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Still time to register for youth camps

The first Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp for 2015 is in the books, but there are still two more sessions to come for youth players.

The first session ran from June 4-7 under the guidance of new head coach Eran Ganot and his staff. Home-state Hawai’i players Dyrbe Enos and Zach Buscher served as assistants at the camp, helping the young players with various aspects of the game.

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“It’s just like kind of giving back to UH,” Enos said. “Helping out all these kids and helping them get better.”

Buscher added: “I used to come to these camps as a kid. To give back and kind of see the younger ones and see how they look up to us, it’s real rewarding.”

For those who missed the first session, there are openings for the next two sessions:

* June 8-11 (9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day) at the UH Athletics Complex

* August 3-6 (9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day) at the UH Athletics Complex

The camps are open to boys and girls, ages 6 to 17, of all skill levels. Entry fee is $250 per camp, or $450 for two camps.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register for the camp.

For more information, call 956-6501 or send an e-mail to smithjam@hawaii.edu.


  1. Mahalo Dyrbe and Zach !

  2. Zach to play in the summer league.

    Good ball dribbling drills at the camp.

    If you want to see some other drills, watch this of a recent Wahine signee (who is now older):


  3. Islandman, I thought I was seeing Stephan Curry handle the ball. Easley can certainly handle the ball, but can she shoot and can she dish? But, I liked what I did see. Potential needs to be realized. I certainly hope so. The fact that she’s 5’11” as a point guard has me drooling a little bit.

  4. Great job by staff , it all starts with the fundamentals .

  5. Derek and others– Fleming has some of that Curry and Harden game. Maybe Bobbitt some too.

  6. It has to start somewhere…I hope the youth camps do well and start to develop a new breed of local Warrior BB players.

  7. good thing to do? Eran , put Dyrbe Enos, and then Zach on full scholarship MBB..

  8. UHF1, come on now. Just stop it, and stop begging. They are walk ons for a reason. If they are in the rotation regularly, yeah I can see it. But they are playing Division I college basketball, not Division I talents. If they improve and show the coaches they can play they will be rewarded, not because you feel they should be put on scholarship because they are local. To use a common theme, “they gotta EARN it.”

  9. Uhfanzonly1, put Dyrbe and Zach on scholarship? That’s crazy.

  10. Scholarships are not hand outs. They are for players that earn them. UHF1 now you are starting to post some insane stuff. Let’s be realistic here.

  11. Looks like Gib is trying to take down others in the athletic department with him per the article this morning.

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