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More on the Australian Purchase

American history buffs can tell you about the importance and value of the Louisiana Purchase. The University of Hawai’i basketball program is hoping an Australian Purchase can become an important and valuable cornerstone for both the immediate future and beyond.

Jack Purchase, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound forward from Melbourne, Australia, has completed the necessary paperwork to officially transfer from Auburn University to the University of Hawai’i.

He played his freshman season at Auburn, and will have to sit out the 2015-16 season as a redshirt, per NCAA rules. He will be a sophomore during the 2016-17 season and will have three seasons of eligibility.

“Coach (Eran) Ganot has a good record with basketball players from (Australia) and he said he wants to start bringing in players,” Purchase said. “I kind of wanted to be a part of that. Hawai’i is a lot closer to home than Alabama, which is better for me as well. Hopefully some of my mates will come.”


Prior to becoming head coach at Hawai’i two months ago, Ganot was an assistant and associate coach at Saint Mary’s for five seasons. The Gaels are renowned for recruiting Australian players, and nearly got Purchase a year ago.

“It came down to Auburn and Saint Mary’s when I was picking my college the first time,” Purchase said. “It was another coach who was recruiting me (to Saint Mary’s), but obviously Coach Ganot was there, and so I knew who he was from then.”

Purchase received limited playing time last season at Auburn, appearing in just seven games and scoring a total of nine points. The coaching staff that recruited Purchase to Auburn was replaced prior to the 2014-15 season.

“It didn’t really work out; it wasn’t what I expected when I was recruited,” he said.

The fact that Purchase was initially recruited by an SEC program such as Auburn says a lot about his resume in Australia. He averaged 21.3 points, 8.7 rebounds and 5.8 assists for the Melbourne Tigers club team; he also played on several junior national teams for Australia in recent years.

“I love to shoot the 3 ball,” he said. “I like being in a system, helping every part of the game. I feel like I can pass it pretty well, but I know that I still have a lot to work on to better all-around.”

Purchase said his style of play is more suited to the small forward position, but he understands that he may have to spend more time in the low post at Hawai’i.

“I’ll play where ever Coach Ganot wants me,” he said. “I imagine I’ll be more of a stretch 4 (power forward). I have a (redshirt) year, so I plan on getting stronger, getting bigger, and working on my defense.”

Purchase said he maintained a 3.0 grade point average during his year at Auburn, so his academics are in order. “I don’t know what I’ll major in yet, probably something to do with business,” he said.

Purchase said he will remain in Australia for the summer, and will enroll in classes at UH during the upcoming Fall semester. “I’m going to spend time with my family and train with my coaches here (in Australia) so I can be ready to go when I get to Hawai’i,” he said.

Melbourne, Australia, is also known for its beaches, but Purchase said his recruiting visit to Honolulu left no doubt about the beach rankings.

“I like the beaches here, but nothing compares to Hawai’i,” he said. “I can’t wait to get back there, actually.”

Purchase is the third recruit to sign with Hawai’i during this off-season. Guard Bryce Canda and forward Sai Tummala signed earlier with the Warriors.


  1. good for next season… Still a lot of us would agree, a banger at 6’9″ 250, just bang, rebound defend, pass the ball out to shooters, set screens, pick and roll, protect the rim..helps. win championships and go to NCAA tournament, Remember St Marys had Brad Waldow, that 6’9″ 270 pound guy, very good hands, and decent rebounder and shot blocker, someone like that THIS year..unless Mike, Thomas grows to 6’9 245, and Jovanovich gains weight to 255, and Janks gains weight muscle to 252,.. so they are the Bigs.

    Challenge, curious how team will shape up, by Dec 31 after 16 games, if Eran and Bows, are 12-4 like Benjy was, kudos to him.. however, always tough with new staff, and hire..hope UH knows what they did..

  2. Welcome, Jack

    Bring Your Talented Basketball Friends NOW
    Walk-On, Academic Scholarships, ANY Way
    Bring a Play-Now BIG…

    Jovanovic, Extend Your Range to Three

  3. You may not need a bulky center. Golden State’s starting five for the championship game was made up of kind of slim ones, and their huge bigs did not play much or not at all. Green is 6-7, 229 . Helps to have one though.

  4. Will Davis II, Irvine’s leading rebounder, shot blocker and scorer is 6-8, 210 .

  5. I like this pick up because he looks like he can replace Janks role in a couple of years and maybe he can start the Australia connection to Hawaii but I still think we could use a big post man for this year.

    The guys islandman mentions in Draymond Green and Will Davis may not be tall but both have the desire to play inside and that is a big step to being a good rebounder and shot blocker. As far as I can tell only one player on UH roster has that desire to play inside and that is Stef Jovanovic. All the others like Janks, Mike Thomas, Valdes and new guys Tummala and Purchase they rather play outside.

    I would make a guess that Ganot has a plan to utilize these weapons and not force some of these guys to play out of position. Anybody likes a five out offense? We would get killed on the boards but might be exciting anyway.

  6. Purchase isn’t availabke for this year Hawaii will eventually need a power forward/center for depth for this year. You just never know who may get injured, get in foul trouble.

  7. Chuck; yes, Will Davis only attempted one 3 pt shot during the whole season; 54 % overall FG %.

    Hawaii had a lot of FT attempts during the season 523 for 762, or 68.6 %, compared to Irvine 370 for 541 or 68.4 %.

  8. I think we all agree that we would like to see a function big be signed but let’s not sign one just to sign one if he ain’t going to make an impact. I’d rather sign the best player possible regardless of position. Next year scholies will open up with Bobbitt, Tumalla and Q. At that point we should have bigs in the pipeline.

  9. Staff should first look if they can play decent defense. That’s why San Antonio is always up there. We did pretty good last year due mostly from defensive play. If we had little better shooting we would be ranked much higher. Nice to have a capable big. But nicer to have a defensive stopper—big or small—to complement team.

  10. Just to let some of you guys know, Chris Summers wrote a comment under the story about him in the summer league. I gave him my thanks for protecting our country and wish him good luck to make the team!

  11. Summers is a grown man and should get a look if guys like Enos and Buscher were given shots. Looks like he’s more ready for D1 then those guys. Plus he would be a walk on so there’s no risk.

  12. ^^^ That is what I was thinking. At the least he is a guy who can be scout team and help in practice.

  13. Brian McInnis retweeted
    Ferd Lewis ‏@FerdLewis 1 hour ago

    ” Nevada says it will play in Rainbow Classic along with Montana State, UH and Prairie View A&M, according to Reno Gazette-Journal #HawaiiMBB “

  14. Last year’s Rainbow Classic had an overall higher RPI field than this year, if you look at year end RPI’s for last season.

    High Point 91; PIne-Bluff 298; Bakersfield 301.

    Prairie View 261; Nevada 307; Montana St. 323

    ( UH RPI was 159 ! )

  15. Very true on the RPI but Nevada may draw better since they are an old conference foe.

  16. Wait for it . . .

  17. geez always unknown teams in the rainbow

  18. “Diamond Head Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The field for the seventh annual event – to be played Dec. 22, 23 & 25, 2015 – includes Auburn, BYU, Harvard, New Mexico, Northern Iowa, Oklahoma, Washington State and tournament host school Hawai’i. ”


  19. Yes, the past decade, just to fill out the pukas in schedule.. we HAVE to appreciate the Chaminades, UH Hilos, BYUH’s, the Prairie View’s, the East Carolinas, The Montana States, the San Diegos, the Delaware States, etc.. know that a lot of the NO NAME. teams, even if RPI not, high, they do well in conference and with their conference tournaments.. They are in the NCAA’s seems like every year, for these low mid majors..

    Tough deal, UH MBB scheduling, cannot , Ganot please everyone.
    Gannot’s mantra, and Matlin, balanced schedule, don’t get killer schedule, more TV games for exposure, and recruiting,.. possibly winning some of those UH vs Pitt or UH vs NC or UH vs UCLA’s.. Still remember, Basko Radovic, 6’9 1/2″ 220 SF who handle ball like PG, scoring, I think it was 19 or 20 points, against UCLA at Pauley Pavillion, after that year, or maybe at mid term, he left Riley’s UH team.. UCLA home and home would be nice, Gib tried, Benjy was trying.. bet Riley was trying.
    Heck UH, just win BWC regular season title=NIT and win BWC tournament= NCAA’s and win either or both of those championships every year.. then .. that is good for ganot..

  20. There it is.

  21. Honolulu808….haha never fails.

  22. Matlin is working on switching to Under Armour from Adidas, as shoes and apparel provider for men’s basketball.

    ” The Rainbow Warriors have used Adidas for their hoops gear since the middle of the Riley Wallace era, around the late 1990s or early 2000s, according to a UH spokesperson.”
    ( In the pros, Under Armour sponsors Steph Curry, Patty MIlls and Emmanuel Mudiay)


  23. I wish Ganot would go with Nike. UA doesn’t have the technological advances in sneakers like Nike does. Plus, I’m sure the kids prefer Nike and Jordan over UA. It actually makes a difference in recruiting. Some shoes just aren’t good for traction and ankle support. And Steph Curry will still outshoot 90% of the nba in slippers; his UA shoes aren’t a difference maker.

  24. Nike or the guys fashion conscious too? Retro.. Air Jordans, those high top Chuck Taylors,?

    I guess it is a business, money deal..

    back in the day, everyone wearing Converse or Keds? that is old school,. not too much protection and ankle injuries were common, we iced up, wrapped up and still played.. crazy young people we were.

    Ankle injuries, Fleming, Thomas, NWC.. all had within a week , and kept them sidelined not affective
    for key games.. otherwise, agree with Coach, UH would have won 25 , 26 games last year, probably won regular season title. wonder HOW to prevent ankle injuries, ? they say, Now, the guys have to build up the calves, knees, thighs. from hip to toe, strong, .. and stretching, warm up, wrap up.. Jayson Goo Team MVP..trainer deluxe..

  25. ^^^ This. I bet money if you took a poll of the players almost all of them would pick Nike. This is not their decision to make though. I will make a guess that this is another financial decision to save some bucks by AD Matlin.

    Like it or not, a lot of kids these days consider things like shoes and apparel when making a decision to pick a school.

  26. One thing to consider is that H-Zone – UH’s fan apparel shop – is only licensed to sell UA, Champion, and Hilo Hattie clothes. That’s why you can’t buy UH basketball (Adidas) or UH volleyball (asics) jerseys. Am I alone in thinking that UH could make quite a bit of money if the public could buy jerseys?

  27. Nah….UA is a good organization. UA is not the new kid on the block anymore. They outfit schools like South Carolina, Auburn, Notre Dame, Utah and many others.

    UA is not your UA of the past. UA have reached Nike status and is now a threat to Nike brand.

    Even if UH wanted Nike, what if Nike doesn’t want UH? You cannot be dreaming of dating the hot chick if the hot chick has no interest in you.

    I appreciate UA for standing by UH even though UH’s biggest money maker(football) is struggling. They could have bailed on us and then we get stuck with Russell athletics or Champion(which is a big step down).

    I will try my best to support UA cause UA is kind enough to support UH.

  28. Quite right TAVS. They could double their sales if they offered more things. Not enough baseball cap selections, limited white t shirts (this is hot Hawaii no need dark colors), and as you say no official jerseys. Any wonder why athletic department always in the red? Hope Matlin will look into being more creative than his predecessors. All it takes is to ask people in the know their opinions. Even the store clerk might have some good ideas. Key is listen to the people that have direct knowledge and experience. It doesn’t cost you a cent. Don’t need to make costly analysis from marketing company to figure this one out. It’s Nike guys. Hello

  29. servante :

    good points.. UH.. auwe, if only would LISTEN.. lot of good suggestions sound advice, to make money and save money for UH, from Aloha Stadium deal, concessions, UH apparel, Parking deals, Package ticket deals, accommodating the fans more, making easier to get things, tickets, jerseys, make IT TOP NOTCH.
    Matlin, I feel for the guy, in next 3 or 4 years of his contract, he will AGE real fast, Know he is much younger than a Lot of us old guys, watch him get more stressed.
    UH , if only could do things right.. just do things, for UH, students, fans And Hawaii People.
    UH could eventually get finances balanced , might take 10 years..
    We shall see.

  30. Easy to see that Ganot is doing things the right way. Why else would players leave power conference schools (SEC, Pac-12) to come here, when they know UH under investigation? They trust in Ganot, more than their institutions. Gotta keep that guy here, no more old folks who cannot handle the stress of building a foundation that will support UH. Rather than cause troubles for UH, and chase out 25% of players every year like it’s normal.

    Cannot wait for basketball season again even though it just finished. Excitement at an all time high.

  31. If Under Armour is the choice then just have to make the best of it, especially if it makes some money for broke bank UH.

    Also need to consider stuff said in this article about how basketball culture is very different from football, and Under Armour not viewed the same as Nike for basketball:


  32. Everyone needs their own shoes !

    The shoes gotta fit the feet !
    Jerseys don’t matter .
    Go Bows !

  33. Uhf1, no hearing in Arizona, it will be in Indianapolis. Benjy went to Arizona for a NCAA hearing several years ago in connection with Chicago St. The previous coach got into trouble with the NCAA. Benjy said he was part of the rehab process there.

  34. UH hearing scheduled for Scottsdale, Ariz. July 16-17.

  35. At least, two people awake, unlike me.

  36. Middle of the day for me. Late lunch.
    Go Bows !

  37. I leave the summer league on, on the desk, and watch it when I go by. Kepp thinking I might catch Justice Suing vs Aaron Valdes in a dunk off one of these times.
    Go back to sleep. I’ll be quiet.
    … go bows … …

  38. Used to be a shoe mfg. rep but no longer so don’t know the pulse of the business. It seems like Nike is pulling out of many things in Hawaii like the Honolulu Marathon, Nike Store and many little things that they used to do.

  39. TAVS, kahuna, and Servante – good points. I sure remember the girl that I wanted to go out with yet she didn’t want to go out with me. Her name was Retro 13.

    F1 – Still at it.

    https://www.crowdrise.com/MensBasketball – getting closer to the goal as we approach the return of our boys. Help out folks.

    Anymore whispers about recruits coming in or are we out of offers? Any rumblings of what our schedule will be like?

    Go Bows!

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