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Road rewind: Taping ankles on the road

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Ankle injuries took up a whole chapter in the story of the 2014-15 University of Hawai’i basketball team. Several key players missed games due to ankle sprains, including Aaron Valdes, Negus Webster-Chan, Isaac Fleming and Mike Thomas.

Such injuries are undoubtedly part of the game and, for the most part, unpreventable. However, team trainer Jayson Goo does his part to help protect the players by taping their ankles before every practice and game.

The method becomes a bit more challenging on the road, where there is usually no access to a training room. Instead, Goo transforms his hotel room into a makeshift training room, where players can get taped, iced, or hooked up to equipment to help with the treatment process.

“Pretty much travel the training room with us so that we can take care of all the needs of the athletes when we’re on the road,” Goo said.

The video above is from a road trip earlier in the season. It features senior Garrett Nevels, who was also recovering from a thumb/hand injury at the time.

“He’s a guru of everything,” Nevels said of Goo.


  1. Jay Goo Team MVP…Great job!!

  2. he gets it done!!fast…
    uhadmin hurry…
    used to work for that entity..so slow
    same old same
    auwe clyde
    admin…hawaii servants paid good salary, benefits
    hire AD and help uh mbb!!
    So benjy can recruit reassure team…their ohana…pono thing to do..

  3. Jay great service for team health, rehab for years
    mahalo jayson!!

  4. More like 100,000 ankles. Bet Jay could do it blindfold. That’s dedication and one of many behind the scenes staff that makes the Rainbow Warrior basketball team go. Here’s to the next 100,000 ankles. Wonder if he sees tape when he closes his eyes to sleep?

  5. 37 years.. wow.. Jayson Goo has to be one of the best.. How he rehabbed the ankle turned guys, and they were playing near 90-100% for final game against Irvine.. great trainer. and long time.. well servante , Jay Goo, great UH athletics dept employee, helped so many athletes. Now we Owe him a great shout out of Appreciation. Good job Jay, and very sure, the MBB team appreciates him very much !!

  6. and more Mahalo. You got it!
    Thank you Jayson Goo.

  7. RunBows challenge. See if u can go one day without mentioning hurry up and hire Benjy. Don’t think it is possible.

  8. Wichita St. in the Big Dance right now. Why couldn’t UH pay some marketing genius $30,000 to get the CBS TV guys to mention that UH almost beat the Shockers in overtime. Probably would have done it, except for Title IX.

  9. So MANY obstacles for the Warrior Bows to OVERCOME this year…

    No Marketing Genius
    Only one Jay Goo
    Title IX
    Daylight Savings Time in the middle of Conference season
    No coach challenge allowed on 3 second lane violations
    Could only play Chaminade and Hilo once each
    …and MANY others

    AMAZING we were able to go 22-13 this year

  10. What about Title IX Affects UHMBB?

    EX: IF HAD 15 Scholarships available (versus 13) that would be 200 more scholarships that The Top 100 teams gobble up and hide on THEIR OWN bench instead of available to Recruit by Hawai’i……

    Money ? UH would be a Small School Without FEDERAL Funds…
    Even State of Hawai’i Would Be Poorer without Fed Money (Title IX Required)

  11. Glad to see some of the unsung heroes getting some time in the media. Great job trainers.

  12. Not agreat way to spend money to have someone mention on air that UH ALMOST beat someone.

  13. UC Irvine close, but no cigar, 55-57 loss to Louisville.

  14. UCI nearly knocks off Louisville. Just goes to show that BiggWest stronger thhan many people realized. Id like to see the day coming when mid majors will have parity in the NCAA. Always the same teams at the Dance.

  15. UPGRADE SCHEDULE Like Benjy TALKS About… INTO Top 100 or 75
    …and Maybe Big West (#13 This Year Versus Mountain West #12 —
    Much Better than a Year Ago) CAN BE a TWO-BID Conference…

    AD “Maitlin” HAS Contacts and Techniques to GET Better Teams Here — Including Promise NOT to See UH Until Championship Game… Top 50/100 RPI Programs DO NOT Need a Chaminade Game…

    IRVINE and Hawai’i? …
    Maybe by this Time Next Year BWC Wins One or Two in Round of 64…

  16. I’M Thinking WITH A SIGNED “Guarantee” From UH to Release Scholarship / NLOI Signees IF They See A Different Coach (the signee doesn’t like), SENQUE & BENJY May Still be able to get a “Blind” Signee or Two…

    The Player Knows the Current Players And Staff

    AND The Current “PLACE & PROGRAM”
    WORST CASE IS This Staff Gets “FIRED”
    Just Like Last Year…
    And With a “Decent” Coach CAN Still have some Success

    BUT They Can Still MOVE Foreward As Long As Bley-Vroman’s and
    New-UHAD Doesn’t Select a Dufus…

    Between Matlin and Amemiya …AS LONG AS Bley-Vroman STAYS In These Bounds & Can Get One of these Two, UH Should be o.k. [CAVEAT: Amemiya IS Linked to GIB & CHOW…]

  17. Hope that Matlin and or Amemiya, .. I am sure the are Akamai, can see what Laura and Benjy have accomplished.. Know Shoji, that is a given.. Chow? whoa…., get it done..

    Reason.. sure let it play out.. until June? crazy..
    Can be done by end of month, BOR.. all have to do, emergency session and whatever they do.. chancellor. makes his choice.. either good.. HIre BB coach.. if Benjy.. and he is good.. very good. for what he has done.. At least Benjy can start to uprgrade. very tough job.. because of Hawaii geography,.. and costs.. teams want home and home.. yet, for money sense.. UH BB does not want to lose great money generator. HOME games.. with 6 or so good mid high majors, and a few Power Conferences teams,.. of course the DHC.. I believe. Benjy can upgrade the RBC.. with 3 good mid major teams, who were past year champions and NIT or NCAA..

    MBB on upswing.. And hint, hint, major hint.. Jeff P. on hoops.. mentioned.. and HE KNOWS.. barrister,, reads the letter really well, stated. last Wed.. that sanctions AGAINST former coaches, UH institution.. not loss of control.. so scholarship loss perhaps, or loss of extra playing time for Practices. something like that,.. not as hard hitting.. just have to wait to see UH how respond.. so. he being major insider.. Jeff P.. would know.. .. That frees up, possibility of signing those JC guys, a BIG and a shooter.. if they know has post season in play for next couple of year.s..

    Like Hawaii, and UH Manoa.. Myself former employee of.. sloooow..

    eagle.. like the sixties.. maybe sitin, or call ins.. we want AD, MBB coach in place sooner than later.
    And fans.. it is just chatter.. we know what chancellor want.. he will get.. unless directed..Go Bows..

  18. And Warrior Insider forum fans.. hey, it is just MBB Warrior hoops Talk right? Nothing major.. just taking or typing about what we love MBB Basketball team

    We want the best.. instead of 2 steps forward, then 3 steps backwards.. keep moving forward.. and expediently…. not on the coconut express. the jet stream pacific express. the sooner the better. help.. and think of it.. even if NEW guy or girl.. what a set back. to get started to late to set up their program.. really backwards..

    With man in place, and trying to work to keep team together.. at least a running start.. and a good season to work as base from..

    Can UH Manoa, admin, and Power, do it? Can they learn? I am sure.. they can.. would make them , or him or her look like a genius.. really, really !!

    Because Why!!? About this time of the year.. remember past , even to Riley end of career and Nash 3 year tenure, and then Gib era.. We were always talking about Potential Recruits, right through the summer.. Power gets it done, AD and MBB HC solid.. MBB coach can start to recruit, and soon.. up until May.. announce spring signings or late, late. .good fit Big and shooter, summer circuit.. up until August school start, scholarship agreement.s..would have to be Really Good Late fits… though..
    The sooner, gets AD/ coach in place. and if chancellor.akamai.. ? I don’t know.. does not have any idea on recruiting…None, no clue.. so important.. whether, recent coach or new.. they would be at loss for several years.. Get it done.. wiki wiki, imua,..

  19. eagle… definitely I believe helps Benjy and Que and current team.. Amemiya And Matlin, have great Hawaii connections.. no matter what happened to those other two coaches.. that is another matter.
    What chancellor and Power.. should really be thinking. okay.. UH MBB in Last 3 years, won 17 games CIT.. 20 games, no money or no support.. No Post Season.. this year, the Big One.. Huge effort by all including Benjy.. 22 wins and definite chance to dance.. at last minute’s notice.

    Keep a winning program and guys intact.. He says No rush to hire a Head Coach? for MBB? Chancellor does not get it.. really.. who is advising him?
    The window for recruiting.. however as long as No one else in picture.. Benjy and staff still are The Coaching staff, so to their credit, they make sure guys APR good. grads , no more transfers.. out.. and GPA.. and ability.. still think.. They have contacts all over. AAU summer, DI transfers.. late, and JC late deciders.. so Still chance.. Benjy smart. offer 2.. and hold 2 just in case..

    I don’t see on UH Manoa job posts .. for MBB coach, unless I a blind? And AD.. maybe that was out already. It comes down To Keith or David.. Either, ready to rock and roll, their opportunity to , a real challenge , get Hawaii back on board. with changing NCAA landscape. would think Even Shoji would chime in, and other UH coaches. on AD hire.. Shoji said So key, on Him staying for another season..
    pono, get it right UH.. and soon.. maybe.. just lock Benjy into that interim for 2015-16 at least. with his staff, and he can guarantee the 2 recruits.. definitely he is here. and no provision. to axe.. just stabilize the program. that is All we is Asking Chancellor.. otherwise. a lot of young fans. are going WHAT? They like the summer BB camps too..

  20. hey bruddah, watch that coconut express coment …
    just sayin’

  21. Almost made it. Official Hire Benjy comment at 2:30

  22. Good seasons for wbb and mbb teams
    both battled to end
    wbb loses to st marys 92-88 in cali

    Next season
    uhadmin support coaches
    so both go ncaa next sesson

    Get it done!!

  23. akuhead2
    sorry bou that
    never kne what meant..

    Honu express on land ..meant uhadmin sooooo slooow getting things done

    Apologies did not know meaning
    sorry hawaii fans!!

  24. Taping ankles is a skill that you better do u it right or it ain’t working and Jayson is the best. And he is also an expert with Kineso tape from Japan. Tape all them ankles next season. Make it mandatory Jay. !

  25. It is said, behind the scenes, Amemiya was supporting hire of:
    1) Norm Chow (strike one)
    2) Gib Arnold (strike two)

    So, do I support Dave Mattin? Frankly, I don’t know. In my heart, I believe these 2 people are very much qualified. It’s too bad that Rick Blangiardi didn’t apply. He would have been my #1 choice. Besides hiring the men’s basketball coach the new AD might have to hire a baseball coach too. It was a mistake to give Trapasso a 3 year extension. Our once proud Rainbows baseball under Les Murakami is now just a shell
    of what it’s been. The last 3 years have been pathetic. As much as the problems the team has on the mound, it’s even worse on the field and in the hitting. And our baseball fans and loyal season’s ticket holders, they should be irate and the performance is unacceptable.

  26. Either one…think both huge challenge
    maybe kamaina connections will help
    teams having winning seasons big boost
    i.e. football chow
    and help coaches recruiting
    have good student athletes
    UH should be top program in bwc mbb wbb

  27. Thanks RunBows. No Problem.
    Although, thought I might have to change name to GrannyGoose2 or maybe Mr.Checkers2.
    Looking forward to a winning football season now.
    Beat “The O.S.U.” !
    Go Bows !!

  28. Jay Goo is THE best!!!! We never would have made it through the season without him. Much love and appreciation for all you do day in and day out to keep our train moving.

  29. Jay Goo. U da real MVP.

  30. 3/11/15 Coach David Carter of the U. of Nevada was fired immediately following their first round loss in the MWC Tourney.

    3/20/15 Nevada announces BOR will select their new Head Basketball Coach next week.

    Now there’s a responsible BOR who actually realize the importance of Recruiting and Continuity in a basketball program.

    Carter was making $464K+ in salary and benefits. His record was 98-97 and coached 6 seasons with 2 years of 20+ wins, with two NIT appearances. This was his third year in row of a losing season.

    Let’s see who gets that job.

  31. Thanks for the info Backbeat. I checked on it, and Nevada owes Carter his base salary of $300,000 for each of the two years left on his 5 yr. contract extension, or a total of $600,000 . Not all the earnings he had from the beginning of his contract to the termination date that the former UH coach may receive.

  32. Mama V…agree Jay Goo helped team get well and have fabulous 22 win championship run..
    better things ahead!!
    Mahalo your touching letter before start of season kept team, coaches and Warrior MBB nation united!!
    Very soon UH MBB will be getting ready to rock BWC next season!!
    Mahalo to all the parents , ohana of team…great supportive families. .

    This was MY all time favorite team in watching mbb in over 47 years!! Never, ever gave up!!
    Resilient…true Warriors!!
    Go Bows!!

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