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Warriors will host North Carolina in November 2016

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors defeat the Long Beach State 49ers

The 2015-16 schedule for the University of Hawai’i basketball team is still taking shape, but the Warriors made a significant move to upgrade the 2016-17 schedule.

Perennial national power North Carolina will play Hawai’i in the Stan Sheriff Center, in what could be the season-opener for both teams in the 2016-17 season.

Here is the official release from UH Athletics:

HONOLULU – The University of Hawai‘i and the University of North Carolina have agreed to play a men’s basketball game, Nov. 16, 2016 at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu.

“This is a tremendous opportunity and honor to compete with one of the premier programs in all of college basketball,” head coach Eran Ganot said. “Can’t say enough about the efforts of so many to make this happen as its not too often you can schedule an opponent of this caliber on your homecourt. We are thrilled to be able to bring North Carolina and their terrific, Hall of Fame Coach, Roy Williams, to the Stan Sheriff Center in front of our wonderful fans!”

The game will be the fifth between the two schools with UNC winning the previous four contests. The teams last played in 1994 at the then-Special Events Arena (later renamed Stan Sheriff Center), the building’s first men’s basketball sell-out. The No. 1-ranked Tar Heels defeated the ‘Bows, 88-76, on their way to an NCAA Final Four appearance later that season.

Three of the four games in the series have been played in Honolulu including in 1986 and ’92 at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. In 1986, the teams opened the season with the No. 1-ranked Tar Heels winning 98-78 in the Thanksgiving Festival. The Tar Heels returned in 1992 for the Rainbow Classic and defeated UH, 101-84, in the third place game en route to their third NCAA championship.

The ‘Bows have squared off against an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent four of the last five seasons, most recently a 74-70 victory over Pittsburgh last season in Wailuku, Maui. UH is 2-2 over that stretch and 9-24 all-time against the current ACC member teams.


  1. Nice upgrade to the schedule.

  2. it’ll be a big recruiting year for ganot to be able to compete against UNC….losing bobbiitt and smith and hopefully not jankovic…he might decide to go overseas…thomas might grad early…could be very scary come 2016-17

  3. Awesome get Bruddah Dave Matlin

  4. They can call this the PTI = Probation Tipoff Invitational. Winner gets a bonus of getting back one vacated win!

    Sorry, couldn’t help but go there. Seriously this is a nice pick up for UH even if UNC could get devastated by the NCAA by then. Makes them even more ripe for a UH upset!

  5. Will Roy Williams still be the N Carolina coach ? Will he get off like Jim Boeheim, losing 12 scholarships over 4 seasons, vacating 108 wins from 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012; the second most wins ever vacated behind the 113 for Michigan.

  6. ADD To Probational Tourney… Saint Mary’s and Syracuse?

    Our FINAL FOUR…?
    TWO Vacated Wins…

    Didn’t Kansas have Similar (The Same) BOGUS Classes/Eligibility initiated IAW Roy Williams?
    Call Them Developmental “PROS” versus Students

    This IS Like replacing UNLV Tourney


    See THIS IS WHEN The 14,000 or 22,000 Seat Stan Sheriff Would Pay Off…

    THIS AND Submitting Bids to HOST Regionals (Minimum 14,000)

    OR When We Start Having Sell-Outs Again…
    UHMBB or TOP Five/Top 10 Men’s & Women’s VB

    SELL VIDEO Coverage @ Blaisdell to UNC Fans So “Hawai’i Fans” can get in …

  7. Chuck and Eagle; Roy Williams is the teflon man. He was not named in the allegations by the NCAA, although they ” did cite a lack of institutional controls for poor oversight of an academic department popular with athletes and the counselors who advised them.”


  8. Maybe this if finally the chance to Knock of the vaunted Tar Heels, . it has been a long time since they met, when SSC was first opened, remember being at that game, post Trevor Ruffin team, they , UH had Tes Whitlock, John Molle Jr, Tony Maroney, I believe, .battled the Tar Heels with Dean Smith as coach, going back, even further, When Chris Gaines was a freshman, one of the all time great SG for UH, a recruit of Frank Arnold , Gaines was Mr Iowa in BB , his senior year.. Gaines had 23 points, against North Carolina at, of all places, since Blaisdell was not available, …get this. at Old Klum Gym, we were at that game too, UNC led by J. R. Reid, and those big old NC frontline, and All Americans.. Dean Smith, said, he really like the freshman out of Iowa , Chris Gaines, ..

    UH, now chance to get the Tar Heels..

  9. The timing of this announcement coming days after the withdrawing and business loss of $200,000 to the Las Vegas Tournament is a good smoke screen by UH but I sure hope they not hiding something behind the smoke.

    Lets don’t forget that Matlin said they have to do two home games and a pay day game THIS YEAR to make up for the Las Vegas. If they quietly bringing in mid-majors for the two home games and planning to send the team to a place like Clemson (they ACC right?) just so they can say but we bringing North Carolina next year! that would be sad.

    I want to give this new leadership a chance, but hard to trust when the good ol’ UH system let us down so many times before. I am hanging to hope that the next announcement will be UH is playing at Duke or Louisville THIS November, and then teams like Oregon and Oregon State coming here for home games.

    As the commercial says anything less would be uncivilized.

  10. ChuckCheese,

    .. I hope so, if Matlin and Eran, or whomever pulling the strings at UH, gets it right.. or everything gets back on track for All UH Athletics..not just one or two programs.
    yes, that stigma, from previous MBB program and handling, mishandling, still clings to AD, Admin, and new HC, until we all See the proof.. they have it all together..

    I still say, and don’t want the team to fail,, it is not easy, transition from one MBB program to another, very rare, have easy and successful change.
    We shall see.
    I think we will learn a lot more when we see the finalized schedule.. Smoke Screen? Uncivilized? wow..

  11. In any world this is great scheduling. Congrats to Matlin, Coach Ganot and staff. And high fives to all the fans here. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. Go Bows!

  12. Nice get for Matlin and Ganot!

  13. This may be good for the 2016 – 2017 season, but what about the remaining games to be scheduled for the 2015 – 2016 season? Lets hope that Coach Eran and Matlin will bring in a couple of ACC, SEC or Pac 12 teams to fill the void and make up for pulling out of the Las Vegas Invitational? Smoke screen? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    This may also be a prelim to announcing a recruit or two that may need to sit out a season before being eligible. Just in time for UNC.

    Don’t we all wish that the 2015 – 2016 schedule was out, the NCAA allegations/responses were over and done with, ALL of our boys returned for this season, no post season ban, team solidified with recruits, and the season was starting? Is this the year when the Big West tourney championship is in reach?

    Go Bows!

  14. Short of stunning. The first game of the year too. UNC is thinking that with the NCAA sanctions on UH we won’t amount to much in 2016. But if they’re wrong and UH pulls this one out it will be our coming out party and tremendous momentum into the season. They got everything to lose and we got everything to gain. This is our golden opportunity. Ganot and Matlin already have feathers in their caps.

  15. Great add to the schedule! Congrats to Coach Ganot and Dave Matlin. Our underclassmen from last season will be juniors and seniors in this game… a veteran team positioned to pull off an upset they’ll remember for a lifetime. Keep it together guys, and make some history.

  16. Ironic as it might be, however true…

    3 coaches, first time HC at UH MBB that had good seasons in first year?

    Bruce O’Neil 1973-74 with Tom Henderson leading the charge, 19-9 NIT participant Madison Square Garden
    Gib Arnold 2010-11 with Zane, Miah, Hiram, Bill, Vander, leading the charge 19 wins, and CIT, or Riley Wallace Invitational
    Benjy Taylor 2014-15 G, Rod, Q, MT, AV, Isaac Fleming, and company , 22 wins and BWC championship game, still say, Benjy and the Bows, UH should have paid for them to play in CIT or CBI, both tournaments, wanted UH early,..would have been nice..

    Eran Ganot.. well , schedule still not finished for this season 2015-16, .. NC game not till NEXT season after this coming one, 2016-17, we shall see, I think the same Praire View A&M’s, East Carolinas and the like for some of those open spots,and maybe that ACC team. pay day game.

    Realistically, whether, Riley later years, Bob Nash, Gib , Benjy or Eran, UH scheduling is a challenge, ..
    heard mention that it Was Benjy that was starting the contact for that future game with North Carolina? That guy. I would not doubt, if he is season ticket holder for MBB games, and he is there with his sons cheering on his team and former recruits of Gib and he.. Benjy classy man, he has matured too.. lot of respect for him. live, learn, and responded professionally, good man and Kamaaina, he would have been a great coach for UH.. I just know it..

  17. The Tarheel website probably has a bit of a different feel:
    “Alright! At least we fans get to hit the beach and lay back in Hawaii! Glad to get away from all this talk about NCAA penalties. Looking forward to a short vacation in Hawaii. We need it. Great scheduling guys ! Go Tarheels!”
    Go Bows !

  18. UHF1 you know everything. Play the lottery and you will win since you know it all.

  19. DiscoVinny Posted: Today 8:15 AM (in a Tarheel forum)
    Re: UH hoops finalizes game to host North Carolina in 2016

    “That is the university of Hawaii. And the Wolpfack trolls are already in full force in the comments.

    But this will be a great recruiting pitch for the 2016 team. “Come play for us, get a free 7 day vacation in Hawaii.” I’m tempted to try and join the team just for that. Pretty beaches, pretty girls, and the best pineapples you can find.”


  20. What happened to the integrity thing ? Matlin and Ganot had glowing words for the N Carolina program, one that will vacate wins from five seasons and lose 12 scholarships over 4 years. The academic fraud apparently went back to Dean Smith’s time, for a few years.

  21. islandman:

    as ChuckCheese alluded to, and as I get older, slower to process things..That Smoke Screen, using a diversion tactic, THE ANNOUNCEMENT of North Carolina game? Possibly, No, certainly, a Diverting of attention from battle with Gib. Whose counsel, now is getting deeper into their defense and case. There seems to be A LOT MORE going on, with UH, not Gib, than we thought, even the most ardent UH MBB program supporter, even the Eran/ Matlin supporters.. It is truly sad. That North Carolina, like Alamaba Football team, a selling point for potential recruits..Will
    they Still Have the McDonald’s All Americans, part of that team, since under Probation?
    and islandman You hit it on the Head again.. Matlin/ Eran, keep on talking about High Character, Integrity, doing this right, right fit, even Gib / Benjy mentioned the Same Things as Matlin and Eran…

    It is contradictory, really.. vaunting and promoting, so pleased with having an opponent, Who was so blatantly, doing Wrong for over a Decade.. man, I at first was excited, Now, I don’t know..
    Diverson? away from arbitration, discrimination, misrepresentation, coming out at NCAA hearings?
    stand by …makes me sad, and very disappointed..

  22. ^^^ Yup, and only a few days after talking about canceling road trips because the importance of keeping kids in class, UH convinces North Carolina to spend an extra week in the islands! Obviously this is UNC’s problem and a benefit to UH, but still …

    This is a good example of society today with the mentality of “I’m not going to give my own kid candy and soda because its bad, but here have some extra candy and soda for your kid.”

  23. ChuckCheese:

    It is “Do what I tell you, but don’t do as I do?”, or Something is going on, and We the fans, citizens of Hawaii, the poor team, the former recruits of Gib and company, they have to go through this.
    In the Mainland, a lot of people, looking more objectively at UH and the Gib / NCAA/ Compliance situation. they Know, something not right? they are going.. Huhhh !
    Does it Fit, High Character, .. Eran, pretty decent guy, however his comments, he is Saying the Exact things that Gib and Benjy were saying, Right fit, take care of academics, High Character, However, big difference? Gib got the Give Back reading program to Hawaii schools and youths, Huge turnouts for his BB summer camps, and Uncle teaching the guys at Waikiki beach, about Hawaii Culture, that always impressed me..

    We shall see. .. hard to get excited, until things start to get cleaned up in a few weeks in July NCAA proceedings and hearing, and other legal battles.. UH.. They are the ones, who have to have high Character, lot of UH fans, Still not buying what Matlin and Eran selling, i.e. Chow situation, is he a favorite Son? preferential treatment? Of Course..

  24. Correction. N Carolina doesn’t have any sanctions against it yet. Syracuse was the one with the sanctions.

  25. UHFanz. The best thing you can do productively for BT is to write other college coaches on his behalf to encourage them to hire BT. That would be better than your continued senseless trashing of our program with all your in welcomed negativity. Negativity in Life gets you no where.

  26. Does anyone think or feel playing North Carolina is a bad thing? Similarly, aren’t we in similar situation, does that mean we are a “bad” team to play or schedule to play?

    Personally, think playing North Carolina, a high major, as a win-win for both schools. And, as an additional bonus, if we win it’ll help with our recruiting. In addition to that bonus it is a great incentive for the returning and new players that they gotta step it up from the get go.

    As with previous comments, believe this is a great GET for Coach GANOT, the team and AD.

  27. If Eran saying exact things as Gib and Benjy and you you love Gib and Benjy but not buying what Eran is selling makes no sense. love UH MBB, so Dude, take it or leave it…I am sure you love BB hoops UH MBB too. ..chill, and keep on supporting the bows., Dude, or Wahine!
    Go Bows..and relax chill, family, fan and friends of UH MBB..I support all of them including you Wahine…loves UH MBB , and that is a good thing…ncaa cannot stop me, neither can negative nancies, give me a break Wahine!

  28. I would bet another 1000 bananas that Eran will scramble gamble recruiting and UH will get to 20 wins this upcoming season, I believe it ..just wow..

    Eran and his staff across the board are good, well they have to start winning and fast..Eran and his staff with all going on, hey they are becoming kamaaina already…This upcoming season a real challenge, the guys on own have to remember new coaching schemes, get up shots themselves, , and hit the weight room.,Smith & Bobbitt will show the way, those are the leaders! Go Rainbow Warriors, big challenge, however stand and fight and come out right on top of NCAA ..as 2016 national champs..why not UH MBB?

  29. We are witness to an evolution (again). Or perhaps that was just a temporary change in screen names.

  30. There is a lot of room here for Coach Ganot to show what he’s got. He and his staff will deal with whatever they have to deal with. If they are not out dealing with all the details of moving in to their new homes and getting their families situated, then they will be out recruiting, making calls, following up with the current players on classes and grades, and strategizing for ‘their new team and new style of play’. This is Coach Ganot’s first year as a head coach and I don’t think he will be distracted in the least by all the problems of the recent past and at least half of what is talked about on these blogs. He and his staff will meet any obligations but will be emotionally invested in making their UH MBB ‘first season’ as good as it can be! As long as their personal details are in order, this is ‘their’ time to show! Coach of the Hawaii basketball team, it’s nothing less than great! I do expect the team to have a great season. Hope it carries forward for years to come, but this will be a good year. Go Bows!

  31. With all the Gib hate, I’d like to know the “men” who worked on getting this game going on in Hawaii

  32. Strange the press don’t want to mention or the sources not saying, I’m thinking they want all the Glory for the new AD and Coach. Maybe even Nash could have a hand it scheduling UNC

  33. That would be great, but how so? Nash?

  34. Matlin had the major connections especially with ESPN over there developing connections with many major connections.

  35. CP3ball,

    thanks to Ferd we should be praising Portnoy, Jay, Taylor and Clapp in getting this game done in Hawaii.

    It was not so much Matlin or Ganot who many praised. SAD

  36. Portnoy is friends with “winning with integrity” guys like Williams, whose school has been charged with 5 potential Level I violations and Boeheim whose basketball program vacated 108 wins over five years, lost 12 scholarships over four and who was suspended for (only) nine games. To Portnoy’s credit, i think he did say something like ” it’s sad. “

  37. On N Carolina forum: Posted: Today 11:02 AM
    Re: UH hoops finalizes game to host North Carolina in 2016

    “Do not trust Hawaii. Dave Gavitt pulled his Providence team off the floor and walked out forfeiting the second game in 71-72 because the officiating was so biased. Dave and team’s next stop was Rhode Island.”


    He meant Hugh Durham and his Florida St. team.

  38. My gripe was not disliking Matlin and/or Ganot. But I would liked to have them acknowledge the people who put this game together because of the hate thrown at them in one point or in another. It took Ferd to mention more or less how it happened to be. Matlin/Ganot announced the good news but seemed to taken the praise away from some as not mentioning “who” really put this together. Another thing is that it’s all about Matlin/Ganot looking good and they knowing the “dislike” of those who were cast aside from UH you’d have thought they’d give props to them just to show they did some good. I’m beginning to feel NO ALOHA from UH’s Admin. moreso than ever because of the NCAA investigation and the non-disclosure who got the UNC game to Hawaii.

  39. Grumble grumble grumble. Always finding something to complain about. Look forward to positive things instead of always looking at things with a half empty attitude.

  40. Ganot did mention that “through the efforts of so many to make this happen”. He did not take credit, did not lie, just said what he was told to most likely. If so the strings are still being pulled. Ganot may have wanted to give credit and mention their names only to be told not to.

    The basketball drama with the ncaa will bring light and the truth. How many would sit back and let their name and career be ruined, knowing you did not do wrong to warrant these allegations? How many of those at UH are told what to say by the higher up? How many who does wrong would want to bring others down with them? The spinning of the truth brings webs that will someday entangle one’s essence and conscience. Whichever side is lying may will get the wrath of putting UH basketball program through such ordeal.

  41. I’m am looking forward to what Matlin and Ganot brings to the UHAD and the bb program. But some here praised Matlin and Ganot for something others did, that’s the problem that Not an Expert may side with me in that UHAdmin. wants no part praising Jay/Taylor for what they may have done. Why won’t they mention all 4 names? how simple to do instead of having it’s current AD/coach got the wheels going in their short presence at UH. I see it as a PR stunt of sorts to get some positive approval for themselves in which they practically had no part of. But of course they had to have been a small part of it but not the initial meat of it.

  42. Not an Expert,

    What if two sides are lying lest only one? hahahahaha
    Same results, yeah

  43. Pocho, Telling the truth allows your sole to be free and radiate positives around you. Whomever is fabricating the most may they get their due. Those that likes to control and manipulate others, will always cause havoc among the ranks.

    At this point I would like to see this whole thing with the basketball program go to the court of law of the United States. Get to the truth the whole truth, and get those that lie, manipulate and cheat out of UH. These type of people and their personal agendas need to be weeded out. Thus the UH athletic department can move forward with integrity and hopefully a purpose.

  44. Regarding Benji if I was in charge, would have given him a 3 year contract including this past season. Why because he was proving that he can win thus in the middle of the season they should of done so. Recruiting, scheduling and running a program are another matter, which he should have been given a chance.

    There is no guarantee that Ganot will succeed. Hope he does for the sake of the program. If he does not back to the not so good days.

  45. Supposedly Dalmari Mlistead has an offer from UH for 2017, per Verbal Commits ? But he was offered by USC and some other schools. The next Fleming / Bobbitt .


  46. the youtube starts playing the next video, Dazon Ingram !!


    Don’t know if he is on our radar, but it is a pretty good video to watch.

  47. ok, nevermind. Dazon Ingram signed with Alabama.
    Some height, Some hang time, and some ownership of the ball. He looks very good.

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