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Meet assistant coach Norm Parrish

Norm Parrish may be a new assistant coach with the University of Hawai’i basketball team, but he is not new to Hawai’i basketball.

Although his previous 24 years of coaching took place in the state of Utah, Parrish made numerous trips to Honolulu during that time. Most notable, he established friendships with former head coach Riley Wallace and members of Wallace’s staff.

One of those was Eran Ganot, who was named the new UH head coach in April, and selected Parrish as one of his three assistant coaches on May 15.

“I got really familiar with the program and came over to work camp and just got good friends with the coaching staff,” Parrish said. “One of those on the staff one year was Eran Ganot. That’s kind of where I met him and we kind of stayed in contact.”

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Parrish was the head coach at Salt Lake Community College (Utah) for 20 years, which included the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) National Championship in 2009. More pertinent to Hawai’i, four his former SLCC players signed (and starred) at UH: Troy Ostler (1999-2001), Jeff Blackett (2003-05), Ahmet Gueye (2005-07) and P.J. Owsley (2006-08).

“Every player I’ve sent over here just loved it,” Parrish said. “I know when I’ve been over here the community jumps right in and it is Hawai’i’s university. It’s got a very good tradition, and I think the sky’s the limit.”

Parrish spent the past four seasons as a Director of Basketball Operations at the University of Utah, which was ranked as high as No. 8 in the nation last season, and advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

His successful experience over the past 24 years have created numerous relationships on all levels of basketball – something he hopes will help him in the recruiting battles for UH.

“We had it rolling pretty good (at SLCC) and so I’m really familiar with … 90 percent of the junior college coaches in the country, they at least know who I am or maybe our paths have crossed at national tournaments,” he said.

Parrish did not get a chance to attend workouts with the returning players due to his recent hiring, but he is aware of potential on the roster.

“I think the cupboard definitely is not empty,” he said. “There’s some good players coming back and they finished the year well, I know. I think we need to plug in a few holes, and that’s what we’re working on … it’s not a complete rebuilding situation like a lot of places have.”

Parrish said another reason behind his decision to seek a job in Hawai’i was the timing of his family situation. His youngest son is a graduating senior in high school who will be attending Southern Utah University. Parrish and his wife, Kaye, also have a son attending Alaska-Anchorage, and another at Utah State.


  1. Eran, Adam, Norm and Chris, very even keeled. Good, welcome to Hawaii coaches. Hawaii very unique, challenges ahead, however meet them head on. We all love Winners, more than B- average students I guess, although , good student, citizen and athlete that will win with class and lose with class, the ideal team.

    Go Bows !

  2. It really looks like we are going to hit the ground running with Coach Norm. This is all positive and gives us the feeling that the sails are full and there is smooth sailing ahead no matter what.

  3. Love the hires by coach ganot! Adam Jacobsen I think can recruit has been and associate HC so has experience which is good for a young coach like ganot. Norm Parrish has been a JC HC for 20 years so has experience as well plus knows a lot of coaches nation wide to help recruit. Coach ack has kinda of the same deal as coach Parrish. Coming from the JC coaching level but he was in California so can recruit there and coach Parrish can concentrate on the rest of the states. Now let’s get some recruits! Now that NWC is gone now we need 2 bigs and maybe one more guard. Let’s get it coaches!

  4. Welcome aboard coach Norm. Go Warriors. !

  5. An Ahmet Gueye, 6’8″ Jeff Blackett, 6’8″ Troy Ostler 6′ 10″or PJ Owsley 6’8″ 250, he very smart though not very athletic, tough big for Riley and then Nash.

    Norm and Adam, Chris or Eran can get at LEAST TWO of the above who played for Norm at SLCC, would be awesome, role players, Troy Ostler, weakside shot blocker with that 42″ vert, and wing span, Ahmet Gueye, great timing shot blocker and rebounder, just had to have better hands, very small hands.. Jeff Blackett, another 42″ vert who could do two handed standing slam dunk, great athlete and tough..

    Shooters…another Zane Johnson, Tes Whitlock, Trevor Ruffin, John Molle Jr, Michael Kuebler, Carl English, Aaron Strayhorn, Pops Dickerson.. guys who, first good look or not.. bombs away, and they could hit from 28 feet on in at good percentage.,

    Name of the game, HS, college and NBA, international overseas..the 3 point shot. Along with some bigs, who can play inside out,.. however even the euro bigs, are very physical now, they can shoot outside, however have gotten tougher and will block shots, rebound top level.

  6. Build Solid and Fast, Coach
    Wanna BANK on The Two-Years’ Talent, PLUS!

    We had Relatives go from Hawai’i to Utah
    MOST Like the Other Direction a little more
    The One You’re Takin’

  7. Welcome aboard, coach Parrish. Ganot has built a nice staff. Having two with extensive experience will help him as he grows in the position of head coach. Player development is one of Ganot’s tenets, and I think this staff will help in that area. Now, let’s see what they bring to the table as far as recruiting.

  8. I hope Ganot and his staff continues to recruit and build along the HS ranks wherever possible…One thing Gib did right was try to recruit and build a program through the HS ranks. I think getting 4 year players will pay dividends in the next few years as Flemings and others mature and reach their potential.

  9. I think you have to build with a mix of high school and JC at UH. It’s always a risk when HS guys go to school at least 2,500 miles away from family and friends. Some are bound to transfer out based on homesickness. JC guys can plug holes immediately and are a little more mature to handle living so far away from family. I like the staff and what they hopefully bring to the table recruiting wise.

  10. possible recruit ….visitation??? Clint Parks… per BM. Anyone, have any information on him?

  11. tako: Take this for what it’s worth. I believe the visit was by Kahuku sophomore Samuta Avea, who would be a 2017 recruit. Saw him play once this year, and he impressed me. Tall, lanky kid with quickness and athleticism (believe he also plays football), who started on a talented squad. There were reports earlier that Avea will be moving to Utah. Perhaps this visit came in advance of the family’s move. How Clint Parks is associated with Avea … I really don’t know. Again, take this for what it’s worth.

  12. mahalos….Clyde

  13. Looks like Clint Parks is a basketball skills trainer and graduated from Kahuku in 2009.


  14. Thought that name sounded familiar. Clinton Parks was a talented basketball player at Kahuku, but if this is the same guy he would have graduated around 2006, not 2009. In any case if the Avea trip is true, it’s nice to see the coaching staff start building relationships with younger players.

    Still wondering about this year’s class. Ganot is the anti-Gib; probably won’t know about the next commitment until he’s signed and delivered.

  15. clyde, I noticed, more and more, the Riley Wallace, Bob Nash with a little of Gib, old school, recruit, helping team, getting right guys for Hawaii.
    Eran very, very low key like Larry Little. I guess, you take the best from past MBB coaches including Benjy and his emotions.. can have very good coaching staff.

    Thing that concerns me, Only one LOI.. a guy that still has to make the grades for JC associate degree to qualify to come into UH summer session, with up to 5 or 6 available scholies, pending any if, ncaa sanctions penalties, that leaves a lot of spots to fill.
    Eran, is sort of a hurry up but wait attitude.. has to get it done, sign guys up till Fall Semester starts, or HOLD ALL THE shcolies.. HE SHOUD open up to Manoa walkons, any size shape and ability to round out the roster, maybe , and I know they are there, 6’2″ SG’s to 6’7″ former HS and JC Basketball players from here and mainland overseas, on campus.. Eran give them a shot, fill out roster, with 15 guys.. better, for practice and develop, scout..

  16. Clyde, correction, Parks graduated in 2006 as you said. I read the 6 upside down on his facebook page.

    When was the last local prospect like him that Avea, besides Miah and Derrick Low types ? Bobby Nash, … ? However, the good ones often go to the mainland for college.

  17. ” . . that tall like Avea …”

  18. islandmand:

    Hawaii NCAA DI prospects, Red Rocha, Dennis Sallas, Tim DeSilva, Howie Dunham, Rockne Freitas, who opted for Football, David Hallums, Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, Julian Sensley, James Williams,.. think he went DII, Gib Arnold, who LOI at ASU..as frosh, , Derrick Low, Brad Pinueau, 6’10”, St. Louis school..his advisory in ILH, fellow big..Craig Bell 6’11” from University Lab school went to Utah and started, Miah, Zach Buscher, Dyrbe Enos, Mike Among, two sport BB and VB, I know I am missing someothers, who played DI ball, or DII. from out of Hawaii HS ranks..

    As Geremy Robinson says, and that guy would be great assistant, however he is doing the development NOW, when young guys and gals are 6 years old, go through dededicated fundamentals, from youth to senior in HS>. Geremey Robinson says Hawaii, if the kids with support of parents, and the young ones playing ONLY BASKETBALL all year round, can be as talented as Mainland grown BB talent.. I believe that too. over next 5 years. lot of young guys here, are growing to 6′;7″ to 6’10” with skill, they just have to be 100 % ALL IN IN DEVELOPING BB skills, they will, and can make up the starting 5 for UH in another 5 years.. just have to have the desire..!

  19. Since we are mentioning some of the best local talent from the past, I think one of the best that attended UH is Alika Smith. What a great tandem with AC. He had a great HS career too.

  20. UHF1, someone mentioned Maryknoll’s Justice Sueing Jr., 6-5, soph, as very good. Son of the UH alumni game star which game was covered by Dayton in Feb.

    Clyde or others, how is Sueing Jr. ?

  21. All 11 returnees are listed on the 2015-16 roster, so far. I think # 2, Niko is supposed to be a R-Soph.


  22. islandman: Caleb Gilmore if he were just more physically developed, stronger, I am sure he would have had DI offers, maybe from UH, as for Sueing Jr. , know the dad, spoke too him, they are proud of son, I don’t know if he is VB player too, could be…very athletic, and can jump.

    Hey, Caleb has son played here, Jusctice Sueing, Gib’s son soph on the Kalaheo championship team, neat, have 2nd even 3rd generation greats playing.

    I LOVE WHAT GEREMEMY and the Mantra of UH camps Now. DEVELOP local home grown, I tell you.. remember the mantra.. UH kids produce football players, the guards wings, would be skinny guys who shoot the ball shorter guys.. NOw, with Hawaii population approaching 1.5 million, and transfers in, there are guys that have legitimate height 6’6″ to 6’10” just have to teach them and have them go to mainland tourneys during spring and summer, and ball with those AAU team, and like Derrick Low did, lead his boys team to victories in Vegas !
    That would be best of both worlds, still go after the best 2 star from around the globe, about half, and the other half 2 star rated UH home grown. guys that can compete and win.. will raise SCC season ticket sales, if UH MBB wins 25 games per year and goes NIT or NCAA every year.. guaranteed UH sells 6000 season tickets.. Go Bows Eran Develop and Geremey Robinson develop the kids willing to bust okoles to become great DI BB players !!

  23. Eran will need to reach out to the local high school coaches here to build up boy’s basketball to be on a more competitive level as their mainland counterparts. One way is by holding Coaching Clinics for HS and Club coaches here in the state . A handful go to the Vegas tournaments every year but youre talking a “handful”. That’s why the UH staff needs to bring up the level of coaching starting from early age all the way through high school from there we will see more Low’s ,and Avea” type players coming out of this state.

  24. islandman: I never had the pleasure of watching Sueing, Jr. But from all accounts, he’s quite polished for someone so young as evidenced from him being the third-leading vote-getter in the SA’s Fab 15. In fact, the 6-foot-5 sophomore from Maryknoll was the only underclassmen among the top 12. I’m sure he’s on Ganot’s radar.

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