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Quincy Smith spending extra time in Hawai’i this summer

Quincy Smith’s summer plans started with an extended stay in Honolulu. While his teammates returned to their respective hometowns at the end of May, Smith opted to remain in Hawai’i to take summer courses.

Smith is entering his senior season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team, so extra summer classes will keep him on pace to graduate in 2016.


“I’m taking 15 units over the summer … that will keep me on track to graduate in the spring (of 2016),” he said.

Smith is from Antioch, California, and said he will be able to return home for a few weeks this month, but will return for the second session of summer courses in early-July.

While at home, Smith said he will try to participate in the prestigious San Francisco Pro-Am summer league.

While here in Honolulu, Smith said he has been training mostly on his own, but recently started working out with former Warrior Brandon Spearman, who is here on a break from professional basketball in Germany.

“Me and Spearman been working out a little bit,” he said. “And I’ve just been going up to the (student recreation center) and shooting up there, trying to do a little bit of weight stuff.”

Staying in Honolulu for the past few weeks also allowed Smith to serve as an assistant instructor at the Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp.

“It’s fun, giving back, watching some of the younger kids,” he said. “They’re having a fun time and we’re having a fun time working the camp.”


  1. That’s a lot of credits for summer. Quincy, a magician on court and off. First session end July 2 and second summer session begins July 6.

  2. Q :

    That is the way to appreciate and focus on finishing your schooling and getting that precious degree ! Keep on working, and we all might see you in pro ball, and later.. yes, you got it, if you want, a future, MBB coach, perhaps at UH..Lot of UH guys giving back to Hawaii, Quincy, Jawato, Dyrbe Zach, Mike last year, when around for June session school, helped out with camps.

    great work.. and .. and..They were part of historic Benjy and The Bows !

  3. One of my favorite Warriors. Good attitude, plays hard. Great hops too – his rebounding for a person his height reminds me of John Penebacker sometimes.

  4. Q- Your help with the summer camp is much appreciated. My son enjoyed the fact that you were there to share your knowledge. Amongst others, you are one of his favs. You don’t know how much the presence of you players add to a child’s psychie.

    It is good to see that you value your college education in addition to honing in on your bball skills. You have a good chance to play abroad and maybe return in the capacity as a coach down the road.

    We will need all of you players to encourage the others to return for a fun and exciting season coming up. we’ll see you folks in LV and in Anaheim this year/next year.

    Go Bows!

  5. Quincy is a great example of a student athlete at UH Manoa , mahalo Q , you will be successful in wherever life takes you.

  6. So important, when all guys return July second session, working with coaches, and the bond. Coaching style, guys adapting, and buying in.
    Here, early prediction, really early, if UH has 12 scholarship BB athletes, with their core and some additional transfers. If UH can win 19 games, and be in position to make run at BWC tourney title, that would be huge for Eran and staff. Eran, and his experienced coaches, they know, takes time to build that chemistry, and we have heard this from so many BB experts, Execution… on O and D, plus the ability to finish, close out close games and spread out leads.

    This should be one of the more interesting transition for MBB, in awhile..guys like Dyrbe, Zach, Q, MT, AV, Stef Jovanovich, have really stayed the course,
    I tell you, those guys, although recruited by other coaches, are Great guys, Eran is very fortunate to have that experience, and good young men.

  7. Awesome stuff, Q. I said it before – Once Q messes up, it’s hard for him to stay focused; he’s lways thinking too much about not messing up again. Important thing to remember is that everyone makes mistakes. Just gotta learn to forget it and move on.

  8. I’ve said it before. Q is a winner. At the end of the game, solid winner! Magician. Exactly.
    Q, for the W !
    Go Bows !

  9. You can’t teach height.
    And you can’t teach magic.
    Q, for the win !
    Go Bows !

  10. UH withdrawing from Vegas Tournament, per wsn forum.

    ” The University of Hawaii men’s basketball team is withdrawing from the 2015 Las Vegas Invitational in order to beef up its home schedule and reduce missed class time for its players, officials said. “

  11. Did Bengy schedule that tournament ?

    ” … Athletic director David Matlin said canceling the LVI appearance would allow UH to schedule two additional home games, pick up a “payday game” and save five days of missed class time. “(This was) a decision in favor of our student-athlete welfare,” Matlin said.

    Matlin said “financially, we are showing, approximately, a $30,000 positive swing by canceling this tourney over a two-year period.”

    Under terms of the contract, UH was to have received $85,000 to play in the tournament. The buyout was listed at $90,000.”


  12. I will hold judgement on this scheduling change until I see what replaces these games.

  13. I’ll withhold judgment, too, and see what the “payday game” will be. That being said, can a financially strapped department afford a $90,000 buyout? Interesting decision.

  14. They lose $85,000 plus $90,000 ? But they make that back by having 2 home games ?

  15. Matlin’s reference to a “two-year period” makes me think maybe a home-and-home is in the works? Perhaps with a team post-Maui Invitational as Pitt did last year? Nah, as Pono said, just have to wait and see.

  16. Whoa, this is a really curious decision. Like islandman says, this is giving up $85,000 guarantee and instead paying up $90,000. That means Matlin is talking about a $205,000 payback if he talking about a $30,000 “positive swing.”

    Is Matlin connected enough to book us a game at Kentucky or Duke to make up for that kind of money loss?

    Maybe I am wrong but I think that a “payday game” has to be on the road against a national power like our football team is doing. That also makes the statement about saving five days of class time a curious statement also because the team would still have to miss a day or two of class time for another road game.

    We shall see if this Matlin can back his words or if he is just another big talker like the guy he replaced.

  17. It’s not uncommon to get $50-$75K for an appearance fee against a big time basketball program. Cal will be a top 25 team with their top 5 recruiting class so UH could get a similar opponent and bag $75K for one game vs the 4 that came with the tourney. Then they could schedule two home games to net $30K per game for $60 total. That’s $135K with one game to go when their cost was forfeiting $85K and paying $90K cancellation fee for $175K total. If they took another body bag game they could make more money and keep the kids in class longer with the home games. Like I said we’ll wait and see but it could work out.

  18. This is an article from two years ago and as costs rise teams are paying out over $100K now to guarantee a home Bball game.


  19. islandman:

    we have to, check that out.. did Benjy schedule that LVI tournament? I think like the Florida Gulf Coast Tourney last year, get the guys some experience, and this year against two higher RPI ranked teams? Sad to see it go.. will Pitt , or Michigan, North Caronlina, Syracuse be in SSC or at their home gyms, one time thing.

    that math, Matlin , and company, it doesn’t seem right, however as you all say, we wait and see..

    Eran , Matlin and company, We All Knew would not be easy the first few years.. wish them well, and they doing better than previous staff.. very hard deal, and gig UH MBB program and UH athletics..

  20. Good find by PONO but I think Matlin has something bigger in mind based on what he said about keeping the guys in class. Based on that, it would have to be a one game trip, and there is only a handful of programs that will pay good six figures for one game.

    As said before, Kentucky and Duke are two of them, but also got Kansas, Louisville, UConn and North Carolina. If Matlin can get UH to play one of these teams and collect a $150,000 check or more then this decision will make a lot more sense.

  21. Syracuse is and i assume N. Carolina will be on probation, so they won’t mind playing UH ? Alabama’s football team was on probation when they played UH a few years ago in Tuscaloosa.

  22. I guess we won’t be invited to this tourney from here on out. Well, maybe not since Hawaii should draw fans to LV. More than some schools anyway.

  23. warriorhaw

    Good insight. Now we will get a bad reputation for cancelling games because we can make more money elsewhere. This is rolling the dice and sitting on ice. Ask the king Hermon Fraser. No one better to sit and roll. Who knows. Maybe we’ll get lucky. But this tournament was a good exposure for UH if they could play San Diego State or Cal. That’s the kind of teams they need to play if they want credentials. You need to go away to either neutral or their site and beat them. Easier said then done but there’s probably no other way because marquee teams will not gamble coming to Hawaii to play UH at home.

  24. ^^^ I never thought about that, but you guys are right that UH put this Vegas tournament in a bind by withdrawing this late. It sure didn’t take Matlin long to change his hats. If one team pulled out of the Diamond Head Classic right now, I bet the guys running it and Matlin would be screaming bloody murder.

    This is actually a good test for our new AD Matlin. If he truly comes through and schedules a national powerhouse for a nice pay day plus two decent home games, he will be true to his word and that will be a nice change from our AD position. If he don’t come through, it looks like it will more of the same bumbling and fumbling at UH for years to come.

  25. IF ‘they’ are True to their word,
    That Academics Matter (First)
    AND they CAN Also make the Math and Financials work out,
    That IS a Coup

    IF LVI Management Can’t Understand the Academic Versus Financial Issues
    they reduce their own available pool
    to the desperate money-grubbers;

    May be UH doesn’t Need to be as Desperate
    as a Chicago State,

    We Can Lament “Pro” versus Academic Choices like Fotu and Negus,
    BUT WE Also Set Them Up
    Whenever WE Choose Pro/Financials over School

    To Gib’s Credit, he would Leave a Struggling (in school) player home from a road trip
    even if it meant losing a starter (temporarily, for now, to earn APR and maintain eligibility)

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