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Mike Thomas ready to step up for junior season


Mike Thomas admits that he was unsure of his collegiate future two weeks ago. But with a new head coach in place and teammates rallying alongside, Thomas is now focused on preparing for a junior season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

“I have to step up my leadership, I think, where ever it is, and really look after my teammates,” the 6-foot-7 forward said. “I’m an older guy now, so it’s on me.”

Thomas started 23 games as a sophomore last season, and averaged 7.1 points and 3.5 rebounds per game. When then-acting head coach Benjy Taylor was asked to apply for the open position of head coach, Thomas and the other Warriors were wary of the program’s future.

“There was a bit of question, I’ll be honest, yeah,” Thomas said. “But I know what we got, I like the coach, I like his philosophy.”

Thomas and the other Warriors who are eligible to return next season went through their first week of individual workouts with new head coach Eran Ganot last week.

“He’s starting slow with us a little bit, just going with the basics,” Thomas said. “He’s getting everybody better, I think. We’re getting back in shape, we’re playing basketball, working out, and in the weight room.”

There was about a three-week stretch of uncertainty, and Thomas said he used the time to catch up on school work and weightlifting, but did not touch a basketball during that time.

“It helped me clear my mind and be fresh for now,” he said. “I love playing basketball now; it’s energizing.”


  1. I hope Mike can pick up his game in the off season. Foul trouble really hampered his growth! H has very great potential and I thouhgt he was going to be one of the top 2 scorers on the team after midnight Ohana this past year. His dedication and desire to be a great player will get him there. Work on your ability to drive to the basket and getting position for rebounds, and get those rebounds.

  2. One thing.
    MT has got to work on his quickness.
    1. Quick hands. 2. Quick feet. 3. And Balance.
    He does have a good shot, and that will come along.
    There is no better set of teammates to work with, as we have a very quick team.
    To help develop MT’s overall game, he’s got to work on his quickness.

  3. Mike!
    Glad you’re stickin’ it out;
    Way to take Personal And Team Leadership
    Help Recruit and Train one or two more Bigs To Back You Up
    Keep the Fouls in check so you can get the floor time to Expand your game & results;
    i think you Can be (like Fotu was) one of the team’s highest percentage shooters
    Just Elevate and Hit Those Clean strokes of yours…OR Break and Slam!
    We Are Waiting for MT’s Break-out Series of Games
    where you elevate and never go back to just bein’ one of the players
    More Like A Conference Impact Player
    Glad You’re Stickin’ it out Here
    Have Awesome Junior & Senior Seasons!

  4. Well speaking last season was his first year playing cause he sat out his freshman year. Think like janks needs to get a little bigger, faster, and work on his game he will be a lot better next season. We have the pieces in place just gotta get better as a team, recruit a big man to protect the rim, a sharp shooter, and get coach ganots system implemented we going back to the big west championship and winning it! #gobows #bigwestchamps #goingdancing

  5. Hey, Mike Thomas:

    Remembered your high school days?
    MVP, championship, double-double performance, Scholar Athlete Award, dominance?

    Scout evaluation stats => 6-10, 200. C, 2-star.

    Class of ’14 UH –
    6-8, 195, F. exceptional wing-span.
    Accounting/Business student (computer science & other solids… 3+ ave.).
    Interested in restaurant business ala Peter Kim.

    Your talents was widely admired.

    AS a Jr. to-be, you self-motivated to assume upper class-man leadership (break-out promised!).

    We all hungry for your TEAM prominence (happily).

  6. Glad to see another player committed to the program and stepping up to be a leader. Looking for big things out of MT next year. I really wish that Gib had redshirted him his freshman year as it was a waste in my opinion. Imagine if MT was going to be a Soph next year.

  7. n2o4joy; Mike now majoring in communications, with a minor in business, i think he said. Listed as 3 stars on verbal commits.

  8. n2o4joy — so Mike shrunk 2 inches ?? Lol…

    MT has so much potential. This past season he did good in bulking up. Now that he took care of the physical side, he can focus more on the mental. MT lacks discipline and basketball IQ. He needs to stay disciplined under the rim and not ‘bite’ at every single defender that goes up. Once he establishes a dominating presence there, his presence alone can/will alter shots. Also needs to improve shot selection and passing. Both very do-able.

    Again, MT has tons of potential and could easily be a double-double machine if he does the aforementioned. I’d love to see him step up and be the new Tony Maroney.

  9. ^^^ That’s good observations except until the name of Tony Maroney comes up. Maroney was 7-2 and heavy, not skinny like some other 7-footers. Thats like comparing a 6-1 or 6-2 guy can be the new Mike Thomas.

    As the coaches like to say you cant teach size and that’s what Maroney had that made him super valuable even though some of the fans didn’t realize at the time. I remember when so many credit Trevor Ruffin when UH made the Big Dance in the 90’s but Coach Riley Wallace said Maroney was the guy that was the key because he made the other teams change what they were doing.

    I like Mike! I don’t think he have to try and become a true center like Maroney because he don’t have that kind of same size. I like the progress he made as a athletic big and if he can improve some more this year and next year, he will help this team a lot!

  10. Hypes can be anything!?

    When MT first got here UH listed him as 78″ long (factually 77″?).
    Today, this article saying he’s 6-7. How many mm did he lengthen?
    They claimed Robinson shot-upped to be a 7-footer. What was the measurement first entering the Navy?

    Threw away all the words; Let performance speak aloud for the future!

    We here for the entertainment; A laugh a day made people healthy!?

  11. Mike did not sit out his first year

  12. Stop with the MT gonna grow to 7 ft. When pigs fly. Nice 3 or 4 and can get better. High character guy. Be thankful for who he is

  13. I like Mike as a nice stretch four if he can work on his shot, then he can use his quickness to attack the rack when slower players come play him on the perimeter. Did RB come back in another form. Lots of similar posts to him in the past.

  14. One thing MT has is athleticism. That you’re born with. The other things you can develop to a certain degree like shooting, defense, and shot blocking. Oh and free throws. That’s probably the most underrated part of basketball and yet can be a game breaker. MT just needs to stay within himself, recognize his strengths and try to minimize his weaknesses. Like IsaacM commented he needs to stop the unnecessary fouls. MT has already arrived. Just needs to clean up things.

  15. Yeah I think RB back. Lot of posts with his signature ranting style

  16. Neat…Gib. recruited some great athletes. ..Benjy took that group
    to bwc championship game…Eran inherits a ready to improve and win league, go further

    Conclusion- could have three 20 win seasons in a row for men’s basketball, and huge mahalo to Giband Benjy

    Eran…add to the picture..make. better!

  17. Glad to read so much optimism for next year’s team.

    Personally, awaiting who Ganot signs for next year. The big “if” is “when” the returning players commit to improvement both skill wise and strength. Thought, Nevels, Valdes and MT improved over the past summer, but not enough to be consistent throughout the season. Same with NWC and Janks, they have talent but….. are they committed to stepping up?

    JMO: Hoping for the best, however, they gonna work real hard between now and thru summer. Looking for 365 day players, committed to challenging themselves by stepping up each day. Bobbitt demonstrated the most promise especially coming in with a healing arm. If he develops his outside shot and speed. He may be able to surpass this year’s steal mark and be a consistent inside/outside threat. With maturity, Flemming could be a very effective disruptor to the other teams defenses. Seems to me, too many ifs…

    Not sure if we are there yet. Any thoughts?

  18. Why are we saying mahalo to Gib for screwing over the program with sanctions? I don’t get why any fan would have lovefor FIB.

  19. So Mike is majoring in Communications. Good choice! From the time I first heard him interviewed, he’s come across as smart, level-headed and very well-spoken. Mike certainly has the potential to do well in the communications field, although I think he’ll be successful in whatever endeavor he chooses.

  20. welovebenjy is the gib Arnold fan club member still prowling the blog

  21. jjay…well.
    Gib record 4 years -72 wins and real interest in men’s basketball after nash down years..averaged 18 wins
    Benjy-great run 22 wins…captured hearts of state. Hope he lands job teaching at university.

    Gib/Benjy era 5 year …about 19 wins per year..great athletic types.

    Eran Ganot has not won ONE game yet for UH ..see how team responds to his coaching
    how team gets bigger stronger, faster, smarter off season
    will Benjy emotion inspired team effort be there?

    Recruiting: great athletic shooters and scorers..haven’t seen one yet..sound familiar?

    Eran, new coach..has to deal with a lot..if he can and win 27 games, go NIT or NCAA’s …then I will jump on bandwagon!!
    Gib/Benjy=94 total..average 19 wins per year over 5 years.
    Do I appreciate the good athletes and exciting play of Gib/Benjy era? Of course, better than 5 years of losing teams!
    Eran..when you going to do interview with Dayton?
    You got the reins…now get championship banners..
    WeLoveBenjy!! Come on down to April 29 awards banquet.. going be fun!

  22. RunBows, is that you talking?

    Mike Thomas is the epitome of a student-athlete; a great representative of his family, the program and the school. Keep working hard.

  23. Clyde, you may be right. Bloggers have been suspecting that RB was back with different names like Eagle but don’t think so. Eagle has been posting for long time but WeLoveBenjy really sounds like RB.

  24. BigFan: I think Dayton welcomes everyone’s points of view. Just keep it concise and try to refrain from repetitive posts. And, most of all, let’s stop the personal attacks as it was getting kind of boorish.

    OK, off the soap box … awaiting announcements of staffing hires and recruiting visits.

  25. No clyde not runbow, a host of boosters, faculty, season ticket holders, young and old
    who developed real aloha for Benjy and team. He made team go all out. From stanley, maui to florida. I hold season tickets, could tell no outward support for Benjy as interim, so sad… He is going to have

    great award banquet. Really fun person who guided team to most wins in about a decade. We cheer
    team on, however, don’t teach our families ‘hard work” you put in and someone else reap rewards..MAYBE..Benjy will be okay, lot of season ticket holders..called Benjy Backers love him. We do hope UH will hire him in some capacity. Reward hard and super productive season!

    Clyde, possibly hundreds read hawaii sports blogs however have more important matters that enrich their lives. Believe me this silent majority makes up majority of all UH sports ticket sales. We love UH and the teams. We love winners, who doesn’t?
    Clyde they can swear or attack me , however hardly post here, San Francisco periodicals mostly. From Bay Area we came to love “Benjy Ball”
    See you all at Awards banquet. Checkout Benjy’s speech , not a dry eye in the house.

    (chosen to post by several old fans and parents!!)
    Rainbow Warriors and Eran have great run!! We count about 3800 or so cali and hawaii fans of UH Men’s Basketball and Benjy. Probably more throught the nation, we keep in touch. Uniting. Aloha!

  26. Playhoopsa, runbows is back now he’s turn heel lmao buss laugh this guy well he says he stuck at home doesn’t go to UH games so he has nothing better to do smh

  27. Damn the reincarnation of RB is back. Those are all good facts about Fib’s win total but you left out the biggest fact of his tenure. He committed MULTIPLE LEVEL 1 NCAA VIOLATIONS. I think those accomplishments trump all his other cupcake win totals. Can we please leave Benjy and Gib in the past and concentrate on the future.

  28. You can discount all those wins that Ferd Lewis said were “pastries.” BYU-Hawaii, HPU, Chaminade, UH-Hilo, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Southern, New Orleans, etc. etc. etc.

  29. Thank u Gib and Benjy for all those wins against DIi and lousy DI teams. And for all those conference tournament wins. And for all those great recruits including that class where none of your guys qualified to get into school. And for a contract that paid Gib bonuses when the PLAYERS signed autographs. And for keeping Runbows alive in his man cave banging away at the keyboard. Hallelujah! The March Hare is back!! We love Benjy!!!! Hire Benjy!!! Gib is the greatest!!!! And thank heavens for all those Bay Area periodicals covering UH instead of Cal, Stanford, and the Pac 12. Keep it coming welovebenjy. New and improvedi loony, disjointed rants. Woo hoo! I am already in tears and banquet is not even here yet! Lol! I think Kahi Mohala has some rooms available! Better reserve now welovebenjy.

  30. We, the 3800 Backers of Benjy, just saying, honor and respect the man, a minority, a relocated Kamaaina man, been through the gauntlet with honor. Brought, you all, whether you respected Gib and Benjy, Jarin Akana or not. Respect the 94 wins. About 19 per year over 5 years. Eran Ganot, if he can do that in 5 years. We the Benjy Backers, and keep long good posts going eagle !, we respect Eran Ganot too.

    At UH it is a Who Do You Know, Ole Boy Network, typical , State and other fumblings. reason why UH , supposedly is nearly bankrupt, more corrupt. Just our , the 3800 Benjy Backers opinion. We won’t bash fellow bloggers, too much Aloha we carry. When Eran was on staff with Riley, he was young gym rat, however, he wins trust of the team, and they win 27 games and go to one of the Two Major Post Season Tourneys… we will be at Anaheim too. We are Backing The Team, and We congratulate the team and Coach Taylor, want to see very moving and great Awards Banquet, come on down to UH Men’s Basketball Awards Banquet on April 29 2015!
    See you there. And we from Cali, Vegas, and Hawaii, ARE fans of UH team, whomever coaching. Go Eran Ganot have great season. !

  31. Hooray!!! It is no longer “I luv you man” Runbows. Now it is 3800 that love him. Not 3799 or 3801 but exactly 3800. I think it is time for those meds

  32. Good job at mentioning “minority” Welovebenjy. Typical RB racist stuff sneaking back in. Just come back RB and be proud that u r an original. Ain’t no one like you (thank heavens!). Now take ur nap so u can post more comments later. And to think there were people here who actually thought he was gone. Get real. Needs this fix. How bout WIJunkie as name instead of welovebenjy? Kinda catchy

  33. Derek,

    You’re sounding more and more like Wheeler!

  34. Clyde, since you were addressing me, I hope you don’t think that I was attacking RB. I just thought WeLoveBenjy really sounds like RB unlike some of the others posts that other bloggers were suspecting. I really don’t care what is posted as it’s a free world and I can go to other sites but I do like this site as it has far less trolls.

  35. If you are going to post as yourself, post as yourself and stop trying to pass off your posts as someone else. It is fairly obvious due to writing style that its RB reincarnated.

  36. BigFan: Apologize for the misunderstanding. I was responding to your post, but wasn’t directing my message to you. My comments were directed to RunBows or whatever he chooses to call himself, and those who seem to hate on the guy.

    If you don’t like someone else’s posts; don’t read ’em. It’s not worth a bump in blood pressure to be angered by what an anonymous person posts on a blog.

    I’m sure everyone is welcomed here (well, most everyone). Let’s keep it civil and be thankful that Dayton and the Schmidt ohana have allowed this blog to prosper.

    OK, enough of that. Moving on …

  37. Potential can be good and bad. The good is that one has a big upside. The bad is he has not reached the level of his game playing at his highest efficiency, but looks to have the ability. Next year the first 5 games will tell all if he still has potential or that he has finally arrived.

  38. clyde, you have it correct, civil forum, everyone entitled to opinion. Don’t be vulgar profane. young ones, fans, families, recruits read the posts.
    This is not runbow, we have read his or her, or his families posts for years. They make sense to a segment of warrior men’s basketball nation. Their is another segment, that believes, the administration to self serving, self interests, and not taking care of hard working, underpaid staff, including Benjy and his staff, and, these UH and Political hacks that be, are reaping any glory, and honor. Our section of Stan Sheriff Center fans, sure, we were peeved, so much so that we were thinking of not renewing season tickets. We are fans of UH Men’s Basketball program, have given a lot of monies. We are boosters, private sector businessmen, professors, fellow coaches, and some families of current athletes. What Benjy has accomplished, and yes, that book of his or espn story or movie rights will come out, it will make Hawaii and Benjy proud, of what they accomplished during the worst start to an NCAA DI basketball season in many a season.

    We the boosters, and there is a HUGE section, plus our Mainland USA brethren, who will post, and email, and be there, that is where you put your support, know it at Kentucky and they won National title, Awards Banquet would be held in Rupp Arena, nice if Stan Sheriff Center , with All of the Men’s Basketball alumni, will be there, show support to the young men who gave their bodies, controlled , or tried to control their egos, to accomplish team goal, agonizingly within 3 minutes and taking lead, then closing out historic win for NCAA invite, and UH bureaucracy, I agree with Benjy’s radio show with Kanoa Leahy from Maui after Benjy was denied the job. How he really felt, after that mid season mid major coach of year award Hugh Durham, and when warriors hit that magical 18 win mark, with a retracted, never serious 1 year deal interim, month to month custodian of the program, even if Benjy went to final four, however lost the semis.. UH administrators, would have said interview, however, Portnoy and his boy Wheeler, they say no way, however huge waaay, POLITICS.. when on November 2014 hoopstalk, when Benjy just made interim HC, caller asked Wheels , if Benjy would be New HC, or considered.. Wheels: NO WAY.. will Benjy Taylor be the Head Coach.How did Jackson know that from back in Novemember? He is the Ole boy along with Portnoy, IT guy President Lassner, and Mid Englander danced instructor Bley Vroman.. they knew, in contact with Riley Wallace before stroke, any recommendations? yes, Scot Rigot or Eran Ganot, whomever comes cheaper, and cleaner..So NO WAY IN HELL was Benjy going to get a shot.

    We have connections with ACLU, NAACP, HGEA(I know the administrator, Gib has a case, UH has to go to arbitration, he will, WILL mind you walk away with at least , JMO.. $750,000.00 ..and he has told some close to his Kailua friends, and small circle, he has good chance to clear name, and get monetary settlement. The Gib/Akana/Fotu, now Fotu, has monies and professional barristers from Europe and USA to clear his name. UH will take a major slap in the face, for going overboard, finidng the problems,, they do Well, Fixing the Problem.. they Suck at it.. same ole same..
    As you can see my words more real world, tougher than my old disabled friend runbow,,he might have posted too much , the same ideas, however he is very sick , so go easy on the guy. Some of us boosters, here in 808, in Mainland and towards NZ side, decided, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. if we have to litigate, demonstrate, remonstrate, in front of Stan Sheriff Center with legal permits, or the best Go to ESPN news service for tv specials and magazine articles. We the Benjy Backers researched a lot, BigFan, Pono, Pupule .. you all think you KNOW THE PERCEPTION OF UH basketball? You don’t have a clue, how the Mainland views us. The product past 5 years , especially this year under Benjy, they enjoy so much, Why Benjy Hugh Durhmam winner, honored at Final Four and 22 game winner in BWC championship game, so close, would be publicly online and in blogs, castrated.. that is as low as one can go.

    So there is THE FLIP SIDE.. heavyweights, who will see to it that the current BOR, chair, soon he is removed, the hoopstalk show, conflict, and loss of support, I was major donor supporter, their being so biased towards ole boy network, .. that show we will off the air before next season. And for Eran.. NOTHING ASOLUTELY NOTHING against the young man.. He should Not be the current coach for new season, it should be Benjy for at least 2 more years. However, that is the difference from a nice young man, and a seasoned coach, who produced so much excitement for Fans , true ones, that bough Season tickets, and went to Anaheim, Ganot.. still wet behind the ears.. challenge, when he first has to discipline one of the returnees, if all , maybe 1 might go, boosters not sure., And how will he deal with going on a 7 game losing streak. Benjy , they hardly lost more than 1 in a row. Incredible.

    Well BigFarn, pupule, Pono, just don’t read the post., I did not care for ranting, and long posts of runbow, however his passion for Gib, Akana, Reyes, Fotu, and Benjy, showed me , he is not a bandwangon jumper, … I got to meet the old guy , loves basketball, knows who running the show, and scolds them, since he used to work there.. Sad, he knows the situation first hand at UH administration, grandiose thoughts and plans, if they play the political game, and hurt innocent people, and screw the boosters, students, fans, athletes, and a great Interim Coach in Benjy, well, might as well, write a book or Cable special about UH Basketball and Benjy Ball, we will ..

    Thanks Dayton and clyde, and No, runbow, would be too soft, we 3800 boosters, and private and mainland supporters, we think we can make or break the program. However, like Benjy Taylor, we will take the high road, will not criticize other posts, will give THIS ONE TIME ONLY post, from 3800 and growing supporters of Benjy as a man, and supporters of Eran Ganot as new hire, ole boy hire.. we are very nervous, whether team will buy into what Ganot wants from them. Benjy had them buy in and put it into practice Benjy Ball !!

    Aloha, no we 3800 , I am the second poster, with others telling me what to right. We are professionals, and ready to support or report, A Benjy book, or article, or cable TV movie a lot of weight. We have to see what Gib and Akana, and Isaac Fotu will do, they will not go to battle without the ammunition to clear and get settlement for their carrers. Go Gib Arnold, Brandyn Akana and Isaac Fotu and Tonganator. UH is not what it was in the 1980-1990’s, too much pilikia.

    Aloha, from The Benjy Backers.. and BigFan, leave that old, disable, and very seriously sick fan alone, runbow, he did nothing to attack you or anyone one else.
    he was friends with Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum, Tonganator, and all the families of team. The guy is very sick that is why he will not post for the rest of his life.. We the Benjy Backers, saw, such a great love affair with the current guys , at this point wanting to come back.
    We hope Dayton, and one poster mentioned, maybe with Eran , he will not allow total access to players, staff, possible new visiting recruits, like Dayton had during the Gib/Benjy era.

    We love you all warrior insider fans. and we never go low.. always take high road, we all entitled to opinion, and from Hawaii, to Cali to New Zealand, we speak as one.

    (ghost writer for the 3800.. mko)

  39. Absolutely BEST post ever!!! All over the place and no sense at al. Other than RB sick old guy. DUH! I think these posts speak for themselves about the poster’s health. Can’t wait for the movie. wonder who will play Benjy? Heard Tom Cruise will play Gib. Man, I LOVE this site!!!!!

  40. Quick show of hands. How many made it through that post? Like War and Peace

  41. Oh good Lord! That last one makes it too obvious. Come back as yourself already RB. A couple guys like Pupule will cut you to shreds because thats what they do but just deal with it and move on if you miss it that much.

    Good advice from clyde for everybody else who hate on RB and dont like these rambling posts. Just don’t read em!

  42. This is some funny stuff

  43. Can’t help it ! I am addicted to RB. Think I will change my moniker to RBjunkie.

  44. WeLoveBenjy: I can tell you are newbie fan of UH MBB.I go back to mid sixties, always supported MBB program through good and bad. thankful to good man Dayton Morinaga. I am always defending UH MBB and whomever coach is, now coach Ganot. He is very positive. I’m a super fan and we need more like that here. Dude, man or lady fan. just support the site and coach and athletes.

    We love UH MBB. So WeLoveBenjy, take it or leave it. I am sure you love BB hoops UH MBB too. chill, and keep on supporting the bows. WeLoveBenjy don’t be a negative nancy, give me a break Dude!

  45. Uh oh! Not a good sign when you talk to yourself, “dude”.

  46. WeLoveBenjy not sure you understand how a blog works. This is not a place for 3 page essays lol. You’re taking rambling to another level.

  47. I wanted to make a prediction I would bet another 1000 bananas Ganot will scramble gamble recruiting,and as was mentioned had to take some head cases too, however, each year, Ganot will improve at 19 wins, 16 wins, 17 wins and finally 20 wins, for an average of 18 not 17 wins per season, either injuries, mono, or other …UH will also close each year to get to 20 wins, ..wow..

    well they have to start winning and fast..Ganot with all going on, he will complete his staff, which they will. loss of practice time, a real challenge, the guys on own have to remember coaching schemes, get up shots themselves, , and hit the weight room. Negus, Smith, will show the way, those are the leaders! Go Rainbow Warriors, big challenge, however stand and fight and come out right on top of NCAA ..as 2016 national champs..why not UH MBB?

  48. Wow! Ok. This is one sick puppy. No sense in even egging him on when this far gone. Have fun in ur own little bubble. Capt Kirk signing off. Beam me up, Scotty. We need to keep looking elsewhere for signs of intelligent life.

  49. Clyde, no biggie. Apologies accepted but not really needed. I thought what you explained was your intent and you’re always fair but I just wanted to be clear on what I said.

  50. No one can deny that Gib was a pretty good recruiter, at least of this current crop. He was even targeting McDowell -White from Australia from quite a long time ago, who is supposed to be a good one.

  51. Gib struggled at first recruiting wise, but his final two years, he was really on a roll. He probably would have gotten the serbian kid that went to Oregon State and I am confident he would have gotten the Mcdowell-White brothers as well.

    Hope Coach E is as succesfull recruiting was as Gib was, but much better coach during games.

  52. This is going to another level. At least RB is using one of his other known monikers which is playhoopsa. Now he’s going to have another conversation with his other name from the scout forum cp3ball. This is very entertaining.

  53. I’m hearing we are in the mix for a JC big, a guard from down under and a possible graduate transfer.

  54. Is this for the 2015 class? i hope the guard from Down Under is Darryl McDowell White. Getting him would assure UH his older brother who is probably a 3/4 star recruit and considered one of the best guard prospects from Australia in the past decade after Dante Exum.

  55. Meant his YOUNGER brother, Will McDowell White.

  56. Yes this is for the current class. Didn’t get names just general targets.

  57. Could the Graduate player be the Brazilian kid Gib recruited a few years ago Rafael Maia?

  58. To me Maia was a letdown at Brown. He underachieved in the Ivy league and would have likely been a role player had he come to UH.

  59. I am guessing coach E is going after Big men though, and Maia is looking for a new school, wouldn’t be a bad bench player, at least to help rebound, he did lead the Ivy league in rebounding last season.

  60. Personally I hope it’s Mark Tollefsen from USF, or Tyler Harris from Providence, Grandy Glaze from Saint Louis, or Max Bielfeldt from Michigan instead of Maia. All will be available to play right away, and are bigs.

  61. That is key..Eran getting big and shooter…have to recruit,..still awaiting negus and aaron’s committ to this season?
    much talent in australia and canada.
    D1 ready transfers , lot of even Sr. an. RS Sr.s willing to play one year..could help make ncaa run.

    Eran just do your best
    see all of you at awards banquet.would not be surprised if Benjy still herel, he too season ticket holder
    first class man..

  62. And….we await whether Eran will allow Warriorinsider total access to staff , team and potential recruits…
    will be different,,believe Dayton kicked off Warriorinsider after Gib was hired
    we appreciate if Gib’s recruits stay till graduating, team with good coach and mentors could make run in ncaa’s
    do not envy Eran…he is repairing bridges, and transitioning
    will team get better, more disciolined..
    hope so..
    go bows!!

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