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Summer League opens: Summers looking to draw attention from UH

The Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League could be an audition of sorts for the aptly named Chris Summers.

After a thrilling performance that included the game-tying 3-pointer to force overtime, and then three 3-pointers in the final minute of overtime to lead his team to victory on Saturday night, Summers said he is willing to do what it takes to join the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

“I’ve been interested for a while, I was just in the Army and couldn’t do it quite yet,” said Summers, a 6-foot-2 guard. “I’m ready to go now.”

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 1.37.44 AM

Summers graduated from high school in 2011 in Detroit, Michigan, then served three years in the U.S. Army. He was stationed at Schofield last year, which led him to the Hawai’i Summer League.

“I was playing last year – I came in a little late,” he said. “Playing in the Summer League is probably the best league I’ve played in here in Hawai’i. The competition is very high and I love competition.”

Summers said he is willing to walk-on at UH for the 2015-16 season and is seeking to enroll in classes for the upcoming Fall semester. He has not yet been in contact with any college coaches (per NCAA rules, coaches are not allowed to observe prospects at Summer League games).

Saturday was the opening night of the 2015 season for the Hawai’i Summer League. Summers’ heroic effort led National Fire Protection Co. to a 110-107 overtime victory over Grantco Pacific.

Summers finished with 33 points, including 9-of-16 shooting from 3-point range. His 3-pointer with 14 seconds remaining in regulation tied the score at 93. National Fire trailed by four points with a minute remaining in overtime, but Summers then hit back-to-back 3-pointers – including a pull-up 3 on a fastbreak – to give National Fire a 107-105 lead.

Former UH player Geremy Robinson scored on a driving layup for Grantco Pacific to tie the score at 107. Summers answered on the ensuing possession with another deep 3 with around four seconds remaining to give National Fire the win.

“The last couple minutes of the game were pretty hectic, but it brings out the best in the best players,” Summers said. “It definitely gives you an adrenaline rush. It’s fun playing in games like that, that come down to the wire.”

Former Chaminade star DeAndre Haskins added 24 points for National Fire.

Sean Caddell led Grantco Pacific with a game-high 40 points, while former UH guard Geremy Robinson added 22. Pi’i Minns (UH and Kamehameha) added eight points for Grantco Pacific, which won the Summer League championship last year.

In Saturday’s other game, former UH star Julian Sensley scored 31 points to lead Wealth Strategy Partners to a 107-88 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness. Former Chaminade player Leon Ballard scored 30 points for Clark Hatch Fitness, and former UH forward Phil Martin contributed nine points.

Most of the players from the current UH basketball team are scheduled to arrive in Honolulu after the 4th of July weekend. The only current UH players expected to see Summer League action in the upcoming weeks are locals Dyrbe Enos and Zach Buscher.

The Summer League will continue with two games on Thursday, June 25, and then two more games on Saturday, June 27. All games at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym are free and open to the public.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Summer League

Saturday’s Results

Wealth Strategy Partners 107, Clark Hatch Fitness 88
Top scorers: WSP–
Julian Sensley 31, William Broadus 23, Derrick Gordon 19. CHF–Leon Ballard 30, Kawika Lyons 21, Dayson Watanabe 12.

National Fire Protection Co. 110, Grantco Pacific 107, OT
Top scorers: NFP–
Chris Summers 33, DeAndre Haskins 24, Willie Ching 17. GP–Sean Caddell 40, Geremy Robinson 22, Jacob McEnroe 13.


  1. Got some range. Not afraid to pull the trigger. Shows some cool under pressure.
    Chris Summers looks pretty good in his first game.

    Were they listing Phil Martin at 6’8″ ?

    Only one game posted so far. Clark v Wealth. But MUCH Mahalo to the click2ed website again this year ! Thanks for posting these games.

    Still think that Julian Sensley would make a great Defensive End on the football team.

  2. Mahalo, Dayton & Co.

    Hope Chris Summers is enrolled @ UH Soon
    Summer Sessions?

    And that the Staff Evaluates Him as a Good Fit…
    His miitary toughness (RE: Haim Shimonovic?)
    Potential Consistency and Prime-Time Focus could All be Valuable Assets to UHMBB

    Good Luck, Chris

    [UH Coaches @ 808-956-6501….]

  3. Jack Purchase, transfer from Auburn to be announced as an addition to the team. Has to sit out one year though. 6-8; 200 ?

    Can shoot the three; is from Australia .

    “Auburn, incidentally, comes to Honolulu for the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic in December. However, Purchase the swingman — described as a natural small forward who can play the 2 or the 4 if necessary — must sit out the 2015-16 season per NCAA transfer rules. He will have three seasons to play afterward.”


  4. Jack loves to shoot the three, another Janks. Video says 6-9, Verbal Commits says 6-10, roster says 6-8.



  5. NCAA coaches not allowed to observe prospects at summer league games, per Dayton. Can they observe their own players ?

  6. No.

    NCAA rules now. In past , Larry Little, Riley saw Andre Morgan In league, Jack Miller Sr., I remember sitting next to Riley, who was an assistant to Larry, and talking to him, nice guy, Sam Johnson from Moanalua high, I think a freshman with UH at that time, talked to Riley too.

    Things change, That is why, if you are at the Manoa Summer league, NO UH, BYUH, UH HILO, HPU, CHAMINADE coaches, are there.. maybe they watch WI.. video, or news Sports TV reports, You Tube..

  7. And The Battle continues…. UH replies to Arnold’s response..fires back, Arnold, not accurate, trying to distract from allegations, and doesn’t have witnesses to back up his statements..

    Talk about swaying PUBLIC PERCEPTION.. before going to TRIAL .. NCAA style.. never ends..

    Very sure, Bickerton, Gib’s counsel will fire back.. We shall see.. let’s get up their to Mainland, NCAA hearings, AWAY FROM HAWAII.. BOR.. Jeff, Jackson, Power that be..and get a fair shake.

    Still think.. if Gib HAS NO CHANCE AT ALL.. Why spend his last dime on attorney fees, unless contingency or Pro Bono.. ? Bickerton saying BOR, Local BB hoop radio, trashing Benjy, early on, and making sure that Gib would not get his job back..

    The Battle of Manoa, and dysfunctional UH continues..
    Felt bad for Red Rocha, Jim Donovan, Bob Wagner, coach Mack, now Benjy and his boys..
    PONO UH…
    the battle begins, in a few weeks.. AWAY FROM BIASED HAWAII

  8. The recruiting Bryce, JC late bloomer, Sai.. one and done grad student, hardly played DI ball, and Purchase, averaged not even a point per game at Auburn, has to sit out one year..

    The recruiting, very similar, to what Riley had to do, tail end of his tenure, Nash was forced to do..etc.
    We shall, see , Gib and Benjy’s recruits Still the core, and the guys who will help team win..
    credit, and thanks to the former staff, imagine, if eran had to go from scratch?

  9. honestly, with all the turmoil surrounding the firing of Gib, and the injustice in not hiring Benjy because of politics? It makes me sick, disgusted, not with the former staff and coaches, with UH and the agenda power, they can do what they want.. Will Chow be here to finish his 5th year and retire at 71? You got it.. he will.

    Benjy Taylor.. really solid guy, lived and learned.. wish him the best, hope he stays in Hawaii a little while.. maybe when dust settles, Benjy is HC again ! Then I would be fan of UH.. justice would have been served !

  10. IMO looks like Ganot has a plan. He has decent returnees coming back. Got immediate help at guard and small forward. And, recruited someone for the future with 3 years to play and will learn the system this year.

    Coach got a late start. He spoke to all returnees and had to hire a “good” staff. Also, aside from the late start is dealing with the probable NCAA sanctions. With the current situation he has done great, if the two recruits end up being quality productive players better yet. Let’s not forget how late he got started.

    If I recollect, Coach Gib’s first two recruiting classes, most ended up not qualifying or transferring out. However, after this learning period he did great; and Ganot is the beneficiary.

    However, believe, if Ganot had both an earlier start and the Staff he would have done much better. By the time he got started most of the available recruits were already committed and signed.

    Hope Summers walks onto the team and ends up as another Penebacker. U of H can gear up to play a 3 guard starting five, with a very up tempo pace on two ends of the court. Makes for very exciting games.

  11. New regime, just like when Nash was let go. Why didn’t they hire Farmer or Wheeler or Ganot ? (Ganot was young at the time) Well “politics” or something got Gib in too, also over Kyle Smith.

  12. I like the pick up of Purchase. He is starting the Aussie pipeline and he is a Euro style big man that can shoot the ball with range. He’ll have a year to learn the system and improve physically which should allow him to contribute right away when he is eligible. I believe we still have another scholie so I’m interested to see who is up next.

  13. I was in the camp that thought that BT should have continued as HC. But it was not to be. And I have moved on completely. I think Ganot and staff are going to be very successful here. I will not wish against that as some here continue to do so. Just my opine.

    That being said, I like this Aussie pick up. Not sure why not given much chance at Auburn, but with proper guidance, he will turn out to be a good player.

  14. Love the pick up of jack purchase! Welcome the start of the Aussie pipeline! Think we got a steal here. 6-8 a wingman that can shoot. Bummer he has to sit out a year but once he’s eligible I see him starting. Got 1 scholarship left please go out and get a big man! Somebody that can block shots, rebound, somebody with some girth. Love all the incoming players so far. Nice job coach ganot!

  15. Can Ganot and Staff view the video tape of the game?

  16. im guessing that’s our last scholarship….

  17. There’s nothing wrong watching film. It’s being there in person that’s not allowed. Cheeeez

  18. Nice get for Ganot!

  19. Chris Summers would be a good walk-on. Here’s some of his game. Skip to 6:53


  20. Looks like Jack Purchase was given some playing time, avg 13 min per game, the first six games of the Auburn Tiger’s season, and not producing much, 3 of 14 shots and 13 of those were 3pt trys. He doesn’t shoot from inside and totaled 8 rebounds. By contrast, Issac Flemming was getting 20 to 30 min and producing in all aspects of the game. (Actually often dusting the competition.) After the first 7 games, Purchase wasn’t seen again for the season. This is the D1 level. Maybe he was young and didn’t do well. He doesn’t appear in the box scores after the first 7 games. Maybe he just needs coaching. It looks like they were actively trying to get him some experience at Auburn, at least for those first 6 games. Hitting 43% from the three point line in highschool against guys who look like they are 5’10” and slow of foot may not be the best indicator. I guess I am looking for more information that he can play against D1 competition. At this point he is no replacement for NWC, and if he were eligible it doesn’t look like he would be asked to play the 4 this year, as we might have asked NWC. Well, he’s got a year to develop his skills and a coaching staff that is ready and willing to work with him.

  21. NWC didn’t do anything at Missouri either.
    Jankovic wasn’t even getting playing time.
    Doesn’t mean anything, they will do fine in the big west.

  22. Yes, warriorfan. Good point.
    Just checking the Summer Rosters. Don’t see any of the new recruits listed.

  23. MBB fans! Get your season tickets now. Don’t be left behind without a prime seat for the season. All guys returning and new additions have the making for an awesome season. Coach Ganot’s offense, once mastered by the team, should produce some exciting style of play. Throw in the half court pressure like last season, hope that Coach Ganot will continue this, and we could have another 20 win season.

    NWC’s departure opened the doors for others to step in and play. I still feel that he only produced in one game and other than that was mediocre.

    A 3 guard line up of Bobbit, Flemming, and Valdez with MT and Jankovic at the 4 & 5 with Smith off the bench seems like a good line up. Throw Canda in the mix and “buya”.

    Go Bows!

  24. Hopefully the coaches can see what i can do and like my game enough to give me a shot. Thanks to all the supporters out there!

  25. Chris, thank you for your service to our country and I wish you the best of luck in making the UH team. We could use more people like you!

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