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Webster-Chan departing UH for pro hoops


Negus Webster-Chan, who was expected to be a key player for the next two seasons, confirmed that he will leave the University of Hawai’i to play professional basketball next season.

Webster-Chan averaged 8.3 points and 4.3 rebounds per game as a sophomore last season, and had two seasons of eligibility remaining at UH. He led the team with 64 3-pointers and a .410 percentage from 3-point range. The 64-3-pointers were the most made in a season by a sophomore player at UH.

Although recruited – and listed on the UH roster – as a guard, the 6-foot-7 Webster-Chan mostly played at the forward positions last season due to a lack of other “bigs.”

He transferred to Hawai’i from Missouri in 2013, and then sat out the 2013-14 season as a redshirt due to NCAA transfer rules.

Webster-Chan had been working out with teammates under new head coach Eran Ganot in April and early-May. The spring semester at UH ended two weeks ago.


  1. Sad, sad, sad. School should come first unless you are a guaranteed draft pick.

  2. To each his own. Want to go, good! Want to stay, good! Good luck. Personally, I think he should have stayed in school, but we don’t know if he was on the borderline with his grades or whatever. College is not for everybody. He wants to make a living playing basketball someplace. At least he has a goal. He’ll never see the D-League or NBA,, but hopefully at some point he will get a college degree someplace. You can’t play basketball forever. You have to have something to fall back on after the playing days are over.

    He could have done better with 2 more seasons to play here and improve. Now, we’ll never know. We move on.

  3. Coach Acker was able to get his bachelor’s degree and also a master’s degree, even though he left Chaminade early. Give him credit for that. Maybe school isn’t for some. Too bad for NWC because he patiently sat out a whole year, when he first came to UH.

  4. Yes it’s possible to come back and get your degree but most don’t get around to it. I think Coach Acker realized that he had a passion for coaching and the minimum qualifications for most coaching jobs were a college degree and in some cases a masters degree.

  5. Definitely a big loss for Hawaii’s upcoming season. Obviously Negus made the best decision for his situation, so wish him the best wherever he ends up playing. Enjoyed his play last season even though he was playing a different position because of the team’s shortage of post players.

    Rooting for Coach Ganot and staff to come up with some quality players (post players should be the top priority) to mesh with the returning players.

  6. Boo! I was counting on Negus being the 3-point man for the offense next year. I think if he stayed 2 more years he breaks the UH record for 3s.

    If what some people are saying is true that he wasnt finishing his classes then probably best for him to go. College not for everybody so if he wasn’t serious about getting a degree then good decision for all involved for him to play pro.

    Ganot gets a rude introduction to the UH tradition of players leaving every year.

  7. Basic requirements for Aloha spirited Ohana:

    @ Love Hawaii.
    @ All-in with program.
    @ Competative athletically.
    @ Competative academically.

    Anything less, means Aloha for good-bye;
    You’re not here, because you’re not there!

  8. We can always use shooters. With NWC’s departure Ganot needs to replace that void. No question, NWC was the best outside threat coming back. Hoping Canda replace some of that.

  9. The real question is, does his departure affect the APR?

  10. I think APR will be affected, along with 42 leaving earlier, unless they were in good academic standing. Also, Sammis left.

  11. NWC should’ve stayed and this is a decision that he will have to live with the rest of his life. Nothing better then getting a free college degree while playing bball. Maybe school wasn’t for him, but it’s like basketball and takes hard work and effort. You don’t get a college degree by just showing up to class. It takes commitment and time in the library. Next year and the year to follow would have increased his net worth for NBA or abroad. Whatever school any player goes to, there is still the APR to contend with.

    Sorry to see you leave NWC. Good luck!

    No more departures by any remaining players please.

    UH’s mbb APR for 2012 – 2013 was 949 just slightly above the 930 threshold. Not sure how his departure will affect the APR.

    ChuckCheese – rude awakening for Ganot? Not, this happens to every college team all the time. As a coach, you kind of expect some of this. This happened to Gib’s teams before….

    I have faith in Coach Ganot and his staff that they will bring in a BIG or two. They now have 2 scholarships available + the 1 that they proposed to give up.

    Go Bows!

    Still waiting for everyone to support the team. $6K left to get the Gun 8000 shooting machine.


  12. Coach Ganot couldn’t have done anything to stop this departure. NWC was already in an academic bind before he came on board. He even left school before finals which indicated how much he cared about his grades. This was one example of BT not managing his players off the court. On the court the results speak for themselves.

  13. Maybe just needs the money…he wont go far unless is more agressive and stops being lazy

  14. Gary Dickman said because he turned pro our APR wouldn’t be affected , wouldn’t the student have to pass all classes for the school to escape the APR penalty .?

  15. I wonder if Samis Reyes’ departure will factor in the APR.

    They (any student athlete receiving athletically related financial aid) must remain in school and be academically eligible. Maximum 2 pts. 1 point for each of the two requirements. Calculate 1 point for each and add them up. Divide this number by the total possible points (scholarships X 2) and multiply by 1000.

    I am sure that there are other factors that play into computing this.

  16. Just started to worry about Mr. Cando has the akamai to make it!?

  17. Sammis hurt our apr ,he transferred out during the school semester,didnt finish ,didn’t turn pro.

  18. What I am getting, change of staff, 3 different coaches for Negus at UH in less than a year, college degree can obtain later if he wants, Talked with his Ohana, his decision, he is over 21 years of age, and with the right overseas league, or if he wants to labor in NBDL.. I think just personally, NWC, with injuries, and playing at the 4 and 5, he was completely worn down, Now refreshed, probably at start of BWC season started to think of opting for pro ball after this season.

    Move on. AND.. what college coaches, and those of us, like islandman, who check on things like this, a former coach, said every spring guys leave, school, transfer or go pro.. NWC.. not unique..
    Have to agree, it is very consistent, It did not matter if Nash, Gib, Benjy and Now UH choice Eran Ganot were coach, guys leave.. and wish NWC the best.. very, very compassionate young man, remember TJ Fernandez? And how genuine and touched Negus was for that young man and Family.
    NWC.. very much first class guy.. His Decision, wish him best.
    My only concern.. really..if one or two more guys, might not return.. even one.. hurts APR right islandman? if not good academic standing, and not finishing with grad class as seniors or grad early?
    Hope best..


  19. You all summarized it best.. good job.. Will Fotu, Sammis, now NWC leaving, and not in good academic stead, or for some not even making the pros..Remember Trevor Wiseman, not sure if he even graduated from the DII school, or Bobby Miles.. going back some years.

    APR.. that is all Eran needs to start his tenure..I kind of figured, and I seemed to be minority on several forums.. Would not be smooth for Eran.. cannot be.. new HC. first time running program, with assistants, never worked a whole season.with.. rough start.
    I say, and I know there is one forum member who will say DI NCAA sports not Charity, ..Eran should let the 3 preferred,if THEY choose to stick around with team, next season, Dyrbe, Brocke and Zach.. let them develop… and let them play.. looks like not going to be that super, hectic, frenzied ball like BT had, more of a structured, offense and defense, Zone/man.. let the walkons play, and actually earn scholarships that are available.. Just my thought, thinking back to the Dennis Sallas’ and the Tim DeSilvas’ , local guys back in Fab Five era, who got to play some..


  20. Isaac Fleming? Back this summer? I wonder, hope so..

  21. 1st casualty from the coaching change.

    I wish NWC the best of luck in the pros. I’m totally not sold on the advice he seems to be getting. One other aspect not being mentioned is the GPA. I’ve seen many college athletes over the years questionably turn pro if their grades are going to be an issue the next semester.

    For his pro ambitions, he really needs one more year playing a his more natural 2 position or at the 3.

    Him being forced to play the 4 (because of roster situation) isn’t going to provide good tape for scouts to chew on.

    Again, I think NWC is immensely talented and has pro potential. Now he must work 100 times harder to impress scouts and show that he can play defense. There are a 1,000 good shooting guards that don’t make it at the pro level because they can’t play good enough defense and can’t create space to shoot. In the pros, defenders are longer, more athletic and can close out much faster than college defenders.

  22. On the bright side, NWC’s departure all but guarantees Fleming significantly more minutes or a starting spot.

    Not counting newcomers, 2015 Starting 5:

    In the rotation:

    Again, scary thin in the bigs department. Still pretty solid starting talent, but thin depth. Ideally I’d like to see Jovanovic be the starting 5, which slots Janks and Valdes to their more natural positions.

  23. With Ganot at the helm and the type of game he wanted to put on the floor it is possible coach would have let Chan loose to shoot 3’s. Hope Janks stays and graduates from school and not follow in Chan’s footsteps

  24. Former UH athlete you are right on with your observations. Negas was playing the 3 or 4 spot and would never make the NBA playing that position. He is a 2 with potential to be a 3. I really liked his play and wish that he was a ble to stay another year. I do think that his defense was a little lacking but we had him playing the wrong position. I don’t think that he wanted to be here for second session summer school and that might be one of Ganot’s sticking points. It also seemed that I was reading on this site that Chan was in Canada for extra weeks when he should have been in school. Family issues may be a factor. Either way what is done is done I do hope him the best!

  25. Interesting to see which league(s) will be interested in NWC…
    Best of luck to him! He really should’ve gotten that degree though.

  26. NWC leaving is not a result of a coaching change or any other factors besides the fact that he didn’t go to school. He’s an adult that can make his own informed decisions and he decided that for whatever reason he didn’t have to attend classes or take tests. He is the sole reason why he is not back next year.

  27. NWC got pro talent and size, just not NBA talent. At the very worst I think he can easy hook up with the pro league in Canada. I don’t know how much money those guys get paid up there but at least he’ll be doing what he loves. I also wish him the best of luck but also wish he stayed here two more years.

  28. More information on UH’s APR. From the look of things, they look good with some room to improve and hopefully Fotu’s and Reyes’ departures will not bring the APR below the 930 threshold. There is also talks amongst coaches and the NCAA of how transfers impact the APR and it needs to be reviewed.


    Former UH Athlete – Just a little off on your Fleming comments. More playing time – for sure. A possible starting spot – not possible…. but for sure. Jovanovich will play better coming off the bench to replace MT. Do you think Canda will be able to get the minutes that NWC would have had?

  29. Maybe Rozitis can get NWC a look in the Latvian league

  30. One player’s departure, another one’s opportunity. You can’t say which one is better or worse. If say, Canda comes in and plays lights out, you can say that his extra minutes because of Webster-Chan’s absence is a terrific plus for the team. We have to see what happens, but you never know is this crazy world. Right now, it’s a loss, losing our best 3 point shooter this past year. Tomorrow, well it’s a mystery.

    Won’t lose sleep over it. We just have to be positive that there are a lot of good jump shooters out there by the dozen. Plus, I believe our new coaching staff have the teaching skills to help the existing players to shoot the ball better with improved form, technique, balance, confidence, and mental focus.

  31. Remember Jared Dillenger?
    He was 8 or 9 pg scorer for Riley
    In PBA
    he became a star , made some money over many seasons
    Davis, Christian, Fotu, all playing for pay
    Matt Lojeski terrific season in europe
    Bobby Nash in Japan
    Michael Kuebler in Poland..
    guys leave program, play fo several years made good living
    I think, bobbitt, valdes, fleming,janks and jovanovich all went pro
    now,,,so many overseas opportunities play for pay..

    Eran first year reminding me of Gib’s first season with miah, hiram, amis, johnson and vander
    barnes,..that team won 19 games, made it to 2nd round of CIT..few point loss to USF…otherwise
    that combo..Nash/Gib recruit team did awesome after nash fired..
    Eran wish him best…hope he match or surpass that 19 win mark..

  32. NWC has definitely got potential but the past year could be considered subpar for his caliber. You would think that an underclassman would turn pro if he had a sensational season. Not to say he cant hook on with a team. But yourre basically starting at the bottom end in terms of salary and the quality of the league. Now its a matter of proving yourself and working your way up.

  33. Men’s basketball had the lowest multi-year score of 18 UH athletic teams for 2013-14. Its score was 954 and the next lowest was surprisingly women’s volleyball at 962. Highest score was Wahine softball at 993. But softball could take a hit for the past season, i think, and maybe women’s basketball too, along with men’s.

    ” Nine UH teams had perfect single-year APRs: Men’s golf, men’s tennis, men’s volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s golf, softball, women’s tennis, indoor track and outdoor track.”


  34. ” multi-year Academic Progress Rate (APR) score .”

  35. I may be wrong, but because APR is calculated on a rolling 4-year average, the 1,000 score they received — men’s basketball in 2012-13, women’s basketball and softball in 2013-14 — will help offset whatever APR score they receive for this past school year and help each program avoid penalties. At least, that’s my hope. Of course, I can’t recall the circumstances, but men’s basketball had a 918 score in 2011-12, far and away the lowest single-year score of any UH program the past four years.

  36. Jared Dillinger was a hard worker, a hustler and a smart kid so I wouldn’t say that if Dillinger can make it, then Negus can.

    Dillinger was a coach’s dream cause of his work habit, his willingness to dive to the floor for balls, his willingness to play D and just an all around fearless player. Unfortunately, I don’t think Negus provide any of those characteristics.

    Negus may be a better pure shooter but he is not someone who will do other stuff and he is going to have to do it if he have any dreams of moving up a level.

  37. negus was way overrated…he lacked in a bunch of categories and had the most potential if he could put it together….to me not a big loss…all the tools in the bag but used only one…who would you hire?…the guy that knows everything but is the laziest person or the guy that works the hardest and is willing to learn and come to work everyday?

  38. Hate to say it but I think NWC missed the boat by not staying another season. There’s a good chance he would have thrived in Ganot’s offense and earned a lot more accolades to set him up for the pros. Now he’ll have to start on the lowest rung of the ladder. Oh well, best of luck to him.

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