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Nevels earns top award at team banquet


Senior guard Garrett Nevels received the Art Woolaway Most Outstanding Player Award at the University of Hawai’i Basketball Awards Banquet on Wednesday night at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.

Nevels, who was the lone senior on the 2014-15 team that finished with a 22-13 record, was described as “the player who made the biggest impact on the team winning games this season.”

Other award winners were …

Most Improved Player: Aaron Valdes

Newcomer of the Year: Roderick Bobbitt

Freshman of the Year: Isaac Fleming

Scholar-Athlete Award: Stefan Jovanovic

Team Player Award: Zach Buscher and Brocke Stepteau

Community Service Award: Stefan Jankovic and Negus Webster-Chan

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted in the days to come.


  1. Mahalo Benjy and the Bows!!
    Big act to follow by Eran, wish guys the best!!

    Now we cheer on MVB, WWP, and the SandBows!!
    2014-15 MBB team , one of the best!!

  2. If RunBows were here, he’d be proud of this Group of young athletes.

    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  3. Run bows IS here as uhfanzonly1.

  4. Nice to see the Art Woolaway Award back and Nevels is definitely the right choice. Congrats to all the team and that includes Benjy!

  5. Agree ChuckCheese. Traditional award did not need changing. Glad to see it is back and Echo your sentiments on kudos to all.

  6. Well deserved for Nevels. Wish we could have had him for one more year.

  7. Hey G-money,

    Where will you go to make some real money?
    US_D league,
    Or ever thought of –
    PESO_P.I., there you could be sensational !?
    (Go talk to the guy from Hawaii).

  8. . . . no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out ( Men’s VB team).

  9. Probably Sounds like An Excuse
    (Maybe Sometimes it is…)
    BUT Even When UH May Be The Better Team….

    That FIRST Match Travelling East
    IS A HIGH Potential Trap Game

  10. Thank you for the reports. Wish well to Coach Benjy. Hope he gets another gig quick. Nice reports and coments on the Scout site.
    Wish both Jawato and Nevels well. My guess is that Jawato might still have some school work to finish and so may be around campus next year.

  11. Waiting for Dayton’s great video features of banquet.
    It still is emotional for me, hundreds of , probably thousands of loyal MBB ,
    still head scratching..wha?

    fans, about Benjy not being back after 4th highest wins for season in MBB modern era.
    watched BM ‘s video interview with Benjy, man…still a super classy coach..hope he comes
    back or works in Hawaii
    He gets it..love for fans, University, life long friends, and his team.
    .the tears start to flow again..

    Mahalo coach Taylor, through this, and taking high road ,you will be rewarded..
    by those who appreciate what you all done..

    Benjy, we love you sir!!
    Best wishes..

  12. Hey Benji,

    You looked like a $million!
    Must be that lux-dress outfitted by Eran’s kid-brother.

    Judged by how long Nash has been coaching in the land of the sun, it got to be good.
    Go rub-shoulder with him there, show him what a better winner that you are?
    But, am sured that he can teach you some Japanese though! lol!

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