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Gib Arnold issues statement regarding lawsuit


The University of Hawai’i at Manoa filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against former men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE UH RELEASE, which includes PDF links to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks a court declaration that Arnold’s interpretation of his contract — that he is required to get paid twice as liquidated damages for his termination — is impermissible as a matter of law and public policy. The lawsuit also seeks tort and equitable claims against Arnold for his actions and inactions while he was head coach of the men’s basketball team.

In addition to listing the topics previously reported, the lawsuit included a new allegation – that Arnold did not pay a hotel bill of more than $2,100 for a team road trip in 2012.

In response, Arnold issued a statement of his own on Wednesday evening:

“I find the UH lawsuit to be ridiculous and pathetic. The hotel bill was from 3 years ago and not even in my name nor did I set up the reservation. I only was asked to leave my credit card. My exit checklist after being terminated without cause included a section on being clear of any outstanding bills.

“Human Resource did not bring up any issues at that time and cleared me. I have never personally been contacted by UH about this. The only contact came years later from their attorney to my attorney who they are paying tens of thousands of dollars to chase down a two thousand dollar billing error by the Palms.

“It just doesn’t make sense. If I or one of my Assistants owe it we will be happy to pay it, in fact UH can deduct it from the 1.4 million they owe me.”


  1. If memory serves, there were originally about 19 allegations amongst several UH sports of which 7 were of the basketball team. Since UH is still attempting to try this case in the Court of Popular Opinion, why not show us the other sports that were cited and the findings of the NCAA.

    I think we would all like to know who first discovered the so-called error in the employment contract authored by UH for Gib and when did they find that out…that is question that should be answered under oath.

    It just does not make any sense why a winning coach would have the wrath of his employer which was quite evident on a radio talk show for months before all this happened by a UH Regent. No doubt this Regent had inside information that formed the public opinion of Gib for so long. No doubt that opinion had their own motives for firing Gib. With all that in the mix, UH really needs to come clean…but I am afraid that the NCAA is not the place for a fair trial.

    This is about a man’s career and I have no doubt that he will fight for his namesake and his family with every tool that he has at his disposal…and well he should. UH needs to clean house once again to protect those politicians who use it to pad their pockets. Shame on you.

  2. Yes, Gib and UH.. just get things right, so everyone happy, and we move on.
    Fans, student athletes and Hawaii and the families of the guys deserve the best.
    Wish best outcome.. things resolved..
    Sometimes, no matter the perception, we cannot rush to judgement either way, let protocol take place.. Gib one thing, I have learned, you will fight for what you believe, and that takes courage, same for your recruits, and family and friends.

    We shall see how this turns out.. You seem to have good counsel.. hope for the Best..
    Mahalo Dayton for posting Davis and Now Gib’s statements, it gives we fans, and the public, the families, those that follow WI a more clearer picture, another side..to story.


    you must Know a whole lot more than I.. UH have to come clean, and compliance, polticians, etc.. cannot have a witchhunt, hurt a lot of good people and families and reputation.
    Gib, fighting till the end. it just might clean up UH, I hope it does.. maybe Landmark case, against, NCAA too, however NCAA the strangest entity on the planet. Who governs them? Same like UH , compliance, who monitors them? Yes, to be fair.. Publicly, we Should know, or the one being accused, of alleged infractions, violations.. should be able to face and question and Respond to Accusers.. get it straight UH..

  4. That BOR , I think NOW former chair.. and his cohort, they were leaking a lot of stuff, back in December , January, on to March.. how did They Know.. ? Why did they Know, ? And now look at the mess. Will they render an account? You know the saying, what goes around. and sometimes it takes, time comes around.. justice will be served..

  5. Wow Backbeat.. that final sentence comment by Gib.. I think he and Bickerton have good case in fight against UH.. maybe, can finally clean up the follies at UH.. as Gib says, quite ridiculous.. this rush to judge and terminate, and potray, Gib as bad guy.. something not right. Gib never said he was perfect, however. really, nit picking stuff.
    This will cost UH a lot..

  6. It’s seems UH put it’s foot in it’s mouth, seems Gib must have signed some documents when he left the program that he’s clear to leave. UH lawyers must be trying to pick apart the documents looking for a clause stating any found unpaid bills will be held liable to Gib. But even so, it seems it’s an old hotel bill 3 years ago. Didn’t the Bean Counter uncover this? Geez, and here I thought BenJ was only good in counting beans.

    What the hell is UH Admin. doing there?

  7. Somewhat manini $2100 bill, you can claim in Small Claims Court. However, i think the travel advance was made out to Gib and deposited. So he is responsible for seeing that the bill is paid and/or did he endorse the check to Benjy ?

  8. islandman, right

    like Gib said it looks to be a billing error. Maybe the Palms billed UH instead of Gib or Benjy whose name was used for the reservation. Think Gib is being a bit sneaky knowingly having the expense money and not being billed for it so he just left it like that.

    but again in Gib’s defense, if he didn’t receive the past due Palms bill how should he have known it was still outstanding although I feel he knew but left it like that. But then again with UH having the Palm past due statements why didn’t UH confront Gib about it then and not 3 years after. CRAZY run Institution

  9. as we can read, Gib has the answers. It’s not like he didn’t pay the Hotel bill on purpose and you’d have thought UH would be looking for the Hotel receipt to confirm the payment long ago. Badly run Dept. in my eyes

    Ben Jay was a bad Bean Counter

  10. ‘I certify that although the hotel bill is in Benjy Taylor’s name, payment of $2,123 for the hotel was made by me on 12/2/ 2012.’”

    noted in lawsuit.

  11. The hotel stated in the Start Advertiser they were never paid

  12. That brings up yet another item that has always stuck in my craw. As an official, we would not get paid by UH for sometimes 6 months after we refereed our games at UH.

    After being offered a vending contract at Aloha Stadium, we also discovered that they do not pay their vendors for 6 months. This from someone who is paid cash for an item that is marked up 3 to 4 times what they pay for it. Who does business like that in the real world?

    Lastly, if UH really wanted to collect on their so-called $2K bill, it goes to small claims court!

  13. UH is trying to weasel out of paying the liquidated damages with the new lawsuit. They should go and find the person responsible for writing and/ or approving Gib’s original contract. But i guess you can’t do much now. Hinshaw and Donovan signed the contract. What happened to the Legal Counsel that is supposed to review contracts ? Apparently resigned.

  14. Probably making interest off your money. lol, and it seems they get away with it. It’s not right making people wait for their money, but if some are willing to deal with it then… . Why not add in a Net 30 day clause in the vending contract if it’s one of your peeves, I know I would and also state there’s a % added to past due 30 days outstanding payments.

    I’m not trying to back UH, but… and trying to help you make them pay sooner what your owed or you collecting interest on that money owed. It’s only right for your sake.

  15. This situation reeks of making an object lesson and having deep pockets (money wise) which the U of H seems to think they have in this case. The object lesson is the institution has to take a stand at some point in time. They need to demonstrate that they are attempting to right the ship. Unfortunately, Gib is the object of their lesson. Seemingly, the U of H is gathering a perpounderous of evidence to discredit him and prepping for a jury trial as well as making a case with the NCAA. They are being passive/aggressive with the NCAA to placate them and being very
    assertive in their denial of Gib. Interesting situation… Believe the theory for the U of H is, even if they lose, they win. IMO, this is an unfortunate situation for all, personally, believe there are no winners in this situation. Any takers???

  16. tako; Really both sides damaged, Gib reputation, no matter what you think of him, I never though he was criminal, or felon, that is absurd,..UH is casting him as bad guy. Character assassination. That could be a civil suit down the line for Gib vs UH? maybe..if things not true..

    UH.. Taking a MUCH larger HIt.. tako What is your perception of UH in past 7 or 8 years? with all the wonder blunders, the hirings and firings, the AD’s come and go, the latest UH president, slips into his position, when student body and faculty as a whole out on summer break last year.. and he is the Boss of All UH system.. that is a Huge problem right there.
    So, aside from NCAA,/ Gib/ UH problems..UH takes the bigger hit in Hawaii people’s eyes and the world and mainland USA view..attorneys, coaches, AD’s, other Universities, they could be laughing or mocking UH right now.. what the heck are they doing?

    tako: question, or question to all WI bloggers, members.. Does this UH/ vs Gib vs NCAA thing, and the latest small claims, lawsuit, if any.. AFFECT recruits coming to UH, and MBB in particular.. answer: YES it does big time.. imagine, other schools going after same guys, telling them. You want to Go to That school? Look at the mess, that the Leadership is causing.. sad but true..it starts at the top, however, I worked for same entity, and Business as usual.. lot of politics, and not doing things the right way..

    I hope Gib wins a lot of the battles.. IT JUST MIGHT CLEAN UH UP ONCE AN FOR ALL.. make it a good University again, fair and balanced.. for the students, alumni, fans, and Hawaii. and the world.

  17. Thank u gib

  18. Gin is not a criminal. He violated NCAA regulations. Pay the piper Gib and move on Admitting guilt at the start instead of twisting the story would have been better than lying to the NCAA. Now stiffer sanctions will be injected towards you.

  19. According to an article, Gib signed a statement stating he paid the Palms bill on Dec. 2,2012.

  20. ” Don Weir June 10, 2015 at 5:18 pm (from Tsai blog):


    Amanda Paterson is a former UH soccer player.

    I worked with Amanda on several ‘issues’ while I was with Na Koa. I researched several of the issues in the NCAA ‘Blue Book/Binder’ and then ran it by her to make sure my interpretation was correct. The football program booster organization was ‘clean’ of any violations because of this approach.

    It was, and is, her job to keep UH out of the NCAA gun sights and I believe she does a great job.

    In certain instances, if a violation comes to her attention she is required by UH and the NCAA to do a ‘UH Self report’. I am of the understanding that this is what was done with regards to the BB program.

    As an aside, I was present several times when coaches became verbally abusive to the compliance officer as she gave the official UH response/NCAA interpretation to their requests. She made her points, quoted the reference material, and did not ‘respond in kind’.
    That takes a professional in my opinion.

    Amanda has a tough job; she does a great job; I don’t know many that would want the job.”

  21. Jjay:

    UH is messed up. In public eye, if you are a fan, donor, season ticket holder, with UH admin, and counsel, and Now All talk show hosts, saying this lawsuit is going to be Awful for UH.. and they have bad perception already.. Jjay, your loyalty to whatever, UH MBB program, that is good.
    However.. we are talking about the premier Academic and supposedly Athletic institution in the Mid Pacific, the Only NCAA DI program within thousands of mile of USA mainland..This story going viral, mainland, locally, ask your friends,, family, people at the mall, at Least ONE will say, what the heck is going on? 2000.00 small claims, unpaid bill and file lawsuit against Gib.

    J. Pacheco and K. Leahy right now, saying UH a MESS.. Athletic dept.. Leadership.. the end result however turns out.. UH is damaged, Gib gets hurt, and is family..

    Plus: MBB recruits and their families..Eran I pity the guy,..he will have hard time recruiting.. smaller pool of guys.. Problem not Eran, probably not Gib.
    UH, the state of Hawaii politics, and a system at UH that is Not Working.. just check your local history, of UH athletics, .. admin, and blunders past 7 years or so ..Total MESS..hope they correct it. however This is Ugly,..and shameful..

  22. Yes, listened to 3 talk shows, sports, KL, BC and JP.. all agree, is this move , the lawsuit by UH good for UH and perception? Really not, no winners.. UH taking hit, or can , will , is nationally,..The more and more this battle goes on, the messier it gets, the uglier, and a lot more damage,

    I wish this was a bad dream. and Gib staff, Fotu, Sammis and company would have rocked and rolled right into NCAA tournament with this year’s full squad healthy..
    however, it has turned really ugly..
    Hope gets fixed, However UH, looking bad, and Gib, getting hurt, don’t blame him for fighting. for his life, reputation and livelihood, he has great family, and They don’t deserve to be hurt as well.

  23. Besides Gib getting himself into trouble through alleged violations, his assistants Akana and maybe Taylor got him into trouble. Akana through the document alteration and the iPad thing. Taylor ? maybe via the hotel bill, Gib mentions in his statement ” if i or one of my Assistants owe it, we will be happy to pay it, … “

  24. Local commentators don’t think the NCAA will put many more sanctions on UH basketball program, other than the self-imposed ones. What happens if Gib brings up the couple more programs not reporting potential violations ? NCAA could say lack of institutional control ? Then more severe sanctions could play out.

  25. Gib putting UH on the map


    There’s a Theory That ALL Publicity is Good Publicity…
    Now We Shall See…

    Eran and Staff Should NOT Be Anonymous
    With HIS St. Mary’s Recovery Coordinator Experience,
    He Should Be Able to Talk Lucidly
    On What’s BETTER @ U.H.
    AND What’s Needed….

    I AM Counting On Matlin And Ganot
    TO Push NCAA And UH Admin
    For Real Improvements
    Instead of Smoke and Mirrors
    When You Have Real Problems
    You Also Have a Verifiable Need for Solutions

    GIB Provides Counter-Point
    There Will Be NO Shortage of Ideas

    NO Back Doors For Blinky Lassner and Bley-Vroman
    BRIGHT Lights! Bigger City…

    Time for Legislature to Step Up
    As Front-Porch Ambassadors…
    High-Levels of Self-Sustainment And Income-Generating
    UHM Should Be Mid to Upper Half of State Support
    Compared to Other Fractured States…
    (Or Compared to One-Shot, One-Week, Every-Other-Year Pro Bowl)

  27. Jjay what NCAA violations did Arnold break, you are finding him guilty even before he has his time before the NCAA. The only violation that may not be in question was Akana’s adjustment of a document that follows Gib by default. Arnold and Taylor are gone and won’t be coming back but throwing them under the bus as we part ways is wrong.

  28. I would argue that Arnold throwing women’s basketball and volleyball under the bus is wrong. He’s trying to take other coaches down with him.

  29. NO, he’s trying to nail the Compliance Officer. He has to furnish facts and I guess he has to open Pandora’s Box.

  30. Gib will have his say, we been waiting for the day.. clear the air, if it means, cleaning UH out, making them accountable, isn’t that what PONO UH is all about?
    Teach the students and young ones, all should be given opportunity to defend one self. If they are guilty, it comes out, if not, things set straight.
    I think All UH fans, the student athletes and their families, the state of Hawaii, want the facts to come out, and let things be settled.
    Trying Gib, in the court of Public Opinion back in October 2014, was being thrown under not a bus, however a sixteen wheeler rig,..Gib reputation was destroyed before, having chance to present a defense. NOW he has.. hey that is only fair jjay, PONO, and others..
    Let any man or woman, young or old have their chance to defend self and reputation, no matter how high up the chain he has to go to prove his case.
    This is America, a great country, and that is what we do , PONO UH…

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