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Highlights from Call the Coach radio show


Apologies for the delay with this posting, but here are some video highlights of the “Call the Coach” show on ESPN 1420 radio with Eran Ganot.

Of course, this show was recorded prior to the UH release of its proposed self-imposed sanctions, so there are no comments on that topic.

The show was conducted on May 12 at the H-Zone store in Ward Center. Among the highlights:

* Ganot is not concerned about his (as of yet) unsigned contract situation.

* He would like to schedule a game against a “name” opponent headed to the Maui Invitational every year. “I think you have to every year try to get a team that’s coming to Maui,” he said.

* He said he expects all players eligible to return next season to, indeed, return.

* He also shared his thoughts on several of the returning players, including Roderick Bobbitt, Stefan Jankovic, Aaron Valdes, Mike Thomas, Quincy Smith and Negus Webster-Chan.

* He described the Big West Conference as “balanced” and “under-rated.”

(Photo courtesy ESPN 1420 Radio)


  1. Surreal

    Real stories ncaa response to ncaa
    Isaac Fleming concerns staff diversity
    huge battle looming Gib vs UH/NCAA
    Gib settling with UH for monies owed

    Eran and team
    I hope whomever stays for couple years does good
    do not trust UH or broacasters of radio

  2. Real story will ncaa nail uh mbb with more penalties
    what UH asking
    team really on board academically and philosophy?
    As much as forums say Gib could spin
    Eran doing same thing..
    we wait and see
    will UH settle with Gib? Does Gib have good case against allegations?
    Make or break with results of above

  3. Bob Nash=Gib=Benjy=same coach speak
    some fans say new direction..
    really not
    Benjy wanted same of guys ..improve in areas weak
    looked forward to off season

    Kind of makes me sad..Eran is just saying what Gib or Benjy said

    Poor Benjy, got short end of deal from UH
    maybe he hired by Eran..nope
    Isaac Fleming think about it
    Eran is no better than last 3 coaches honestly

    Same mantra
    though Eran should hire a black coach, diversity
    really troubling
    need variety Eran
    you have not a game yet
    get excited about guys and fans that might leave

  4. Really lost interest in uh mbb unless eran hired AC Carter, then I go Yes!!
    UH and NCAA…GIB go get em..

  5. Mahalo, Dayton

    Answers to Many Questions

  6. Dayton – why do you provide admonition to remain civil yet allow one commenter to dominate discussions with multiple posts and baseless accusations of racism on the part of coach Ganot? I would think this is a sure fire way to drive away hits on your site. And no matter the topic this person somehow turns discussion back to Gib/Benjy. As for me, if this person is allowed to throw out such charges with no comments from you about keeping it civil then you are painted with the same brush. Look forward to your response.

  7. UHF1 sounds like he’s mentally ill. Give him a hall pass.

  8. Gibs is like an ex girlfriend that u got a STD from

  9. Wow…some people who post here make me want to quit this website

  10. Can we just stop talking about Arnold and Taylor. They are gone already. Not a part of the program anymore. It’s a sorry history. Let talk about the present players, current coaches, recruits and prospects.

  11. UHF1 go watch some basketball, and learn how it is done.

    Specifically, go watch the Golden St. Warriors. Who had a good coach last year, but fired him and replaced with a rookie who was last seen holding Michael Jordan then Tim Duncan’s jock straps. Golden St. was down 2-1 in series against Memphis, with 2-of-3 games coming up in Memphis. Their new coach got them to come back, and are now the Vegas favorites for NBA championship. Because it’s about the players, and supported by the coach. PS they doing it without a 7’6″ center. This is the team that a lot of UH players like.

    As for new direction, finally returning players stop heading for the exit in the offseason. And we at least know we have an offensive system, so maybe can score on something other than fast breaks next year and the years to come!

  12. Thank you, Dayton. I’ll watch the video later today.

    Going a little off topic here…
    It really pisses me off that the H-Zone stores don’t sell UH basketball jerseys. I was told it’s because they’re manufactured by Adidas and that UH only has a retail agreement with Under Armour, not Adidas. Lame!

  13. UHF1, I hope you follow your own words and lose total interest in UH Men’s BBall if we don’t hire AC Carter for the last coaching position. Then we can rid this site of crazy comments of racism and calling for the reinstatement of Gib and Benjy.

  14. From NCAA website:

    “The new structure enhances head coach responsibility/accountability and potential consequences for head coaches who fail to promote compliance within their programs.

    Penalties in the previous structure relied on whether the head coach knew of the violations or whether there was a “presumption of knowledge.” But under the new structure, rather than focus on knowledge or the presumption of it, the bylaw was amended to presume responsibility. Accordingly, if a violation occurs, the head coach is presumed responsible, and if he or she can’t overcome that presumption, charges will be forthcoming.”

  15. Uhfanzonly1 has now become a troll of university of hawaii basketball and its sad. its a shame. this FAIRWEATHER FAN as playhoopsa runbows whatever moniker he uses.

  16. NCAA Committee on Infractions Hearing July 16-17. No PPV of the hearing planned, apparently.

    “UH Manoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman, athletic director David Matlin and the school’s attorneys are among those scheduled to attend the session at NCAA headquarters, a spokesman said.

    Former coach Gib Arnold and his counsel are also scheduled to attend.

    Other parties named in the allegations, including former assistant Brandyn Akana and ex-players Isaac Fotu and Davis Rozitis, may appear if they choose.” ( SA, May 18 )

  17. UHFans is delerious and incompetent mentally if you all dont know by now, he’s the same multi personality person as CP, etc etc Rub bows, poor boy , whatevas . The guy has a compulsive disorder and needs medical attention .

  18. Like it or not, the subject of the NCAA rulings is going to stay a hot topic until July when they finally make a final ruling on the punishments. Until they come out with the official announcement there is going to be two sides to this because some fans still back up Gib and Benjy but other fans want them off the island. Instead being all huhu, I just listen to both sides and see what comes out.

    Both sides get intelligent arguments but both sides also get crazy backers that no make sense. I try not to let it bother me one way or another because I too old for that already. It is entertaining to say the least.

    I do agree with Gib’s lawyer that UH “laid down” against the NCAA and could of shown a little more fight for the sake of their own program.

  19. Think Eran will be a great get for the U of H. He’s already gotten the players to buy in, which is a major step for success. More so, with the situation as is.

    Really looks like he is surrounding himself with smart and experienced assistant coaches.

    Think he is doing all the right things and looks to build for success and success for the forthcoming years. Like the fact that as soon as he arrived here, he focused on the players. Starting recruiting his assistant coaches. Then started individual plans for all returning players. At the same time all the other administrative stuffs. That’s a lot of individual accomplishments, so just wait till his staff is onboard and he as more time. -Go Warriors.

  20. Apologize WI nation, just very frustrated with UH athletics and goings on. Like many, donated lots of monies to school. and season tickets for multiple sports , till could not go anymore.. Wish well, for MBB to resolve, fascinating scenario, really.. I will keep , and I am sure, several dozen of us will, majority of people in Hawaii, I bet, they have greater concern than sports, or MBB.. I wish works out best for all,..

    Good it is off season, recharge the batteries.

    Hope the best for all, whomever, coaches are or were, lot of nice and good people who love Hawaii and the University..

    Fan of UH sports. I am.. back in the day,.. great run by WVB, MVB , Sugar Bowl FB team,1980 World Series Baseball team, etc..hope one day, a UH team will challenge for a title.. if it is UH.. why not as Janks and Negus say? Why not UH?

  21. Hey Uhf1, you bring Aloha to this website! Thanks!

  22. One of the players Curran and Ganot did not talk about was Stefan Jovanovic. Jovanovic was very much in the rotation, as well as Fleming. Would have been nice to talk about them too and their improvements.
    Maybe next time.

  23. Apology would be more sincere without all the excuses and other stuff. A simple “I apologize” would work nicely.

  24. Enough about Gib, Taylor, etc. you can moan or cry a river and they won’t come back. I enjoyed the team they put together and the game played, but it’s Pau Hana time for them already. Let’s move on, IMUA

    I wouldn’t mind Diversity with coaches and players, but it is what it is and if it there is or not it’s okay. I’d want a coach who can coach, knows the game, etc. more so than having a diverse racial mix on UH’s bb Staff 1st and foremost. And this being UH, they are far more concerned in cleaning up after the NCAA investigation and seeing the student/athlete’s coming up with good grades more than anything else.

    Now, it’s about running a clean program, getting the student athlete’s grades in order and everything else is of lesser importance as far as I gather.

    It is what it is, IMUA, support the new Staff, current players and newcomers.

  25. Derek all I can say is WOW !!! It didn’t surprise me business as usual on the Curran show.I’m happy my son is back on the eastcoast now he can see what the Rock is Cooking without know distractions.

  26. Bigdaddy 94: You all gotta do what you gotta do. Away from the Rock, think things out.. it can get crazy here.
    Wish best for whole team, this past year, very taxing on very good fans, and team, their families and sons.

    Tell Isaac we have a lot of Aloha for him, whatever he decides we support him, your family and the whole team.

    Still think , No, I am glad, Isaac and this year’s team, no mention of vacating their great year.. will stand forever !!

    And akuhead2 thanks.. hey we all UH MBB fans.. I hope UH gets things straight,.. and even former staff and athletes.. we gotta start getting out of this funk ..

    Maybe one year , we all say, with United Voice, Go Bows.

    Aloha Bigdaddy, you and AV’s dad only ones , and AV’s mom, to chime in , oh year Isaac Fotu’s dad too.. Let us know how the families think..
    wow.. Isaac Fleming. away back in Delaware.. a good thing.. Clear the mind, and have objective view..

  27. Looks like Brandon Spearman is on the front cover of the summer camp registration packet !

  28. Akuhead, for real? Brandon Spearman is the greatest! UH would be BEAST if all our players had the hustle and skills that Spearman showed during his brief time at UH. Favorite UH player by a long shot.

    Sorry to say it, but it’s been several months now where all anyone ever talks about is the NCAA investigation. Quite frankly, I’m so f-ing over all the talk about it. Can’t we all just let things play out? No sense in stressing out about something that is completely out of our control. Hopefully this mess will be resolved by July so we – coaches, players, and fans – can just move forward, maybe even start from scratch. No sense stressing out about it. Let’s just give it a rest and enjoy summer.

  29. The NCAA hearing is July 16-17. Ferd said it issues a report a month or more later. NCAA website says the report is issued eight to twelve weeks later. So it won’t be resolved before July. The earliest could be August or September.


  30. TAVS

    summer league at manoa gym!!
    Only thing guys get hurt..
    according to Dayton..rightfully so
    we have to be careful with expletives

    NCAA thing ..will get resolved , just have to wait

    SA… going to write about it..until over..
    Dayton keeps us informed

    Derek had excellent point I missed ,
    in video above no mention of Dyrbe, Zach, Brocke, Jovanovich And fresman of year Isaac Fleming..

    Eran has to spin it..
    too bad.. will 12 guys return?
    Stay tuned!

  31. Mahalo Isaac and dad..
    great year..

  32. Coach…Don’t forget about Kyrin Galloway, 6’9″ 210# HS senior to be who just finished his junior year averaging a triple double…son of Erin and Kylie Galloway, both former UH stars.



  33. Thinking back to listening to the show last week, Bobby Curren was asking all the questions about the players so he probably forgot to ask about Isaac and others. It was also irritating to me that Curren kept throwing in his own stupid comments before letting Eran speak. The one I remember most is Curren ripping Janks for shooting 3 balls from far away and saying “if he went a few steps closer he might surprise everybody and get a rebound or two.” I think he was trying to be funny but really wasn’t.

  34. Warrior insider Dayton questions better
    just my thought Bobby has thrown a lot of people under the bus..

    ChuckCheese…to NOT mention 2 Key young guys..Stef Jovanovich AND Isaac Fleming , that is huge!

    That is why Bigdaddy , Isaac’s dad says he glad his son back home in Delaware
    away from this change, ncaa mess, coaching, school, whatever..(just wondering, I do not know for sure though daddy giving clues)

    I hope more guys go home and think..possibly be back 2nd summer session UH summer school

    Glad Dayton did video of interview
    Eran so new..AND .., it is NOT YET HIS TEAM
    like Riley, Nash, Gib, and Benjy ..had to earn stripes..

    Feel for guys, their families, this change, thinking Only Janks wecolmed it fully, other guys, some are in limbo..
    as TAVS said start new again..
    maybe new staff and team..again
    Let guys grad early…

    Really slow time, let us see 2 Eran gets possibly and 12 Former staff offered athletes, will be challenge.
    see how plays out

  35. You guys need to chill, specifically someone who obviously is still not sold on the coaching change. The interview was off-the-cuff by Curran. There was no script with the intention of soliciting a comment from Ganot on EVERY returning player. It’s just how their conversation played out. No intention on anyone’s part to leave someone out; no conspiracy theory. At least that’s what I recall from the show.

  36. clyde

    Isaac’s dad, check above earlier post concerned..
    if parent concerned, it is noteworthy
    he wants his son to be happy..
    true, Eran has not coached One Game, or won Any games yet at UH..so judgment is still out on him
    he wins 30 games with Gib and Benjy’s guys, good,
    until then
    we wait
    I don’t dislike Eran..I do not trust UH politics, really bring down a good and proud school
    wish best for students always

    And This is opinion based forum..right?
    Not facist state, United States..

  37. I’m with Chuck and Clyde on the comments on the returning players. Bobby just didn’t ask about Stef and Isaac. Agree with Derek, next time.

  38. UHF1 will NEVER stop his campaign against Ganot. Says he is talking about admin only. LOL!! His bar keeps getting higher. Now team needs to win 30 games to satisfy UHF1. He is so high on Gib/Benjy guys that he keeps begging Eran to get some shooters and some bigs. Why? Gib/Benjy guys should be enough to win it all according to UHF1! I would love to see Eran hire woman (like San Antonio Spurs) just to see the fit UHF1 would throw. On the bright side, whenever she got off the bench UHF1 could tell her to sit down and shut up just like he did to coach Beeman! Hey – just my opinion…

  39. Uhfanzonly1: Yes, I saw the post by Isaac’s dad about diversity, or lack of, on the coaching staff. And, coming from a Black family, it is a concern. I respect that, and suggest Isaac’s dad reach out to Ganot, if only just to express his feelings. I don’t expect, nor want, Ganot to hire a coach based solely on the color of his skin. He will find someone who best fits what he’s trying to build; someone whom he can trust to do things the right way; someone who will complement those already on staff.

    Nothing you, nor I, say will influence what Ganot has set out to do. And, it’s OK to admit that you don’t like the hire. After all, you’ve said it in so many different ways in so many different posts. It’s like you want him to fail.

    I think most people wanted Benjy to get a chance at the full-time position. He certainly earned it. The team was fun to watch, and was successful on the court and at the gate. But that ship has sailed, and it ain’t turning back. We all wish Benjy the best as he searches for the right program to sustain his journey up the coaching ranks. Hopefully, one day he will get another chance to run his own program.

    It’s a new era, with an unsettled future due to the NCAA allegations. I’m just hopeful that Ganot will help navigate the program through the treacherous waters and get it back on solid ground as we go forward.

    OK, more than I wanted to say. Moving on …

  40. As others said I don’t believe Coach Ganot left out players on purpose. However, if there is concern I think Bigdaddy has a direct line to the coach to clear things up instead of chatting with the insane UHF1 on a fan board. All things are best cleared up man to man. Isaac is obviously one of the cornerstones of the future and one of our most talented players. Hope he decides to continue to play in paradise. If not, I understand everyone has to make their own decisions and I would wish him well where ever he decides to continue his career.

  41. clyde: Hey I want what new and older fans of UH MBB want, a winning program, a stable one. The connection with Eran? I met Riley Wallace in person, when he was Larry Little’s assistant. I really like that gentleman Larry, really first class nice guy. And Riley the fiery ole Red Head who was hired by the late Stan Sheriff. Riley , you talk about stability, although, did not win game in NCAA tournament, went 3 times? which is record. I loved his discipline, tough guy, wanted effort, yet teddy bear heart, big heart loved all his guys.. I really respected Riley.

    I don’t think that will ever happen again by that time, a lot of us will not be here.. that is a long, long stable, clean record tenured coach, 20 years.. awesome. And I wish Riley the best and speedy recovery.

    No, clyde and pono, others. jjay, eagle.. I AM not personally against Eran, or his staff, though I agree with Bigdaddy, to retain a Senque Carey, would have been great.. who knows, Eran;s Last Hire, I am thinking, MIGHT be an African American coach, which is good, if he had an Asian coach, that could recruit Asia, great.. Know that Gib, he could recruit, Europe, Australia, NZ, Canada, USA, black, white, local, didn’t matter, one thing Gib could do was recruit.. DOES GIB HAVE A CASE.. he sure thinks he does.. against ALL the allegations.. Just curiousity on my behalf.. I have never seen a coach, challenge everything.. it seems to be All or Nothing.. I feel for HIS FAMILY, great wife and kids, and Brandyn and his ohana, Tonganator and their ohana and Isaac Fotu, the Former DOBA’s, must be, there is , well you know how legal teams are, Gib and counsel will go in fighting and swinging.. might as well his reputation and livelihood on the line.. IS HE a Grade A Criminal or murderous Felon? he or Brandon, Rozitis, Fotu, of course not. I would like to see, Gib, Akana, Fotu, Rozitis, their families and friends who have become entangled in this mess. to be able to resolve and solve issues and move on.

    All I AM SAYING… Not anti Eran, however, wish Benjy had a shot, he doesn’t mention it, .. alluded to HIS FRIENDS in coaching fraternity, I assume black AND white coaches, they didn’t get the deal, why he was not offered HC job when Benjy got the Mid Major Hugh Durham honor, award, and hit that magical guaranteed 18th win for winning season, PLUS made it to BWC championship game..Benjy, very High Character, High Road, guy… I would have been very, very upset, No support from UHadmin at all, all for the WBB team, whom deserved it.. however huge slap in Benjy’s face.. Well UH admin, In for a tremendous battle, whether NCAA, not me, NCAA, nails UH with more punishment , I don’t know.. I FEEL horrible, for the guys and their families.. That is where many on this forum miss my mantra.. the guys, the team and their families, had to endure near a year. uncertainty.. whether Eran, Gib or Benjy coach.. Just wish all Pau..

    Eran do the best, however, remember All I am saying CLYDE my fellow fan.. has not won One Game, YET for UH MBB. when he does. , and the team is happy, I will be cheering them on from my chair… love the UH MBB.

    The NCAA case, UH vs Gib vs UH vs NCAA.. it is very, very interesting how plays out. could very well impact several MBB seasons to come.. and even give Eran hard first couple of years..
    we shall see…

    And clyde.. IT IS JUST MY FEELINGS AND OPINION.. I am not attacking Eran, I have not seen him coach UH MBB team in a game yet.. we shall see. I hope the guys stay..
    Never know.. off season.. too much turmoil
    would be weird if Sammis was recruited again, howeve HE and FOTU, were very very close to Gib. so no chance..

    Go Bows

  42. Hey fans.. school pau, finals pau, graduations pau.. Any word, on possible Big or other athlete coming for visit this week?
    Know that Eran wanted to bring in a few before that May 20th? final spring signing date for LOI.

    A taller Ahmet Gueye , 6’11” who could rebound, block shots , run floor with better hands from SLCC would be great !

  43. Wow! U never cease to amaze me with these rants. As Pono has said no sense having discussion with someone clearly not playing with a full deck.

  44. Heard the Call the Coach live and saw it online. Coach did a good job. I think the questions asked were already sort of scripted. What I mean is that both spoke before the live radio feed. That was said on air. There are some concerns out there about the players. We have several key red shirt Juniors next year as well as key seniors.
    The following will or can leave next year.
    Roderick Bobbitt. Sr
    Dyrbe Enos. RS JR
    Quincy Smith. SR
    Negus Webster Chen. RS JR
    Aaron Valdes. RS JR
    Stefan Jankovic. RS JR

    Enos, Valdes , Chen and Jankovic can leave if they graduate after next season. That is a big hit and I don’t think we can recover from that quickly. I hope they all decide to stay for another year. This hasn’t really been discussed. I still think the team would be very competitive if we just lost our 2 seniors and the RS JR players stayed. This is a nice group we have here and very talented. I’m just hoping for the best. I’m hoping they all come back after summer first off.

  45. To summarize…. decisions have been MADE. Whether some, many or any agree with them. It’s okay to mourn and empathize a “loss” at the same time, there is a time to let go and move on. The bottom line, a new coach was selected that was evaluated to be the BEST choice for the team, period! There is nothing else to discuss. Support the TEAM.

    The Coach makes his decision on whom he hires for his “team/staff.” As he needs the best talent to develop the student/athlete in character, as an athlete and assure players graduate. Diversity includes, diversity of thought, diversity of experience and diversity of age, diversity of skills/experience/education and hosts of other things; let’s use the term as it was meant. Support the COACH.

    Whatever the outcome of the NCAA final ruling regarding the former coaches, it is what it will be…I wish everyone well. It won’t change the present.

    May I recommend UH1, get onboard, let go of the past and bring your passion to the NOW.

    -GO Warriors

  46. Yes, as islandman notes, I too agree with those comments from Chuck, Clyde, and Derek. Just saying. One issue with the Coach, and maybe its because he is new or is still trying to find his way through an interview or maybe just an omission, I think some of the players at least, need to work on their strengths ! As well as their weakneses. I don’t want to take anything for granted, and also you’ve got to concede there is always room for improvement. It is very special that we have a ‘very quick’ team, and those that are (marginally) not as quick have a special opportunity to work with those players that are. Especially for the big guys, and especially for anyone that wants to improve their game. The timing it takes to make steals, might be the same as the timing it takes to block shots. Timing and quickness are different and they need to practice all aspects of their game. It would be nice if they could practice height, but saying that, I note that the top prospects in the NBA draft are 6’11”, and not the 7′ that I aksed Uhf1 to yield to. Eh, what the heck, I am still going to say we need to recruit some 7 footers.

  47. Players leave and players come. Beeman sometimes has players who don’t finish the season or don’t return. She had three who left before the last conference season began (Moreno-Ross, Toailoa, Smith) Rumor is that coach Coolen could be losing or not having some of his eligible players back next year, including two most often time starters. Trapasso often doesn’t have several players come back. Same with football, although those are bigger rosters.

  48. Right akuhead2, like Ganot said NWC can work on getting his shot off quicker, which his shot is one of his strengths.

  49. I like all the comments. Especially those that state how coach Cannot did a good job. He is a poor at best public speaker and basically stated the same “players can get better” comment over and over comment. Since Bobby Curren is on vacation this week, he cannot represent himself. At the end of the day there is a number of us that are very disappointed in the athletic department administration, but still want to supoort this team and the players. What I am getting at is I will support the student athlettes at the University of Hawaii. Let’s all get in formation and support this team and players, regardless of how inexperienced the coaching staff is.

  50. Nice faint praise MB. I hope Ganot works on the public speaking part so he can be as good as Benjy was. Of course it will take him a while to match glib Gib. and, by the way, coaching staff IS part of the team so agree it is time to support TEAM.

  51. The following things that can take place with UH men basketball.

    1) All team members return and 2 decent recruits contributes to the team and the team wins the league’s championship. NCAA here we come. All things forgotten and the road ahead seems great.

    2) All team member return and recruits not any better than the returning players. Team has a losing season. The sh_t will start hitting the fan from the fans. The administrators will be fine with this.

    3) Several key players leave UH, recruits are decent. UH finishes in the bottom half. 2nd guessing will be abundant. Is it a possibility that UH will fall to depths of the football program.

    4) Several key players leave UH, recruits are decent. UH finishes in the top half.
    Things look promising. Ganot looks like the right coach.

    Will agree with who da guy, Gib was a very good recruiter. When all this started to play out, where was the athletic director, where was the chancellor, meaning why did they not meet with the coaches behind closed doors and make a plan, hash thing out for the good of the program. You know this was not done due to what went down. The leaders did not want anything to do with Gib, Akana, Fotu. Were they not all working for the same school? Especially for Fotu not given backing by the school. An Ipad come on. Why could that not be settled for the benefit of the young man?

  52. Calling all UH MB fans:

    Time for everyone to move forward and support Coach Ganot. Everyone has had enough time to mourn the loss of Benjy. Lets focus on getting through the NOV and the NCAA, look forward to a good schedule for the 2015 – 2016 season, the return of all players from this past year, and the signing of a couple of more good recruits. There is no better place to play then in Hawaii and at the Stan Sherriff Center.

    Book your Las Vegas vacay for Thanksgiving…. Let’s show the mainland schools how we support our team and players like we did at the Big West Tournament. We had more fans there then the other schools and they didn’t even have to take a long plane ride to get there. Go Bows!

    Here is how we can support the team and program. Make your donation. We did!


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