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Official transfer: Tummala signs with Hawai’i


Sai Tummala made his transfer to the University of Hawai’i basketball team official on Wednesday. Here is the release from UH Athletics:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai’i men’s basketball coach Eran Ganot continued to bolster his roster, adding 6-6 forward Sai Tummala to the mix for the 2015-16 season. Tummala joins the ‘Bows after two seasons at Arizona State and one season at Salt Lake Community College before that. Tummala will have one year of eligibility.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sai to the Rainbow Warrior basketball family!” said UH head coach Eran Ganot. “Sai is an achiever in every sense of the word, excelling on the court, off the court, and in the classroom. On the court, our fans will appreciate his effort, versatility, and skill set. He is a tremendous worker and dedicated to continuing to expand and improve his game. We are very excited to be part of his continued development. Off the court, he is very impressive, has tremendous character and will be great in the community!”

Tummala (6-6, 218 lbs) was an instant success at the junior college level, leading SLCC to a 29-5 record in 2012-13, including a 14-1 conference mark and a regular season title. That season, he averaged 14.8 ppg while shooting 41 percent from the three-point line for a team that reached as high as fifth in the nation. He received third-team NJCAA All-American honors and was a first-team All-Region pick.

The Phoenix native played his high school ball at Brophy College Preparatory School where, as a senior, he started in all 29 games and averaged 17.7 ppg, 8.1 rpg, and 2.2 bpg while leading Brophy to a 21-8 record and a state runner-up finish. He scored a career-high 33 points and grabbed 10 rebounds against Mesa High School. He was named First Team All-Metro, First Team All-Fiesta Region, and was a first-team academic all-state pick.

After his stellar freshman campaign at SLCC, Tummala transferred to Arizona State where he lettered for two seasons. He made his impact off the bench, playing in 29 contests while averaging just less than five points per game. He redshirted at the University of Michigan in 2011-12 prior to playing at Salt Lake.

Tummala joins former players Troy Ostler (2000, ’01), Jeff Blackett (2004, ’05), Ahmet Gueye (2006, ’07) and P.J. Owsley (2007, ’08) as Rainbow Warrior transfers from Salt Lake.


  1. Show them your good abilities on the court, Sai.

    UH is suing Gib in court now, noted by wsn.

    ” The lawsuit seeks a court declaration that Arnold’s interpretation of his contract—that he is required to get paid twice as liquidated damages for his termination—is impermissible as a matter of law and public policy. The lawsuit also seeks tort and equitable claims against Arnold for his actions and inactions while he was head coach of the men’s basketball team.” ( UH News, 6/10/15)

    UH should sue its legal counsel for allowing the contract provision to be signed the way it was written. This UH suit could put arbitration of the contract grievance in limbo ?

  2. The lawsuit also states that Gib didn’t pay for team hotel costs for travel to Las Vegas in 2012, wlth the travel advance provided by UH. The hotel claims the bill is still unpaid.

  3. Aloha and welcome to Paradise Sai. The performers from Salt Lake before you all made an impact. Good luck.

    Regards to the latest UH Days of our Lives…Now we know what kind of strategy UH is up to…the best defense is a good offense. I think that a seemingly unpaid hotel bill, if that is the best they can do, says a lot. Considering how UH and their political machinery has had nearly one year of defaming Gib’s character for allegations, he would do well to move this jurisdiction outside of Hawaii. Obviously they did not want to go through Arbitration, so let’s find a judge that would be a bit more UH friendly.

    This thing stinks all over and in my mind, although a winning coach, UH looked to find anything that they could get rid of him for simply because they did not read the employment contract that they wrote until after he began winning.

    If this ever sees the inside of a courtroom, at least then, Gib will get to hear from Amanda.

    Amanda, God is watching you.

  4. How does it make sense to hire a high priced attorney overall $2100 dispute and a contract issue that is already in the legal system and for which UH is already paying legal fees?

  5. Pandora’s box been opened. All out War

  6. I’m feeling the $2K+ unpaid bill could be one of the many reasons why Taylor was not kept on as hc. According to the SA article, the bill is under Taylor’s name and Gib was giving the money in advance to pay for that bill. Somethings amiss between the 2 of them, no response from Gib so I’m figuring he and Taylor are talking about it now. I mean with Gib’s pay $2k+ ain’t that much to pocket and then pay back to clear up the unpaid bill.

  7. Does Amanda have that much power?
    Bickerton counters every grenade launch by UH.
    True, UH, Not looking good however turns out.
    I hope Gib and counsel case can shakeup UH to clean house.
    They should have hired Benjy.
    that is another story.

    Sai, good thing Only One year here..what a mess.
    And Chow still on board?
    He has to win.
    losing okay, just don’t challenge compliance officer.
    wild ride.
    July , 2 sides battle..HGEA not going to back off defending their employee in arbitration.
    desperation UH..

  8. Eran, Bryce and Sai tremendous character…what about the returnees , whomever comes back in july?
    Low character guys? In my book , they are Great character guys.
    one on one , you should hilite how good last year team is and was, if not, lose focus
    and aloha from team.
    Benjy loved the guys..for sure

  9. Did this unpaid bill really happen in 2012? That means UH had two plus years to get it from Gib/Benjy and they only bringing it up now? Why didn’t they just take it out one of his paychecks?

    This is turning into a sad reflection of the entire UH system.

  10. Yes, now wire services picking up story, not good for UH PR..
    man oh man..

  11. UH has outside counsel on retainer and they are trying to stick it to Arnold. Arnold is going to be tied up with his lawyer for so long it’s not worth his time. He should have just taken his punishment and moved on. Gib is killing himself by fighting this and making a big scene. No university is going to want to hire someone like him.

  12. Perception of UH Admin not pono.., ineptness ..public view and national view, damaged..
    watch Gib and Bickerton counter sue..

  13. Welcome aboard Sai you’re now a Warrior! Don’t mind the political stuff apologies for those who managed to steal the scene. This article was about our new addition and not the continual BS by some of the bloggers. Looking forward to more info on Sai once he arrives for second session.

  14. Sai – Welcome aboard! We will look forward to the addition of your talent to this already talented team. Unlike UHF1, most of us bloggers on this site are all giving hope to our current players that they will all be back to give a solid run at the Big West Championship. Not to mention, playing for knowledgeable and supportive people of Hawaii and playing in the SSC is an awesome experience.

    For those of you who are familiar CBA’s, this type of labor dispute is one where the court has no jurisdiction and will be decided by the grievance process. Are we wasting our tax payers $$$ again?

    Let’s hope that this will get settled, whichever way, without giving the mbb, UH, and the state of Hawaii two black eyes.

    Do you folks think that if BT was given the head coaching job that any of this NCAA stuff would be different? Not likely. Haters…

    Go Bows!

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