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Rozitis makes appearance at banquet


Davis Rozitis was always known to make the best out of any situation during his tenure with the University of Hawai’i basketball team. So when his first season of professional basketball in his home country of Latvia ended early, he did what he said he would always do – spend his vacation time back in Hawai’i.

Rozitis made a guest appearance at the Awards Banquet last week, surprising several of his former teammates.

“We didn’t make the playoffs, that’s why it was so early finish to the season, but that’s why I was able to come out here and enjoy – get an early kick-start to the summer,” Rozitis said.

Rozitis was the starting center for BK Valmiera, and averaged 9.8 points per game to go along with team-highs of 5.3 rebounds per game and a .631 field goal percentage.

Rozitis said he tracked the progress of the 2014-15 Warriors, and was not necessarily surprised by the team’s success.

“That’s what successful people do,” he said. “When life throws you challenges, you overcome them and then you can be proud of all your work you did. I think this team did just that and they can really be proud of what they did and be winners.”

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Speaking of former UH players, another one (no, not Rozitis) is interviewing this week for a position on head coach Eran Ganot’s staff. It is too early for any confirmations, so stay tuned.


  1. Is it Zane Johnson or Bill Amis?

  2. Welcome home, Davis. That’s probably the longest time he’s spent on the other end of Dayton’s video-camera.

    When word got out last week that a former player was being considered for a coaching position, my first thoughts were: Amis, Johnson or Mark Campbell … primarily because all three made supportive statements of Ganot when he was hired. It’ll be nice to have a former player on staff, but I’m guessing only Campbell has coaching experience? We’ll see soon.

  3. Mark Campbell would be good but he’s mostly coached on the womens side.

  4. Zane Johnson was picked.

  5. really.. the athletes more impressive.. they are HERE because the love going to school and LIVING in Hawaii.. same like the guy that is interviewing for assistant job.. know that unless he is an Associate Head Coach, the pay is not great.. it is the LOVE for UH and Hawaii.. well not for the UH.. top guns.. for the student athletes, and the fans.. beautiful state.
    Still , it is Still stuck in my mind and even Eran’s , if his next two years he has a measure of success.. it is with One Benjy get, and a Lot of Gib;s recruits.. they are really good young men !!

    Hey, cannot escape it.. NCAA response, by UH and Gib within 15 days,.. I am just curious is NCAA will hammer UH MBB.. and UH will counter.? weird..

    Well we can always watch Chaminade, HPU and Hawaii Hilo, and BYU Hawaii for next few years for BB fix.. no.. just joking.. however much respect for those excellent DII programs..

    Davis, remember again fans.. Gib Arnold’s best young bud, a get from Latvia to USC then to UH, who did not speak a word of English as freshman incoming to SC.. incredible guy.. just drive his own car I guess. .just joking
    However.. NCAA thing.. hammer or heavenly bliss? we shall see? And can the coaching staff, and guys remaining endure a 2 to 4 year probation period? The love Hawaii, so even if No NCAA or NIT play.. they love Hawaii, and want to get degree . I really believe. !!!

  6. Zane shooting coach.. I guess, or administrative assistant? grad assistant? or full assistant coach?
    Wouldn’t it be something if Eran hired Bob Nash to coach the big men? I would like that, full circle, and one more shot.. need that mixed staff.

  7. Hats off to Davis Rozitis !
    One of the greatest contributors to the WarriorInsider website !
    So glad he was able to vacation in Hawaii and attend the banquet !
    Thanks Dayton, for the special posting !
    Great player. Easy to remember !

  8. Zane may be a volunteer coach, per Brian M. Not determined yet.

  9. I hope the reports are right about Zane being just a volunteer coach because I don’t think he have any other coaching experience so maybe not a good idea to make this his first assistant coach spot with zero experience. I personally was hoping for a guy like AC Carter or Phil Handy to come in as the third assistant.

  10. Just like Gib’s success first year wa due to Nash’s recruits but I guess we should overlook that and give all praise to the Mighty Gib! And quit with ur hoping UH falls flat but then qualify with your “just joking”. Shibai! Deep down u hope Ganot fails so u can say “I told you so”. U should become fan of wherever Benjy goes since you “love him, man”. In fact, do us all a favor and go on Chaminade, HPU, an UHH sites as their “true fan”! One can only dream!

  11. I forgot to mention the subject of the video and that is the one and only Davis Rozitis! It is so heart warming to hear about guys like this who go on to do great things and still return to Hawaii to remember the team and fans. Looks like he is doing a good job for his team in Latvia. He is another example of a guy us die hard fans can be proud of coming out of this program. Mahalo Davis!

  12. Hey, Gib’s prized comic,

    Have you bring your Porsche along?

    May borrow for 1 day?

  13. I think Zane Johnson will make a good back court coach. Although he was not athletic he had great fundamentals in shooting and could help a lot of the players. Not only he had great fundamentals but he had a knack for getting off his shot even when he was closely guarded. And I rarely saw him shoot with bad form. He shouldn’t have any trouble as assistant coach. The tough step is being successful as head coach. There you got to wear many hats as leader of the team. That’s why a lot of NBA players don’t make the step from player to coach. It’s a rare talent to be a successful HC. Will be interesting to see Zane’s coaching progression. You never know until you go for it.

  14. This long gentle giant is true convert of the Aloha Spirit (me too).

    1st chance he get to hele mai to paradise for more kindness like nowhere else!
    Shake my head for his inocent-sincerity on all for the fun of life.

    His share of NCAA allegation at UH is no concern of his!

  15. Zane as a VOLUNTEER assistant , like Eran was back in 2007 I think.. He can help the 3 point shooters. a recruit of Eran, and Nash, however..played very, very hard for Gib.. really liked effort of Zane , just relentless. team could have used him this year, 3 ball shooter, even a Matt Lojeski..

    Mike Kuebler, Carl English, Mike McIntyre,.. etc.

    Wish that Eran’s coaching staff is more diverse in makeup.. Asian, coach, African American, Aussie, Serbian, etc.. that helps too.. since Hawaii is so diverse.. JMO.. fans.. okay

  16. Hope he picks coaches who know how to coach. Why no woman mentioned uhfanz? Or is that ur own personal prejudice?

  17. And what, no Hawaiian Mr Pono? Gotta be diverse right? Maybe you should change ne to Major Tom!

  18. Not sold on assistants for this team. These guys need experienced assistant coaches. Not Nash. I guess budget is the issue.

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