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Registration is open for summer youth camps


Registration is now open for the 2015 Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp, featuring new head coach Eran Ganot and his staff.

This summer’s Camp will feature three separate sessions: June 4-7; June 8-11; August 3-6. Each daily session will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the UH-Manoa Athletics Complex. Four gyms will be used daily – Stan Sheriff Center, Klum Gym, Gym I and Gym II.

The Camp is open to boys and girls, ages 6 to 17. All skill levels are welcome, and participants will be split into groups based on age and skill level.

Participants can enter one, two or all three sessions. Entry fee is $250 for one session, $450 for two sessions, and $600 for all three sessions.

In addition to Ganot and his staff, current and former UH players are expected to assist (specific players have yet to be determined).

CLICK HERE to register for the Camp

For specific questions or inquiries, send an e-mail to smithjam@hawaii.edu or call (808) 956-6501.


  1. Good luck to all those attending these camps and nice to see Jamie Smith still involved!

    On another subject did anybody hear AD Matlin on radio yesterday? I didn’t get a chance to hear it so just wondering if he gave any updates to NCAA rulings or anything else news.

  2. Chuck:

    Still don’t think, I caught part of the show, that Matlin, or UH can comment specifically on ongoing NCAA situation. Pretty much all involved, until, everything resolved. I guess outlined pretty much, the self imposed things they released.
    I might have missed about 10 minutes of ending of show. Anyone else caught Matlin, .. one thing poor guy, he sounds really under a lot of stress. UH AD dept, and UH. have a lot of things to fix.

    Very happy IF TRUE.. that Eran retained or trying to retain Jamie Smith as Performance Analyst, promotions MBB, guy.. I would go AURITE.. Jamie is great guy, fantastic Resume, and a real team and Hawaii promoter.. I REALLY HOPE , or Maybe Dayton knows.. if Jamie will be back next season, FROM THE START.. for UH MBB. I really like Jamie! and sorry, but true.. the dorm to dorm and drumming up support for? Jamie never, ever took the credit.. Who started that, getting the students to games, theme nights, pep rallies, etc.. or got ball rolling? One Gibson Arnold. Thanks Gib.

  3. Mike T says he’s on the National Fire Protection team again (Summer League begins Jun 20) .

  4. Yes, praise to the Almighty Gibson Arnold! I have taken down all of my crosses in the house and replaced them with pictures of Him. I cry every night for the untruths and injustices levied against him. But like my former Lord, he shall rise again!

  5. Pretty good 808. Wish I had thought of that one.

  6. Honolulu 808, yes, we can thank Gib for recruiting the core of great athletes Eran has now, .. what a good start for his career.
    And No, nobody is worshiping Gib, that only goes to God.

    Gib putting his whole life savings to go to battle for his reputation, and his family, maybe Fotu, Davis, former Doba’s, and a long list of hundreds, written documents, and called for witnesses for Gib’s side, will cause NCAA, to really dig deep.

    I kind of like courtroom cases, Know that this , the NCAA thing is not in judicial system, however it fascinates me..
    If Gib has a legitimate shot to clear himself of All the Allegations, .. I say, go for it.. and I hope Brandy too, will get cleared.. why not… you 808 would do the same..

    I just hope the guys did well in school this semester.

    And Bigdaddy 94, how is Isaac Fleming doing?

  7. Pupule,
    I wish you would convert. I have seen the light through UHF1’s posts. Have you not?

  8. WHO KICKS a Man when he’s down?
    And Any One Who Speaks Up on his Behalf?
    Even HPD Steps Up And Calls Out “their guys..”.[MB]

    I Wasn’t Previously Aware that even FLOYD Cleared HIS Name 100%…(NCAA Total Loser Again?)
    SO Did Woolaway (Always A Good Man)
    AND UH Wants To Grovel…
    Even IF Actually Agreed, Take a Hard, Solid Stance

    FOR “Violations” That Should Have “Already” Been CLEARED And FOTU & Co. RE-Instated
    (There Are Clear, Simple, Established Processes With Much Precedent for this…)
    IF Compliance Office AND UC Management Responded Swiftly And Smartly
    Instead Of Jettisoning “Babies”, Bathwater, Past Non-Related Hard-Earned Victories, AND Future EDUCATIONAL Opportunities? “It’s ONLY Players to Never-Be-Named Later”
    Take from Gib, Take from Ganot
    WHAT ARE The Cowards Offering?
    NOT Money And Not Leadership…
    Another Back Door?

  9. Pete Carrol’s and Tim Floyd’s programs were involved in the same NCAA investigation at USC. Although both were not cited for violations, USC was cited for lack of institutional control and both resigned from their positions before the NCAA report came out.

    “The harshest penalties stem from improper benefits given to Bush and the basketball player O. J. Mayo, which the N.C.A.A. committee on infractions said struck at the heart of the association’s amateurism principle.

    These were the stiffest penalties (football penalties) given to any university since the N.C.A.A. issued the “death penalty” to the Southern Methodist football program in 1986, shutting it down for two years.

    The committee accepted several of the penalties Southern California had imposed on its men’s basketball team, including vacating its victories from the 2006-7 season and forfeiting one scholarship. U.S.C. had also barred the basketball team from the 2010 postseason. The university will also return the $206,200 it received for participating in the 2008 N.C.A.A. tournament.”


  10. The more recent NCAA By-laws put more responsibility on the head coaches.

    “August 1, 2013 12:00am

    The new structure enhances head coach responsibility/accountability and potential consequences for head coaches who fail to promote compliance within their programs.

    Penalties in the previous structure relied on whether the head coach knew of the violations or whether there was a “presumption of knowledge.” But under the new structure, rather than focus on knowledge or the presumption of it, the bylaw was amended to presume responsibility. Accordingly, if a violation occurs, the head coach is presumed responsible, and if he or she can’t overcome that presumption, charges will be forthcoming.

    The core consequences in the new structure are familiar (postseason bans, scholarship reductions and financial sanctions, among others) but are customizable according to the severity of the violation. The membership has on multiple occasions acknowledged that postseason bans, scholarship reductions and coach suspensions offer the most effective deterrent to potential rule breakers – and they are also the most effective in addressing the advantages gained as a result.”


  11. Interesting report by Hawaii News Now last night, citing a college professor of sports administration and so-called expert on compliance. He predicts the NCAA will take away one more scholarship and add a second year of probation. Hope he’s wrong, but at least he didn’t mention post-season ban.

  12. Islandman,
    Gib was a part of Tim Floyd’s staff. 2 for 2. Coincidence? I think not.

  13. I saw the news report with the so called expert and kept shaking my head at what he said. I hope and pray he is wrong but he made it sound like the NCAA always feels like they have to add more penalties at the hearings. If that is true then UH should have low balled it and know that more would be coming.

    When you lose one scholarship a year that is not so bad. When it starts going to two scholarships a year it makes a difference.

  14. Although USC vacated its 2007-08 basketball season victories, Floyd’s record is shown with asterisks for that season in wikipedia .

    (Note the official record is 0-12 and 0-7, not 0-33 and 0-18) .

    21-12 *, 11-7*, NCAA 1st Round*

    * USC vacated all 21 of its wins for 2007–08 after O.J. Mayo was ruled ineligible.
    Official record is 0–12 (0–7 Pac–10).
    Gib’s record not treated the same, it shows only 0-15, 0-8 and 0-11,0-7 with asterisks referring to 37 wins vacated in 2012-13 and 2013-14.


    Also, some reports said UH is vacating 36 wins ? There were a total of 37 wins, 17 in 2012-13 and 20 in 2013-14. One win not vacated ?

  15. Somebody with legal or NCAA knowledge need to help me understand this one. Why do the wins get vacated but not losses? Are ineligible players somehow eligible for losses? If they were ineligible in the losses, what if a player from the other team got hurt? Things like that should matter right? I don’t understand why “games” are not taken away and only “wins” because it would seem to me that if you are ineligible, you are ineligible.

    Another thing is why UH does not forfeit money earned at home games in these vacated wins? If the players were ruled ineligible and the wins being taken away as if they didn’t happen, should not the money be taken away as well?

    UH officials keep saying they want to do things the right way and with integrity but is keeping money earned with ineligible players the right thing to do?

  16. Better call Matlock on this one! Why does UH keep money on forfeited games? Hmmm, that is a tough one. Anyone out there with a sliver of common sense who can explain this??? A real head scratcher….

  17. Here is one reference. One NCAA sanction used is “vacating wins” , not losses. Vacating or giving up a loss doesn’t seem like a penalty to me.

    Vacating a win where the losing team retains the loss is different from a forfeit, where the opposing team gains a win.

    How does vacating wins affect player records like for the ineligible players ?


  18. Where’s that fellow that kept saying Isaac only goes left, etc. Well yesterday, a tv commentator said James Hardin only goes left, but they can’t stop him.

    Plus, i saw Isaac go right and/ or use his right hand a few times last season.

  19. s/b spelled James Harden

  20. eagle:

    good, objective observation, and truth. One thing, you always try to view both sides, the whole picture, Some comments, on this forum, very juvenile, not mature at all. However, you have always taken the high road. UH, maybe you and I are fellow alumni of, maybe not, however, from top to bottom, have to be fair , balanced , Pono, real Aloha. Know that Gib, Brandyn Akana, Isaac Fotu, Davis Rozitis, 3 former DOBA’s, are anxious to clear their names reputation, .. even if not named as Being Overall Responsible.. This is LANDMARK case, as other forum Aguhf, states.. Have to get it fixed

    And Mahlao to Dayton and The Schmidts, .. for letting my minority view.. just seeing how things played out with Benjy, interesting, and Now Gib shooting for 100% clearance of name and reputation, going blow by blow with UH and NCAA.. if it is his right, as well as those others involved, He is making a career affecting move. It would be an NCAA case, that would set precedent, A small time HC, of small mid major MBB program far of in the Mid Pacific, wins a huge battle against UH and NCAA.. It would knock be off of my mobile chair !

    Well, Eran, has a challenge, and clyde , islandman, what NCAA will Still hand down, Nobody knows.. they have history of trying to knock UH way down the ladder. Post Season , ? I don’t know.. Does this NCAA ruling, and or appeals, have affect on current team and Eran’s ability to recruit, guys BETTER than Gib’s or Benjy recruits.. ? without question.

    And, that is my view point. Mahalo Dayton for allowing, an interchange of ideas, comments. Taking the HIGH Road, High Character approach..
    team, Man, I hope you guys did well this semester, so important !!

  21. Mahalo Islandman for the info, again, and to all for the good comments.
    Vacating wins and forfeiting wins, I got it.
    And yes, they have been saying for years, certainly since Thunder times, that Harden always goes left. It is possible that the Admin took Coach Gib’s past affiliation with USC into account in setting their response. But without saying that upfront, it might be taken in the same context of vacating wins.

  22. Yep, HIGH ROAD as reflected by numerous accusations of racism of others while showing your own prejudice against women evidenced by ur comments re women’s program and coach Beeman. And I hope Eran can recruit players that can play above .500 in th BWC. That is what”Gib and Benjy” guys did. Real question is can Eran turn same guys into better players? So what u think? My comments good and objective or not so much cuz they don’t agree with you? No need answer. I know already. And please, no more mention that u r an alum. Oh, make shame. Not Pono

  23. That’s enough. All of you go into your own corners and step away from the keyboard. This post is about our Hawaii YOUTH going to basketball camp. All of you are grown men and are exhibiting inappropriate behavior. This post is about teaching our young children to enjoy the game of basketball. Teamwork, partnership, learning to work together despite various talents and abilities. This is what we are supposed to be teaching our youth. Are you leading by example? That is the question.

  24. Correction for session calendar listed at top of page. Camp 2 : June 8-11, 2015 (9am-3pm)

  25. Agree,with Val , this whole topic was about the upcoming clinics ,something for all kids interested in bettering their skills, Val it is time to just make this site for information purposes on the program,scouting reports , insight from Dayton , and video. NOTHING ELSE.

  26. As I’ve said before, I think there are many useful insights and sources of information in these comments and I would like to keep it that way. Obviously, some who comment are making it difficult, so there will be some new guidelines because I don’t want the actions of a few to dictate the entire direction of the site.

    For one, let’s keep the comments concise (I realize that’s a relative term) and within the broad subject of University of Hawai’i basketball. Of course there will be times when the conversation strays, but I think we are all mature enough to realize what is civil and what is not.

    Second, I am asking people not to attack the comments of another poster, or that poster himself/herself. Healthy debate and discussion is always welcome; juvenile retorts are not.

    Also as stated previously, please refrain from creating multiple screen names just to incite or attack (yes, we can easily see who does this).

    If these guidelines are too cumbersome or difficult to follow, please refrain from posting comments … or ignore the comments section altogether. It is relatively easy to see where the main posted story ends and where the comments begin.

    Otherwise, thanks to everyone for the continued support.

  27. Aloha Dayton & Valerie,

    Thank you for providing the venue for news on UH men’s basketball. I don’t post often, but I’m sure I am like many who read the Warrior Insider who getting disgusted with some of the posts. In particular, there appears to be a troll that uses several names to incite folks and promote negativity. Like the Tsaikos blog, I hope you bar those who make it bad for everyone else who truly support the Program. The Program has a new coach & staff, so let’s move on & hope for a great season. Mahalo!

  28. Comments should relate to article written. Too often discussion is hijacked to rehash totally unrelated topic. Enjoy Tsaikos blog which has numerous and knowledgable commenters. I, for one, would enjoy reading article and comments relating to article. Instead it seems the comments section is dedicated to the former coaches, NCAA, et al. JMO

  29. Comments should be related to the blog topic, but not restricted to it. As Dayton states above, useful insights and sources of information are often shared on the blog. Say, for example, the topic is about summer camps but someone discovers that a recruit is visiting this weekend and has a link to his highlight video, I think that’s fine to share even if it’s off-topic.

    Just be respectful to others, and … as Dayton says … keep comments civil and concise.

  30. Dayton mahalo ..fan and family friemdly site, love it, will support it , even if paid 30 dollar a month subscription..

    Whomever coach, give them time, recruit, retain current athletes, graduate guys , and win go post season equals…great interest in UH MBB. Keep on point.
    I hope MBB program camp and clinics, visiting schools like Fab Five, reading program, etc. Develop future UH NCAA D1 athletes from local high schools.
    loved summer youth camps too when young.

    Eran and staff I hope your camps are so successful you add a fourth camp.
    Bryce Canda at summer camps Dayton?

  31. I think Bryce has to complete his two courses at Central Wyoming. Their 1st summer session begins May 18 and ends June 26

  32. On call the coach Eran said his goal is to have five or more camps

  33. Mahalo islandman!

    look forward to Dayton’s continued summer updates, interviews , features on UH MBB
    Rainbow Warriors
    Think MT help too?
    Guys coming back , or here 1st and 2nd UH summer sessions.. Camps to develop youth, Geremey Robinson says Hawaii has talent, they have to be all in …focused, dedicated, to BB to be better, D1 ready


  34. This Rainbow Warrior Basketball Camp, is it run by UH and the basketball coach is expected to lend his time to it, or is it run by the coach and sponsored by UH? I’m having trouble finding a website specifically for this camp; instead it seems to be through the UH general site.

    I searched for basketball camps and there are a couple of nice ones. Which is good for keiki, and that’s what matters. Doesn’t matter if Rainbow Warrior camp is the best or not, just good to see that it will have quality coaches available to the keiki this year.

  35. Maybe a suggestion would be to limit the amount of posts per day to 3 to 5, including all known alias”.
    Any topics that is not related to the main topic should be deleted or moderated. In general we should be talking about UH basketball, agree or disagree is healthy, but to go overboard and bantering back and forth is basically not productive.

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