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Fashion Report from the Awards Banquet

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New head coach Eran Ganot is inheriting an entertaining group of players with the University of Hawai’i basketball team. And we’re not just talking about on the court.

The “Fashion Report” video above features guard Niko Filipovich interviewing several of his teammates at the Awards Banquet on April 29 at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

The wardrobe range of the players was unique, to say the least. Among the highlights:

• Brocke Stepteau wearing designer eyeglasses and an “Egyptian pharaoh” chain.

• Dyrbe Enos sporting “KD Floral” shoes, which Filipovich said “are worth more than my entire outfit.”

• Negus Webster-Chan wearing a mix of designer items, including an Armani shirt, Prada jeans and a Louis Vuitton belt.

• Garrett Nevels with salmon-colored pants and Retro Air Jordan shoes. “Only some people can wear salmon-colored pants,” Filipovich said. “Garrett Nevels definitely can pull it off.”

• Isaac Fleming with a new pair of Air Jordan 5 shoes.

• Stefan Jankovic was picked as best dressed by Filipovich and other teammates, although Jankovic explained that his pants were “a little short” because he’s 6-11 and “can’t really find anything to my length.”


  1. Some lighthearted fashion fun. But how many of these guys actually wear glasses?

  2. Really looked like a “Day after Christmas”.
    Wonderful that everybody are happy & healthy.
    Wishing you maintain this merry mood throughout the season!

  3. Special Happy Mother’s Day for our specia players’s Moms.
    The Ohana will be proud & take good care of your sons at their second home as well as you do!

  4. The most boring offseason to date

  5. I said the Same Thing as Filipovic —
    MVPs can wear whatever ,
    Especially Whatever they want to sell…

    SOME Guys — Only SOME — CAN Do Whatever they Decide …
    PLAY Effective D-1(!) with a Broken Shooting Hand —
    Less than a One in a Ten Thousand

    Hopefully Only “Boring”
    IS Focused On The Team
    NOT The Hype And The Fans
    Maybe, That’s After the Program…

    Because Eran Won’t Say Until Signed, Sealed and Delivered
    We Already Know UH Promissory Notes Note Worth…
    Promise Low, Deliver High…

  6. Hawaiifan09….

    Be patient, as eagle alludes to.. very soon things start to roll.

    1)When Eran signs his 3 year deal. We also learn the details of contract.
    2)islandman says Eran on call the coach this Tuesday . maybe more information..potential recruits, scheduling, .. ncaa..
    though, Eran must be on gag order from power that be.
    say very, little , very cryptic.. until able too.
    3)Gib case vs NCAA and UH
    4)UH vs Gib vs NCAA
    5)The above two , great impact on immediate and far reaching MBB future
    6)Where does Eran and program over next 3 years go, after NCAA thing settled.
    7)Stay tuned.
    8)NBA playoffs.

    Kind of dead or boring sure.. I think UH , for now, is trying to keep things quiet.. until ready..I guess that is prudent thing to do.. However we MBB fans, we want to know , recruiting, ncaa , all the good stuff ..

  7. compared to,. Oct 28 2014 till about March 14 2015.. the Bows on a roll with Benjy Ball….lot happening.. and guys did great.. that was non stop action on and off the court !
    Very exciting stuff !!

  8. Don’t expect anyone to sign unless the NCAA discloses the penalties and wraps up this year-long investigation. Can’t do anything when the big bully is blocking your way. And they don’t want to move just to make you suffer a little. That’s part of the way they punish you when you’re a bully. The other punishment comes when they feel like moving.

  9. Fun video!

    Jovanovic and Janks were best dressed. By the way, I think Janks’ shirt is a Reyn Spooner.

    Aaron and Isaac in second. Only because they wore aloha attire.

  10. Just noticed, Where is Roderick Bobbitt? He doesn’t seem to be in any of these interviews. Even on stage, He doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself!?

  11. fish1, maybe rod will skip his senior year and turn pro. i mean, he led the nation in steals. that’s enough of a resume to get you a contract overseas. also, i think he always has that sort of ‘i don’t care’ demeanor, even on court. i even saw it when he was interviewed post-game by the OC16 team.

  12. ( He enjoyed at the H Awards )

    Roderick Bobbitt retweeted
    Hawaii Athletics @HawaiiAthletics · Apr 28

    Congratulations Roderick Bobbitt on earning the Record-Breaking Performance award at tonight’s #HAwards2015

  13. With things still not resolved…
    1)makeup of staff, white, brown, asian, black?
    2)Gib going to arbitration for salary backpay dispute
    3)ncaa sanctions /probation and how long..
    we don’t know if 1, 2 or 2 guys decide to move on before fall session.

    Whole team, this whole thing drags on and on
    how guys endure..strong dudes good ohana support

    True servante. When ncaa thing settled then UH MBB moves on
    Eran doesn’t say much, just like Benjy , I bet UH gagging him,
    plus he not signed yet

    We might have seen the last of 22 +win teams and challenge for BWC touney championship/ncaa bid

    If Dayton has muti part interviews, latest and what Eran Really thinks about program then we know UH might contend
    for me…my 2 cents, still plenty uncertainty every part of program
    benjy ball I miss already

  14. You probably won’t see any recruit commitments, if any, until mid July. NCAA has until 1 July to respond to us and add 15 more days because of the delay. Could be longer if Gib asks for an additional extension due to UH not paying him. Don’t thing your going to see any “step up” players that late in the recruiting cycle. Sorry, that’s just my take. Perhaps Ganot should be looking at next year and some quality players.

  15. There was that one commitment, but he changed his mind due to the pending change of coaches at the time or something else.

  16. Yes, mum has been the word on the NCAA responses and recruiting. We only want to know what we can look forward to next season.

    The coaching staff have been replaced; the player involved with extra benefits has left the program; so the NCAA should see that any sanctions against the program be minimal and not detrimental to the program. Current players should not be penalized for something they have not responsibility for. I am totally against any ban on post season play. Sanctions that include banning of Gib from coaching in the NCAA for X amount of years, maybe some reduced practice time and a scholarship for the next 2 years would be palatable.

    Did any of you hear that Zane Johnson was added to the coaching staff? I also saw that an Assistant Basketball Coach posting was posted.

    NCAA Allegations – Probation? If the program is placed on probation, players are allowed to transfer to another program without loosing any eligibility. Will players then decide to get up and leave the program? Lets hope not.

  17. If we do not sign a few players soon, something is amiss. We have a number of scholarships open (5). Heaven forbid if we lose more than one via sanctions. Dunno about future post season participation sanctions. Would focus on proactive measures administraton has taken so far (release of coachs) and compare with what other programs have done to muddle through this with similar allegations.

    Gib is contesting allegations, thus, this impacts what U of H admin is going to do. Seemingly, the ploy is the reduce the severity level of the violations and balance actions with predicted outcomes. Seemingly, treading lightly or no action may severely kill the program, especially with the budget short falls. Football and Basketball are our breadwinners regarding “big” revenue and help to support many other sports’ teams; we can ill afford failure on these two fronts.

    What we the fans don’t know is whether offers have been made to players, no prospective names have been hinted or they have been withheld.

    So, in cases like these, what is the road less travelled that minimizes impact to the program? I am banking the Law Firms attained are worth their weight in gold. Here’s hoping……………………….

  18. DaBoyz808;— one job opening was posted May 8, closing May 15. i think there were two posted earlier ?


  19. Juco PG Bryce Canda, commits to UH, per wsn forum.

  20. Brad Winton @JucoRecruiting · 1h 1 hour ago

    Bryce Canda from Central Wyoming College has committed to Hawaii, per his coach.

  21. Good stats by Canda. SA didn’t say if he’s a PG or SG but I’massuming he’s a SG based on his stats. If he can handle the ball too, all the better. Good shooting percentages all around. If he’s good enough to get some PT and can score 6 to 8 points per game that’s a pretty good plus.

  22. 6-4 is Potentially Good Vision And Good Defensive Size
    and with Decent Hops or Get-Open Skills,
    Good Shooting Size as well…

    Improving from 8.7 to 19.3 ppg (freshman to soph) is on the order of an Aaron Valde’s;
    46 to 41.5% Threes and 84-79.6% Free-Throws indicates potential for good shooting coach to build up…

    AND With Hawai’i’s Depth He HAS TO EARN his way onto the floor (EVERY DAY)
    And won’t get Pressed into Sub-Par Performance/Duty…,`

    Lookin’ for Confirmation
    Welcome, ALOHA, Bryce!


    AND Then The BIG(S)…

  23. combo guard. good pick up.
    Now need a big, or two, Wouldn’t mind picking up Novian Cherry either and Darryl McDowell-White.

  24. guess ganot really keeping his mouth shut with all recruits

  25. Follow up on your Bryce Canda lead-
    FYI of search info onli:

    170 lb.

    Freshman season ranked 20th in the country in 3pt % with 46.1.
    Son of Darla & John Canda of Portland OR.

    Stats: 28gp 12.0 avg 8.7rb/g 2.6apg 1.4spg 0.3bpg.

    “You live and you learn. Don’t hold on to the past. It’ll take away from what ‘s in store for the future”

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