alone)

  10. Did summers play?

  11. Looks like he didn’t play that much. I think i saw him in the 2nd half only ? Maybe he came late to the game.

    Alan Williams made All- NBA Summer League 2nd team, Brian M.

  12. Summers arrived at halftime, and played most of the second half. Wasn’t much of a factor.

    Stepteau played well, particularly during one stretch when he made three shots in a row. He has the ability to … how shall I say it? … step through a double team while maintaining his dribble. As others have said, he’s got the pass-first, team-first, point-guard mentality that is refreshing in this day and age.

    Thomas had a solid game, but I thought Quincy played much better a week earlier when he had 14 assists and 20 points.

  13. Thanks for the reports, Clyde and others.

    Will Davis II was on an NBA summer league roster, the LA Lakers one, but looks like didn’t play any minutes.

  14. Eagle, thanks. Time is the real problem for me when I’m traveling for work, not the connection, but I can always catch up here though.

  15. I wonder why most of the Bows decided against playing in the summer league.

  16. Actually, everyone but Janks and Bobbitt have played … though a couple have sat out recent games.

  17. Also, we’re told Canda was going to try and join a team … not sure what happened with that.

  18. Has Filipovic been playing? He’s listed on a roster but I haven’t heard anything about him. How are the coaches and players in the league decided? Does Pat make all the calls?

  19. I’ve only gone 2-3 times. The last I saw of Filipovich (July 11?), he took a nasty fall with seconds left in the game. He was doubled over in pain while play continued. After the game, he was clutching his left ribcage, obviously in pain. Not sure if he’s played since. The league could really use a trainer at each game, but that might be cost-prohibitive.

    I’m guessing Pat selects the coaches, who seem to be pretty much the same guys the past few years. I believe each coach is allowed to “protect” a few players from the previous season’s roster. That’s why Artie has had Derrick Low on his team since he was at Iolani. Perhaps someone else might know how they draft players; interesting that five of the six teams have two current UH players (though Janks and Bobbitt may be sitting this one out).

  20. Is Canda here in Hawaii yet ?

  21. No Canda but King James is in town today….

  22. I remember a player from a couple years ago saying that the court they use at Manoa was dangerous because it wasnt a real wood court. It was more like concrete or some hard material so it was bad for the knees and ankles.

    Of course everybody know the officiating in the summer league is bad so that doesn’t help either. I don’t blame the current players if they have some minor ahces and pains and don’t want to risk more injury in this league. As far as I know the HPU and Chaminade guys not playing.

  23. Canda reportedly was seen during the first week of workouts.

  24. ChuckCheese….

    Yes…probably why fleming at times, bobbitt and janks don’t play ..injuries, they taking care of business in summer school..
    and tired from worouts, or nusre minor injuries
    remember, bobbitt had that horrific broken arm last year..sure he wants that arm 100%
    Going into senior season

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