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Quiet night at Summer League


It was a quiet night at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Tuesday in terms of the University of Hawai’i basketball team, as no current Warriors participated.

Electricians Hawaii remained undefeated atop the league with a 97-76 victory over Grantco Pacific on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley District Park.

Oscar Pedroso (Chaminade) scored 32 points to lead Electricians Hawaii, which improved to 9-0.

Former UH guard Pi’i Minns (Kamehameha) led Grantco Pacific with 18 points.

In the first game of the doubleheader, Wealth Strategy Partners defeated National Fire Protection Co., 92-85.

Rashaun Broadus (Mililani / Brigham Young) scored 33 points and his brother William Broadus (Wai’anae / Western Nebraska) added 20 to lead Wealth Strategy.

Chris Summers led National Fire Protection with 27 points.

CLICK HERE to view video coverage of the Summer League.

The Summer League will continue with two games on Thursday. Five teams are still jockeying for the 2 through 6 seeds for next week’s playoffs. Electricians Hawaii has already clinched the No. 1 seed and a bye into the semifinals.

Tuesday’s results
Wealth Strategy Partners 92, National Fire Protection 85. Top scorers: WSP–
Rashaun Broadus 33, William Broadus 20, Julian Sensley 17. NFP–Chris Summers 27, DeAndre Haskins 23, Kahanu Puulei-Auld 10.

Electricians Hawaii 97, Grantco Pacific 76. Top scorers: EH--Oscar Pedroso 32, Drew Viena 17, Kona Makaula 16, Leif Rodney 16. GP–Pi’i Minns 18, Kaleb Gilmore 12, Sean Caddell 12.

Thursday’s games
6 p.m. —
Chosen Few vs. Clark Hatch Fitness
7:30 p.m. — Electricians Hawaii vs. Wealth Strategy Partners


  1. With summer work load in class and working in groups per ncaa , the MBB team, maybe No summer league, is smarter. When Q had that major dislocated finger, I went ..oh no here we go again!
    Of course No King of The Beach, kind of neat, Sammis Reyes won last year, however broke his toe.have to be healthy.. UH is short handed athletes this year.. same mantra for 13 guys on roster, be healthy and playing best ball come March 201 !!

  2. Sheriff Drammeh commits to UH, if Verbal Commits is correct. Noted by WSN poster today.


  3. Sheriff looks like a dynamic player.

  4. IF SO, Nice Get, Coaches…
    (Thx, I-Man)

    Immediate Eligibility(?), Four-Five Year Development, System Knowledge
    Nice Backcourt Duo, Continuity with Canda

    Good Size, (may still be growing)

    Good Handles, Good Vision, Nice Touch, Nice Rhythm

    ? “WE ARE Thrilled…?” (Probably Will Be….)

  5. IF Immediately Eligible…

    BOTH Canda and Drammeh get immediately schooled/tutored with Q & Bobbitt (QUICK-Studies to D-1)
    And Potentially Three Seasons with Fleming & Filipovic…
    Could Be A Deep, Strong Backcourt,
    With PT Linked to Pass-Shoot-Defensive Ability

    [Get a Big, Get Some Bigs, Everybody Needs D-1 Bigs…
    Independently Rich, Walk-On to Scholie, 6-9 AV-MT Types…]
    Then WE CAN Run Circles Around Them, Shoot Lights Out Over Them
    AND Smash-Mouth Right Through Them [Futures?]…
    With Good Passing, Ball-Movement, CAN WE Get A Power Game
    from the Likes of Jankovic, Jovanovic, AV, MT & Tummala?

    Keep On Keepin’ On, Program
    Potentially Awesome Season
    (Prognosticators Jumpin’ ON The Bandwagon?…)
    They Don’t DARE Pick US Fifth (And Look Stupid in the Process)
    May Be Just Me, BUT It Feels Like The Hum/Buzz Starts Pickin’ Up with The Commitment of Season Ticket Renewals
    [I Think: SAVE A Week or Two After BWC Tourney… NEXT Step UP…
    What You Thinkin’, Boyz? NEED TWO Shooting Machines?]

  6. Drammeh has a good all-around game. But he needs to prove himself that he belongs in D1. He reminds me of Manroop Clair who came to the program as a skinny kid with high expectations, but just could not transition to D1.

  7. He looks like he can play better defense than Manroop, at least in the video. See from about 7:10 below.


  8. Might want to temper your excitement until Ganot makes this official. I’m a bit surprised that he is still recruiting for the upcoming season. I believe he has two scholarships remaining, but one has been set aside as part of UH’s self-punisment.

    I would think he’d like to keep the other open should the NCAA further punishes UH by taking away a second scholarship … unless the meeting keeps getting delayed and the sanctions don’t take effect until next year!

  9. Islandman: Thanks for the video link of Sheriff Drammeh! Definitely has good PG skills (good peripheral vision & enjoys getting assists), both offensively (good floater & can pull up to hit mid-range shots) & defensively (long arms & deceptive quickness). Looking forward to seeing Da Sheriff in the SSC!

  10. I will agree a little bit with servante but not all the way. I agree that both this Drammeh kid and Manroop looked good in their hype videos but both are also very skinny. The difference is this kid looks more like slasher and Manroop was more shooter and scorer.

    The not too good shooting form of this kid bothers me a little bit and somebody else mentioned he shot only 17 percent on 3-point shots. Thats really bad on any level but especially bad if it came against lower competition. The part that actually bothers me more is the skinny part. You have to be strong to make it in D1 basketball nowdays and I would prefer a player who is ready to play from day 1.

    Nobody said if this kid is for this season or next season so hope it is for next season. I rather save the scholarship for December to snag a D1 transfer at midyear like we did with Janks. Nowdays so many players transfer out I guarantee we could find a decent one like Janks.

  11. The scholarship looks like it is for this coming season if you go by the Verbal Commits site. As far as 17 %, that was apparently in international competition. I assume he had a better % in high school.

  12. Don’t like the looks of Sheriff. Bad form, favors one side of the court. Coach needs that big a lot more than another guard that he hasn’t seen playing. Keep the scholarship for that illusive big.

  13. I find it odd that neither WI or BM (or any other local source) has been able to confirm the commitment.

  14. ^^^ What, you don’t trust all the geniuses and experts on the message boards? LOL!!!

  15. Mcginnis and the local paper are lazy.

  16. Kid is probably a project. Bobbitt and Canda/Filipovic will be the PG for this year. Next year Canda will be a senior so maybe as a RS sophomore, Drammeh will be bigger. stronger and better.

    You can always improve your shooting with practice. You cannot teach athleticism and length and this kid has both.

    Tempering my enthusiasm for this kid cause he is a project. Hope by 2017 he will be a solid PG.

  17. Gotta recruit the best available players. If the recruits are any indication of what we can expect. It’ll be exciting to say the least. Coach and staff will be challenged to come up with style that compliments his players. UNLV with Tark the Shark played a high volume offense, we may see something similar, with a twist of high pressure defense…

  18. fun just speculating what could be.. every year since Fab Five time, who was Melton Werts, Marv Vitatoe? Rod Aldridge? Reggie Carter? Henry Hollingsworth? Paul Burnie? Tommy Barker? Jimmie Baker? Victor Tiny Kelly? Tom Henderson? Were they as good as advertised? Some of those above mentioned names, were drafted by the NBA and the ABA back in the day..

    Still think Eran, in protect, Wait and see mode.. this upcoming ncaa hearings and results the litigation of Gib vs UH vs NCAA.. still that Elephant in the room or albatross hanging on ADept head and MBB in particular.

    eagle you are right..the times we live in.. highly doubt that 4000 MBB season tickets would be sold.. that would be awesome, if team were nationally pre season top 15 ranked NCAA DI.. and had starting 5 coming back.

    Wait and see, however, Always Fun time.. what will team be like? Any major guys, Fleming Valdes,. Quincy Bobbitt, Thomas, getting major injuries or emotional, baggage, ? Will they buy into a Riley Wallace Popovich, Bennett type of structured Offense and Defense? Or that Benjy Frenzy ball, a combination of the two, WITH GREAT shooting.. UH could do well.

    I take the opinion of several here.. All Speculation, when BWC play starts, half way through season and UH is 7-1,.. they are legit.. whether , they have NCAA to play for.. the bid.. better yet..

    Wait and see gang, just wait.. exciting, yess… temper the emotions.. we been there, seen it , done that.. the NCAA thingee, that is THE GAME in town. wait till that smoke clears.. then maybe 2500 will buy the season tickets..

  19. Another PG. Looks good but do we need another one? Maybe EG know something that we don’t about the current players? Summers looks like a better choice at this point.

    Eagle – I guess we could fill up with gyms with many shooting machines, but let’s hope that this one will help to improve their abilities. I heard that EG will be putting another Coaches Choice item as part of the wish list.

    Why haven’t previous coaches did this?

    Will ask again, does anyone have any insight to the schedule for the upcoming season? I heard it may be about 90% done.

    NCAA NOA – which 3 allegations were downgraded to less severe type. UH has taken already take actions, whether we agree with it or not, to mitigate the NCAA’s allegations, so hopefully any type of sanctions levied by the NCAA will not be that serious.

    Go Bows!

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