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It’s official: No more games for 2014-15 season

A total of 148 men’s college basketball teams accepted invitations to postseason tournaments on Sunday. The University of Hawai’i was not among them.

The fields for the NCAA Championship Tournament (68 teams), National Invitation Tournament (32), CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (32), and College Basketball Invitational (16) were revealed on Sunday. The Warriors were not expected to be on any of those lists, but any chance of a last-second shot was officially dashed when the teams were announced.

With that, Hawai’i finishes the 2014-15 season with a 22-13 record. In the modern era of UH basketball (since 1970), only four teams have finished with more victories: the “Fabulous Five” teams of 1970-71 (23-5 record) and 1971-72 (24-3 record), the NIT team of 1989-90 (25-10 record) and the WAC championship/NCAA Tournament team of 2001-02 (27-5 record).

UH defeats UC Davis

These Warriors made a thrilling run to the Big West Conference Tournament championship game last week, but came up short to UC Irvine, 67-58, in the title game.

Three Big West teams will be playing in the postseason: UC Irvine took the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament; UC Davis received an automatic bid to the NIT as a regular-season conference champion; UC Santa Barbara accepted a bid to be a road team in the CBI.

Hawai’i head coach Benjy Taylor said the team was informed by UH athletic officials as far back as “December or November” that it would decline any invitations from the so-called pay to play tournaments such as the CIT or CBI.

Back then, the program was in a state of uncertainty due to an NCAA investigation that led to the dismissals of then-head coach Gib Arnold and then-assistant coach Brandyn Akana. The idea of declining postseason invitations probably seemed like a prudent ñ and safe ñ decision, at the time.

Of course, no one knew that the Warriors would go on to win 22 games, pull off two upsets in the Big West Tournament, and give UC Irvine all it could handle in the title game. Along the way, the exciting style of play captured the attention of fans.

Some of those growing fans certainly would have come out to watch the Warriors again in a CIT game, weeknight or not. It’s true that a sellout crowd could not be expected to watch an opponent by the name of Grand Canyon or Sacramento State, but there would probably be enough fans wanting to watch the team with HAWAI’I on its jersey to make up a little bit of the cost to play in the tournament.

Is it really that unaffordable? If so, couldn’t the decision at least be made in March instead of December?

To the credit of the players, they said they were aiming for the NCAA Tournament, and had no intention of lowering the scope to the CIT or CBI.

“Our whole team agreed, we wasn’t never going to play in that CIT or what ever that is,” freshman guard Isaac Fleming said. “It’s not even worth it.”

For what it’s worth, Hawai’i is one of only four teams in the nation with 22 or more wins that will not be playing in a postseason tournament this season. The others are Chattanooga (22-10), Georgia Southern (22-9) and Yale (22-10).


  1. Great Season… see… fans or doubters of UH MBB interim coach Benjy Taylor, who had to start from scratch.. revamp the system, to fit his athletes.. they bought in.. That Pitt win on Maui, got things started off, of course that horrendous, long road trip to Florida, where they won 2 out of 3, if they were not tired against first round team USF.. probably would have won that tournament, went 3-0, then the DHC run, almost beating a really, really good team ranked Wichita St., Defeating P6 schools Nebraska and Colorado, Then the injury to Nevels.. lost a leader, and outside scoring threat, and fantastic 6’2″ rebounding guard.. one of the best ever at UH..Of course the flu bug and 3 guys in same week injuring ankles.. finish 8-8 BWC… win first BWC game against LBSU.. historic, never happened in 2 years.. then beat Davis in semis for 2 out of 3 games in season, then the great effort, just short against, a very large and talented Irvine team..

    Rainbow Warriors, the 808 is so very Proud of you all ! And Mahalo to your ohana for letting you and encouraging you 14, to stay the course.,. very sure AD and admin or Power that Be, they totally expected UH MBB to go 9-23 and not make the BWC tournament.. they were wrong.. because, Papa Bear Benjy Taylor and the Fantastic Fourteen, would never quit.. and thousands… I mean, now, you walk down the street, most people Know by face, Garrett, Quincy, Nikola, Dyrbe, Stef, Janks, NWC, Brocke, Zach, Brandon J., Aaron, Isaac, Mike and Rod Bobbitt.. The Warriors.
    so Very Proud of You all, as Rod said.. You all shocked the world.. and G said.. No one, even the Media, did not expect UH MBB team to be playing for NCAA invite and BWC championship..

    You prove the doubters..naysayers, negative nancies. wrong. We are 808 and Proud of the Fourteen Great…..MBB Team 2014-15.. Please, consider staying.. and Hope that UH gets it right.. Hires, works out soon a contract to retain Benjy as permanent Head Coach.. Keep continuity, and see the freshmen and sophomores, have 2 to 3 more excellent exciting seasons !!~
    There are petitions, emails to UH admin, even saw online. for Head coach to be made permanent.. Hope UH admin, the Power, gets it right.. How can, about.. I would guess even if 15,0000 fans watching you all at SSC, several hundreds at Anaheim, and around the nation on ESPN and Bigwest TV and Oceanic feed, Fox Sports west, Know Your team is really , really good, and will get Better.. Stay the course.. Next season, win the BWC regular and BWC tournament championships.. you all can do it..Champions.. You are..!!

    Go Rainbow ,Warriors ..Fantastic Fourteen.. !!
    So happy, for you all, to this old, old timer fan of UH hoops for decades. 22 wins.. nothing to be shamed of.. when some said.. only 9 wins.. AWESOME !!

  2. Well said RunBows…2015-16 will be an interesting season.

  3. Dayton, you, thousands of other MBB fans, who really like this team, paper reporter, op ed writer, all agree, how come? CIT would be a good thing.. 35,000.00,… that is not 300, 000.00 .. it would benefit a young team. if they were in it.. I am sure, they would not feel same, the NIT or NCAA tournament, however it is something..

    Well, glad to hear from Isaac, team wants to stay together, that is the key.. and First Priority, not only my opinion, but thousands of other fans.. sign Benjy to 3 year guaranteed contract. so he can recruit, and keep this group moving ahead, battling for NIT and NCAA championships..

    Loved when Gib first year 19 win team went 1-1 at SSC in CIT. helped by Riley Wallace to get into that CIT tourney that was pretty new.. It was exciting..

    Anyways, will follow your excellent write-ups and real time videos.. on New HC hiring.. hoping, man, it HAS TO BE Benjy.. he did the heavy lifiting.. should be rewarded.. instead of starting from scratch..keep this system and team together.. they get bigger stronger, and BB smarter, in execution in half court D and O.. plus a rebounder and a shooter.. they going be good for 3 years to come at least !!

    Go Bows !!

  4. Whole team agrees not going to CIT. Absolutely can respect that.
    Looking forward to next year. I’m in !!
    Go Bows !!

    Aloha Garrett Nevels !!



    Benjy Taylor Did a Good Job
    Look, I know how teams can fall apart when they lose their star player. eg the New York Knicks lost Carmelo Anthony early this season. Through a confluence of having one of the best basketball players on the planet (at least he is in All Star games and Olympicses) and being in the thin Eastern Conference of the NBA, and with brash New Yorker attitude the Knicks were supposed to be one of the best teams in the East. Now the reality is they’re the worst team in the league, and no other team loses more than 80% of games.

    Benjy and the Warriors were able to win 22 games this year in spite of playing a schedule that some rank as high as #146, including games against Chaminade and UH-Hilo.

    On The Other Hand, a Broken Clock is Right Two Times a Day
    UH won a couple games in the Big West tourney, but still is not making the NCAA/NIT. “But they did win 22 games this year”, and many were hopeful that we were .coming to the CIT.com pay-for-play.

    How long do you have to keep building a foundation before you decide that it’s okay to just live in the basement?

    UH Basketball is the Definition of Insanity
    They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting the results to change. Let’s pretend we’re all 18 year old basketball recruits and look at the fundamentals. The old hard stats, that measure programs against each other.

    Here are UH’s BPI ratings for as long as they’ve existed:
    2011-12: failed to crack Top 100, finished at #195, 5th in the Big West
    2012-13: failed to crack Top 100, finished at #197, 5th in the Big West
    2013-14: failed to crack Top 100, finished at #135, 4th in the Big West
    2014-15: failed to crack Top 100, finished at #122, 5th in the Big West
    (to understand how great this is, the women’s RPI is #68 this year.)

    Insanity at UHBB is keeping the same coach around year after year, and expecting things to be different next year. The next time you hear someone say UH should keep this foundation around for 4 more years, just remember he’s either A) trolling, or B) insane, or most likely C) all of the above.

    With some scheduling magic, Benjy has shown that it’s possible to win 22 games in one season…and still be nowhere close to the Top 100 teams in the nation, and still be out in the cold without a partner when the Big Dance comes around.

    But hey, 22 wins! Maybe our model should be Texas Southern: they won 22 games, including beating Michigan State (on the road!!). And no one is taking them seriously either because their BPI is #211.

    It depends which picture you want to look at, either the wins or the metrics that really give you a core understanding of a program. And remember, basketball is a game of fundamentals. Just don’t look over at Gonzaga, Wichita State, and Northern Iowa. Programs that are tiny and literally came from the middle of nowhere to establish themselves as legitimate teams. Just ignore them, cause it’ll just break your heart to see Hawaii shackling itself to the fate of Texas Southern.

    UPCOMING IN THE SERIES: How Golden State fired a coach after winning 51 games last year, their most in 22 years, with one of the best backcourts ever. And now has the best record in the NBA on pace for 66 wins. Golden State was also picked by many of this year’s UH players as their favorite. Spoiler: they got a better coach to replace their good coach.

  6. Amen to that, Horsssse! First objective post I have read all year! No drum beating but just the facts. Many here happy to win 20 games, finish in middle of BWC, go to pay to play tourney. Thank you for injecting some reality. Hope New AD makes sound choicr on next HC. You said it all!

  7. It’s official: The UH administration sucks!

    HORSE CHAMP – The main takeaway I got from your post is this UH team finished the best they have in at least the last 4 years…although further research suggests it to be more like 12 years. Yes, we played a few lower tier schools. However, we did have some nice wins over national powerhouses and nearly upset one of the top mid-major programs of this year and years past. We did have 12 losses, however if I’m not mistaken, all of them we were up, probably most by double digits, at some point in each game. Unfortunately, this was a young team and they made young mistakes. We also could have easily won at least half of those that we lost if we had a little more senior leadership down the stretch. It’s not easy to win 22 games with just one senior!

    So please, do NOT blemish or take away anything from this past season. To put it in perspective, look at what the basketball team did this past year then look at what the football team did. Or any other UH team for that matter.

    I’m not saying “HIRE BENJY NOW”, but I will say that if the team stays what it is now into next year, it’s only going to get better. It’s a young team with tons of talent. Do you really see the UH admin hiring a good coach? Come on now. Don’t compare our situation to NBA either. It just doesn’t make sense.

  8. I like facts because they don’t lie. Just had a chance to talk to Nate Silver who is one of the most prominent analytics prediction guys in the world. Very interesting how stats and more importantly analytics are changing sports. Stats don’t have a face so we don’t have bias. It’s truly objective.

    I don’t see why UH will not play on a pay for play if boosters are supposedly willing to pay.

  9. Could have won, up at some point in game, if we had more leadership. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Fact is they won 22 games. Good for them. Fact is they finished 5th in BWC. Fact is next AD should be able to have say in who is next coach. If choice is Benjy then so be it and go get some help. If someone else, so be it and go get some help. And lastly, please no Hilo or Chaminade as regular season games on next year schedule

  10. Some people see the glass half empty, others half full. The previous stats show a steady improvement in my eyes which means WE ARE going in the right direction.

    I would direct you to a comparison of what #1 Kentucky’s pre-season schedule looked like to that of UH and I think you would agree we had a tougher schedule.

    I personally know the Director of Texas Athletics and he told me point blank that going all the way out to Hawaii and taking a chance at losing makes no dollars and sense. This is from the largest athletic department in the nation. AD’s know the risk of playing UH and they know better than to attempt it anymore. Getting an extra 2 games on your schedule for doing so is just not worth it to them.

    Our problem with our RPI is not our pre-season schedule, it is the conference we are in. Let’s face it, television is all set up back East. They play to the same Power Conferences year in and year out. Those conferences have been earning more than $150M per year over the rest of the conferences. Over time, it creates such a division in competition.

    There is no simple fix and unless we are willing to chunk out $2M in a Coach like Larry Brown, it is going to be business as usual.

    Although I think Norm Chow is an outstanding human being, his leadership has put our athletic budget in the toilet. Football is where schools’ budgets are built or destroyed. Sorry to say that the latter has happened to UH.

    Overspending at the highest levels of leadership at UH, mainly the Medical Center, has caused this ripple effect in budgets. So its go small or not at all. The new AD will be expected to raise enough money to keep us afloat and that is a fact because even in this small conference that we are in, UH receives less money from the State than any of the other schools.

    I like the progress we have made this year and look forward to a better year next season with this group of young elites rather than rolling the dice with someone new that can be bought for a rock bottom salary. Keeping this group of sophomores and frosh together should be priority one.

  11. Can’t wait to see these guys in action next year! If they work on their game and stay healthy, they will only get better!

  12. It costs about $35,000 per Round to play in the CIT, per today’s article.

    And from Dayton’s article:

    ” Our whole team agreed, we wasn’t never going to play in that CIT or what ever that is,” freshman guard Isaac Fleming said. “It’s not even worth it.”

  13. ” per today’s article in the staradvertiser “

  14. The schedule is what it is. Big name teams don’t want to come here to play anymore except in the Diamond Head Tournament so that means we are left with a lot of cupcakes to come here and play. Instead of grumbling about how weak that is, I think the better statement is to have our cupcakes and eat it too! Beat em all and rack up as many wins!

    I know that this doesn’t help our RPI and BPI but as BACKBEAT points out, that has more to do with the Big West.

    Does anybody remember that Long Beach State played the strongest pre-season schedule in the nation?!? Guess where that got them? They are sitting at home just like us and they’re fans are probably moaning and groaning about how they should ADD more cupcakes to the schedule! Except for Coach Monson who makes a lot of money by playing against the top schools. If UH puts that same kind of clause in a contract for Benjy (or who ever the coach is) I guarantee we will have a stronger schedule but also way more losses.

    One more thing to think about is that Long Beach State and its super strong schedule ended their season with a loss … to us and our sad sack schedule! Go figure.

  15. Looked at Kentucky’s preconference schedule and yourself be smoking something to think UH schedule was tougher. I didn’t see any DII schools

  16. Cannot disagree more, with Horsse, and the comparisons.. You have to know what happened, if you have been following what went down when Gib was fired, Akana let go, Fotu departed, Sammis, left.. Team did not know What they were going to do. Benjy was given opportunity, with the team’s support, and their families., to be interim coach for this year. He FAR and away surpassed expectations. UH Admin, not even Athletic backgrounds, No former NCAA athletes, No ex NCAA coaches, No former recruiters for NCAA DI schools, Nothing. accountants, academics background, and Middle Ages dancing instructors..Interim Head coach, being directed what to do , for an NCAA Division 1 MBB program, ..they should have waited till March before any decision, as Dayton alluded to, about pay to play. As Benjy was interviewed few minutes ago on Bobby Curran show.. UH MBB, program, not on level of those P6 or High Mid Major programs yet, where it is NCAA NIT or bust, it takes time.. and the CBI or CIT are options.. look at the High Mid Majors and some P6 teams playing in those tournaments…I am sure, if UH admin, had any clue, on how to manage the MBB program, they would have supported.. and It was not an NCAA violation or Felony, to change mind.. and come up , or let a private donor come up with 35,000.00 dollars to pay entrance fee for CIT tourney participation.

    It Is NOT THE COACH or the Athletes Fault at all.. Benjy has surpassed what Bruce O’Neil, Gib Arnold, did in First year as a Head Coach for MBB program, He won 22 games.. look at the teams that Fab Five, and Henderson teams played, the Linfields, Willamettes, Pan Americans, Portland States, etc..some were DII schools too, like Duke , North Carolina, Kentucky, they All play the DII, DIII, NAIA schools, several a year. to have their team develop, and a payout for those schools visiting their home arenas. Benjy ain’t blowing hot air.. it is the Real Deal, and his coaching fraternity, as well as , Horssse, get this, Andy Katz, CBS sports BB writer, ESPN and Fox Sports West, BigWest TV, announcers and color analysts..all ask Question: Should or Does Benjy Taylor Deserve the Head Coaching Job.. All..100% , said yes.. they don’t know what UH Admin will, do, however, they , common sense Horsse, The DON’T KNOW WHAT they are doing, No background in NCAA D1 athletics.. Hire a Head Coach by Final four? Ridiculous.. the Recruiting Window, Any chance for Benjy to lock in a Big and a shooter, to add firepower and strength to returning team, just about goes out the window.. Ridiculous..Benjy and the Bows.. they proved the naysayers. wrong..Which High Major, or even more ridiculous, a Big West Coach? Will UH new AD hire.? coaches, that Benjy has beaten, the best 2, Monson and Les in the BWC tournament and in the final to Russell Turner, who was the Benjy Taylor of Irvine for awhile.. Irvine did not enjoy success until recently.. The highest compliment..Turner told Benjy, what he did in several years, to get to championship game, of BWC, which they never did with he as coach, or any other coach, and have chance to win it.. Benjy accomplished in 4 MONTHS.. when Benjy thought about it.. he said.. that is right…. ONLY 4 Months.. on the job.. as acting/interim HC, and they are minutes away from NCAA tournament…

    Horsse, and a few, very,very few, the numbers are dwindling.. day by day.. want UH to hire a NEW Head Coach, or get one for 500K a year guaranteed 5 year contract, who has No Track record No history, NO Connection to Hawaii. the challenges out in the Pacific.. Horsse, if it were that easy, turn over coaches, and go to NIT or NCAA every year.. Why in the past 45 years, did UH MBB program ONLY go to 5 NCAA tournaments.. and a handful of NIT tournaments..? It is hard to do..
    Use Common Sense, and the best Sense.. Benjy Taylor..5 year resident of Hawaii, loves Hawaii. Team bought into the Defensive mindset that creates offense.. if NOT FOR illness and injury to 3 Key guys, they would have won 26 games probably, won the league of finished 2nd..

    If The National pundits, and ESPN, CBS sports, Fox Sports West, They see Benjy as the Best fit, and question.. What is the direction UH admin going in? And Has Benjy proven that he can be Permanent Head Coach: They 100% answer Yes.. Those applicants to job, and if UH admin is smart, they work with Benjy’s agent, NOW.. and work out a 3 year deal.. Why the Heck go backwards..? Scramble and gamble recruiting. possible players leaving.. and fanbase, have to adjust to another style.. why wait.. it is like CHOW.. lose, lose, lose 3 years in a row.. however, APR good, which is good…however, retain, because cannot buyout. for fourth year.. killer schedule.. if he wins 6 games improvement. so they keep him for 5th year.. Ridiculous..

    Sure, change, to another coach.. if, and a huge IF.. Benjy and the Bows went 9-23.. remember, Horssse, this is the First Time UH MBB won opening round game and First time they were in Champioship game, with NCAA invite in site. ON Benjy Taylors First YEAR go round as acting coach.
    This slower, than a tortoise, approach to hiring Benjy as permanent, coach.. I , if were Power that be, and knowing history of UH and athletics. even playing collegiate sports..knowing.. being UH grad too, would have got contract in place for Benjy when he won 18 games.. then Benjy would assure, team, he will be here next 3 years.. and those recruits.. he and Que could lock in.

    If Benjy Taylor is not hired as permanent Head Coach.. he doesn’t look bad, he, in the National, Scene looks really good..and His Team looks outstanding..and 22 wins is 22 wins.. how many years, has it been since UH won at least 22 wins in a season? over 13 years..

    Benjy Taylor,.. UH admin, if they don’t hire him.. They.. look not Akamai at all.. and Horsse, and a few, very few. others. versus thousands of supporters of not only Benjy but Laura too. Poor girl had to sweat it out until few months ago to have contract signed. first chance she has..if NO support from Power that Be, Admin, who don’t get it.. and are ruining UH athletics..Laura, will go..by then she will be ready to coach PAC 12 WBB teams..I think, she can now.. Benjy.. will be alright.. offers..However, he CARES about the guys.. They been through enough Negative stuff.

    First the naysayers, doubters…Gib anti people..get rid of Gib, get rid of Gib.. Now, Benjy has a great season, with good young men..and great interest in program, accomplishing what Gib could not do in 4 seasons, get to BWC championship game, less win one game in in BWC tournament.. now a few, just a minority. are saying, get rid of Benjy, get rid of Benjy.. some people, cannot please at all.. if Coach K were here, and he just barely got by beating Chaminade…you all would say, dump Coach K, get rid of the buggah..sheeesh..

    Hire Benjy Taylor..man been on the job.. far exceeded expectations.. and has the core to make a run, with great student athletes.. and can lock in a couple more recruits to make team better for years to come.. IF Admin, hires him soon.. First on the List.. If new AD.. has to be if UH committee smart.. a Kamaaina, who gets Hawaii, understands, the challenges and recognizes Benjy is the next Head Coach..I tell you fellow fans.. it is a no brainer.. if UHadmin, Powever that be wait until final four in April to hire new HC.. next season will be.. in doubt..

    We want to be the Aloha state, however also the Akamai state.. UH admin and Power that be.. if you all say you are supporting UH athletics.. get Benjy Taylor signed soon..no need New AD, just sign him.. if not.. totally not too bright.. and makes UH Athletics and upper admin, look Not smart at all, laughing stock of NCAA DI MBB sports programs.

    Do The right thing… Hire Benjy Taylor!
    Even Horsse, John Pennebacker, former Fab Five and State Librarian, gave endorsement for Benjy as head coach, he said, Benjy has done fine job and deserves the taking off of interim label and made permanent HC.. and this was about a month ago

    sheesh.. UH admin/ Power that be.. Hire Benjy Taylor.., he went 22-13, and BWC championship game.. took team there on the job in season ONLY 4 months, what a former coach and other MBB coaches could not do in 4 years..

  17. Kentucky did play a few weaklings such as Montana St, RPI of 324; Grand Canyon,273; Columbia 196, Boston U 198; Texas Arlington 185.

    In conference played a few powers such as Missouri, RPI of 218; Mississippi St. 216.

    UH’s RPI was 152.

  18. I think the main issue UH has is we have to do MORE with LESS. Look at Coach Benjy, how much he gets paid and the fact that he still got the team in a position to get to the big dance. How many other coaches can say that? Sure, there’s TONS of better coaches out there…BUT can we afford them???

    I’d love to have a top of the line coaching staff, sporting facilities, athletics program, etc., etc. BUT the sad reality is, we can’t afford it.

    In regards to the schedule, the fact of the matter is we’re not in a conference where many at-large berths are given out. I enjoy watching as many pre-conference play games as possible and I know I’m not the only one. I also think it’s fun having inter-state rivalries, because who knows…maybe one day those other programs will become legitimate and competitive D-1 schools.

    Hawaii had a decent SOS this year. We did have a lot of home games, however no other school in the nation has to cross over an entire ocean just to play a road game. We played multiple ‘big name’ schools, so as long as that continues at a consistent basis, no need to purposely travel thousands of miles a year just to get crushed by schools with budgets 10-20x of ours. If that was the case we may as well shoot ourselves in the foot while we’re at it.

  19. This whole RPI thing is stupid. Look at a team like Harvard. Their RPI is around 50 and who did they play against? Mainly IVY league type teams. But the difference is they did not play too many bottom dwellers like UH did at the beginning of the season. Harvard’s smart (Of course they are); their strategy is to keep their RPI up at the beginning of the season. It’s plain and simple: play better teams. Even losing from a high RPI team still keeps your place in the rankings. But even though you defeat lower teams your RPI hardly moves at all. I don’t get it with whoever is scheduling our games. Santa Barbara and UC Irvine has a lower record than us but yet they are much higher in the rankings. And the other thing we need to do—and something the selection committee really looks at is a marquee win. If we had defeated teams like Wichita State and BYU we would have a strong case for NIT selection. Look at Arizona State and Oregon State. They punched their ticket to the Dance based on their victories over Arizona; and Standford was passed up because they had no marquee win. Look if you had five top 25 games and you only managed to win 1, that’s still better than winning all 10 games from 250 to 350 type teams. UH needs to do a better job in scheduling. That’s why the selection committee in both tournaments always bypasses us for at large teams. If we stay the course we will never go to any post-season tournament unless we win conference. But that comes once every 10 years or more. That should be unacceptable for this school.

  20. If for some reason they don’t bring Coach Benjy back I wouldnt mind Alika Smith and AC Carter coaching duo
    Carter is currently a assistant coach with the Austin Spurs of the NBA D-League. Alika already very successful on the high school level.

    I see coach carter bringing a very similar impact as uconn coach Kevin Ollie

  21. Talk about making things simpler, more economic sense? Agree with you IsaacM, no great, or near great HC looking for a job or an up and coming assistant coach, from JC or mid major schools, would come here. if and IsaacM, you being kamaaina, get Hawaii, and the cost of living, the distance, the challenge to recruit, properly, top 30-50 talent in the nation, very, very hard to do.

    Here, IsaacM.. You have Benjy , who accomplished, so much in 4 MONTHS.. almost to NCAA dance.. and think of this.. WHAT IF..what if.. Benjy guided the team to victory, and They Are Now in the NCAA Big Dance? He would, I bet 1000 coconuts.. would still in the eyes of this Power that Be, Admin, or whomever making the call, be interim acting coach, would have to apply for HC job, and lose out on recruits.. as well as have his team on edge wondering.. New HC or is it Benjy whom we had success under.. .WHO IS THE FOOL.. in this scenario.. UH admin/ Power that Be.

    AD lame duck, and more so, the Power that Be.. if they work out a deal with Benjy’s agent, for fair guaranteed multi year contract. for betterment of student athletes. who far surpassed what even die hard fans thought they would do.. They Would Look Really good.
    And look at the comments.. and the online posts.. poll.. support Benjy for permanent HC.. , what near 90% or more support Benjy for HC permanent.. that 10%, even on those other forums.. they don’t get it.. Reward your employees who did good job.. IsaacM.. whatever company you worked for, that is the sticking point right.. ? if you do a good to excellent job, you expect compensation reward.. if not.. you don’t feel too good right? Right.. Too Much common sense. and if Valerie Schmidt and Dayton Morinaga, say that Young ones read our posts.. well great..

    Young people.. what do you all say? If Coach Benjy Taylor, no matter what RPI, BPI, CIA, ranking, makes it to the BWC championship game, and just short of NCAA tournament. Plus made MBB really exciting to watch.. would you not put Benjy on Top of list… Priority One to sign as permanent Head Coach.. ? Hiring an interim HC who did outstanding job, and for stability of MBB program.. Hiring Next UH HC 101 answer.. in my , NO not opinion.. based, if I am UH boss making call, based on solid facts.. a winning program.. a great job managing MBB program.. I am duty bound.. and ethics bound to Hire Benjy Taylor as next HC.. what did HE NOT DO to earn that right?

    Why spend extra time.. and I think.. I am not sure,,.. if 6 ones from outside Hawaii were to interview for HC job.. who foots bill to have them come to Hawaii. I hope it is the applicants.. here.. the Best fit applicant.. is Already working in the MBB HC office.. with great staff.. and great team in place.
    Hire Benjy Taylor.. he is a winner.. and more importantly, he wants the young men not to Experience all the turmoil. about program and HC, who is the HC.. again.. I feel for the parents and guardians of the team.. UH Admin.. do the right thing.. Hire Benjy Taylor.. why give grief to Hawaii fans, and the team and their Ohana.. all over again. and again, and again, and again.. so Not Akamai.. PHD’s, CPA’s, not former athletes or coaches making the calls.. and the Mainland, coaches. and programs and Sports Networks.. when they give positive support to Benjy Taylor and what his great young men have accomplished.. That says a lot.. plus the support from the former UH MBB athetes. the alumini..

  22. AC Carter for head coach why not? Alika Smith as his top assistant why not?

  23. The point I was trying to make earlier shows #1 Kentucky did not play in one opponent’s gym in their first 12 games and only two games away from their home court. The Power Schools’ Goals are way different than the mid majors. They don’t get that way by playing teams that could upset them.

    Every Coach in America now knows just how dangerous The Bowz are after the wins we had against the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 with the youth we had that are coming back next season. I would be surprised to see if Jamie Dixon honors his return game in their gym next year.

    It is not the choice of UH Coach’s to plan an easy schedule, it is what choices they have. That’s why I am thankful we have the DHC.

    Benjy will be in Indianapolis for the Final Four and get a chance to meet and negotiate with Coaches there for next year’s schedule. Hopefully, it will rival this year’s schedule.

    I, for one, cannot wait to see how this group of young Bowz develop in the off season.

  24. Duke had a few not so strong opponents, Presbyterian, rpi 315; Elon 258; Fairfield 299.
    Pittsburgh 19-14,8-10; RPI 76, is in the NIT and will play George Washington rpi 84 (who was in the DHC), in the first round.

    Also, Arizona St., rpi 102 vs. Connecticut, 77. ASU has Bo Barnes as you know, who was the 2nd leading scorer at 15 pts. 3-6, 3 pt FG’s in their Pac 12 tournament game loss vs. USC, in 25 minutes.

    UC Davis, rpi 75 at Stanford,rpi 59. Benjy’s alma mater Richmond, rpi 56 vs St Francis Brooklyn, rpi 170.

  25. bowsover… you watch UH admin will screw this up..if AC were in the mix.. make the move in January, contact him..have no national HC search.. and hire him and Alika. whomever.

    Why screw up a good thing.. some comments. sure valid.. servante you know the history.. from Fab Five days.. the top RPI schools. were starting to lose..even not top however P6 conference teams.. know that UH with Gib or Benjy or I think it was might have been Brandyn scheduling.. they wanted home and home with Pac 12 schools, would be a win win situation.. The good relationship with Gib and Pitt Jamie Dixon.. play over here on Maui should have been the SCC, and Hawaii with Benjy at the helm Still won.. and soon I hope UH will journey to Pitt, and play..

    That early BYU, game.. in Salt Lake City.. you remember? UH was actually up on BYU.. until BYU’s shooters started to hit their 3’s, Hawaii was playing small ball, Jovanovich hardly played.. Janks not eligible, and Thomas, not as much a factor.. UH hung with them until last about 10 minutes.. then everything BYU threw up there went it.. so UH had their chances.
    Still servante Lot of the Power Conferences., the elite,. and the Gonzagas, Wichita States of the High mid majors.. they play teams I have never heard of , just recently became Div 1.. why? they want to build up wins. have team solidify get experience, then conference or some out of conference games. win or come close in loss. Credit to Monson. for SOS.. killer schedule.. however, Monson.. doesn’t win the BWC tourney every year past eight seasons..

    UH is unique out in the Pacific.. maybe old WAC was better. they would get an at large team in , at least winner of league and runner up. later of the conference tournaments.. Utah, BYU, SDSU, Texas El Paso.. were some good teams.. However it is what it is.. Big West conference.. UNTIL the whole league starts scheduling better and Winning those big games against high RPI teams.. for next 20 years.. maybe.. Big West., only way in.. if you win the Big West tourney…that is why I say.. even if UH or LBSU..had 26 wins overall and were like DAVIS.. regular season champions.. if you do not win Tournament .. you don’t go to NCAA’s.. plain and simple.

    If UH were, and we Know they never will be for Basketball, in the Moutain West, that is a higher RPI rated league.. do well, in conference and finish strong with key wins, and close losses to other high RPI, BPI, CIA rated teams.. UH could go as at large, that includes the WBB program too.
    look at Laura Beeman..scheduled killer non conference.. their RPI was in the 60’s yet , auto matic. they are relegated to WNIT..so that is the quandary..

    Believe, Riley tried. Nash Tried, Gib Tried. Now Benjy has to try to schedule higher RPI teams and beat them.. would be nuts to go play 15 top 35 teams every year..Hawaii is not Louisville, or Kentucky, Duke.. not even they play 10 top 10 teams every year.. unless very rare in tournament..

    Key for UH MBB for now, sure, for fans.. and RPI.. still go after scheduling Pac12 home and home games.. continue relationship home and home with Pitt, maybe some other ACC team will come. , no more than about 4 or 5 of those per year..then win Regular season Conference title.. =NIT..
    BWC tournament title= auto NCAA invite..
    Sad.. can be a 25 or 26 overall win team, however because of RPI and RPI of league.. one bid , no at large for either NIT or NCAA tournaments.. the old WAC was good for UH when they won.

    That is another reason to hire HC quick like by This Week.. hire Benjy, then hire Benjy. so he can start on the phones, get the contracts.. to improve the scheduling a little bit.. remember UH is not a HIgh Mid Major yet, nor a Power conference team… UH admin..and even MBB program, they have to be Akamai, the reason for exhibition against HPU, and at least one outside SSC or off island game against Chaminade or Hilo? for the benefit of those DII schools.. intra state battles.. keep interest locally.

    Hey.. if anyone has the Magic Formula, for HC, scheduling, RPI better ranking, better whatever for MBB program.. you all should be AD and MBB coaches next..darn hard job.. that , and what Benjy is up against. those, guys that would apply if the HC position is going online nationally, which the UH not smart, smartees, Admin Power that Be, are going to do.. unless. the have common sense.. and hire.. bowsover.. AC or Benjy Taylor.. how about.. AC associate and Benjy HC, with Jackson? No, no, no.. AC will make good coach, know that he wants to be an NBA coach.has good relationship with George Karl his mentor

    Anyways.. hoops fans..fun part.. hope UH admin does right thing.. support current HC.. go through.. and darn.. it is so darn late.. in the game.. lose recruits. and the scheduling.. part.. going to scramble and get all those smaller schools to fill out schedule.. Hawaii has to win RBC pretty good, the DHC win that, very good, and sneak out a win or two agains the BYU’s and Pitts . next season, then win The BWC regular season title guarantee NIT and chance to win BWC tourney for NCAA’s

    Hire Benjy Taylor..just takes a couple of boosters.. high money roller,s.. the ones politically connected to control the Power that be and the academic upper and lower powers. that don’t have an athletic clue.. have the power over them… Benjy will be hired.. guaranteed.. if not.. sad, very very sad..
    That is why for True Fans of the young guys and Benjy.. what they did.. We show NO Apprecation at All for what the accomplished , none at all.. like.. yeah.. thanks for winning 22 seasons, and making my kids and grandkids happy going to game, however.. NEXT..up.. pititful

    Hire Benjy Taylor..then he can work on upgrading a workable, balanced winnable schedule..

  26. Coach Carter!!! Has a nice ring to it. Maybe Coach Carter can bring in Samuel Jackson (Coach Carter) to give a pep talk to the players. Hehe!

  27. I love these debates because there are no right answers. Us wannabes all think we know!

    I was thinking about some more things about schedules after servante and BACKBEAT put up some more respectful opinion. For one thing, Harvard’s best wins came against UMass and Northeastern and all those schools are in the same state so that’s easy scheduling.

    What would it take for UH to bring in UMass and Northeastern? Guarantee travel payments that would put UH in even more financial hole, that’s what! Don’t even have to go that far because power teams from West like Arizona, Arizona State, Gonzaga would also ask for guarantee travel payments. It is when UH tells these schools that they have to cover their own costs that they don’t want to come here anymore.

    I remember Benjy talking about that he invited Kentucky to play us here but they would come only if UH gave them a guarantee pay close to what a football team coming to Hawaii can get!

    Also in looking at the Harvard schedule, they played two D-2 schools from close by. I bet they were like UH and needed to fill out schedule so that’s who they turned to. The rest of Harvard schedule is filled with teams from East Coast so that means all it takes is bus ride or short plane ride. WAY harder for UH to find decent teams from the Hawaii time zone, right?

    Harvard made one trip to the west to play Arizona State and Grand Canyon. Would we be satisfied with one pre-season road trip outside of our own time zone to play these two?

    Harvard played only one top 10 team this year and that is Virginia. Harvard lost that game 76-27! I can imagine how many people would be wanting to fire our coach if we only scored 27 points in a game and lost by 50!

    My point is Hawaii is different from every other school in the country because of our far location to any other schools so not fair to compare the situations. Harvard benefits from being on the East where there are lots of schools to schedule games against.

    As for RPIs dropping in conference try ask Long Beach State about that. As I mentioned in above post, the toughest pre-season in the nation didn’t get them very far in our lowly Big West and they were eliminated by us Hawaii and our cupcake schedule!

  28. Kentucky played Kansas, UNC, Louisville, UCLA, and
    Buffalo, all NCAA teams. Louisville on the road. Stop with comparing UH schedule to a school like Kentucky. And I don’t think Pitt is worried about the return game. And Runbows, law requires job to be posted so get off that soap box.

  29. It’s amazing to consider that despite all that Gib Arnold-related preseason turmoil, in Benjy Taylor the University of Hawaii literally stumbled upon the one person who’s best suited to be the ‘Bows’ head basketball coach.

    Regardless of what some perpetual critics are saying, there is no question that Coach Taylor did an outstanding job this season by any standard, especially in light of the dire situation he was handed less than two weeks before opening tipoff.

    Prior to that opening game, I freely admit to thinking that the ‘Bows would be very lucky to win ten games this season. Ex post facto, I stand happily disabused of that thought. This was a fun team to watch, with players who showed lots of character and heart, and we should be very proud of what they accomplished in the face of some serious adversity.

    I’d say that given Coach Taylor’s impressive performance under fire, he’s more than earned the right to have the “interim” tag removed from his title. The UH athletic department and administration should avail itself of an unexpected but welcome opportunity presented by events, and not look a gift horse in the mouth. Give Benjy Taylor the position as men’s basketball coach on a permanent basis.

  30. UCSB,rpi 87 vs. Oral Roberts,rpi 163 in the 16 team CBI. USCB has the highest RPI in the CBI, next is Stony Brook at 107.

    Previous UH opponent, Colorado (15-17, 7-11), rpi 116 vs. Gardner Webb, 138.

    Radford, rpi 154 vs. UH opponent Delaware St.,205 . Seattle ( Manroop) ,rpi 280 vs. Pepperdine,134.

    Nebraska ended up with rpi of 158; UH 152.

  31. Kuliouou: good comment, and it is REAL.. Benjy would have the Best Resume, seen it , been there, done that.. He even did not know if UH would have won 20 games, he wanted the guys to buy in, give great effort, have fun, keep together, and represent UH, the fans and Hawaii.

    He goes before that interview committee, He can list:

    1)NCAA letter…Not accused of any level I or II, nothing.
    2)Entrusted by AD/Power that Be to run the MBB program for this year.
    3)Team trusted him, and within weeks were taking down Pitt, a game that I marked down as a loss , however team proved me wrong as well as thousands.
    4)Could his team travel and play well far, far away from home. Florida Gulf Coast Showcase, East coast, 2-1 in that tournament.
    5)Competitive in DHC… almost beat Wichita St, highly ranked team. Beat Nebraska and Colorado from Power Conferences
    6)at 12-4 pre BWC season play was. and THIS IS A HUGE PLUS… Named “Hugh Durham Mid Major Coach of the Year” fall 2014.. Huge honor
    7)How viewed nationally: ESPN, Andy Katz from Pitt upset to doing well in DHC.. shout out and credit to Benjy as coach and team, CBS major sports pundit, shout out to Job that Benjy has done, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, Big West and Fox Sports West announcers All.. 100% agree Benjy did great job through adversity, and team ended up in BWC tournament championship.. Does he deserve the Job.. All announcers said: YES.
    8)National respect, his coaching buddies, would be his references.. They must think what the heck is UH admin thinking if the Don’t hire Benjy, what more does he, or hasn’t he done to earn the job.
    9)Governor Ige at some games. Man on the street, sports bars, students, my near 100 year old mom agree Benjy done great, the common every day person, love UH sports or not.. talk about success of Benjy Ball
    10)All the Local Sports TV commentators. they giving support
    11)op ed, and Beat writer, give support by recognizing great 22 win season, op ed write, believes give Benjy a shot.. he has done very well.
    12) More interest IN MBB , ticket sales.
    13) We all were bored with the 1 or 2 guys averaging 14-20 ppg, now 9 guys average between 5 and 13 ppg, real balance, and average 12 min to 33 minutes per game. so team PT happy
    14) Guys did well 2. 7 GPA in fall session., hopefully, I believe they will match that number.
    2 guys Jawato and Nevels set to graduate this May
    15)Publicly stated willing to take 1 year deal guaranteed, just for sake of Team , not him, for the Team stability.. with option to extend after next season.. unheard of.. 1 year contract, however, his love for Team keeping them together.. and so he can Recruit.. show that he and Que and Brad can recruit.
    16)He is Papa Bear, loves the team, protects the team passionate, let’s the guys play.at least 10 guys of the 12 active guys scored at least a couple of baskets.. whomever play D ,and contribute, they played.
    17)Had great leaders in Nevels, Smith , Bobbitt, just by example.. Leadership , that he and assistants developed.
    18)Assembled, an assistant staff on the fly, Que was on board already, he got Brandon Loyd elevated to full time assistant and excellent Brad Autry, huge resume as assistant to great NCAA run teams.
    19)Love his emotion and antics on the court.. not berating players.. encourage, and help.
    20)Really displays a father to son coaching relationship with players.. some guys never played this type of high octane, all out defense, they bought in too.
    21) I didn’t know this.. one Year at Chicago St. though, they didn’t win a lot of games, hard to recruit to small Midwest inner city school, team went 19-13.. top steals team in nation and one of highest scoring team. Benjy was named “Independent Coach of the Year”
    22)Been here for 5 years.. Kamaaina, loves Hawaii, local food.. Just Fits in.. and he loves living in Hawaii and taking care of his sons..
    23)Never said he was perfect, who is.. however trying best he can..
    24)Wants to be the Next Permanent Head Coach of Hawaii.. because.. the core of team coming back, with added few recruits.. if they hire him quickly.. Rebounding Big and shooter deluxe.. UH can win the BWC

    That is a great Resume.
    If Common sense, not Politics prevail.. and even the doubters. or think of Theus, or Monson, or Campbell, or Rigot.. or Jackson Wheeler? I hope not !! just joking.. UH will hire Benjy soon.. do not wait for AD new, or wait until Final Four.. do it now.. so Benjy can recruit and lock up at least 2 of those , I am just guessing.. JC big, and JC shooter..

    Hire Benjy.. Benjy, Benjy, We want Benjy. !!
    Like how Danny K. led chant to Frazier.. we want Nash, we want Nash, except in this case, in 4 months with 14 guys, Benjy Papa Bear Taylor.. has won 22 games, and went to BWC championship game.. something that coach Turner of Irvine, told Benjy don’t hang down your head, you did something that took Turner years to do.. in One season.. 4 months..

    Now.. .. who, that knows Hawaii, knows the current players, the parents, the fans.. the boosters, the man and woman on the street, the news anchors pulling for Benjy.. who knows UH MBB and how great it can be Than Benjy Taylor.. No One.. Riley, wish him well , he is ill and older.. old time assistants.. no experience, DI ball with UH and all of the Distractions.
    Credit to Benjy as a person too, to help team through the negative Noise..

    Common Sense, fairness, and pono.. the right thing to do.. HIRE BENJY TAYLOR.. Know that online polls , running over 90% in favor of Benjy for Permanent Head coach..and if Benjy wants references, he has backing of National, pundits, and coaching fraternity.
    Great, Great Resume.. No Brainer.. hire Benjy Taylor this week, bang out a contract..

    Do the pono thing.. get it right.. on this forum.. why Go Backwards or start from scratch.. that is crazy. !!
    keep the momentum going.. You watch, if fans in Hawaii hear that Benjy hired as permanent HC for MBB.. there will be .. right on !!.. Way to go.. finally UH admin, did something right..
    UH football? losing for 3 years. and coach get retained for fourth.. if he wins 6 games, I think Power that be will let him finish his 5th year..that would Not be pono.. but probably will happen..
    with Benjy and hiring him as head coach., overcoming impossible odds, and a GREAT team and young men..and awesome ohana..all We Are Saying .. Is Give Benjy a Chance !! Why not..
    of course, pono, the right thing to do..!!

  32. Take a breath Runbows!!!!! CANNOT hire now. Legally have to post job. Or they can do what u suggest and ignore legalities because you are in love with Benjy. RELAX!!!

  33. As much as we want people to get somebody in place quickly, the fact is that there is always a process to follow and we all know Hawaii moves very slowly. We will probably get somebody by late April or early May which by that time, all the better recruits will have signed with other teams and we will be left with somebody who is under the radar or high school players who haven’t committed yet. Still the pickings will be slim by then. But, that’s the way it goes.

    When the dust settles in the next few months we’ll see if 1 or more players will leave the program and who will stay. Historically, there is always some movement and some transfers will come here also. The players and coaches all move on eventually, but the program continues. The new AD and Chancellor will hopefully make the right decisions going forward and we will support the hire or retainee either way.

    I admit I didn’t like the hire of Gib Arnold, but when he was hired I supported the program by buying season’s tickets. I’m not guaranteeing I’m going to renew my tickets, but even if I don’t I will still be either listening to the radio or watching onTV. Right now, we are under the cloud of the NCAA.

  34. Benjy on sports animals said he is looking for a rebounding space eater and versatile hard nosed guard with size and length who can defend. He wants to award two scholarships and maybe hold two. He’ll look for transfers in too.

  35. Looks like state law post position. ..islandmand heard too..some big news announcement out of UH
    chancellor BV..
    Wonder if they have gotten hopefully hawaii connected new AD
    Then can meet with coach taylor
    he can present his vision and resume..

    if uhadmin hearing overwhelming support for benjy
    hope movd is to hire benjy and he can get that space eater big and athletic guard long one who can defend inn half court
    both good guys
    no promise PT ..they would have to bust butts for it..
    must be high character
    me thinks uhadmin knows…put new AD in place..wgwhat they should have done a month ago.then sign benjy
    no brainer however…it is uhadmin
    hope they pono..
    that not helping uhmbb get into cbi who wanted uhmbb team
    in…stinks, however they …uh power that be hope they get it right hire benjy and mbb will be good for long time!!

  36. it was a great experience being there hopefully next year more locals can get there ,just like football road trips and become a part of the Road Warriors. Fun having high fives with locals and transplants that drove over to support the team. One person that sat by us was former Warrior Chris Walz ,really great guy, brought his wife and young boy to the final. Truly nice guy . Promised he’ll be back in shape next year for alumni game. Bittersweet ending ,we were so heartbroken like Benjy and the team , could have won but shots didn’t fall ,Mamadou altered our shots , we just need a banger in the paint that can rebound , block and shoot the short jumpers and a dead eye guard that can shoot lights out like Lojo Matt Logeski, create his own shots and shoot the three . Go Warriors!
    Hurry up Vrohman, you and your bunglers better not bungle the AD selection or all of you on upper campus and take a hike right out of here!

  37. jjay…glad you enjoyed anaheim
    warriors made us proud
    I hope chancellor under huge peer pressure from governor to ball boys
    mbb totally great season
    New AD in place this week would be good
    hire benjy
    so he can get big posterize mamadou and you are right lojo one of best shooters and off the bounce shooter defender at 6’6″ uh mbb ever had

    Come on chancellor..interim..
    get it done
    hawaii fans will be your friends
    still ticked off lack of support
    jay for uh mbb cbi appearance
    benjy said cbi called him
    they wanted uh mbb in their tourney sponsored by CBS sports

    Go Warriors..
    a big and lengthy athletic scorer defender!!

  38. I think Fleming said a lot by not saying he thinks we need ‘one more guy’. I am really looking forward to next year from this core of players we have. The coaches will review the tapes and learn something, the players will learn and be a bit more mature and hungry. As is, they look pretty good. Practice this off season. Stay healthy. Work out. Gain strength. Jump higher. Have fun. Play in some summer league with some pros. And did I say stay healthy? If we were healthier this year, that would likely have meant a few more wins. A bit better practices. Maybe a bit more poise at the end. Most of all of course, its got to be fun. Winning is fun. Let’s make it fun !

  39. Dave Reardon this morning laid out scheduling problem. Simply has to get better. No excuses

  40. Working on making a better SOS schedule: Who do you schedule, which conferences and which teams? Do you go by their success this year, or I past?

    Would think schedule from Power Conferences, some here some away, then the best High Mid Majors, with success over the years, Butlers, Wichita States, Gonzagas, Xavier, etc.. of course the DHC is good field however, who would of think that Colorado and Nebraska would not have huge winning seasons?

    Looks like UH schedules between 14-16 out of conference games, How many are from former high RPI leagues, home and home..
    True, MBB has to increase SOS.. even challenge for Nash, and Wallace towards ending part of his career.
    I remember, that NIT magic number for Wallace tenure, was 17.. then 18.. then 19 wins or better to get in.. what UH Rpi was at that time I don’t remember.

    UH MBB , new AD and HC.. hopefully Benjy Taylor, as soon as locked in place can start working on next seasons SOS schedule..know that this Rainbow Warrior team, they are not afraid of any team, and here or away.. they have a chance, if they shoot well..

  41. Nebraska and Colorado not the problem and UH doesn’t set that schedule anyway. Like article says , Arkansas Pine Bluff, Cal State Bakersfield, Prairei View, Southern, Hilo, Chaminade. Nott exactly murderers row. And, honestly, not like BWC games pull up the number so UH gotta work on non conference strength. Riley’s teams usually under 100 but that also helped by WAC schedule,

  42. As Flemming alluded to, this team is top 25 next year. The second year is always better and the sky’s the limit for this team. They all know what they gotta do so that they don’t end up on the losing end again. They need to be a zone buster or they will see more and more of it next year.

    I don’t think there is anyone in the country that can weave to the basket as skillfully as Isaac can. But on the other hand he’s got to improve on his outside shooting. Not that it’s bad. But if he wants to dominate and take over games he needs knock down shots consistently to leave his man guessing. Valdes too. When both have few or no weaknesses they will rule the court. If they work hard over the summer, these two particularly who have unreal potential, could surpass the great Hawaii back court duos such as Henderson/Wilson, Carter/Smith, and English/Savovic. With the exception of Carter, Flemming and Valdes are better athletically. All they need to do at this stage in their career is develop a money shot like a Smith, English, or Savovic.

  43. I didn’t hear what Dave Reardon had to say, but Ferd Lewis had a article about the schedule. He is right that the schedule can improve but he also put out a lot of misinformation which I think the paper does a lot of to fit their stories.

    For one thing, Ferd never mentions about the cost to bring in stronger teams to play Hawaii. If UH spends more money to bring in better teams and made the money pit bigger I guarantee that Ferd and Dave would be writing articles about how UH not being smart with their money. If UH tried to pick up money for themself by playing the bodybag games on the road at places like Arizona or Kansas then I guarantee Ferd and Dave would be writing articles about how UH killing themself by traveling all those miles to get beat up and how they losing fans by not playing at home.

    Can not win no matter what. The media always going find something wrong to pick on.

    Benjy already said UH got invited to the CIT and CBI but had to turn it down because of no money. Ferd mentioned that the women NIT have 64 teams to men 32, so if UH was being invited to the CIT and CBI, wouldn’t that mean that they would of got in if the men NIT had 64 teams like the womens? Auwe!

    Ferd also wrote about a trivia question from Poops Talk radio and that alone should tell you why it was wrong. He said only two teams that UH beat have winning records. It’s actually four. There are two other scrub teams with winning records that he didn’t mention.

    I think he wanted to make the story more dramatic but I thought that the newspaper guys have to be fair and accurate. Maybe not? I agree that the schedule needs to get better but if can not then Ferd should have mentioned some of the facts why and do some better research.

  44. Let’s be realistic people. This is THE Big West!!! It’s basketball!!!!! We are an 8-8 team this year in the conference, 9-7 last year, etc. etc. It’s a weak conference. If we were in the Mountain West we would have been in the middle of the pack at best, probably closer to the bottom. We could beat San Jose St., Nevada, maybe Fresno St. once, maybe New Mexico one. We wouldn’t be able to beat Colorado St., Wyoming, Boise St., or San Diego State. Maybe we could beat Utah State once, and maybe Air Force once and maybe UNLV once. The best, that we would be in the MWC probably around 6-10. At 22-13 this year, people are happy. Not me.

    I feel the same like I did last year, and the year before that, all winning records, but something was missing. The same this year, something is missing. Always something happening, injuries, shooting spells, etc. etc. There is to be no magic! If we made it to the dance, that’s magic! The team just couldn’t do it, not that they tried. Taylor didn’t make the right decisions in the second half when we started to get cold to get us over the hump.

    No respect, but I think Senque Carey would have done a good job too if he got the interim coach tag. Like I said before, there is some good talent on this squad. They are Gib’s recruits. If Fotu was playing, we would be dancing now. One player made all the difference this year is Roderick Bobbitt. Without him, we would have a losing record for sure. Coming into the season, we didn’t know how valuable he would be. He’s definitely the best defense player here since Vincent Smalls.

  45. Want to increase your SOS, go play some pre-season games on the road with a couple of Pac 12 teams or MWC games in November and early December. Like at UNLV, or Nevada, or at New Mexico, or USC/UCLA, or California/Stanford. It’s a lot easier to go the West Coast or play some familiar foes in the past. It mades no sense to go to the East, Midwest, or South.

  46. Blame the media! They are the problem! One moment this is a top 25 team and next moment a game at Arizona or Kansas is a body bag game. So which is it? And, just for information, who were the other two teams and their records ? That makes all the difference in the world. but you are right, if schedule cannot be improved Ferd should just report that so that fans know that only hopes for post season are regular season champ or tourmey champ. And fans can then decide if they want to pay D1 prices for a DII schedule.

  47. AD in place, should have been hired by early Feb… he could hire coach, Benjy makes the most sense, and he deserves it,.. Then he can work on Schedule..Chuck.. hey, Ferd should go back to Nash, and Riley’s last years..it was hard, and would be suicidal to schedule SOS like LBSU…unless.like Benjy alluded to with Chicago St. they were on the road like about 85% of the times.. playing the body bag games, so get pay day, they could run MBB program. He sees that SSC, and playing 18-19 home games, the RBC , the DHC.. that is the Big one… and maybe One BYU, or Stanford, UCLA, or Pitt on the road per year, would be good.. However. the challenge, around November mid December, some of the High Majors, or Power Conference teams, don’t want to come out here, because, some start Conference play IN December already.. don’t want the long road trip here.. I think what UH did, last minute the Gulf Coast Tournament with the Mid Majors, that was good.. if they wen 3-0.. and the teams they beat , all had winning records and went to NIT or NCAA.. would have been good. If UH won the DHC with win over Wichita St. that is good. An upset win, and now , thinking, if UH had a full complement of 12 guys, healthy and Janks elgible.. feeling UH could have won at Salt Lake.. that is big win.

    It Is a Challenge.. even the Wahine, ..their strength of schedule. SOS, and RPI better than men for WBB, however, they did not Even get an at large Bid to NCAA’s because of Weak RPI overall for BWC conference I guess.

    What is the Magic Number? BWC games, RPI of conference at number 12? getting higher, they have to get to 10 or 9 or better to be considered to get at large bids to NCAA’s I guess.
    Would be nice, if had, conference champions, and NIT , NCAA participant, good track and RPI record.. load up the Rainbow classic.. and Hawaii wins that, 3-0.. that is a start.. Butler, Wichita St., Gonzaga, and Hawaii….Diamond Head Classic.. hopefully those other 7 teams all were NIT /NCAA participants with strong RPI going into Dec 2015, then they win that 3-0…Have road game at Pitt, and maybe one at Washington.. go 1-1 at that.. Still will have to fill non conference schedule with, the East Carolinas, Praire View.. Know they want to Play at least one Hawaii DII school.. for fan interest.. and Hawaii has good relationship with those programs..

    Darn UHadmin.. Benjy and Que, Brad, Brandon. and staff they KNOW the deal.. if they get the darn support.. UHadmin, hurry, hurry, and hire AD.. local ties, and likes appreciates what MBB with Benjy at the helm have done.. hire him quickly.. Then, he can start at Final Four making contacts, to set up good Home games with stronger teams, and a couple of good RPI teams on the road..

    Chuck you are right though.. darn if you do, and darn if you don’t.. Schedule too tough.. and it is like LBSU.. good SOS.. higher RPI than Hawaii however they ain’t going any post season tournament.. lose so many game, and could not win tournament BWC..

    HIre, Benjy.. he knows the program, learned on the job.. they almost went to NCAA’s . should have had FULL support, since donors wanted to foot the 35k bill plus whatever. Just a matter of pono. UH admin.. and tons of support, 9 out of 10, in the know, former coaches, athletes. alumnus of UH athletics. they support Benjy and The Bows.. that speaks volumes.. the Boosters for UH MBB support him too.. Benjy can be hired and start Working. toward NIT NCAA top 25 team run..

    pono, get it right, UHadmin, Please get it done.. Hire AD then soon, real soon, Hire Benjy

  48. added… No.. about 6000 fans on work night, school night, come out on a Wednesday for Senior White out night game against UCSB>. they Support Team and what Benjy accomplished Not alone, however , with awesome team and support form admin for giving him a shot, and the Ohana of the guys.. ..
    Not metrics. guy. however.. if half of Aloha stadium, what 25, 000.. are interested in UH MBB team winning, and exciting ball, pretty sure that amount would follow them on live TV or online stream, and maybe, who knows, another 5000, plus 2 JC? Big and Shooter recruits. even Now saying. if We Know Coach Taylor is locked in for several years.. April we will sign.. that style of effort Ball, and we can help team get better..

    servante I know You and eagle, always said… since Gib started the recruiting.. and even with exodus.. the talent level has been upgraded.. especially the perimeter.. Valdes and Fleming.. Valdes. made himself really good. his 3 ball shooting form. picture perfect.. He can be All league, Fleming too… Janks, NWC, Jovanovich.. Thomas, Bobbitt, Smith.. if they won 22 with chance to Dance.. this year. NEXT YEAR.. a Really Big one !!
    Cannot wait.. hire AD.. then he can hire Benjy and he can work.. grind.. Get it !!

  49. If, if, if……maybe u can buy my season tickets Runbows. Next year is the year and if it isn’y the I am sure u can find some way to blame admin for any shortcoming. You talk like other teams didn’t have injuries too. Injuries happen. Gotta deal with them.

  50. Alika Smith will not be considered b/c as I mentioned earlier there is too much off the court issues to risk hiring him. They will only look for squeakly clean coaches after this NCCA disaster.

    I think that the non conference scheduling does need to improve. Basketball unlike football is done mostly year to year so you know what type of team you are scheduling. In football your schedule is set 10 years in advance so there is no guarantee you know what type of team they will be so they get some slack there. Basketball is done in the off season before so they knew what type of teams they were bringing in. To upgrade the schedule we’ll need to hit the road a little more or be able to convince teams to play a game here before the Maui Tourney like Pitt. Regardless, the pre season should prepare us for conference play and not be used to pump up our win total. Realistically all our eggs are in the conference bucket each year to make the NCAA/NIT tourneys. We will never get an at large bid so we need to be prepared better for league. 4th/5th/6th place conference finishes are not desirable and points to the fact that we are not prepared like we should be for conference.

  51. Basketball experts – – Can you tell me why does UC Davis have a SOS of 282 on cbssports.com, but yet an RPI of 75 ?

    On that site it lists UH’s SOS at 166 (and its RPI at 152).


  52. One thing say what you will when Gib, Brandyn, Benjy came in as staff 5 years ago.. the hoops talk, about UH MBB increased greatly…. Hey we still talking about Mens’s Basketball, even though this year’s team, like last year, Not in any Post Season Tournament..whatever you might think or opinion.. Love to read all the comments, point of views, suggestions, recommendations, and critiques.. it Shows That All of us.. MBB fans.. we have a Vested interest in the Program.

    If This Year.. UH MBB finished 9-23 and did not even make BWC tournament.. well.. the whole season would have been a bust, very depressing.. Just hope , UH gets, things correct, put AD and HC for MBB in place. and move on..

    The future is bright.. the exposure for the team, the High Point ESPN Marathon of Hoops late night early EST game, great…The ESPN covergage for DHC .. great.. and the ESPN , Fox Sports, Big West TV , great exposure too.. and The great run, in BWC tournament… Whatever happens.. UH MBB hoops, the future looks bright, that staff and team on board for next season.. And this group can handle.. They Are Real MEN now..

    Quincy Smith, is he Computer Science Major? smart guy, and team guy,.. great co captain along with Nevels.. heard on Sports Animals yesterday, interview with Benjy.. Team was not sad, in locker room, after Irvine loss.. They were upset, angry and MAD.. they wanted to be in Dance. Now on a mission to get back to Championship game, and NCAA dance.. This team, as has been the case since beginning.. great effort, character, and they even though undersized.. fought with any team.. they are real winners.. look forward to recruiting season.. if UH gets it done.. and they can.. within, next 2 weeks. lock in AD and HC.. and Benjy .. he definitely deserves it.. I am just so curious. how HE and Senque, can recruit.. get That Big that will Dunk on Mamadou, if he is still in BWC.. and that scorer, shooter , lengthy, tall, defender athlete.. Bet.. there are, a handful of guys. on Benjy and Que’s radar, or Brad.. that want to play the high Octane.. tempered by.. maybe.. no Really. Benjy if he gets the permanent job, he should..work on devising, half court sets.. however.. as we all know.. if UH gets zoned.. whether mid range or open 3 ball looks.. UH has to have knock down 3 ball shooters, and inside scorers.. If Team grinds. and all on board, and Stay Together.. really believe, and thanks Bigdaddy 94 for your son.. great freshman guard.. They want NCAA dance..

    UH admin.. Get it Done.. Hire Benjy.. and let Benjy Ball and the Bows.. go for that NCAA promised land..
    See, fans.. we still Talking UH hoops.. football, sheesh.. Norm Chow has to go to Hawaii bowl, still suspect, his support is so great.. hidden.. that even if he wins 6 games out of 13..he will be kept for his final 5th year.. he will be 70 and have great payoff. for final year of contract..
    Wish football team hard workers.. and that was my first love Football, followed by Baseball, before, the mid sixties.. UH MBB teams..

    And Who Listens to Hoops Balk? Wonder What They Want? Who cares ? Just Go Bows. and look forward really to AD and new HC in place..hint,hint. Benjy, let him recruit.. get contacts at final four for scheduling some good RPI teams for SSC home, a few good RPI teams on the road..and win RBC and DHC.. agree with all that know.. the BigWest.. the conference a One NCAA bid league.. unless. UH RPI was in the 40’s and they won 29 games and still lost the BWC tournament championship.. would they still stay at home not at large for NIT or NCAA..crazy..

  53. It’s actually getting a little comical. Runbows pleading, and pleading, and pleading some more to get Taylor hired. Almost begging! Too funny! In the meantime, Chancellor taking his sweet ole time like not a care in the world with no sense of urgency, oblivious to the recruits out there to be had or lost. And nobody out there can do a damn thing except for poor ole Hawaii fans and John Q. Public to wait, wait, wait like Responsible Rabbitt.

  54. islandman: because…. RPI, BPI…crazy.. that does not make sense.. the WBB team , good strength of schedule. SOS.. better RPI for WBB .. and they are regular season winners for Big West.. fall short in title game.. 64 team NCAA field, and 64 team WNIT field.. would think..that WBB would have shot at an at large bid for NCAA.. however They Knew. just like how Benjy and Ben Jay,..knew..No Post Season For You(MBB team).. it is what it is..hope things get fixed up.

    islandman.. yes , I listen to Animals.. Dickman very passionate.. for UH MBB.. interesting when Benjy was interviewed

  55. he said about how CBI contacted him earlier, and wondered what the deal? could he talk to AD admin about, if they could rethink their decision to pay for play in CBI , who really wanted Hawaii, I think Hawaii, maybe the best or one of the best in that field of 16..

    well, too late now.. however Benjy made good point.. UH MBB not at that point yet.. to dismiss Any type of Post Season play.. and 35k, is not 350K.. fee…sheesh..

    Well, hopefully, and UH coming back.. has great talent.. get coach on board.. and recruit that space eater, rim rocker, teeth on the rim, Posterize Mamadou, if he not going NBA.. and shooter deluxe.. UH will be battling for 1 seed for BWC tournament next season !!

    Go Bows.. and islandman.. man.. you the metrics/stats.. real time update.. I don’t know how you do it..
    Mahalo for your info, on so many forums.. tireless info worker.. You sure you were not former UH SID?
    just joking !

  56. Benjy not helping self if he is saying UH not at a point to turn down anything. That is a reflection on him. He has a lot to learn on handling media and questions. HC should be able to handle that part of the job

  57. Something to ponder, B Curran or someone said the Gulf Coast tournament in Nov. was our pay for play tourney this year. We had to pay $30,000 ? for that.
    Mamadou has somewhat of a short fuse. He was getting mad at some UH players during the game near the basket, but he calmed down kind of fast thanks to his teammates(s). I think i’ve seen him like that before.

  58. Mamadou is nothing. He’s a plugger, slow a foot. He’ll never make an NBA. He won’t even make the D-league. He’s just big.

  59. I thought the officials clearly were protecting Mamadou, not because they were biased but more than likely because they weren’t used to working with a guy that huge. One official told Mike Thomas: “I can’t call a foul on him just because he’s so big” or something to that effect that was caught on TV and mentioned by the commentators.

    More than once, Mamadou made body contact (remember, the guy is 300 pounds) and knocked people off course, but no call. And, he really should have been whistled for a flagrant when his elbow nearly knocked Jovanovich off of his feet. It was not intentional, but elbow met jaw and isn’t one’s jaw above one’s shoulders? He also could have gotten a technical when he lost his cool, and had to be restrained by teammates.

    He’s improved since last year, and certainly was a factor on Saturday, despite what an Animal says. Just ask UH’s three post players — Thomas, Jankovich and Jovanovich — what it was like battling for position and trying to shoot over (believe all three had airballs) or driving around someone 7 feet 6 inches.

    I actually think it hurt UH that Mamadou didn’t play in the teams’ first two meetings in the conference; seeing that guy for the first time must have been a revelation. It’ll be interesting to see how Louisville tries to handle him.

  60. Last on Mamadou: Thought only Nevels (driving to the middle of the zone for tear drops) and Bobbitt (driving down the lane) weren’t intimidated. Everyone else was, and I can’t blame ’em.

  61. He cut down the net without using a ladder.

    Bobbitt made a nice drive close to Mamadou then a pass around him to Valdes or someone.

  62. Just work on running through the Big West. Plenty of good competition there. Not there yet. Look at difference between non-league and league play. When we on top of the Big West we can demand the respect of the rest of the BBall community. I think we are going in that direction. What we need now is some solid recruiting to keep it moving forward. Let’s get on with it.

  63. Just work on running through the Big West. Plenty of good competition there. We are not there yet. Look at difference between non-league and league play. When we are on top of the Big West, we can demand the respect of the rest of the BBall community. I think we are going in that direction. What we need now is some solid recruiting to keep it moving forward. Let’s get on with it.

  64. Keith Amemiya may be AD, you may have heard. Or Dave Matlin. How long you going to give them until we hear “Fire such and such” ?

  65. Patience, patience, patience. Wait until AD BOR approval until April 16. This is killing Runbows!!!!! Hopefully, by then we have all the qualified applicants for the MBB Head Coach job.

    At Alabama they already fired Anthony Grant, who is by the way a very good coach, even though Alabama is playing in the NIT. There is no waiting around over there. They know time is of the essence in recruiting and hire quickly. Hawaii, ho hum, tomorrow, maybe.

  66. To paraphrase Runbows, Hire Benjy!! Please!!! Pretty please!!! It is Pono!!! You hear me, I said Pono!!! Do it NOW!!! Give him contract tonight so he can be on plane recruiting in the morning!!’ Did I mention Pono???

  67. Frick!!! Come on Vrohman , put your guy in office already , hire a the coach, just a few more weeks till LOI , if Benjy can hold these guys and hopefully they will wait , but I see our process as a failed process, it took too fricken long to start the AD search process ,which should have been in December , it took fricken long to put the ad in and interview applicants , too much politics in the ones chosen for this committee. And on top of that we don’t have a permanent Basket Ball coach yet, that ad should have gone out last month so we could seal the deal by now . Im so fed up , we should organize a riot at Bachman Hall and call for the resignation of everybody there including a vice chancellor that Vrohman is buudy buddy with and that guy is a bully on campus that a lot of people would like to get him out along with Vrohman. The system is Pilute with corruption.

  68. Get rid of the football program and implement a soccer team. Invest more in the on-campus facilities. Noe one goes to football games and all the best local talent always leaves to play in the mainland.

  69. Why take sooooo long… jjay.. you right.. really screws up recruiting.. credit to Benjy and Que, they out on the road recruiting.. However.. what can they say.. if Benjy not signed yet to 3 year deal.. they would sign elsewhere…I think with AD.. and man, they don’t have to wait till March 31 BOR meeting.. shoots, be adaptable.. right? Like legislative special session.. emergency BOR meeting.. get the AD and HC .. i.e. Benjy in place sooon !!

    really bottom backwards.. or in Hawaii.. okole backwards..

    You have something good. and potentially can be great.. Men’s Basketbal, with coach who did well, Mid Major coach of the Year.. and BWC tournament great run.. and the core guys coming back..with potential to recruit.. that Big and that shooter..

    Hurry up.. Makes sense yeah, forum members.. BOR meeting. why have to wait until March 31, then April 16th .. to finalize or whatever.. even…Benjy.. if chancellor is working behind scenes.. with AD .. or Power that be, to bang out deal with Benjy’s agent,.. even now.. that would Make chancellor and admin heroes in eyes of MBB fan nation.. Get it done.
    jjay.. I agree,.. very frustrating. and makes Hawaiian Time.. look like Hawaiian kine time. Auwe

  70. Football EARNS MORE Than it Costs, Even in BAD (Last Three) Years…

    IF You AXE Football,
    YOU HAVE TO AXE Other Sports, too…
    (So It Was STUPID for BJ to suggest that as a “Solution”
    Knowing ONLY The “Short” Media Version would make the Airwaves,
    He Explained The Whole Thing Properly…)

    ONLY In GOOD Years Do WVB, sometimes MVB and MBB basketball make
    (Net Cost-to-Earnings) Positive Money

    Women’s Basketball IS Reportedly The Biggest Loser > Up To a $Million/Year

  71. A million dollars a year? wow… I guess if they were Pat Summit and Tennesse WBB program, drawing 6000-8000 a game, or sellouts that they had, or U. Conn.. where they could draw sellouts to their games.. WBB would make money.

    Eagle.. also.. WBB offers 15 scholarships I think.. makes you wonder. thanks to Patsy Mink, Title IX, the Women student athletes who finish school in 5 years.. and the medical costs, surgeries covered.. and post UH help.. they REALLY should appreciate that.

    MBB only 13 scholarships allowed..

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