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Warriors in Las Vegas Invitational this Thanksgiving


Hoops for the holidays? The University of Hawai’i basketball team will be playing games on Thanksgiving and Christmas days in 2015.

The Warriors were officially announced as one of eight teams in the 2015 field for the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational, which will include games on Thanksgiving Day. The other seven teams in the field are Bethune-Cookman, Cal, Liberty, Richmond, Sam Houston State, San Diego State and West Virginia.

The tournament will be played in late November, including games on November 26 and 27 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Invitational follows a non-traditional tournament format so that each team can count four games in the tournament. Each team will play two games at a school site in the week or so before Thanksgiving, followed by two games each in Las Vegas.

Hawai’i is expected to play road games at Cal and at San Diego State as part of the tournament, though that part of the schedule has not been officially announced.

Those two games will be followed by two more games at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on November 26 and 27. The Warriors are expected to play Bethune-Cookman, Liberty and/or Sam Houston State on the two Las Vegas dates, though that part of the schedule also has not been officially announced yet.

The Las Vegas Invitational will be one of two eight-team tournaments for the Warriors in 2015. Hawai’i will also participate in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic, which will feature games on December 22, 23 and 25 at the Stan Sheriff Center.


  1. Las Vegas is gooooood! Anytime.

    Hope for the best from the hearing panel on the allegations.

  2. Cal and San Diego State definitely upgrades to schedule. Good news

  3. No unlv in this tourney? Weird.

  4. Did former Coach Wallace have a hand in this?

  5. Cal will be tough. It already has signed the two highest-ranked players among Pac-12 recruits, and is still in the running for another big-time player.

  6. I like these two road challenges. It will definitely give us needed experience headed into conference play.

  7. pre conference road games, the Florida Tournament last year helped UH off to the great start.
    Plus, game on Maui against Pitt, was awesome.

    akuhead2.. That is the thing.. just have to get that ncaa thing over, or dealt with..such a downer.
    otherwise, we just concentrate on MBB and these 12 returning and one new signee, having a good year.

    Darn, it is so far away, about 6 months or so , before start of season.

    Hope NCAA/ Gib, / UH battle, everything settled, and everyone can move on..

    Wonder how New General Counsel can help crazy UH.. things..
    Never let it happen again, the contracts, and wonder blunders..

    Eran, get a big or two, some real Riley Wallace type bangers !!

  8. Eran on call the coach…balanced schedule
    will not play killer sos schedule..not schedule half dozen top 25 teams..the weather vane and low mid majors
    gear up for bwc touney run

    Sounds like Gib, Benjy, Akana

    Eran comments so similar to Benjy…same mindset
    No…that is how you sell recruits to Hawaii, and manage the toughest mbb ncaa div 1 program in the nation..

  9. It’s maybe 35% as memorable as the Wahine’s Euro trip.
    But you guys due for one.

    Get the HC start work on it, so the current Jr’s get the once in a life-time experience!?

  10. UHF1 UH is not the toughest Div 1 program to manage. We have much to more to sell then 50% of the division 1 teams. Remember there are over 300 division 1 basketball teams.

  11. Any recruits coming in today or tomorrow for a visit?

  12. The transfer from Xavier is supposed to be in this weekend. I’m guessing he’s the only one since Ganot said he’s going to bring guys in one by one.

  13. Does Hawaii people go Vegas at Thanksgiving time? It would be nice to have the most fans there. Probably better for the families of the players too because they can meet the team over there for Thanksgiving and thats way cheaper than flying over to Hawaii.

    As said by others the Cal and SDSU games going be tough on the road. Maybe can steal one of those and then win the two games in Vegas and that would be winnahz!

  14. 4- out, 1- in (motion) spread the floor offense mentioned by Eran as his style,noted by Brian M. Glancing on the internet, it uses one post player and four outside ones. You can use any of the players to post up, though. You can go inside out on dribble penetration, pick and rolls , etc.

  15. islandman, thanks for information.

    Whatever the deal, on O and D for Eran, have to have guys that can score, even when post up, they have to execute and finish.
    Hawaii has those guys who like to go coast to coast, or so anxious on offense, just go to the rim, .. however, Teams , the Big Test, always.. will Zone UH..

    So once, again, the perimeter guys, have to be able to hit mid to 3 pt range shots.. UH good shooting team, and excellent D team, can have success.

    This year, might be tough, Eran first time HC.. will the possibly 2 recruits new, and 12 returning guys buy in and learn by BWC time? Hope so.

    Shooters, shooters, shooters.. and BB IQ smarts, on O and D, can win games.

    Off season, so we Have to Wait.. until November, see HOW different team looks.. and if Eran, I really believe he is.. Like Riley, Gib, no nonsense, listen to coach, and get yanked if guys don’t give effort or execute.. Eran will sit their okoles down..
    Which is good too.. Need that discipline..

    Wonder if UH will average in eighties again, like Gib’s last year coaching team? that was great, however they could not stop teams on Defense.. as well.

  16. Can teach people to shoot. Gotta put in the work and repetitions. Eran already said he has given players individual workout goals and one item is improved shooting. Jacobsen and Zane can work with players over the summer. Uhf1, one minute u r saying Returners r great and next sentence they can’t shoot. Make up ur mind. And team has six months to learn schemes. Plenty of time. Remember, these r the guys u said were so dedicated and hard working and smart. Should not be a problem then. If they score in 80’s and finish fifth who cares? Get it together please or go take ur nap.

  17. crazy, Read that response from UH to NCAA, limit DOBA interaction , some self imposed things.. seems good, No Mention, unless I missed it of any self imposed Post Season bans..

    and being at practices, reducing from 13 to 12 scholarships, limit contact with recruiting window , visits..
    Hawaii being at disadvantage out here in mid Pacific, and only being able to scout on road trips..that puts UH at a disadvantage.. UNLESS.. Eran and staff have network in place.. and friends of program, notice good athletes, and let them know.. hey lot of stuff on YOUTUBE too, about good players.

    The whole, thing.. Gib vs UH vs NCAA.. crazy stuff..
    vacating wins for 2012-2014.. Glad to hear, that UH going to let 2014-15 wins stand and Benjy and the Bows.. 22 wins.. see what did we tell you all.. THIS YEAR.. VERY special..Coaching staff and guys.. did great and their record stands forever !

    Go ahead read UH’s response, probably Dayton will have link soon, or writeup..

  18. per BM:
    And UH cannot evaluate recruits alongside current UH players during the first five official visits of 2015-16 season
    part of self imposed stuff.. let’s see, 12 to 13, that seems not too bad, the DOBA.. limited what , can, and contact with, team and practices.. that affects team some what.. .and the ..

    crazy.. I remember very clearly Gib over the past few seasons, and comments from SA and beat writers, articles, radio call in shows, or Call the coach.. Gib mentioning about guys , coming in, recruits. and seeing how they got along with team. and I thought It Was okay,, just informal, most schools do it.. Run Open gym.. see how guys like potential new team and visa versa..

    That workouts, and not recorded, ad nauseum.. I don’t like reading that letter over and over again.

    Curious.. What will, or HOW will Gib counter, all those allegations of infractions? And one DOBA.. or TWO, NO Wonder, they left UH to pursue other coaching opportunities, wonder, if THEY are now in question at their current schools.. because, NCAA letter and allegations with their names are very Public? Crazy..

    islandman: I am waiting for your response.. or link.. ?

  19. Going on the road and winning some games will definitely help. Schedule is much improved. Please, no more pastries, or at least limit them to a minimum. Ganot wants to test the team against better competition to be better able to take on all comers in the Big West and win the conference later in the season and be ready to try to make it to the dance. The big prize is always to make it to the NCAA. St. Mary’s was able to make it a couple of times as an at large selection, even though they couldn’t beat Gonzaga for the conference title in the West Coast Conference. Their overall record and SOS was good enough. If UH can have a record say 28-7 against a good schedule, even though they don’t win the Big West tournament, they might get a berth in the NCAA tournament. It will at least get them in the NIT with that record. But, it’s a long way off yet so just keep dreaming. Ganot knows the deal. Offensive efficiency (shoot the ball well and make free throws) ,take care of the basketball, rebounding, and get stops.

  20. UHf1, thanks for heads up

  21. man, per BM and SA, ONE YEAR PROBATION.. self imposed stuff UH going after, see how NCAA responds..
    That is not bad at all, for all of the smoke and mirrors, …. St Marys had that 4 year probation however still got to play Post Season.

    hmmmm.. back in 1976-78, UH had 2 year probation..

    No Wonder, that Benjy took shot at hiring process, though HE KNEW, no chance at all.. Benjy could have done it, gone through a ONE YEAR probation, and still have athletes compete for Post Season.. the next two years Would have been fantastic.. too bad, I wish he is still employed in Hawaii..
    Just wish Eran can match or surpass. well ironic, huge.. the guys, the Key guys Eran has, unless. with the 4 open scholies, and the self imposed, reduction from 12 to 13, not for next 2 seasons.? I think now. Eran, can go after, maybe 2 more guys.. Bigs, Bigs Bigs.. or Big and great SF..

    Come on Eran, get excited about program !! that is the only thing, minor, however, he has to Up the Aloha for MBB program. they go on a 15 game winning streak and win the DHC .. fans will jump on board, however the days of averaging over 9000 like AC days,, I believe. are gone..jmo

  22. “The University of Hawaii said Friday it will vacate 36 victories, reduce scholarships and practice time, pay a $10,000 fine, and place itself on one-year probation for violations of NCAA rules by its men’s basketball program.

    UH said it will forfeit one scholarship for each of the next two seasons, 2015-16 and 2016-17, reducing to 12 from 13 the number of allowable scholarships.

    The victories it will vacate will be from the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons in which UH had gone 17-15 and 20-11.

    UH also said it will strengthen its rules education for athletes, coaches and staff.

    UH said, “for the most part these violations involve either intentional or careless failure of follow well-known bylaws that members of the men’s basketball coaching staff understood but failed to obey. The coaches compounded the adverse impact of these poor decisions when they (1) failed to report to the university’s compliance department their own or other violations in the program; (2) instructed or encouraged staff members and student-athletes to conceal or not report the violations or; (3) provided false or misleading information during the investigation rather than admit the violation occurred.”


  23. I am sorry, correction to my above post.. Eran has 12 guys returning, that will play 1 to 3 years.. more, hopefully that are Benjy Gib’s recruits.. so he has good athletes !!

  24. islandman: thanks..

    It , if NCAA accepts, that is Not Bad at all, weird part.. I know Gib going to arbitration the salary contract thing.. I believe both UH and he will reach a settlement.
    And UH owing Gib for the legal fees monies owed.
    With 3 DOBA’s coming forth, and team members, being told this and that, what to say and not..
    How Does Gibson Arnold, turn that around? I know he wants to reduce some of those level II’s to level III’s, so he must admit some fault.. I guess for his future employ if any.. I would think he should look into going overseas and coaching international pro teams.. ?

    Well, as was stated by the original WI posters,,a few of us.. When Gib became coach, never a dull moment with MBB program..
    Just hope, everything resolved before first game of this coming season.. right?
    I am cheering FOR the Team.. as you all have been telling me.. the 12 returnees, being under 3 different HC’s in less than a year.. wow, that is a lot of turmoil.. so they can win FOR themselves and for their families, and UH fans.. does not matter if Benjy , Eran or Pitino were coach right?

    And UH admin says WINNING games NOT IMPORTANT.. abiding by rules, character more important… I agree half way…. high character, abide by rules, graduate guys.. etc.. however, Which UH sports fans. would want to support a team that loses 20 games in a season? or a Football team that has not had winning season in going on 4 years? Very few.. WINNING isn’t the Only Thing.. It is EVERYTHING.. in life.. success as people , athletes, students and as Hawaii’s own

  25. seriously I hope Ganot wins with Benjy and Gibs recruits and while Benjy and Gib stay home watching at home crying lol

  26. pretty much that is the case.. after another 2 years or so.. IT WILL BE Eran’s recruits and program.

    I liked the excitement that Gib and Benjy brought, and bows..Benjys’ team and the 22 wins, will NEVER be vacated.. ever.. so that is good..
    Benjy and his team from this past season, were good. very good.

    Benjy .. Hawaii guy.. not implicated in anyway by ncaa allegations…. good for him

  27. What do they mean by 1 yr probation??? Are they talking about post season or that you can’t mess up within this 1 yr time.

  28. Probation, but no post-season ban in the self-imposed sanctions.

    ” The one-year probation does not involve post-season, a UH spokesman said. “

  29. If UH forfeits those wins, does that mean Gib really didn’t reach his 20 wins bonus and has to pay back?

  30. I think he got an automatic one year extension for 2014-15, because he won 20 games. So he wouldn’t be entitled to the automatic one year extension, but he could still get it at the discretion of the AD, per his contract.

  31. So …, still don’t know what probation means if it is not post-season. Maybe, we can’t go to post season if we win the Big West tournament, but we can go to post season if we get invited. ??

    On the more fun side …
    … 4 out and 1 in (motion) … What did St. Mary’s run ? Did they do that or is this just Coach Ganot’s choice that he has thought about but never had the chance to implement at the D-1 level. Who else runs this ? Any name teams run this ?

  32. Or maybe probation means, collectively, ‘all those other things’.

  33. UH is giving up way too much. Administration proving once again they do not know how to run a business. Why give up any scholarships? SMH….


    Like Criminal law, period where you don’t get involved in Any Further NCAA alleged infractions.. in other words… Keep clean, follow rules, UH compliance will watch very, very carefully.
    If UH and Eran and team do something wrong, then NCAA can come down hard.
    So Probation period doesn’t mean post season ban. However… and a Big One..
    Will NCAA accept UH self imposed things? Or will They impose post season, or further scholarship reductions.? They have the ball in their court.

    And Manoa Baller, It is from the TOP on down, in Hawaii politics, and UH Manoa is heavily invested in Political things, as well as not being on top of things. Wonder Blunder, contracts, buyouts, rotating Chancellors, raising lowering tuitions, crazy…

    That is why, Eran Ganot, he will gray quickly and he is high strung, though low key, hope he doesn’t get ulcers.. have to endure 2 or more years.. of limited scholarships.. etc.

    crazy,… UH Manoa, hope they get it straight, maybe it is not student athletes or some coaches, it is the Power

  35. Here is what probation means for Syracuse:

    ” In short, Syracuse will have to regularly report to the NCAA during the five-year probation period to ensure that the university is following NCAA rules. There are specific facets of probation that are detailed in the NCAA’s full report . . . ”

    The web says Villanova runs the 4-out, 1-in offense.

  36. The NCAA is a joke. In all honesty, are any of the infractions that UH is accused of committing really that bad?
    Rozitis driving a booster’s sports car.
    Gib having his administrative staff double as coaches.
    Having more practice sessions.
    Having current players train with recruits.
    Having recruiting meetings at hotels.
    A player receiving an iPad.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these rules are changed within a decade. And I’m sure college athletes will one day get paid to play.

  37. My guess is that Lightfoot Franklin, the attorneys who specialize in NCAA matters that prepared the response, recommended these self-sanctions based on past cases they have handled. Along with cross-referencing other programs who committed infractions. I doubt UH admin had anything to do with what they gave up.

  38. Do we lose the koa bowl from the 2012 Rainbow Classic?

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