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Fotu enjoyed rookie success in Spain

Just like he did at the University of Hawai’i in 2012, Isaac Fotu made an immediate impact in his first season as a professional player in Spain.

Fotu, a 6-foot-8 forward, averaged 10.7 points and 4.0 rebounds per game in his rookie season with La Bruixa d’Or Manresa. He led the team with a .559 field goal percentage, and made 36 3-pointers in 28 games.

La Bruixa d’Or Manresa is one of 18 teams in Spain’s Liga ACB, which is considered by many to be Europe’s top basketball league. Fotu’s team completed its season last week.


“I think my first pro season went very well,” Fotu said. “I have heard from a lot of people over here that a lot of young players struggle to perform in the ACB, so to play the way I did, I think I did quite well. I was playing for a very good, experienced coach who taught me all about professionalism and with a good group of veterans to learn from.”

Fotu began the season as a reserve, but eventually earned a starting role late in the season. La Bruixa d’Or Manesa finished with an 11-23 record, but won three of its last four games to close the year.

Of particular note, La Bruixa d’Or Manesa scored a 90-80 upset of Real Madrid in the regular-season finale. Fotu contributed 17 points on 6-of-10 shooting in the upset win. Real Madrid is considered the top club in all of Europe.

“The ACB is considered by many to be the second best league in the world (behind the NBA) so I wasn’t surprised at the level of play here,” Fotu said. “There are a lot of good players here who play smart and are very skilled.”

Fotu said he adjusted his game by adding more range to his jump shot. “Coming here I knew I had to shoot the 3 a lot more than I did at Hawai’i, so I was given confidence by my coach and teammates and by the end of the season I had shot 95 3s in about 30 something games,” he said. “Other than that I just tried to be an energy guy off the bench. Being young in this league I just tried to rebound as well as possible, play solid defense and be aggressive on offense.”

Spain’s gain was, of course, Hawai’i’s loss. Fotu had two seasons of eligibility remaining at UH, and was poised to become the showcase player for his junior season with the Warriors. He had previously earned the Big West Conference Freshman of the Year award, and was named to the All-Big West Conference First Team as a sophomore.

His sudden and unexpected decision to turn professional was due to an NCAA investigation that led to the dismissals of then-head coach Gib Arnold and assistant coach Brandyn Akana.

Due to ongoing legal proceedings, Fotu declined to comment on the NCAA situation. He did say, however, that Hawai’i was constantly in the back of his mind.

“I miss a lot of things about Hawai’i,” he said. “I miss the people, the weather, the beaches, and of course, my teammates and the coaches I had while I was there. I also miss poke bowls; can’t wait to taste one again.”

He also said he kept up with the progress of the 2014-15 UH basketball team, and remains in contact with several former and current players.

“In all I think my first year as a pro was a success and I have definitely grown and improved as a player and as a person,” he said. “I always think about Hawai’i but in the end I think everything turned out for the best, the team had a great season and just missed out on the NCAA tournament by one game and I think the future is bright for them.”

On another note, Fotu’s younger sister, Ella Fotu, recently signed a letter of intent to play for the Boise State women’s basketball team.

(Photo of Ella Fotu and Isaac Fotu courtesy Fotu family)


  1. MAHALO DAYTON AND WARRIORINSIDER for new piece on Isaac Frotu Fotu 42, one of The All Time Greats who ever played for UH MBB !
    And shout out to Fotu Ohana, Tonganator Dad.. We All STILL LOVE AND MISS YOU All very very much !!
    What a great rookie season Isaac, and hope you keep moving up that pro ladder !!
    And shout out to Ella ! Hope you have awesome 4 year career with the Broncos !
    Fotus, you all come and visit here one day again.. Hawaii, the Real MBB fans, we love you very much !!



  2. Love how Fotu’s game evolved I don’t think the coaches at Hawaii would have ever allowed him to shoot 3’s. Fotu a stretch four

  3. Despite the circumstances of his departure, I don’t have any acrimony against Fotu. He was a credit to UH basketball, a seemingly nice kid, and a joy to watch.

    I can’t think of another UH big man who had such great footwork in the paint. I remember watching him as an incoming freshman during the summer league. Time and again, he’d put a spin move on Dressler and explode to the basket. I knew then he was a special talent.

    Best of luck, Isaac, as you progress in your career.

  4. Bows and clyde… amen to your statements.. Isaac really good guy, and his family, sad happenings, I think somehow, follow the process, everyone gets resolution and things fixed and all concerned move on.

    Man, if last year’s team had Sammis and Fotu, wow, however Benjy stated it well, Would Never Know, maybe, team would not have been that back to wall fighting for everything and almost reached the NCAA tournament.. Fotu… Sammis.. Christian, Davis, Spearman, G Money, some excellent athletes, and guys.. NOw eran has to get guys that are As good if not better..

    I think Eran, is starting to feel it now.. hope the best, however, to recruit, 3 or 4 star to Hawaii , near impossible, however to develop 2 star under radar , jc, gets can do..

    still fight and finish strong Isaac know you want resolution clear name too, so many ex staff, and ex players, want things to be pono.. I am confident with right legal guidance, a lot of things will get fixed.
    Good barrsiters, fighting for you all !!

    Aloha Tonganator !!

  5. Mahalo, Dayton

    And Fotus, Isaac, Ella and Tonganator!
    (Still the Best Name @ WI.com)

    Isaac, Way to Keep Movin’ and Climbin’!
    Everywhere, There WILL Be Obstacles and Challenges
    Whether they be Opponents, Selfish Teammates (Hopefully NOT)
    Boo-Bird Unappreciative Fans, Stick-in-their-Own-Mud Administrators
    For Winners, Success Any Way!
    Just Like You & Your Hawai’i Teammates…

    BOH — Isaac has Credited the UH Coaches with Pushing and Helping Develop That Three Shot
    They Also Wanted him to take More–
    (Although you have a Point that ‘Other Coaches’ Could get Addicted to the 55-60% FG Shooting from around the key)
    THAT Does Not Normally Develop ‘Overnight’
    Isaaac’s been working on it for 2-3 years

    i “Expect” Much Like @ UH that Greater Improvement will Solidly Follow…
    Ella IF The Boise Winters get too white or last too long
    UH is a quick switch away…
    i think Coach Laura can keep our admin away from you…

  6. Nice article, Dayton. Good to know Isaac had a good rookie year. Would be interesting to know how this interview came to be. Also, follow up with Rozitis, Spearman, and Standhardinger would be nice. Could last year’s group of seniors be the first in school history to all turn pro?

  7. Fro-tu! I am so glad to see this guy doing well for himself and I think all us die hard basketball fans knew he had pro talent from the first day we saw him. I just still wish we had him for his junior and senior years. He would be beast! It pains me to think how excited we all would be if he were getting ready for his senior year at UH right now!

  8. Interesting article. I always wanted to know how the former players were doing. Its good that Isaac found some success with the 3 ball. Im sure next year they will give him some post plays. Then he will be able to show the full extent of his game. If he keeps improving like he has the past 2 years, the NBA could come calling. Just stay hungry and be aggressive. And thanks for the memories playing at UH.

  9. TAVS, ChuckCheese, eagle, servante , bows, clyde without question, that Brandyn Akana, help point man get in Isaac Fotu, they spotted him with NZ 3 on 3 team in China? That was huge get, I remember when first got Isaac Fotu, he listed at 6’9″ 250+, he has slimmed down, and at 6’8″ about 240, with consistent, 3 point range, I agree, keep getting better, and smarter BB wise, I think HE WILL make an NBA roster, Isaac is only about 21 years old or so..

    One thing, All the above posts, and some others to come.. the Real Deal MBB fans.. we loved what Gib, Brandyn, Benjy brought in, Fotu, Christian, Davis, NWC, Janks, Fleming, Nevels, Q, MT and AV, Stef Jovanovich,..just great guys,.. and We MISS like hello, that they Could not finish together.. that pains me, and it does to the guys who have left.. Well The Memories, of the Frotu spin move for soft jump hook was money, now, with his stronger game, and trifecta weapon.. NBA roster before 30 years of age? I think so !!

    Tonganator.. aloha and Love you all, Ella go get that MWC title and be freshman of the year !!
    Isaac, any time bro, have Dyrbe set you up with some Poke bowl, if okay? when you come visit during off season..hey .. come visit this summer !!

  10. Interesting.. some on forum say let it go, let it go.. the past staff and athletes gone.. however, they set stage for cupboard being not bare for Eran.. and Eran, if he first class guy, will keep on repeating that point first and second years that he is coaching, he has success, MBB wins a lot of games and goes NIT or NCAA’s , it is with Gib, Brandyn, Benjy’s, recruits gets.. guys,if you met in person, are the greatest young men you could meet, not a felon among them..Great representatives of 808, Hawaii and UH MBB !!

    I am getting excited.. if only.. shoots.. would have been wild and fun ride. with those guys..


  11. And thanks Dayton, and the Schmidts, and the Fotus for being gracious enough to grant interview and share photos.. SA can’t touch that !!

    Mahalo Dayton.. bringing back great, great recent memories. !!

  12. I hope Ella does well at Boise state I had wished that she would have come here. I understand the families reluctance to come here because of the way that the administration treated Isaac! People in Hawaii still love Fotu and are very appreciative of the two years he gave us!

  13. Hey.
    Poki run.
    Be back in a little while. …
    Go Fotu !
    Go Bows !

  14. Eh, how come no can find aku poke in the stores nowdays?

  15. No Poke for the kine? Maybe Fotu stay back order !

  16. WSN poster says 6′-6 Sai Tummala was in for a visit. He played for Arizona St. but the stats showed he hardly played. Roster says 218 lbs.

    Also, red-shirted at Michigan, attended Salt Lake Community College for one year, and then played for ASU for two years. Outstanding student, roster says Pre-Med.

  17. We talking bout the Fotu Nation now.. good times.. aloha and fun..

    Eran will have his turn..

    thanks for information islandman.

    Go Isaac Frotu, NBA dream hoops dreams..

    Eran, Who are these guys he bringing in, ? 3 or 4 star guys, or under radar, or , I don’t know.. he is HAVING tough time.. just like Rocha, Little, Frank, Nash etc.

  18. Or is he Better than Christian or Isaac Fotu, Vander? MT or Jovanovich, ? One year RS transfer,?
    Eran having real tough time.. wish him well, however, that is hand dealt..

  19. Apparently, Sai was a preferred walk on at Michigan in 2011-12.

  20. Reading a little more about Tummala and his background and my guess is he is being recruited for his strength and that is academics. He wants to go into medical school!

    It looks like he graduated already so will have one year left to play as a grad student. He was at the end of the bench at Arizona State for two years so I can’t see him being a impact guy in one year here on the court.

    This is a tough call. Should Ganot give him a scholarship to boost the APR and chance that the kid might not help you much on the court? Or wait for a better “athlete” to give the scholarship? The big problem is still not knowing how much scholarships the NCAA taking away.

    If some of the rumors out there are true about the APR about to drop because of NWC and others then it makes sense how Ganot would take a kid like this for one year.

  21. As said, Liga ACB is the #2 basketball league in the world. But that is like saying Robin was #2 to Batman. Liga ACB only plays ~30 games a year. There’s a big jump to the 82-game NBA schedule. To get a grip on Fotu’s status, here’s the best prospect in Liga ACB:

    “Kristaps Porzingis is a 7-foot-1 power forward … He started more than half of his games this season for Sevilla, averaging 11 points, nearly five rebounds, and one block in 21 minutes, good enough to be named the 2014-15 Eurocup Rising Star.”

    Fotu’s numbers are nearly identical, but unfortunately he’s not showing up on this mock draft:
    (look at Alan Williams in there)

    Let’s talk Fotu’s numbers:

    He was a big part of the offense at UH, and he actually gets more shots (compared to UH freshman year) albeit he is forced more to the perimeter. But good to see he can still be a focal point in an offense in the #2 league. 38% on threes is good. Can see that the free throws are way down though, in spite of taking a comparable number of 2-point shots.

    Fotu looks like he could be so close to the NBA, that 3 point shot developed nicely. He is still young.

  22. Thank you Isaac for blessing us with your talent. Only wish that things went differently for you and UH. Maybe you can test your talent in the NBA. Great article Dayton.

    Folks, lets have faith that Eran will bring in what is good for the program. He will have his reasons and that is why he is the head coach. Whether it is APR, talent, or JUCO, it will work out. He has said that he will bring players in one at a time that that as much as he may want a certain player, they have to be the right fit for the team and program. What that is? He knows, only the coaching staff know. Whomever he brings in, the players can only help to make us better.

    Speaking of better, have any of you bought your tickets for the Las Vegas Invitational Tournament yet? Tickets are on sale and there are still some courtside tickets available next to us. About 15 more seats. Call 888-234-2334 and ask for Section 3 tickets.

    Also, thanks to brother John for putting this together. If this doesn’t get you pumped up for next season, you are not a true fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS6p-hgl3_g

    Support the team by helping out. https://www.crowdrise.com/MensBasketball We need another $4K to get our players what they need to become much better and improved shooters.

    Go Bows!

  23. UHF1 back running things. Tells other commenters what they can contribute and still brings everything back to Gib is Great! Akana is Awesome! Hire Benjy! Eran does not need to kiss the rings of a couple of cheaters and another guy who finished middle of the pack in BWC! U r right, all these recruits are Gib’s guys. And still middle of the pack. If Eran can improve this group then it is about coaching. And so much for no multiple posts, Dayton. Ridiculous!

  24. Glad to see Fotu excelling in a tough league. Hopefully his performance will catch someone’s eye in a NBA front office and get him a look on a summer roster.

  25. Aloha Dayton, Uhfanzonly1 and all the die hard UH Basket Ball Supporters. Hawaii will always hold a special place in the Fotu’s Household. We still follow the progress of the MBB team, and always check in from time to time. New Chapter for the team and will be interesting to see how things goes next season. We will definitely come back for a visit.
    A couple of link about Isaac:





    Another Fotu on the rise, Dan:


    I always enjoy reading all the comments here on the W.I thanks Dayton and all the sponsors.


  26. Nba is only a dream

  27. Thanks for the links, Tonganator. And congrats to Isaac for receiving an invite to NBA Eurocamp. You should be proud of all your kids; they’ve all got bright futures in the sport of basketball.

  28. Tonganator:

    Wink, Wink… thankyou ! and Mahalo, I always will remember your surprise visit to Isaac Fotu, when he was a freshman, with you and Ella and I think was is Daniel? You have great family, I will never forget.
    And Pupule, just be a fan of MBB past and present, been following MBB for over 55 years…long time, seen good and bad, Fotu and Family very very good for MBB ..
    Tonganator excellent Dad ! Fotu Ohana may you all be blessed, and one day have great vacation in Hawaii again. Hope Isaac does make it to NBA or long career in Europe’s highest league !!

    Go Bows !

  29. Checked WI archive video, yes, December 2012, surprise visit, Christmas break, with Manu, father, Ella, sister, and youngest brother Jacob, who must be very big now !
    I remember, Tonaganator, telling of Isaac’s brother Daniel being about 6’5″ tall a year ago, maybe even taller, bigger now, and quite a Basketball talent in New Zealand too.

    Such a nice Family, and a great part always of Warrior Insider Nation and all true UH MBB fans..
    Love the Fotus !!

  30. Your world, Uhf1. Like I said u running the show which makes things such a joke. Keep kissing up Dayton and Valerie. They must love having u as their biggest fan. Just sad to think u learned so little after being fan for. 55 years. Would figure u would pick up something about the game in that time but I guess too much to ask for..

  31. Uhfanzonly1 Keep the fire burning for the MBB team. I am not a basketball player (rugby is my game) but love sports. Keep it going bro.

    Here is a link that just came out:



  32. Mahalo nui Aloha ! Tonganator !

    Thanks, I really have great respect and fondness for Isaac Fotu’s Ohana. And for keeping WI nation, and myself in the loop !! The 2 years that Isaac spent playing for UH, were two very exciting ones. Loved his 30 point game agains Mamadou and Cal Irvine at Irvine, that was one of UH’s best road victories ever !

    Thankyou sir ! Mr. Fotu and Family.
    Wish that one day Boise St WBB team will play UH WBB team here at SSC and you and your ohana can watch Ella play.. we will cheer on both teams !!

    Aloha and thankyou for the links, you are becoming very high tech,and social media savvy !
    From the land of Aloha to the land of the Kiwis !!


  33. Ferd finally being , or trying to be objective and real, for one thing comments Benjy did not leave cupboard bare, maybe he should have, all guys gone, grad or transferred went pro, or quit, and he had to start from scratch like Riley and Larry Little, however that core group is smaller with NWC and I still have not heard until he comes back for 2nd summer session about Isaac Fleming. will he return?

    Ferd also comments on the obvious.. hey when Riley had the great AC and Savo , Michael Keubler/Julian Sensley Teams, and knew he had chance, he invited the Kansas’, the Indianas the Michigan States, etc, to play at SSC.. now, about 8 holes in schedule, Home games, and same thing that Riley, Bob, Gib and Benjy had to deal with , playing the Prairie View A & M’s, etc the NE Louisianas, who actually have good athletes, however RPI, SOS not good,.. so it sounds like same mantra, same problem on Recruiting, Scheduling, and SOS, RPI.. and Eran still has to implement his style of ball, revamp pretty much completely, HE WILL..Eran will not let them play Benjy Ball, however, a type of Eran/ Riley ball, if executed right, have to have real BB IQ , slow down guys..they can score.. Eran has to recruit shooters and Bigs.. a 6’5″ future get and a SR RS transfer 6’6″ 218 to up APR, will not get it done.. Eran has to recruit like HECK..

  34. Fotu drafted to the San Antonio Spurs?
    Spurs love to draft international we will see what happens. this is just awesome

  35. I love Fotu, and really he is close to being in the NBA (doesn’t seem like he will get drafted…is he going to do a private tryout?). But you can be close, and yet so far.

    That bleacherreport.com article really plays up Fotu’s rebounding, but it’s not really that good. We know how he rebounded against Alan Williams; 6 per game is nothing. I don’t mean this as a shot against Fotu, but as a shot against hype factories like bleacherreport.com. If Fotu does dedicate to rebounding, there are guys who made big bank for years just being rebounders, like Reggie Evans (6 rpg in 16 mpg, at age 35: http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/2501/career/). This is who Fotu would have to rebound against. His 6 rpg average in college will diminish in the NBA, against career rebound specialists.

    That’s the thing about the NBA if you’re not a superstar: specialization. AC was a pure passer in the NBA, in spite of averaging 19 ppg at UH; his shooting was not good enough for the NBA. Trevor Ruffin was a pure shooter off the bench, because he was too short to be used reliably on defense. Carl English had/has a better all-around game than them and never made the NBA because he didn’t have a better specialization.

    True that Fotu is #2 in something called a “draft eligible list” that only has 11 names:
    But here’s a realistic list of players available in the draft:
    Ctrl+F “Fotu”, and look at all the names above him. And I’ve already posted their mock 2015 NBA draft.

    Fotu is in a great place now. Their schedule in Liga ACB is not as punishing as the NBA, and they get paid well. Fotu is a certified pro. And his perimeter shooting is getting better. Good luck to him, he just needs to impress one team in a private workout.

  36. Bows:

    That would be awesome…Fotu draft eligible this year NBA? I think so..

  37. UHF1: “playing the Prairie View A & M’s, etc the NE Louisianas, who actually have good athletes, however RPI, SOS not good”

    So why are you afraid of not finding good athletes? Even Prairie View A&M can get them, and who cares about them? If you think it’s just good athletes that make exciting basketball, then go be a fan of them.

    Here’s a team that won 22 games last year (lots of excitement!) AND made the NCAA tournament. And they actually beat an elite Final Four team, Michigan State ON THE ROAD in the middle of a 10-game road trip.
    Go see how many people care about that team.

  38. As much as I like Fotu, I question if he’s anywhere near-NBA ready at this point in his career. But it’s nice to know he’s on the NBA’s radar.

    HC: Not sure what to make of that draft-eligible list in which he’s ranked No. 2, but being rated second to Mudiay is an accomplishment, considering Mudiay has been projected as a top-10 pick.

  39. Love Fotu and so sad we forced him to leave. First, he is a great person and then a great player. I hope he manages to get to the NBA so I can follow and root for him but if not I wish him the best. Guys like that never change as a person no matter the success they achieve. His family has to be proud of him as a son, brother.The best to you Isaac.

  40. NWC may be playing in the Basketball League of Canada, per a poster on another board.

  41. anderpops: Yes, if could go back in time, and erase the mess that UH became with the MBB situation.. get things cleared up 2 or 3 years ago, avoid the investigation, and alleged, and non alleged, that removed or moved on 3 athletes and 3 coaches.. What a team UH would have had This Year, I am sure an NCAA perhaps sweet sixteen team, and THIS coming year, a possible with recruits, an elitie eight team
    Eran, best wishes to UH’s guy.. he will have tough job, The Toughest MBB coaching job in the USA, bar none, all the major young and old time ncaa coaches, know, only 20 year tenured Riley Wallace had a little over .500 record, and some good NIT / NCAA tournament teams..
    very hard to recruit, and sell to top student athletes. have to develop overacheivers..
    And Team first guys.
    That is why anderpops.. it IS EXACTLY the same thing Larry, Riley, Bob, Gib, Benjy and Now Eran say, sell Hawaii, the culture, the opportunity to build something special, the Only game in Town, UH MBB like Hawaii’s pro team, etc..win and they will come to SSC.. that is the key, win 25 to 30 games and go to NCAA and NIT tourneys EVERY year, for 10 years, then you have a mid pacific dynasty.
    Eran, a New Fresh Approach? Really not, the same thing that Red Rocha would tell Bob Nash over 45 years ago, come to Hawaii, have chance to make MBB special, and the Fab Five, started the die hards, like ourselves on this path or emotional swings, and ulcers, and highs and lows. we love it..

    Eran, young guy, .. if he , or Gib, Benjy and Brandyn’s preferred walkons, and scholarship recruits, this year win 28 games and make it to the NCAA tournament and win some games.. hats off to , not Eran.. however, the Team.. and then Eran and staff for coaching them.. Same challenge..wish him well.
    Oh, if things were different, .. as akuhead2 said about 10 months ago, if only REVERSAL…what a 2 or 3 year run for MBB team..

  42. I was more disappointed when Carl English left after leading them to the NCAA tournament two times.

  43. Tough to recruit here, but i think Portnoy, Curran and others said this is the best HC job in the Big West with the most fans, the best arena, …. Can you name any other advantages ? Unfinished Ching complex …

  44. We do have the best facilities. Period. All the others have for the most part high school style gyms. We’re talking gym not Arena. Our weight training facilities are far better also and the Nagatani center is also a step up.

  45. Jjay, I completely agree with you about UH having great facilities. Hopefully within the next decade or so we’ll get a new (and smaller) football stadium and a soccer complex for the wahine… Waipio is falling apart. CSU Northridge did a fantastic job with their new bball court.

  46. islandman: sad, however because of LOCATION.. 2500 miles away from west coast USA, and thousands of miles away from Australia and NZ… UH MBB, and some other sports have to do the Riley Wallace /Gib Arnold type of recruiting, good student athletes, who are smart athletes, not neccesarily the greatest NBA/ high euro type athletes, just good ones, who can rebound, defend, have good shooting fundamentals, and ball handlind, passers, hands, and let the Coaching develop them… UH MBB cannot, or I guess was trying to get 3-5 star talent wherever could be found.

    Sure, UH MBB can recruit ONE Tom Henderson or AC Carter, that makes an average/good team, a very very competitive one. just takes ONE NBA type player..

    In all my years of watching UH MBB, from the Fred Lewis’, Howie Dunhams, Tim DeSilvas, Bob Nash’s, to the Rod Bobbitt, Janks.. that is the challenge..
    Get guys out here , willing to be far, far away from home.. and as Eran, Rocha, Benjy , Gib, Brandyn, Wheeler, O’Neil, Halm, Little, Wallace, all did or tried to do , find some real gems or overachievers..like last year’s Benjy ball team
    Or Riley’s Savo/ Puida/ Ostler, type teams..You can still win a lot of ball games..
    And another elephant in the Room ? UH AD dept monies shortfalls, and The Stipends. you or clyde, islandman made the comment, why not Pay the athletes to play sort of semi pro, I think with the COA stipends. whomever can give out the most to the recruits, that is where they will play ball, if UH cannot match that COA.. recruit, Polynesia, and JC, euro, Asia.. same thing.

  47. Fred Lewis? I am getting confused with Ferd Lewis ! Auwe, I don’t think he balled for UH in 1966-68, I meant, NBA draftee, the frist one from UH MBB , Fred Smith.

    No, Eran, and staff, should still try, never know, from Australia, NZ of course !, Japan, China, Philippines, Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, Brazil, Senegal, Canada , France, Basketball has become a true International sport because of the NBA, the World Basketball Cup and the Olympics, kids are playing it and developing very young around the world, and taught by? surprise, UH coaches, former, collegiate, pro, and even former collegiate and NBA pro athletes..Some USA coaches, coach the national teams of foreign countries.. sure Hawaii, that would be ideal in 10 years. half of squad is made up of Hawaii BB talent, really good 2 or better star, and the rest from around the globe..However that COA.. the semi pro money, sort of, pay to play.. HUGE factor over next decade, kids will go where the facilities, the tradition, chance to win national championships and get money for going to school on top of free education, housing and medical help.

  48. Facilities are great but I think that is only part of it. Coaching and recruiting are most important to me. A lot of people say we should be better in basketball because we have the best facilities in Big West. Well, we also have the best BASEBALL facilities in the Big West but people and media tend to accept that the other programs are better than us in that sport.

    Programs like Fullerton baseball are established so they win despite having lesser facilities. It is ironic that our best baseball teams were with Coach Les when they played in the old school field with the chain link fence and high school style bleachers.

    The only established program we have now at UH is wahine VB. All others still got a ways to go, regardless of facilities.

  49. A good thing is that it’s about 5,673 miles from Australia to Hawaii vs. 7,999 miles from Aus. to Moraga (St Mary’s) , CA, per google. Only 4,606 from New Zealand to Hawaii; looking for another Fotu .

  50. However, every St Mary’s home game is streamed live in Australia. A big advantage.

  51. Can we get streaming too ?

  52. Agree with above posts, we seen it , how done, with best facilities or not, MBB, BB, MVB, etc, FB,
    Everything has to fall in place, the development of Savo, and Michael Kuebler, Carl English was something, they become excellent shooters and strong MBB athletes. They were Not 4 start athletes, though Savo, the man child, They Call ME SAVO !.. he had a season and some games with Denver Nuggets, now very successful with Euro basketball management.

    Well, UH Manoa, will never be UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio St., Notre Dame, North Carolina, etc, just try to be the best in Big West.. said it could be done dominate. yet to be seen through tenure of now 3rd coach.. Just have to see how plays out.
    Development, JC, and DI transfers, and international guys.. I tell you all, SAME , EXACTLY same mantra, direction and recruiting vision of Gib, Benjy, Nash, Riley, and now Eran.. UH MBB is a challenge, that is why for past 2 seasons to have the 20 win back to back seasons, very rare, and to make it to BWC championship game, 3 min from NCAA appearance, was miraculous..Hope Eran, comes close, No.. if he IS THE UH choice, and Bley knows what he is doing? Then Eran, should dominate the Big West, be top 20 ranked, and end up in NCAA at least sweet sixteen, otherwise, it is back to square one. Eran, the pressure is on.. he has to EXCEED what Benjy and Gib did.. and then some fans jump on bandwagon.. In Hawaii, so much more to do , and distractions. will not have 10,300 at every game, unless, UH was undefeated and not playing on school nite, and playing ACC , Pac12, SEC, Big Ten teams every night.. UH MBB toughest program in the country, just ask any Major DI coach, not in Hawaii, and has been here.. tough, tough job..

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