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Adam Jacobsen is new assistant coach


New head coach Eran Ganot has hired his first assistant coach at the University of Hawai’i.

Adam Jacobsen, a long-time assistant/associate coach at the University of Pacific, was officially announced as a member of Ganot’s staff on Friday.

Here is the official release from the UH Athletics Department:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai’i men’s basketball coach Eran Ganot announced the hiring of Adam Jacobsen as the team’s new assistant coach. Jacobsen comes to Hawai’i after 14 years on the men’s basketball staff at the University of Pacific, the last two as Associate Head Coach.

“We are thrilled to have Adam on board as he checks all the boxes,” said Ganot. “Adam is a man of tremendous character, work ethic, and really cares about his players. He has a proven track record of success as a coach and a player and is fired up to be part of the Rainbow Warrior basketball program. As an added bonus, he has a great understanding of the Big West Conference, having been part of five league titles as a coach and two more as one of Pacific and the conference’s best players. Please join me in welcoming Adam, his wife DeAnn and children Presley, Ava, and Luke to our Ohana!”

“I’m excited to be working with Coach Ganot and building a program with the goal of winning Big West championships and making NCAA Tournament runs,” shared Jacobsen. “I believe in Coach Ganot and the kind of person he is and the type of program he’ll run. I’m also excited about working with the staff at the University of Hawai’i and enjoying all the support we get from the community.”

Pacific enjoyed tremendous success during Jacobsen’s tenure with the program. He helped the Tigers to five Big West championships and four NCAA tournament appearances (2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2012-13) under then Head Coach Bob Thomason. The team boasted seven 20-plus win seasons during that span including seven total postseason appearances to go along with an outstanding graduation rate.

Jacobsen was also an assistant coach for the Tigers during the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons before returning to Pacific for the 2003-04 season. Since his return, the Tigers have boasted 11 all-conference selections, three AP All-Americans and three Big West Players of the Year in Miah Davis (2003-04), David Doubley (2004-05) and Christain Maraker (2005-06). Maraker was also a two-time academic All-American selection

Jacobsen also had an outstanding playing career at Pacific where he graduated in 1997 with a degree in Sports Sciences. He served as team captain for four seasons and guided the Tigers to two Big West championships. He was later inducted into the Pacific Athletic Hall of Fame, and recently was voted to the first team on the Pacific All-Century team.

He is the career three-point leader at Pacific and is second all-time in the Big West with 311 three-pointers made. He is also the career assists leader (436) and second on the career steals list (160). With 1,513 career points, he ranks sixth all-time at Pacific, averaging 12.6 points per game over 120 games. He was a three-time all-Big West Conference second team selection and is a 2010 inductee of the Pacific Athletics Hall of Fame.

After leaving UOP following the 2001 season, Jacobsen enjoyed a successful two-year stint at his alma mater, Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, Calif. During those two seasons, he directed the program to a 39-18 record and two CIF playoff appearances. After the 2002-03 season, he was voted Pacific League Coach of the Year and named All-Area Coach of the Year by the Glendale News Press.


  1. Hopefully can help team be better shooters, from FT line to 3 point line. Welcome aboard coach Jacobsen, still holding out that Eran would retain at least Jamie Smith, he has great Performance analyst resume at All levels championship caliber.. or another assistant.

    Long as team can win games, right fans, ?
    We don’t want losing seasons, and the team is clean, however winning not important as clean conduct, which is important, however ticket sales and interest is generated by an exciting team that wins a lot and wins League championships, and wins in Post Season Tourneys

    Go bows !

  2. I guess maybe Brandon Loyd could go back to volunteer administrative assistant if he applied and eran hired him. Eran, still, if it is about PEOPLE.. which includes LAST YEAR’s coaching staff, hire one of about 4 assistant coaches, a Performance Analyst(DOBA), and those 1 Administrative assistant, and 3 graduate managers.. Just for continuity and to reward them for keeping UH MBB afloat, hard to believe all 8 guys on staff, hired or volunteering were not good at all, important for the Malama, Eran, keep the UH Ohana going, if Benjy were an assistant associate professor teaching alongside Wheels, Jackson Wheeler, bet they would be best friends.. Going get tickets going to the ship, going to the ship, going to the ship, the BWC championship preceded by Benjy’s Award Banquet, honoring past team and introduce new coachng staff. Going to be very, very emotional for Benjy and Team.

  3. Eran sign a big, Eran sign a big, oi, oi, oi !!
    Andrew Bogut or Luc Longley type or the Senegal immigrants !!
    3 ball shooters from Aussie land or Kiwi land. Canada, Serbia, Brazil..

    Tonganator, my friend, any news on how Isaac Fotu’s season, his first as a pro is Spain? Scoring average, rebounds per game, Field Goal Percentage, 3 point percentages, FT percentages, blocked shots, and his famous spin move hook shots

    Say hello to your great wife and the Fotu Ohana, we love them dearly !!
    Tell Isaac and your family come during your winter , our summer and take holiday in islands for a week or so, thousands of fans would love to see the Fro and his Ohana.

    On side note, any interest from WBB and Beeman, about Ella , where she might play NCAA DI ball next season? Still has interest in Hawaii .. or High Major schools, like Nebraska, Michigan, Texas, U. Conn, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Washington etc?

    Tonganator you take care, and say hello to fellow Kiwis !!

  4. The Big Man who can play with his back to the basket and being an inside force should be a WANT. If it fits, it frees up Janks and Chan as both may have been playing out of position, right?

  5. When Gib took over in 2010, he didn’t keep much, if any, of Nash’s staff. I don’t see any carryovers listed, but the Nash managers, etc. aren’t listed on the UH website. New regimes like to start anew .

    Nash kept several of Riley’s -Jackson W, Ganot , but that was like a continuation somewhat of Riley’s regime.
    Chow kept a few or two. Keeping some previous staff members doesn’t ensure winning seasons.

  6. This article makes him sound a lot better and that makes me feel better about this hire. As others mentioned in the previous comments, there is a question of why would he leave Pacific? That sounds like the perfect spot for him because he is in there Hall of Fame and already put in 14 years on the coaching staff. Strange.

  7. islandman… maybe, ….However look at what Benjy did on a week’s notice, working with Senque, a new Gib hire, then promoting Brandon Loyd to full time assistant, then calling Brad Autry to come on down, and he did within a day or two, before the start of exhibition game, coaching staff was in place. The Administrative assistants, some new, I don’t know if any old, however. Benjy on the fly did a great job with whomever he could get at last minute, that is the stuff that legends of Benjy Taylor ace UH coach for one year, will be written about, heard there might be TV or cable movie about this story, it is quite amazing.. Benjy would have screwed up Admin big time, if UH won the BWC tourney crown and they won couple of games in NCAA’s.. then what? Hire Ganot I guess.
    stranger than truth, I guess the truth is out there, and it will soon come out, maybe to , UH’s loss of a lot of monies, OUR tax payers monies for legal fees and settlements.. auwe

    islandman, Art Woolaway, volunteer coach, was carrover from Rocha through Wallace, through O’Neil, Pitino, Little, F. Arnold, R. Wallace, until his death or he was too old or sick to continue, major supporter. What I am saying if Eran really has the HAWAIIAN HEART PEOPLE first, , why all the Mainland guys, at least an Alika Smith, or Allan Silva.. WE WANT TO DRUM UP support from the 808, and Eran let and develop Dyrbe and Zach to be major players.. that is how you develop successful program.. I loved the teams with Hallums, Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, Tim DeSilva, Dennis Sallas, Jullian Sensley, Alika, etc.. Bobby Nash, Miah O.. fans came out to watch them drove up attendance I bet by 1000 more at SSC.. you say not retaining a continuity connections not big thing, even Gib offered Eran to stay one year as DOBA, however he wanted to pursued assistant coaching job.. love the culture, that is what Gib and Benjy instilled, that is why the 13 returnees so far, and I cannot read mind of 2 of the guys, still could be 2 guys leave program, their choice too much melodrama

  8. Hey, Bigdaddy:

    Coach Ganot has found a perfect personal basketball tutor for your son.

    With Isaac’s 3-stars talents his improvements going to be by leaps and bounce under coach Jacobsen’s help!

    It’s time to shop for a pretty showcase to display his next three years accolades…

  9. Blah, blah, blah Benjy, benjy’s staff. Can’t wait til staff filled out so won’t have to hear this anymore. Two more could leave. Just like AV was gonna leave for UCLA? So what? Worry about who is here.

  10. UHF; Amazing recall of UH history re: Eran, etc. Also, note Nash decided to let Alika go. Wheeler’s name is not listed on many of the yearly roster of coaches. Invisible man ?

  11. Per a poster on another blog: “From the man himself: ‘Adam Caporn is my best friend. He will help me whether he is on my staff or not.’ “

  12. Gib loved culture and continuity so much that he eliminated reference to Woolaway award. Not going to rehash all the other problems

  13. I think this a good pick up. I can see why he left Pacific, they are struggling in the WCC and their current head coach will probably get the boot next season. Also Stockton, California is a dump.

  14. Welcome Adam Jacobsen !!
    Big Aloha !!
    Go Bows ! Go Bows ! Go Bows !!

  15. Tip of the Spear Award in place of Woolaway, pupule has good recall too.

  16. Fellow fans going to emotional and exciting april awards banquet!
    Can imagine tears. Team and current and future staff right in middle of men’s basketbal resurgence!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

    islandmand you tireless, sometimes better half tell me …hey bruddah get off the internet blogging.
    I do.
    UH sports fun
    and great hopefully 3 year 20 win season run!

  17. Pupule that is twice you have mentioned Aaron playing water polo for UCLA and walking on to play Bball. There is no need to spread those rumors without facts. Aaron made his decision to play in Hawaii and we support that.

  18. i think, pupule was not the one to bring up the water polo first. He was just recalling what someone else had said.

  19. Was Welovebenjy who said he “heard” that is what AV was going to do. Just trying to get him to admit he was wrong but that will never happen

  20. Okay I see it. Go Bows!

  21. Aaron’s dad

    …Aaron when he got into UH.. I knew he was a high school all american in water polo, therefore condition wise he would be one of the best athletes. UH has a world class athlete , could play water polo or basketball. His vert is incredible , each year he is leaping higher, maybe 48 inch vert easily!! Dunks will be out of sight , even floaters, his ucla bank shots , mid and great 3 ball shooting form..he look

    s like real hoopster, UH has about 8 guys with awesome ability, the whole squad..I believe Jovanovich get bigger stronger, better vert and lateral quicks, will be solid center, one of the best!!

    Aaron get strong like James Harden or those shooting guards in nba..that can be his future…next year, if he does not make espn top 10 plays sevral times , something wrong.

    last season we were really treated to best collection of 12 athletes on court for UH MBB..that is why I repeat, Eran has great core of experienced ballers to use. They get stronger and super execute well in half court sets, and shoot well, thry have makings if whole team buys in..a top 25 team, an ncaa team..and still benjy can be proud, he had part of that group!!
    Go Bows!!

  22. Of course season long ways away, still keep talking UH MBB hoops!!
    Summer leagues in two months, just hope guys do not get hurt.

    Go Bows!!
    pupule, don’t you love UH MBB? Sure you do..blog away.civil and clean!!

  23. You can’t teach height. But you can teach or train jumping, and quickness, and BB IQ. As long as the ‘size’ emphasis doesn’t infringe on quickness and jumping ability, I’m all for it, but very cautionsly. Whatever AV does is great! Do more of it! Heck, every time I go out jogging I think to myself, ‘wht does AV do to help hime jump so high’. i would like to see tips posted here.

  24. AV must be vert twitch muscles, maybe he swims in pool a lot, moving legs against water rsesistance
    akuhead2, even nevels and smith about 40 inch verticals, guys can sky!

  25. In some of the practice videos, it looks like he wears one of those ‘stretchy-band harnesses’. You would think the athletic programs would splurge for those.

  26. Yes whole team should be supplied. Now Eran dtail metrics guy..make sure team getting in great shape, speed, quickness, vert, strength , good hands

    Janks, Stef, imagine come back 10 ponds heavier , stronger more explosive..
    Rod, Q, Fleming same off season strength…explosiveness

    Mike and Aaron..could grow, know MT said he hopes to peak at 6’9″ maybe 230 with 3/4 skillset
    Negus has to get good muscle heavier 218 and strong, he can play 2 or 3 if Eran recruits couple of power fowards..they arecout there. ..
    Niko, Brocke, Zach, Dyrbe can fight and get better.
    I like Zach’s length..don’t remember a local high school guard with skill at 6’3″ need to get stronger heavier..6’3″ 185 at least
    we need Dyrbe aband Zach to be contributors..will draw more to SSC !!
    GO BOBows!!

  27. If a player leaves they leave. No sense worrying , crying or blaming anyone. Good luck to him if that in fact happens. To refresh UH fans only and his other multi personalities aka benjy , under the Gib regime we have the highest number of turnover of student athletes ever in our BB program. We are also bordering on Apr penalties under the Gib regime. We are facing NCAA penalties under the Gib and Co. Regime. Apparently you didn’t understand one word in Dayton ” s comments directed at you. The Gib and Company regime is Over and Done with Get on with your life. Your compulsive behavior over Gib and Benjy requires medical intervention.

  28. jjay…what you state..is that not attacking and insulting?
    I love UH MBB for longer than you might be alive , would never insult you or family ,
    quit attacking , criticizing myself and my family..notice context of my posts..all the coaches for UH MBB no matter what you think have a part in history of UH MBB…
    DAYTON I don’t think you were telling forum that they could not mention previous coaches and teams, members..
    jjay..let it go..I am excited for next season..no need personally attack insult our family..that is not nice..

  29. Insulting? Brudda you really need look and see that the biss of the board sent a message to you and you still continue to barrage this board. You’re talking to your self constantly with your multiple names. Why? We all love UH sports. Your family? I don’t think so. It’s you and only you. Come on to Warrior Spots blog. They will live u on that board. Aloha.

  30. Still waiting for Negus interview and coach Ganot’s first Warriorinsider video interview!
    Go Bows!
    Stay positive!!

  31. Jjay there is no sense in taking rationally to an irrational person. Looming forward to the staff and recruits that Ganot brings in.

  32. Pono stop insults..enough already!!
    We all love UH MBB ..let’s support bows I am

    DAYTON.. am trying hard just dirceting attention to team and program

    Stop insults jjay, pono etc..

    Will ignore your posts
    you all want to blog more..go ahead
    I am just looking forward to team getting better!

    That is PONO..
    jjay, pono just stop attacks..support bows
    that is what I am doing!!

  33. Soon schhol finishes in less than a month, hope guys do well in school..
    just wonder who monitors athletes academic progress , tutors, academic advisors or current staff?
    Need to get it done in class..

    Go Bows!!

  34. Uhfanzonly1: This is not a personal attack, but I am addressing you. I think the problem people who visit this blog have with you is your compulsion to opine on nearly every single comment someone posts. And, too often, you’ll post one comment followed by another followed by another. As someone earlier stated, it’s not that easy skipping past your posts because there are often just too many of them.

    I respect your passion for and historical knowledge of UH basketball, but when you post so often you leave yourself vulnerable for the times you have some news to share and no one reads it because they think it’s just another rambling statement. Think: The boy who cried wolf. Get it?

    I humbly suggest you take your own advice (as you posted above): “sometimes better half tell me …hey bruddah get off the internet blogging.
    I do.”

    Here’s another suggestion; it’s one I practice. Sometimes I feel the urge to respond to a comment — mostly to set someone straight — and not just here, but on the Star-Advertiser’s news site. I’ll write a comment, read it back, make revisions, then ask myself, “Do I really want to submit this comment?” Often, it was enough just to get it off my chest and I won’t hit the submit button. Works for me.

    Anyway, you’re an adult so you can do as you please. Just have some considerations for others; it might go a ways to curb the personal attacks, which, I agree, are very juvenile.

  35. The best thing Dayton can do is to get Rid of the Comments section and just leave it as a site for his interviews and reporting . That’s the best part of this site and should remain so . Thanks Dayton for your dedication and hard work from the beginning. This site with comments by one moniker under various disguises has become just embarrassing for the nonsense and repetitive comments by Mr multiple personalites. Go Warriors ! Yeah enough of this .

  36. clyde…thanks, you, eagle, servante. from beginning I respect..

    Yes better half says give it rest…really love UH MBB
    want to let others post, chat,…never was social media, blogger…can get addicting.


    .you have always been reasonable, never vulgar, juvenile..I am getting off site for awhile..

    Good point, type, edit, review, if worthy copy , paste and post…I agree…
    I felt for Warriorinsider forum..when first started, hardly any posts..now it is humming
    made good blog friends including Tonganator, Aussie mum. And Ozi mum..

    Mahalo brother clyde, good friend of Dayton ..who is the best insider MBB!!

    See you later, thanks clyde..that is real Aloha!!
    Be back..more concise blog fewer!!

  37. Dayton maybe wouldn’t want to get rid of the comments section, because he wouldn’t know who’s and how many are reading his posts. Unless he has a website tracker.

  38. clyde,

    thanks again, final thought for awhile, maybe when recruits assistant staff finalized.
    In the Interviews, so far, do the guys look exhausted, ..tired.. worn out.. just my take,.. really worn out.. what a year.. just finish strong guys.. looks like some guys who were going to stay summer might be looking to go home and train, take classes online. .. maybe few stay here for summer school and workouts..
    I think even warriorinsider, such a incredible swing of a year, We All tired, pooped.. time to take a break.. love them hoops.. okay, mom, .. going moe moe now ! See ya clyde and thanks again !

  39. Let’s see how long it takes before he’s back.

  40. Start the count down for his return…10..9..8..

  41. UHfanzonly1- Aaron trains hard as soon as he gets back home. He normally takes a couple of weeks off in May and slowly gets into his routine. That includes pool work out and weights during the day, shooting at night. Nothing hard really, mostly recovery workouts through Mid-June. Once July hits that’s when all the prep work starts. Aaron and most of his teammates hit it hard up to the day they have to Report back to school. Because of the resistance of the water and his water polo training we believe that is the reason he has the vertical he has. He does the pool workouts in order to minimize the impact on his joints and strengthen his core. We feel that this has allowed him to remain strong all season long.

  42. Dayton probably has view counts

  43. I think the new coach had mentioned earlier that he was wanting the players to be in Hawaii during the summer for training or something like that. But i can see where they want to get home for awhile.

    Some or most athletes are born with their high vertical jump ability.

  44. TribeVx4 – hats off to these student athletes who train year round and still keep up with classroom load. Tough, tough job. I know you and other parents bursting with pride. All the hard work, dedication, and desire will pay off long term as they pursue whatever field they choose. Although comments on site can get off topic, I hope that things return to a focus on all of these commendable young men. Best of luck to Aaron, you, and your family. Go Bows!

  45. clyde, I always have that problem. Instead of proofreading and/or thinking about what I want to post I’d post it in haste. Most times people know where I’m coming from but the again even if having everything right there’s still the possibility of another taking it or reading it the wrong way. lol

    If you cannot tell already, some local boys don’t have the skills in English but that shouldn’t take away from their thoughts going into a post. IDK

  46. TribeVx4: Thanks for sharing Aaron’s workout regimen. As Pupule stated, he should be commended for putting in the extra work … which certainly paid off last season and will again this year. He needs to get Stefan and Niko in the pool, too.

    Off topic a little, but I’m quite certain I saw or read somewhere that Beeman has her players work out in the pool, too. Low-impact, water-resistant exercises can be very beneficial. Perhaps, Ganot can adopt something similar … maybe to replace Gib’s King of the Beach competition, which was a great idea though it did result in a couple of injuries.

  47. Pocho, it’s a problem in the cyber age because we often communicate — emails, texts, Facebook, blogs — via the written word and there’s bound to be misinterpretations. It’s not like when you’re actually having a conversation with someone, and you can hear their tone and emphasis of what they’re saying, and clarify any concerns on the spot.
    That’s why it’s important to be sure your message, and its intent, is fairly clear before you hit the submit button. And, no worries, because most of the folks on this site — including the blog host — are “local boys” or “local” at heart.

  48. Clyde,

    yes, you covered the all the bases so to say. It’s great when you can discuss, agree, disagree in a civil manner. Once the name calling begins it gets out of hand, but it happens sometimes because the poster has lost of words to converse.

    You are a very understanding person even in disagreements from what I’ve read here. lol

  49. Pupule, thanks for the video. That’s some sensational dribbling. 5th grade! Hard to believe. Probably, some team or teams in college already offered a scholarship.

  50. Eran can keep an eye on him for the future. Lol.! Kid can handle the ball!

  51. Pupule, great video. Don’t know where you come up with these :). Now, I wonder if the kid can shoot but he sure can use both hands.

  52. Clyde, wow, I guess you must have the respect of everyone as the blog has calmed down and become civilized. lol. Great job.

  53. TribeVx4.

    ..mahalo for reply…makes sense…aaron great athlete
    super hi flyer!!
    clyde…maybe..probably…Eran might do away with King of Beach..I ththink every year a guy got hurt..
    remember sammis broken pinkie?
    Water resistance workout helped my surgically repaired legs!!

    Go Bows!!

  54. Clyde voice of reason.

    ..and Dayton open to differing opinions..he is not about censorship..
    one thing keep in common…all on forum want that record 3rd year 20 wins season to continue!!
    Eagle, n2joy, Derek, al, clyde and myself UHF really started blogging when no one would..hey fans ..it is Hawaii nei..land of aloha..and our culture…one of respect!!

    Thanks fellow fans..war of words over..warriors get it..BWC.. championship..and yes…I am huge fan of UH MBB..will keep posting positive unless..fans or Dayton shutdown site because of no monies..hope not..we can all donate!!

  55. And..do not allude to me only..all on forum blog blurbs off topic..Dayton not micro manage lets us freely express!!
    Mahalo Dayton..
    now I watch blogs . Can moderate too..
    so far so good..
    Go Bows!!

  56. And no limit I know on posts..civil, not steal monikers…be pono. Good..and site good…

    waiting for UH ncaa reply..going to rock and roll, will take time..however hope minimal damage..stay positive..free speech right? Right?

    Mahalo Dayton!

  57. eagle: bruddah post away!!

  58. Lol. 13 comments and UHF back from retirement again with 4 consecutive posts. I thought it would be 10.

  59. loL what a nut. Thanks for the comments Pupule and Clyde , I paid The Queens Kekela Hotel one weeks vacation for UH fans only . They have have excellent hosts there to take care of his excessive compulsive behavior along with multiple personalities.disorder. LMAO. Unbelievable. He’s getting worse by the minute.

  60. WOW just wow Uhfanzonly1 , please stop, everyone knows you and “eagle” are the same person.

    I am dying for some recruiting news.

  61. I do enjoy how informative this site is but when I see this UHfanzonly1/Eagle/Welovebenjy person is the only one posting post after post after post, after post.
    it makes me not want to read the comments or even post replies at all, this person definitely takes a lot of the enjoyment from this site away.

  62. eagle is different from UHF, his syntax is different.

  63. Just when you think things are going to get better this guy gets worse. Serious issues. He thinks this is his personal playground and has no respect for the other posters with his excessive and ludicrous posts. While everyone is entitled to their opinion there are limits before you seriously annoy people.

  64. Warriorfan, Islandman-I was going to say the same thing regarding eagle but when you have multiple names, it is confusing and hard to keep up with. I can see using other names for other blogs like UHF uses CP3ball for the scout board and poor boy for McInnis’s blog but many names for one blog is too much. I believe he did say that RB was his son who is disabled but from what I read he seems like a retired person so if UHF is the dad, he must be really old. So, maybe UHF needs to clarify all the names he used or his family used. I know of playhoopsa, RB, UHF, WeLoveBenjy. I think he recently mentioned that only UHF will be in play.

    Pocho seemed like he was close to RB before but don’t know what happened. So, I leave it up to UHF to clear it up unless he wants to keep people guessing.

    Anyway, enough from me on this as all I can think of is “drama queen” and I don’t want to be one. lol.

  65. I think he’s aka Poorboy.

  66. Indeed, Thank You TribeVx4 for talking about AV’s workout schedule. I am a fan.
    (And yes, I will try to put this into my own workout routine.)

  67. You guys and gal fans take me…sports..and your own loyalties, agenda and life in the “warriorZone ” much too seriously, I think one poster hit it on the head..too much craziness in the world, a planet in trouble, disease, war, untimely death..UH sports , exactly what it is..SPORTS..life goes on whomever coach, AD, admin, or who hosts hoopstalk, ha, ha..I am really LOL..having a blast..

    will keep posting until Dayton shuts down comments section , or tries a very hard thing, blocking my several IP addresses..I will not give him occasion to..love Dayton!!
    he will never have to..will be civil, support whomever coaching..and am really excited whether Eran can recruit a great big and shooter this year..

    I have my ghost writer and research team ( grandchildren) ready to add some good things to site!
    Mahalo Dayton..love the forum and videos!!
    The official original Uhfanzonly1 who really has tons of aloha for Tonganator, aussie mum, ozi mum, and respect for Valdes Tribe!!
    Go Bows!!

  68. Heres some interesting info, Coach Jacobsen’s younger Brother Casey was a star at Stanford, one of my favorite players for them ever.

    Also coach Ganot’s brother is a luxury mens clothing designer in New York city. He should be the best dressed coach in the Big West.

  69. Josh – really? I was looking into that myself, and saw they went to different high schools, and I think had different home towns. So thought they were not related.

    If true, Casey Jacobsen was a good player. Not NBA All-Star good, but had his number retired by a German pro team, and a couple of stints in the NBA. Just remember, the scrubbiest NBA player would dominate 99.9% of gyms/YMCAs.

  70. Hey UHF, BM has interview with both Ganot and Jacobsen. Awwww, too bad . You so busy on this site u must have missed it. Busy little fingers and now a WHOLE research team. Impressive

  71. The guy is a psycho. He’s challenging Dayton. This UH Fans is creepier by the minute.

  72. Quite critical, no that Eran very careful filling final two assistant spots, and Has Not Named Associate, really the second HC, if anything happens to Eran, or has a great input.

    I would think a recruiting coach, one that can and HAS established contacts, from Poly , to Cali, to Chicago, Florida, DELAWARE, Toronto., France, Serbia , Latvia, Australia, New Zealand,

    Still , I think we were all turned on to the Athletic team of this year. So a coach that can recruit Athletes. wherever found. I like Eran’s approach and philosophy, so similar to Riley and another coach of team. Get good student athletes that fit Hawaii, .. since Rocha days.. same thing , Hawaii the sale, and guys who want to be here playing for the state !

    Go Eran, still keep on recruiting, maybe Two good ones to complete this year’s team, the team starts winning RBC, DHC, and on a roll, really peaking BWC last half of season.. that is possible championship squad. Looking forward to it.. My favorite part of the year, whether one or 4 recruits. Go get em, hook em up, reel em in, Eran and staff !!

  73. Eran is 33, Jacobsen 40 . That’s quite young for a HC . Bruce O’Neil was about 26 ? when he was HC.

    Mike Krzyzewski was around 28 when he started his HC career, at Army.

  74. Islandman

    Interesting stats on coaches ages. Bruce O’Neil was only 26? I remember when I was 26 I was still living with my parents and not knowing up from down. I guess even at that young age leadership abilities are already there for some people. Just like John Kennedy was president at 43. I can imagine what Kennedy was like in his 20’s. He probably had greatness at that age. Eran Ganot is young too as HC for a D1 program. I don’t think anyone knows how Ganot will turn out. Let’s hope that he will be a success like Mike Krzyzewski. But leave out the high makamaka that Krzyzewski is known to possess.

  75. servante.

    Boy JFK… profiles in courage..remember PT 109..he saved crew members as boat commander.,I think he was in his about 24 years old?
    Eran is young.. and UH letting him run the ship…give him time.. he inherited 13 great young men
    Long way off..hope he has good first 16 games open season will tell..think O’neil ran off 9 or 10 in a row with Tom Henderson ..

    Go Bows..very young staff,,wonder who will be final assistants and DOBA?
    WHAT WI fans, any idea?

  76. Could it be Bob Nash and Tim Shepherd? At least UH connection as Associate and Assistant
    or at least one of current assistants and DOBA Jamie Smith retained would be fantastic!!

  77. But it’s noot what you’re looking for, and that’s
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