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UH submits self-imposed penalties to NCAA


The University of Hawai’i released its reply to the NCAA on Friday in regards to the violations of the basketball program.

Included in the 64-page reply is a long list of self-imposed penalties, including vacating 36 wins from the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons, and a reduction one scholarship for each of the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons. Here are a few excerpts from the reply:

As a result of the violations acknowledged in this Response, the University has taken the following corrective measures and self-imposed the following penalties:

* As a result of the violations set out in Allegations 3 and 5 (a), the University will vacate 36 wins for the men’s basketball program from the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons in which (name redacted) and (name redacted) participated while ineligible;

* As a result of the violations set out in Allegations 3 and 5 (a), the University will reduce by total of two the number of total grants-in-aid over a two-year period covering the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years as follows:

* A reduction of one from the total grants-in-aid for the 2015-16 academic year;

* A reduction of one from the total grants-in-aid for the 2016-17 academic year;

* As a result of the violations set out in Allegation 2, the University will reduce the maximum number of Countable Athletically Related Activities (“CARA”) hours by one hour per week during the 2015-16 men’s basketball. The University estimated the total time of the CARA violations in Allegation 2 to be between five and seven and one-half hours. The self-imposed reductions will total 19 hours, which exceeds the 2:1 ratio often used in determining an appropriate penalty for similar violations;

* As a result of the violations set out in Allegation 1, the University will restrict the Director of Basketball Operations for the men’s basketball program from being present during the team’s practices for the 2015-16 season;

UH also issued this statement:

According to the NCAA process, the next step is a hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions to be held in approximately two months. UH cannot comment on the substance of the NOA response because it is an ongoing NCAA matter, as required by the NCAA bylaws on confidentiality. UH has fully cooperated with the NCAA and will continue to do so.

CLICK HERE to view the complete document


  1. I think this is a good time for a reminder to keep the comments civil, and please avoid abusive language and personal attacks against others who comment.

    Thank you all for visiting.

  2. Thank you Gib

  3. The practice time reduction doesn’t seem like much, if you divide 1 hr. per week by say 5 or 6 practices.

  4. Dayton, thanks for forum. The old time and some newer UH MBB fans, want the same thing, for UH MBB to have success on and off the court. Mahalo to support of this site by the Schmidt Ohana and other donors.

    Dayton, wow, I think if NCAA response is similar, UH MBB will be not hit too hard, though, for new HC Eran Ganot, in my honest opinion, it is a tough situation. If NCAA does not hand down say, a 2 year post season ban, recruits will come, however, Eran has to be really careful whom he offers to.

    Personally, I would like to see, Brocke Stepteau, Zach Buscher and Especially Dyrbe Enos have a shot at a full ride scholarship, that would be nice.

    So Fans, we await, like a Poker game, UH calls out NCAA, now NCAA will show their hand..
    Hope for the best, man, all UH MBB fans want, is for the BB team to be playing, having fun, doing well in school and community, and winning championships..might take awhile to adjust, get going this next season, I think if guys coming back, and still the Benjy mantra, he did great job, Stay Together, and win together, they will have good season.

    Go Bows.. and UH.. just get it right,…and move forward..
    I still am interested in Gib’s response, just curious.. how he will reply..
    Wish best for Fotu, Davis, Gib, and Akana families, they are really, really good people !!

  5. I’m glad that we know what the sanctions are. The main thing is that post season play is still a possibility. None of the walkoms desrve a scholarship. This is business not a charity.

  6. After Riley’s first year, that 4-27(?), record I think with a lot of Frank Arnold’s guys.. after that season, I think he released, or reviewed, since the scholarships are actually not 4 year, but one year deals..
    I guess you are right, it was very painful when Riley released Craig Murray, and Moritz Klein-Brockhoff, back in the day, helped them to transfer out, and Riley got guys like Terry Houston, Vincent Smalls, Troy Bowe, Cliff Beaubrun, some really good athletes..

    Pono, I guess, hopefully camps like Geremey Robinson’s , where he develops more skilled Hawaii BB talent from youth, one day, the Julian Sensley’s, Derrick Lows, Alika Smiths , etc will earn full ride scholarship.. that would be good.

    However, not unprecedented, a walkon preferred, RS receiving a full ride, had to get it done in class. and Now he is a scholie, player.. AV I think….Would be nice to have 12 guys all 2+, skilled athletes.. cannot have 8 or 9 guys, with 3 or 4 who cannot play at DI level, the more depth the better.
    Eran, has to be careful, and selective, and he is.. takes his time.. who knows.. maybe a Big is visiting UH right now ?

  7. And Benjy , coach, thanks, great season, your 22 wins and that team’s effort, will stand forever in UH record books !

  8. Arnold will be remembered for his lack of integrity and lying to the NCAA. Which is why he will face stiffer penalties than UH.

  9. Does anyone know if the loss of the games will nullify Bobbits seal title?

  10. anderpops: The vacated wins were from the previous two seasons, not last year.

  11. “Borrowed” from Tsai’s blog: Congrats to today’s graduates: Brandon Jawato (family resources), Garret Nevels (sociology) and Brandon Spearman (sociology). Now, that’s what it’s all about!

  12. Nice two page ad in SA today by the UH Compliance Office. Based on their Ad looks like everyone in the State is a booster. UH Athletic Administration is just a joke….we are the laughing stock of NCAA Athletics. What idiot signed off on these self-imposed sanctions? We need to clean house and get some competent administrative staff in place.

  13. ” The self-imposed sanctions, contained in a 64-page reply to the NCAA on Friday, were immediately blasted by fired coach Gib Arnold’s attorney, James Bickerton, who categorized them as “a typically shortsighted action, throwing students and their achievements under the bus to save their own okoles.”

    Bickerton said, “We categorically reject that interpretation of the evidence. The evidence, when viewed as a whole, clears Gib Arnold of any intention or deliberate or even careless action. The UH compliance department is trying to cover up its own errors. Those will be detailed in our response.”

    Bickerton maintained the evidence against his client “is ridiculous.”

    “What they have done, as we will say in our response, it’s like looking out over a crowd and picking out your friend,” he said. “They can have 20 witnesses who say Gib didn’t do that, and if the two witnesses with an ax to grind say he did, the NCAA and UH say, ‘Oh, he did.’ And that’s not how a fair proc­ess works.” (SA, 5/16/15)

  14. Clyde…

    very expensive free education, They have priorities righr on..
    to High Character guys Brandon and Garrettt!!

    Hope both come back and coach at UH MBB!!

  15. Wow..islandman…Gib has a case
    this thing, ncaa, even hiring and firings
    everything litigate, mediate
    now Gib will battle..
    I hope things corrected even reversed
    so political at UH it can come back and bite them

    Get ready for round one Gib vs UH!
    Poor team, and good people..wild

    Manoa Baller…clean house sounds right

  16. Norm Parrish I hope will help bring in a big man. He coached players Troy Ostler (2000, ’01), Jeff Blackett (2004, ’05), Ahmet Gueye (2006, ’07) and P.J. Owsley (2007, ’08).

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