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Electricians Hawaii stays undefeated in Summer League


There is only one player from the University of Hawai’i basketball team who has played in every game for his team in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, and that’s Dyrbe Enos.

Coincidence or not, Electricians Hawaii is now 4-0 following a 79-71 victory over Grantco Pacific on Thursday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Enos, a junior guard for the Warriors, had 12 points, seven rebounds and four assists for Electricians Hawaii, which is coached by former UH player and television color commentator Artie Wilson.

Derrick Low (‘Iolani / Washington State) and Kona Makaula (Academy of the Pacific) each scored 20 points to lead Electricians Hawaii in scoring.

UH junior forward Stefan Jankovic was in attendance, but did not suit up for Electricians Hawaii.

UH redshirt freshman guard Brocke Stepteau scored 13 points on 5-of-7 shooting for Grantco Pacific. He also had three assists. Former UH guard Geremy Robinson scored a game-high 24 for Grantco Pacific.


In the second game of the night, the UH duo of Isaac Fleming (23 points, five assists) and Aaron Valdes (18 points, eight rebounds) helped lead Clark Hatch Fitness to an 88-85 victory over Chosen Few. Clark Hatch Fitness improved to 2-2, including 2-0 since Fleming and Valdes joined the team this week.

Former Chaminade forward Leon Ballard led Clark Hatch Fitness with 27 points, and former UH forward Phil Martin added 11.

Chosen Few trailed by as many as 21 points in the second half, but staged a late rally to get as close as two points in the final minute. Fleming went 5 for 6 from the free-throw line in the closing minutes to help Clark Hatch Fitness hold on for the win.

Kyle Pape (‘Iolani / Colorado School of Mines) led Chosen Few with 27 points, including five 3-pointers. Former UH forward Bill Amis added 25.

The Summer League will continue with two games on Saturday at Manoa Valley.

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(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)

Thursday’s results
Electricians Hawaii 79, Grantco Pacific 71. Top scorers: EH—
Derrick Low 20, Kona Makaula 20, Ricky Clayborne 16, Dyrbe Enos 12. GP—Geremy Robinson 24, Brocke Stepteau 13, Sean Caddell 12, Pi’i Minns 11.

Clark Hatch Fitness 88, Chosen Few 85. Top scorers: CHF—Leon Ballard 27, Isaac Fleming 23, Aaron Valdes 18, Phil Martin 11. CF—Kyle Pape 27, Bill Amis 25, Chris Crawford 14.

Saturday’s games
6 p.m. –
Clark Hatch Fitness vs. National Fire Protection Co.
7:30 p.m. – Wealth Strategy Partners vs. Electricians Hawaii

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 4-0
National Fire Protection Co. 3-1
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-2
Chosen Few 1-3
Grantco Pacific 1-3
Wealth Strategy Partners 1-3


  1. I’d like to see Chris Summers get a walk on spot because he definitely has more game than Buscher and Stepteau.

  2. Good reports on the league.

    DaBoyz, thanks for the news on the shooting machine on the previous post. Eight people contributed $500 each. Peter & Michelle Ho $1,000; Jeff and Sandi Portnoy $100. (Ho may be a previous supporter of the former coach ?)

  3. Also in attendance last night was Coach Benji Taylor. Had a chance to say hello and thank him for a great season. Very gracious guy.

  4. turfwar:

    Aurite, Benjy good guy, AND the man, Eran Ganot Has Benjy to thank a lot.. for convincing majority of guys to continue the ride, win the BWC..
    I think Benjy has a future coaching or part of MBB in the near future.. He is a Hawaii and UH guy !!
    Right on Benjy !!
    And yes, still for the next 2 or 3 years, until Fleming grads, it will be The Benjy and Gib connection, until the last preferred walkon graduates, Stepteau, Zach and Enos..all recruited by Benjy/Gib, ..That is really nice, gracious, and Moving on, for Benjy to take a high road..
    As I say, Benjy future with UH MBB, in some capacity, maybe, maybe, hope so, is a few years if not sooner down the line, if things fall into place and Benjy wants to stay,

    Otherwise, Audi sales, not bad at all, Benjy has several college degrees, including a Masters..
    That is a key reason why I am interested, AGAIN, after the turmoil and change of staff.. to see Gib and Benjy’s guys reach the NCAA’s, that would be sweet !

  5. The games are fun to watch. All offense though. When you are “Jonezing” for UH basketball, this is the closest that it gets. At one point in the summer I was quite worried about attrition, but to see all of the players back was good. Put us at ease.

    Benji is a class act. Spoke with him too. He has no hard feelings and only love for the players and the program. Benji, Benji, Benji…..

    Islandman – yes, some real donors who are long time fans and exhibit commitment to the program. Former supporter or not, I am sure that the players will be thrilled once enough money is pledged. c’mon folks, make a small pledge.


    Go Bows!

  6. Just checked….. Only $71 needed for the Gun 8000 Shooting Machine.

    Shoot lights out boyz! maybe we can get one person to pledge the remaining $71 and game on.

    Go Bows!

  7. Mr Bill….

    No matter what portion of fans think, actually the 4800-5500 that would go to most SSC MBB games, they loved Benjy and the Bows, they loved the nation’s leader in team scoring, , well one in the eighties with Fotu and Standhardinger, And they Loved ,the give back to Hawaii, the Reading program, I think still going on instituted by Gib. The Maniacs. Gib gave credit to Jamie Smith, true gentleman that Jamie is, he SAID, truthfully that drumming up support for UH MBB, dorm to dorm, promotions, theme nights, pep rallies.. that WAS GIB’s ideas..

    Hey, I wish the absolute best for Benjy and Gib and their families, Davis/ Fotu and their Ohana,

    They are going through transition after having guided UH MBB to near 100 exciting wins over 5 seasons.. Mahalo to coach Taylor, Akana and Gib..
    After Riley ending career, and the sad 3 year tenure of a great and humble hall of fame UH MBB star Bob Nash.. you notice, some ex UH coaches will not come to games or have Anything to do with UH MBB.. or University.. Benjy exceptional.. he is fully supportive.

    If things go really ballistic up at NCAA hearings and in court, that would be FANTASTIC if Gib or Benjy back at the helm ONE more year to guide their guys to NCAA’s.
    Justice soon, will be served.. and UH will owe Gib, probably 3.5 million, I am sure of that, and maybe his old job back, with back pay.

  8. They got over the hump! The shooting machine is funded! Go Bows!!!

  9. 808Rock, now $7935 which is more than the $7606 goal. Thanks to DaBoyz for the publicity.

  10. Glad to see Benjy still supporting his former players. It’s good that the guys are back on the rock attending classes and working out with the coaches.

  11. Uhf1, join Peter Ho in backing the team and Eran, 100 % .

  12. Uhfanzonly1,

    All you do is talk about how great Gib and Benjy were. Did they ever guide us to a conference championship? No. Did they ever take us to the NCAA tournament? No.

    Whether you like it or not, Gib will be remembered in Hawaii as running a very shady program and that’s it.

    I’m sure you’ll jump on the Eran band wagon as soon as the current teams starts getting the wins. Just like you did with Benjy, whose appointment as head coach didn’t please you either… but look at you now.

  13. If it weren’t for Gib, we wouldn’t have so many quality walk-ons

  14. UHF is not a true fan. He just wants what’s best for himself and not the UH basketball team. He still holds out hope that Benji or Gib will be reinstated.

  15. I think Stepteau is a good player he just has not been given a chance to show it yet! He had very limited minutes and they had him playing behind Caleb Gilmore and Stepteau is 2 to 3 times better than Gilmore.

  16. Can’t wait to have this NCAA meeting done in September, so that we hopefully will be able to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. One thing strange why were 3 sanctions against Gib changed. If so would that not be good for the school and the basketball program? Why is more time needed and by whom? NCAA so that they don’t look like the wool was pulled over them? UH needing more time to convince the NCAA that those sanctions should not be reversed? Gib?

  17. Yes, the Gun 8000 Shooting Machine is funded. It should be ordered sometime next week and hopefully will be on the island in 3 to 4 weeks. To all of those who supported the cause, you are awesome. We will see how it will help to improve our boyz shooting skills. Riley and wife along with the Kruse family may have played a role in supporting this cause. There’s talk of a symbolic “rim topper” for donations made in Kruse’s memory.

    UHF -do you attend the games? Weren’t you one who criticized the decision to allow Benji to be the interim yet he coached the team to the final game at the Big West Tournament? Let’s get behind Eran and the players and cheer them on to victory. You don’t have to agree with the coaching hire but need agree to it. You talked about players leaving and even wished them the best if they did, yet they all show up for summer classes. We know that you love the players and the program, but not the Administration. Be positive!

    Anyone really want to watch some UH MBB? Want to reminisce and think about what this year will hold. Check out the you tube video below.


    Mr Bill – Rally those Maniacs around the introduction so what and who cares but refrain from throwing things on the floor.

    Go Bows!

  18. I think Uhf1 was for retaining Benjy when Gib was let go last year, and also for him to be the interim HC.

  19. From the video I see Aaron Valdes working on new additions to his shooting: shot off the dribble and turnaround fade. He’s moving in the right direction adding new skills to his game each year. I think Aaron’s got everything going for him: good height for pros 6’5 guard, athleticism, defensive skills, ability to improve, work ethics, and good demeanor. Last year he had a break out year. Will be interesting to see if he can top that this year. He can if he dedicates his life to basketball. Try ask Bill Amis how he did it.

  20. UH Fanz and Not an Expert same blogger Stop the bashing You are once again being counter productive to the program. It’s bigger than anyone many contributed to the donations for the shooting machine It was a team effort by all us who care about the program and want it to succeed. I hope you contributed to the cause. But knowing you u don’t think so.

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