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Benjy Taylor interview, part III


The future of the University of Hawai’i basketball team is in limbo. Benjy Taylor knows it, and he’s not hiding it from any potential future Warriors.

“I’ve been honest with them and they know exactly where I stand,” Taylor said about recruits who inquire about the pending NCAA sanctions hovering over the program. “Because of our style of play and what we did this year, we’re getting a lot of interest. We have to capitalize on that, regardless.”

Taylor is in an unusual spot himself. He is still considered the acting head coach of the Warriors, but is also one of the numerous candidates who filled out a job application for what is listed as the open position of head coach for the program.

As a result, Taylor is continuing to recruit, despite not knowing if there could be scholarship reductions in the immediate future.

“I have to meet with the administration and figure that out,” Taylor said. “The signing date is on (April) 15th. We’ll have some guys in place that will be ready to do something by then. I just think it’s important to get the right guys.”

Taylor will be in Indianapolis this week for the Final Four, and will return to the recruiting trail next week.

He is also reminding fans that the team’s Awards Banquet is set for April 29 at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. CLICK HERE for more information on the banquet.

Note that the above video is the third, and final, segment of last week’s post-season interview with Taylor.


  1. Benjy….have great interview with Matlin
    we need dedicated men like you leading the mbb Bows!

  2. Benjy Taylor first class human. Dave Matlin you doon’t have to look further, your men basketball coach is Benjy.
    He is Hawaii’s son!!
    Common fans let’s get it!!
    We were backin mack.
    now we backing benjy and the bows!!

  3. Sorry bout spelling!
    Great year…and excellent videos this year Dayton.
    I really hope Benjy gets job..
    he worked so hard with great kids and great ohana!
    Dave Matlin hear Benjy out
    he has good grip on program!!

  4. Two scenarios: Hire BT and the program continues to progress. Hire another coach and we start over again like 4 years ago. This was a miracle season. After the NCAA allegations this season was in all likelihood headed downward. But for some unknown reason (Benji?) it’s like nothing happened and it was where most people projected the program to be. At 22 wins it was better than last year. If BT is retained the program will only get better as long as the team stays intact. And I know Benji has a few more recruits up his sleeve. What’s more BT is the unanimous people’s choice and that would be a safe bet for Matlin to go with the flow and don’t have any further disruptions.

    I’ll say this: cutting the deadline helps Benji because it seems that they have pretty much made up their minds. Plus no marque names. Surprised? Go with the bird in hand because chasing strange birds in the bush don’t make any sense at all. But then again this administration has been known to go against the tide of wisdom and plucked a few cuckoos.

  5. UH needs to do what’s rite and give Coach Benji an opportunity to lead the team he help assembled.
    When the University back was against the wall who did they call BT some may have thought he was not capable but he proved them wrong now they have a foundation and they want to look elsewhere were is the loyalty.

    From a parent perspective 6000 miles away this is not what I invision for my son.Were is the STABILITY?

  6. Head Coach likely to be in place before the banquet. The Glove seems to be one, not so much to celebrate the defensive signature of the team just last season, but to help celebrate the defensive signature of this team going forward. More of the same to come, and just getting better.

  7. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!
    Go Get Em Q, Hook Em Up and Reel Em In!

  8. Can’t wait until next season to see this outstanding group of players build on what they have started. Imagine having a full year of success at such a young age, with only one senior.

    1. Roderick Bobbitt – He is the “straw that stirs the drink”; lead nation in steals for the 2nd year, lead conference in assists, broke the all time UH steals record and had a triple double. This kid could start for 95% of the teams in the nation and already has skills enough to play NBA D-League. Needs to work on his outside shot, speed and turnovers.

    2. Stefan Jankovic – 3 star player and ranked 44th position player coming out HS. Has outstanding range and consistency. Will have Euro opportunity to play at the next level IF he builds up his strength and adopts a much better commitment on defense. 2 more years to develop.

    3. Negus Webster-Chan – 3 star player and ranked 24th position player coming out of HS. Has outstanding range and lead the team in perimeter shooting %. Could play at next level IF he works on his strength, defense, speed and passing. 2 more years to develop.

    4. Aaron Valdes – Lead the team in scoring, 2nd in steals and has a crowd pleasing Vertical Lift. Has an inspirational family but needs to work on his strength, consistency and attitude about refs. 2 more years to develop.

    5. Isaac Fleming – 3 star player and outstanding scorer/slasher who can create his own shot. Has a chance to break some UH scoring records. Needs to keep his head in check, work on the turnovers which would be aided by backing the ball out further, strength and defense. Huge upside with 3 more years to develop.

    6. Mike Thomas – 3 star player with huge wing span. If he can improve each remaining season as much as he did this last one, he will be special. His game is too much mental and it needs to be more instinctual. 2 more years to develop.

    7. Quincy Smith – Lead his JUCO team to a 30-0 record. Quickest player/slasher on the team and a good leader with the right Team First attitude. Needs to put a lot of work on his shooting skills to become a more complete player. Looking forward to seeing him play against his brother next season.

    8. Stefan Jovanovic – Best free throw shooter on the team who has a great shooting touch from 15 feet and in. Big body that is improving. Needs to improve on his footwork, particularly on defense. Has 2 years to develop.

    (9.) Austin Pope – Lanky combo guard with maturity that is being sought after by several top programs in the country. Knows current players and should fit into our Ohana. 2 years to develop.

    (10.) Wanted – One shoot blocking Beast on the Boards.

    Now if the UH ADMIN can just keep these guys together…I think The Bowz will put lots of people in the stands for years to come. BTW, BENJY ALREADY HAS!


  9. Backbeat, very good assessment. We need that ferocious rebounder with muscle and one more versatile shooter to replace Nevels.

  10. Bigdaddy94

    From parent perspective…that says it all

    What more does Benjy have to prove?
    Backbeat, servante…so many other fans support coach Taylor
    other agenda, factors ? I don’t know..if fans, team families
    voice Lod support..state run and public funde institution should listen
    give Benjy fair interview
    I don’t know why he had too..

    Servante. You and I and long time mbb fans know took 5 years to build program
    we do not want to start all over again!
    Hire Benjy Dave Matlin , pono thing to do!

  11. Bigdaddy 94, I hope and pray you make your feelings known to the administration and especially the new director Matlin. Your feelings and opinions should carry more weight than any of us fans put together. You are putting your son’s future and care under the name of University of Hawaii. The feelings of you and your son should be known to the administration and I bet they not going to reach out to you so you should reach out to them.

  12. Families and team unite..keep The Bows going
    bet political, highly
    however we fans support team and coach

    Question do they, or will they listen?
    They should!

    And Dayton and BM great videos of Benjy’s post season comments
    more so Warrior Insider, I can tell Dayton very close to program

    Man..Matlin it would be best and most forward move , hire Benjy!!

    pretty obvious overwhelming support for Benjy when All 3 KITV, KHON, and KGMB anchors and reporters voice support or feature positives

    Hawaii is united! Support Benjy and Bows

    Bigdaddy94 and other ohana let Matlin know!!


    Since it appears that your son’s future is going to be decided without any input from you or your son…I suggest you act now before you have no voice in this matter at all.

    Att: David Matlin – athdir@hawaii.edu

    Att: Robert Bley-Vroman – vroman@hawaii.edu

    GO BOWZ…make those grades!

  14. NICE Facilitation, BB…

    BD94, YOU And Agent Zero ARE Among The Key Factors to Immediate UHMBB Success
    The Players and Families ~ = The Coach…

    Even IF They ‘Think” they HAVE or CAN Find a ‘Better’ Coach
    There IS NO Telling, At Least VERY Hard to tell How ALL the Pieces & Chemistry Fit…
    MANY WILL (As They Have @ UH) FAIL…

  15. Thanks BACKBEAT!

    Sometimes we the fans only think about our own wants and needs and forget that these young men are all somebody’s kids. Those of you who are parents know that you never stop looking after your kids, even after they graduate school. How these players and their parents feel about the coach should at the very least be listened to by the administration and new AD.

    Bigdaddy 94 already said he wants stability by keeping Benjy. If other parents agree with him or feel different they should make it known to the administration and those feelings should be respected and considered. A lot of these players traveled thousands of miles to be here and play for this university and their parents entrusted their safety to the coaches. I hope and pray that means something to the ones making the decisions.

  16. One thing I would miss if a different coach is hired is the defensive style that they played this year. Sometimes they were overly aggressive to their detriment but it was entertaining. I always wondered whether Gib would have played this style more this year if he were coach. I know he spent some time with Rick Pitino and has wanted to be more aggressive in the past but I don’t think he had all the parts or depth.
    With the addition of Pope, it only helps with this style of defense. A “rim protector” would help as the secondary defense when they are overly aggressive on the outside. The rim protector would have to get up and down the floor but Jovanovich should depth.

  17. eagle……

    Best Candidate.. and really only good Fit.. don’t spoil the uprward trend of MBB. and sure, Coach and team will iron out wrinkles. and guys on board.. will be Together. if they Stick together.. Benjy Taylor. did incredible. job. incredible.. You know, as another post above mentioned.. look what is coming up. .. visits by some Key athletes. to get ready to sign,.. and With the style of play by Benjy Ball.. interesting., guys want too be part of it too !! A shooter, A Big..

    Plus, Benjy going to Final Four to pick up his Hugh Durham, Mid Season Mid Major Coaching Award.. National Recognition.. Then Awards Banquet. April 29.. guest.. The Glove .. Gary Payton Senior.. That is some Good Stuff coming forth.. Reason. Benjy Ball. Benjy and his Beloved Rainbow Warriors !!

    Warrior Nation unite.. We like what Coach Taylor did.. Keep that Train a Moving. on up. !!

  18. Did Artie Wilson apply?

  19. I hear that there are now 55-65 applicants. 30 of them are Head Coaches.

  20. Ohana, Families.. They HAVE BIG VOICE.. on future of program.. they start to voice support.. and Benjy, I agree, has to fight through agenda, politics.. that makes me disgusted.. imagine how the families feel.. there were those At the BWC tournament on their own dime.. some like Bigdaddy from 4000 miles away.., watching their sons make a magical run towards NCAA bid.. just short.. however, they shouted with joy, and appreciation.

    Benjy Taylor.. we got your back.. and this Video.. hopefully and the forum statements posts. the families of Team Will read.. We love Your Sons and their Maximum effort, representing UH MBB and the University the State of Hawaii.. And Benjy is a Son of Hawaii Now and forever..
    David Matlin.. best move you can make,.. just Hire Benjy, if 2 year deal, .. 3 year deal.. for continuity.. You have to get it.. That is how DHC.. and Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, run.. want to keep a good thing going.. not backwards.. forward..

  21. what the hc job listing ends on the 3rd? hopefully Dave will make his decision within one weeks time if not sooner. He had better gone over the already handed in applications if he’s knows for UHbb. The sooner the coach is announced, the sooner the new coach can inform his recruit(s) so there’s no doubt in the recruits mind. Bet there’s pouching calls already

  22. .

    Star Advertiser Hawaii News Now Poll (archive)
    March 14, 2015

    Should Benjy Taylor be offered the permanent (not interim) job as University of Hawaii men’s basketball coach?
    A. Yes (87%, 1,354 Votes)
    B. No (13%, 196 Votes)
    Total Votes: 1,550

  23. Derek, did you mean Willis Wilson? He’s the coach who used to be at Rice and I think was a finalist for UH job when Nash got picked.

    Artie Wilson is the funny hair TV announcer. Lol.

  24. One thing, I noticed Positives about this beautiful Final part III of Season Review with Benjy?

    1)Said bringing in some athletes. AND there is Interest, must be a Big and shooters. Because of success and style of play. However Benjy knows the deal, in case, don’t want to offer scholies if not too many to give.. AND he said, have shot at signing a couple of these guys. April Spring LOI signing period April 15 to May 15 I think.

    2)Meeting with AD David Matlin to get to work on scheduling for next season. Try to fill those openings with Higher RPI schools 200’s and below. That is good.

    3)Benjy met with team, outline goals, what they Need to Work on.

    4)Finally the most Important and Telling thing, for a Very Good Head Coach, what he accomplished this year? Fall Semester Whole team 14 guys, 2. 7 GPA, great they finished first semester Strong. Believes Team will do well too, Reminding them, as well As All Colleges around the country, time to catch up and Finsh Well Academically, no matter What Future holds.. That is Why They are Student Athletes..

    5)He just keeps working.. and probably the unsung, but just as important part of staff? The assitants, Senque, Brad, Brandon, Sports Performance Analyst Jamie Smith, the grad assistants and volunteer assistants, support staff. MVP Jayson Goo trainer, Basketball Secretary,.. The Program as A Whole.. it did NOT FALL apart with Benjy at the helm.. keep it together… and it will only get better.

    Go Benjy and the Bows.. Better things Ahead.. !!

  25. Kind of simple.. maybe too simple for the agenda people..

    Which of 40 applicants, from outside of UH Manoa, won 22 games with UH MBB team? Which applicant, won, historically First 2 games in BWC tournament? Which applicant, was in Title game of BWC tourney, and 3 minutes within the NCAA Dance?
    Which applicant, adjusted on the fly, a new O and D, with only One starter, One senior, and basically a new and inexperienced team, and NOW recruits have to be limited to the RIGHT couple guys Because of Success of HC and the team?

    NO ONE.. except Benjy Taylor.. Should be interesting Interivew with Matlin..
    I am hoping, that IT IS JUST PROTOCOL, respecting the Union presence, HGEA.. etc. and Benjy is Matlin’s Guy All Along.. He seeing that fantastic run by Benjy and The Bows in DHC.. He Knows first Hand.. any OTHER serious, issues, or whatever.. by insiders… or Agenda against coach guys.. Matlin, discuss With Benjy man to man, see what happened and how can fix..

    Too, much the same old stuff at UH Manoa.. and some , really the MINORITY.. of anti., guys and gals.. want change.. guaranteed.. Fans and Families, should have big, say..

    Kind of All I can express. However. Go for it Benjy, get your attorney and agent by your side. and fight for that Head Coaching Job.. as Bigdaddy alluded to, ..Benjy saved some people at UH, Asked to , and To Their Surprise, I bet 1000 coconuts, they did NOT think Benjy and the Bows would have a great season.. under circumstances.. AWESOME Season.
    Know that KITV.. did a nice piece on Benjy as MVP sports personality was it early January…same with KHON and KGMB> they should.. just do a 3 or 4 minute feature, ,On what Benjy accomplished with the Great Sons of fantastic families, who did not know what was going on in October..

  26. Artie Wilson, as many people know is a former Hawaii Rainbow Warrior basketball player who played with Tom Henderson in the heyday. He’s also a realtor and color analyst for the UH basketball TV games. Wilson is a long time coach in the NCAA summer league basketball who has coached people like Derrick Low, and more lately Negas Webster-Chan. His teams have won quite a bit of summer league titles so I have to believe he knows his basketball.

    I don’t know if he wants to be a coach. I haven’t listened to his program “On Point” on Friday’s at 9 a.m. lately. Maybe they have Jeff and Jackson tonight so I’ll see if they are on. I’ll see if Leahey and Leahey is on too.

    Lots of good candidates out there. Matlin will have a tough decision to make. If we can get a terrific coach like Laura Beeman from California, I’m sure we can get a terrific candidate from some Head or Assistant Coach in California who is a terrific recruiter, primarily in California. That’s a natural for Hawaii since it’s the West Coast. I have to believe there are excellent assistant coaches in the PAC 12 schools or even in the Mountain West.

    Nothing against Taylor, but I look at his entire body of work, not only at Hawaii, but wherever he’s been. He has a losing record overall. I can’t see he’s a good recruiter. Who did he recruit that was very good? He’s coaching with Gib Arnold’s players. I don’t know the inside with the athletic department but people in the know are well aware of what’s going on over there so I leave it to them. In the end, things will play out itself and we will rally behind the new Head of UH basketball.

    The reason why revenues were down from the prior year is because we didn’t have the marquee player or players. In 2013-2014 we had Standhardinger and Fotu. A German and a New Zealander. These guys were 1st team All League and they were personalities. This past year, we didn’t have a personality who was engaging and a popular figure. People come out to see a STAR. The Pied Piper who people would follow. Fotu would have been that person. We don’t have one now. Kolton Wong was the MAN for the baseball team. Shawna Lei Kuehu was the STAR for the Wahine. Fedore, Averill, and Zarkovic for the Volleyball. We haven’t had one for football since Colt Brennan.

  27. We had players like Isaac who were very engaging and popular, Valdes, Roderick and Janks to name others. Roderick was 2nd team all conference, Valdes and Janks honorable mention. Isaac DHC all tournament team.

    “Freshman guard Isaac Fleming led UH (10-4) with 18 points off the bench on 7-for-11 shooting to go with six rebounds and five assists. He was named to the all-tournament team.”

  28. Roderick was Big West Defensive Player of the Year, too.

  29. Yes islandman…very balanced fun team
    I think 8 guys averaged between about 5ppg and 13 ppg
    9 guys averaged about 12 min to 33 min per game
    imagine if Isaac, Thomas and Valdes in same week or Nevels did not damage hand and surgery
    Benjy has good reason explanation
    healthy team whole 16 game bwc play
    uh mbb easily could have won conference
    Lot of positives about team
    lot to. Cheer about
    Isaac left handed layups in traffic , quite amazing
    bobbitt, fleming , valdes, and team , plus benjy back..will be something even more special!!

  30. Cross Shaka Smart off your list, he may be going to Texas.

  31. Why not take a chance with BT. His coaching abilities and strategies will show more next year. Recruiting will be evident after the start of the 2015 year when we see the playing time and capabilities of the new recruits. Ditto for 2016 and if during the 2017 year winning becomes a harder thing to accomplish it will be because of the talent that he will have based on his recruiting for 2015 and 2016.

    Get a new HC and you have players leaving. New coach will take 2 to 3 years to develop his team and there is no guarantee that he will be a winner.

    Rest my case for BT.

  32. Why the process…the agenda people….hope Matlin streamline selecton
    interview benjy first, his resume..what has he done for uhmbb lately
    benjy..well…we turned this mbb program around , we won more Witout Fotu, Standhardinger , Spearman and Shamburger..
    so obvious anti anyone friend with gib…that is the stumbling block..
    benjy proved himself…just guiding..with true hawaii humility , gives credit to team and thelir hard work
    if benjy not hired…just proves point..power controlling athletic hirings their agenda not in favor of team, their parents and majority. , overwhelming majority of uhmbb fans

    The right pono thing to do?
    Have to rid UH of power brokers, messing up mbb program that breathed life into gloomy UH athletics

    Matlin…he hires benjy..he has the best resume…and other applicants cannot come close..he will be looked at really favorably in fans eyes..

    nationally …they know already…
    football …auwe..!

  33. This site is a must for any employee connected with UH MBB. Why? Because we are the general public. Guys like the AD, Head and Assistant Coaches, Chancellor, and BOR should get a feel for what people are talking about. And no better place than WI. Not to say that we are basketball gurus. But what fans are saying are important to the long-term success of MBB. So I’m sure they got our scoop. If not then that means they are not too passionate about the subject and that spells trouble.

  34. You heard on Hoopstalk, Matlin is looking for a character guy first, the off the court items; then the x and o’s, recruiting ,etc. He or they will be calling around asking about the character things going back to previous jobs of the candidates.

    Jeff P said the coach should be named within two weeks. As to scheduling, Dave M wants to upgrade it and will provide parameters for the scheduling.

  35. Listened to Hoops Talk and had Matlin on. I’m convinced based on some of my sense and some of Matlin’s words and tone that he is looking outside for a new Head basketball coach. He is talking about interviewing a number of well qualified and very good coaches at the final four and he sounded like he was very excited and pleased. Anyway, that’s my take. We’ll see.

  36. To save uhmbb…and dealing with dignity attacks on self and team..
    benjy , admit not perfect…yet not one of 14 guys on team
    indicted..neither was benjy
    if implying that benjy not charcter person
    why ask him to apply
    just tell him No.. you are not good for program
    extremely hypocritical

    Benjy just go to battle
    Independent school coach of the year, hugh durham coach winner
    go dig up past when in junior high, or personal matters..too much
    no coach would qualify
    Matlin..don’t get it
    and we majority fans lose interst in paying his salary
    see…he proving..not fair playing field..interview
    sad..becoming evident he going anti benjy
    shame…and I am alumnus of UH..

  37. However
    Matlin make it fair
    not controlled by Power
    Matlin can come out shining
    Bobby had June on show talking about 2nd chance athletes
    june long talk with parents etc..and guys gave fair break…they exceeded expectations
    Matlin…very sure Lingle gave him chance to serve

    Backbeat, chuck, servante.
    Going be hard
    Matlin going not wins..and keeping team together
    looking for another trap or norm
    I like winning, exciting basketball better
    and LOVE shown for team and fans
    benjy showed that to the max
    Matlin…starting over?
    I ain’t buying that
    Benjy Ball..and putting him under horrific stress
    that is no character

  38. Jackson Wheeler made a very astute observation that I completely agree with. He said the reason UH was able to play the style of play well was because of one person, Roderick Bobbitt. He said Bobbitt has a skill, stealing the ball, that is very very rare seen in college basketball in all the years he was seen. He’s unbelievable in stealing the ball. That is the main reason why our record was that good. And it’s not Benjy’s doing. It’s the players, led by Bobbitt.

    Interesting that Matlin said he will look at the prospective coaches for 1) character 2) integrity 3) recruiting and X and Os. You can make up your own mind, but I don’t think Taylor scores very high overall. That’s just my opinion. Look at the overall record. As for integrity and character, well I think the athletic department people that interact with the basketball players and staff know about that kind of stuff, I don’t.

    I also don’t believe in the fan poll, or feeling from the media people because they do not know what’s happening in the day to day business at the University. Ben Jay, McNamara, Clapp, secretaries, trainers, and other people in contact with the basketball office daily all know what’s happening. Matlin has been getting briefed and is getting feedback, so nothing will be a surprise. Matlin will make the decision, period. He might get some input from others, but he will make the call and the chancellor will stamp it for the seal of approval. And the best testimonials for what makes a good coach is other coaches and their recommendations.

    And I agree with Jackson that if we get a new coach, I don’t think there will a lot of fall out if anything by the players. Maybe the only one is Fleming and Pope. Gib Arnold would encourage the players to stay unless he is prohibited from communicating with them, but I don’t think so. It’s a free country.

    Hey, it’s April 1st and you know what day it is!!!! Have a good evening. Good Night.

  39. Wonder if Matlin will attend collegeinsider.com final four award presentation for coach of mid season award.
    He should. We he attend April Basketball banquet..he should.
    hire Benjy Taylor he should.
    as Bigdaddy94 says benjy saved mbb.
    Matlin can show character if he hires benjy

    Another important note..if Matlin doesn’t know , one or two mbb departures
    UH MBB cannot afford that hit..souce Ben Jay..

    Go get em Benjy
    FAIR and Balanced interview?

  40. Bobbitt wasn’t the only reason we were good, but he was one of the reasons. The main one was the whole team taken together. You have to have the players who can score,dribble,pass, rebound and play defense along with Roderick.

    As far as win-loss record, Benjy and the team did a great job under the circumstances. Some fans had said before the season started they weren’t going to buy tickets,etc. because the previous coach was let go and 42 left the team. They thought they might win maybe 9 games or less. No UH team in 13 years has gone to the conference championship game until this one did. When was the last time a UH team finished 3rd in the DHC ?

    “The third place finish was the best showing by a Hawai’i team in the six-year history of the Diamond Head Classic. Its previous best was fourth place in 2009.”
    (warriorinsider Dec. 25,2014)

  41. Benjy should get the credit for the wins, because he would get the blame if he had a losing season. He kept the team together and playing well.

  42. Yes…they bonded, were galvanized and recognized.
    islandman, once in a blue moon see that happen.
    team , I was afraid of would quit, go home, they stuck it out

    No Fotu, no Gib,
    and Benjy, give him credit , key part of team fighting through it.
    UH should show appreciation for team, staff and families.

    Have to keep program, every part together, how about Jamie Smith ?
    That is dedication..his delay 2 years running getting back working for mbb…administrative problem.
    not coach or staff, team

  43. Okay Gib suspended or fired or let go without cause. Enough for the NCAA for self imposing sanction. Out almost 1 year.

    Possibility of reinstating Gib and offering a new contract?

    Long shot and probably slim and none.

    However could he be an assistant to be the chief recruiter for UH. Have not
    seen anyone close in the ability to bring in the talent he has over the last 4 years.

    Would he settle for such position? Don’t think so either. Just shooting the mind off.

    Thanks for allowing me to speak on the blog.

  44. We haven’t seen senque carey or benjy recruit..benjy point man on fleming signing..
    ncaa we don’t know if limit scholarships down from 13
    remarkable…possibly ncaa sanctions not as harsh as thought
    wonder if gib has case to clear of allegations..

  45. That is the thing.. I still scratch my old bald head… Benjy.. just real human, never admitted perfection, of himself or team.. put into an awful situation, gutted it out.. his team bought in, the families supported him and the program.. they won, and won, and won some more,.. NOT only games.. He Won Fans, the State of Hawaii over.. That says Volumes.

    To not give him FAIR SHOT.. put standards so high, or unreasonably high or not realistic.. that is not pono, not right.. Till this day, this hour , this minute, this month and year 2015.. I don’t get it..have to apply and fight for it. the right to coach This group of young men that became His Family and his own sons Family..

    Benjy Taylor.. great job.. I really, really , really hope David Matlin.. sees The Whole Picture, sure not x and o’s, only, and wins( compared to Football coach..I guess that is what that UH power wants, steady program and kids, however Don’t have to have winning season? crazy)… Yet to go public, be honest with the team the parents, and potential recruits.. if That is Not Definition.. and most importantly, go public , for the record, real time worldwide Video.. and admit.. mistakes, yet, learned and became better man for it.. That IS HIGH CHARACTER.. And The makings of a very, very good long Term UH MBB coach.

    If Matlin goes elsewhere.. for rest of my life, I will never understand.. unless. it was felony or some similar type of action, which is ridiculous.. I KNOW Benjy knows.. there IS A LOT OF positive noise, in Support of Him and his team and what they accomplished.. I hope. All WI.. the team, the parents.. can get that across to David Matlin.. We support and Want Benjy to have a shot..show what he can do as a 3 year, or 2 year, or whatever guaranteed Head Coach permanent. That would ONLY be fair.. he has a few more gray hairs. he deserves more, credit, and less negative criticism.. even from the BC’s, or AW’s, .. know that Johnny W. likes Benjy and so does John Pennebacker, and a lot of people here and nationally..

    Benjy Taylor, brother, good job.. UH and AD should Give You a Chance, you Paid Heavy dues.. gave your health, sleepless nights.. loyal to the boys and the school / state of Hawaii., and for that Thankyou… We Want to See You as Head Coach..

  46. If I was a betting man I would bet that Benjy is not coming back.

  47. Funding fto Keep Athletics going. major problem.. David Matlin, has Huge Job ahead.. without funding, help from legislature.. Now Matlin,.. has to not only think out of the box.. just ideas.. has to implement, fast.. if Hawaii wants NCAA DI athletics..

    Maybe, these next couple of years for MBB and other sports….will be the Golden Years .. we will look back.. for participation in NCAA DI sports..

    At least Mens Volleyball, maybe one more season for Wahine VB run, and Hopefully a couple more good seasons for MBB..

    Now, David Matlin is starting to get more gray hairs, and losing hair.. Tough job, for AD, and NCAA DI coaches..

    I guess, as Benjy is doing, and I still give he and the staff credit.. just doing Their job.. continuing the Basketball program.. Wish Benjy the best..

  48. I wonder if Maitlin would consider Rick Pitino if he put in his application?

  49. ^^^ Didn’t someone post something about Pitino being banned from doing any business with UH due to his involvement in the NCAA investigation in the 1970’s? It would explain why he never brought any of his teams to play against UH all these years.

    Even if that wasn’t true, the chances of a coach like Pitino applying at UH is somewhere between 0 and 1 percent.

  50. Next permanent coach’s salary probably will be in the range of $250,000 to $300,000, i think Portnoy had said. That eliminates a few, like a Pitino, etc.

  51. ^^^ I think that eliminates more than a few good and experienced coaches. More like all of them! That’s why alot of people on here and other sites mentioning young assistants as candidates and that’s like rolling the dice because you don’t know what might happen even if it looks good.

    That’s why I say give Benjy his chance to continue improving like he already did this year. At least his style of play brought some fans to the games. If it don’t work out in two or three years, then you can move on.

  52. $250-300K is more than most BWC coaches make. This job is definitely attractive to power 5 assistants and mid major head coaches. I think Matlin wants to make a splash as AD and make a new hire to show people that he can find good talent.

  53. Chuck cheese
    My apologies, I didnit finish my comment as an emergency came up and I hit submit accidently and not know how to delete.
    Anyway, comment was meant as sarcasm. Pitino, indiscretions are character flaw as is with BT. But would Matlin, or anybody overlook based on high profile status?
    I think BT should be given high consideration. It was not easy to bring all the guys together under such circumstances.

  54. warriorhaw, Chuck.. For Matlin,.. must be .. show the big boys, the Power that Be, he is making a big time call… However.. agree with both of you and BackBeat, so many, others.. probably 98% of comments.. BT.. maybe not perfect, however, You have coach and staff in place, the team as whole coming back.. And the Way BT mentions in above video.. I definitely think HE HAS a REAL shot at signing that 6’10” true Post and the Shooter , facilitator(maybe, probably Popel, 6’6″ who on defense, half court.. is looooong.. super length.. can help guard the Half Court.

    ChuckCheese.. top Candidates? Rigot, Eran Ganot, Eric
    Boivard from Chaminade? Phil Handy? I would think.. have Any of them. .. coached at an NCAA DI school and won 22 games last year? and made it to tourney championship game, within 3 minutes of NCAA dance.? None.,. warriorhaw.. UH will not pay.. 400k to 500k per year, or near 1.2 to 1.5 million for those bigger name coaches who just got fired..

    Remember John Lennon Song? If you all go back to sixties. or so.. ” All we Are Saying .. Is Give Peace a Chance..” Now.. All we,.. and I check the everyday man and woman forums, even the international and USA mainland comments on Benjy.. common Theme All forums.. not the Scout, or the few attackers on SA blogs.. the theme: ” All WE ARE SAYING ..David Matlin sir.. with the hardest AD job in the world.. IS GIVE BENJY A CHANCE>.. I bet.. Benjy with agent in tow.. WOULD ask FOR JUST ONE MORE YEAR.. so he can keep This Group together, for Magical run, and get to NIT or NCAA… then he would move on.. This Season.. built Character , High Character in Benjy.. no shibai, no baloney.. I respect coach Taylor.. and His 3 sons and daughter, what a great group of young ones. they Love their Dad..

    David Matlin, should view videos I, II and III by WI and Dayton.. and see Benjy’s comments.. especially the last one.. you want honesty.. I respect him for that.. some don’ t or won’t like it.. however that is the deal.. Benjy his agent/ attorney, the coaches , his friends fraternity, his family of sons and daughter, the thousands that loved UH MBB this year. and Majority of TV local stations.. asking.. HEY Give Benjy a shot.. One Weather Anchor, says..: My vote for Benjy as Head Coach!
    As servante said warriorhaw and ChuckCheese, BackBeat.. anyone else. come in.. and want to struggle, to get guys on board. and IT IS AN EMOTIONAL group that Benjy was able to curtail as a whole.. Man. that coach, Man or who knows.. maybe a Woman.. will have to manage 13 guys to get on board another. train.. Too old and tired to wait another 3 years.. or 5 years like Norm Chow, to see winning program again.. HIRE BENJY.. even one year, or two year deal..
    Go elsewhere, team starts to lose 6, 7 8, 9 , 10 games in a row next season, say bye bye to thousands of UH MBB fans, guaranteed, Maybe only.. 3 on this forum would go with 950 others to watch Their new man or lady HC, and watch them lose.. Why spoil a good thing? Crazy. pupule..

    HIRE BENJY TAYLOR.. common sense, practical sense.. and Makes Too Much Sense.. Matlin, have to Do the right thing… battle for funding , going to give you ulcers.. you hire, the safe bet,.. Benjy Taylor, who Has the program ready to Rock and Roll for NIT and NCAA’s next season.. Hire the brother. PLEASE? Do the pono thing, David. Matlin.. Just do it !

  55. Call it a spade is a spade. Josh Pacheco says today that the recent basketball season was so-so. He pointed to the conference record. He went down the non-conference schedule which is weak. Some people have said that we can be a top 40 team next year. Give me a break, not going to happen. There are just too many good teams out there and too many good coaches with a lot more better personnel, facilities and resources.

  56. Hope Matin, interviews AAU, former NAIA, DI, DII, DIII, international coaches, assistants, retired head coaches, guys just fired. And tells them the truth. UH Athletics and funding.. if cannot make monies to cover dept. could cost the NEW hire MBB coaches down the road, their jobs. Sky high cost of housing, food, gas, THE CARMAGEDDON… Ridiculous.. That should have made, and I think it Did.. National, International News, the inept, City, State, DOT’s, the way things run.. messed up an island of near 1 million.. so Eran, Eric, Phil, are you willing to deal with That type of leadership. and top to bottom, including myself,.. day to day, month to month stress, and uncertainty, leaky UH practice gyms, Klum gym alternative for girls bb.. The Road trips. .. The 50 percent SSC attendance watching your every move.. the Scrutiny of your personal life, family and your grand mothers? Every wrong call, every LOSS.. in Hawaii, UH Sports.. the game in town.. some the, fans.. LIVE and DIE by your every success or lack of.. They will come after you relentlessly. Op ed writers, who will devour you, in the paper, online blogs, etc.. Not how it was when Red was here, though he was retired at the BB awards Banquet, which was low class, horrible.. you willing to endure that.. And by the way, you and your agent want a 5 year guaranteed deal for 4 million dollars? How about a 2 year deal for 400,000.00 dollars not guaranteed?
    Yes.. David Matlin , be Fair.. that CarMageddon, that took the cake.. that broke the straw on the camels back..

    Could happen, after that horrible mess, some people 9 hours in traffic? 7 hours? Admin guys running the state.. Are THEY SMART HIGH CHARACTER GUYS? Mayor P card guy? man oh man…This would be a NICE scenario….IF this happened.. envision fans.. this conversation…

    What do you think eran, phil and eric? ummmmm, uhhhhhh, you don’t want to give me a 3 year deal at 900K per year guaranteed with 20 win incentive rollovers and bonuses. for autographs.. ? at least? And I have to deal with That? Who could endure all of that.. plus the constant attack on a successful this year MBB program.. Matlin: Well, we have Still the Acting Coach, Benjy Taylor.. I don’t know how the heck he did it,… however HE DID .. stabilized the team, they won, and kept winning. had at least close to 5000 in attendance. loud and shouting pride in the Bows.. Media attack., personal attacks on he and his family and team.. Yet Benjy. held it together.. WAIT A minute, eran, phil and eric.. I tell, you what, let’s shake hands..and Thanks for sitting with me, at this Final Four Mc Donalds Restaurant….sorry, UH we cannot afford the banquet room.. I HAVE MY COACH ALREADY.. he has Been There, Seen it, Done That.. with great success.. I was looking for High Character person, man or lady coach.. And I have One Already… Benjy Taylor.. In fact I will go looking for Benjy now..he is in the banquet hall receiving His deservedly so, Hugh Durham, Coach of the Year for Mid Season Mid Major Award.. hey, I see, Katz, and Magette, congratulating him!! I better get their soon.. so They KNOW I AM BENJY’S AD .. and HE IS MY MAN .. the Head Coach of Hawaii’s MBB program, for next 3 to 5 to 20 years. !!

    That would be nice..

  57. Want to make national news! Maybe Hawaii should look into hiring Becky Hammons, Asssistant Coach for the San Antonio Spurs. She is obviously qualified. She would be able to recruit, She is an All American at Colorado State, former USA natonal team member and multiple Olympic Gold Medal winner. If you want to think out of the box and break new ground this might be it. Only in Hawaii. Can she get a staff together. No problem. She has a lot of contacts and she has the best teacher in Greg Popovich. Team ball, baby! Obama would be thrilled. It is all about opportunities and taking a chance. Risk, yes, but high rewards, definitely. It would be on all the network and cable stations, on ESPN, everything. Does Matlin have the guts to ask? Does Hammons even is interested. How much is she making at the Spurs as an Assistant? $150-$250,000. That’s in the ballpark for us right? At some point, a woman will become a Head Coach of a Men’s program. They already are CEO’s of large corporations already. Women are smart, hard working, and very talented. I know. I’m married to one. But, I handle to financial matters, hehe! She’s a teacher.

  58. She Might Not Be AS GOOD As Coach Laura…

    I Think They BOTH Have Coached Men…

  59. Interesting Kaleo.org article about ncaa sanctions, UH self imposed enough and should not punish innocent athletes, and next year’s program
    Well written , point by point.. and reason, really good ones, of how UH handled, the parties alleged to have committed infractions, All gone…the practice things, and who received what.. so convoluted. hard to make any headway.. so that is moot.

    Makes you think.. UH admin, counsel, put a lot of pressure on Benjy the staff , their families and for we fans..Even Jeff P., Now certain.. ncaa thing, not as heavy handed…one thing definite.. it appears, Not a death blow to Post Season hopes.. ongoing.. That is the Question.. If UH with counsel advisement, did EVERYTHING to clear up situation, No lack of Institutional control, and said Parties alleged and accused, Are NOT at UH.. NCAA.. response from UH..what by April 30th.
    Okay, we did this, fire two coaches, suspend indefinitely Key PF.. he went pro.. another, discontented Freshman forward, moved on, said he was recruited by GA..transferred out.. Guys, All 14 remaining. .. really not named or the new guys , not even part of investigation.. Looks good. whether handed down from ncaa, loss of a scholarship or two, or limit practice times. and NCAA protocol, rules regulation informational classes required of team, staff and coaches. That is fine.. UH MBB lives on.. They fought through with down to 6 guys, and won a game at SSC.. sickness, injuries.. and left and right noise, to unsettle team.. Proud of team, Mahalo to the Parents.,

    One good thing on Jeff P. blog before he goes to Final Four, definitely Benjy is Strong Candidate to become HC.. some 60 applications, they will weed through.. All Benjy has to do, with respect, and humility, honesty, which he has done.. and the poor man was and is enduring stress, yet holds it together for TEAM.. never I.. always WE, and credit to the Guys, the Admin, the Opportunity.. That is great on resume, and that attitude, will convey a Great Interview.. If Dave Matlin wants references.. tons.. ESPN, Fox sports, CBSsports, , BigWest TV, KHON, KITV, KGMB great reports and support for the coach and what they accomplished, Did not know how many Youtube clips interviews throughout season with Benjy.. Very good.

    Go to Work Benjy. keep team together.. and Hope Matlin gives you FAIR shot.. he says wins does not matter, to ME it does.. Wins, exciting basketball, and the team young, coach, first time at UH helm,, They all grew together and Matured together. hope that David Matlin keeps that Taylor and the Bows Express going for years to come..

    Looks better. there is hope..

  60. Heard that more than just a couple of key players have said they won’t be returning if Benjy is hired permanently altho they’re afraid to speak publicly in case BT does return, they will just quietly look for other options. Anybody else heard that cuz that’s concerning

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