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UH announces latest APR scores


The University of Hawai’i athletic department released the latest statistics from the NCAA’s Academic Performance Rate (APR) on Wednesday. The most notable line from the press release is this:

None of UHM’s teams are currently in any danger of falling below the 930 threshold or a 950 average over the most recent two years, which would result in loss of scholarship or postseason ban.

Of course, this includes the UH basketball team, which is currently credited with a four-year average of 954, including an average of 981 over the most recent two years (2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons).

The basketball Warriors’ most recent score is 961 for the 2013-14 season. It is worth noting, however, that the number can apparently improve in future years.

Cases in point: the basketball Warriors somehow gained 33 points for the 2011-12 season, and 42 points for the 2012-13 season.

UH originally announced APR scores of 885 for the 2011-12 season, and 958 for the 2012-13 season for the basketball Warriors; in Wednesday’s press release, the APR scores are now at 918 for the 2011-12 season and a perfect score of 1,000 for the 2012-13 season.

The scoring upgrades for those two years were not previously announced or explained.

The most recent APR numbers do not include the just-completed 2014-15 school year, so it remains to be seen how the departures of Isaac Fotu, Sammis Reyes and Negus Webster-Chan might affect the program’s score.

CLICK HERE to view the UH Athletics announcement


  1. Fotu, Sammis and NWC ..Hope okay

    Welcome tu UH mbb Eran..

  2. Seems UH has taken lessons from our federal government when giving out statistics and later revising them. What was the reason behind this? A honest error?

  3. I seem to recall that Jovanovich received the award for best student-athlete, or something, at the awards banquet this year. And didn’t MT do pretty well the year before? That’s gotta help.

  4. Made Up Academic Progress? (Completed Incomplete Work, Credit for Later / Summer Classes, etc.?)

    i seem to recall very good (Near or At-100% APR Progress for 2013-14, even K-Sham Transfer in Good Standing)

    (2014 -2015 Transfers Out, Injury and Pro, NWC grades acceptable(?) OR Minus 1?)

    Sammis could turn out Ironic – Ruled Non-Q by NCAA (for “Semester” Differences); Late-11th-Hour Appeal earns D-1 Q;
    Multiple Injuries led to Incomplete UH Fall Semester, BUT with Spring/Summer Progress he could have “Academic Progress” (Far) Beyond Original NCAA Non-Q (Bogus) Ruling — A Pro-Actve NCAA could have Annotated Reasons for Authorizing Q, versus Stop for Any Admin Variation (NOT Deficiency), esp Versus Non-Q Effort at a HS Prep School (5th Year Remedial)…IF UH loses APR Standing for Sammis ‘Doing More’, then the System is Certified SNAFU….

  5. Cannot be! UH surely made it sound like grades was one of the little reasons why The Gibper and even Benjy Taylor are gone.

  6. Welcome to UH men’s bb Eran where all of Gib and Benjy’s scholars can run, press, and excite fans on the court but not so much in the classroom. That is on them and no one else

  7. shame on compliance, chancellor, AD, professors, and personal tutors who work with MBB since Gib’s arrival, Don’t recall any active guy flunking out or not making qualifying grade to qualify for MBB. All sports had to pick up , from Water Polo, the best , to Football and sailing.
    yes, Have fun Eran, first job, just married, in high cost of living, and fickle fans, going to be tough. Just go out and get to elite eight, then sign your contract.
    Make the die hard fans by getting 2 bigs and a SF who can score, we will be happy and , very important, have guys outdo the best UH team in APR and win the BWC tourney and go to NCAA dance.


  8. Wonder is Sammis is going pro in Chile?

  9. Lol! Same on everyone but the two head coaches responsible to monitor THEIR players. True feelings on Earn showing again UHF1.

  10. Did I miss something? The basketball team passed the APR right? If I am reading right, the second sentence says None of UHM’s teams are currently in any danger.

    I don’t get it why some people talking like they never pass.

  11. By the way, warrior insider and the link above note that men’s basketball had a perfect 1,000 for 2012-13. That class had Fotu, Standhardinger, Bereton,Vander,Spearman,Jawato, Rozitis, Manroop, Jefferson,Shamburger, Dressler, Pavlovic, Harper, et al. Walk ons not counted in the APR, i think.

  12. ” The success, however, comes amid concerns about next year’s APR, when the turnover in men’s basketball will be reflected in the team’s score.

    Since the dismissal of head coach Gib Arnold Oct. 28, the Rainbow Warriors have lost Isaac Fotu and Sammis Reyes and on Tuesday Negus Webster-Chan announced plans to turn pro and forfeit his junior and senior seasons of eligibility.

    Additional departures, if they are in poor academic standing, might be costly for UH. Players who leave with academic deficiencies can cost the school up to two points each. Teams under the 930 mark face a possible loss of scholarships or postseason eligibility.

    Men’s basketball had a score of 954, the lowest multiyear APR of UH’s 18 teams.

    “Obviously, retention and eligibility are something we have to focus on in all areas and (men’s) basketball…is probably a little more heightened at this point,” Matlin said.” ( staradvertiser, 5-28-15 )

  13. UH shouldn’t be faulted if a player decides to turn professional as long as the players were in good standing academically. Thus, in Fotu and Webster-Chan’s case I think UH will be okay. Reyes decided to leave the program during the 1st semester and enroll at a JC on the mainland. He was academically eligible. Should UH be penalized on the APR if the players decides to leave on his own accord? I don’t think so. Common sense should prevail, don’t you think!

    If you are talking about academic progress, Fotu and Webster-Chan were making progress unless I’m wrong. In Reyes case, he never started to even finish his first semester so you don’t really know if he was making progress or not. You can’t penalize the school for that, can you?

  14. My guess is Fotu leaving in mid-semester will hurt, and Webster-Chan leaving without actually completing this semester (if you believe what’s being talked about) will also hurt. Reyes left just at the start of finals for the first semester, hopefully, he completed his course work and left in good academic standing.

    The current APR report only includes the school year through 2013-14, so perhaps UH won’t know how the losses of Fotu, Webster-Chan and Reyes will impact its APR until a year from now. Bottom line, it certainly won’t help its APR going forward.

  15. Derek, I’m pretty sure that NWC left school academically ineligible which is why he decided to turn pro. Didn’t want to sit out another year.

  16. Sammis announced he was transferring around Dec. 15 which is in the UH Final exams week. So maybe he finished his semester ? NWC appeared to have been in Canada during the recent finals.

  17. Eran must be getting the Gib, Benjy, New Coach of MBB migraine headache.

    I feel for the young guy

    We like to look at the positives, however school, academics, GPA, grad rate, guys leaving school in good standing, IS factored in..

    Might be, I don’t know for sure, MORE OF A HIT, with reduced extra scholarships, or that post season ban for year, like U. Conn, or 2 years..and longer probration , instead of NCAA thinking 2 years.. maybe 4 years like St Marys, well , a VERY IMPORTANT reason why, of many the hire of Eran, he came cheap, if he signs for 3 years, he hasn’t had the full brunt of bumping heads with powers, and dealing with new nephews..11 and dwindling, along with one or two or three 2 star under radar JC, or overseas prep guys..Eran, take your Mylanta,.. welcome to UH MBB 2015

    Hope at least can win DHC.. if Fleming and Janks leave.. that is a Big one.. I don’t think they will, however. I was certain NWC would NOT leave, stay One more year !


  18. Isaac F. highlight video. Used his right hand at about 8:22 .


  19. .. . at about 6:49 .

  20. UHF1 – So when did Eran get married? And when is 240K cheap? Just because UH overpaid Gib does not mean they have to continue to do so. I think he can handle cost of living here on that salary. U make it sound like he was crazy to take job but u sure thought it was a great place for Benjy to be. U can’t change ur spots no matter how u try

  21. well.. pupule never know, since Riley retired and Nash debacle..Gib tenure, then Benjy one year deal, it would not surprise even the most die hard MBB fan, if there is movement, or defections, or guys want out of school, go home, raise families, go overseas, or drop level down. or a Key Freshman RS transfer out and go ACC or SEC schools..Could happen…I don’t like it, however REALITY of 21st century NCAA MBB college programs.. movement, and uncertainty..

    pupule, How about this starting lineup, could have been if Gib were still coach Nov 2014 for first game, and Janks were eligible day one?

    Isaac Fleming PG
    NWChan SG
    SReyes SF
    I Fotu PF
    Janks hybrid Center..

    That would have been the scoring team..and beef team
    however, cannot live in the past. and we still have to wait about little less than six months for the future.. totally different looking team.. Brock, Zach and Dyrbe, should sit down with coach and ask will we have Any chance to play or win scholarship? If not.. well we see what happens..feel for those, guys, they are really working hard, believe, academic calendar, Dyrbe might be a Senior, could grad next May 2016 and athletically a Jr..

    pupule we shall see, … always off season, unless you have 12 scholarship guys coming back with half underclassman, and 1 good recruit on board.. if not.. we wait and see


  22. Hah! I would give a monyh’s pay for u to tell me what Plsyer on UH would go to ACC or SEC? By the way, where is Benjy?

  23. Benjy is somewhere on this island ,saw him the other week at Zippys King st , looking good.

  24. Cleveland’s Dellavedova, who played at St Mary’s and whom Eran went to watch in the playoffs recently, was discussed on sports animals and whether he is a dirty player. Three incidents were mentioned, with Taj Gibson, Korver and Horford.


  25. Pupule stop feeding the disabled. Let him ramble in peace and quiet. Maybe if no one acknowledges he will go into hiding.

  26. PONO: I respect you completely, like eagle, clyde, n2joy, FUHA, TAVS, Chuck, jjay, it is my observations and My opinions.. take it or leave it.

    Shout out to Pupule.. hey bro.. or wahine.. just let it go.. Majority on this forum We Are Not Anti MBB at all, I bet, since 1962 following UH BB at Klum, or Bloch arena with uncles, I go back supporting the MBB program waaay before, most, some of my fellow fan friends have past on..

    My comments never attack or profane abusive.. and I AM NOT TROLLING,. want UH MBB to be what it was during Rocha, O’Neil, Little, Wallace , years up till Benjy’s great year !
    Hey our ohana, have the plagues at UH Manoa upper and lower, so we Are fully vested in UH as academics and Sports.. we want UH, as Pocho says, from TOP to bottom, be clean and do things right..

    If I have opinion… And I am right,, though it irritates just one or two on this forum. I want Eran, to have a balanced team, new and older guys and go to NCAA tournament before I die, that is all.

    PONO, Mahalo bro, and Pupule, just scan over my comments.. I MEAN absolute No Harm, unless, there is some untruth stated, then like Bickerton, I come out blazing for justice !!!

    Imua Bows.. Whatever your opinion.. Go Bows.. And Mahalo Dayton and Schmidts, for letting this old fuddy duddy, disable, blind, deaf, wheelchair makule, blog !!


  27. One thing SLOWWWWW off season news for UH MBB..
    the APR, the NCAA Gib UH battle
    The arbitration for 1. 4 million dollars will go national..
    if you like legal stuff. UH vs Gib is the place to be
    I like the Arnolds, the Akanas, Davis, Spearman, and others who will come forth..
    I love UH , Hawaii and My fellow fan members. gals and guys.. blog away.. I DO NOT OWN, OR CONTROL THIS FORUM.. Dayton does.

    Go Bows !

  28. Go Bows !
    And, go former Bows ! Wish NWC all the best in his efforts to go pro. Already have the skills and practice regimine. Just keep healthy. And next time, take more interesting classes. Many players finish get their degree later. Ask coach Acker for tips on scheduling time for both endeavors. Put things together, not take them apart. Coach Acker, Bows ‘new’ excellent resource. Stay Hawai’ian bra’.
    I agree with UHF, Mahalo to Dayton and all who make this forum available. (and informative, and interesting, …)

  29. Who is this guy Rainbow Warrior on youtube? He got some great highlights of this years team.

  30. OK, since the blog has slowed, we’ll go off-topic with this: Isaac Fotu’s sister signed with Boise State. Was hoping Beeman would give her a look, but perhaps the relationship with the Fotus fell apart after Isaac was suspended and left school.

  31. Boise St finished 4th in the Women’s MWC but won the MWC tournament and played in the NCAA tournament. But the weather gets cold there.

  32. Don’t think we will see Fotu ohana here for awhile..very sad
    good mom and dad and great kids
    believe Isaac and Ella Fotu were youth NZ national champs a few years ago

    Aloha out to Tonganator and family!

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