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Electricians Hawaii clinches regular-season Summer title

Electricians Hawaii clinched the regular-season championship of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League with a 79-76 victory over National Fire Protection Co. on Saturday night at Manoa Valley District Park.

University of Hawai’i junior guard Dyrbe Enos started for Electricians Hawaii and contributed 11 points, including 3-of-6 shooting from 3-point range, four rebounds and two assists.


Electricians Hawaii improved to 8-0 with two games remaining, and has already clinched the top seed for the playoffs and a bye into the semifinals.

National Fire Protection led by as many as 15 points early in the second half, but a limited roster caught up at the end.

Most notable, UH senior guard Quincy Smith left the game in the first half with what appeared to be a dislocated finger.

Derrick Low (‘Iolani / Washington State) led Electricians Hawaii with 21 points on 8-of-12 shooting. He also had five assists and four rebounds.

DeAndre Haskins (Chaminade) led National Fire Protection with 26 points. UH junior forward Mike Thomas contributed 11 points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots. Quincy Smith had eight points, four rebounds and two assists before departing the gym for a nearby hospital to have his finger examined.

Chris Summers, who is looking to join UH as a walk-on player, added 18 points for National Fire Protection.

The second game of the doubleheader turned into an offensive display of two former UH players – Jace Tavita and Julian Sensley.

Tavita scored 29 points to lead Chosen Few to a 97-87 win over Wealth Strategy Partners. Tavita scored 20 in the first half on 9-of-12 shooting, as Chosen Few raced to a 50-39 lead and stayed in front the rest of the way. The former UH point guard also had six rebounds and six assists.

Chosen Few finished the game with just five players, due to injuries and the suspension of two players from a fight in the previous game.

Sensley scored a game-high 37 for Wealth Strategy, and also had five rebounds and four assists. William Broadus (Wai’anae / Western Nebraska) added 31 points.

CLICK HERE to view more video coverage from the Summer League

Saturday’s results
Electricians Hawaii 79, National Fire Protection Co. 76. Top scorers: EH
—Derrick Low 21, Leif Rodney 14, Dyrbe Enos 11. NFP—DeAndre Haskins 26, Chris Summers 18, Mike Thomas 11.

Chosen Few 97, Wealth Strategy Partners 87. Top scorers: CF—Jace Tavita 29, Chris Crawford 21, Ryan Reyes 20, Kyle Pape 14. WSP—Julian Sensley 37, William Broadus 31.

Tuesday’s games
6 p.m. –
National Fire Protection Co. vs. Wealth Strategy Partners
7:30 p.m. – Electricians Hawaii vs. Grantco Pacific

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 8-0
National Fire Protection Co. 5-3
Chosen Few 3-5
Grantco Pacific 3-5
Wealth Strategy Partners 3-5
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-6


  1. It appears the Bowz have their first Preview Ranking of the upcoming season.



  2. Glad that Q is taking precautions to properly treat the dislocation…

    Sounds lke an interesting second season (post-season)
    epecially with the historically augmented rosters…

  3. Backbeat, thanks for the article. The writer says very good things about Stepteau and Buscher, among the others. Also, puts responsibility for a good season on Eran, saying this team is more talented than last year’s. The analysis also includes some critical comments about past and present players.

  4. Good video by warrior insider. Looks like Dyrbe is being more aggressive, Jace developed his outside shot. Good play from Mike.

  5. Interesting to see this writer has so much information on redshirts who have yet to play in a game and were also very under the radar in high school.

  6. Agree. The writer does seem to know a little about the team, but the focus of his analysis seems a bit odd.

    Tough to say flat-out that this year’s team is more talented than last year’s, unless you’re projecting improvements. Essentially, Nevels and Negus replaced by Canda and Tummala.

    Not mentioning the fact that Bobbitt led the nation in steals is a rather glaring omission.

    Oh, well, too early to tell, but at least it was a positive piece.

    Hope Quincy’s injury isn’t too serious. He was playing well, and should see a lot of playing time this season.

  7. Thanks for sharing that article backbeat. I don’t think stepteau will even play this season Dyrbe Enos should play more than any walk on he’s earned it

  8. I think this team is better because 7 of the top 9 players return and all of them should be improved. Nevels and NWC are big losses because of their perimeter play but the combination of improved play by the other returnees along with the new additions should more than cover what we lost.

  9. Sitting here in LAX and overcoming home sickness while perusing WI is a blast.

    Thanks backbeat for the link. He was right on and also off in some points. No mention of Bobbit leading the nation in steals. NWC would have had academic problems and probably sat down by Eran. The pressure is on Eran but he should fare just well. Let’s hope he continues the half court press where we got lots of steals and converted them to points. Dyrbe, Zach,and Brocke will do well when given the playing time.

    Let’s hope that these summer workouts and shooting machine will improve their conditioning, shooting skills, and allow for the team to gel.

    Looking forward to an exciting season.

    Go Bows!

  10. i like that most of the UH players decided not to participate in this summer league as the curse continues….they better be working hard and concentrating for this season…if ganot brings summers on the team i say he gets more minutes than quincy

  11. PONO: The team should be better given that the returnees are a year older and, hopefully, improved. The line in the story that I had issue with was this:

    “This team is more talented than last year’s 22-13 team, so anything lower than that mark should, and will, be seen as a failure.”

    How is this year’s team “more talented” when it basically returns the same players? Your game can improve, but can your talent level do so, too? Eh, just semantics, I guess.

    Summers over Quincy? Hmmm. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think they’d be competing for the same minutes as they have different games: Quincy’s a point, while Summers’ game is sort of like Nevels’.

  12. Talent is not a finite thing. You can develop talent. To me talent has to do with skill and the ability to execute different skills on the court. With experience and more work skills expand and sharpen. I expect every returning player to be more skillful and the overall coaching philosophy to benefit the team as a whole.

  13. and that is why summers gets more minutes and comes off the bench before quincy

  14. If we are not better than last year that means no one improved and that spells trouble. Even with Nevels and NWC gone we should be better based on the potential for improved play by the returnees. The newcomers are a toss up as to whether they will have an impact on the game.

  15. Guys Summers looks good. Summers also needs to experience D1. Q not playing at 100% like other UH guys in summer. Most UH guys are starting to sit out because the competition on the floor not understanding what is going on. They keep thinking that they are scoring on UH guys that are playing for real. With exception of many of the vets and pros in the league a lot of the younger and some of the older guys don’t get it. The go after the UH players as if they can play at their level. Those guys have to understand that if you actually go out on to the D1 practice court you will have a difficult time. These games for the UH players are to keep the players in shape, sharpen skills and work on new stuff. Summers will not play in front of Q. Summers is talented but first he needs to make the team.

    Now about the preview article. Good article but mainly put together using stats from last year and feel good comments about the red shirts. Don’t expect the RS to see much court time based on what I’ve seen so far. Agree that this totally dissed Rod and put way too much emphasis on Valdes.

    Clyde – Guys do get better and talent does improve. Valdes was an excellent example of how one improves from one year to the next. Guys get better, wiser and smarter. Losing Nevells and Negus will hurt but now Niko, Stefan, Isaac Q and Mike will make the bench stronger and any 2 of them will step in to the starting spot along with Rod, Valdes, and Janks for a full year, This team is deep, and hopefully one of the new guys can help.

  16. Alan Williams to play pro ball in China and he looks happy. He looks like he lost weight.


  17. Disappointing participation by UH players – least number in several years even though listed on rosters. Various explanations but bottom line is some like Bobbitt, Fleming, Jankovic, and Jovanovic have either not played at all or have just occasionally played. Props to Valdes, Enos, Smith and Stepteau who have played well. Fleming decent when has played but still at times out of control and turning it over. Thomas, Jovanovic, Buscher, Filipovich only so-so.

    Re: Summers – can shoot the ball but forces shots way too much, is turnover prone, and not much d. Almost singlehandedly responsible for NFP blowing their big lead against Electricians on Saturday night with poor shot selection and failure to look for teammates. In short, will need to adjust his game if he wants to make the team.

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