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Norm Parrish is new assistant coach


Longtime Salt Lake Community College head coach Norm Parrish has been named as an assistant coach for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Parrish, who has been the Director of Operations at the University of Utah for the past four seasons, becomes the second addition to join new UH head coach Eran Ganot’s staff. Adam Jacobsen was named an assistant earlier this month.

Here is the official release from UH Athletics:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball head coach Eran Ganot announced the second addition to his coaching staff with the hiring of Norm Parrish as assistant coach for the Rainbow Warriors. Parrish comes to Hawai‘i after four seasons as the Director of Operations at the University of Utah and brings 20 years of experience as the head coach at Salt Lake Community College.

“I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Norm to the Rainbow Warrior basketball program,” said Ganot on Parrish. “He is nationally respected in the coaching fraternity for his proven track record of success both on and off the court. His time as a highly successful head coach speaks for itself and, most recently, he was a major part of one of the great stories at the Division I level in the growth of the University of Utah basketball program. His experience in building and maintaining highly successful programs will be a true asset moving forward.”

“As an added bonus, Norm has moved many of his successful junior college prospects at Salt Lake to the Division I level, including several who have had great experiences at UH,” added Ganot of former players Troy Ostler (2000, ’01), Jeff Blackett (2004, ’05), Ahmet Gueye (2006, ’07) and P.J. Owsley (2007, ’08) who all played for Parrish at SLCC before impactful careers at the University of Hawai‘i. In 2001, Ostler guided the ‘Bows to the first of back-to-back trips to the NCAA Tournament, Gueye finished his UH career ranked fourth all-time in blocks (131) and Blackett was a member of UH’s season-opening upset win of then No. 2 Michigan State in 2005. Both Gueye and Owsley played for Ganot during his time as UH assistant coach. “He has a great feel for the islands and for what it takes to succeed here. Please join me in welcoming Norm, his wife, Kaye, and his three children, Travis, Matt, and Collin to our Ohana!”

“I am unbelievably excited to be a part of University of Hawai‘i basketball,” said Parrish. “I have had the good fortune of sending several players to the University of Hawai‘i while I was the head coach at Salt Lake Community College. Every one of them loved their time at Hawai‘i. I am very familiar with the great tradition of men’s basketball at UH and look forward to continue building a championship program. Eran Ganot is one of the outstanding young coaches in the country and it is an honor to be a member of his staff. I am also well aware of the great community support the basketball program receives and am anxious to be a member of such an outstanding community and university.”

Since Parrish joined Utah’s staff in 2011, his second stint with the program after serving as graduate assistant in 1988-89, the Utes steadily returned to prominence. This past season, they returned to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2009 and secured the program’s first NCAA tourney win since 2005. The Utes entered this year’s tournament as the No. 5 seed, beating Stephen F. Austin and Georgetown before narrowly falling to eventual national champion Duke in the Sweet 16. One season earlier, Utah earned a bid to the NIT, its first postseason appearance in five years.

Prior to entering the Division I ranks, Parrish guided Salt Lake City to unprecedented success, including a 25-7 season in 2011 and a trip to the Region 18 championship game. In 2009, the team won the NJCAA national championship, the first in school history, along with its second consecutive Region 18 championship. Parrish received the 2009 NJCAA National Coach of the Year award for his efforts. In 2008, he coached the Bruins to a first-place finish in the Region 18 tournament and a runner-up finish at the NJCAA national championships.

A five-time Region 18 Coach of the Year, Parrish also led the Bruins to the 2000 SWAC regular-season championship. In 1994, just his third season as head coach, Parrish steered SLCC to the Region 18 Tournament title and a fifth-place finish at the NJCAA national championships. Parrish finished with a career record of 447-198 (.693), eclipsing the 20-win mark 14 times.

Under Parrish’s stewardship, SLCC had 20 NJCAA All-Americans and 24 NJCAA Academic All-Americans. Nearly 50% of his players have moved on to compete at the NCAA Div. I level, with several now playing professionally in the NBA and overseas.

In his time at SLCC, Parrish recruited and coached players from all over the United States and many foreign countries, including Greece, England, Turkey, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Serbia, and the West African countries of Senegal, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast. Returned LDS missionaries were also an integral part of his recruiting process.

Before coming to Utah as a grad assistant under the late Lynn Archibald, Parrish was an assistant at Nampa High School in Idaho, coaching football and basketball. Parrish played his collegiate ball at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) in Rexburg, and then at Northwest Nazarene College in Nampa. He received all-region honors at both institutions. Parrish attended Viewmont High School in Bountiful, Utah, where he received all-state honors in football and basketball.

Parrish earned his Bachelor’s degree from Northwest Nazarene in 1987 and received a Master’s from Utah State in 1993.


  1. Hope this norm better than other norm

  2. Well that is only good. Shoot high !
    Go Bows !

  3. Troy Ostler & Ahmet Gueye are memorable good bigs.
    We sure could use either or both of these guys now ( better yet Robert Parrish) –
    Go get’em coach Norm!

  4. My concern now is what’s up with the segregation of coaches now that Isaac is home safely scholarships are performance based only from my understanding nothing guarantee!!!!!!

  5. Big West.
    Shoot high!
    We need to compete with UC Irvine’s front line.
    Go Bows !

  6. Issac has nothing to worry about !
    Anyone who was scoring points or getting rebounds last year.
    Keeping their grades up might play a part. But help will be made available for those who ask.

  7. Akuhead2 I support change I know Isaac outside looking in the diversity doesn’t look good we love Hawaii and the fan support business is business we haven’t experience nothing like it that’s love 1 ohana.

  8. I buy into Coach Gibs Ohana ! It was only great ! Never a fan of the beach workouts cause I am unsure it helps develop basketball skills, but I could be wrong. Overall, great ! Really great ! And I buy into Coach Benjy’s Ohana ! It was only great ! Recognize it was a little rushed and was looking forward to this year. Now hoping for the best with Coach Ganot’s Ohana.

  9. Wow why is this guy leaving a successful program like Utah, and his home state? Didn’t he see that BYU beat us by 20 last year?

  10. ^^^ He was the DOBO at Utah and will be an assistant here. I would think that means better pay check for him. I am sure some people will make jokes that DOBO at national ranked Utah is better job than assistant at probation Hawaii so hope and pray this guy can bring something to the table over here like another Ahmet Gueye.

  11. Really liking how things are coming along with the coaching staff. Eran is slowly but surely building a program with solid foundation. Maybe not next year, but year after when Jovanovic, Janks, Negus, Thomas, Valdes and others are seniors, the team will go far! Not to mention Fleming who will be a junior. Love it!

  12. Bigdaddy I truly hope Isaac not having second thoughts. We need everybody back to keep this team rolling and prove everybody wrong and Isaac is one of the key guys we need!

    If you are having concerns about staffing, please make it known to Eran Ganot because there is still one more assistant coach spot open. He always talking about being big on relationships so I hope and pray that includes the parents.

  13. Chuckcheese know 2nd thoughts just looking for some diversity

  14. BigDaddy, time to look at other options….no diversity at UH…

  15. Everyone’s privacy needs to be respected.

    FYI: someone said that “Nobody is bigger than the PROGRAM”!

  16. Bigdaddy 94: Hey Isaac’s dad, as you said, whatever makes Isaac happy , his decision. that was a concern of mine, and not only I , but several other forums, were mentioning the Diversity, and we can spell it out.. if the staff were, White, Asian, Black, Middle eastern, European,,.. I know where you and Isaac are coming from.

    That is a concern for me.. Senque Carey, and Benjy Taylor, with Brad Autry and Brandon Loyd, and the other members of grad managers, that was diversity, with a volunteer sometimes, in Xi Jiang, a former center for UH a few years back from China.. that is Diversity..

    Benjy, and Senque, I am sure, Rod, Q, Isaac Fleming, Nevels, Valdes, Thomas, Negus, Brocke Stepteau, were ones of color whom they could relate to..

    that final assistant.. I was hoping the first pick would have been an African American coach.. we shall see, even if Eran picks one for last coach, would Isaac feel comfortable with him..
    Bigdaddy94,.. it really must be hard on whole, team.. they put on a front of being cool with Eran, however.. the change from Gib to Benjy to Eran, so far 3 out of 4 of one background.. if Eran is smart, he should have went 50/50.. I know ideally.. know it would never happen, if Benjy were Associate HC and Senque, assistant and recruiter.. along with a Jacobsen who can recruit too.

    We shall see , as Manoa Baller, hey bro, you know the deal.. something ain’t right at UH.. no matter the spin..
    I feel for Isaac, and the 11 other guys.. during the summer, those guys still could have movement..

    Bigdaddy94.. wish best for Isaac, as Manoa Baller says, and he is sharp guy, knows UH MBB and the UH politics.. Isaac Fleming, do what is best.. if he has better Offer elsewhere, and it makes him happier.. go for it.. he has a career and diploma to shoot for..
    Interesting, perspective from a father of current guys, we did not know.. thought All The guys were cool with the staff.. however the DIVERSE staff, black, white, Asian.. at least.. have that mix..

  17. I bet Isaac Fleming liked Benjy and Senque, the diverse, fun guys.. makes HUGE difference in player being content..

    Bet, Eran, will hire a black coach as final pick.. kind of late down the chain however, unless that guy is THE ASSOCIATE HC.. a good one.. who can relate to black players.. or any ones..makes a difference,
    UH MBB program, in past over 35 years, since Larry Little was coach, had Bob Nash as assistant, then, Gib had Benjy, then Benjy had Senque, etc. and DOBA, Chris McMillan, was of color too.

  18. Coach Parrish had an excellent basketball program at Salt Lake Community College. They are always one of the top JC programs consistently and have a lot of good players come through there. With at least half or more of his players moving on to D1 level, his development of players is proven. While being at Utah, they turned that program around and are on the upswing. Now will that transfer over to UH, who knows but I think Coach Parrish should have a legit shot. As far as having a certain diversity of Coaches, that would be ideal to relate to the different players on the team. My biggest concern would be to try bring in a top notch recruiter with solid ties to solid programs with solid players. We are in the Big West and should be dominating this conference. Our group of ballers we have now is a nice solid foundation but we need to build on that with top caliber players. I am excited to see what Coach Ganot can do for the program as UH basketball is on the rise.

  19. This is the Aloha spirit of the Aloha State where,
    Melting Pot of The Pacific flourish & prosper.

    No room for discrimination or reverse-discrimination action.

    Ego-eccentricity will cause or encourage disenchantment!

  20. Spearman got his BA in Sociology yesterday along with Jawato (BS -Family Resources) and Nevels (Sociology) . And Ji Xiang (M.A., Communications) Master’s Degree.

    Did Spearman need this one semester to graduate ? I thought he was playing basketball somewhere.

    “Several student-athletes who will attain their degrees during the summer session also participated in the spring commencement ceremony.”


  21. Comments on Aloha Spirit and Diversity HAVE Merit
    They “should be” Yellow (or RED) Flags that Trigger Us to look into a situation,
    Ideally Before we choose to become a part of it…

    In Hawai’i, There IS Much Pride in Diversity
    I’m NOT Sure it’s something we’ve “Earned”
    But It Is MORE of a Reality here than Most Places;

    That Said, Like Everywhere WE Have Our PRE-Judices, too…
    It IS A Condition of an Alert Mind
    Trained over eons to identify ‘Potential Risks or Threats’
    As a Matter of Survival;
    And “Different” IS a Yellow Flag
    Color and Race as a Prejudice Haunts Us as a Species
    Until we Evolve More or Learn Better
    The Human Genome Evaluations are Proving Humans (even Neanderthals)

    From the Practical Side,
    A FAIRER Evaluation would be to Look at The People, The Program and Organization:
    I think UH IS an Upper Half (or Higher) Institution, BUT Definitely is Laced with Problems, like ‘Most’

    BUT For People And Program (and Isaac and the Team)
    Altough that is Ultimately for Each to Decide:

    I DO Think Eran Ganot will Prove to be a Competent AND Winning Coach
    (Which would be Fortunate And Unusual for UH, to have THREE in a Row);
    And Help Each Player who IS Able To and Willing to Work
    Get to their Highest Next Levels;
    ALL The Coaches “Check All those Boxes”
    Eran on his latest Hire: “He does an unbelievable job of relating to his players…
    spending time with them on and off the court…”
    AND Show Diversity in Their Recruiting;

    AND The TEAM Themselves
    Are A Good Eclectic Mix of Talent and Just Plain Good People
    So That Each Player has a Chance to Grow/Develop in a Good Pro-Ready Environment

    The Whiteness of the Coaches i think IS a Potential Concern
    I would have preferred keeping a Senque — TOP Recruiter / Player Developer; and
    “Local” Coaches like Brandyn are “Rare” at D-1 (Sad that Gib’s Culture Let Him Get into Trouble);
    Perhaps the Team will Evolve over the Next Three to Five years towards a Utah or St. Mary’s Style or Look
    BUT The Fact IS, Ahmet Gueye wasn’t in that mould;
    And apparently Neither is First Recruit Bryce Canda
    There (Still) Is Overall Diversity in The Team…

    AND Maybe One More Big Vote:
    It will be Hard to Find Fans who Love Isaac the Way Hawai’i fans Do…
    Hope He and the Fleming ‘Ohana See Fit to Give UH at least a Sophomore Chance
    and Better through Graduation!

    Mahalo, BigDaddy
    and Agent Zero

    Go Bows!

  22. Stop the racism on this site .It is counterproductive to the program.

  23. HOW WE Approach it Matters…
    (I Also did Not Like the Partial (Incomplete) Discussions
    MOST of the Country BURIES Their Heads On the Issue
    Diversity is a POSITIVE Metric …
    THAT Challenges and (Hopefully) Breaks Up the Embedded Racism…

    Diversity And Honest Discussion IS The STRENGTH Of the Program…
    IT WILL Stand Up to Scrutiny…

    Unlike The NCAA And Many Other Regions …

    A Father Living in Another Region Has REAL Concerns
    THAT HE Must Deal with there …
    And MAYBE His Son has a Better Chance Here…

  24. jjay: Definitely No Racism or here. Just discussion with Isaac Fleming’s father, about the Diversity, the mix of race, background, ethnicity, of coaching staff, which truly does concern Isaac, not that he might not continue with Program, however, remember, Benjy Taylor was point man on recruiting and retaining Isaac, so that is a connection.

    The team, I think is majority or Not, of color, does it matter, well if winning Is Your Major concern, whether team is Black White, Yellow or Purple, it doesn’t matter if staff, and team is one color, if they win the National title for 2016.

    Remember jjay, and it sounds like you might be recent MBB fan or not, doesn’t matter, Bob Nash, one of the all time Big great for UH, was grad assistant, assistant, Associate Head Coach and Finally Head Coach, to Larry Little, Frank Arnold, Riley Wallace, Just Having Nash on board, helped a lot, with recruiting too…Nash could relate to players.. that is a concern.. whether Eran, can , and guys are cool with it.. fine.

    I still think.. and JMO.. jjay, eagle, that Eran’s final pick will be of color.. what color, I guess it doesn’t matter.
    However, we started this discussion because legitimate concern of Isaac and his dad..

    My concern, the headstrong, mindset of team, core guys, will they accept Eran’s Riley Wallace type discipline, I just know Eran and his staff will be on top of the guys hard.. which is good, keeps team in check..

  25. Yes, the discipline like Riley Wallace, administered by Eran, and as Bigdaddy mentioned, NO guarantees on scholies, too, renewed evaluated every year, ONE YEAR deals.. forgot to mention that, was concern..
    Guys not part of , or buy into New HC or returning.. they One on One discussions, which Eran probably wants to still have.. sounds like he did not get to everyone yet? I don’t know. maybe that is the concern, The One on One discussions and what came about from therm? JMO.

    Discipline like a good Father, though Eran is not a Father yet, and let the guys have some fun, and enjoy basketball, and be good citizens and students.. the ideal coaching staff/ player relationship

    And before, anyone, eagle,jjay, etc, panic.. JUST MY OPINION..

  26. Real Madrid beats Olympiakos 78-59 to win Euroleague title

    Remember these two great shooters? Utah State Jaycee Carroll and UH’s Matt Lojeski?

    Real Madrid led by Jaycee with 16 points for his team , to lead them to win.

    Off the bench, Matt Lojeski 6’6″ SG, led Olympiakos with 17 points.

    Matt had a great run this year in euroleague, and to make it to their version of NBA finals !

    Matt, a good, great JC athletic scored and shooter, rebounder defender for UH..

  27. Big daddy , if u have concerns please reach out to coach. People on this site talk about something they have no clue about. They would not know diversity of it bit the on the hind end. Some here would rather put a token In place and call it diverse. Don’t rely on this site. For intelligent discussion or advice on a real concern. IU and Isaac’s decision and every one on this site should respect it. I never said anyone racist but others here imply it because they do not like Ganot hire. They have their own ax to grind. Good luck to you and your son whatever your decision.

  28. Well, a big Aloha and Welcome to Coach Norm Parrish !
    I hope he can get that big that will help us compete against that front line of UC Irvine. It should be easy to tell which possible recruits won’t help. It may not work out, and the staf might spend a lot of time on things that might not work out, but if they are putting in the effort (and I suppose let us know about it), that’s good. It is not easy trying to find someone that can take on that size of front line. I for one won’t be unhappy if we are not able to find someone, but I would be unhappy if we don’t try. With that in mind, GO BOWS !!
    (And get Norm an Aloha shirt. Right now, he looks like he’s from the mainland.)

  29. I agree with jjay! Stop the talk of the race that makes up the coaching Staff. I would think Coach Ganot chooses the best coaches he can come up with that he feels is a fit, meaning fitting his model of a coach, meaning someone Ganot feels comfortable working with, etc. He’s not picking his Staff because of their color of skin or race background. It’s like reverse discrimination, hiring a person for each position that’s of a different ethnicity from the other. Sure you got different ethnicity’s of Staff but you’ve also discriminated the people of a race that’s already on Staff because of their ethnicity.

    Coach Ganot, don’t listen to this hogwash. Just hire the best person for the job! I’m pretty sure your not a racist and just hiring the best coaches for the job that you feel comfortable working with.

  30. Players will come to UH if they feel it’s right. I wouldn’t want a player coming to play for UH because they feel better playing for a coach because of his skin color or where he came from. If the player wants to not come or transfer it’d be better for all because of it. And just because the Coach and Staff racial make up is not diversified doesn’t mean they cannot work with athletes of different ethnicity’s. CRAZY!

  31. HUGE AMEN to that Pocho!

  32. “Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they are doing!”.

  33. AGREE… Bigdaddy, Keep those Liines of Communication Open…

    Issues? I’d think Coach Ganot is On Your Speed-dial!

    MY Preference?
    Isaac as a Hawai’i Graduate AND Conference Champs
    Tack on A Number of NCAA Tourney Wins…

    WIN! ‘BOWS!

  34. waiting on any verbal commits later on tonight and tomorrow morning….hopefully a player or 2 was on a visit

  35. Coach chooses whoever he wants on staff not what the website recommends. Cause The Rock Says So ! Do you smelllll what the Rock is cooking !!!!

  36. Per BM no visits this weekend due to graduation activities

  37. Test

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