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Taylor will put coaching on hold to be with family

If everything happens for a reason, then Benjy Taylor has found a reason to spend more time being “Dad” than “Coach.”

Taylor, the former coach at the University of Hawai’i, said he will put his coaching career on hold for now so that he can spend more time with his children. He recently accepted a job as a Branch Specialist at Audi Hawaii.


“I’ve been chasing everyone else’s children around for the last 20 years,” Taylor said. “I finally made the decision to chase my own kids around. This is a good opportunity for me at Audi Hawaii and JN Motors, and it allows me to stay with my kids here, so I’m excited about this new chapter in my life.”

Taylor was an assistant and associate coach at UH from 2010-14, and then became the acting head coach for the well-documented 2014-15 season.

“I had a chance to continue coaching; I could be coaching now,” he said. “But it meant me leaving the Islands and I wasn’t ready for that. I wasn’t ready to leave my kids.”

Taylor has three children in Hawai’i: Otto is a sophomore in high school; Ostin is in the seventh grade; Olive is in the second grade.

“This is a great time for my family, and a very important time for my family,” Taylor said. “They all want to stay in Hawai’i, so I want to stay in Hawai’i.”

Taylor said coaching his children in sports may be an option, but it is something he has not officially looked into yet.

“I’m sure I’ll be involved somehow at some point,” he said. “But I haven’t even thought about that yet. I’m focused on getting off to a good start at Audi Hawaii and spending quality time with my kids.”

He added that he will still be rooting for his other “family” – the UH basketball team. “I wish them the best, and I’ll be going to the games with my kids cheering for them,” he said.

In the meantime, Taylor is looking to make an impact in the business of auto sales.

“If anybody needs a car – it doesn’t even have to be a new car – come see me at Audi Hawaii,” he said.


  1. Mahalo Dayton for your update on Coach Benjy. I believe that he is making a good life decision for the most important team in his life – his family. He will have more coaching chances down the road. Best wishes for continued success in his new occupation and for his other family – the UH MBB team!

  2. Arguably one of the best defensive teams UH has ever had. Audi is one of the safest cars on the road. Smooth transition.

    Go Bows !

  3. Nice to hear that Taylor has a new work opportunity allowing him to live with his children here in Hawaii. Props to JN Motors.

  4. He should thank gibs

  5. Audi is becoming a very popular brand in Hawaii , and becoming more affordable to drive with good leasing options . Good luck to Benjy

  6. Taylor…very classy guy

  7. Yes…sad but true, Benjy Taylor IS THE MAN.. he weathered the storm, the firing of Gib and disruption of MBB program, guys leaving, and the NCAA investigation allegations.
    Very soon, or few months, when facts finally come out, would not doubt if Benjy will finally have his say on what did and did not happen with UH MBB and Gib.

    Truth will come out..if it hurts UH and the MBB program and others, sad, however UH reap what they have sown.

    Hey, Benjy, I don’t think you read WI posts. you stay away from that.. However, really Love You Man, you stayed the course. learned from attacks on you personally., admitted not perfect, had one of the Greatest One year runs in MBB history.. and YOU are a great , great Dad..

    Stay in Hawaii, take care your kids, and when we see you at the shopping center, UH fans, will go..Hey COACH.. yes.,, the really good Coach, should be Associate Or HC still
    Love You Benjy, and Aloha to your Family
    Class, act.. no agenda, just loved his players.. and kids !!

  8. That’s good news the coach whom recruited my son will still be on the island to mentor my son through the transition when times are tuff from a parent perspective he always kept it 100% real.

  9. Bigdaddy..agreed
    Benjy real man..good man
    Isaac has good mentor, who knows maybe more in future

  10. Benji is definitely a class act. And Isaac Flemming is shaping into a future class act himself on the wood floors. Fact he already possess the uncanny ability to slash and weave in the hole. How do you teach that? Or are you gifted with it? It will be interesting to see Isaac’s progress next year. Hope his shooting continues to improve and becomes a strength and not a weakness, He’s already got decent defensive skills and will only get better. I’m rooting for him and rest of the team to take us to the promised land. This team has the IT factor. And that’s what champions are made of.

  11. Agree w those whom cite Benji Taylor as a class act. As much as I want our BB team to succeed I have grave doubts with the new hire who depends on a pipeline further away than NY City and a talent level below the USA. Hopefully Ganot wont translate to Can Not…Happy 239.

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