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Enos representing Warriors well in Summer League

Until the rest of his teammates start returning to Honolulu in the coming weeks, Dyrbe Enos is representing the University of Hawai’i basketball team quite well for now in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

Enos, a junior guard for the Warriors, scored 16 points to help lead Electricians Hawaii to an 84-77 victory over National Fire Protection Co. in an early battle for first place on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.


Electricians Hawaii is now 3-0 in the Summer League, and Enos has started all three games. Derrick Low (‘Iolani / Washington State) made his Summer League debut for this season and led Electricians Hawaii with 24 points.

Chris Summers, who said he would like to join the UH team as a walk-on, made six 3-pointers and scored 20 points for National Fire. BYU-Hawai’i player Willie Ching led National Fire with 25 points.

In the second game of the night, former UH standout forward Bill Amis made his first appearance of this summer and scored 25 points to help lead Chosen Few to an 87-68 win over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Amis, who played professional basketball in Romania last season, scored 18 of his points in the second half, when Chosen Few pulled away.

Matt Ching led Chosen Few with 29 points. UH redshirt freshman Zach Buscher contributed two points for Chosen Few.

William Broadus led Wealth Strategy with 16 points, and former UH standout Julian Sensley added 11.

The Summer League will take the rest of the week off due to the 4th of July holiday. The next games are scheduled for July 7 at Manoa Valley District Park.

CLICK HERE to view extended video coverage of the Summer League

Tuesday’s results

Electricians Hawaii 84, National Fire Protection Co. 77. Top scorers: EH—Derrick Low 24, Kona Makaula 21, Dyrbe Enos 16, Leif Rodney 12. NFP—Willie Ching 25, Chris Summers 20, DeAndre Haskins 20.

Chosen Few 87, Wealth Strategy Partners 68. Top scorers: CF—Matt Ching 29, Bill Amis 25, Kyle Pape 12. WSP—William Broadus 16, Desmond Tautofi 12, Julian Sensley 11.

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 3-0
National Fire Protection Co. 2-1
Grantco Pacific 1-1
Chosen Few 1-2
Wealth Strategy Partners 1-2
Clark Hatch Fitness 0-2


  1. There have been upgrades in every part of the Summer League. The video highlights, looks like team member participation, and certainly the website.

    Manoa court, hmmm, looks to be less than regulation. Is it just me? Maybe cause I used to shoot there. Anyone else think the court is a little short ? Maybe it is just so comfortable playing there it seems like it is a kids court. Are these guys working up a sweat ?

  2. Dyrbe looks very steady, looking for the open man, making the passes, playing D, and hitting a few shots.
    Go Bows !

  3. Good that Dyrbe can take advantage of the playing time in this league and improving his game. I hope and pray he learning some things by playing with Derek Low.

  4. Sorry for taking off topic but after reading more about Kalaheo situation it really looks like former UH great shooter Alika Smith got stabbed by a few disgruntled parents. I canot believe that any high school would try to get a coach to sign a contract with “no yelling” in it.

    Think about this, what happens when Kalaheo goes up to play at Kahuku in front of all those loud and crazy fans? With all that noise, the coach canot yell the plays to his team because “no yelling” is in his contract.

    I wish some of the parents who put in the complaints come out and say why. If Alika was truly abusive to some players then of course he deserves to be out. If this is only about playing time, then shame shame on these parents.

  5. Yes and you know who the most influential basketball parent is there. Ask anyone associated with the program.

  6. Alika said, on sports animals today, it started with a couple of parents complaining about favoritism and being hard on some players.

    He did say his son may attend a high school in West Virginia this coming year, but they are still thinking about it.

  7. To be fair Alika had some off court issues that affected his team when he was at Punahou, but not sure if that was also the case at Kalaheo.

  8. PONO..

    would be wild if He were the New HC for Kalaheo !
    however, how can you not scream? I bet, even Eran, in a gym on the road, he or his assitants have to scream.
    Poor Alika, even he was told by Riley, he would not be retained as an assistant, and to look elsewhere for job, good he won those state titles, another school will pick him up, however, to get dismissed from your HS alma mater, where you were a HUGE star, that is sad.

  9. i thought Gib yelled a lot.

    Riley hired Alika for about 2 years, Nash let him go, i think.

  10. College coaching different from high school, but islandman is right that Gib yelled a lot and you could see it on the TV games. I think he even got kicked out from a couple of games by the refs. Thats why I don’t think he was one of the parents who complained.

    I asked for specific articles or examples that would back up him being one of the parents complaining but still have not seen anything. Or better yet, the parents who did complain should come forward and explain their side of the story. If Gib ends up the coach at Kalaheo that would explain a lot but can anybody picture him signing that contract? Lol!

    Until then, all speculation. The more you read these message boards the more you understand which commenters to believe and which ones not to believe.

  11. No parents will be named in any report but it was fairly well known in the basketball community who was complaining. Just like most people know why Alika was let go at Punahou. There are a lot of things that will never come out in the news.

  12. Pono,
    Can you say whose parents are complaining and why Alika was let go at Punahou?

  13. Only 4 days until start of second summer session and some players coming back to Hawaii, we assume.

  14. Riley was Hellfire and Brimstone, NOT A LARRY LITTLE CLONE.. that was from his press conference introductory interview with the Beloved, how I wish Stan Sherff were sill alive, he gave his life for Stan Sheriff Center.
    Riley, vocal as hell, T’d up many times, threw his coat into stands, been tossed from games, one time, he wanted Reggie Cross to get a point, he sent him back into game after timeout, and gave the famous sports on okole slap, what All major sports coaches and even teammates do to each other.. Reggie, grimaced, and wanted to crank coach right in the face, was at that game, some athletes, and in particular today, you cannot scream ., swear, or give the pat on the butt .. not PC..and can cost suspension or worse.

    Kinder gentler.. wonder when Eran will raise his voice, probably staff will.. very quiet guy, we shall see.
    I used to get yelled at by dad, he was our coach, worse than to the other players, 58 years ago, that was tough be a man or woman love.

  15. You try getting 12 teenagers to focus on a hard to reach goal for 3 hours a day. No yelling. LOL.

  16. maybe ASL?
    and no hitting…scowling, anger faces, smile,

    I know, that is why Matlin chose Ganot !
    Has he signed a contract yet? bet he is yelling at home !

  17. Big fan. I can’t say much about Alika because it’s very personal.

  18. Very sure Alika will coach again
    that small facction don’t like you, they strive to remove you, despite being a proven winner

    Sound familiar?

  19. What’s the situation with the scholarships? Do we have any left for upcoming season? I have a feeling NWC wants to return. Think Ganot and UH are willing/allowed to let him back?

  20. Who was in the small faction at Kalaheo ?

    If you get an agent, can you return to college basketball ?

  21. Islandman, just read that a college player loses eligibility to play in the NCAA once he declares he’s entering the NBA or NFL draft. Baseball and hockey players can enter the MLB and NHL draft but return to the NCAA if they’re not selected.

  22. NWC is done, 0% chance.

  23. Thanks Tavs. They are thinking of changing the rule, i read. As long as a player doesn’t sign with an agent, he may be able to return to college. NWC didn’t declare for the draft because he decided to go pro late ? But i think he got an agent.

  24. It would be very cool to get NWC back.
    … but, if there is a chance, then maybe he chould get on the summer roster,
    … somewhere at least.

  25. He’s a goner. Quit school. Doesn’t want to study. Might as well go to work. His slot has already been taken. Good luck to him in the real world.

  26. You know what they say about uncoachable kids, they make for unemployable adults.

  27. What happened to Tyler Harville?
    He transferred to DIII School?

  28. Tyler transferred to Berry College, in Georgia. Div III. Strange how he was treated when he came here, or is that the way the coach is supposed to act ?



  29. Tyler transferred to Berry College, in Georgia. Div III. Strange how he was treated when he came here, or is that the way the coach is supposed to act ?


  30. Glad to see RaShaun back to 100%! Hope he gets that Euroleague contract he’s been working hard for!

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