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Former Warrior Tavita scores 47 in Summer League game

The highest individual scoring effort of the 2015 Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League now belongs to … Jace Tavita?

Tavita, the former University of Hawai’i point guard, scored 47 points in Chosen Few’s 109-89 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness in Summer League action on Thursday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.


Yes, this is the same Tavita who averaged 3.2 points per game as a senior at UH during the 2012-13 season. He drained six 3-pointers, and also scored on a variety of dribble-drives to the basket.

“Just being aggressive,” he explained of his scoring outburst. “Driving to the hoop; I’ve been working on my shot a lot … just being aggressive, basically.”

Tavita has spent most of the last two years in his home state of Utah, and will take a shot at professional basketball in the Philippines next season.

“I was working in Utah and just recently I got a dual citizenship for the Philippines, so next month I’ll be out there to play professionally,” he said.

If this summer is any indication, Tavita is ready to take his game to the Philippines. Through four games in the Hawai’i Summer League, he is averaging 27.8 points per game.

Tavita joined the Chosen Few roster late this summer because he was still in Utah earlier. Since arriving, he had a chance to play against a few of the current UH Warriors, including Mike Thomas and Aaron Valdes.

“I think Mike Thomas is going to have a big year; (he’s) a big athlete who can put it on the ground and obviously play in the post, rebound and defend,” Tavita said. “Aaron, he’s the only one who was on the team when I was there. To see his progression since he was a redshirt freshman to now is like night and day. He looks like a man out there now when he plays.”

Despite all the changes in the program since 2013, Tavita said he remains a loyal supporter and proud alumnus.

“I’m a Rainbow Warrior ’til I die,” he said. “I’ll always support. I haven’t met the new coaches, but I’ve only heard good things, so I’m excited to see them in the future.”

Leon Ballard (Chaminade) scored 40 points for Clark Hatch Fitness, and former UH forward Phil Martin added 17.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Electricians Hawaii capped an undefeated regular season with a somewhat controversial 98-96 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Patrick Matthews scored on a putback at the final buzzer for the winning basket. It was initially ruled no good by one official, but after a brief meeting with another official, the basket was ruled good.

Rashaun Broadus (Mililani / Brigham Young) hit a 3-pointer with 23 seconds remaining to tie the score at 96. Electricians Hawaii then worked for a final shot – Drew Viena missed a 15-foot jumper, but Matthews tipped the rebound into the basket.

No current UH players participated on Thursday.

Electricians Hawaii finished the regular season 10-0 and will receive a bye into the semifinals of the playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

The regular-season will conclude with two games on Saturday at Manoa Valley District Park. The playoffs will begin on Aug. 4.

CLICK HERE to view more video coverage of the Summer League.

Thursday’s results
Chosen Few 109, Clark Hatch Fitness 89. Top scorers: CF—
Jace Tavita 47, John Lane 21, Chris Crawford 14, Ryan Reyes 12. CHF—Leon Ballard 40, Phil Martin 17.

Electricians Hawaii 98, Wealth Strategy Partners 96. Top scorers: EH—Oscar Pedroso 27, Patrick Matthews 18, James Davis 16, Kona Makaula 14, Leif Rodney 13. WSP—Rashaun Broadus 33, Julian Sensley 27, William Broadus 17.

Saturday’s games
6 p.m. –
National Fire Protection Co. vs. Clark Hatch Fitness
7:30 p.m. – Chosen Few vs. Grantco Pacific

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 10-0
National Fire Protection Co. 5-4
Chosen Few 4-5
Wealth Strategy Partners 4-6
Grantco Pacific 3-6
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-7


  1. fun just speculating what could be.. every year since Fab Five time, who was Melton Werts, Marv Vitatoe? Rod Aldridge? Reggie Carter? Henry Hollingsworth? Paul Burnie? Tommy Barker? Jimmie Baker? Victor Tiny Kelly? Tom Henderson? Were they as good as advertised? Some of those above mentioned names, were drafted by the NBA and the ABA back in the day..

    Still think Eran, in protect, Wait and see mode.. this upcoming ncaa hearings and results the litigation of Gib vs UH vs NCAA.. still that Elephant in the room or albatross hanging on ADept head and MBB in particular.

    eagle you are right..the times we live in.. highly doubt that 4000 MBB season tickets would be sold.. that would be awesome, if team were nationally pre season top 15 ranked NCAA DI.. and had starting 5 coming back.

    Wait and see, however, Always Fun time.. what will team be like? Any major guys, Fleming Valdes,. Quincy Bobbitt, Thomas, getting major injuries or emotional, baggage, ? Will they buy into a Riley Wallace Popovich, Bennett type of structured Offense and Defense? Or that Benjy Frenzy ball, a combination of the two, WITH GREAT shooting.. UH could do well.

    I take the opinion of several here.. All Speculation, when BWC play starts, half way through season and UH is 7-1,.. they are legit.. whether , they have NCAA to play for.. the bid.. better yet..

    Wait and see gang, just wait.. exciting, yess… temper the emotions.. we been there, seen it , done that.. the NCAA thingee, that is THE GAME in town. wait till that smoke clears.. then maybe 2500 will buy the season tickets..

  2. Hometown: Sweden !!
    Kista, Sweden

    That’s a first, I think.
    Go Bows !!

  3. Highschool: Igelstavikens !!
    Igelstavikens Gymnasium.

    Definitely a first.
    Go Bows !!

  4. Congrats to the coaching staff working hard trying to find the best fits for our program

  5. And good luck to Jace. Warrior for life !
    Hope he makes it to the pros, and I think he will.
    Go Bows !

  6. U know summer league is a joke when this scrub is killing it

  7. JACE is a GREAT Example
    That OUR Futures DON’T Have To Look Like Our Pasts…

    “FOR ALL” of US
    (That Wanna Be Better People, Better Winners
    In America,YOU Are FREE to have a LOSER Attitude…
    So It IS Great that UHMBB Has All these “Foreign” And ‘Local’ Players
    Recognizing and Using Our Tax Dollars, Sholarships & Coaches to
    EARN Multiple Degrees And PRO Careers)

    When he First Showed Up “From a ‘Bigger’ Program
    Jace Practically had to Fight His Own (Summer League) Coach to get onto or Stay on the Floor
    Moreso, HE had to Fight His Own Attitude And Deficiency In Skills

    He has Obviously WORKED Hard
    Now Can Score More in One Night than previously Scored in a Whole Season…

    So, Maybe EX-Scrub …
    WE KNOW some of these players (even Ex or Current Pros) ‘CAN’ Play
    (maybe Not Defense Except for EH)
    Maybe Future PRO …

    Go Jace!
    Go Warriors!
    Go ‘Bows!

  8. Haha. On the other hand, I think it also shows how difficult it is to be a standout in D-I college basketball. It may be more competitive than professional leagues in other countries.

    Tavita has some skills. Now he is older=stronger, but not too old and probably in better shape than the majority of the summer league.

    Summer league is just like a park league, where games go for 40 minutes instead of “first to 21”. You’ve just got to have some shot, and be in shape to make it in summer league.

    But to be a standout in D-I, you’ve got to have the whole basketball package. An above average shot, or above average ability to get good shots. Knowing how to impose yourself while staying bound by a system on offense AND defense. And also the mental aspect, eg being aggressive, being confident, being in control.

  9. HAHA…Ditto..,

    I’m “Jace” Glad he started Hitting Free Throws…
    Didn’t even realize we Had “TWO” Filipinos
    on a D-1 Basketball Team?

    That’s Long Odds
    Even a 6-8 First-Teamer…

    Actually DID UH EVER have TWO
    First Teamers in Any D-1 League?

  10. Those are some wise words, eagle. Always gonna have trolls no matter what.

    Jace has a great game with 47 points and says great words about UH in the interview and the only thing the trolls can take from that is the league is no good. Wish I had the emoji thing for shaking my head!

  11. At the 3:50 mark of the video for the winning shot, it looked to me like the tip back came little bit after the buzzer. You have to crank up the volume loud to hear it. Too bad they don’t have that red light that lights up the backboard when the buzzer goes off.

  12. Actually, Jace the maturity the tough, moke type attitude, the fights in practice or locker room, if he were at that game where that crazy fan charged at Gib at Santa Barbara, Jace would have kicked his arse, guaranteed, Loved Jace as A Warrior and LDS member.

    His game has improved, like Jared Dillinger, Jace lights it up, in PNBA.. he can have good living for several years.. say about 10.. Jared did and is doing very well.. and can always go to China too.
    Seems highest overseas pro rated leagues in Europe, where, Michael Kuebler, Phil Martin, Matt Lojeski, Christian Standhardinger, Davis Rozitis, Brandon Spearman, perhaps soon Garrett G Money, and Julian Sensley.. are playing.. those leauges , that top Spanish one,.. they can play with and Beat NBA team now, in Europe.

    Hey ChuckCheese, I ain’t no fisherman, like realist1, babyhook, etc, aguhf, Manoa, state from the other forum, just be ojective, real time and see how things play out..

    I wish the rush to rid Gib and his program and top players never happened.. in absolutely Pono, Aloha world, Amanda , and Chancelor, Jeff and Jackson Wheels, would have worked together with Gib, and settled the small kine things, Gib kept closer eye on Akana.. he gave him pretty free reins to do what he wanted. which he thought was okay.,..2 mistakes. boom.. Amanda and com.. we got Gib big time.. Love the Fight in Gib.. even if he has to use every single cent, and borrow from his family, make personal loans , HELCO.. etc..He wants to fix things up.. he will.. the Timing , just when this Eran led ball team starts practice .. all the athletes have to do, like Benjy did last year, Focus, on game.. block the Noise and battle one game at a time and win..

    I want Eran, or Gib or Benjy to win 27 games and go to the elite eight of NCAA.. no matter who at the helm.. really I am fan of MBB,,.. not so much WBB, which I have lost tremendous respect for apparent poltical and character assassination by Amanda and gal pal Laura B..

    Go Bows.. Eran for coach of the year, if win 27 or 28 games and make it to elite eight !!

  13. Your friend Artie said today that Laura would be a good UH men’s basketball head coach, when a caller asked about the two women assistant coaches in the NBA now.

  14. Laura could in self defense beat down Tavita, remember in WNBA she went after Bill Lambieer? 6’10” 290 ex NBA Detroit Piston center, who was going ballistic against her WNBA team member?
    that Beeman, would know she can scrap.. just know.. she the Man of Amanda’s Army.. these gals are tough.. hey, they might come cheaper pay, than men.. and boys, if these women can coach, and are easy on the eyes and the souls,.. makes the guys, well more like. oh oh, like good girl teams.. Mixed up here.. however, maybe UH will have transgender team soon !
    ha ha ha.. Not.. this world is nuts..

  15. I thought she went after Rick Mahorn who was assistant to Bill at the time. He pushed down Lisa Leslie. Either way, Laura got a pair.

  16. A.C. Carter named assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings and George Karl. Is his 6.9 assists average per game still a UH record ?


  17. warriorhaw, .. yeah, laura one tough tita.. she went after Mahorn and Lambieer I think.. small gal, however tough as nails.. would not want to mess with her..

    she would be a first, MBB DI NCAA coach, if that is what she wants.. at UH MBB.. why not ?

  18. ” As for Ribeiro, Fabio’s daughter (Jacqueline) who had been offered by UH beach (VB) and had been discussed on a previous thread, she just committed to Cal. ”

    She just won the USAV Beach Championships in Florida.

    She’s 5-9, so far. Fabio is 6-9, played for UH in 1991 -1993 .


  19. George Karl knows that AC is an up and coming coach and as a player gave him everything he had whenever his name was called. This is a great opportunity for Carter to find his true calling, not as a player but as a successful NBA coach. Question: Does anyone know why superstars don’t make great coaches? Maybe you can’t be a superstar twice?

  20. throw tavita back in college D1 level…he’ll still average 3.2

  21. What?! Tavita is the one UH player in recent history that I couldn’t stand to watch. A ball hogger who just slowed the game down and didn’t get anything done. Terrible, terrible player.

  22. He was following Gib’s instructions. Gibber ball.

  23. ChuckCheese, as eagle wise words, being positive set goals.. the man or coach for the moment until litigation and NCAA hammer comes down on UH..

    Eran win 23 games surpass Benjy.
    Eran go 9-7 in BWC play surpasses Benjy.
    Eran go to BWC tourney title game surpasses Benjy, and high character guy that Benjy is, maybe next HC.. depending on nuclear decision at hearings and in court.. next coach again for UH MBB, maybe even Gib…they got a great case, and media blogs, don’t recognize it. UH will get whacked.
    All Mama Valdes has to do..? write a letter, pleading for fans to support the PLAYERS.. Gib and Benjy’s boys, Not Eran the new coach.. it is the school, a junk one at that, they can do so much better, and NOT the coaches.. it is the kids..
    I agree, been supporting UH basketball for 51 years.. through a host of coaches, and watching UH get pounded by good teams, and also UH pounding some good teams. Two NCAA investigations.. and still I cheer for the Basketball players, Not the Coach, who Is Not even the contracted coach yet.. parachute clause, has to be. .. if NCAA and Civil court sides with Gib.. well.. possibly Benjy and Gib might be back next season, or coming summer, that would be justice..

    The team they recruited deserve to have them coach them to at least ONE NCAA tourney, then Benjy and Gib and company can take the millions in settlements, and move on to coach in pros or mid major jobs.. Go Bows..

    And Chuck ain’t No Trolling here.. been fan. before you were born. always support the Basket Players.. the coaches are okay, it is the desire, and want to, the smarts of the athletes that get the wins.. and Matlin/ Chancellor.Lassner, don’t give us that High Character sputz,.. We WANT wins.. not just moral victories, and no smokes in the room. we Want winners.. at great cost.. UH fans deserve better.. UH admin, Powers that stink, JP, JW, and the insiders.. they have destroyed and lost that 60 to 80 year old fans.. very few now can go.. we are old,. however we gave the most monetary support.. And people who give tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to UH MBB and athletics. are NOT TROLLs.. great alumnus, and Want fair better, and Pono product.. Mark my words.. what goes around comes around.. UH will reap what they have sown.. booooom.. that blast islandman.. vaunted UH , chancellor, pres.. JP and Wheels, and power of tower Manoa go crashing down.. and Governor has the cajones to start UH all anew with New admin. fair and balanced.

  24. We want wins, but by following the rules or at least don’t get caught for big violations. Remains to be seen what the outcome will be for the allegations. JP wasn’t the one who broke the rules, if any were broken. Rupp, Fisher, McMillian all testified wrong ?

  25. Gib had powerful backers to get him the job, his contract and $104,000 raise after one year in 2011. He wasn’t some poor beleaguered soul back then. Maybe his downfall, if any, had something to do with himself, not some conspiracy to get him.

  26. Former UH basketball player Fabio’s daughter is only a soph in high school and was being recruited to play sand vb for 2017.

  27. NCAA looking at how do they handle this situation with UH. They are uncovering the allegations made from the school administrators may not be what first thought to be and in fact fabrications to oust the coaching staff.

    Why else for this to drag on especially when 3 allegations that were considered major to be minor in scope. Would UH not be happy for that and would want this to have been settled. The smell to this is lingering and needs to be cleared soon.

    My guess to this is if the tables are turned and minor infractions is given from the NCAA, Fotu will also have a case against UH for suspending him and altering his ability to get an education and play basketball for the school.

  28. No one has said the amended allegations were changed to minor ones. Bickerton has said he needs the full 90 days to respond to the amended charges.


  29. All these little new items. The big news here is AC is named an assistant coach.
    Wow !
    Congrats ! Shakka Bruddah !
    Go Bows !!

  30. Big Mahalo Islandman for all the news, big and small !
    This is a great website.
    Go Bows !

  31. Big and small. Nice and not so nice. Happy and sad. For better and for worse.
    And for the wait and see’s.

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