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Isaac Fleming created quite the buzz on social media earlier this month, when he sent out several tweets about his future with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

It is something he is now well aware of, and also something that made him realize why he wants to return for his sophomore season with the Warriors.


“Now I gotta watch what I say on Twitter; I can’t say too much or it’ll be all over,” he said. “That’s just the territory of taking the next step of being an elite player. I’m growing and I’m learning, so I’m ready for the challenge.”

Fleming said he has talked with new head coach Eran Ganot several times this month, and is firm in his decision to “finish what we started.”

“He’s a cool guy,” Fleming said of Ganot. “As long as you’re a respectful young man and you’re ready to work and ready to get better, you should have no problem with him. He’s down to earth, he’s willing to talk when ever. He’s a good guy.”

Fleming is from Delaware, and Ganot is from New Jersey, so they share somewhat of an East Coast understanding.

“We joke around, like talking about East Coast guys, we always tough, never back down,” he said.

Fleming averaged 9.5 points and 3.1 rebounds per game as a true freshman last season. “I like what I did, but me personally, feel like I could have done better,” he said.

Fleming said his family played a big role in helping him decide to remain in Hawai’i for next season, but teammate Roderick Bobbitt also helped. Bobbitt was once recruited by Ganot and Saint Mary’s.

“Rod is like my brother,” Fleming said. “Talking to him and I was getting good vibes from him, so that helped me a lot.”


  1. Isaac glad you stayed..get ready for mature disciplined coaching. Can help team reach ncaa’s.
    Hope Eran gets a big and shooters!!

  2. That will be interesting come next year to see where Isaac will be at in his game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he elevates his game especially his shooting. Some people you can just feel the energy coming out and the will the succeed.

  3. I feel like Isaac is gonna have a breakout sophomore year, and make all big west.

  4. It seems Ganot’s influence is already showing with Fleming. Janks seemed real positive too. How’s about getting some comments from Negus?

  5. I hope Isaac hits the weight room, and gets more vert, can be done, make use of Delaware personal trainers, and now in spring with strength coaches. He has that awesome one man drive through 4 guys, and fools them , finishes leftie for so many layups. He develops that left hand, and more vert, contact, the hoop and one, plus fix up that tip toe fadeaway 3 point shot. Eran can help him be more on balanced with quick release., Isaac , if he is the real deal, like he says, The Elite Guard, the John Walls, James Hardens,Derrick Roses, Steph Currys, Kylie Irvings of the world, he just has to grind and get bigger, stronger faster smarter and most of all what is in his head, control emotions. very sure Eran, the school of old school discipline, a blessing the time Eran spent with Riley, have to reel in these 21st century free spirits, have to play team ball, and under control ball , UH will win a lot of games, and go to Dances !!

  6. Damn man, ‘Show Time’ Fleming is the man!

  7. Eran: Please do an interview, if okay with Dayton and Warriorinsider and protocol for access to the rainbow basketball program. We really enjoyed the insider interivews and write-ups, what mad this sit so special, Unique, civil and family fan friendly. Very happy you did acknowledge Benjy and staff for great job, if only some way, too bad seems impossible now, to work Benjy as Defensive coach, and you as overall coach, Capron working Australia, Senque, all over the place, and another assistant. just thinking out of the box.. Then Eran, keep the interest going, still selling yourself to about 3800 boosters, and lovers of the exciting 2014-15 team, fix them bridges, As one Gib, Benjy to Eran, same recruits, from freshmen to seniors, and now, next year can win BWC and go dances !!
    Ohana, Dayton, get that interview with Eran as soon as possible, then like Gib we can ask 10 questions of him, his BB philosophy, will he go fundamental type athletes or athletic long up and down transition athletes or combo of the two.. Now this year, if TWO or THREE great fit bigs, shooters, UH will rock, you can feel it.. However Eran, you have to Be EVERYWHERE, Costco, walmart, Poke Stop, KAC biddy basketball, summer camps, maybe with Benjy there too.. Bridge the divide, and UNITE the two sides, for Gib/Benjy and For Eran, get the best of Both, that would be awesome Coaching staff that could recruit !!

    Go Eran, Go Bows !!

  8. Nice if Eran can recruit Terry Houston 6’7″ 230 strong skilled mid range jump shooter and strong rebounder, good ball handler, Cliff Beaubrun 6’8″ 227 good skilled , strong rebounder shot blocker runs floor well, Reggie Cross 6’7 1’2″ 248 PF, money turnaround 17 foot jump shot, shot blocker, built like a rock, strong as superman, 2nd round draft pick of Phil. 76ers in 1989 NBA draft. Vincent Smalls 6’5″ 228 solid as a rock great defender, undersized yet super strong defender rebounder, and two handed reverse dunker of the break. Now that was some beef ! Bigs.. Of course is Andrew McGuire transfer from Eastern Washington 6’9″ 248 PF, very skilled had not hurt knees, he was another, Dave Cowens type of bigs.. that pipeline,of Bigs from Florida, and Midwest, Riley had some good big bigs,.. Haim Shimonovich, a 6’10” 290 pound big okole, rebounder, with great shot blocking timing ability, Ahmet Gueye, if not for injuring his ACL, at about 6’8″ and 235, skilled, great shot blocker, if he had better hands and healthy, could have played in NBA back 12 years ago..

    Eran, recruit those types, or better, similar, and you got great bigs.. whether from Aussie land, or Serbia, NZ, or Canada, Chicago, NY, or Delaware, hey go home Isaac Fleming, convince an undecided under radar big, friend of yours, there is a unused scholie waiting for him a guy about 6’9″ 255 pounds who blocks shots, rebounds, and finishes at the rim..

    Eran, can take Gib’s recruits.. back to reality gang.. Eran, it will become HIS TEAM , all his, when the roster is lined up with ALL his recruits.. he is still ,or not yet, potentially, a real Challenge, I tell you having seen open gym, or guys listening to Eran, a challenge to get guys to buy in. they want to,.. time will tell.. and APR, academics this spring will tell too.

    Eran wish you the best, 3800 of us season ticket holders, loved , wanted Benjy, Politics stinks, however, Politics pulled you in, so make peace with those who love Benjy and the Bows.. make us a part of UH MBB again.. we still steamed.. love the Team though.. coaches, come and go.. a business..or POLITICA: SHIBAI, right pupule, clyde, BigFan, Pono, Wheels, and Portnoy.

    We backing Eran and team, hope they as COMBO of Gib and Eran led roster can make it finally after about 13 years to NCAA tournament !!

  9. and as was mentioned, as a 7 footer, Tony Maroney not the fastest or strongest, or highest vert, huge backside, excellent timing blocker, and being such a Big Body, altered shots by just being in there.. Tony became a family man, and more passive, he could have been journeyman in NBA for years.. nice, nice big man..

    Eran lock up a 7 footer from Australia via Sengal, like Tony with 21st century skillset, I say wow !
    the thing is , and I AM NOT DISSING ON fellow bloggers, JMO , and a good one at that.. we wait until THE FIRST of Eran’s signed recruits, HIS own, contributes to championships this year, then we know he is getting it done as HC… when he wins the RBC, the DHC the BWC regular and Tourney title, then the Boosters for Benjy season ticket holders, go.. okayyyy !!! Eran, carry on the tradition of Benjy Taylor effort and taking the high class road.. forever We LOVE BENJY !!

  10. There’s Some Real Good Growth and Maturity goin’ on here…
    I also think with the Rght Focus and Mindset, Our Three-Stars Can Grow ‘Faster’
    AND be More Consistently Good, Great In the Game…

    Agree… Lookin’ for Negus as The Next BIG Producer
    Get the Grades, Summer School, Game on Board
    In This System 5 to 7 (10?) threes can be a Standard

    ?Rest of Staff?
    On-Board with Players Already in Tow?
    (Every Good Recruiter ought to have some within two years, depending on recruits’ ages)
    We NEED a Couple of Good Ones By September…
    NO Doubt, Recruits Are Comin’
    How Soon?
    (I’m Banking On Matlin, That He Knew What he was doing on this front as well;
    That Ganot ‘had to’ sell him on a Solid “Now” Recruiting Plan
    NOT Talk and Promissary Notes…

  11. Isaac, thanks again for staying. Very wise/mature decision on your part. You love Hawaii and we love you, so it was a fairly easy decision…right?

    Looking forward to next season, I really do think sky’s the limit, especially if Coach Ganot brings in a big or two! Hopefully the boys take this summer off to fine tune skills, bulk up, and do whatever it else they need to have a successful season.

    Let’s GO BOWS!

  12. APR is crucial at this time.

  13. WeLoveBenjy, to think that one person and their posts can represent 3,800 people is absurd and disgusting to even think that you are claiming to represent more than yourself. Stop hiding behind different screen names and just admit you couldn’t stay away and represent your own views and opinions. It’s shameful that you are hiding behind screen names and denying that you are RB. Your writing style and frequency are exact fits. You are bordering on multiple personality syndrome.

  14. Good comments from Isaac and I really like how he says he is learning and growing. A lot of people jumped on his case for getting techs and showing attitude but it sounds like he knows what he needs to do to improve. It sounds like Isaac already making a good connect with Eran and that can only mean good things to come. As a lot of guys here have already stated we need to find more players like Isaac who can be contributers for four years and build this program.

  15. Isaac is the recruit who has gone against everything we have seen in the past. Most HS recruits we get from the east coast usually transfer back close to home due to the distance. We have seen this in both basketball and football. However, it seems like Isaac really enjoys the islands and is mature enough to handle his business on his own despite the distance away from home. He’s a major building block for the next three years. What’s really great is that he’s a combo guard so we can move around to what best suits the team in certain situations.

  16. Run bows Eagle we llive Benjy all same person who needs to get some mental help for his apparent bi polar multiple personality disorder. Same crap regurgitated over and over. Shut down the. Website Dayton for vacation.

  17. Jjay, no need shut down the site. Just shut down the individuals who are not sane.

  18. Hey, Bigson:

    This is a good example of “Great minds think alike”-
    With a good mentor, progressive changes became practical;
    In less than a month, improvements are readily obvious (amazing).

    It warms the heart seeing that how you gestured and expressed Hawaii is your home away from home (home crowd will remember that then show you some…).

    Of cause, be Easterner-tough and take advantage of extra-credit offer by Summer classes!
    We can imagine how proud Bigdaddy will be (maybe lesser) to hold your diploma

  19. ^^^ I agree no need shut down the site because that’s like punishing everybody. More easy for you to go on vacation from the site than the other way around if you no like what one person is saying.

    Example is if a hotel has guests making too much noise and you don’t like it, should the solution be to shut down the whole hotel for one month? No ways! Either ask the hotel to remove the loud guests and if they don’t then you can make the choice not to visit that hotel anymore.

  20. ChuckE, in your scenario most hotel owners would choose to just escort one loud guest out of the hotel than risk having many guests not come back. Plus that loud annoying guest will still be loud and annoying for future guests.

  21. We the 3,800 uh mbb fans hope talent and Fleming want to shutup haters he and Bobbitt they have ability to shut up haters and doubters like WeLoveBenjy ..they gonna do it..Fleming say why not aim high do not doubt..confidence..would not doubt if someon or all returnees RS’s really make that big turnaround..including Mike Thomas..even the walkons..this to me jmo..will be the most exciting mbb season to the start of the coach Ganot era..should keep fans really interested.. easy perhaps games with Chaminade.. UH Hilo…Hawaii Pacific..however going to be coach Ganot’s defining season..cream rises to the top..challeng for HC and team..challenge accepted..ptential for good exciting season..bottom line..grind..work harder than ever before from coach to teammanager..I look forward to summer league then fall practices..going to be rainbow Warrior basketball..
    Go Rainbow Warrors..work hard guys reap rewards in march!!

  22. maybe too much good vibes here, so WeLoveBenjy wants to cause the cloud of doom to come here in negativety, because, this site, a lot that view the site too..Some they don’t care what WeLoveBenjy says, they enjoy the players and Ganot.

    Let those negative persons, wallow in their own negative world…sometimes I think it is a joke, a bunch of fans like WeLoveBenjy who want to stir up some things for news ..
    Don’t worry we keep on being positive, I was encouraged 4 years ago to keep comments coming, don’t let each topic have no or one or two comments, so now, I contribute..I wish the other hundreds, who have positive things to say, will post, don’t be afraid I will support WI, Dayton, and thank Valerie Schmidt and the Schmidt Ohana for a Good UH MBB forum, those other ones, are really downers..like WeLoveBenjy, downright vulgar.

    Keep up the faith in UH MBB program, will be challenge after penalties? however, Ganot and staff will learn and have good season upcoming, I bet all my pineapple trees on that. Take it to the bank..

  23. I dont think this Playhoops, runbows and Welovebenjy person is doing anything too bad, I usually skip their posts because they are non sensical and seem like Gibberish.

    I do find it amusing that this person think he is fooling everyone by using different screen names and then that whole I am retiring from posting on the internet thing was hilarious since they were back posting just a few days later.

  24. Anyway back to UH basketball, Another transfer that is eligible to play right away is Cameron Forte, another former UH recruit.

  25. playhoopsa, playh00psa, WeLoveBenjy, eagle, RunBows, n2o4joy – it’s evident to everyone that you’re the same person. you really gotta stop abusing this site with your long-winded and repetitive comments.

    remember, the players and their parents as well as the coaching and administrative staff read warriorinsider. do you really want to be known as ‘that guy’?

  26. Warriorfan,

    Cameron Forte won’t come to Hawaii. He left Georgia to play closer to his home state of Arizona.

  27. He said he is open to any school, he hasn’t decided, graduates in the summer, has all summer to decide. Wouldn’t be my pick as I would prefer Michigan’s Max Bielfeldt.
    Seems like Forte has been to a new school every year the past 5 years.

    I also wouldn’t mind Tyler Harris from Providence or Grandy Glaze or even Nigel Williams-Goss who would have to sit out a year.

  28. No need to bother Ganot with interviews. When he has something to report he’ll let everybody know. Right now, he’s busy with his players, looking and trying to sign a couple of recruits, getting a coaching staff together, and trying to finalize next season and future seasons schedules. He has a full plate. There’s not enough hours in a day with the things he has to do for a new Head Coach.

    In the end, I’m certain the results will be tremendous.

  29. Pono, pupule, etc..as clyde said …you don’t like differing opinions like welovebenjy
    , pass over post ignore.

    everyone right to opinion, now others have thoughts that upset you? You were upset with. Gib and associates, and
    loyal supporters, now shoe on other foot, some question your choice as HC..fair? Pono? No.
    Well, freedom of speech..
    they have that right, I cannot see them attacking you.

    . Do not think welovebenjy or others like that person..and I AM NOT that person,!
    they have
    right to say what they want as long as civil, profane,
    attacking of welovebenjy bloggers, not
    WI way.

    Dayton you have great site. Hope it keeps going.
    hey fans whomever coach, if they need our support we will give what we can.

    I have carpal tunnel, sorry about spelling, better half type for me…sore to type so stop..
    like others, keep peace and respect one anothrr, goes both ways!!

    Eran Ganot, have great season and post season participation!

    And WI fan nation thankyou for hearing me out!
    Mahalo Dayton, Valeries Scmidt, Ameriprise and Pacific Risk Solutions
    , without their MAJOR ALOHA and support, no WI forum..

    Thankyou Scmidt Ohana.
    keep the Peace..WI fan nation back the Bows!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  30. Brudda if you have carpal tunnel take the surgery. You’ll be unable to type for a while that’ll give all a rested break.

  31. Ameriprise solutions has garnered up the funds to pickup Runbows for a nice hotel vacation at Kekela at Queens. A nice long vacation.

  32. Support UH all the way. Benji nice cutest dog ever and better than Air Bud. Ganot good luck and keep shirt on with cargo shorts for games. Too bad Pono, Pupule, etc. I have right to my opinion and now my shoe is on my other foot so you not happy. Gib good woman and she not negAtive Nancy like all other haters. Go Bows! Mahalo all families and All people WI. Love insurance but hard to type with my toes. Benji sit on bench and lick players good thing. Show true Aloha! Good dog! Good boy! Hire Benji!!!!! Woof woof!!!

  33. I speak (art arf) for 5273 Hawaii dog lovers and mainland too who watch and love Benji!! You no like Benji then no treats for you.

  34. Wow, some of forum just keep talking sports and MBB team which it should be.
    Others, have license to kill off any anti their coach, players or staff. So vicious.
    This was the second Moniker, and recognized by Tonganator, Ozi Mum, and
    Aussie Mum from day one of WI forum.

    I believe the vision of this Forum “All Things ” Warrior Men’s Basketball.
    Kudos to Dayton, Wes, and Valerie Schmidt her Ohana and their businesses.
    Major sponsor.

    Just to clear up some things. Family and friends, we united season ticket holders,
    major corporate sponsors were so upset that Benjy was treated unfairly. At least
    professional Protocol, say: We thankyou Benjy for stepping in as Interim/Acting
    coach for this year, however in March 2015 we will have a national search
    for NEW HC.. however, we appreciate your services, we will give you a severance check
    and we can part ways in an Amicable way. Mahalo Benjy for that 27 win season and
    elite eight NCAA run. You will have our first recommendation to another Mid Major school,
    pronto, here are the lists, we will make the calls. AND BENJY TAYLOR would have
    been very happy, ready to move after Awards Banquet, his name was in pool February,
    March for good mid major HC jobs. End of story. UH shot themselves in foot, out of nowhere,
    Benjy leads team to historic 22 win season, and 3 minutes shy of the BWC tourney and NCAA
    big dance. Hugh Durham coach of the year mid season mid major schools. and everyone
    does well in school.. END STORY.. then you don’t have the Factions.. We Want Kyle Smith,
    We Want Eran Ganot, we Want Benjy.. etc.. Benjy was not treated professionally, to go through
    a hiring process, and national search, with the Women’s BB coach, who does not like what
    UH MBB gets in monies and support, Hey Laura wake up.. Women’s BB , though we love you,
    and your girls will NEVER be U. Conn, or Tenn. ..never ever.. if you can raise your own donations
    and draw 5000 like Vince did when UH MBB was down, then you have a case..so sit down and be

    As for new Head Coach, as WeLoveBenjy cited, there is an agenda, and it could go two ways, bad and worse, when you don’t include 75% of seasons and walk up fans ticket purchasers.. they wanted coach Benjy be HC, UH agenda, screw Benjy big time, and poor guy, looking for a job with 3 young ones to feed. What a screw job.. That is truth, Nationally as WeLove Benjy states UH athletics is a joke, this WE GIVE.. type of donations,… not a dime from good folks, they have to take care of their ohana.. PILAU to the max.. UH is a ship that has hit that Iceberg, it will implode with puppet AD and power mongers that don’t give a mouse’s okole what happens.

    Cannot be part of this.. might as well support, UH HILO.. monies go there ,and make it a DI program..
    Ganot, you cannot do it without that 75 percent loyal to Benjy fanbase, cannot Ganot..

    Guys, keep working, know that spring GPA and APR might set you back some, hope not, listen to parents, professors, and your ohana back home.. and hopefully this Ganot hires some former UH assistants, even Senque, Autry, if he does not.. UH going to have huge morale problems, more Mary Jane in rooms incidents. mark my words.

    I HOPE I AM WRONG.. however UH.. and HOOPSTALKERS.,. Insiders.. Pono, pupule, aka, Portnoy, Wheeler, Wallace, all that crud will come back in your face and team goes 9 -36 I hope NOT.. team is TOO good.
    Guys don’t win for Ganot, do it for YOURSELVES, and the students, the loyal Benjy fanbase and Hawaii..
    Go Bows !
    And heck with the anti other opinion sissies !

  35. Welovebenji… you ARE WHAT YOU BLOG.. typical nonsensical coed, texting all the time, doesn’t read books, C- in Hawaiian studies, 27 year old 9th year student at one of the UH campuses.. totally asinie !!

    Go ahead to the mimic trick, WeLove Benjy, will just post positive things for Ganot to work on, he supports, pops RunBows, will pop away, eagle keep doing the haiku lonoong posts and tick off these blood suckers..

    I should go ohhhhhhh…. ganot, cannot.. ganot cannot..

    Sorry Dayton, Pono, gibnogood, jake, jjay, Horssse, Big Fan, pupule, you identified them, big time trouble makers, really adolescent, on this sight, out friends, professors, boosters and family will not stoop down to their level.

    Hey, MAKE IT A PAID SITE, with name, and real verification, make those clowns, pay 25-30 dollars a month to view only the site, that will shut down those clowns.. !
    Respect WI too much, like Tonganator, Aussie Mum , Ozi Mum, Mama V and the team.

    Clowns.. grow up !!

  36. Personal attacks not stoop to I am good man/woman/pet and love WI. I pay $100 month and no personal attack like some I will not mention names because good dog. C- is good grade? I not smart like some here who worked at UH but now stay home why broken paw. Go Bows and love hoopsa today forever! Dayton and Schmidt ohana muchos gracias for WI Benji nation of 5273. We all pay $100, not cheap like those with sore paw who pay only $30. No treats for you. Baaaad doggie!! How much is that doggie in the window? Can he rebound, protect rim, and be bulldog down low? Sniff sniff

  37. Now you wonder if Eran wants any part of this site and subject to this forum his recruits, and families can view. What a war zone.

    We support the teams and their families, as Dayton says keep it civil not vulgar or attacking, , once the juvelnile bloggers go off on their attacks, no substance, just hate, the integrity of the fine Warrior Insider site is permanently gone.

    Dayton: I would pay 50 dollars a month, no fan forum, just to view videos and write-ups about MBB.. that will Definitely stop the juvenile low ball attackes and mockings… no opinion, except a few , that is not fair of PONO..

    Dayton good job..

  38. Dayton, might as well turn the Topic Video page already, the crazies have taken over the asylum.
    Too much respect for you, Wes, Valerie Schmidt, and Ohana Schmidt and Ameriprise, and Pacific Risk Solutions., I always am plugging away for your companies, adverstising by word of mouth, always, and show Mahalo.. those, Pono, pupule, jjay, BigFan, gibnogood, jake, Horrsssse, NOT ONE WORD OR THANKS TO SUPPORTERS AND SPONSORS OF WI… that separated the good bloggers from the young juvenile kids.. only text, text, text short blurb.. no substance, what training form their parents, Auwe..

  39. This site is still the best on the planet from its start Dayton. Only few, n2joy, eagle, al, clyde, Derek, gave few comments. Then things picked up. Sad about the trials and ncaa investigation of MBB under Gib’s tenure. Glad to see Benjy had great year. Fans and UH owe him a lot for putting exciting Basketball in the SSC and on the road. Apologize for some family members, and actual season ticket holders, boosters for voicing their opinions. Did not want to cause uproar.
    Oh for the days of Ozi and Aussie Mum and Tongantor chiming in, simpler and peaceful times. Warriors were rocking with Fotu and company.

    Since I am the pops, tell family and friend boosters, settle down, support team , families and coach.
    If Eran can recruit some bigs , get that pipeline, need strength and shooters, UH can win the BWC and go NIT or NCAA for sure. Has been a long time since I have posted. Now Dayton BACK to UH MBB Warrior Basketball. Mahalo Brother Dayton. and The Schmidts.

    Now fans, let’s be civil and keep things in order, a nice family , G rated forum as it should be !


  40. Absolutely write on Hoopsa!! No training “form” parents. But I am hanai like Benji so who do I blame??? Posts not so good but I can roll over just like you do.

  41. Hey supposed playhoopsa whom I suspect if from sorority, or coeds tyring to prank WI, why not post your 50 positive, not abusive, not critical of other fans, on this site right now? Because you cannot think of anything better to do than attack others. including old, nearing 70 year old super fan, who does not dis anyone.

    And Welovebenji, go ahead, post 100 comments in a row…WI great forum for All things Warrior basketball. I appreciate, every objective, good suggestion, good questions, good comments by all UH fans, who are pono.

    playhoopsa…who used to be some one…go for it., post your 50 to 100 POSITIVE, not critical of old man comments.. come on you can do it..

    Love your passion for UH MBB too..I been supporting, donating to UH MBB for over 50 years. I love it!

    Go Bows!

  42. Clearly the last 10 posts are from the same person.

  43. Benji doesn’t care what you approve of. Benji lots of moolah from his movies and could be major donor ( sugar doggie) to UH. Better be nice….

  44. Playhoopsa, I’m using this name since this is the post that caught my eye because I glanced and saw my name among others. Here is the quote:

    “Sorry Dayton, Pono, gibnogood, jake, jjay, Horssse, Big Fan, pupule, you identified them, big time trouble makers, really adolescent, on this sight, out friends, professors, boosters and family will not stoop down to their level.”

    I don’t know if you’re including Dayton too as your grammar is bad but I challenge you to find one quote of mine that denigrated or put down you RunBows or WeLoveBenjy. Just saying you sound alike and if you’re the same person and enjoy doing this to upset people than that’s your problem.

  45. I have always tried to look for silver lining, in situation or even, if need change in head of programs, I would agree. I supported Gib, to Benjy and now Ganot…we all want UH MBB to be pono, and do well. Rough time for MBB, however, now is the time for Ganot to hit that last recruits to win the recruiting game, and get ready to go to NCAA’s..This is the Positive site. Dayton, Clyde, Wes and the Schmidts , I love the HC Ganot, the athletes, the school, I am alumnus and donor..so I just love the Men’s Hoops..Now is time for Ganot to step up..

    just throwing it out there to WI forum Ganot has to pull that rabbit out of the hat..he can do it..still has till August fall semester.

    Love and Aloha for the program, pono…truth, honest the right way…Ganot this is his moment.wish him the best..you watch, if Ganot locks in one more good athlete, Hawaii has great SOS 2015-16 season schedule, plus UH goes NCAA…well, for the naysayers, and even I am nervous, we ALL EAT some pineapple, lighten up fans, more serious things in the world.. it is only a game, however I love that game of UH MBB hoops..

    Go Rainbow Warriors….be happy, don’t get loaded with negativity, it can cause you to be sick..

  46. Dayton,
    I usually ignore all the multiple personality’s comments because it is kinda rambling and long. Correct me if I am wrong on assuming that these are the same person blogging under different names. I say let people have their say especially if they follow normal blog guidelines but when they start using different names, it not only forces others to wonder if it’s the same person, it takes up lots of space and people’s time to try even glancing thru the posts. Lot of these posts lately have been contradictory (saying will not stoop to their level but does), speaking for other people, incites conversation that really doesn’t belong on this blog.

    I usually say let people say what they want within guidelines but imho allowing multiple personalities on a blog is counter productive. I guess what i’m saying in essence is it’s okay to allow anyone to say what they want but limit it to one blog name. Don’t know if that can be controlled.

  47. G. Payton in some trouble, per another forum.

  48. no coaching or recruiting news???…ganot can keep news very low key or is he really striking out with recruits…seems everyone knew every player gib had interest in

  49. On a serious note, Ganot only been HC for a week. Recruiting period lasts a while so give him a bit more time to complete staff and get some recruits in for visits. I would hope by this time next week we hear about staff and by week after that on potential recruits. Everyone heard about Gib’s recruits because he was doing it year round. Ganot stated he is more concerned with recruits with integrity who will be good fits. That doesn’t happen overnight. Best thing fans can do is give him time.

  50. Apologize if offended anyone. Apologies to Dayton too. Just wanted to express the feelings for Benjy Taylor, great job he did and the athletes of this year’s team that far exceeded our expectations.
    We, several thousand, will watch the recruiting process, hope Eran gets some good additions, and really hope the team stays together, and wins in Anaheim.

    Once again, sincere apologies, however, like any side to a story there are Two at least view points, we loved the strength and finishing through adversity of UH MBB team 2014-15 and Benjy’s guidance.
    Once again, Benjy has a rocking Awards banquet planned.. come on out and support Benjy, Eran and the Bows.

    Signing out , WeLoveBenjy, !!
    Aloha, and sorry once again for offending anyone !

  51. Ganot to name asst. coach soon, per Jackson; but it’s not the one mentioned recently.

  52. Not that easy to find assistant coaches to come to Hawaii, per Jackson W.

  53. islandman…eran should hire autry, carey or jamie smith, continuity..think that those coaches are running spring workouts
    that is a given…UH basketball coaching and cost of living, moving, culture, not easy..some think anybody would come..hard move
    amazing, benjy got brad autry to come last minute…that is dedication….excellent resume..

  54. Plus Brandon Loyd lives in Hawaii Kai

  55. Unless Jackson didn’t know which coach Jeff P meant as being in the news recently, i assume Caporn is not going to be an assistant, or at least not the assistant to be named soon.

  56. Wasn’t going to be easy…makes what benjy accomplished, putting staff together and style of play in a week simply more amazing

  57. … I got moderated.
    I see WeLoveBenjy has stalkers, including WeLoveBenji. But I think I had the only comment here in some time about Issac, and only Issac and the team, The real topic! And positve comment ! I think.
    But it has been moderated !!
    Huh. Go figure. Maybe its random.
    Second time moderated. This time I won’t re-post. Ain’t no big thing.
    Do agree this is the best site in any case. And yes, Runbows is a big part of that.

  58. I don’t think we will here anything about recruits until after the school term is out and grades posted. There will be some falling out, particularly schools with stiffer admission requirements. And then there are some recruits that need to produce good grades this semester to make the jump from JUCCO to D1. So those that haven’t committed yet are holding their cards close and waiting to see how things play out after school is over. By now every coach got their eyes on certain players and focusing all their energy on them. It’s bulls eye time and not shot gun. Ganot’s got a few focused in his cross hairs—guarans. Just need 1 quality big to sign out of the 3 or 4 that’s in his sight. Yup he’s awfully quiet compared to Gib. If we land a prima wide-body we will be big time.

  59. UH doesn’t just need a big though, they need a shooter to replace Nevels. Isaac may improve his outside shot, but Rod and Quincy probably will not.

  60. There are those Canada and Australia , NZ bigs, they have to play physical though, American style D and rebounding blocking shots. Andrew Bogut. Luc Longley.
    Lot of DI ready to play RS and true Sr. transfers..sat out year already.. just one, or maybe a couple of 6’9″ to 7’0″ 255 pound bangers, would make team really really good. Team perimeter has to really improve creating and making shots within system. It is going to be a real big challenge, see fans, a longer analysis, makes sense, not short blurbs…Bigs that can play in paint, and perimeter creative knock down 3 point shooters. IF UH guys stay together. still I THINK MAJOR KEY.. buy into Eran’s leadership.

  61. WarriorFan,

    true, 3 point shooting All the returnees have to be much much better, looks like Eran will let Isaac be a 2 guard, he has to shoot about high to near 40 percent from trifecta line. Team has shooters, they have to knock them down consistently, in transition and in great , half court sets. Move without ball, screens, etc. Even Eran knows, what Benjy knew, UH needs a 3 point scorer who can defend( don’t know if it were Pope, however Pope was a very tall PG!) and Benjy and Senque , if Benjy got the HC job, were ever so close to signing the perfect banger rebounding big from Utah, an athlete and great guy. Too bad. See once again if Eran were smart, he should have from day one reach out to Benjy and Senque, see who they had on short list, would they still come, since majority of team were back? See, some say coach does not matter, a lot of times it does. i.e. Fotu, Sammis leaving, No Gib. Oh well, Eran just get team bonded and together, for MBB fans, make or break year.. another 20 win season and finally NIT NCAA’s or bust? I hope the better outcome !!

  62. I bet Isaac going home, or Negus, Janks whomever, they must know of late gets, under radar, just some athletic STRONG bigs, and athletic defending scorer 3 point bombers. The Whole team has to help in recruiting too, I guess, Eran, not that easy bro.. takes a whole village to raise child, a whole team and program to raise a BWC banner !!

  63. I guess Eran, and he should put together a good and hopefully retain one guy from previous staff, a liason, to hit that recruiting trail . Remember after dead periods, those showcase AAU and other summer tournaments, I think that is where Riley or Nash found Bill Amis, he went from 6’6″ shooting guard to 6’9 1/2″ 235 very good big, Still time however as servante says, the good ones have been swept up by high and mid major programs, go international, even China, a good role playing shooter deluxe and role playing rebounding defending athlete strong. UH can be good. I hope Eran let’s Niko and Dyrbe, Brocke and Zach have shot at playing too. Especially Dyrbe and Zach, they do well, that is another 1000 in the Stan Sheriff Arena. Money talks.. ! Ticket sales and atmosphere !

  64. JMO: Really like this site, provides excellent information and support for the MBB team. May I recommend, once a deed is “done” let it go and move on, can’t live in the past or past glories; we are interested in the present and the future of the MBB program. Not sure if there are “gamers” imitating past posters, however, do know it takes value away from this site. Please support with the spirit of “Aloha,” let go and move on. IMO: the purpose of this site is to write in support of the MBB and share information, not just to vent an individual’s frustrations…counterproductive.

    Regarding Isaac, you gotta like his up side and hopes he keeps developing his BB IQ.

  65. Amen Tako. Interesting to see who this new asst coach will be if it’s not Caporn.

  66. tako, nicely said. we are thankful Dayton is All Inclusive, past appreciation, venting not profane or attacking vulgar name calling, etc. Right to express different views opinions. Even Valerie Schmidt , when last summer it was turning into that “gamers” , text, smart phone generation, back and forth blurb blasts, that was awful. Dayton and Valerie had to chime in several times.

    take we are very appreciative to WI and Dayton, no, in that point I disagree, whether runbows wants to look at the past Rocha Teams, or the AC Carters, or recent vintage Fotu and Shamburger, how the ex UH guys doing in overseas pros, that is A GOOD thing.. that is what Benjy was trying to do, include the PAST, the great history and Alumni of UH Men’s Basketball Program. Love that alumni game that hopefully will be an annual tradition, HONOR the past, support the present Program and look to the future. This site is not the other two or three, where almost anything goes. With more thoughtful, mature posts, you can tell the difference, Would not doubt if Warrior Men’s team and future recruits read our posts, so we are careful,. Just express opinions with Aloha. Not aggression. Right? Right..Thanks Dayton, and tako , we All have to express constant appreciation to the Schmidt Ohana major sponsors of WI.. without whom, No More Forum..Outstanding..

    Whether Rocha, O’Neil, Frank or
    Gib Arnold, Riley Wallace, Bob Nash, Larry Little , Benjy Taylor or now Eran Ganot we support the program. Going to be super challenging for Eran, very hard to get 14 new guys on board in his system , however, I am looking forward to him doing it..He gets that 27 game winning season and NCAA bid.. that would be a reward for this year’s team AND BENJY.. that is pono, Akamai, true mahalo, aloha.. honor, reward those that have worked so hard for the state of Hawaii nei !!

  67. tako…

    do you think it wise for team to play in ncaa summer league?
    any other fan out there? It seems that is where guys get hurt ?
    What alternative? Or have trainer access, all summer long?

  68. Personally IMHO: Love to see U of H players at summer league. Been watching since players were playing at McCabe Gym. Both Smith and Garrett played in summer leagues on the continent prior to this season. Believe Coach Ganot will have a development plan for each player and they have to put those skills into practice some place prior to the season. Fotu was a great example of a player who bettered himself in the off season. That’s one of the reasons for a 365 day player, staying in shape helps to mitigate “serious” injuries.

  69. Respectful is NOT telling coach Beeman to sit down and shut up. Letting things go IS no more talk about how Benjy was treated or mistreated. Supporting the program is NOT saying players should play for themselves and Benjy. Never mind the new coach. And whoever of the 14 players does not want to get “on board” with coach Ganot’s program then they will be watching a lot of games from the end of the bench. Lastly, with all due respect to all posters here, RB, Welovebenjy, playhoopsa, poor boy, has every right to voice opinion but his comments actually are a disservice to a site purporting robe one designed for serious discussion of UH men’s bb. Hard to skip over his comments when there are multiple posts from him that rake up half of the comments. Real solution is to read Dayton’sarticle and never mind ANY comments. Many here actually have some insights to share but one will never know due to dominance of RB, et al. But that’s how this works so it is Dayton only from now on. Will miss the fun of yanking your chain., Welovebenjy, but.all good things come to an end. By the way, you are bean fields off on who Iam. Coed? Nope. Young? Nope. Hater of Benjy? Nope, Just someone trying to show you how your posts read. Truly hope you get some help, find another hobby, and get things in perspective. Don’t go over that edge. just some advice so you don’t get played again and again. Take it or leave it.

  70. BENJY TAYLOR is coach’s name not a movie dog name Benji, talk about NO RESPECT.. pono, pupule, jake , pocho, jjay Horrsee, gibnogood, the battle is over, Eran is MBB coach, so we move forward. I just represent, and polls show, as well as national coaches fraternity, think UH was very uncool, not ethical, and just dog and pony showed Benjy and his team,. That they went 22 wins season and almost made NCAA, blew away YOU ALL, anti Gibbers, and anti Benjy , Akana, Fotu, Reyes people.. anything to do with Gib and his recruits and staff. Pure no respect No aloha. Laura, she speaks very well, in past THREE years, has NOT won ONE BWC tourney title and NCAA bid, though she is the DARLING of Amanda and protocol, clean program, though some girls could not make it in academically.. Laura peeved that MBB gets more monies, more attendance, and attention, why.. ? look at local girls HS basketball, couple hundred in attendance fantastic, WBB 700 to 1200 fantastic, MBB even though a .500 team, because of the athleticism, the excitement, the verts 40 plus, the dunks, the blocked shots, 3 point 35 foot bombs, steals, speed, No contest, that is why EVEN young girls prefer to watch the MBB team for the speed and excitement, Not knocking Laura, however, she should not , and she has after MBB program and they being Darling of UH athletics… Man, WBB does not make money, dear madam or young lady, or sir,.. WBB at UH, because of lack of season and walkup ticket buyers, and cheaper costs of tickets, and not having 5000 plus or more in house at SSC will not even match UH MBB team, even if Warriors went 12-33.. just a fact of life, and yes, Laura, get off of your pedestal, you can talk cali talk well, good, good speaker motivater… when ASU comes calling with 3 million over 4 years guaranteed deal, she a walking..

    and, sir, madam, dog or boy, whatever you are.. GET BACK TO HONORING MBB, and the topic.. talk about NO respect.. just no respect for a poor black man from north Carolina who saved UH and UH MBB and the powers, arses.. totally asinie..

    Go Warriors.
    Look, Pono, pupule, jjay, Horsse, jake, and the like the WAR STOPS here.. draw the line in the sand.. I am moving forward, support the team I want the recruits of Gib, Akana and Benjy to have two great years, then Eran will have his own team, then we cheer the Ganot era !

    Go Bows.. That is Class,.. move on, bruddah or titah, too much venom.. and not helping Benjy, Gib, Akana, Fotu, Sammis or Eran out.. just trash talking. too much.

    I am pau.. move on Go Bows !!

  71. Maybe Dayton , time to change the video topic or writeup, I said my apologies to the board several posts before, I am pau. what happened to Benjy very sad, and I hope he stays in Hawaii , even UH has positions he could work for., He has great kids. Nice guy, I would not doubt if he lives in Hawaii one more year, that he doesn’t buy UH season tickets, maybe he and Gib sit together with Akana, and watch their recruits win BWC title and go to NCAA’s that would be really cool.

    Apologies, and for that no respect hate monger, Nuff already, support the team and staff going to be a good year, or average, we want above average., !!

    Go Bows.. and bruddah or sistah, smile yeah:)

  72. STFU, blalah! U ever hear of title 9? U a joke . I will watch u and ur sexist racist rants now 4ever. U never learn. Let sleeping dogs lie brah. Not going anywhere now. U will never know when it is coming. Too slow and not the sharpest knife if u know what I mean

  73. wonder if Eran has a ,, in mind as assitants, though Bradon Loyd was AA HS Oklahoma player of the year UCLA bound 3 ball shooter.?

    1)Good Bigs coach

    2) great shooting coach l

    really help the team.

    move forward.

    Go Bows !!

  74. Benjy is a non story. He’s gone. It makes no sense. Why are we even talking about a coach who isn’t going to be here. Let’s talk about the program now and going forward. Let’s turn the chapter. Let’s turn to better things to come for our program.

  75. Derek—

    Agreed, This is Dayton site: for All things Men’s Basketball
    how it morphed into WBB by some posters I don’t understand.
    I move on, ONLY MBB we concerned with. Other forums for the blog warriors

    good call Derek. MBB and how we support.
    I still say challenge, getting another coach’s recruits to play for you, and Now the challenge of assembling last minute assistant staff, plus the Big, shooter recruits, I love the RECRUITING time of BB season.

    Eran, now you are the captain of MBB, go for it.. take these warriors to the Big Dance !

  76. Poor Benji, I heard forest Whittaker gonna play him in his str8 to DVD movie.

  77. Dayton wish could keep off the aloha for UH element off site..

    We willing, make this paid site, card certified, real names and addresses, phone numbers, get rid of the juvenile delinquents..

    oa Baller you call them the “douche bags”..only couple of crazies,not cprazy for mbb like us
    but pick on gib, benjy, and akana..
    they going get it
    no friends, gals and guys stuck to smart phones…jirks!!

  78. Dayton we get to knowceran interview ..would unite the benjy and ganot camps!!

    Good idea


  79. Dayton want to stop nonsense blog battles? SUGGESTION..

    Delay, posts a couple of others, ANY word, thoght, vulgarity, repetition…just “Delete” the forum topic would be specific , good exchange without the immature ones blog and blurb away.
    I remember runbow and me were encouraged to blog to keep site going some 5 years ago..

    Know might take work, however any post not objective, clean , fair and on topic DELETE those
    Ugly stupid blogs will stop, it is the yong ones 50 to 19 years of age..

    Hope it works!! This site, paid, certified would permanently keep out the riff raff!!
    Enjoy your site Dayton..in my mind the real beat writer, and hopefully if eran allows it the closest to team
    I know you were close to gib, brandyn and benjy..basically..non felons ..nice guys and awesome families

    Let’s Go Bows!!

  80. Great idea! Keep comments to Welovebenjy, uhfanzonly1. No one else welcome. You can talk to each other. And make paid site with certified names, address, ssn, phone numbers. And what if people consider Runbows/Welovebenjy posts ugly and stupid? But that is okay? Want to stop the comment wars? Talk about future and not the past. And, FYI, mahalo for saying I can’t be over 50. Ganot hopefully has no need to feed this mess

  81. Dayton silence from super athletic potential BWC POY…..Aaron Valdes?
    Is he on board or hedging?
    Know he could take heavy credit load and finish this december graduate from UH then go to UCLA and join water polo team and be walkon with bruins basketball team…know that aaron wished UH had men’s water polo..

    Just wondering..plus status of preferred walkons Brocke, Niko, Dryrbe and Zach..?
    Tanks in advance!!

  82. Negus..depend on grades wonder if he looking at asia NBDL , european pro ball.seems like make use of spring workouts and gain muscle weight…get to 220 solid, get stronger..he can make good money take care of his family

    Dayton thamks in advance.and Eran Ganot interview, WI nation ready with questions!!

  83. Lol. Welovebenjy has questions for Ganot. Better hurry up and get on WI! And if Aaron goes then good for him. Life goes on. And if u think NWC is ready for pro ball anywhere you just showing ur ignorance again. And gotta believe u are only one worried about walk ons who played minimal or zero minutes. Yep. Great subject matter from the “true fan”. Joke

  84. Whatever happened to 3 looong lenthy 6’7″, 6’9″ and 6’11” athletic bigs looking to play ball in usa…their african coach very good friend with gib?
    Going be tough, Rocha , O’neil, Little, Frank Arnold, Riley, Bob, and Gib tried…hard to get 3 or 4 star athletes great students love hawaii and mature..

    Eran try your best..
    keep it going 3 years in a row 20 plus win seasons and finally ncaa dance!!

  85. Benjy administrative assistant for UH MBB ..Volunteer one year..would be great…he can see the fruits of gib and his recruiting..see the guys make elite eight!!

  86. Possibly..maybe one or two juniors could grad transfef and one go pro…loooong summer,
    big decisions for them
    two of top scorers..

    Gives others a lot of PT..not saying they are going to do it..
    however flip flop of sammis reyes last year..

    Go bows!

  87. This was tweeted one week ago, along with some other tweets:

    Olgun Uluc @OlgunUluc · Apr 16

    Caporn was on the St Mary’s coaching staff with new Hawaii head coach, Eran Ganot. He’ll reportedly join Ganot at UH in August

  88. How come so late addition?
    Will have little impact if any on aussie recruiting pipeline for this year.

  89. Island-

    Pretty soon current assistants and taylor year contract over. Wonder if chancellor under advisory and counsel , maybe ncaa curveball, say slow down with recruiting and staffing. Maybe more underlying things , and potential problems lurking?

  90. Eran …if akamai..through summer or one more year, keep autry, loyd, smith, carey in some capacity…Gib got his staff together very fast, so did nash and super quick brother benjy and amazing season

    Eran…by now..and he still working on filling half this coming year’s season schedule.
    Eran must be told by chancellor..” what is the urgency?” That is not smart at all.
    will put MBB behind other schools..hope someone tells him, take time, get it right however hurry up, either new staff or retain some current staff
    makes ones nervous..team might be thinking..oh no!! Not again!! Uncertainty!
    Hey team and families would want to know who are assistants and scheduling..very sure..they saying what is going on?

  91. The most disturbing thing, to me, about our multi-personality manic’s post is that he said that he has carpal tunnel syndrome and his “better half” has to type for him. Visualize that. Oh lord! Either she’s nuts, too, or soon will be.

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