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A ragged night at Summer League

It was a ragged night at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Thursday, as numerous no-shows and a fight in the first game led to a dearth of players.

Junior forward Mike Thomas was the only current University of Hawai’i player to make an appearance on Thursday night at Manoa Valley District Park. He scored 18 points to help lead National Fire Protection Co. to a 96-93 victory over Chosen Few.


“It’s good cardio,” Thomas said. “If you want to get up and down, play a little bit, work on your game, it’s fun. I’m not going to put a lot of weight into Summer League, but I love to come out and support the people who put this on. They put a lot of hard work into it.”

A fight that led to the ejections of seven players – six for Chosen Few and one for National Fire Protection – marred the game. As a result, Chosen Few played the final six minutes of the game with just three players, and still had a one-point lead in the closing seconds.

At the time of the fight, Chosen Few had a three-point lead. National Fire’s DeAndre Haskins made two free throws with seven seconds remaining to give his team a 94-93 lead. After a Chosen Few turnover, Thomas scored on a breakaway dunk at the final buzzer.

“Tempers flare; it happens,” Thomas said of the incident.

The fight did not involve any current or former UH players.

Chris Summers, who is looking to join UH as a walk-on player, made six 3-pointers and led National Fire with 31 points. Haskins (Chaminade) added 29 points.

Kyle Pape (‘Iolani / Colorado School of Mines) scored 25 points for Chosen Few, and former UH guard Jace Tavita added 23.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Grantco Pacific defeated Clark Hatch Fitness, 97-93. Grantco Pacific had just six players available; Clark Hatch Fitness had only five players, but coach Alvin Stephenson put on a jersey and played a few minutes late in the game as an emergency player.

Former UH guard Pi’i Minns (Kamehameha) led Grantco Pacific with 27 points, and Kaleb Gilmore (Kalaheo / Chaminade) added 26.

Llewellyn Smalley (HPU) led Clark Hatch Fitness with 31 points, and former UH forward Phil Martin added 26.

The Summer League will continue with two more games on Saturday at Manoa Valley District Park.

CLICK HERE to view more video coverage of the Summer League

Thursday’s results
National Fire Protection Co. 96, Chosen Few 93. Top scorers: NFP—
Chris Summers 31, DeAndre Haskins 29, Mike Thomas 18, Alejandro Pardi 12. CF—Kyle Pape 25, Jace Tavita 23, Matt Ching 20.

Grantco Pacific 97, Clark Hatch Fitness 93. Top scorers: GP—Pi’i Minns 27, Kaleb Gilmore 26, Altrekia Christmas 18, Jacob McEnroe 14. CHF—Llewellyn Smalley 31, Phil Martin 26, John Avila 20, Dayson Watanabe 14.

Saturday’s games
6 p.m. –
Electricians Hawaii vs. National Fire Protection Co.
7:30 p.m. – Chosen Few vs. Wealth Strategy Partners

Current records
Electricians Hawaii 7-0
National Fire Protection Co. 5-2
Wealth Strategy Partners 3-4
Grantco Pacific 3-5
Chosen Few 2-5
Clark Hatch Fitness 2-6


  1. MT. Clearly an outstanding player.

  2. Who was involved in the altercation that led to the ejections?

  3. After further video review from the summer league site it looks like Tavita, Kato and Lane were part of the incident.

  4. Dayton’s report says no current or former UH players were among those involved in the fight, and his video shows Tavita, Pape and Ching as the three Chosen Few players who finished the game.

  5. PONO, where did you see video of the fight? Can you please link? The video I watched on the summer league site doesn’t show any fighting. Also like clyde said I can see Tavita as one of the three players in white at the end of the game so he must of not be one that got kicked out.

  6. John Lane and a Chaminade guard. It wasn’t a big fight or anything but when they got into it the players came to the defense of their teammates mainly to break it up and it took a while to break up the scrum. The refs were probably the biggest problem. It was a inexperienced crew that let too much go and they never took charge of the game the whole night. It’s the same couple of guys who players have complained about the whole summer. But hey if these refs don’t learn now they will never get on a court for anything but a high school game.

  7. Just looked at the before and after on the video. The fight or incident is not on video. John Lame seems to be in a lot of the situations.

  8. Have watched Lane for many years. No he is not the type player who gets into these kind of things very often.

  9. Geez, Pono that’s 2 strikes. lol

  10. Let’s go for the strike out looking

  11. Kaleb Gilmore division 1 talent? I think so

  12. Lack of exposure was the problem for Gilmore. That’s why I think it’s a great move for Sueing Jr and Avea to move to the mainland.

  13. So much for USA basketball dominance, they lost to Brazil yesterday and then to Canada today. Don’t know the full details, but the three pointers killed the USA in both games.

  14. Carl English looked good in the brief TV highlights shown of Canada vs. USA.

    Looks like Sai has just completed his participation in the India Crossover program for now.

  15. Yes, favorite, tease part of MBB year? July late into August, if Dayton allowed to do it by Eran and new staff and Powers at UH..

    When Bryce Canda and Sai Tummala

    I can do, Dayton. and HC allows, and guys are healthy, the famous OPEN GYM runs..

    we can see. for myself, can Canda, Sai shoot well from 3 point line, their shooting form.. can they bring that added dimension?
    will Quincy have better and more confident shooting form? Fleming? Bobbitt, Thomas Valdes, Niko, the Whole team including Stef Jovanovich..?

    The videos would be great spark of interest.. for MBB fans.. love the above rim to 3 point line action of OPEN GYM

    Mahalo for your site Dayton, great job, going through 3 different coaching staffs.. thanks to Schmidt Ohana, Valerie, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions for sponsorship !

  16. Q is a winner. Winner, as in ‘a separate and distinct skill’. A ‘winner’ can be average in almost every part of the game, shooting, defense, passing, rebounding, but a winner excels under pressure, a winner never gets to far behind and always stays withing striking distance, and a winner wins games. I’ve said it before, Q is a very special player. There is no straight scale to measure this quality, except by putting the ball in his hands. He performs under pressure. And more, he has that something special for winning games. Some players do this, this skill, better than other players. I hope Eran Ganot knows this and looks for this quality in his players.

  17. Ouch, Q dislocated finger in the league.

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