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It’s been a two-week whirlwind for Ganot


It’s been a two-week whirlwind so far for Eran Ganot in his inaugural stint as the new head coach of the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

“It’s been so rapid-fire that we’re just trying to get to know each other, get them on a schedule,’ Ganot said.

Ganot has been leading the current team through off-season individual workouts for the past two weeks. The players have talked about going back to fundamental drills during the workouts, and Ganot confirmed it.

“To be honest, I’m big on the fundamentals anyway,” Ganot said. “I think the skill set – that’s been our focus at least in the workouts – is ball handling, shooting, things like that. See where they’re at and see where I can help.”

Ganot was named the head coach of the Warriors on April 9, and has spent every day since then meeting and greeting people associated with the program.

“It hasn’t had a chance to sink in yet because it’s been such a whirlwind,” he said. “The way I do things, the way I like to study things, every aspect of the program … not just relationships with our players and coaches, but the administration, other coaches, people who support our pogrram, so there hasn’t been much time to let it sink in.”

Ganot selected former University of Pacific associate coach Adam Jacobsen as an assistant coach last week. Prior to that announcement, Ganot had been leading the individual workouts by himself.

“I’m going to take my time and do things right and make the right decisions,” he said. “But in the short term with the way we want it to have this spring, at least for the guys, I think it’s worked out well.”

Ganot is currently on a recruiting trip, but said he is taking a similar cautious approach to the possible signing of any new players.

“We’re going to get the right guys; sometimes it could be the right position, the right player, but they have to fit in to what we’re doing moving forward,” Ganot said. “It’s not just basketball – that’s important, but the academic, the fit with this community, and the character piece will be big.”


  1. Thanks for the update, Dayton. I like coach Ganot’s approach, calm demeanor and reservoir of energy — well, he is only 33. HIs personal life is probably a mess, but his priorities are in the right place.

    Coach is fortunate in that he inherits a solid returning core to build upon. He doesn’t need to rush the process, and can focus on laying a strong foundation with a few more pieces (in staff and players).

    With Jacobsen coming aboard tomorrow, he can pick up the workouts and academic monitoring while Ganot spends some time recruiting on the Mainland.

  2. clyde:

    Just curious who will fill out staff. I really feel for the guys, with the transition, however if they stick it out, they should have good season. Thanks too Dayton, that you keep us abreast of what is happening with Eran, and the team. Key, this next seven months!

    Go Bows. And Eran, , yes you are a workaholic, take time for yourself and family too. Enjoy Hawaii. Oh yes, and we await whatever comes down from ncaa. That might take awhile, Eran has energy to work through that too.

  3. And Thankyou, Eran Ganot for making yourself available to Warrior Insider, we appreciate Dayton’s video, and his interview with team and staff !!

  4. The Best of Romances Deserve Second Chances…

    Coach Ganot:

    Best of Luck Building and Creating The Program You’ve always wanted to be a Part of…
    Now, You’re The Orchestrator, The Maestro Of Your / Our Program…

    Thanks and Best Wishes for Highest Continual Success Retaining and Developing our Current Young Men: Job One;
    We Really Like These Guys and Their Families: Nice ‘Ohana
    AND Demonstrated Winners…

    Similar to Many Others,
    Also Looking Forward to The Second Set of Outstanding Evidence of Continual Immediate and Long-Term Success:
    The Additions, The Recruits that you and The Adam(s) can rally and muster This Current, Immediate Season;

    As You Build Your Support Team – Dave Matlin and Adam Jacobsen for Starters,
    I Suspect (KNOW) You Will Recognize Dayton & Company and This Site as An Excellent Window,
    A Portal linking to some of Your Friends, Families and Best Supporters,
    Both New and Life-Long Fans, Friends and Family

    IMUA, Onward and Upward

    We, (Wife also a Very Good Fan), plan to Meet and Greet some of Your Most Ardent Support Team @ The Banquet;
    A Leveling of The Waters, Transition Benchmark and Great Kick-Off

    AND Plan to see The Team Crashing The BWC Glass Ceiling Next Post-Season in Anaheim…

    Go ‘Bows!

  5. wonder if Eran likes to body surf , or surf? Hawaii perfect for water people. Well here we go, the Eran Ganot era. Best wishes, and team finish strong in academics. I recall, Mike Thomas, Quincy Smith AND now Aaron Valdes, having good vision and goal, accelerate some courses to graduate even earlier. That is good, can just concentrate on what they love doing and academic diploma in hand !

  6. Coach seems to know what he’s doing. A very cool calm and collective frame of mind. Want to bring in the right guys (coaches, recruits) that want to be here, have good character, etc. With coach Jacobsen coming in this week he can help coach ganot with team while he focuses on building staff and recruiting. Mahalo warrior insider for the video updates it helps out a lot to see where players and coaches are with program. Go bows!!!

  7. Reply to NCAA due April 30. So what self-sanctions are coming ?

  8. islandman:

    thought I heard Jeff P. mention awhile back, and confirmed by chancellor that No Post Season ban on the table, which is good for current team and next couple of years. That possibility of limiting scholarships can hurt some down the line. That is why, the importance of Eran keeping current underclassmen here, just my opinion, open up to local right fit walkons. There a few that are in that 6’6″-6’8″ range,could develop. JMO. However your are right, I believe Matlin and counsel, NOW will have idea, put on the table lesser if any self sanctions, and let ncaa respond, then UH counter until agreement met.

  9. I am very happy, still will be April awards banquet, good for MBB program moving forward and rewarding this year’s team. The guess speaker, I don’t know, maybe, The Thief, The Cat, Tony Webster, from back in Larry Little’s time, Tony Webster had quick hands, great ball hawker !

  10. being cautious recruiting wise is wise but it’s not like we can pick and choose between any players…if there’s a 3 star player out there but grades aren’t there we can’t just pass him up…ganot needs to invest and take chances…we have tutors that can help…he does need to be very open minded and take chances….as the head coach he can help these young human beings and make them become better people…why not take on the challenges?

  11. good point..develop them..some turn out great stories

  12. Between “Some” Recruiting Work by Ganot and An Adam (or two) …
    TWO Schools’ Recruiting Coordinators
    Now working Together at a Third…

    Maybe we start seeing visitors, even signees….”soon”?

    Look Forward to Dayton/WI’s Banquet Coverage…

  13. eagle:

    Awards, most inspirational, outstanding.. My Vote THE WHOLE TEAM.. awesome job this year past !

  14. Hey, would you guys going to the banquet report back on how good the jokes are that the basketball coaches tell. Generally, coaches tell the best jokes. I know Benjy is a great coach on this note. I still repeat some of Riley Wallaces’ gems. I hope Ganot can continue the tradition.

  15. I Hope So…

    But So Far…Seems to Stress Sincerity
    Humour Would Help…

    THIS SITE Has Been Too Heavy (for my Taste & Time)

    THE PLAYERS Have a Surprisingly Good Sense
    After All They’ve Been Through…

  16. Coach,

    Step 1. You seem to have succeeded in getting one of the best teams back after having one year playing together…well done.

    Step 2. Bring in more 3 star recruits to fill our pukas.

    Step 3. Do not let Admin take away any post season in their NCAA response.

    BTW – here is a recruit for you to secure. UH should have an ‘in” since both of his parents played for UH and both starred.

    Kyrin Galloway, 6’9″, 210# junior in HS…will graduate next year. Son of Kylie and Erin Galloway!


    This is worth several trips to Georgia and don’t forget the Mac Nuts.

    GO BOWZ…good luck.

  17. BACKBEAT: Nice find on Kyrin Galloway. Talk about inheriting the talent gene when your mom and dad both had outstanding careers at UH.

    Actually, Kyrin was born in Honolulu, so maybe it’s not so farfetched that he’d consider playing here. Got get ’em, coach Ganot.


    I am super impressed how you search online , really dig deep and find gems that others , we WI fans too, don’t . Lot of work by you for MBB in particular and super islandman for All UH athletics.. Hey the WI fan nation , steady as she goes, coming back to life, and in good frame of mind !
    Yes. By now, we all on board. Eran, I agree akuhead2 and eagle, bruddah has to learn how to relax, so intense, gym rat, and about to be married?

    Even Riley, the ole read head, and gentlemen Red and Larry had good sense of humor, even the previous two recent coaches, why not, fans.. all part of UH MBB heritage. I hope, too, BACKBEAT.. that is the wise course, seems like Admin with counsel, backed away from Post Season Bans, trying to reduce a level II or III ? to lesser, so must be on the table, practice time limits, scholarship, or recruiting limits? Infraction specific..

    Do not give up the who ball of wax, think what admin and counsel did was plenty.. since October..we see, wish we will know, transparency, BACKBEAT.. I hope so with Matlin and company, so we know whether good vestment of time and money into MBB program, Eran has some good athletes. and Erin The Helicopter’s son would be awesome.. wonder if HE has that 48″vert like his dad, and shooting touch like Mom Kylie?

  19. Got to be a misprint… 10.0 Blocks per game ?
    It is highschool,… he is 6’9″,… but … , no …

  20. No signed contract yet. Is Ganot “reneging” on the original deal ? Per SA, after agreeing on a three year deal, speculation is that he is seeking a four year one, due to uncertainty of the NCAA sanctions. It may be true or not true.

  21. Speculating aloud, perhaps Ganot’s reluctance has to do with UH’s response to the NCAA letter of allegations, and whether he was given any say in the matter. Maybe UH has decided to offer self-imposed sanctions that, in Ganot’s eyes, will hamstring the program in the near future … i.e. scholarships, practice time, recruiting trips. What ever the holdup, hope it’s resolved soon so the program can move forward.

  22. clyde:

    one thing, if true, Eran is a very smart young man. Make sure for his and MBB program future. He probably has a very good idea of the infractions alleged, and if UH offered too much self imposed, it would put him in a bind, recruiting, potential to be competitive. He is very, smart, I hope he has a good agent, we know the history of UH counsel, and their writing of contracts. Hope it works out. Eran can negotiate with UH, and UH in good faith for an up and coming young coach, will back him up. Help out the program moving forward,. Anytime sanctions, it is a tough go for awhile, I hope we can see UH ncaa allegation response soon. So the public knows too.

  23. Oh no! Not another Gib situation! Eran or UH admin better get clear explanation out to keep everyone from saying “here we go again. Uh announces coach without even having contract terms agreed to. “. Hard to believe they could be that bone headed but….

  24. Was there an oral contract or agreement between UH and the new coach for the three years or how does a preliminary agreement work out in regards to a written one ?

  25. Internet says term sheets can be non-binding and final terms of an agreement can be negotiated.

  26. Very sad that Coach Ganot have to start out his career this way negotiating with UH administration but also sooooo typical of what we expect from UH already. All this stuff should of been hammered out weeks ago behind closed doors.

    Just my guessing is Ben Jay was too busy enjoying his walks into the sunset, Matlin was too busy shopping for office furniture and candy bowls, all the assistant ADs was too busy doing nothing and waiting for orders. Without the help of these people, Bley-Vorman is clueless about athletic dept, so the circle of non-life continues.

  27. There u go. Lot of people gonna think exactly like ChuckCheese if all involved don’t get ahead of this. Unbelievable someone would not be aware of blowback

  28. Okay, I was refraining from posting for a little while as this board was getting a little personal but cannot help myself on this topic.

    ChuckCheese, your comments on the staff might be a tad overstated but very funny nonetheless.

    I have not tracked all new coach’s hiring but you would think there is a basic agreement before a choice is made. An extension of one year is pretty big and a coach should know the basic terms before accepting. So, for Ganot to try to negotiate this after the fact seems a little unethical. Maybe too strong a word but he came with high ratings in this area and UH’s pursuit of a new coach had the emphasis on integrity and ethics. Ganot should have done his homework on the NCAA sanctions and it’s possibilities. Anyway, don’t know all the details but just giving my two cents.

  29. Interesting , tonite Awards Banquet ! Will Eran be introduced as New HC, without signed contract in hand? Or will, Eran still be on mainland, or let This Year’s team and staff, have their final day in the spotlight for a wonderful season. Coach, did a good job, and guys really stepped up.

    That front page SA article, man, it is like, here we go again…….
    Where is the Stan Sheriffs, and Paul Durhams, Elroy Hirsches, Ray Nagels? Living in the past, hope Matline steps up, and HE tells legal, counsel and chancellor, Hey, I retained Beeman from leaving, we don’t want to get off to wrong start with Eran, if not signed.. isn’t it true, I believe so, if Eran NOT under contract signed, he could leave.. true? I think so. Hope not.. auwe !

    Anyways, coach taylor and team , have GREAT , AWESOME AWARDS banquet, for those going, have a good time, honor the TEAM ! JMHO.

  30. Elroy Hirsch played in the Hula Bowl and was known as “Crazylegs”. Was he a UH AD ? Anyway, he was a good guy.

  31. Ok, ok, I apologize for ragging on the UH ADs again but I couldn’t help it. Had so much talk about starting new and integrity and then the first order of business goes back to the same bull sheets.

    What is more bothering to me is the people on other sites blaming Coach Ganot for being unethical with this. Thats a PR nightmare for UH because the fans is already divided about this hire and something like this only going to make it worser.

    I don’t know might be just me but I think Matlin should throw himself under the bus on this one and just say he let it slip by because he still new to this kind of stuff and say Coach Ganot is a stand up man that all the fans need to believe in and back up. Or just give him the 4 years contract and be over with it. We getting him at sale price anyways.

  32. Off topic: Oklahoma will play Villanova, and Oregon will meet Navy on Dec. 7 at Bloch Arena as part of the Navy’s efforts to honor our Armed Forces. It’s the 74th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ganot should approach these teams for a game since they’ll be here and UH won’t have to pay travel subsidies.

  33. Chuck…

    they have to get on it ! make UH better, no worries about expressing concerns.. we all vested in Hawaii and UH..


    that is great idea… UH not having to pay plane fares, hotels, they on base or on the ships.
    now, UH get Eran, and this is super important, give him that 4 year deal.. He must know, even before coming here, the challenge of the sanctions, he wants some security , and a chance to stablilize program through the process. I hope, and think No Post season bans, like St Marys and Randy Bennett, maybe have to reload with only maybe 11 scholies.. use good preferred walkons from USA and around world..

  34. Ferd column lit a fuse ! wow….

    blogs to his column about unsigned Ganot , blowing up

    SA comments, really asking great questions, New Coach, and wants a better deal, before even signing, I don’t understand,.. maybe Chuck or others do..
    Maybe something, going on, has to be, never heard of accepting in principle a 3 year, standard contract, and never signed on board yet, and now, Eran wants a 4 year deal?
    Wonder how Uhadmin and AD, and , here we go again are going to respond.. bet Uhadmin, hold the line, you want the job it is 3 years on nothing at all. Wonder if it might come down, to next in line? Kyle Smith, Benjy Taylor? Weird UH, what a start to Matlin era.

    ONLY MY opinon fans,.. however, very odd, JUST ENJOY THE AWARDS banquet, this is pretty big news, negotiate a better deal, or no sign?

  35. How come Hoops talk tonight ? Jeff P not going to the banquet ?

  36. There is an appearance of conflict of interest with Jeff P chairman of the UH BOR dealing with his acknowledged friend Ganot. The interest of UH and the interest of Ganot. Even though he may not be in the direct line in negotiating the basketball HC’s contract as are Matlin and the Chancellor.

  37. I wonder if Ganot’s request for extension stems from something he just found out about UH Admin’s response to the NCAA that might take away any post season play away or even worse. Frankly, I think they should throw in Captain Bley’s resignation for the NCAA.

  38. Gary Payton at banquet, contrary to Reardon’s “advice”.

  39. UH…
    BACKBEAT….what is going on?
    Bley Vroman for or against athletics?

    Man…if something happens with Eran’s hire, who to blame?
    Matlin double take?

    Tomorrow UH response to ncaa…too much for Eran..
    JMO…wonder . What Eran thinking?
    The timing, and non signing…strange and concerning..what about team?
    Who the coach now? Wonder if current staff still working with team..

    Very odd, Ferd column..when he qequestions..oh boy..?

  40. UHF happy, Eran may be trying to hire a former player for his staff .

  41. UHF, Jeff P said no worries about the contract . . .

  42. islandman…very smart of Eran…remember alumni..
    so important
    wonder what UH response
    and Jeff P. ..huge conflict..host..chair and color guy
    only in hawaii?

    Tonite is for Benjy and the Bows..first rats, high character 2014-15 team
    hope they can duplicate next few seasons!!

    Thanks for metrics reports islandman!!

  43. First rate team..! , not rats!
    Or rats… Wheels not coaching!
    Just joking!!
    Look forwar to Dayton’s awesome coverage of awards banquet!!

  44. My opinion, people speculating about the coach’s contract is much ado about nothing. Hawaii is always very, very slow about finalizing contracts. I don’t like it either, but what can we do. Absolutely nothing.
    We can grumble to kingdom come, but that’s the way it is since, what, forever. I’m getting old so at this point in time I just try to enjoy each and every day, try to laugh as much as I can, try not to get sick, go to Vegas a couple times a year, spend some money, give my money away to my kids, and grandkids, and to good causes, play golf once a week with my senior friends, and enjoy the major sports.

    We should be celebrating the Water Polo team, and the great regular season by the men’s volleyball team and hopefully more good news to come. Go Rainbow Warriors, make it to the NCAA semis and win the whole dang thing, an NCAA championship.

  45. Derek..

    What Sandbows, Warrior VB, and WWP team potentially able to accomplish..historic
    so much da kine with UH.. we have to think about team..students..
    I am older too..sports not everything
    family , health, life and Peace in world..

    Hope Spring teams do well
    wish community and student union were admin..really deserving of sharing in accomplishments of teams, not certain higher ups!
    Just me..alumnus that I am..:)
    Go Bows!!

    Happy for MBB, WBB, WWP, MVB, WSVB !!

  46. Really all teams we support, congrats to Genevieve Bradley, Taylor Averil and Shawna Lei Kuehu, Jack Bonham award winners!!
    That is what we talking about!

  47. Benjy gave an award to almost everyone on the team, which is good.

  48. Good job Benjy..still feel good story , MBB..never forget this team
    band of brothers!!
    Team, we love you all!!

  49. UHF & others, the attendees were with you:

    “Benjy Taylor gets a standing O after a tribute by Billy V”

  50. Because Some ASKED (Respectfully):

    Re: SO: As Far as I could see, NO ONE sat out Standing O…

    NOT A LOT of Jokes Heard… (Sorry to Non-Report)

    New Coaches Stayed Clear
    (Apparently Gave Space to Allow Reflection and Honoring of Past Season;
    My Interpretation, Classy, Kind of Similar to B.Nash?
    I ‘feel’ like BB Coaches understand ‘Human-Ness,
    especially In Transition)

    Benjy’s Trend of Lamentation seemed to Continue…
    “I was Not Afforded the Opportunity to Meet With the Team,
    To Say, ‘Goodbye’…

    “From the Championship Night in Anaheim to Tonight,
    This is My First Chance to see the team…

    “But No One Worry,
    These Guys Are Special
    And Every One Will Be Just Fine…”

    WHAT Is Wrong with UH “Admin’s” Understanding of “People”?
    Do we have ANY Humans ‘Up There’?
    OR Predominantly Automatons with NO Business Acumen?
    [Therefore I AM “Concerned” they Might Not Be Smart Enough to LISTEN to Matlin-Ganot (Either)]
    For Those of You that were Speculating that The New Staff “Should Be Alarmed”
    i Would ADD, that maybe with a Modicum of Self-Sacrifice, versus Self-Preservation,
    Between Staffs, One Apparent Mantra ‘might be’
    What We Can Do, Best For the Players
    (with the probable exception of Isaac Fotu)
    Which Supports & could explain the Steadfast Player Solidarity and Retention

    Contracts? As Far as i’ve ever heard in Past Few Years
    ALWAYS An Upper Campus SNAFU
    [Situation Normal, ALL Fished(sp?) Up]

    Prospects For A Bright Future?

    1) Stefan Jankovic’s younger brother, 6-8 at the same age that Stefan was “only 6-7″;
    ‘May Be” enrolling at Maryknoll as a Junior
    ‘Our Grand-Father was seven-two’…

    2) “Ganot is a Great Technical, Numbers Coach,
    It’s All in his head, You were doing this, hit this per cent;
    we want ‘that’, with this kind of percentage…”
    [In Progressive Analytics: Threes ARE Valued at a High Percentage,
    Pure Experiential Mathematics and Factual Statistics Versus Old Myths]
    Q: Do YOU Like Threes?
    A: At a High Percentage
    “‘Last Year’ was MY Worst Shooting Year ever…”
    Evidence: Janks 32% Vesus NWC 41%

    3) A Schmidt: “The New Coach ‘has to realize This Site is a Good Thing for his program…”
    Comment: For this Coverage and Free Advertising, What’s the Cost to Him?
    Put Aside 15 Minutes, (every so often); Let a Coule of Players carry a Video-Cam…?

    Overall Evening:
    “Mixed” But i CAN See it All Coming Together
    (That Doesn’t Mean it does or it will
    with The UC Wild Cards…
    BUT I’m “Praying & Meditating On Matlin-Ganot & Co.”)

    Does THIS One Keep The Long Tradition of Mystifying Basketball Banquets in a kind of Continuum?
    [I Would Say, ‘Yes’ … BUT Great that the Players were Honored
    AND At Least OUR Table thought, Great that The Glove, Gary Payton, IS Here…

    BV: “Ladies and Gentleman, Our First Speaker: Chancellor Bley-Vroman!
    He’s Still On His Way…”


    GO ‘BOWS!

  51. FROM HSA:

    “The banquet was a sendoff of sorts for interim coach Benjy Taylor, who led UH to a surprising 22-13 record and an appearance in the Big West tournament championship game.”

    From BT: ‘I guess we were Three Minutes short…”

    Corrections @ #50:
    Vesus, should be, Versus
    Coules, should be Couple

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