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CBS Sports reporting Ganot to Hawai’i


Nothing official has been announced, but CBS Sports is reporting through anonymous sources that Eran Ganot will be the new coach at the University of Hawai’i.

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Here is the online version …

Hawaii has hired Saint Mary’s assistant Eran Ganot as its next basketball coach, sources told CBSSports.com on Wednesday.

A press conference is expected for Thursday.

Ganot replaces Benjy Taylor, who served as the interim coach following Gib Arnold’s dismissal last October.

The New Jersey native has been on the Gaels’ staff since 2011 and Saint Mary’s has posted an impressive 80-22 record during that span.

He was named associate coach in 2014 and served as acting coach for five games last season where he compiled a 3-2 record.

Prior to his time in Moraga, Ganot was on Hawaii’s staff under both Riley Wallace and Bob Nash.

The Rainbow Warriors finished 22-13 this past season and were 8-8 in Big West play.


  1. Wonder first of all if any movement by current athletes?
    Second, I am sure, Eran if smart, would retain at least one assistant, for continuity of program. Nothing against Eran, however, First Time as HC.. and all of the craziness of Athletic dept.

    Hope that whole team stays..

    Wonder if Pope comes back.. Can Eran recruit the Athletic type , will he be going the slow game. Actually remember, St Marys, Standhardinger’s last second shot, beat them 2 years ago in the DHC?
    St Mary’s wasn’t terribly athletic, had good big in that 6’9″ guy Brad Winslow I think.
    Oh , well..

    Benjy Taylor, great run, wish the best to you, you will get hired by another program. Wish that you could coach in Hawaii, .. and keep your kids here.. Thankyou so very much..

    Now: Can Eran, or has Eran, about 2 or 3 recruits.. Bigs, and athletic shooters.. for Big West play..that will sign.. bet he does have some..

    Look forward to Dayton’s video interview welcoming, Eran, also, player’s reactions.. AND a wonderful farewell video or writeup for Benjy.. I really feel heartbroken about that.. NO UH company loyalty..UH should tell us reason why Eran over Benjy and Kyle Smith.. Better coach, or what?

  2. Congrats to the new coach , Eran… Go Warriors !

  3. No more speculation. Welcome Eran. Go Bows.

  4. I hope he can recruit those Aussie pipeline like at St Mary’s

  5. I guess we will hear and see on TV the players and fans reaction. It is starting from scratch, and question, who will be here, since only about maybe 2 or 3 guys could leave. just guessing.

    And would they play that St Marys style or would Eran still have the guys play to their strength, the Defense.. and the guys would have to really Be great in Half court. Plus, Eran, would have to.. sign a couple or three, even four, why not? recruits.. good ones, that will match or better the returnees.

    For Benjy Taylor: HC one year at UH MBB. 22 wins. Hugh Durham Mid Season Coaching Award, and BWC tourney championship game, 3 minutes away from NCAA glory.

    Interesting., good that Eran was here before, knows Hawaii..however… Fans, that 4800-5000 or more that were starting to love the D effort and fast paced transition.. will they support the new system..Eran, has to sit down with team, and sit down with each athlete, as well as transition with old staff. .. STILL very wise.. very Akamai, like how, Bob Nash, was continued with Larry Little, Frank Arnold and Riley Wallace. the players, with each change of HC, KNEW Bob, that was for continuity.. Does Senque get asked to stay? or Does Benjy? I don’t know.. Always a MBB fan.. will they win the BWC .. I think they can, with returnees and couple of good recruits..

    Still, my heart hurts for Benjy and his kids.. just the effort, and he gave it all..
    Now.. as Steve M. blogged. .. Will there BE an April 29th Awards Banquet, and Will that Banquet feature Eran, introducing himself.. I believe.. Benjy taking the high road, with class, if allowed to, and still under contract till June? Will host that Awards banquet, and shake hands and welcome Eran, I hope, Eran has kids too, so they can go to Hawaii schools.. remember. Eran, if he does well, like Beeman, can use this as stepping stone job, and in couple of years.. looking for another, coach.. Riley Wallace.. amazing run.. ..20 years.. all time winningest coach..Riley, coach sir, get better and come back visit the SSC and the Rainbows !

    Mahalo Benjy, I fought for Gib, and he was pau, then I fought till the bitter end for you, and all that you did Thankyou!

    And WHO LEAKED the New HC hire to CBS? Jeff or Jackson? just kidding , not.. an INSIDER.. that famous INSIDER, (JP) to the CBS network…. still same old same..

  6. Maybe he can bring in a Patty Mills or Delladova type or a big Aussie post. Not sure if Australia talent has run dry though

  7. Can he win the Big West Regular and Tourney titles, that is all that matters.
    He is 34 years of age, he does well, he could be, if he is not looking to move, a 10 -15 year HC.

    Just curious how team going to respond. And now makes sense, Pope knew, if NO word that Benjy had HC job, he would decommitt.

    Benjy Taylor has good resume, and so much good recommendations from national network.,.. hope he made the contacts at Final Four..
    or maybe even still with UH staff? I don’t think so, would hope so.. he could run the defense, and Senque could spearhead the recruiting.. Senque very good recruiter and player development.. , we never even got to see what he could do.. Benjy and Senque’s hands were tied, with delay in HC hire.. they should have hired, Ganot, a month ago.. then boom.. would have been pau, done, all this waiting.. UH admin, still think they are going backwards, don’t have a handle, on things with Athletics.. Now the facilities. and the REALITY.. that unless UH is part of super conferences in near future.. No MBB or WBB.. that is sad , however reality..

    Eran, really, man, consider, retaining a coach or two for continuity.. or he starts fresh.. HE WOULD have to bring in 4 new assistants… and I feel very sorry for last minute guy Jamie Smith! All his sacrifice.. then now.. maybe pau.. done.. Brad Autry, thanks on moment’s notice becoming assistant all the way from Oklahoma.. and Brandon Loyd, Hawaii resident UCLA grad getting promoted from admin assistant to full time assistant.. What IF BENJY and The Bows won BWC tourney title and went to NCAA’s, and sweet sixteen. Benjy would still be out. UH if the have the cajones.. Matlin, and Bley.. they would tell Benjy and We fans.. the reason. Eran Better coach, ,or better what? That is my question. if they are not transparent.. they have very little respect from fans.
    However. wish, UH MBB much success.. and Benjy always took high road, to his credit.. no matter what happened to him. he told guys, DO WELL IN SCHOOL.. what he was saying.,. even if I am not your HC….academics, and your future so important.. That is a REAL man.. a Human, not perfect, and I am sure even coach Ganot is not perfect, however.. great maturity and strength..

    I WANT TO KNOW WHAT disqualified Benjy?

  8. He must be one of the youngest college head coaches.

  9. This smells of conspiracy to me. Back in October, the SA, Wheeler and Portnoy all brought up Ganot as interim coach, now he is hired as head coach. Why have the facade of an Advisory Committee? Why state there were 80 applicants? At least bring in someone with Head Coaching experience. If I was a current player on this team, I would start looking at other options. There is still time to transfer since the semester just got started. Are we bringing back Nash and Wheeler as assistant coaches too??? Best of luck to Coach Ganot, hopefully he will prove me wrong.

  10. We need to stop the theatrics and being overly skeptical, like Matlin just starting, Eran just starting his new job , give the man the space to start his job and recruit . He knows what the team needs, Im sure he’s already seen video on the team , and is familiar with the guys , he’s no dummy.

  11. Assuming Report Accurate…

    SO, Apparently Dave Matlin BEAT the NLOI Deadline…
    Even Before he’s On-Board

    IF Press Conference Tomorrow
    Eran CAN Interview Current Coaches TODAY
    And Announce PART OF His Staff, IF GOOD,

    He Should Already Know Senque pretty well
    They Worked Many of the same areas…
    Both Have Pretty Clean Backgrounds
    (i wouldn’t expect Much or Any Bad Blood)

    “Should” Be Able to “RECRUIT” Most of The Current Players
    Better Chance IF He CAN Retain Benjy or Senque
    BUT BT WILL Probably Get Other HC Offers…

    FEW Surprises
    EYES Open (Unlike B.Jay)


    Welcome Back, Eran!

    O’Neil, Pitino, Riley, Nash, Gib, Taylor, Ganot …
    ALL Head Coaches Hired from (Previously) WITHIN The UH System…
    That’s a Decent System Track Record
    That “They” (UH Athletics/Admin) HAS Respect for its Own
    AND They Wanna Come Back…

    ….Keep On Keepin’ On….
    GO ‘BOWS!

  12. I hope somebody at UH will give explanation why Benjy was not selected or at least let us fans know what is the issues. I said many times before that a lot of people heard this and that rumors about Benjy but nobody came out and said exactly other than the alleged child support payments. I still dont recall any follow up report to that so I guess he either paid it or there was no story to begin with.

    I remember everybody says good things about Eran going back to Riley Wallace so I have no problem with him and wish him the best luck. My gripe is UH administration showing so much low class in dealing with Benjy so I just hope and pray a young man like Eran know what he stepping into here.

    Some of us old timers still believe that shibai leads to bachi.

  13. Eagle

    Your thoughts? Eran, hard working guy, gym rat, players guy.. just the transition.. team could still be something special.
    saw some blogs from BAmis.. wonder if He would consider being UH Big Man assistant coach?
    that would be good.

    Still have to have the Isaac Fleming’s , Rod Bobbitts., Quincy Smiths, Aaron Valdes’, Mike Thomas’, type of athletes.. that get up and go type.. that is fun.. Fab Five , Tom Henderson teams, transition.
    Well.. Eran’s call, what he going to do..implement.
    yeah.. I will be on board, support whomever MBB coach.. just hope, can Win that Big West, and go NIT and or NCAA every year.. then it is a good thing !!

    Go Bows !!

  14. Bold move, but ultimately one that needed to happen. I thought Benjy did a great job under the circumstances and wish him the best of luck going forward. Ganot has great potential to be the kind of coach who can take us to the next level. May need to give it a year or two, but I think this hire will pay off in the long run. I wish Coach Ganot the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he can do with this team. Go Bows!

  15. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  16. Manoa Baller… eagle, … servante , ChuckCheese…

    Darn UH admin and the power brokers.. they mess with our minds and hearts too.. The 14 guys that stayed with Benjy this year, incredible job, just short of NCAA invite.

    and Manoa, I remember that, Jeff and Jackson saying first of all, that Riley Wallace should be interim, remember? Then guys and Benjy stated that if he were on board for year.. that is what the team wanted. And they blew us away with the effort and wins.
    Then the mention.. I remember a hoopstalk.. when Benjy was made interim, a caller asked Jackson, you think Benjy would be made permanent HC? Jackson at that time, said NO.. Benjy Would NOT be HC.. They must have known already Jeff and Jackson. and have to go through all this, circus, and like Politicians, play that non transparency, behind the scenes dealing.

    It would have been better for all and Benjy.. IF UH just told Benjy. and Team, One year. this Year, no matter what record or Post season dance…Benjy will never be candidate for HC.. then hire a HC by early March one month ago.. However.. UHadmin, and power, Jeff and Jackson.. they doing it again..

    probably not true? too obvious.. they wanted Kyle Smith, former applicant before Gib , and Eran, from the beginning.. poor Benjy and his boys.. and Chuck, was that Negative campaign at start of season, a reason for it? to throw Benjy under bus? I think so.. How Benjy endured without getting sick, or losing it.. I don’t know.. he has much more cajones, and heart, then those Power Brokers..

    Now.. who will leave? I think at least one guy.. OR.. they Stick together, no matter whom the coach.. and they know they can dance..which would be good.
    Interesting the players reaction.. I bet. for the Juniors and Seniors to be .. they stick it out.. young guy, I don’t know..
    we shall. see.. and What will Be Benjy’s response? I bet he shows a lot of class, always this season.. Wish he is retained as D coach , and Senque, recruiter and go to guy with current athletes.. so Better transistion

    And 34 years of age, probably one of THE youngest DI coaches, first time HC, NO DI HC experience in the nation.. although , I think, when Bennett was suspended for games, was it Eran coaching? I don’t know//

    should be interesting.. Agree with you Chuck and Manoa. WE should know, transparency.. WHY , exactly WHY Benjy not get job.. he much older, and HC experience many years. and had good year.. was it for money reasons.. family? what?

  17. “They” Don’t Usually Tell “YOU” (NOT Even The Applicant)
    or Friends and Co-Workers WHY NOT Selected —
    Probably Wouldn’t Sound like The Most Complimentary Thing
    AND If Poorly Stated, Could Even Be Challenged
    [Like “Without Cause” GIB…]

    ALMOST ANY Statement could come across Poorly or Dis-Ingenuous:
    Remember: “We Need to Clone Ben Jay…”? (As IF They Wanted Him to STAY…)

  18. eagle: thanks.. trying to cover selves…
    however UH still has the ncaa and Gib to battle, that will be interesting..

    The losing of Pope, now makes sense, according to sources.. Benjy was informed Yesterday, that he would not be HC.. and Pope , yesterday announced decommitting..

    I think, 3 guys could leave, out of the 8 guys on scholarship. we shall see.

    With all of the deal the guys went through.. if I were talented enough, and could secure a deal in Europe for some decent money, I would go pro.
    young gun, his and family decision..
    I don’t know.. some, very few, minority of fans that went to SSC, and ones around the country that enjoyed Benjy Ball are happy.. if only 2 more years…and Beeman, crazy, if she goes to Utah, or Arizona, Arizona St, WBB HC.. she just advised on a New HC for UH.. pretty sure that advisory committee, did not want Benjy.. and that is a shame.. because, Benjy supported Laura and The WBB program all the way..

    Eran, it will not be easy, possibly losing 3 guys, major PT time guys.. if they choose to go, I don’t know, possibility.,. plus the ones, many, who wanted Benjy have a chance, we listen to Sports Animals, probalbly have call with Matlin, chancellor, bley, and maybe even Ganot.

    Very sure coach Wallace is happy, that guy, the Ole Red Head, I always liked ! Get better coach Wallace and come back watch the Bows at SSC when you are better !!

  19. need to get Wheeler onboard!

  20. ^^^ I truly hope you are kidding.

  21. Pocho… from otherside,.. and social media tweets..

    looks like our super Freshman is gone.. sad. he would have been awesome as senior.. however he was a Benjy get..

    Thankyou Isaac, you helped team towards 22 wins.. always aloha for you and your family..

    Next? Think there will be possibly 2 more movements..

    Eran, I tell you all.. will be like Nash, Takahara, and Gib first late hires, they scramble and gamble to get guys in..

    Transition.. never, never easy.. hope that Eran Knows, what he is getting into.. and for UH athletics that might be here or not in few years… tough gig Coach in UH system..

  22. RunsBows that’s the way the ball bounces. IMUA.

    Jackson Wheeler, Jackson Wheeler, Jackson Wheeler. Bring back Jackson Wheeler!

  23. Eran hires .. Bob Nash, Jackson Wheeler, and Jeff Portnoy as assistants? I don’t think so..

    Would be smart for Eran to retain, however. too late.. Isaac is gone..
    how many, more, I think one or two more leave..

  24. eagle that is a good point about UH going to cover their own behinds by not saying anything so I hope somebody in the media can look into it and maybe uncover some records and info on the matter. If Benjy really does have stuff to hide that cost him this job we the fans should hear the truth. Or UH can keep sticking their heads in the sand and think they dont see or hear the fans while the support keeps walking away.

  25. I believe Eran Ganot will prove to be a very good coach here. I have no problems with him being an Associate Head Coach or any assistant head coach. If you’re good, you’re good, period! He has something to prove, but only time can tell. But, he’s young, energetic, a tireless worker and hopefully recruiter. He must have sold his recruiting pipeline and his philosophy for running a program. Character, integrity , recruiting, and X & Os. A native of New Jersey, he’s comfortable going into Eastern areas to find some talent, besides in California.

    My opinion, I don’t think Taylor was really in the conversation. It was customary that they interviewed because he was the intierim and UH had a winning season, but he was never going to get the job. Reardon made some good points and Taylor’s track record as a Head Coach wasn’t that good. But, I will say thanks, Benjy, for doing a good job filling in for Gib Arnold. The players some spirited basketball. And good luck to you in your future endeavors. Life will go on forward.

    Let’s all rally behind our new Coach. I just have a good feeling how things are going to end up. Looking for some good recruits too.

  26. Jackson associate professor, tenured? in UH system, he is better off teaching, and great state retirement benefits.. really.
    could he be Volunteer assistant.. probably.
    islandman.. now.. hoopstalk tonite.. Jackson goes, told you so!! back in November, Benjy would never be HC.. and Ganot, great hire. ha, ha, haa, haaa..

    Wonder if season tickets for BB goes up or down?
    losing Isaac is HUGE loss.. and if two guys I think of leave.. that is 3 guys Huge hole to fill.

    if Eran pulls off here we go again. what 16 wins, goes 16-16, great season right.. and since he knows Riley. guaranteed UH pays for CIT play and CBI..
    total shibai..
    why let Benjy and his family suffer .. and now team.. UH no loyalty.. never trust..

    Well we still have Norm Chow.. go Football team. hope they win that MWC.. for real !

  27. Wonder how our freestyle players will adjust and if ganot will be another beeman….come here to get a head job, build resume, prove can win and then jump the gun to a better opportunity

  28. It’s all about Educating the student athletes. I think UH may have made the wrong decision letting Nash go. They never give him enough time to get his thing going.

    I would think Nash was laughing in his bbd’s hearing the NCAA’s on UH Admin. Sure UH wants a winning team but that comes without saying as Education and integrity if 1st and foremost. With Ganot chosen you can surmise Coaching ability(the game) may not have been the #1 priority but the other facets of running the basketball team.

  29. ChuckCheese

    UH loses 2 more guys besides Isaac? I think UH ticket sales and interest goes down, unless Eran, just goes on a tear, and they win 15 games in a row. Nothing against Eran, however very young guy,
    UH transparency.. remember all the Gag orders.. ncaa, and even telling things about Benjy by Hawaii News now, his personal matters,.. that is no Aloha, completely low class, low balling.

    that is not the way.. that is NOT HIGH CHARACTER.. sure that Benjy has more guts and fortitude, he proved it , and I hope he gets hired at a BWC school and comes back and wins some games at SSC, or a good school in Midwest, East and he goes to ncaa’s for years to come..

    Mahalo Benjy, you made a lot of fans. of MBB, when.. remember, and admin Chuck. no matter what, and it was the Minority of MBB fans, that wanted change.. has to thank Benjy for saving this season.
    was St Marys a run and gun , uptempo D team, that attracted huge interest. and made life hard for Benjy and Senque to even recruit? No, I believe, Eran will try to get the Savos, the guys from Australia.. maybe New Zealand!
    and Flex us to death.. if he wins the Big West every year.. we have a good one.

    Eran it will be toughest 3 years or 5 of your life. gotta stick it out.

    And Chuck eagle, I used to work for same dept.. and it wasn’t like this. much better. now, it smells funny.. kind of stinky !

  30. and I could go on to say with the Chancellor’s pick to be on the hc’ing hiring committee you already felt it’s not about getting a coach who’s shown/known to coach the game but a Coach who’s for Education athletes with integrity. UH is an academic entity and sports are 2nd’ary. That’s the way it is here and should always be, win or lose you get these athletes the education taken care of.

  31. Pocho: We all know that already… too much drama, from Riley retirement, 60 in his contract , to Nash years.losing, and Gib turmoil years.. Benjy’s great run.
    however. I tell you, unless you played NCAA DI sports , athletes are RECRUITED by the coaches, and THEY sell the program, including academics..
    why do you think Gib And Benjy always encouraged scholie guys.. all the MBB team to do well in school, they knew, or know that the education is important , get that degree. however in Hawaii doesn’t guarantee a job.

    That is the way it is. Good Athletes go to Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, or now Wisconsin, why.. the coach who recruited them.. if Isaac wants to transfer. that is his and his family’s business not ours. if 2 guys want to go pro.. that is their decision.. if whole team ups and leaves school? what, their decision.. democracy, freedom of choice. some athletes. that is what they do, and UH no different.. you had to have followed all the last 9 coaches changes. interims and regular HC’s.. when a switch, guys left. no matter the education or what.. they move on, because it makes them happy, and for UH in such financial big time trouble, or whatever they are doing up in that Zoo.. I would think twice about the deal coming here. families and student athletes big choice to make. I feel sorry for BYU UH.. man, they going to completely lose athletics.. cannot sustain.

  32. runbows, i had thought hoopstalk was last night and they weren’t having the show, but you set me straight. Are they going to be as critical of Eran’s team / schedule, have pessimistic predictions next season as they were about the previous two coaches’ teams ? Or they going to back off some because Jackson worked with Eran ?

    They did give recognition to Benjy’s team defense, but were critical of the lack of half court offense. The coming season, you may get a half court offense, but not sure how effective it will be.

  33. There should’t be any speculation as which players will be leaving…It’s Isaac Fleming for sure. I’m thinking Negus and Janks as highly possibly leaving too.

  34. islandman:

    sorry bout that.. I was always thinking hoopstalk was a 12 month out of year show..think they end with final four… I checked espn 1420 schedule, I don’t see hoopstalk for tonite, however Sports Animals, start listening at 300pm, there will be A HUGE amount of chatter, whether good hire, or why Benjy not hired.. will be like an NCAA championship game, or Rumble in the Jungle.. match..

    one thing since Riley retired.. never a dull moment for UH MBB !

    Stay tuned to Sports Animals from 300pm till 600 pm, very sure they will try to contact, guys from UH, Benjy or Ganot..if can..

    My heart is broken for Benjy and his family, really. he had 5 plus great years living in Hawaii, great opportunity… and he was not perfect… and ones brought out in public his life. he learned, made amends and moved on.
    very young coach.. you are right.. when Will Jackson and Jeff start to harp on Eran? The first time he goes on a 3 or 4 game losing streak…. and with what players..

    sorry islandman.. had chatter with Pocho, he alright, we love to talk.. Sports Animals.. and of course the TV sports reports.. they going to ask team, what you think about new hire, bet some guys say, it is what it is.. and some.. we shall see.

  35. Runbows, Hoopstalk TONIGHT !. The website says on the right hand side. You think they would miss out on commenting on this news ?

  36. or is Sports Animals taken over by Major league Baseball broadcast. ? we shall see.

    should be wild show..

  37. kaneohe97;

    You think Stepteau leaving ? He still has four more years to play.

    Who’s coming back ? Bobbitt, Q, Buscher, . . .

  38. islandman: thanks brother !

    no way… Chris and Gary going to have field day, for and against, or they just don’t know.

    Think that Gary knows Eran, and Chris I don’t think so..

    Still think funny, if Beeman goes away, that she might have recommended someone other than Benjy, who supported WBB all the way, however there were 3 others on really a for show advisory committee, as eagle and Chuck Cheese stated..cover UH okoles..

    Benjy, I am truly Brokenhearted for you.. wish you the best.. If your team went 9 -26.. then I understand.. however great season. in a season that could never have been..

    Will you be at Awards Banquet In April? I am thinking probably not, however really strange. Eran give awards to guys?

    Stay tuned.. takes our minds off of Football!!

  39. MAYBE… Just Wishful Thinking…


    Riley WAS NOT Larry Little
    Does NOT Have to be Like Bob Nash (BUT That Staff Struggled with Recruiting)
    DID Get Strong Endorsement from Jaime Dixon…

    MAYBE HE CAN Start Strong (And Finish Strong?) like Dixon…
    Maybe Having a Smarter Boss (Like Matlin) WILL Help…

    IF Benjy stays, CAN Mentor Eran as i’m Sure He Did for Early Gib…
    IF Senque stays, Can HEAD Knock-Out Recruiting & Coaching Staff….

  40. Well Runbows, could not pass on sending u my condolences. So please tell all of us the other two players leaving, according to ur vast knowledge. Benjy will be all right and u can find another past time.

  41. islandman:

    Brocke Stepteau and Zach Buscher, Dyrbe Enos all preferred walkons.

    Brocke came all the way from Dallas Texas, was recruited and spotted by Gib, and staff offered to come out. here.. Those guys, like Aaron and Brocke, really have to appreciate their families, Aaron inititally a walkon now earned scholarship,’

    Brocke, unless he offered.. that is another possiblity, to fill out roster,
    if Janks, Negus, Isaac all gone and Remember that is A HUGE hit on APR..
    then that leaves about 7 or 8 scholarships this year to offer.
    Could be I don’t know. if Eran would offer to the walkons. I think they deserve it.

    However. even if Benjy stayed, he did know if any guys were thinking of leaving or whatevers.. I think Benjy stayed, definitely, Isaac stay, and Pope signs..
    others.. maybe, and Jeff P. he IS THE INSIDER.. hinted two weeks ago on hoopstalk that there would probably be movement… Johnny and Jack seemed kind of surprised..

    ahhhh.. as the UH MBB world turns.. yeah, Riley Wallace 300 plus career wins, and 20 years.. those were the days.. NIT and NCAA appearances and some good athletes..

  42. If in fact Isaac Fleming is going to leave Hawaii then I would just say to him, thanks for playing here for one year and good luck in the future. He can be replaced, every one is. Fleming had his moments. He had some great moments too. 7 technical fouls. Immature, typical freshman mistakes, a head case sometimes, loses his cool. He got better towards the ending of the season. If he decides to stay I think he can go down as possibly an All Big West selection if he progresses. If not, Aloha!

    As for 2 more leaving, that’s life. It happens all the time when there is a coaching change. But, the program will endure.

  43. If you read the subliminal messages that came with recent developments — particularly the makeup and mission of the advisory committee — I think the deck was stacked against Benjy. I only hope he was given an earnest interview and legitimate shot at the job, and that Ganot simply beat him out.

    Mahalo, and best of luck to Benjy. I’m sure he made some contacts while at the Final Four, and will surface somewhere soon.

    That being said, I like the hire of Ganot. He’s worked here, and has support of AD staffers. He’s young and is said to be a tireless worker. Have no idea what his on-court philosophy is but he’d be a fool not to incorporate some of what Benjy installed … particularly, a pressing defense. The team didn’t always win, but it sure was fun to watch.

    I hope Ganot gets on the recruiting trail now — starting with the UH players — and I hope they, in turn, have the decency and sense to hear out the new coach before making any rash and emotional decisions about their futures.

  44. Did Flemings come out and say he was leaving or did his dad say that he was going? On the thought of Janks or Webster-chan leaving, neither has a redshirt season left to sit out unless they decid to go to D2 so I would doubt that they would leave. Same scenario with Valdez.

  45. I did not know St Marys did not have great year, 3rd place in their conference which is not power conference, though they have BYU and Gonzaga, plus only 5 games coached when Bennett was suspended..

    33 years old, maybe be 34 later this year.. I think Riley was, in 1988, about 46 or 47 years of age, had experience as AD and coach at Centenary and good run at Seminole JC , when he go the call from Stan Sheriff.

    It is all over the internet. and who the heck is that darn Leaker? Before even the public official release? there goes confidentiality..

    Such a circus.. Think that Rod, Quincy, Aaron, Dyrbe, maybe Zach? … locked in.. still very painful for guys.. that shout after defeating Davis to get to championship game of the BWC tourney? remember. “we going to the Ship ! we going to the Ship!”now I don’t know where, and let’s get real fans.. going to be starting from scratch, unless Eran pulls off a JJ or Gib first year.. June took that Dan Robinson QB led team to Oahu Bowl his first year, and Gib 19 wins first year and to 2nd round of CIT tourney..

    For the anti Benjy, and he is honest, yet very high Character. talking about AGENDA.. when there was NO discussion serious. of retaining him or backing him up, especially when that 12-4 start and Hugh Durham award.. that 1 year offer, was retracted,nothing.. interim, day to day, forget it.
    He is BROKEN HEARTED.. and darn, I hate that.. really do..he is human, and his 3 sons and daughter, Kamaaina, are too.

    We LOVE YOU BENJY.. what you all did, those guys in the UH upper, and Power, and BOR chair,and agenda, people who KNEW just go through motions, to protect themselves.. they HAD no real desire to hire you.. That plain Stinks..

    So for Eran.. there will be an Awful noise.. fans will not turnout.. unless. like the Fab Five, they start winning 11 -12 games in a row to start season.. IF tean intact with some good recruits . however. if I am a good recruit.. Would I want to come here. to the Zoo?
    hope for the best.. however. make Benjy and family and team and their families stress out.. even after great BWC tourney run, Matlin, Chancellor and AGENDA people.. I hope, now, you run a 6 million dollar deficit.. and YOU have to pay out of your own salaries.. and have to suffer like Benjy did.. however. I hope not..
    that is not Aloha.

  46. It’s sad that Benjy Taylor wasn’t given the job which many UH basketball fans felt he earned and deserved after a successful 20 game winning season. He was able to keep the players together and they played an entertaining high level of basketball throughout the season. I guess what UH fans want doesn’t count anymore as evidenced by this decision, and the decision to hang on to Coach Chow, who is singlehandedly ruining the financial stability of UH athletics. My wife and I will have to rethink our renewal of basketball season tickets and express our displeasure at the box office, as we did in not renewing our football tickets. Maybe then our voices will be heard. Matlin is off to a bad start as AD.

  47. Yeah, why are people saying Fleming is leaving? I would think it would be immature for him or his father to say Isaac is leaving without even first getting to speak to the new coach.

    I don’t know if Janks and Negus will leave. They’ve already transferred once before and I doubt they’d want to go through that ordeal again.

    I hope they all stay.

  48. WOW!! Not my first pick or second but how bad could it be…. Well I hope it’s not a second coming of the Bob Nash regime

  49. Is this official? How is it that CBS gets the first scoop?

    I don’t know anything about Ganot besides the fact that he was assistant coach for St. Mary’s. Ok if the administration wants to roll the dice and go with someone with no HC experience fine. He may prove to be a good coach but only time will tell because ain’t no way you can tell how he will turn out. It’s either you got it as a coach or you don’t. Just like athletes. It takes talent and hard work. I don’t know about the hard work but I believe BT has talent as a coach—not that he is a technical genius, but he knows how to motivate players, is good under pressure, and shows leadership skills.

    So it looks to me like they went with the bird in the bush. Eran Ganot is a question mark. But it looks to me like they want to sweep everything under the rug and start new. Hope Ganot succeeds because the axe will start flying on multiple heads if he don’t.

  50. well anyone of the guys, and with their families decision, those juniors to be , if they burned RS, the only alternative, if went down a level OR if they had guaranteed offers to play overseas..Had some guys, I thnk two for Riley, Basko Radovich and Luc Arthur Verbobe.. two 6’9″ really skilled euro athletes. left team and went pro.. of course,.. Ozi.. he finished his freshman year in great academic standing.. then went home and played pro ball I believe in his home country.
    So that is the way some, international, or outside of USA , citizen athletes go.. one or two years in US college ball, then they know they want to make money to help their Families. they go Pro.. option for Janks and Negus if they choose, heck even
    Rod, the entire, scholarship guys, they could leave, step down ncaa level or , go pro overseas. lot of teams take a few foregin athletes. and usually reason.. maybe the guys want to start helping their families. and return to them .. the support they were given..

    however Derek.. Have to remember this.. APR hit.. if guys leave not in good academic standing OR leave without going pro, and just leave…or without getting degrees.. APR can take a big hit.. and boom, we are back to square one, another type of ncaa sanction , the dreaded APR hit…

    UH MBB, hope not.. These are worse times, than the Gib firing… However fans. remember Round Two, Gib vs UH and the NCAA.,
    maybe another former athlete vs UH..
    UH.. lose 3 million now.. with legal battles.. and whatevers.. stand to lose big monies..
    crazy.. and that pupule is really PUPULE.. why does the UH want to screw things up? make things worse.. ? that IS PUPULE TO THE MAX

  51. Not happy about this decision at all…hiring another assistant Coach. I don’t care if he was associate coach for 5 games. If they were going to replace Benjy, they should replace it with someone who actually HAS head coaching experience! I anticipate multiple player defections, over-hyped recruiting and slow paced/boring play calling.
    This really sucks. We were minutes away from the NCAA last season. Looks like we’re back to “years” away. The “powers that be” at UH either have no idea what they’re doing or have ulterior motives, that much is clear.

  52. Someone mentioned that St Mary’s has Dane Pineau, from Australia, on its roster. His father Brad played for UH, 1979-82, and attended St Louis high.

  53. All those wanting a half-court offense, you may be getting that next season. No excitiing organized or unorganized chaos like this past year ?

  54. ERAN GANOT : a good way for Damage control to current team and defections. or fans lost of interest and unrest.. at least a good portion of the SSC fans and the Anaheim faithful who went to BWC tourney and boosters who like Benjy and staff?

    Hire, offer sincerely, sit Down With Benjy and Senque.
    Say, I Want to keep this program, and the great athletic team you all put together. We can keep this MBB train trending upwards., I love Hawaii, I love what you Benjy and Senque, Brad , Brandon have done.

    Benjy, I would like to make YOU my Associate HC. . you know the guys, and You can teach Defense.. pressure.
    Senque: I love the contacts you made , some great athletic types, bigs and shooters. never had chance to recruit. I WANT you AS MY top recruiting Assistant. plus the guys love you and relate to you.
    Brad and Brandon if you all choose, want to keep you as assistants to program too. Academics, BB camps..etc.
    Jamie.. Your Resume, working for Britains’ National BB team, and coaching, as well as working for Boston Celtics. I want to hire you as Performance Analyst(DOB)

    there you have it.. Eran would have most of his assistants in place, and guys might NOT leave..
    OR at minimum, Benjy and Senque or one of them.. I think if a 33 year old first time HC NCAA DI, is smart and has good counsel from Bennett and fellow coaches. he would know, like how Nash was retained through 3 coaching changes.. retain a couple of assistants. or Benjy as Top assistant.. guys would probably stay, if they are Benjy guys.

    Just a thought. and it makes sense.. Eran, if he does not keep even one, Benjy or Senque, he is going to have harder time transition, guaranteed.. Hope he does it.. first thing contact Benjy..

  55. auwe, I ganot belieb dis!

  56. That’s why I love you Runbows! U r TRUE UH fan…NOT!!! Take it ball and go home . If u think Bobbitt, negus, Janks going pro you r even more delusional or, should I say it, Pupule! Maybe attendance will actually improve this year. More paying customers and fewer know nothing couch potatoes.

  57. Ahhhh, just the UH MBB boosters, if they were Benjy guys, at least give him chance, and the funds they create for MBB.. and Chancellor, Agenda, BOR , JP and JW… just went ahead and threw
    Benjy away…

    Boosters, just do not support program.. awful.. have to start again..
    You would think that 12-4 and even possibly 15-1 start would have started REAL discussion with Benjy as permanent HC.. in January..

    If go back to flex motion, pass the ball, for 30 seconds , then shoot with 2 seconds jack a desperation shot..junk..
    loved Benjy Ball


  58. Love Beny ball 8-8, couldn’t defend home court against mediocre teams. And what you just described sounds like Benjy’s half court offense. Run weave for 30 seconds and have one of our nonexistent sharpshooters jack a trey…clank. And glad we are back to ifs and buts and maybes. 12-4 against pastries schedule is nothing to brag about. But you go ahead and keep bad mouthing everyone at UH Rinbows. Doubt if your nonsupport will mean squat to new coach, staff, or players. Feel for Benjy but love to see ur reaction. Worth waiting for. Talk about an angry old man. “Get off my lawn”! I can hear u now. Lol

  59. I actually like this hire. I think Ganot is going to be solid.

    I hope Ganot can retain at least one of the coaches, particularly coach Autry. He has a ton of experience from a (used to be) big-time conference.

  60. S23A:

    Usually not clean sweep, new coach will keep an assistant, I still believe, Benjy with his year, or Kyle Smith with his HC experience would have been better.

    However… Eran, right away has to contact Benjy, transition.. .. would even Benjy be interested as a top assistant.. since he loves, and his family loves Hawaii, and familiarity with team, to keep team together.. then of course Senque Carey.. he was doing a lot.. to keep guys on board.. Brad and Brandon.. AND WHO WAS THE ONE got This staff to produce 22 wins, and 3 minutes from NCAA tournament invite and Hugh Durham Mid Season coach award? Benjy Taylor..

    Okay, as of now, unless, something drastic happens..Ganot appears to be head coach. not yet official announcement..

  61. Mass exodus of players will begin. What a travesty. My son and I WERE huge uh hoops fans, even went to anaheim for big west tournament the past two years…we will be giving up our season tickets, and I hope many more follow suit…the disappointing part, to me, is that the decision makers clearly didn’t consider the wishes of the players OR of the community. And this is a public state university, funded by taxpayers. Shame on them. I’m washing my hands of this university! No more football games or baseball games either. Screw them

  62. NOW: I say.. we been waiting for this since October 28th..

    Gibson Arnold and team, go for it… fight and finish strong, you have a case to clear of allegations, and possible huge compensation and even reversal.. go for it..

    Gib recruited a lot of the current guys on team.. HIs Associate HC had great year with them,

    Lot of Fans forget about that.. GIB VS UH/NCAA..

    should be very interesting..

    GIB GO FOR IT !!

  63. webleedgreen; That is what many said, when Gib was let go.

  64. If you bleed Green you support the program no matter what. Stop all your crying and rally around the program and the team that’s why we still support football baseball and basketball. You may not agree with the play calling , the results. But in the end of it all you love UH sports no natter what. So you can be a fair weather fan like Bleed Green who sounds more like a hypocrite You don’t bleed green. Warriors do. You ain’t no Warrior.

  65. Thanks to Benjy and the good year you had. But most of all, thank you for helping us forget about that previous awful coach and evil guy!

  66. So stay home “bleed green”. I think program will survive and thrive without u and ur son. 26 yr season ticket holder through thick and thin and renewing my tickets cuz PROGRAM bigger than one guy. Hey Runbows, u so sure about Gib put your money where ur mouth is. Pony up a little wager. Love to take a little of poor old Runbows dough. U want a little cheese with ur whine? Better unpicked those lips from Gib’s ok ole.

  67. Eran:

    serious. you want to make impact and please some Hawaii fans? Go to the Hawaii High schools look for the best BB athletes.. I know some schools they have 6’7″ and 6’8″ and a lot of 6’6″ and 6’5″ athletes….at least give scholarship to ONE or TWO local HS freshmen incoming.. and at least ONE scholarship to current walkon local

  68. Moving on, I kind of like the hire because of the adjectives everyone seems to use about Ganot. The hard part will be transforming all the effort he puts forth into a clean, winning product. He seems to be a teacher, which is the kind of coach that we haven’t had on staff for awhile now. I think he’ll do some great things! Welcome back, Eran Ganot!

  69. JJay and island man, I can see where you can say what you do about me. That’s fine, it’s your right to and its your opinion. My problem is with the administration simply putting their own ridiculous agendas ahead of success and the public wishes. I truly hope all the players leave, even the seniors-to-be. I hope they all go as a team to chaminade, or hpu, or Hilo, as run bows suggested (jokingly, I assume) a few days back!
    Jjay, I am (was) a supporter. But not a blind supporter. I was already on thin ice lately with the football situation, hirings, etc. I love our student athletes (I was one at UH in the ’90’s myself), I am a Na koa member, and season ticket holder for both football and basketball, but I cannot support this corrupt, arrogant administration any more. They have screwed the public one too many times, in my humble opinion. Bash me, if you wish, but it is my right not to support this circus any longer. I encourage others to follow.
    Good luck isaac. I’m sure negus, janks, and valdes will also leave. Thank you guys for being warriors

  70. Eran,
    Please don’t listen to Runbows. hawaii has absolutely no D1 scholarship talent. We want to see big boys ball and win. If we wanted to see local boys play, we could go to a Chaminade, or HPU game. Wait…hardly any of those players are local either. Maybe we could go see a D3 school?

  71. I guarantee a losing record this coming season. Anyone care to make a wager? You guys used to criticize the weak in. schedule, and say that 22 wins is unimpressive with that schedule. Well, mark my words, 15-18 ain’t gonna look very good, with the same “pastrie” schedule lol
    I hope Ganot didn’t learn his coaching strategies from his former head coach, Nash…ugh, a lateral move, at best, and one that the players won’t support.

  72. webleedgreen; If judging by on the court win-losses and conference tournament results, then Taylor did a tremendous job, given the difficult circumstances. But, apparently UH was looking at other things, besides the on court performance.

  73. This is the best thing that could’ve happened to the bows! Enough with the constant bad comments that are clearly all coming from the same bitter source. The kids practically played street ball the entire season, benjy wasn’t beneficial, that was obvious. Excited for next year!

  74. Coaches are creatures of habit. Ganot worked under slow ball coaches and I would be shocked with his first chance at HC that he would embrace the style of play we have seen this year. In a time when NCAA is looking at making a 30 second clock we will be returning to the pass the ball around the perimeter game. Not exciting and less likely to make a better showing in the Big West. Not being able to continue the transition that Benjy started is going to be deadly to players, fans, recruitment and for sure the box office. Bad choice and we will pay the price. Bob Nash was brutal. Looks like we are not going down the same road.

  75. can’t gamble with the warriors, but you can gamble outside of the arena

  76. How much webleedgreen? Same schedule as this past year? Lol. And guarantee Negus, Janks, and Valdez gone too? If it guarantees you go with them then that is worth the price. U talk like these guys were in Indianapolis! And please give us specifics on the corruption charges you throw around. Would love to hear them. Lol. Don’t go away mad….just go away!

  77. thought with coaching change players can leave without penalty…and isn’t fitzner and harville on st. mary’s?

  78. WeBleedGreen:

    Hey I feel your pain, I am alumnus, used to work there years ago, wasn’t as political. Some of the people on this forum, real new or just are anit Gib /Benjy connected staff. Absolutely. Benjy not part of infractions. When he went on 12-4 run to open season, bet admin was really upset. Surprised. When you and son, went up to BWC tourney in Anaheim, I mean everyone, even the anti Gib/Benjy agenda people were cheering on Benjy and the Bows. The State was galvanized. I know what you are talking about. I don’t know what Bobby, Sports Animals are talking about, they feel for Benjy, however they understand an unproven, assistant, and insider, young gun, who is Agenda/ power that be hire. That is why Benjy knew, he did not want to believe, still hoping he had legitimate shot, he never did, ever. They were going to get another coach. If you , or I are outside, in Mainland looking in, and we see interim coach, guide team to 22 wins, and 3 min of NCAA invite, and developed high interest in a program that was going to explode and go away, we would say, WHY did the Admin not just hire, 2 year, guaranteed, for recruiting and reward for loyalty good job. Because, the AGENDA.. same thing to get rid of other coaches going back to Rocha, Wagner, etc.
    Sad, very sad. I don’t blame you BleedGreen. A lot of people are upset, however they do not blog, the average attendance I think was about 6000 plus at SSC, if it goes way down…fine…You have right to not follow team.. I don’t think it is right.. and Benjy was not indicted.. the former coach did receive allegation charges.. does it make sense. Absolutely NOT…. Eran will have very, very hard job first year.

  79. “webleedgreen; If judging by on the court win-losses and conference tournament results, then Taylor did a tremendous job, given the difficult circumstances. But, apparently UH was looking at other things, besides the on court performance.”
    So what does UH want the woeful performance of Nash and Jackson Whealer??? If Ganot can work a pressure defense I am willing to give him a chance. With the thought of the shot clock possibly being lowered to 30 seconds I hope he is not a flex motion type of coach.

  80. Ads for Assoc and Assistant coaches, per caller on radio show.


    Turnstile count average was 4,055. Attendance from UH website which i assume is Tickets issued averaged 6,159.

  81. The corruption we all know about but no one wants to speak of starts with Portnoy. He has Reardon and McGinnis in his hip pocket as well as Matlin and Chanchellor. How is it that there is leak after leak from the athletic department to the SA and then all the SA can throw out for the best coaching prospects are Ganot and Smith. Please, how is that possible? How dumb do they think we are? I would like to know some of the names that UH turned down. How is Ganot the most qualified coach for the job? At the end of the day I am still a UH fan and wish Ganot luck, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and is going to take some time before I put any trust in UH. Time for Matlin to clean house over there and take charge.

  82. Tavs thanks for the post.For the Hawaii fans we have to figure this thing out when Isaac come home in May. I don’t like the situation he’s in at this time being so far and not knowing the the direction of UH athletic as for quality education he can recieve that from many institutions .The decision will be his to make.

  83. After the Davis game where student threw stuff on the court. The students were warned on what bad behavior could result in and it scared student away!

  84. Big daddy I have all way enjoyed reading your posts. I hope Isaac stays The people in my section loved to call him showtime. No mater what his decision most fans want the best for him. Regardless of what his decision is he will always be a UH Warrior. I hope he stays and I hope he knows that a very large number of fans hope he does too. If Isaac does choose to go to a different school we hope that you stop by once and a while and give us an update on his success.

  85. Bigdaddy 94:

    thanks, we enjoyed having Isaac with team, the passion the talent and team helped win a lot of games. Hope he and your family make best decsions.
    That is far 6000 miles away, probably one of the farthest gets for UH since Phil Lott and Reggie Cross, from Conn. and Florida.

  86. Fortune was the furthest get??? Or Lev

  87. Fotu sorry auto correct got me

  88. Ganot and Matlin know each other well from Matlin running the DHC, per SA article.
    Helps to have connections for any job.

  89. Pupule, me thinks you need to go back to school and learn critical reading. I guaranteed a losing record, period. I don’t know what your “lol” was referring to when you said same schedule as last year. Yes, it’s also a weak schedule this coming year, as it was made in advance. I didn’t “guarantee” which players would leave. I said the ones that I believe will leave, not a guarantee. I reserve guarantees for 100% certainty items, and I am 100% certain they will have a losing record next season.
    You name the amount to wager. I am friends with one of the blog hosts here (I won’t post name here) and I’m sure he would be willing to hold both our money til the end of the season. You name the amount. We can do it for the cost of a pair of lower level season tickets, since I will not be spending that money next year lol

    Lastly, I sort of resent your tone that you have taken with me. I have stated that you are entitled to your opinions, as am i. I have behaved respectfully, and as an adult. You name call, tell me to leave, etc. I am not angry with you or any other posters. I haven’t gotten personal or acted immature towards you. Please act with dignity and respect, even if you don’t agree with my anger at the administration of UH. I respect your opinions, as well as everyone’s on here (even RunBows’ ranting, nonstop posts lol jk bro)…anyway, just a hope that you can maintain professionalism and respect. We are all her cuz we love(d) UH. Same side, same team man…

  90. Islandman, makes sense. AD’s always bring in “their guys”…look at Fred Von appen hire. That was another case of being buddies with the newly hired boss lol
    Let’s hope this unproven, first time head coach turns out better than Von appen. I don’t have high hopes though

  91. If Bill Amis says Eran Ganot will be a terrific job who’s to dispute him. He’s more credible than anybody else on this blog.

  92. I thought it was interesting that Benjy said he was going to take the high road in regards to not getting the job then he says there was a hidden agenda. That’s not the high road in my book.

    Hope Isaac gets a chance to talk with Ganot. They developed a lot of high level guards at St Marys including Patty Mills and Delavadova who are both in the NBA.

    Lastly, I agree with others that there is zero D1 talent in Hawaii this year so please do not listen to RB. I don’t think he has very good knowledge of the HS basketball scene locally. Benjy did a great job this year but I like this hire from a long term perspective.

  93. Is there any truth to Webster-Chan not being on campus

  94. According to his instagram account he was in Canada when school was in session. That is concerning b/c that means he will impact the APR. I don’t understand why some players think they are basketball players over being a student first. Go to class bozos.

  95. I hope Ganot is very savvy with the internet and his connections. And I hope he uses a lot of analytics which helps the team get better. Being a young, energetic, smart guy I’m sure he’s with the times as far as technology is concerned. I’m sure he knows who he wants as assistant coaches.

  96. Mills was already in NBA when Ganot arrived at St. Mary’s and Delavadova went Pro in 2013, so only played a couple of years when Ganot was there, so that is a moot point. UH should have figured out that how they hire a head coach will impact players and possible transfers. If players want to look for other opportunities, they are free to do so. They definitely are not “bozos”

  97. Last I read on Webster-Chan was on Sunday. Not one word on the NCAA Finals that Duke won in which he called it wasn’t Wisconson’s year.

    I wonder if he was on island since not posting. Both Chan and Jankovic could be a package deal going elsewhere but don’t you all think they’ll both lose a year and have only their senior to show what they got to the Pros?

  98. Manoa Baller – gotta call bs on your conspiracy theory of “everyone”knowing Portnoy has all these powers in his hip pocket. That is one of the best yet. And u want to know who the other applicants were? Why? Cuz ur keen bb mind could discern the best candidates. What a joke. Bunch of wannabe’s who know all the answers. I am loving all of ur whining and gnashing of teeth. Life goes on and u have every right to chose how to spend ur money. And so do others who like the hire. If Ganot just doesn’t cheat UH will be ahead of the game. Let me know if you all need more crying towels.
    Portnoy – knew there was a villain here somewhere. Lol

  99. I really excited to see who Ganot will get with those 4 scholarships? it will determine if next year will be successful or not

    If I were him I would schedule cupcakes just because it seems majority of the fans don’t care who the opponent is just as long as they win. Use those cupcakes to build that chemistry.

    At the end of the day Big West is a 1 bid league and the team will pretty much judged how far they get in the big west post season tournament.

  100. I’m finding it quite hard to get up for UHSports.

  101. Derek, were you glad you did renew your season tickets for the past year ?

    Maybe webleedgreen could be okay later with his, but of course up to him.


    Jackson W said Ganot will not run a flex motion offense.

    Anybody, what does Jackson mean by some players are “double transfers” ?

  102. Hope what Jackson says is true.

  103. how many screen names does that guy have? lol

  104. Whatever Pupule. Let’s see Portnoy is head of Intercollegiate Athletics for the Board of Regents, he is a color commentator for radio broadcasts and he has a “basketball radio show” What athletic or basketball background does this man have?? Is this not a conflict of interest??? Obviously he is pulling some strings with the old cronies that still want to keep the glory days of Riley Wallace around. Go back and look at the SA in October and from Portnoy and Wheeler’s radio show at that time, they said Ganot would be a good interim coach. For anyone to think this was not an “inside job” obviously has only 1/4 of a brain.

    I did not say I wanted to pick the coach, I am interested in who else applied. I am looking forward to the press conference tomorrow morning. I am all for having the best basketball program and coach we can have at the University of Hawaii, whoever that may be. My opinion is that Ganot is not the best possible coaching candidate at this time for this program. We are all entitled to our opinions as you are yours, although you are just a Troll on this website.

  105. PONO….go easy on this old man…

    Just joking…and Bleed, lol, No problem, makule rants !! Me love UH MBB!!
    lot of Things I blog tongue in cheek, sarcasm.

    However , like Geremey Robinson and his skills development camps academy, with Hawaii population at or over 1.5 million there is basketball talent from youth, difference ? He says the passion and dedication, focus like mainland boys. They eat , sleep, dream basketball.

    Hawaii Bigs D1 talent- Red Rocha 6’9″ Oregon state and NBA player and coach..Hilo High

    Howie Dunham 6’5″ UH MBB
    Julian Sensley 6’9″ super skilled SF in PF Body UH MBB star..Kalaheo high
    Brad Pineau 6’10” UH MBB. Aussie pro…St. Louis schools
    Craig Bell 6’11” Utah center…University high
    Bobby Nash 6’7″ UH MBB ..Iolani…and japan pro
    Alika Smith 6’2″ UH MBB …
    Kalia McGee 6’1″ UH MBB
    Jarin Akana 6’1″ UH MBB
    David Hallums 6’1″ UH MBB
    Derek Low 6’1″ Wash. St… overseas pro
    Miah Ostrowski 5’9″ UH MBB and FB..

    All started for Division 1 NCAA BB teams , major contributors
    was and is there talent that can play D1 for UH.. without question..
    PONO..do some research before you say I don’ t know what I am talking about

    Sound too much like..”pupule, jake pono” ? Coincidence? Not..same negativity,,
    I am peeved Benjy screwed.. I knew he would not get hired..Benjy knew too..
    rant..so what..I love the guy and his kids.
    who the hello would endure personal and professional attacks and have great season?
    Takes a good man, not perfect..none of us are..I know a lot of stuff..and good character is what Benjy displayed..

    Eran should call Benjy and transition..who knows if Benjy stay on as associate head coach?
    I believe with great resume..this year a good mid major will pichpick him up as head coach
    he made fans..and always deflected credit to team..
    hater say he bad behind scenes..well I don’t so..he has had his heart broken..feel bad for brother Benjy
    I take high road…Mahalo Benjy, every real fan of Benjy Ball knows Matlin screwed you up..

    Wonder if NWC and Janks go pro..despite what dickman ssys, they can play asia, soth america, europe all divisions of pro ball
    and Isaac Fleming , depend maybe if Senque , Benjy on staff..Brad Autry, or Brandon Loyd
    would bet one or all will apply if uhadmin..power agenda people let them
    we fans cool…uhadmin. reardon.lewis, portnoy, wheeler..sad..where is compassion..none at all for Benjy

  106. Islandman, I renewed for last year, but I only went to about 6 or 7 games. I wasn’t planning on renewing for this coming season, but I’ll wait until renewal time this summer and see how it goes. What I don’t like is when the freeway lanes are closed due to work at nights going West. That traffic is murder. We’ll see. If Taylor got the job for sure I wasn’t renewing.

  107. I guess it’s a way of boycotting Taylor as a coach for whatever reason but… . Your call

  108. No way Ganot keeping Taylor. He’s going to get his own asst. coaches, people who he knows and trusts. That’s just the way it is. If there is one person who might we retained it might be Senque Carey because he is a proven recruiter. Outside of that, nobody else.

  109. Portnoy was scott robbs’ youth basketball coach. But he’s been a commentator for years, so he’s just as qualified as some of the other commentators, national or local.

    He said he is not pulling any strings on a marionette.

  110. Bigdaddy94..

    You were at Anaheim..watching magical run by Warriors
    how did other family members of team feel about coach Taylor and team play.
    just know everyone that played gave 1000% all the time
    credit to Benjy and great team!

    Thanks again , would think Eran should really approach Benjy see if retain..he got guys playing awesome defense..we loved it…turning over good teams and always have chance to win games!

  111. Derek..maybe Matlin find out Eran smoked some guava leaves before interview and now makes reversal..Benjy is coach…!!
    Wouldn’t that make news!!
    Still Eran..very young..youngest head coach new first time ever at UH MBB I can recall..

    He might hire former UH MBB athletes?
    Wheeler? Ha, ha, haaa
    Jeff Portnoy..Manoa Baller..it is a joke..Gib., Benjy, Red, Mack, Wagnet know athletes and fans team good uhadmin power screwed big time
    a blindman can see , typical insider agenda driven people destroyers
    they find fault with underlings yet…say nothing wrong with them
    UH Athletics driven into oblivion
    if we let them do it..
    bley, matlin, lassner , jeff and jackson..on tv he look older than Riley!!

  112. RunBows,

    it all pau. IMUA
    Let’s support our new coach Ganot and players.

  113. Bigdaddy and others — Ganot is a native of New Jersey, right next to Delaware and went to college in Pennsylvania. He was a four-year basketball letterman and two-time captain at Swarthmore College, Div III. So he knows the east coast .

    Played all five positions in college.

    “A 1999 graduate of Tenafly High School in New Jersey, Ganot was a two-time all-league first-team pick and was named to the all-county team as a senior. During his senior season, he helped Tenafly to a 22-4 league record and its first league title in 32 years.”

  114. islandman,
    you sure got ways of getting facts to us.

    Mahalo for your hard work!

  115. Pocho…well backing chow ..why not Benjy?
    I hope he comes back with East Carolina team and wins DHC ..and as always does it with class

    That is how we know world going towards dogs..
    when people with passion and win for employer screwed big time

    Gib, Benjy you all go get em!!

  116. what’s done is done. As they say you can Cry a River but it won’t change what’s already happened. History

    all pau

    No Mas

  117. RunBows…
    Stop with the benjy being retained talk, it is ridiculous. All three parties involved wouldn’t want it.
    1) admin made it clear they don’t like benjy for personal reasons (on court success spoke for itself, so this was obviously about image and off court issues). So why would the admin approve benjy to stay on, IN ANY WAY? They wanted him gone, he is out.
    2) benjy, himself wouldn’t want to stay…take a pay cut, a status cut, and work UNDER the guy that just took his job? C’mon. Further, as he won coaching awards, got national attention for the coaching success he had this season, his stock is generally higher than it ever has been. He will want to parlay that into a better position as far away from this backstabbing institution as possible!
    3) Ganot…if you were him, why would you want your predecessor on your staff? So everyone can compare you unfavorably after losses? So the public has a reminder of what coulda been? No, u want a clean slate if you’re ganot.

    It seems like a great fantasy to keep benjy, but it is pure fantasy RunBows. Pls stop with it. It ain’t happening lol

  118. Remember he was grad assistant with Rlley or Nash
    going to have rough first few years
    if Benjy had to battle egos..then got team together and at high level in the end..how Eran going deal with 7

    Wonder Pocho will guys buy in..
    Eran wins over 7 guys returning that is big job..
    kind of feel if team does not gel next season will be like Nash years, dome talent, not too much effort..

    win over Hawaii fans with local guys
    if team needs boost
    I would watch that..
    Eran first order, repair breech between Riley camp and Gib camp..then he on right track..
    Benjy rightfully so thought under microscope ..Eran going to go bald , gray up at 34 very fast..if team does not buy in

    No more head coaching experience, how he get $750, 000.00 (just guessing probably more)for 3 year deal and no head coaching experience not even elemrntary school?
    Keep Norm..get rid of Benjy..stinks
    every guy on team..wonder…3rd coach in less than 7 months..auwe!! What next..who can we trust admin UH..NOBODY..

    UH backwards , and falling fast..
    Eran win over team first,,…or families..call each parent, each season tickrt holder
    Jackson on tv gloating…sickens one yo stomache..he looks like he is 110 years old!!

  119. RunBows,

    I thought I was a Pocho and now you got me thinking, lol

    only time will tell, who the returning players are and if they’ll buy in. Your wondering what no one knows.

    Did UH give Chow a raise? Thought Chow gets $500k and he more or less what ever more UH offered him above that to his Staff or something

  120. Bleed agreed…just thought …just feel bad for coach Taylor
    he will get picked up by mid major soon..he proved he can ein snd coach

    Eran go after Senque, Brad Autry, possible..he has to have continuity since it is the team not the power people

    Just so upset…
    Football ? Uhhh?

    MVB can win national title they only have 4.5 scholarships and Charlie Wade good job..not enough ncaa support, lousy ncaa..

  121. Bleed agreed…just thought …just feel bad for coach Taylor
    he will get picked up by mid major soon..he proved he can coach

    Eran go after Senque, Brad Autry, possible..he has to have continuity since it is the team not the power people

    Just so upset…
    Football ? Uhhh?

    MVB can win national title they only have 4.5 scholarships and Charlie Wade good job..not enough ncaa support, lousy ncaa..

  122. RunBows,

    getting late, you double posted.

  123. RunBows,

    getting late, you double posted. Weird the system didn’t catch that

  124. Go warrior volleyball!!
    Chase national title!!

  125. In October or so, some posters were for keeping Gib longer or through this past season. Then terminating him later for cause or something, if necessary or letting his contract run out. In retrospect, it looks like it was the right decision to let him and Akana go.

    Perspective changes views sometimes.

    They used skype for the other committee members in the interviews conducted by Matlin, per Hoopstalk tonight.

  126. Well Benjy kept the so far 20 win over 2 consecutive season run (unless Gib wins vacated)
    Interesting if Eran can keep that 20 win season run going.

    Can Eran bring in shooters, rebounding slam dunk on mamadou bigs?

    Dayton look forward to your possible video writeup interviews with team, this year’s assistants and Benjy when return from mainland.
    Then interview with Eran..ask great questions..

    See, ready to move on!!
    Mahalo plenty Benjy!!

  127. Other than the 100 or so comments of fantasy situations or conversation dialogue some readers thought up, I’d like to add that I think this is a good hire. Maybe benjy isn’t as innocent to the gib situation as some would believe? Maybe UH doesn’t feel it’s a smart thing to move forward with benjy being he was part of the rule breaking staff, especially with the gib vs UH still on going. I like benjy had a great year but honestly we made a real good looking hire. And why is runbows saying players are transfering? Did they tell you that? Please stop throwing random opinions out as facts without proof, some fans line to be correctly informed on team. Not any of the reality tv wish list things I have to sort through to read and discuss actual events not fairy tales. I have no problem with the excitement of posting a lot but all the what if and fake convo stuff is making me not want to even give input. As a potential recruit I wouldn’t want to see all of that. Maybe email those to whoever you’re talking to runbows? Thanks and go bows no matter what

  128. Gib era 72 wins , average 4 years = 18 wins
    Benjy era (and forever never forget my favorite uh mbb coach and 2014-15 team, no one can take that away, the great memories, resilience through adversity)
    Benjy year- 22 wins, BWC title game, win over Pitt!

    Eran Ganot era ? Have to wait and see.
    still love the push combo of Fotu/Standhardinger…Bobbitt/Fleming teams..

    Imagine that combo..however love what Mike, NWC playing out of position banging at 4 and 5 spots.
    Janks smooth skilled game and Dirk like turnaround jumpers,
    Quincy”s desire and effort, Jovanovich huge improvement, he looks like a true center now!
    Nevels heart and soul of team,
    AV’s explosiveness..

    that iscwhat coach taylor broughtbout of limited numbers team..coaching, adjusting and winning despite major untimely injuries.bet sports news entities will pick his brief interim coaching stint as inspiration for coach and teams facing near insurmountable odds..

    Thankyou Benjy, Team Arriors and Bigdaddy, and all families for allowing we uhmbb fans to enjoy, really love the season
    Benjy ball..what a ride
    Benjy will land good job soon, maybe reunited?
    Wish him and familefamily the best!!
    Love you Benjy, this old guy loves your Hawaiian heart!!

  129. Goodhire…jury not even in session..what has Eran done yet…free expession zone, civil. ..warrior insider forum we passionate one way or the other
    we do not want character assasins or rumor, gossip, no need bash coach taylor, he gone pau aloha
    he move on , you should too..
    everyone got one south end so do you!!
    No Bash coach Benjy zone!!
    we too high character for that!!

    Thanks Dayton, Valerie Schmidt, ohana, Ameriprise, and Pacific Risk Solutions for letting we uhmbb fans blog..
    million mahalos!!

    Good nite you all, until we start up again after presser tomorrow!! Then we fire away questions and comments..in search of the truth!!
    What’s going on?


  130. Good luck in trying to find the truth from those jokers that run the University. Where did they find these guys? They couldn’t run a 7-11 let alone the University of Hawaii. They didn’t even have the time to call Benji and tell him they hired someone else. No Class but it has become the norm with this administration. They beg the fans to donate money constantly yet hire an unknown quantity when they could have had Taylor for another year cheaper. Now they face the prospect of losing at least one team member inFluencing and possibly more. Each one of those leaving will cost recruits because they count against Hawaii’s grade point average. We have now lost one recruit in. pope, if an 18 year old can see the joke in who is running the operation we may as well pack up the athletic teams until someone with more integrity, smarts, compassion, and the ability to run a big time program that the Universty is, and quit trying to have the public bail out these idiots financially. A fan that’s tired of the admin rewarding mediocrity in coach Chow(gotta go) and punishing success in letting Benji Taylor go.

  131. I find it funny that some are blaming UHAD for all of the mess this season. Gib caused all of this mess. Had he not lied and cheated, UHAD wouldn’t have had to hire someone new.
    Everything is settled already so there is no use in complaining. Thank Benji and the players for the season and look to the future. It actually might look bright.

  132. dragonlord:

    Very much nailed it on the head,.. It is from the Top on down. Without good leadership, whether decisions for academics, facilities, for the students, the community AND for Athletics… dragon.. we have seen it going down, down..some criticize yourself, myself, for looking at the failures, the poor judgements, , the buyouts, the improper written contracts, the NO contracts.. etc. Around the country, it is not a joke, and some they say move on let it go. What you and thousands of other people of Hawaii are saying , a once very good institution is not getting it done. The Norm Chow example. Ben Jay, FULL support for him, he is MY man., and Norm in 3 years, though nice guy, has losing seasons all three, with a fourth possibly this year. And, the Power that be Admin. they back him up, HIGH Character, I guess. The Agenda. Benjy, as was stated not just by me, on this forum, facebook , twitter, instagram, espn, all over.. They know too, something is done amiss in Hawaii at the University, even Hawaii government.. where does it End? How can we stop this nonsense, and ones that attack our , very pointed yet TRUE views.. we are viewed as anti UH, anti progress.. Will The Truth finally come out? who pulling the strings. well.. reap what you sow.. what goes around comes around..Feel very bad for Benjy Taylor and his sons and daughter, they deserve better. Hope Benjy ends up with loyal school take care of him and he is successful, very stressful to move a whole family, unless they stay to finish another school year. The Truth, yeah, where is it at UH.. wait dragon for the Presser tomorrow and fire away on the blogs..What Is going ON ?

  133. Hey Bigdaddy 94 either way it turns out best wishes to both you and your son. I hope he does the best for himself in whatever he chooses. I do believe after discussing things with former UH players who know Ganot and who coached them that Hawaii will be a great situation for him to stay and continue to compete. Heard nothing but good things about him from former players.

  134. I reviewed a lot of information about Ganot. I thought it is also worthwhile to read up on the program that he came from, and that was of course with Coach Randy Bennett.


  135. Whoops, that should have been the 2014 bio. Not much different I suppose. Here it is:


  136. islandman,

    looking back in hindsight, yes UHAdmin. made the right call. But also if UHAdmin. was trying to right the ship by letting go of Gib/Akana they also should have self-imposed a ban on post season play right then and there or shortly thereafter.

    The biggie of course is of Akana changing some figures on some paperwork that’s a part of a students acceptance into the School/Program. Meaning maybe that student really didn’t qualify at the time in juncture. With that said, you can surmise they saw the team’s potential and it having a chance for post season play which could earn them some xtra money. I’m mean, if you let go the Coach/Staff for that reason and others because of rule violations, why not right the ship all the way. I could see the NCAA seeing the greed in UH’s eye’s trying to capitalize on post season play if possible. UHAdmin. pondered the idea as we have read but did not do what it should have done IMO. Really, they could have added another feather in their cap with that self-imposed penalty

  137. pocho, you get up early. Hopefully, no post season ban. I got up early but got the copmputer BSOD three times in a row.
    Reardon had some insights in his column today. I don’t agree with all that he said regarding the season, but he said that multiple sources confirmed that there was a total lack of respect by SOME players toward assistant coaches.

    If so, Ganot will have a tough job on his hands and it’s not proper to have a situation like that. Maybe some other programs have a tough time managing their players too.

    Another article in the SA said Zane Johnson was recruited by Eran and he had good things to say about Ganot ,as did Mark Campbell. Also, as someone mentioned earlier, Bill Amis had good comments about him which i heard on KHON news last night and read somewhere.

  138. MB – I see the light now! Just couldn’t connect all the dots like you can. A true Sherlock! Mahal I for setting this troll right. Hope I can be like you someday. But maybe you should change your name to Scarecrow as in “if I only had a brain”. U would be perfect fit in that role. Portnoy could be the wizard pulling all the levers. Only thing funnier than ur posts are Runbows flapping his jaw about taking the high road. He couldn’t find that road with Google maps. can’t wait for front page news about evil Portnoy paying off powers from slush fund he has set up from his radio shows and regent position.

  139. Islandman,

    you amase me keeping searching and keep coming up with alot of info out there! Nice Job!

  140. If you wanted a sitting head coach, Kyle Smith was again a finalist but is making $420,000 at Columbia, per SA article. Marvin Menzies of New Mexico St. also was in the mix, but receives $382,294

  141. RB, you should read my post again. You are telling this new coach to give a scholie to a Hawaii HS player. My comment is that there currently are no D1 high school basketball prospects. I didn’t say the state has never produced a D1 player. But your list confirms my point in that we only produce a D1 player every 5-10 years. In your list you also missed the Broadus kid who played at BYU and Brandon Brooks who was at UCLA. I hope you will stop with the Benjy BS since that is water under the bridge and just support the team and the current coach. All your fictional tales about conspiracies and BT need to stop if you are a true BB fan.

    Ferd confirmed the same rumors that I’ve been telling you would make it hard for BT to get the job. None obviously have been substantiated and made public but where there is smoke there is usually fire and that is what burned us with Gib. Ferd also said that players were disrespectful of asst coaches which should not be tolerated.Lastly, even though BT was never formally called out in the NCAA investigation he knew things weren’t been done right. As a former head coach he knows the DOBO are not allowed to coach on the court and that recruits are not permitted to tryout on an official visit.

  142. Runbows never wrong. Knows salary but then qualifies with his “just guessing” remark. And he is sharp as a bb with his local player knowledge. Serious bb fans can get a kick from this site. Most posts from people with no knowledge of the game. Opinions are like okoles, everybody’s got one. Best Runbows has is “I LOVE Benjy”. Really? Well then we will miss u on this site cuz u will be moving on with Benjy to his next school’s site. I am sure they will appreciate your vast knowledge and insightful commentary. Poor Runbows….what to do with those busy little fingers now? Awwwww…I think I just felt a tear run down my cheek…

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