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Reports: Bryce Canda commits to Hawai’i


Bryce Canda, a 6-foot-4 point guard at Central Wyoming College, made an official visit to the University of Hawai’i over the weekend, and committed to play for the Warriors a day after departing O’ahu.

Canda was a two-year starter at Central Wyoming, and emerged as a first-team All-Region IX selection in the NJCAA as a sophomore last season. He averaged 19.3 points, 6.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game. He made 68 3-pointers in 28 games, and shot 41.5 percent from 3-point range.

Prior to attending junior college in Wyoming, Canda was a standout guard at Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.

CLICK HERE to read an article on Canda’s commitment from oregonlive.com


  1. First recruit for Coach Ganot. Aloha and welcome to Bryce Canda.

  2. I wonder who else will make a recruiting trip.

  3. So what were you saying, servante? All together now, let’s call servante STUPID!!! Lol. As another poster here says, “just kidding”. Like the 3 pct and size. And love the fact he visited without a lot of fanfare and stories about it. Nice for a change.

  4. Personally I think this is a bigger pick up than Pope. Pope didn’t seem to be a good shooter.

  5. Call the Coach is at 6 pm on Tuesday (not 7 pm) .

  6. Aloha and welcome Bryce! You will make an excellent addition to the squad. Very excited to see you in action. Let’s GO BOWS!

  7. He’s definitely better than Pope, as well as more accurate.

  8. Awesome added depth I hope better or just as good a shooter as Jawato. Zane Johnson will help improve chee!!

  9. Eran, go get shooters, shooters, shooters.. the name of the game in ncaa ball and winning championships.
    Welcome Bryce !

    Now, a wing athletic, and a big, or bigs that can rebound, or inside out guys… at least, this guy first team region JC. that is good..
    now important, he fits..
    a JC. get so far… so the freshmen develop guys under radar still out there..

    probably will be here this summer, summer school, individual workouts and summer league.. Bryce Do Not get hurt.. take care

  10. Bryce , if he is PG? that is that big 6’4″ and can shoot 43% from 3 pt range? wow..
    that is a bigger, guard… what Eran wanted…a PG with range on his shot..

    Bobbitt, Fleming, guys have to step up.. only makes other guys better.. the guards.. Smith too..

    Now, we see who are the possible 2 or 3, or 4 more guys Eran offers.. should be interesting.. until I think May 15, this spring period.. after that sign the scholarship agreements..

  11. Yeah finally Ganot has done something! Ganot never signed a non compete clause in his contract with saint Mary’s so he has a duty to the UH to try to get the best candidates to come here to improve this program.

  12. Good Question — IF Ganot has a prepared ‘answer’ (should have been a Matlin Interview Question);
    How does Former ST. MARY’s Recruiting Coordinator Eran Ganot and Former PACIFIC Recruiting Coordinator Adam Jacobsen carry forward their Recruiting Contacts and Invested Equity in Young / Prospective Players (that they’ve been Cultivating over the previous 2-3 years) without Compromising their previous Programs’ & Head Coaches’ (presumably Good or Best/Trusted Friends’) Insider-Confidence?
    OR How Much can you “Take With You”? IS ANY Player Not Already Committed to previous Program considered ‘Fair Game’ (After Turnover/Check-Out) … What do you and Adam Jacobsen tell a young recruit that has some level of familiarity and Trust with you… ‘I’m going’ / Gone to Hawai’i… and IF You Like it, too and CAN Commit Immediately IF You Do, maybe got a ticket for you, too… ”

    Previous AAU Coach [BM Credits] quoted referring to Canda as a “Complete Player”, very high basketball IQ, ability to shoot the ball as well as space and stretch the floor out…he developed and honed his skills…” (Other schools: Creighton, Central Arkansas)

    Under Three-Offense Ganot-Jacobsen, could easily project the 6-4 shooting-passing Canda working well with 6-3 Bobbitt, 6-1 Q (Jr), 6-3 Isaac Fleming (So.) , finding wide-open Negus, Jankovic, Valde’s, even Dyrbe and Stepteau…he could balance the Nevels-Jawato puka quite well…(like a one for two IF UH Admin gives up a scholie per year)

    Welcome, Bryce…

  13. Guess I missed the basket with my thoughts on recruiting. Bryce Canda looks like a good pick up and I most agree with those who feel we didn’t lose anything when Pope decommitted. Does anyone know if he has signed with another team? Friday is the deadline for UH to reply to the NCAA. Crossing my fingers they don’t throw the team under the bus.

  14. Pope signed with N Carolina Central, which team made the NCAA’s in 2014.

    In 247 Sports JC Recruits, Pope was rated # 27. Another potential recruit, Novian Cherry, was rated # 40. Bryce was not in that Top 57; but that’s one particular list.

    A poster on another forum said Bryce was the only recruit visiting this past weekend and that the next visits probably will be one at a time too. Also, his next two assistant coaches should be named soon.

  15. Fans… really, Eran, is cautious, because of the pending NCAA sanctions and how UH responds.
    That is really the thing that slowed down last year’s recruiting of bigs in spring, and this year, with Eran going really slow, because of not knowing if he has 4 to offer or only 2 perhaps.

    For Bryce to verbal commit and looks like will sign today, that shows something. JC guy , like Bobbitt, willing to still sign, despite NCAA probation/sanctions, whatever that will be.
    Maybe harder convincing true freshmen for 4 years. if UH has post season ban for 4 years or something like that. I am just guessing.

    eagle, you brought out good point, I never thought about that, Jacobsen and Ganot, and the recruits they had contact with over several years perhaps,.. interesting that Eran, supposedly told Bryce I WILL BE HC.. so think about coming to UH.. WHEN did he know? Before the hiring? Or during the interview process? Or shortly after Dave Matlin told him, Eran, that he would be hired?

    Yes, talk about High Character.. I guess even Eran and Jacobsen.. IT IS A BUSINESS.. with UH in possible dire straights, scholarship loss, recruiting windows closed down, and practice times..areas of recruitment. I don’t know, just guessing. would have to assume NEXT visit by a Big guy.. probably a JC again.. We shall see.

    Eran, has to be cautious, because of the NCAA sanctions/ penalties ,/ appeals whatever.
    It would have been same thing with Benjy.. However, he had Pope committed.. when Benjy did not get job..Benjy must have called him.. or some other way. Pope, knew. and decommitted.

    Any 3 or 4 or 5 star. just my guess. UH will NOT see for several years to come..the Isaac Flemings, Jankovich, Mike Thomas’, develop 2 star guys who fit.. and Possible that Eran might just bring IN TWO guys this year. a Big and PG with shooting range….So still the bulk of team.. sorry fans.. is still Gib and Benjy’s recruits.
    we don’t care.. as long as UH can win 25 games per year, the RBC and DHC titles.. and send guys to pros and grad.. will be fun. Post season on not Ganot.. just a joke
    Go Bows.
    I notice.. this forum.. IS REALLY CAUTIOUS too, we have to see, a Year from now, How Eran and team did.. Just like Benjy.. after the season, Benjy and the Bows did great.. Now, see how Eran first year.. that has not Even started, not even Win number one.. we wait..

  16. It’ll be interesting if Coach Ganot recruited him as a true PG or a combo guard to help fill the SG role. I like keeping Flemings on the wing off the ball so that he can be a true scorer and have Bobbitt and Q run the point next year.

  17. yes.. it seems , like he had JC 3 ball shooting numbers like Nevels.. seems like a combo.. a guard, and back in the day, that is what they were, No PG or SG distinction.. just a guard..
    Brandon on the wing.. or SG and he can shoot it.. he is tall

  18. This guy sounds like a great pick up! I have some questions that I don’t think I’ve seen answered anywhere yet and the first is how is this kid still available at the midnight hour? As we have seen before there is baggage that comes with some of these late signees. My first guess would be grades and maybe he is not qualified yet. That is only my guess as I would think a kid with his size and stats would already be signed unless there was some flags.

    I just hope it is not a attitude or ego thing which is what I think was Pope’s baggage of not getting picked up earlier. If you think about it, Canda was putting up nice numbers at Central Wyoming and not even University of Wyoming was offering.

    I hope he turns out to be a steal for Ganot and show the other schools they missed out.

  19. gobows says PG Brandon Randolph formerly of Xavier, to visit. 3.7 , per verbal commits transfer list. Would have to sit one year though.

  20. ChuckCheese,

    maybe if you read the link that Dayton provided in the article then you would have seen this:

    “Before he committed to Hawaii, Canda experienced the unfamiliar: Interest in the guard bustled. After his first season at CMC, Canda only heard from a few schools in Oregon. After his second year? Portland State, Eastern Washington, Montana, San Jose State, Sacramento State, South Dakota, North Dakota, Creighton, St. Mary’s, Texas Tech, Sam Houston State and Ball State all were recruiting Canda.

    The climate and recently hired men’s basketball coach Eran Ganot were heavy influences on Canda’s choice to commit to Hawaii.”

    Basically, he had interest from a bunch of colleges.

  21. ChuckCheese,

    Also, is it really the midnight hour for junior jollege recruits considering that most colleges are only just wrapping up the academic year? I assume a good number of them go on visits once their semesters are over.

  22. islandman:

    I guess, UH with ncaa sanctions impending.. is second chance BB University.. as TAVS brings out, like Davone Bess, Colt Brennan,
    Christian Standhardinger, Jace Tavita, Janks, Negus, etc.. a second chance.

    So they will chance em.. I think the selling point.. major?
    FREE EDUCATION for 1 year to 3 years.. and playing at SSC. in a winnable, If UH is allowed to play for , BWC tournament..

    TAVS…good point.. still reminds me of Nash and getting Amis late, or Roderick Flemings, or Gib with Anthony Salter, Joston Thomas..
    WHOMEVER is willing to come to UH.. despite NCAA sanctions.. might as well play in Hawaiii? right, ?
    That Eran can sell.. until the NCAA probation/ sanction period is over..

  23. yes.. Gavin Smith, the late Gavin Smith.. transferred for One year to Hawaii. in 1976-77 from UCLA , John Wooden team.. and averaged what? about 23 ppg?
    despite that first year of NCAA probation of 2 year period.. Gavin had fun. playing..
    John Moore 6’5″ 225 Adrian Dantley type.. two good players..played that first year of NCAA sanction probation..from 1976 – 19 78..

  24. Thank you TAVS. Good discussion. From what I could find about 80-90 percent of the top JUCO players already signed, so thats why I asked the question. I just wanted to see if anybody knows why none of the schools could get this kid signed earlier. He has good size for a PG and good stats so I would of thought that some of those schools would be going all out to sign him in April. Wyoming wasn’t even looking at this guy in their own back yard.

    It could be something like him not being qualified yet or it could be nothing and I hope it is nothing. I was just wondering if anybody knows more. Looking at his list of schools maybe he was just waiting for something better like Hawaii!

  25. Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · May 11

    Xavier transfer Brandon Randolph told @CBSSports he plans to visit Hawaii and also has added San Jose State to the mix. Already visited NAU.

  26. Could it be That college recruiters just sleeping on this kid? He wasn’t offered after high school they don’t think he can play division 1 hoops.
    At the end of the days it’s up to Canda to prove people wrong for example stephen curry only offer Davidson even his fathers alma mater Virginia tech said no thanks.

  27. Negus in Canada? did he take his finals already? or family business. I am surprised that he can leave and come back several times since spring break..

    Maybe, JMO.. and guess.. Negus, weighing option to play pro in asia, South America, or Europe.. Ozren Pavlovic, spent One year here as late get frosh, did well in school, helped UH APR, then went home to play pro ball..

    JMO.. could Negus.. and I DON’ T know, as other posts are saying, guessing, if Negus comes back..
    Bobbitt, Smith are seniors. so close to graduating, so maybe probably be back.. definitely.

    Still a lot of uncertainty.. fell kind of, like last 12 months or so, too many unanswered questions. You want to be Positive, however. just like MBB, program, still on shaky ground..
    Unless. they can play for post season through probation years. and win 25 games a year over next 3 years..
    And Eran has not even coached a game yet..
    Very nerve wracking.. I guess just me.. just so unstable.. I don’t really trust the radio guys, I like the TV broadcast and especially Johnny White’s support, UH admin.. really wrung the MBB fans out to dry.. I wonder how the parents feel?
    I guess, as long as their young ones, finish school and are happy in Hawaii

    Is it AlOHA for Negus.. we shall see. I don’t know.. strange t hat he is in Canada just during finals week.. or maybe h e has jus t given up on school ? I guess Eran will tell us. Red, Riley did, on the call the coach or in paper, each spring, if guys did not work out, that they left UH program

  28. Uhfanzonly1,

    Ozren Pavlovic – I liked him. He was quick and hustled all the time. He’d be a senior next season if he stayed. His parents wrote comments on this site once in a while as well. I believe he left Hawaii to play pro in Sweden and then returned home to Croatia, where he plays for IJT Cedevita Zagreb.

    I’m 99% positive Negus won’t be here next season. I think the academic aspect of college isn’t his cup of tea, so I bet he’ll try to go pro in the next couple of months. Hopefully though he can really think things through over the summer and then decide to pursue a degree. Whatever the case, best of luck to him.

  29. Do NOT Know what Negus is thinking…
    The Absences have to be A Concern….

    BUT Eran is Running the Team Now (NOT Benjy —
    Academics And Discipline ARE Part of The Difference)
    And I’m SURE HE Will NOT Tolerate Mediocre, much less Un-Satisfactory
    Efforts And RESULTS in the Classroom;
    They Should have Already Had that Talk, The Grade Checks, The Assignment Checks,
    The Meeting(s) with Professors of ANY Marginal Basket-Bow…

    SO When Grades And APRs are Determined in the Next Couple of Weeks
    WE Should Know IF Anyone is On Ganot-Probation,
    And Invited Back…
    OR Taking Up-To-Quadruple Summer Classes
    (You CAN Make Up a Whole Semester of Credits — But NOT the GPA)

    Should Ask Negus…
    Everything he, Janks or Isaac has indicated were 100% Team On-Board
    i can’t imagine UH being any/much more difficult than Missouri…
    To Me, These Guys Are Not Shy about saying IF Something or Someone is Wavering
    [as Always, We Will See … and You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits…]

  30. nevels who?…good replacement and his numbers are good even if against weaker competition

  31. Brian McInnis @Brian_McInnis · 30m 30 minutes ago

    UH expected to make signing of Bryce Canda official within next hour

  32. brandon randolph would be a huge pickup even though he’d have to sit a year.

  33. Uhf1, from SA today, program record:

    “Smith transferred to UH from UCLA where he played on the 1975 NCAA championship basketball team. He played one season for the Rainbows in 1976-77 when he scored an average of 23.4 points a game for a team that went 9-18 under Larry Little. Smith’s single-season scoring average was a program record that still stands today. He scored 30 or more points five times at UH.

    Former UH coach Riley Wallace was the coach at Centenary when he came to play Larry Little’s Rainbows twice in Honolulu on Feb. 18 and 19 of 1977. Smith and the ‘Bows won 104-79 and 92-73.

    “Big-time scorer. Scored a lot of points,” Wallace remembered. “He was one heck of a good shooter. He had the long hair, and he wore a bandanna. … He was a heck of an offensive player.”

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