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Fleming set to return for sophomore season


It is looking more and more like new University of Hawai’i head coach Eran Ganot will have a full roster of Warriors to work with next season.

Isaac Fleming, who was dazzling at times as a true freshman this past season, said on Monday that he will return for his sophomore season. Fleming was thought to be a candidate to transfer because of his close relationship with Benjy Taylor, who led the Warriors to a 22-13 record as acting coach but was not selected for the open job of head coach.

Fleming, who averaged 9.5 points and 3.1 rebounds per game as a freshman, participated in an off-season workout with his teammates on Monday afternoon. All of the players eligible to return next season have met with Ganot and are participating in workouts.

CLICK HERE to view the story on Fleming from KHON2


  1. Chee Huu!!

  2. Great news from Fleming and Jankovic. Thanks Dayton for the update!!

  3. The shortest distance between point A & point B is a STRAIGHT(line) (no crookedness allowed);
    Great men think alike and made everything clicks therefore 100%-in for success.

    A firm foundation not only works well, also known to be efficient at its best.

    Agent Zero deserves to be a WINNER.

  4. Things are looking up for this program. Coach Eran just needs to bring in a big man to protect the rim ( or two)
    A sharp shooting guard to replace Nevels and a point guard to learn under Bobbitt and start the year after he leaves.

  5. Great news. What’s the status on Negus? I hear rumors of grades so I hope that is not a problem.

    Glad you’re coming back, Isaac!
    THIS from Your SIC CRAZY Fans
    @ Maui and Anaheim

    Way to Support, BigDaddy
    i think Coach Eran can help Isaac Be The BEST that he can Be
    Player of the Year?
    First Team, First Year ?
    I would take That as a Target, As a Measure of
    Player-Coach – System-Program Effectiveness
    IF Attained Immediately As a Sophomore

    JOB ONE: “Recruit” [EARN the TRUST]
    OF The Team… From Thursday to Monday —
    NICE Job, Coach!

    REALLY NICE Choice Agent Zero!
    Get ‘Em All, Have it All
    Maximize Basketball AND LIFE Success!

    Good Things To Come?
    “IF You Don’t Already Have YOUR List One Through Fifteen
    As a Coach, You’re Already In Trouble…”
    AND NOW Coach Can Offer “Paradise”
    What Good OR GREAT Surprises
    WILL Coach Unveil in The Next Week OR Month?

    GREAT to HEAR Coach Benjy making The Banquet
    We Be There
    To SEE That Bond Being Cemented
    NO Mattter How Tough The Times
    AND ESPECIALLY When it’s Tough,

    Coach Ganot BEING THE Director
    of The St. Mary’s NCAA Recovery
    AND Schedule Specialist to Maximize RPI
    PLUSSED/ Boosted By Matlin Magic
    [SHOW US The Money, Dave!
    Sucka’s Not Even “Getting Paid”, Yet…]
    Means (to me)
    Program Has The Smarts to MINIMIZE Additional (Self-Imposed) Sanctions
    AND Work Ethic to MAXIMIZE IMMEDIATE Program Growth

    Watch THIS…[Program]
    WE ARE…

  7. Seems like NWC is back in Hawaii, but he sure missed some time away from the classroom on his extended spring break. I think Flemings will be our next PG but bringing in another guy since Rod and Q both graduate isn’t a bad idea.

  8. This is huge, especially considering the possibility of having a ‘flex-motion’ type offense. Fleming was the only player capable of scoring at will last season and we’d have had closer to 25 wins if he was healthy the whole year. Either way, smart move on his part, as he’s likely going to be a starter and featured player in the offensive scheme. He’s already here and knows all his teammates, so why not?

  9. No flex motion by Ganot, per Wheeler and others. St Mary’s offense apparently was not flex motion, but pick and rolls, etc.

  10. islandman,

    maybe Ganot could add that pick and roll to the team as an option when not running their opponents out of the building or it being a slow down game for whatever reasons, heh

  11. let’s go pocho bows .

    How you think the new coach will handle any joint (weed) use ? How would you handle it, if you were the coach ?

  12. So maybe nobody is leaving the basketball team this year. When’s the last time that happened? Didn’t Gib say 25% of players transfer out every year?

  13. Fleming didn’t score at will nor did he shoot that well to earn that comment. His shooting % was good but his 3pt % was weak. He has the handles but lacks some discipline on the court as a player and person. He has a nice left where he is able to fool teams that have not scouted him, and his drives to the basket are nice. Against good teams he has had some issues. A scoring at will guard he is not. Injury or no injury he would not have won us anymore than maybe one game. I like the kid but didn’t like that he wanted to bail on Hawaii and leave his teammates. If that was the case with Stefan too what does that say about them. Great that they want to come back but where else where they gong to go? Go Bows

  14. Islandman I’d like to take a stab at the joint thing. I believe it is illegal to smoke pot in Ca. That said I don’t feel it’s a big deal to do it. BUT it is against the NCAA rules. BUT legal drinking isn’t? I don’t get it. Either way the guys chose to play basketball for a team governed by the NCAA. They also also picked UH which has its own rules. They need to follow the rules they signup for. A stupid thing like pot smoking could harm a player in the future if made public. So the coach first has to take responsibility and then deal with the issue internally. Public doesn’t need to know as long as the parents paid for the damages or the student did. Their lives are already too public and we don’t bring up the guys who drink. They did break the rules and should be disciplined but in private. Go Bows

  15. Baller4Life,

    Isaac never said he wanted to leave. He may have hinted – through a cryptic tweet – that he was thinking about leaving. And everyone knows it was all because he wasn’t happy with Matlin’s decision not to hire Benjy. To a certain extent, that shows a level of loyalty.

    Isaac’s 3 point shooting may not have been great, but that was never his strength. His strengths are his fearlessness, drives to the basket, and cockiness. Yes, although that cockiness got him a few technicals, it also threw our opponents off their game. I really like Isaac, and if you actually go to the games, then you would know that the SSC crowd goes crazy for him.

  16. islandman,

    If I were the coach and there was no evidence besides the smell, what could I do? If I did find evidence I’d handle the situation internally, maybe game suspensions for all that was in that room, that is of course no Law Enforcement got a hold of the illegal drug 1st. And if there was some evidence I’d flush it down the toilet cause I could be caught with it myself, lol. Illegal = illegal IMO.

    Hawaii’s a Blue State and don’t see why one would get all worked up about it. Obama used it and I would assume our former Gov. Uncle Abe did too.

  17. as to Coach Ganot and a weed case. I believe he’d need to have physical evidence 1st and foremost(not just the smell), also if the Authorities are already involved, what could Coach Ganot do but… . It’s pretty simple if you think about it, he has his own values and I cannot speak for Ganot as he has his own ways like everyone else does in what penalties they’d impose on the player(s).

    Without physical evidence Ganot or for that matter if I was the Coach, I’d not do anything drastic, things could get pretty lawyery in situations li dat.

  18. Great News!! Isaac is probably the most talented player on the team, with tremendous potential to get better each year. I hope the new coaching staff will work closely with Isaac to refine his skills.

  19. Islandman,

    I for one think Coach Ganot would not bring up the subject while in talks with the players. Probably make known his intentions, his game, where each player stands of what he seen of them. I don’t know if he’d really get down to how demanding he’d be of being in control with regards to discipline. I don’t know, you’d want that to come later when the bb pre-season practices begins to start. You gotta ease in, get them to stay put and when the time comes you talk to them as a team what’s expected of them and the consequences. Who knows, I don’t but maybe even Coach Wallace may have caved wanting to win a game. But then again, nowadays UH is not all about winning, as an example Coach Chow is still our fb coach so Ganot may not have to worry about winning 1st and foremost. I just don’t know Ganot personally, lol

    The student athlete should know what is expected of them playing for the UH of H. You do wrong, you suffer the consequences

  20. Everybody has an opinion that is to be respected. In my opinion it depends on what talented means. If you’re talking athletic gifts nobody is better than Aaron Valdes. If you’re talking about anticipation and defense nobody is better than Roderick Bobbitt. If you are talking about shooting, I’d go with Negus Webster-Chan. If you are talking about a big upside, I’d would say Stefan Jankovic. Free throws, nobody was better than Stefan Jovanovic. Nobody has everything. Otherwise they’d be an All-American. Fleming is talented, yes. But, he has a lot of flaws too, so he has to work on his game and refine his skills. Hopefully, after one season he will be a lot more mature and make better decisions to help us win. He has 3 more seasons to play so he should grow into a very good player, a better player. : We don’t have any NBA type players.

  21. First off, congratulations on a great season to the team! I know that the ending was not the way that you guys had strived for, but the way you guys played all year should be commended. 1000% heart is what I saw on the court! Great to hear that agent zero is coming back! He as a freshman was truly fearless! It’s not to often that you see a true freshman play without fear of messing up. That go hard or go home mentality is what will make the team stronger next year! I hope everyone comes back because you guys are on the cusp of greatness! You guys were definitely one of the most exciting teams that I’ve ever seen UH field! Stick together and rock the nation next season! Hawaii has mad love for you’all!

  22. Derek, during the BWC tournament games, a couple of the commentators in different games said if Jankovic, who is just a sophomore, continues to further his skills and basketball IQ then he’ll make it to the NBA. I specifically remember one saying he shows signs he can become a ‘big impact player in the NBA’.

  23. I bet bobbitt only gets half the amount of steals next season

  24. I bet he goes over 100 steals easily. That’s the best part of his game.

  25. Jankovic already plays and excels in the NBA one on one style of play. He’s got a neat offensive package for a big man. He’s got great length, quickness, althleticism, a great shooting touch, and can handle the ball. One thing I feel he needs to work on is being a better finisher at the rim. If he can do that he would make an awesome pick and roll player. How about Fleming and Janks for the pick and roll.

  26. Baller4 life don’t question isaac loyalty he was investigated by the NCAA also lied too about the situation with that being said he would have committed elsewhere.

  27. Thanks, BigDaddy

    NCAA Does NOT Display the Sense
    OR Moral Grounds to throw stones

    ANY More than Bloggers
    Or UH Administrators
    Honesty from Peers is Something You Earn

    Example: How Can you Conscience a STUPID RULE that a DOBO
    Cannot Coach — What Would Be the Basis for Promoting And Hiring
    IF You Don’t Provide the Opportunity to Learn And Demonstrate The Skill?

    Similar for School Learning Aids…

    OR Team Tryouts which could help mitigate the 25%(?) Transfer “Problem”

    ALL These “Violations” we’re SYSTEMIC NCAA Failures that Needed Real-World Solutions…
    The Old “Legislate by Audit” Mode is Far Out-Dated and bespeaks an Organization that Fails to Listen and Respond to its Constituents — who Will Break OR Have Broken Away As The First 65 +/-…

  28. It will be great to have Isaac back and I look forward to cheering him and the rest of his teammates on next season. I hope NWC stays eligible and is back as well. The foundation is in place for UH to do some very special things over the next few seasons. Hard work, focus both in the classroom and on the court, and putting the team ahead of self will be the keys to success. Go Warriors!

  29. Actions for ERAN to Consider / Evaluate:

    Which COACHES to Retain? Recruit?
    My Best Guesses: Senque, Jamie, Benjy
    Eran’s Best Available

    Players or Near- Players Left to RE-Recruit:
    – Sammis off of Injury
    – Austin Pope
    – Others on Previous “UH List”
    – Eran’s Best

    WHAT IMMEDIATE Improvements to Push Through
    – Get into WCC
    – Another Good or Great Pre-Season Tourney
    – Team Travel – Tourney – International Off-Season
    – Use Above to Biuild-In / Tweak / Intro New Systems
    – ID New / Increased Immediate Sources of Funding


    Comments ?

  30. I would like to think we have many caring parents here and if you caught your kid with some Pakalolo would you be hauling your kid in to HPD with drug in hand? Or would you ditch the evidence and try to console your kid with whatever means you have be it yourself or a Certified Mind Doctor?

    What would you do Islandman?

  31. OMG. RB is back disguised as Eagle. Let’s se…retain Benjy and staff, recruit old Gib:Benjy players, “tweak” system. My other comment would be to change name to Gib Taylor and then have Benjy on speed dial so he can call him to see what he should do next. Great ideas! Benjy can still run team through Ganot. Hooray!! Lol. And I thought crazy comments would go away along with RB. No such luck

  32. Benjy will not be retained, you can take that to the bank. The head basketball coach is not responsible for moving the university to new conference affiliations. I don’t think we would recruit a guy (Sammis) who bailed on the team previously. The deadline for the assistant coach reqs close today so I’m sure we’ll hear things in the near future. Until then let’s stay drug free my friends.

  33. Benjy Listed “LAST” As a Long Shot
    Obviously Bley-Vroman/Lassner might be Major Obstacles;
    Having an Experienced D-1 HC on Staff Usually Helps a Rookie
    (Might Even Save Him a Loss or Three in the Heat of the Battle)
    He was a ‘Finalist’ whether Real or for show;
    His Heart / Dedication is Still With Team
    Knows the Players Really Well, 22 Wins Worth
    [I Have Taken Over Organizations with the Previous Leader / Interim In-Place
    Takes Much Skill and Teamwork; I think Ganot-BT CAN Handle]

    I’m SURE Eran Knows:
    To Maximize Brainstorming, Ideas and Effectivness,
    [Actually Even “Crazy” Ones]
    YOU HAVE to Objectively Evaluate ALL Ideas
    HE Will Eject ALL the Ones He Chooses (Or Doesn’t Like)

    The Sammis “Issues” existed even for ‘Current’ Players;
    They seemed to be ‘Heart-Driven’ (Family & Friends)
    Which i’m sure Ganot Respects,
    But Can Be Tough for First Couple of Years

    POOH –Please Seriously Consider Backing off on the ‘Personal’-Type Comments (“Attacks”) —
    Doesn’t ADD Any Credibility to Your Comments,
    Most Don’t Add Humor; Even IF Did, Still @ Another’s Expense (Potentially Bad Kharma)
    YOU Coming to The Banquet?

    Conference Affiliations — I’m pretty sure Matlin Won’t Pursue without ‘Many’ / Most Coaches’ Agreement…
    “The “Bigger Ones” ARE Potential Sources of Revenue;
    Something, Someone Needs to Get Current Conference Members to Agree/ Vote;
    Ganot appears to have High Batting Average

  34. Agreed. No more “attacks”. I will just leave those ridiculous comments stand by themselves. After all, they don’t need my help in pointing out their absurdity. Have at it with those experienced managerial/organizational tips. Pearls of wisdom

  35. The Hallmark of a TRAINED Mind
    Is The ABILITY To “Consider” A New or Different Idea…

    [From a Millionaire Friend Who Also Taught Many Others….]

  36. Love Issac! He’s a great kid and he’s going to break out next season.

  37. I hope to see Jankovic take it another notch. I really do. But, right now, I don’t see it. He’s not fast enough, quick enough, not a quick jumper, and doesn’t have the moves to be an NBA type of player. He’s not as good at Fotu for sure. When you are talking NBA type players you are talking about the very best in basketball. Heck, Jankovic would be hard pressed to make a D-League team. The D-League is excellent if you have watch some of their games on ESPN. This is not to say that Jankovic can’t get there, but he has a long way to go and he himself will say that he needs to improve a lot. Certainly, he will have chances to play in Europe.

    Alan Williams of UCSB and Will Davis of UC Irvine are 1st team Big West. None of them will make it in the NBA, they won’t get drafted. And they were the best in the Big West. I want to see how much Jankovic improves in the next 12 months by the time next fall comes. Here’s what he needs to do:

    1. Improve his ballhanding and open court vision.
    2. Improve his inside game (post up moves, floaters, spin moves, double clutch, rebounding position, back to the basket, over and up, using his off hand, etc.)
    3. Improve his passing
    4. Improve his defense without fouling.
    5. Improve his FG and FT percentages (as a 6-10 to 6-11 player he’s got to shoot better than 50% to be really effective). FT goal is to be more than 70%. Note: Fotu was around 60% or better on FG.
    6. Put on 15-20 lbs of muscle, get wiry strong.

    He’s not a Kaminsky, Okafor, or Anthony-Towns, but if he can be effective like Standhardinger and Fotu he will be a 1st Big West teamer too. NBA, to be determined! Right now, no. Keep working hard. Keep dreaming.

  38. Why is everyone saying that it is good to hav him back….he never left

  39. Note: Only about 6 months till basketball practice begins, not 12, mentioned by Janks in the interview.

    Some guys can’t put on much more weight. Example, S. Tsai said football player Kennedy T has a hard time putting on more weight.

  40. No surprise; as of yet, no known new players planning to sign with the team, per Brian M, noted by Josh P. Late signing period began today.

  41. Derek, I’m pretty sure you’ve got it all twisted about Janks. Maybe you missed the ‘big impact player in the NBA’ by the commentators during the tournament. They don’t say that about just anyone.. he earned it. He is SO talented, just you wait until September. This kid is bringing it all to the table, at least this time he doesn’t have to start half way through the season.

  42. Derek has some ridiculous comments going on. There is no logic behind your claims. Janks is NBA material, as are Alan Williams and Will Davis, for different reasons, they are talented, built right and useful for NBA. Everyone knows that.

  43. okay, we’ll see if these players make it to the NBA. I wish them all the luck in the world. I guess some people believe everything they hear just because some commentator says so. Okie, Dokie. Me, I trust my eyes. I really hope Jankovic makes it to the NBA because that means we are going to have a terrific season or seasons. He has 2 more years, unless he’s so good he’s going to enter the draft next year. Boy, I never wanted to be wrong so bad!

    I wonder if Bobby Curran, Artie Wilson, or Jeff Portnoy, or Jackson Wheeler thinks about Jankovic’s chances? Somebody, call in to their shows. How’s tonight on Hoops Talk. Are they on?

  44. Ainokea if any of these guys make it to the NBA! Take us to the Big Dance first! That’s all I care about right now.

  45. Chuck Cheese, I think I will drink to that.

  46. Hoops talk is on ! or is it Hoop stalk ?

    I don’t see Alan Williams or Will Davis II in a mock draft(s). 30 players in first round and 30 in the 2nd. Glanced at one website that had i think about 100 undrafted free agents listed for last year, 2014. They played in the NBA summer league. Wonder how many make it to a regular season NBA roster ?

  47. Ganot to be on Hoops talk tonight.

  48. Islandman, I would guess that most first round draft picks will make the club, unless a team totally missed on that player. And, maybe at best 50% of a 2nd round draft pick might make it. For undrafted free agents maybe only a couple will make it through the cracks. The rest of them will find pro leagues across other places, or the D-league. It’s so hard to make an NBA team. An NBA team keeps 15 on a roster. A lot of times, only 12 are on the active roster. Of those, most times 9, maybe 10 get to play, the 9th and 10 players get very limited minutes. And yet, these guys who hardly get to play are really excellent basketball players. To make it to the NBA you are taking about creme de la creme.

    It is amazing to me that A.C. Carter had a 10+ career in the NBA. He was lucky to be with the right team and found his niche as a back-up PG, and a good one I might add.

  49. You’ve got to be a deadeye shooter to play in the NBA or maybe a good assist man like AC or Tom Henderson. Or a terrific rebounder like Rodman or a have a long beard and shoot well.

  50. Poll:

    Players on let’s say Kentucky coach is Ganot.

    Players University of Hawaii coach Pitino.

    Out of 10 games on a neutral court who would win more games?

    Curious on what people think?

  51. About
    9.5 to 9.8 Times out of 10
    Kentucky ‘Players would WIN
    with Either Coach

    Just Like UH Record Against ACC
    EVEN on our Own Court,,,
    We Have Come VERY Close

    TOP of SEC Probably Similar
    LESS Likely NOW With Shot Clock

    MAYBE WHEN We Finally Get TWO Top 15 Players?

    Pitino WAS 2-4 Versus “The Field”
    With ‘Better-Than-Average” UH Talent

  52. Thank you ISAAC for staying Home here in Hawaii
    We love you man!!!!!!!
    Alright good luck for this season!!!!!

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