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Electricians Hawaii continues to shock Summer League

2015 College Summer League basketball at Manoa Valley District Park, Honolulu, HI on July 21 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

Somehow, someway, Electricians Hawaii remains the only undefeated team in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

With University of Hawai’i junior guard Dyrbe Enos continuing to make key contributions, Electricians Hawaii improved to 7-0 with a 97-93 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym. With three games remaining in the regular season, Electricians Hawaii has already clinched a first-round bye for the playoffs (the top two seeds receive byes).

Enos had seven points and five assists while starting at one of the guard spots for Electricians Hawaii, which is coached by former UH guard and current television commentator Artie Wilson.

“I think we’re just playing as a team together,” Enos said. “Derrick (Low) and everyone else is just passing the ball, getting open and easy shots. And playing defense. I think that’s what’s separating us from the other teams. Playing hard defense and not letting the other team score.”

The 93 points scored by Clark Hatch Fitness is actually the most allowed in a game by Electricians Hawaii this summer.

It helps that Electricians Hawaii has point guard Derrick Low, the former ‘Iolani/Washington State star who is now playing professionally in Romania. Low scored a game-high 36 points, including several crucial baskets and free throws down the stretch.

2015 College Summer League basketball at Manoa Valley District Park, Honolulu, HI on July 21 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

UH junior guard/forward Aaron Valdes once again dazzled the Summer League crowd, though it came in defeat for Clark Hatch Fitness. He finished with 21 points and 18 rebounds, including two thunderous putback dunks in the second half.

Enos is the only current UH player suiting up for Electricians Hawaii (Stefan Jankovic is on the roster, but is opting not to play this summer). However, he is remaining humble about the summer success, for now.

“We are undefeated, but I think if we win the championship, that’s when I get (bragging rights),” Enos said.

In the first game of the doubleheader, William Broadus (Wai’anae / Western Nebraska) scored 36 points and former UH standout Julian Sensley added 23 to lead Wealth Strategy Partners to a 101-96 win over Grantco Pacific.

UH redshirt freshman guard Brocke Stepteau scored 22 points, including 4-of-8 shooting from 3-point range, for Grantco Pacific.

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com

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Tuesday’s results
Wealth Strategy Partners 101, Grantco Pacific 96. Top scorers: WSP—
William Broadus 36, Julian Sensley 23, Derrick Gordon 16, Rashaun Broadus 14, Waikoloa Noa 10. GP—Pi’i Minns 24, Brocke Stepteau 22, Sean Caddell 17, Ikaika Phillip 12.

Electricians Hawaii 97, Clark Hatch Fitness 93. Top scorers: EH—Derrick Low 36, Oscar Pedroso 17, Leif Rodney 17, Ricky Clayborne 12. CHF—Leon Ballard 28, Aaron Valdes 21, Phil Martin 21, Llewellyn Smalley 10.

Thursday’s games
6 p.m. –
Chosen Few vs. National Fire Protection Co.
7:30 p.m. – Grantco Pacific vs. Clark Hatch Fitness

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 7-0
National Fire Protection Co. 4-2
Wealth Strategy Partners 3-4
Chosen Few 2-4
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-5
Grantco Pacific 2-5


  1. I like the look of Valdes’s 3pt stroke.

  2. Wow, Electricians still undefeated. That’s impressive. Stepteau with 22 also impressive. Really like the way he plays. Agree Pono, Valdes 3 point shot looks good. All of the UH players who played looked good.

  3. Just for context Pi’i Minns scored 23 and he never got any playing time in a D1 game.

  4. ^^^ Just for context Pii scored 24 and got a little bit of playing time in several D1 games during his time at UH. Minor mistakes, but accuracy is often overlooked in trying to make a point so just want to be fair to Pii.

    He must also be about 25 years old by now and I think that makes a difference. The Pii I see in the highlights now is way better than the Pii looked playing for UH four or five years ago.

    Did anybody know if Isaac Fleming play last night? Didn’t see him in highlights so I guess not but just hope and pray he is not hurt.

  5. ^^^^ The mouse is always right.

  6. Also, for context… Different players, Different coaches, Different times, and Different situations most often brings different results. The past of one does not determine the future of another. Wishing all the current and former UH players lots of success and a great season. Stay Positive…

  7. I thought Makaula played great on Valdez last night. Gave him a tough match up

  8. If this group holds up, gets better, together , defend, shoot well, close out games…with that Senior leaders. Sai , Quincy and Rod B… I like this team, it is, IF they SHOOT AWESOME

  9. SHOOT AWESOME , 4 , 5 or 6 guys, even having 5 guys on court that Can hit the 3 point to midrange, and score layups.. FT line solid.. Eran and Bows will have good maybe great year, hoping..

    Janks 6’11” hopefully 245
    Stef 6’11” hopefully 250
    MT 6’8″ (hope he grew) and about 225
    Sai Tummala 6’7″ about and around 228 or 230, guy plays rim level and tough
    Aaron Valdes, 6’6″ close to, jumps out of the gym, hope he shoots better from 3, and have to rebound for a wing again, just Have awesome Jr year, he just might grad, maybe? next end of summer?
    Bryce Canda, 6’4″ hope he shoots lites out, D and O , and handle
    Isaac Fleming about 6’4″ hope he is more mature and better shooter
    Rod B. about 6’3″ just better shooting all around, and Finally can manage some disciplined O sets.
    Q. Smith 6’1″ just shoot better, and under control, awesome defender
    Niko 6’0″ just be better, help off the bench, shoot better too.
    Dyrbe Enos, 5’10” finally D up, smart quicks, and play like an academic Sr. however Jr BB wise RS..shoot ball.well
    Zach Buscher, 6’3″ just gain strength and weight, up to 175 or more..
    Brocke Stepteau 5’9″ BB IQ, heady player, UH is fortunate to have him as preferred, good ball player..RS freshman..

    Basically, what I see, and majority of this forum sees.. IT IS A BWC type of team, with some athletes… IF They shoot the 3 way better. I like this group..
    Jack Purchase 6’9″ about, a shooter, will help in practice
    Summers 6’3″ military vet , and strong, shooter.. probably get a shot a walkon.. will help team too.

    Yes.. I don’t know if losing Fotu, Sammis, NWC, G Money to graduation, what UH will be picked going into BWC play, however still the mantra,.. battle, stay healthy play best inspired and smart ball in BWC tournament..NCAA bid awaits,, win BWC regular season crown, auto NIT..

    If Eran and Bows, can pull off either championships.. BWC regular or Tourney crown.. He would have my vote for BWC coach of the year, and Western region NCAA mid major coach of the year.

    so far all on paper, or blogs. we hope the best. and hope UH pasts the tests to soon come.. then see UH in March Madness hopefully !!
    Football? I don’t know.. WVB? I wish they can win ONE more national title for Shoji,..very hard to do, however interesting to see that 6’5″ MB. who is a good freshman coming in, maybe 6’7″?

  10. Pi’i is getting off shots cause nobody plays d in this league. He still has that same herky jerky shot that takes time to get off. If he was playing in a real game….dude would have a hard time getting it off.

    Pi’i was a D2 level player even while at UH. He still doesn’t look like D1player. He just dominating over the hill players and lower level players.

    That’s why when watching summer league you look at the player’sskill set and see what kind of ability he has. Pi’i really doesn’t have a lot of D1 level tools.

  11. These guys playing are having fun and you see it as they are playing. Many of the UH players are not playing anywhere near 50%. I’m sure they are working out before playing and that’s why many have chosen not to play. Thomas, Zach, Derbe, Step, Valdes and Smith are all playing okay. You do see some signs of D1 play but guys are trying to get their cardio in. That and work on their game. These other players that are trying to challenge Smith, by blowing by him and dunking is not going to happen. Valdes is not going to watch a guy dunk by him nor is Thomas going to allow a guy to post him up that easily. The UH kids are coming in tired and are there for the workout and our enjoyment.

    Go Bows.

  12. UHF1 I appreciate the post that as no mention of the two past coaches. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks.

  13. Pono … Second The Comment….Acknowledging

    UHF… Great Return to Optimism …
    BUT Just ‘cos we say so…DON’T Make them Taller…
    NEVER Stopped Riley from Psyching….

    WE DID LOSE A LOT This Past Year [Fotu, G, Negus, Sammis…]
    BUT SO DO Most Teams
    AND WE Return MORE Than Most Teams
    Took it to The Championship
    ADD Discipline…Plus
    ADD A Program … I Think Eran, although a “Rookie”
    IS Always Workin’ EVERY Detail…

    Returning Players, Each 2 to 5 Points Better (Realistic, Consider AV, MT…)
    SYSTEM Set and Workin’ On
    NOT Rushed Into in October
    Yes, FIRST-Year Coach
    PROVED We Can… Win With a First-Year
    (With This Talent)
    But Now, with a Runnin’ Head Start….

    i think…
    MOST of Us
    Lookin’ for BETTER this Season

    i also don’t think Pi’i put in as many Years
    As Say Dyrbe…
    DON’T NEED it … But Would Be A Bonus IF
    Dyrbe, Filipovic, Stepteau, Summers… others…
    One or Two have a Good OR Breakout AV Type Year…


    [When i think of Football…
    I used to WORK the games…
    Thank GOD for Basketball….]

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