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Warriors looking for complete game against UCSB

The University of Hawai’i basketball team has some unfinished business to take care of when it hosts UC Santa Barbara on Wednesday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.

The last time the teams met, UCSB rallied from an 11-point deficit with less than seven minutes remaining in a 75-74 win over the Warriors on Feb. 7. The frustrating loss was punctuated with 1.1 seconds remaining, when Isaac Fleming’s desperation shot went in, but came with his toes on the 3-point line, making it worth just two points.

“We had that game,” sophomore forward Mike Thomas said. “That’s on us. We gotta pick it up and win this one.”


Hawai’i is 19-11 overall and tied for fifth place in the Big West Conference at 7-7 with two games remaining. The Gauchos are 16-12 overall and in third place at 9-5.

The Warriors can finish as high as third place by winning their final two games, but there is much more to play for – a shot at 20 wins, “Senior Night,” and a large crowd is expected for the “White-Out” home finale.

Although the previous game at UCSB was less than a month ago, both teams can be considered different now. For UCSB, star center Alan Williams is back in the lineup after sitting out a stretch of seven games due to a shoulder injury.

Williams, last year’s Big West Player of the Year, is averaging 16.6 points and 11.7 rebounds per game The 6-foot-8, 265-pound senior had a total of 30 points and 31 rebounds in two games last week, when the Gauchos knocked off the two top teams in the Big West – 74-60 over first-place UC Davis, and 54-51 over second-place UC Irvine.

“It’s always a challenge to play against anyone, averaging 1 point or 20 points, any player can be a good player,” UH sophomore center Stefan Jovanovic said. “(Williams) is a really good player , and I think it’s a really good chance to show what I can do and for our team as well to show what we can do.”

But Williams is hardly a one-man show, and UCSB went 5-2 while he was sidelined. Michael Bryson, a 6-4 junior guard, is averaging 14.3 points and 4.6 rebounds per game, and leads the team with 65 3-pointers. He scored 21 and went 4 for 8 from 3-point range in the win over Hawai’i.

Other key players for the Gauchos include 6-5 junior guard John Green (11.0 points, 4.3 rebounds), 6-2 freshman guard Gabe Vincent (9.8 points, 46 3-pointers) and 6-1 senior point guard Zalmico Harmon (6.0 points, 3.7 assists).


The Warriors were also not quite at full strength in the loss at UCSB, as sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic played a season-low six minutes and scored a season-low three points while recovering from a case of food poisoning.

Since that game, Jankovic is averaging 15.0 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.

“I’m just coming out these last couple games to try my absolute hardest and try to give it all to end the season,” Jankovic said. “The Big West, March Madness, it’s the best time of the year, so I’m just trying to play hard.”

Sophomore Aaron Valdes leads the Warriors in both scoring (13.6) and rebounding (5.3), followed by Jankovic at 10.8 points and 4.8 rebounds.

Senior Garrett Nevels, who will be playing his final home game as a Warriors, is contributing 10.6 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, and scored 16 in the loss at UCSB.

Junior guard Roderick Bobbitt is averaging 8.5 points per game, and leads the nation in steals with 94, and is first in the Big West in assists at 5.5 per game. Sophomore Negus Webster-Chan is averaging 8.8 points per game, and leads the team with 57 3-pointers and a .419 percentage from 3-point range.


Fleming, who is averaging 9.5 points per game, has missed the last three games with an ankle injury, but there is a possibility that he will see action against UCSB.

Prior to losing the lead in the final two minutes at UCSB, the Warriors controlled most of the game, thanks in part to 15 steals.

“We should have won that game; we had the win in our hands for most of the time,” Jovanovic said. “They have really good players and you can not let them come back three times. If you go up once, then you should keep that lead and maintain it.”

The team could have some added incentive, as Pearl City High School student T.J. Fernandez will try to attend the game, if his health situation allows. He is battling an inoperable brain tumor, and has become a recent source of inspiration for the Warriors.

“It’s a sad story – it’s a 14-year-old kid,” Jankovic said. “But it’s also something that motivates you and gives you a different perspective on life.”

Game Information
UC Santa Barbara (16-12 overall, 9-5 Big West) at Hawai‘i (19-11 overall, 7-7 Big West)
When: Wednesday, March 4, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu
Tickets: Lower level – $26 per seat. Upper level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens, $5 for students (4 through high school); 50 percent discount for UH Alumni Association members and military. Parking is $6.
Television: Live on OCSports – Channels 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD).
Streaming Video: BigWest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com
Promotions: The University of Hawai’i Federal Credit Union is the “Senior Night” game sponsor and will distribute 500 sport water bottles and 3,000 team photos. Fans will have a chance to win an iPad Mini at halftime in the UHFCU “Halfcourt Heave” contest. The game is a “Whiteout,” so be sure to wear your white apparel. UH Alumni Association paid members and military members receive 50% off adult tickets.


  1. Going to be a tough battle, UH MBB team, play as one, excellent D, and shoot well, take home that 20th victory for G Money and Brandon Wato Jawato !!

    Should be exciting game, don’t expect anything less…UH will go to war !!

    Go Bows !!

  2. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  3. RB — NOT Trying to SPIN YOU UP or Anything…

    BUT i DID Actuallly Enjoy The HSA Sports Page Articles Today (3/4) on UHMBB…
    (THEIR Track Record — I Rarely Enjoy UHMBB on Page A-1)
    Of Course It WAS The Smarter Two-Thirds Writing (BM, DR)
    BUT It Is TRUE that with NO Future Contracts In Place
    Tonight COULD BE The Last SSC Showing of Nevels-Jawato
    AND The UHMBB Coaching Staff
    HOW’S THAT for Pro-Active UH Admin?!

    Where THIS (UHMBB) Team Is At AND ‘Could’ Be Headed
    Tonight’s Game (Again) IS HUGE

    Against A HOT, Re-Constituted UCSB Team
    That Just GOT BACK its “Standhardinger-FOTU-First-Class” Player,
    That Just Knocked OFF BOTH Of The TOP TWO BWC Teams
    that Handed UH its ONLY Two-Game Losing Streak of The Season
    MAYBE The Best BWC Team Period (OR At Least Other Than Hawai’i)

    BUT It’s ON OUR Home-Court
    Kind of Like an Anaheim Rehearsal or Dry-Run on Senior Night
    With a Huge SSC Energy-Boost Assisting The Team
    On a White-Hot Senior Night

    Go ‘BOWS!
    Play As-CLOSE To Perfect
    Your 150% Best (MORE Than Even You Think Is Possible)
    The Whole Rest of The Way
    IF YOU DO “LOSE” Tonight OR Saturday…
    Consider THIS The Most Fortunate WAKE-UP CALL
    ‘Cos YOU DON’T Wanna Find Out NEXT Week
    That You Can’t (Or Don’t KNOW How Yet To) Be Your Very Best

    GO ‘BOWS!

  4. Don’t know what to expect tonight, but it should be very interesting. If UCSB shoots the 3 well, we will have a hard time because down low, Williams will dominate. I remember last year at SSC, Michael Bryson hit 3 or 4 3 pointers in the 2nd half and it just killed us, most of them as the shot clock was expiring like a dagger in your heart. UH will have to match the shooting percentages and win the turnover battle and hope to get even on the boards. Stefan and Stefan 2, and Thomas have to stay out of foul trouble. The crowd will be in our favor, but as it always come down to it, it’s the execution of the players that will win the game.

    Does UCSB has our number? I’ll call it, UH 72, UCSB 71 in overtime. And payback time, Isaac Fleming to make the winning free throw. How’s that for dreaming!

  5. These last few games leading up to the Big West Tournament is usually an indicator of the kind of play we can expect from teams. If you haven’t put things together now chances are you won’t have a good post season. As for Hawaii, their chances are good if their play continues to improve. NWC, Jankovic, Jovanovic, Nevels, Smith, and Bobbit are playing at or near their potential. Flemming might play but is not in the condition prior to injury. Thomas is ready for a big game tonight. And Valdes needs to get back his shooting. Overall the team is in a good position to challenge for the Big West crown. In this game we might be seeing a championship caliber contest as both teams know that they need to show well and gain the confidence heading into tournament play. See you all at the Stan for what should be an epic battle. This is Rainbow Warrior basketball at its finest!

  6. Win or lose, don’t forget CalPoly from last year servante. They were just awful going into the tournament and then annihilate UCSB. It still doesn’t make any sense to me. But, I agree. This would be a great confidence booster, especially beating a healthy Alan Williams. Everyone have fun at the SSC.

  7. Benjy said on Bobby C show he’s not planning on using Isaac tonight. Can he resist the urge to play him ?

    Regarding the three pointers, you have to pick your poison, like the Wahine coach has said before. She has said she rather give up the two pointers vs. the three’s. But i guess it depends how many of each are going in.

    I think coach said they don’t have all league players, but that it shows how well the team has played together to be competitive.

  8. s/b: coach Benjy said re: the all league players

  9. Since some might not have heard….

    (AS IF WE Need to be More Optimistic at This Site)

    Coach Benjy also noted:

    “That for All the Years he’s been here…
    THIS TEAM Is More Prepared, More Energized, playing together well, liking each other and looking forward to post–season more than previous teams;
    You gotta understand, these players are stuck out here in The Middle of the Pacific,…”

    By This Time of Year, Many are Tired of each other [Remember All the Scowls @ Each Other?] , wanting to go home…
    But This Team has done well together, they really like each other, they’re healthy, have their legs (saved via Benjy) …
    and i think are ready for a good run…

    i say – We Should Have a Good Precursor / Indicator at End of Tonight…

    GO ‘Bows!

  10. eagle….interesting…I completely understand where you are coming from…some subliminal. .
    just hope for betterment of the 12 returnees…they are okay

    Have felling this game wiil be absolute War…williams will get his
    however look for UH MBB to shutdown the rest of team
    past home games..TEAM been really playing well

    I know some will get upset with me…however it is upsetting to me, a donor, former employee of, fan of UH MBB for decades and love This Team so much

    The SA articles which are true
    could be last time see foundation of good program builders
    staff and som team members for next year

    Wonder if he knows…BV ..what he is doing?

    Go Bows..
    seems that Garrett was right..and coach,,,just win as many games as possible this season if…really makes me sad…
    this game is Aloha for 201r-15 season
    possible 20-23 game winning team dismantled
    hope not


  11. Eagle::
    Apologize for typos. .
    Dave and Brian have wrtten and blogged some really positive things about staff and team fighting through adversity.
    really appreciate their obsevations..can tell they do like this year’s team
    as do all of us..maybe they lay it on the line publicly. ..that
    this could be Aloha Game for much more than wato and G..much more..

    As Dave wrote before…fair to team…UH let them play on
    as for bwc tourney band and if they win it , self imposed ban from it..not air
    still think nice lady who donated 1.2 million to UH athletics..would think 50k of it could pay for cit or cbi hosting at ssc

    As benjy said..wait and see..we don’t know..hopefully protocol..the posting of position
    benjy and bows win 21..22 games…insane if team and staff torn apart
    start from scratch

    Head Scratcher!

  12. I tell you guys what made me sick reading in the paper this morning was the chancellor saying that self-imposed ban from postseason was still on the table. WTF!

    Does the guy even know the Big West Tournament is next week?

    I don’t know how many fans, family, and boosters already booked trips to Anaheim but I hope and pray that they all get together and file a lawsuit against UH administration if this trip is taken away from the team just days before it starts. I would think theres a lawyer out there who would be willing to fight for this group and at least make UH pay them refunds for the travel expenses they already paid.

    At the very least, this could be an interesting court case win or lose which means good publicity for some attorney willing to fight for the fans and very bad publicity for UH.

    It would be just the next step of bumble and fumble by the UH administration and sad to say but it would again cost UH big money. Everybody just expects this kind stuff already.

  13. Boy auto correct..make typos like crazy..apologize to warrior nation!!

    Just my opinions

  14. Chuck..does chancellor KNOW what he is doing?
    Or Power that be
    just ruining one of the better UH athletic sports team year in decades

    Thought about that..can parents , fans litigate UH.. ?
    If attorneys out there..maybe pro bono
    or fans that are attorneys fight for fans, families and team

    That is Last thing you want to do
    self impose post season ban
    crush recruiting too

    Does chancellor know what he is doing..maybe not?
    Remember Chuck..he ..like Staff is only “interim” chancellor

    Wish some fans at SSC Just approach him and president and ask WHY?
    Team and supporters don’t deserve non support
    they desvere so much more!!

  15. Whole team …if UH MBB makes it to ncaa tournament or not..say reach semi finals and end up at …maybe 23-12…solidarity…like beginning oct 28
    team with phone calls, letters and those that can fly to hawaij
    if that is what 12 returnees…want..current coach and staff..let it be known
    that is the most powerful statement
    the student athletes and ohana tell
    with documented letter
    wish of their sons…Benjy applies for HC job..they want him as coach

    Worked to retain him as interim
    should work again
    CocoNuts if Benjy at helm leads team to 21-22 wins and does not get job

    Norm Chow loses so many games
    they retain him
    UH , true to other BWC teams and coaching fraternity around country think UH power that be..crazy..
    wait until new AD ..?
    Hope it is a person that sees effort and body of work

    Think Laura Beeman wants to apply fo AD?
    Why not..she would look at how team got better through the storm
    and attracts 4800-6000 fans per game at SSC..

    Benjy should be alright
    april can still close recruitment of big and shooter..verbal…he not here..they can follow him elsewhere

    Fans give standing ovation to team two departing athletes and ovation for benjy, senque, brad and brandon..

    I am not wrong, and strengh in numbers ..let it be known to chancellor at tonite’s game..please keep UH MBB team top to bottom intact
    next few years will be awesome!!

  16. Let it be a terrific senior night for the Warriors and especially for senior Garret Nevels.

  17. A few minutes ago on Sports Animals, Bobby C. came out strong, very strong.. absoulutely crazy if UH were to self impose ban from BWC tournament. One week out from tourney in Anaheim.
    Cleared up a lot.. The NCAA allegations.. Gib, Akana, Fotu, the 3 key individuals in NCAA allegations infractions.. ALL ARE GONE…
    Lack of Institutional Control: OR DID UH NOT DO WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE reporting infractions etc.. No.. UH did everything.. Mitigating factors…IN UH FAVOR.. huge.

    Would UH appeal? Why would they.. NCAA, wants to NOT PUNISH INNOCENT players and current staff that have nothing to do with past coaches and athletes which is right and good.,

    Was the Self imposing, by firing Gib and Akana and indefinite suspension enough by UH? Bobby believes so.. So NCAA, don’t look at them coming down that hard.. Those 3 individuals are gone.. and the two coaches, Aggravating factors.. the deception, etc..

    Basically, Bobby C. said that Chancellor does not know how to speak to media, forgets that every word he says, will be picked up on.. When he mention Still on the Plate Post season ban, they are still mulling over.. should not have said that at all.. Animals concur, that News paper article. some more distraction for Team and Coaches, and fans here and going to Anaheim have to deal with..

    Positive UH MBB fans.. Bobby C. read, and reread letter of allegations.. the Aggravating factors, only involve the two coaches, and they were fired.. Fotu gone..
    The Insitution, UH, did every thing right, self reporting, cooperating, and firing parties involved in infractions alleged.. So UH NO LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL .. a very, very good thing in the eyes of NCAA..
    And Would UH appeal? Why would they.. ? the allegations are out, the 2 coaches come out looking not good, and the one player gone, However the current team , staff and UH the institution.. comes out looking good..
    And With NCAA, working hard to Change that rule of punisihing INNOCENT the University and the Athletic Sport Porgram, .. that is the KEY.. can help UH to move on..

    Right On..
    If UH.. did everything right.. NO NEED , according to Bobby C. for UH to self impose post season ban, looks like NCAA looks very, very favorably that UH .. the Institution, good mitigating factors.. did everything right, to get the violations resolved..

    Hope so, and Bobby C. read the letter, and HE probably knows people around the country, who are looking at UH situation.. Looks Like UH, NO BWC post season ban, or NCAA looking to ban UH from post season play..
    We wait and see.. NEVER HEARD Bobby C. so adamant, and he made sense, and He knows the insiders.. That UH did everything right, Mitigating, or favorable factors.. and coaches and player, they are gone.. So UH self imposed enough..

    Hope, so.. and UH lawyers.. probably make sure, everything on board, I would think, having the recommended from the ncaa allegation letter, the NCAA protocol meetings with office and staff, maybe, practice limits, shcolies.. However. according to Bobby C.,, looks like Not a Heavy Heavy blow from NCAA office.. because, UH removed Gib and Akana, and Fotu suspended indefinitely and current coach staff, and team innocent.. UH rock On , and Thanks Mahalo Bobby, C,.. You helped thousands of UH MBB fans, get a VERY clear picture, so hope for years to come.. because, if UH did everything right and conmplied with UH.. MBB should NOT BE HEAVY hit.. and Chancellor, should NOT EVEN HAVE on the table Post season ban self imposed.. because NCAA, would not pound UH..which would be great..

    Not Akamai, of Hawaii News Now, SA to run the quotes of Chancellor BV to say things, that cause more pilikia..

    Go UH MBB. stay strong, and UH and legal counsel, take care of this year and next 2 years. and further teams, and athletes.. They deserve it

    And Credit to Bobby C. whom thousands heard this afternoon, so adamant, that UH and chancellor would not be smart to self impose, when NCAA views dismissal of 2 coaches and suspension of Player Fotu, as a VERY major Self imposed sanction or penalty.. That Chancellor BV , his own lawyers should tell him to .. NO COMMENT.. however I can say, I am backing up Coach and the Team, we support them all the Way !!

    Now Bows.. forget this crazy talk and news stories, just go out and win next 5 games in a row, NCAA, if you all win 3 or 4 more, better yet.. do you all deserve CIT or CBI if not make NCAA’s without question. use that kind ladies 1.2 million, some 50K of it to sponsor SSC home games !!

  18. Quit with the “building a foundation” rhetoric. Gib’s coaching has not built any foundation. This should be worrying to you! No player has stayed around for 4 years, other than the rarely-used Jawato who really only played one year and some change.

    This should be clear to you, that Gib’s coaching has not built any foundation! How long does it take?

    Gib took over the Warrior Rainbows in 2010, after 3 years of Bob Nash being 34-56. We have been 5th place in the Big West for 4 out of 5 years. The other year we made it all the way up to 4th in the “Big West”. This year we were predicted 6th? I can’t remember, I don’t care about the specifics of where in the middle of the pack we end up. Also-rans in a one big conference.
    Laura Beeman took over the Wahine in 2012, after 3 years of Dana Takahara-Dias being 32-58. A satistically worse situation than the men. Last year she led the Wahine to 2nd in the Big West, and this year champs.
    They play in the same arena(s), play the same road schedule, it’s the same situation but with differences in coaching ability.

    Why not try for a good men’s coach, like we currently have a good women’s coach?

  19. typo: Also-rans in a one bid conference

  20. Hey just to be sure? Anybody else heard Bobby C. on Sports Animals, he wanted to clear up a lot about the absurdity of further self imposed sanctions, when Mitigating factors In UH favor, and the alleged violators fired and athlete alleged. gone..

    I thought I was dreaming.. Who the heck is the legal counsel Now for UH and chancellor, they should put a gag order..

    Chancellor, should be supportive of team and Current Coach.. I think NOW>. if Benjy and Bows finish strong, and with the returnees input they like Benjy to return.. Benjy very , very good to be multi year contracted coach..He has done great job, and TEAM awesome the effort.

    MBB team, just don’t listen or look into negative stuff.. Bobby C.. he must know team they listen to Sports animals too, as well as thousands of UH MBB fans, he cleared up a lot.. that is in favor of UH as institution and MBB program, the self imposed, firing the 2 coaches and supspending, Fotu, should be sufficient.. or that IS Really addressing the problem..s
    Hope so.. and Bobby, must Know NCAA and maybe he even calls guys that NCAA connected or other programs.. Which is good.. Chancellor and legal. get their act together, for benefit when this season is pau, the 12 possible returnees and 2 possible, a big and a shooter JC talent will sign.

    Anyways.. man I hope I got it right.. Bobby C.. Awesome.. clearing up the NCAA allegations, and the going OVERBOARD to self impose Post Season Bans. UH should have done enough.. mitigating factors..

    Go Bows !! Looks Better !!

  21. Horssse: For what Coach Taylor and Team did , to make YOU happy too, with their record and effort, reward team and Coach Taylor.. Gib is pau.. Move, forward.
    Bring in new coach, one step forward, Benjy , and then 3 steps backward.

    If I were the current athletes, I would talk to my family, and say, what the heck, Benjy got us going, and really did well, We support him and now they want to hire JC or BWC former coach from Riverside or something? Dumb.

    Live for the Moment.. UH Is the Positive shining light,
    Remember, credit to Beemnan, however Expected they would be 1 or 2..
    UH with what went down in Oct 2014, Expection: Nothing.. 7 wins? And here Benjy and the bows, and the families, and good fan support, they can win 20, 21 , 25 games and go to NCAA tournament.

    What better RESUME.. ? UH would be nuts not to hire a 21-24 win MBB coach, interim, and he applies, and they take someone from another Big West school..

    Nuts, absolutely, nuts.. Chow loses for 3 years.. and Retain.. Benjy one year interim, and 20 plus wins, this season.. and they dismiss him? Weird.. Hope they do the right thing and Hire Benjy as permanent HC, let Que and He get some good athletes and have another 3 years of 20 win seasons and NIT or NCAA tournament bids..

    Hossse.. just say Go Rainbow Warriors !!

  22. This is it last home game Hoping Alan Williams has his worst nite. The guy is a beast. We need our guards to have a great nite of shooting , on ball defense and a busy crowd. Kudos to Nevels and Jawato true Warriors! Go Bows !

  23. Horssssse … i CAN Agree In Principle…

    BUT (Just Thoughts and Counter-Thoughts…RE: Our Two Major Sports…)

    1) The ONLY “Consistent National” Winner we ever got in a MAJOR Sport was June Jones..we Were “LUCKY” — He Was Already IN LOVE With this Place and Took the Job for ~ One-Fifth (also NOT Big on the ‘Right” Percentage) HIS Other Best Offers — S.D.Chargers offered to “Double!” His Million Dollar Salary to Retain Him… WE Could NOT Compete For Him… Then WE Still LOST Him….maybe we’ll get Lucky again and get him back…NOTE: Bob Wagner AND Greg McMackin were able to Produce Ranked or Conference-Winning Teams BUT OUR UH-ADMIN Decided we NEEDED Fred Von Appen and Norm Chow Instead…Dave Holmes and Dick Tomey were also overall Winners…

    2) Laura Beeman IS Outstanding BUT NO ONE Thinks we can Retain her… She is TOO BIG for This Program… AND Even She Cannot (Or Has NOT been able to yet) make The MINOR Sport Profitable….We WILL Get to See IF She was able to Cultivate Winning Assistant Coaches (a la’ Gib, Gonzaga, Boise, etc….)… Maybe Vince Goo could have coached forever…RILEY MATCHED VINCE IN WINS BUT OUR ADMIN Decided We NEEDED Bob Nash Instead…

    3) Dave Shoji HAS Created a Majot Sport at least in National Championships AND Profitability…

  24. Looks like Hawaii forgot their Defense at home tonight. Don’t send Nevels out like this.

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