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June youth camps complete; next camp in August

Now that new University of Hawai’i basketball coach Eran Ganot has a few youth camps in his rear-view mirror, he’d like to see a few more ahead.

“We have an obligation here to do a good job, No. 1 with our guys and our program, and if we do that, it sets the tone for the grassroots side,” Ganot said. “No better way to do that than with your camps. Moving forward, maybe having something during the season, whatever we can do, whatever we’re allowed to do – just to constantly give back to the community.”


Ganot and his staff completed two separate camps for youth players in the first two weeks of June. The most recent session was completed on Thursday, with several dozen players participating.

“The important thing is to find a balance between teaching and having a good time,” Ganot said. “We had a late start with this one, so we’re pretty pleased with the late start to have the numbers we did … we have an obligation here to grow the game, and I think this was a step in the right direction.”

Those who did not a get a chance to participate in the June camps will have another opportunity in August. The next youth camp is scheduled for August 3-6 at the UH-Manoa Athletics Complex, and it is open to boys and girls ages 6-17.

“The advantage for that one is a good amount of our (players) will be here for summer session (classes) so we should have a good amount of them available for the camp. I think when you have a balance of our coaches and the players here and the great kids of the community, I think there’s an opportunity there to have a really nice camp.”

Vist www.hawaiiathletics.com and click on Sports Camps near the top of the page for more information on the August camp.


  1. About todays revelations. I guess both party’s have decided on the “Don’t get mad, get even” way of resolving their problems. Taking this to court and the press only hurts the players and fans. Hasn’t this gone to arbitration? For me it has already gone far enough. As far as the other programs are concerned, I hope they are clean.If not, they shouldn’t expect anything less than what Gib has gotten.

  2. Looks like happy campers.

    Probably the judge will say no to the court suit due to arbitration. Two things came up today in the SA. The NCAA has cleared the way for Bickerton to interview Amanda (as far as the NCAA is concerned).

    Also, Gib will be pointing fingers at women’s bsktball and maybe women’s volleyball and men’s VB, per Reardon sources (if accurate) . Those are three very popular coaches and their programs, noted by Dave.

  3. islandman and anderpops,

    as long time UH alumni, donors, fans and citizens of Hawaii, really sad situation.
    What Makes UH admin and counsel look very, very bad, and this a view of ones outside of Hawaii, The rush to judgement of Gib/ Akana, Fotu, etc, without allegations infractions even released, though they must have known something might come about. The publicly humiliated, and set up for being judge , jury And Executioner for Gib and his program, Without Cause. Major blunder And not pono at all.
    Talk to legal friends, attorney all around town, simple.,.. yes islandman, I don’t care what Dave R. says, Dave really does not like Gib.. he very one sided, calling Gib a bratty tattle tell, man how childish and unprofessional is that for Op ed writer.? Maybe Dave is the brat? yes..
    So, this lawsuit Will be dismissed, unless some unheard of bombshell takes precedent, it won’t, and arbitration will conclude. Gib will get monies, consensus of many attorneys here and around USA.

    I was wondering about that Favortism and bias, by UH, now Amanda Compliance office, etc, for Women sports. and boom, sure enough, Dave R. alludes to Beeman’s BB program, and Shoji WVB, as well as possibly MVB.. the darlings of UH AD dept..have to be PONO.. right, .. if they are guilty, and we don’t see Gib’s ncaa response.. they should be sanctioned too..otherwise, it will show bias, non compliance, coverup and hiding things, not by Gib and His program ,.. by UH… something bigger.
    Life lesson, even for younger ones.. have to be fair to all, don’t rush to condemn a person or his business, without all the facts.. be truthful… and not vindictive.. Gib has right to fight.. and he is and will for long time.. IF Gib’s action, and I really hope he wins majority if not all of his cases.. IT WILL MAKE UH better, clean house, and start fresh, from President on down.

    Then islandman and anderpops, we can go back to days of when UH was independent, and had some good FB teams, and Fab Five was a good 2 year run.. Start over.
    Gib, do what you have to do.. And UH, do what you have to do.. Make things Right. that is PONO..

  4. NOW Amanda come clean, tell the truth, be honest.. and help, yes help UH get right..
    That is what young ones, old time fans, and supporters of UH, want.. not all the fiasco of UH for past several years, in Academics, Facilities and Athletics in particular..and The hard working, student loan strapped, people that attend UH.. they deserve the best, the Pride of Pacific University. so do the UH MBB athletes.. I wonder, I really wonder, How Isaac Fleming, Q, MV, AV, etc doing.. I bet they will be back. however.. what a mess.

  5. Come on stop the never ending comments. The subject of the blog was the clinic If you have nothing good to say about Eran and his staff working their as-ses off for the kids then keep quit and put all your negative comments on the other blogs mahalo.

  6. Hahaha logged on today, and to my surprise I see WeBleedGreen junior’s run through the skills challenge at camp lol
    Junior’s run is from 1:14 thru 1:48 in the video…and also he and I shooting around in the background in the beginning of the video.
    Mahalo Dayton for the mini feature hahaha. Mini me is stoked!

  7. WeBleedGreen junior shows real ability, the next Isaac Fleming.

  8. Dyrbe showing off his skills starting at the 0:48 mark. Looks like he grew a few inches too.

  9. I think Manoa summer league starts very soon. Artie W. was commenting on summer team rosters. Mentioned, Isaac F., Quincy, Stef Jovanovich, says Janks playing for his country’s junior national team, Rod I think, Mike, Aaron,.. no mention of Bryce or Sai, I guess, they will be here in July.

    That summer league , it just scares me, with the injuries to guys in the past, wonder, if they sign a waiver to play? I think they have to, avoid liability for injuries incurred in games.

    Hope all the guys stay healthy, UH cannot lose anyone to serious injuries, really hurts team depth, so important… to win champioships.
    And for Eran’s first season, just to win a lot of games..
    should be interesting season..

  10. Here are some scenarios: if Gib brings up other program violations, if major enough, then the NCAA could increase sanctions, like a post-season ban due to lack of institutional control. Or if the other programs admit them, if they are true, then not many more sanctions would be imposed. Or the other program violations do not rise to Level I. Or the basketball program would not be further penalized due to violations by other programs.

  11. Great news that summer league is starting up. Can’t heat up, develop and expect to win championships if you stay in an ice box. If I recollect both Q and Nevels played in summer leagues in the Mainland. Playing the game is a great teacher.

  12. islandman:

    We all wish that UH and programs, coaches, All together on same page, This never happened, what started over year ago, and we could have seen last year’s group of athletes, with Fotu,, possibly, if healthy Sammis Reyes, Two more physical upfront guys, with the athleticism of other guys, probably, would have won the BWC regular and BWC tourney title, and gone to NCAA tournament.
    Hope, one day.. maybe next March? or down the road, UH will appear in NCAA tournament again.
    However in meantime… agreed, get the Young guys in Hawaii, gals and guys, to Focus on high level basketball, so popular with international youth, NBA finals interest, and NCAA March madness. in another 5 years or so.. More DI MBB and WBB athletes will attend UH.. that would be ideal. would not mind at all If UH MBB roster was majority, one day, from Hawaii High schools, ..

  13. Win or lose with (at least some) integrity. Even if you lose, you still may have a chance to start winning, if you last long enough. That’s one reason why the FB coach is still here. Just because you are a winning coach does not cut it.

  14. islandman:

    Maybe GA points to Chow ? For the life of me, in all my years following UH sports, the Chow situation, the strangest I have ever heard and seen. That guy living the life of “Riley”, the easy life, collect, probably near 600K per year with the added perks, for 5 years, and retire in hometown at 71?
    Getting pretty good, let us see, assistant staff, to actually coach O and D for him..he collects the checks..
    wild man, wild not you islandman.. it is UH man..

    Go Bows.. Pono UH..

  15. islandman: That is the UH POLICY reasoning I guess, high character, toe the line, etc..One UH coach , a UH MBB program ago, Best Big to ever play at UH, number draft pick in NBA, long time assistant, then Associate, then HC.. a Warrior, 30 rebounds , a record in rainbow Classic, and UH MBB record books still stands, probably never be broken.

    A LOT of people and fans, MYSELF included.. when leading the Fab Five, that man, was A MAN , awesome, a get from Conn. by Red Rocha..who is that person? High Character, did not win , or have any winning seasons in 3 years, bascially handcuffed recruiting and other ways? BOB NASH..

    islandman, is you say win with intergrity, or LOSE with high character, integrity..BOB NASH lost a lot of games, never had ncaa allegations, or lawsuits with UH.. a toe the line BLEED GREEN Rainbow , UH hall of honor member, Why was Bob let go? and then the search that ended up with GIB?

    The logic is off.. Norm Chow loses 3 years in a row. Bob Nash loses 3 years in a row, no post season, for either or championships.. yet CHOW is still here..
    Like ferd, dave, brian, kanoa, now everybody, looking objectively at UH.. it does not make Any sense at all.

    UH has to Pono..

  16. Seriously, doesn’t anyone subscribe to the thoughts that any COACH is living the life of Riley???

    Personally never supported anyone attempting to circle jerk a situation and not taking responsibility for their actions by pointing fingers at others.

    I may not be a Norm Chow fan, however, I would not question his desire, integrity, and his want to build a successful program and win games. He bleeds green! Betcha, he puts in countless hours.

    Don’t know about anyone out there, but losing with integrity does not cut it. Think back at all those losing seasons and the accompanying moans and groans; people not going to the SSC. Not once in all those years did I read or hear anyone say, at least we lost with integrity. Geez….

    Come on, support ALL U of H teams….please don’t bash any, NOT COOL.

  17. Support UH sports , thats the bottom line ! right on Tako!

  18. Youth camps is an excellent way of giving back to the community and develop basketball skills for life such as teamwork. It plants a seed to be future Rainbow Warrior fans as well as one day being a Rainbow Warrior basketball player, not to mention the parents of the kids. Good job coaches, players, and volunteers. When I was a kid I wish there were youth camps, but there were none on the neighbor islands.
    The kids nowadays have so many more accessible avenues to get better,both in training, equipment, facilities, and coaching. I envy these young people. I hope my grand daughters reap these benefits when they get older in about 5 to 7 more years.

  19. hopefully another verbal commit tomorrow afternoon from a big

  20. See. No one can deny Bob Nash, he is a true gentleman. He was a beast, and hated to lose when playing for UH, however, he became very cool and very nice Hawaii resident and then UH HC. I wish that unit was intact, if only Bob could have, and I think he was really trying to get the Phil Lotts, AC Carters, JC Carters, Terry Houstons, Cliff Beaubruns, Ray Reeds, Tes Whitlocks, Thomas Loudens, Eric Bowmans, Phil Handys, Tony Maroneys, Lonnie Benjamins, along with Brian Parker, two long athletic freshman 6’11” 230 types, who had huge numbers in HS, got hit by academics though..

    Bob Nash, you have My Ultimate respect.. and no one, on any forum can challenge that. a real Rainbow. .. and a Warrior.. classy gentleman !

  21. Gib will have his say, we been waiting for the day.. clear the air, if it means, cleaning UH out, making them accountable, isn’t that what PONO UH is all about?
    Teach the students and young ones, all should be given opportunity to defend one self. If they are guilty, it comes out, if not, things set straight.
    I think All UH fans, the student athletes and their families, the state of Hawaii, want the facts to come out, and let things be settled.
    Trying Gib, in the court of Public Opinion back in October 2014, was being thrown under not a bus, however a sixteen wheeler rig,..Gib reputation was destroyed before, having chance to present a defense. NOW he has.. hey that is only fair jjay, PONO, and others..
    Let any man or woman, young or old have their chance to defend self and reputation, no matter how high up the chain he has to go to prove his case.
    This is America, a great country, and that is what we do , PONO UH…

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