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A look back at the Honda Center

The Big West Conference may not be the biggest basketball conference in the nation, but it sure knows how to host a tournament.

The Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., is the home of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. For three days, it becomes the home of the Big West Conference Tournament, and for many schools in the conference, it is a significant change of scenery in terms of an arena.

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors defeat the Long Beach State 49ers

The Honda Center has a seating capacity of 18,366. To put that in perspective, you could take half of the Big West teams — CSUN (1,250), UC Riverside (2,750), Cal Poly (3,032), Cal State Fullerton (4,000) and Long Beach State (4,200) – and combine the seating capacities of its respective home gyms and still not fill the Honda Center.

The University of Hawai’i’s Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) is the largest arena in the Big West, followed by UC Santa Barbara’s Thunderdome (6,000) .

What’s more, the Honda Center was opened in 1993, making it a relatively new facility. Simply put, it is a big-time arena.

For the Warriors, the tournament did not have the ending they wanted, as they lost the championship game to UC Irvine, 67-58. Still, it was a thrilling – and rare – run to a title game.

Hawai’i has been playing in conference tournaments since 1984, when it was a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Since then, the Warriors have played in the conference championship game just six times, including last weekend.

For the record, here are the previous appearances in conference championship games:

1990 (at El Paso, Texas): UTEP 75, Hawai’i 60
1994 (at Salt Lake City, Utah): Hawai’i 73, BYU 66
1995 (at Albuquerque, N.M.): Utah 67, Hawai’i 54
2001 (at Tulsa, Okla.): Hawai’i 78, Tulsa 72
2002 (at Tulsa, Okla.): Hawai’i 73, Tulsa 59
2015 (at Anaheim, Calif.): UC Irvine 67, Hawai’i 58

Feel free to discuss any memories – good or bad – in the comments below.


  1. Very rare to appear in the championship. 2001 and 2002 championships were amazing. I see that in 2001 UH (English, Martin, Savovic, Shimonovich) was in 5th place in the WAC, 17-4 and 8-8, same conference regular season finish like in 2015. But in 2002, ( added Mark Campbell) they were 27-6,15-3 or 1st place.

  2. Hire Benjy fast… special session, or chancellor hire Benjy so he can recruit the JC big and JC shooter deluxe.. come on man.. speed it up !!

  3. Bobby C or someone on his show said a deadline for a coach being named should be April 6, the final game of the NCAA tourney.

    Otherwise, you are going to lose a year of recruiting or something to that effect. RunBows and others know the urgency.

  4. Good memories islandman. I remember that first time UH made it to WAC final in 1990 even if it was a lose game. That was Chris Gaines and Terry Houston, Vince Smalls team. They had us all excited but we knew was going be tough taking on UTEP at their court with their Coach Bear. I think they kind of blew us from the tip off and we couldn’t catch up. UTEP was super good back then, maybe even ranked 25 team. That might be when they had Tim Hardaway before he made the NBA all stars.

    Riley brought the boys back home and went on TV news and told fans to come out for NIT games and we did! I remember the HIC was rocking and rolling against Long Beach and that was as loud as it was since the Fab Five days.

  5. islandman…..maybe….Benjy has to go proactive…mention directly, the urgency…otherwise chancellor taking his time affects having any head coach in place for this year
    Benjy out on road recruiting, what can he tell the big and shooter
    know that chancellor can approve hiring of benjy
    why, if anyone on BOR
    knows ncaa recruiting urgency
    that person should tell BV
    possible 2 more additions to make uhmbb better for next year opportunity gone

    Why as Dave R. Wrote sooooooo slow..
    hint, hint…BOR meets tomorrow
    hurry chancellor
    he is calling the shots
    just hire benjy
    otherwise…new guy sooo late hired
    square one all over again

    ChuckCheese, BACKBEAT…what is, or whom is the problem in not expediting hire of mbb coach?
    Do they know what they are doing…unless…something being worked out to hire benjy behind scenes?
    Hurry up…losing recruiting window
    more so…the agony to team and their ohana

  6. Another scenario…if benjy acting head coach until posting job and interviews…he still IS the coach..
    yet still he has to let recruits knoe status


  7. Hire Benji fast?? UH upper campus? you must be joking, the process for the AD has strung out over three months , unblieveable , truly the HR people within UH needs to revise the whole process-you dont need to post the ad 30 days or 15 days it should be 4-5 days at most. Everything is done on line ,the applicants will not be using regular mail . Come on! This is ridiculous. But the roadtrip to the tournament was fun, what needs to happen is for the UH official travel company Panda Travel ,is to coordinate for next year is a travel package for fans to include airfare, hotel and tickets, and promote it . That more fans will be able to participate and come on to the tournament , this will make it much easier ,getting everything at one stop !! Mcnamara , come on man .

  8. jjay….UH… they are funded by what.. Our Taxes…I think..
    You are right. there must be something else going on.. Chancellor, no sense of urgency.. Know that AD hire is big one, and a Headache one..However.. by Putting Head Coach in place, should have, we Know could have done month ago.. even if guaranteed one year deal with extension clause.. to get recruiting done.

    And for good fans like you jjay, and WeBleedGreen, and others who followed the team, hey.. you all were on ESPN national TV, in the background of announcers.. they allowed UH fans to make shaka signs.. that was cool.

    You are right.. make it easier for Anaheim trip.. Associate McNamara,.. AD dept.. has to take care of the fans.. obvious.. get it done.. sheesh.. soooooooo slow.. and miss the boat, on retain or hire good coaches, and fans interest wanes.. UH will be good next year in MBB.. just hope can keep staff and team together..

    I tell you. if chancellor BV..acts quickly. and NOW WE KNOW HE IS THE POWER that be.. can make the call to hire Benjy now, and get to BOR soon for AD recommendation.. I think priority…okay, get AD.. if it takes till first week of April.. However expedite the hiring, or offering 3 year deal to Benjy Now.. for continuity.. and he can guarantee those two, the Big and the shooter, that he IS THE COACH next season.. That is why ,I don’t Think , whoever advising BV chancellor.. knows what they are doing.. otherwise.. last minute hiring,.. and a mess for next 3 years..

    Get it right Chancellor.. Power that Be.. and hurry.. at least , even a guaranteed 1 year, deal, quick.. so Benjy can recruit and Retain the MBB team for next season.. Going to be a good one. IF Chancellor hurries up.. soooooooo Slooooooooow.. . sheeesh !!

  9. Forget recruiting for next year. Timing has screwed whoever is hired. But, hey, everyone back from the “fantastic fourteen” except for Nevels. I thought that was all they needed to take BWC

  10. I thought this might be of interest to some of you as it shows an extreme abuse of power by a sports governing agency, albeit at the HS level.


    It never fails to amaze me at the level of East Coast Prejudice this time of year…point in case BYU having to play an in game against a team that took Kentucky into OT. But even more so is that Boise State is having to play on Dayton’s home court with their 12K fans wearing red.

    My all time favorite was when Na Wahine were not selected into the NCAA years ago after having more wins than any team in the nation, losing only to two teams.


  11. Thanks for supporting the Bows, ChuckCheese ; back then and now.

  12. Same to you and all the others! Let’s face it, us real die hard fans will cheer for the Bows no matter what and no matter who the coach is but fair is fair and Benjy deserves to be the coach for guiding these guys through everything this year and still coming out and challenging for the Big West championship.

    I said it before, if people had to predict back on November 1 that this team’s final record would be either 22-13 or 13-22 most of the people would pick 13-22. Benjy kept the team together and had them believing and now he has them believing they can do even better next year! Give them a chance at least to try and prove it.

  13. AND i think The Mark of a Smart OR Learned Man…

    Is The Consideration of A New or Different Idea
    …(MOST Minds Can ONLY Think of ONE Side of An Argument At A Time…)

    SO Kudos to COACH JACKSON Who just said on Hoops Talk that he would Pick Hawai’i #2 In Big West Next Season (Behind Irvine) Because of ALL the Talent they got coming back…

    And Benjy deserves the shot for The Great Job he did…

    AND We ALL Need to Stay Positive…

    RUNBOWS Version of Jackson?

  14. Let’s face it, recruiting for this year is screwed. Now you wonder how many players will flee the program, either because of academics, wanting for another environment, uncertainty because of the investigation, or because of other reasons like family. One thing is for certain, there is always movement after the end of the season and maybe even during the summer. Those that transferred into our program have a better chance of staying. Those that started here, might transfer out. We all wish all the players that still have eligibility next year all return to play for our team. With a couple of pieces that can contribute to the rotation next year’s team could go places.

  15. yes Eagle….. Jeff, Jackson, and of course Johnny always… They were Really Positive tonite.. objective.. and I could really listen with open mind.. all 3 want what is best for MBB program…and all 3 feel Benjy deserves a shot.. even Jackson, if that is what search or chancellor wants , Benjy as permanent, he is fine with that. Huge positive..That is good and kudos to Jeff and Jackson. they can see and hear the Positive support I guess for MBB team and coach Taylor.. Johnny W. so close to team and program, he feels Benjy deserves a shot, .. definitely.. POSITIVE… when hoopstalk.. goes Positive for Benjy and the Bows.. at least give proper credit, and wish him the best That is Good For All MBB fans.. good job Jackson and Jeff and Johnny.. And Benjy.. man, we Do Appreciate you giving of yourself to save MBB program for this year and hopefully for years to come !!

    All 3 noted Benjy hitting the recruiting trail, and want a future hoopstalk show to feature, if can do, the NEW recruits coming in by whomever HC.. and I hope chancellor BV gives Benjy a chance, heck I really believe, HE WOULD TAKE a ONE year deal, just to assure 2 JC recruits HE IS THE HC for next year.. All We Are Saying .. IS GIVE BT a Chance..

    Go Bows. and now, I can listen to hoopstalk again… not as bad. .. they gave very Positive spin!!

  16. Yes fans.. if can have for unity, solidarity , familiarity, and continuity.. wheeew.. lot of ty words! Hope Benjy and staff back, with a JC 6’10” 255 pound banger who can dunk on Mamadou, , and guard rim, run, shoot, Rebound. not afraid.. and a 6’5″ 200 high flying, creative shooter, and excellent pressure, AND more importantly, keep man in front of him , so Whole Team can guard well In Half Court.. Really we all knew. from days of Riley and his O and D.. when he had the really good teams. they played awesome half Court D.. and ran that flex motion, and other variations. in half court.. Believe, Benjy has that playbook, as well as Senque and Brad Autry, with his success at Tulsa.. That is the EXTRA piece to the MBB Machine, the 2015-16 GREEN MACHINE.. remember old timers. the Fab Five was the , well.. the Fabulous Five…. the Henderson led teams next two years.. they got tabbed the Green Machine. or something like that, with Superman Tom Henderson getting a lot of steals. Bobbitt. anticipation all over the place.. so much energy.. and to get 100 steals, and lead NCAA in that category.. plus BWC DPOY.. wow..

    The future.. as soon as lock into place, and really hoping it is Benjy Taylor with 2 JC good gets.. UH can battle for BWC regular season crown for next 3 years. and hopefully beyond. that is The Goal.. win the regular season First. guarantees NIT berth

  17. 6’5″ 200 athletic scorer? Did I just describe Aaron Valdes? I think so…however Aaron will improve, he did so by leaps, pun intended and bounds. this year. Next season, he will be better.
    Actually a replacement for G Money, Garrett Nevels.. maybe a little taller, however.. lengthy. credit to G.. HE IS WITHOUT QUESTION. for a 6’2″ 195 pound SG, the BEST rebounding guard , who had , has, incredible Want to.. for him to grab 8 or 9 boards, even when his shot not dropping. that kept UH in a lot of games.. Garrett AND Quincy Smith 6’1″ 180;… high flying Rebounding guards… wow.

    Just get that 6’10” 255 beast JC
    and another G or AV type, who can defend in half court..
    I think that is the next step.. Execution in half court O and D..they have full court, traps, steals, deflections, high energy D, already, they can turn people over. however.. dropping back into solid half court D ,.. and executing.. and Ability to score in half court sets.. that will win them games even in NIT or NCAA’s.. The Future is looking brighter.. that other .. thing .. well we shall.. see. however as for now.
    UH MBB , they will be top , or near top of BWC .. next season.. Hope best, for BT and BV please make good decisions Fast !!

  18. Everyone at this point can see the writing on the wall. You’ve got to be pupule (no offense Pupule) to not see it. But the Board of Regents is another thing. Anyone ever been an association board member? All they do is talk and more talk and nothing gets accomplished. Same smell here only they try make moa high makamaka. In the end though when they finally see the light they will have to agree that Benji is the right coach for UH MBB. Just like 99% of the people here. You know would save the BOR a lot of time and headache by tallying the yes and no votes on WI. Of course if you like make tontadon with your grand entrance announcement 1 week later go right ahead and be like UH.

  19. servante

    just have to recall how fast they went hire, and have contract in place to have Mack as HC after June left.. They can do it..
    I don’t know if you or I would want a young JC or assistant BWC coach, coming here and starting All Over Again.. what is the saying if it ain’t Broke, don’t TRY to Fix, or not, in this case make it pono or right..
    To his credit. at National JC championship tournament, that is where hard working BT. is.. looking for that, big.. even another Bill Amis? Remember, he was a real late get, actually a SG, about 6’6″ out of senior HS Oklahoma, then he grew about 3 1/2″.. developed into great leftie big, help side shot blocker..He would eventually when pau pro ball, be good Bigs coach for MBB too.

    Auwe.. servante give BT a Chance yeah ! Yesssir !

  20. I think if this was a strictly basketball decision decided by the W-L and what we saw on the court Benjy would be signed up already. W-L record was respectable, we showed flashes of brilliance and the crowds came back to the SSC. To ensure we don’t go where we went with Gib and the NCAA there are many concerns about his character and integrity which is why the job is being opened up to the public.

  21. ^^^ IF this is true and UH administration ends up going in a different direction, would they owe it to the fans to at least make a statement about that? I know they can not be specific because of privacy issues, but at least they can say there are “off-court concerns” or something like that.

    It just seems like everybody in UH administration including the UH athletic officers is more concerned about covering their own behinds than caring for the people who pay to watch the product. IE, bad business.

    So far all we’ve heard is rumors about this off-court issues so if it is true then UH has a responsibility to let the public know why they would go in a different direction. If they don’t say anything and all thats left are the anonymous know it alls on message boards saying I told you so then that would be just sad and the public distrust of UH would get worse and I bet attendance would really suffer and that just puts UH finances in even deeper hole.

  22. The definition of insanity…

    On to other things. IsaacM is afraid to change coaches because UH always messes things up. But at the same time he thinks he can chase championships. Those thoughts don’t really work together in a functional way. But if you think the heart can jump higher than the head…

    Team has progressed too slowly under Gib/Benjy. Look at the other basketball team in Hawaii, they have progressed much faster (and also that coach was, if I’m not mistaken, hired by UH).

    The problem with you folks, is that you look back and think we are progressing. I look back and see all the championships we’ve already missed. What is it now, maybe next year we can be #3 in the Big West? You call it progress, I call it another lost year.

    What offense did Benjy install last year, he did a lot of talking that he was spending those 2 weeks without games to set some plays.

  23. Chuck I don’t believe they are rumors. Lawsuits have been filed against BT and it’s all public record. The other stuff besides the lawsuits are not public and will never be made public due to privacy issues. After a coach is hired UH will just give a blanket statement that they picked the best person for the job who can take the program to the next level yada yada yada. Less is more in the PR world.

  24. Hey…great opinion comments.. same old UH.. admin, and politics..

    On a National scale.. ESPN, Fox Sports West , CBS sports insider commentator.. all said Benjy and the Bows.. awesome job, and Benjy Deserves the job.
    That other thing that happened.. probably student athletes right to privacy.. law.. and UH conduct rules..if anything, did not cause anyone to get disciplined suspended..
    If it were true.. and Chuck is right, too much speculation and conjecture.. Have to have the facts..

    Facts: Benjy Taylor.. was given the reins to handle SAVE MBB program for this year.
    The 14 guys who stayed with support of their families.. They had great Season.. and PROGRESS.. Gib could not get his teams to BWC or WAC tournament Championship game and chance to Dance. in 4 years.. within 4 or a little over 4 months. Benjy and the Bows Almost did it…

    And Nationally , national scale.. all Really in The know Basketball people.. They KNOW Benjy is right fit for the job.. If he felt , he had NO CHANCE.. and HE would know..for job.. He and Senque would just Quit trying to still recruit.. or look for potential late transfers. and even into summer. To me, if I am chancellor.. I look at number one.. Monies created.. ticket sales.. this year good.. Support of fanbase.. very, very good, except for really minority.. saying Benjy and Bows, fall short, as OPPOSED TO WHAT? They only together , this basically NEW team, for Four Months?Sheesh, glad that I did not work for some of the anti Benjy go in New direction, after Only 4 months on the job.. give the man credit.. and he admits.. it IS VERY tough.. managing 14 different personalities and egos, the 21st century type of student athletes.. who are Really athletic and great ball players.. And they win 22 games, almost got 23rd, that is why Johnny W., questioned Jackson Last nite. same as, the 3 on this forum, who want to go another direction..Johnny asked Jackson. REALLY.. just because of losing Championship game of BWC .. after all of the problems from beginning of season.. JUST ONE GAME? If he Won it.. then He SHOULD be no question the Next Permanent HC.. You know and I know. that Jackson, inside, he wants to clear house. However. friends.. wanting to go in another direction.. because Benjy was associate HC before.. remember…Benjy gave great hope, to MBB and UH athletics in general..and made thousands of fans happy.. because of Love for US. the Hawaii fans, and taking care of the guys.. made sure they are okay..He is a REAL MAN.. more so than a lot of us.. I could not do what he did in 4 months.. save a MBB program.. not have full backing..and STILL IS OUT THERE recruiting. and selling Hawaii, tough to do.. if He does not Know he is coming back.

    Benjy We Love You Man.. Just 3, Only Three on this forum.. negative or go another direction, despite a great year Your Team had.. If chancellor goes another direction hires a JC assistant coach, or BWC assistant, or WCC assistant.. that Jackson W. said. could use this as stepping stone , to Bigger job , another school.. that is nuts.. Benjy, would want to be here, for the rest of his career.. Takes time.. and You Only give the guy 4 months? Even to correct attitudes, and discipline.. it takes. time. and UNLESS , you all can spill the truth, whatever going behind the scenes. unless. the 3 anti Benjy guys, now.. before it was the anti Gib guys, or gals.. same thing.. then don’t speculate.. The Fans, should make it known. the boosters.. the new AD’s , connection to Matlin and Amemiya.. they see the success Benjy has had, and should reward him for that.. if not. UH.. no loyalty..covering butts, just not pono, not pono at all.

    Benjy, We love you man, and keep working , resume excellent.. just have Andy Katz give another shout out for support for you. when MAJOR networks, support you.. That is Big time for your resume.. your vision..

    I don’t want another BWC coach, or JC or mid major former HC or assistant.. have to start from scratch… we Let Benjy Taylor finish what he started in 4 months.. darn it.. JUST 4 months. and he had his guys battling in BWC championship game.. a Team that hoopstalk, Jackson, Johnny and Jeff P. are picking 2nd or 3rd pre BWC season pick for 2015-16 season..

    I guess, the Negative People.. even if UH hired Coach K.. they would complain, Hey He not Hawaii enough.. or He demanded what 3 million to coach.. and UH payed it? crazy..

  25. Plus.. Benjy’s ability to assemble a great coaching staff.. Senque brought in by Gib.. he is good.. a player’s coach.. and We Have to See what He can do as Recruiter. give Que a chance too. Brandon Loyd, checking on schooling for guys, and a Oklahoma HS All American, and UCLA BB athlete and grad, plus Brad Autry.. huge resume, on a moment’s notice, flew over, and really helped team.. always hear him coaching on sidelines and in timeouts.. Benjy assembled a Really good staff in Short time.

    And credit to Jamie Smith, despite Gib not being here, he knew what happened, and Still came back to Hawaii, Not his fault.. the delay 2 Years in a Row? Not HIS VISA or visa problem,.. here we go again.. an Administrative problem..

    Hey for the anti Benjy three, and I appreciate your comments and view too, ..
    IF Benjy and the Bows went 9-23, did not make the BWC tournament, did not beat Davis 2 out of 3 times, and beat higher seeds LBSU and Davis, and went up against a very good Irvine team, but came up short.. heck at 3 minutes they were within 2 points. If I am chancellor.. or wait a Minute.. if I am YOUR boss.. the one making call after ONLY 4 months on the job.. and I say, well.. had a problem, that was handled in house.., private.. matter, and you Still did your job, instead of 25% success rate.. at about 63% rate, with a whole NEW job and staff, that you never handled as Foreman or Supervisor.. I would reward you.. give you permanent job for excellent work on short notice.. OR would you want me to be This type of Luna(supervisor, boss).. ahhhhh, you know what, you Nevah, win championship game, You nevah wen NCAA tournament, ahhh.. all that ESPN , CBS and Fox, positive shout outs in support.. that nothing, I think we let you go..thanks anyway bruddah? Would make me look like not Akamai boss.. Anyways that is how myself, and probably 97 out of 100 viewers of this forum feel.. All WE ARE SAYING IS….Give BT a Chance.. why not.. And he willing to work guaranteed 1 year, unheard of, however for sake of 2 recruits, and keeping team together.. no matter the negative noise.. We want to stay Positive. and credit to hoopstalk Jackson , Johnny and Jeff.. They Want , in fact Jackson and Jeff, that is a HUGE turnaround from beginning of season.. they support the program.. and Benjy has good resume.. even Jackson… if that is chancellors or new AD call give Benjy a chance.. HE would support Benjy too. which IS GREAT… that is being a Real man too.. he was anti beny so long.. and now .. says if that is what UH wants, and remember 3 guys or .. UH is public institution, so really Hawaii’s University, would say boosters. and a lot like the UH MBB team this year.. and thousands not a couple of dozens on other blogs.. however thousands.. I am looking at online poll,.. thousands.. are supportive of Benjy as permanent Head Coach..I hope soon. very soon, for recruiting purpose.. they hire him.get him locked in for 3 years..

    If the anti Benjy 3, want to start from scratch.. and team, starts losing again.. auwe.. I No like watch that again, what happened to previous coaches for MBB and FB..auwe..

  26. Mahalo PONO. If it is public record, I wish Ferd or Keoki Kerr would track it down and do a story on it to at least put a rest to all the back and forth whispering about I heard this and I heard that. I remember Keoki Kerr busted out the child payment thing from the ex but then Benjy lawyer refuted it and never heard anything else after that.

    The anti-rumor was that the ex did it as a money grab or out of bitterness so now there’s two sides. If your ex was a public figure and owed you thousands for your kids, wouldn’t you keep chasing it and have your lawyer continue to go to media to call out the ex?

    I honestly don’t know what to believe until this public record really is made public. One of the TV stations had a public poll and it was something like 87 percent in favor of hiring Benjy so that shows you what the average Joe thinks, not just the die hard fans who follow it close.

    Those who dont want Benjy as coach need to make the public records public, including those in UH administration who dont want him. Otherwise the public can only judge him by what he did with the team and that was outstanding work that’s worth a new contract.

  27. ChuckCheese:

    I feel bad for Benjy and his sons. And his staff, the team and their families..very sure, it is not just us, the die hard fans of MBB, however the Program currently that are in this state of flux.

    Yes, I wish UH and in Hawaii, it wasn’t like this.. and you are correct it would be pono, if Now.. UH admin. says Benjy , thanks but No thanks, we want to go in another direction, and because of privacy issues they cannot make public,.okay. Then Benjy moves on. Why that Hawaii News Now, SA, went public, right in Benjy’s face, when he was made interim. I don’t know.. Some things, are just private, and coach will have to address, and probably is addressing. Don’t want to mess with people’s personal lives.. When questioned, both chancellor and outgoing AD said they were very satisfied with Benjy’s job as Acting coach, and they were happy with the season they had. Hey, if anyway that We Fans can voice our support, the emails, the letters, the national coaches support references, and the online polls, and even season ticket holders.. UH MBB boosters.. let it be known, that Benjy deserves first shot at Head Coaching job.

    If I am chancellor, and looks like HE IS THE POWER.. that be.. I would, make sure, whatever needs to be discussed is discussed, either now, or during interview process. and give Benjy a chance.. if it were such a Big Problem.. AD Ben Jay would never have asked Benjy to be Acting Head Coach… Remarkable job.
    Once again 22 wins as interim is pretty good. Personal things, personal, .. that is pono.. unless that is the interview process..Benjy is tough, mature, and man enough to deal with.. he will be okay.. That is why his team was tough, started to mature, and didn’t panic..Really great story, with hopefully happy ending.

    BOR meeting today.. chancellor, should address right away, emergency session, hire AD, he hires Benjy and darn it.. recruit those two JC guys, the Big monster dunker rebounder, and the shooter all around guard..!!

    Go Bows and Benjy hang in there. you have support of thousands.. and only a minority .. anti..

  28. Yeah, I want a winning coach, a lots of winning coach, but I also want a coach with integrity. It should be inseparable, not one or the other. Whoever that is, that’s who I want as the next head coach. I have high expectations. That’s why I’m never satisfied. I lot of times, I’m pleased and happy. But, you want to feel like it’s ecstasy But, I also think you want to win big, with class. Being satisfied for me was the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series 3 times in the last 5 years. Being satisfied is the San Francisco 49ers winning 5 Super Bowl Championships. Being satisfied is the Hawaii Warriors going undefeated 12-0 in 2007 and Colt Brennan being 2nd runner up in the Heisman Balloting, and make it to the Sugar Bowl. Being satisfied, is the San Antonio Spurs winning the NBA championship last year beating the Miami Heat. Not being satisfied is the Wahine not getting into the NCAA tournament when they are conference champs. And certainly not satisfied that we ended up 8-8 in the conference, after a 12-4 start. Yes, I would have been satisfied if the team had beaten UC Irvine. Short of that, no, because that’s the goal every year to make it to the dance. So, you want Benji Taylor? Can we find better? Are you satisfield with 8-8? 22-13? Up to you! Me, no, because we didn’t make it to the dance. And I don’t think the players on our team are satisfied too, becausse they wanted to go to the dance too. Being satisfied for me now is that I want to see my favorite coach, Tom Izzo, win another championship. Being satisfield is the Golden State Warriors win the NBA championship this year, soon to be the San Francisco Warriors when they move to their new arena near the waterfront. Being satisfield is Charlie Wade’s Men of War win the National Championship this year. Being satisfied is Mililani HS beating Punahou in football and winning the State Title. The best part is that even if we’re not satisfied, life goes on and another chapter starts. Good luck to Mr. Taylor and all the hopefuls out there.

  29. Public opinion shouldn’t matter much because the public does not have all the facts. Child support is fairly straight forward since it’s all laid out in court documents and you either prove that you made the payments or you didn’t. Same with paying rent or not paying rent. My gut feeling is that where there is smoke there is usually fire similar to the situations around Gib and his dealings and stops in the past which bit us in the okole. There is a lot of supposed smoke around Benjy.

  30. ^^^ First sentence is my point that we do not have all the facts.That’s why I asking for help to clear it up one way or another. If it is laid out in public documents and nobody has said anything since the initial report, maybe it has been paid? I don’t know and I wish somebody who has the proof would make it public.

    Derek, I like your comments about always wanting to do better but would also like to respectfully point out some flaws in the reasoning. Should Charlie Wade be coaching somewhere else this year because last year wasn’t satisfying? Would Mililani still be the champs this year if they got rid of Rod York last year because losing the championship wasn’t satisfying?

    I think they both got another chance to improve and make it satisfying. I think Benjy Taylor deserves at least that same kind of chance.

  31. ChuckCheese:

    That is sound reasoning.. Some forum members, just want to clear of former staff. clean house.. However, once again, look at the record.. was Benjy 9-23? Nope, 22 wins and in BWC championship game. That other personal stuff, Benjy said personal, he handles..
    Interesting that Jeff P. , he knows. protocol, very careful, he does not comment on those type of matters. only what pertained to season and record, effort, and he even credits Benjy, Jackson finally does too, although he would like the opening go national.

    I think Benjy has good agent, his proof, the Team stayed together, Benjy admits to not being perfect, however, a helluva record and Team really bought in.

    Shoots.. if I were part of team, recruited by Gib, and all the fallout, maybe I would have been like Fotu and Sammis and left, however Benjy convince team and families, hold on, credit to Mamma Valdes, letter.. MBB Warrior Nation, for the team, and whomever coaching support, and that is what We , well 97 % out of 100, did.. and were rewarded for a very, very good exciting season.

    Derek, pono, pupule, etc.. whomever.. you would give your mate a second chance right? Your kids or grandkids.. fellow workmates, or schoolmates? neighbors.? Especially, they had success.. All We Are Saying, and not just us, die hards.. ones at supermarket, parks, bowling alleys, hospitals, schools, public and private. they have read SA , saw on tv, online and listened on radio.. Team MBB Benjy and the Bows.. chance to Dance..Great 4 month, remember Derek.. ONLY 4 months with new system, and staff, and new guys.. if not for injury and illness .. UH could have won 27 games, probably..

    All WE ARE SAYING GIVE BT a Chance.. and for fairness and equity, especially what is happening around the world.. Benjy deserves a chance.. his Bows almost Won That BWC tournament title and the NCAA’s .. that is the HURT for MBB team and Benjy.. That would Silence a Lot of Negative Noise.. however. to make it That far. when I WOULD have quit, however the 14 remaining did not.. Fantastic.

    Dave R., BM, Dayton, Kanoa, Jim, The Leahy’s, John Pennebacker, Johnny White, Kawika Hallums, Scott Robbs, Artie, Tony S., and National Pundits, and Major Sports networks, recognize the great job by Benjy and the Bows.. Can You all Deny that Positive…. And Now Hoopstalk, staying Positive, supporting whomever head coach and team.. Solidarity, never though I would hear that from hoops talk hosts, however they are on board. Support current HC and team,, be Positive, and Benjy deserves a shot at permanent HC job.. all 100% in agreement.. Right ?

    Makes sense, to start with another, JC or BWC assistant, or fired HC from mid major, forget about it !!
    Go Benjy and The Bows.. We support you guys.
    And Chancellor, no make da kine, turtle pace. honu, honu… go for it. and get AD and Benjy in place, for sake of making MBB stronger.. Number 1 or 2 preseason BWC this coming year. Yesssir
    Servante , eagle gotta stay positive..

  32. If not for injuries, we coulda won 27 games . We were right with them for 30 minutes or 32 minutes. Stop making excuses already. We get that you love Benjy. Hard not to when you profess ur love in each paragraph, “I love you, man”. Best facilities, best pay, best crowds, and we have yet to finish top 3. UH should dominate this conference perennially but it isn’t, you can settle for trying hard but this ain’t AYSO. This is big boy game and no one gets participation trophies. Whoever is next head coach better start bringing home some hardware and post season invites. And I am not talking bottom feeder pay to play tourneys to make you feel better.

  33. A very good season given the turmoil the team went through, including the loss of Isaac Fotu. We could have used Fotu against Irvine and the outcome might have been different. All in all it was a fun season to watch.

    We have a good base of returnees for next year and we should have a pretty good year. An athletic big man that can rebound, score, play defense and block out is someone we need badly. We need to improve our free throw percentage, only hitting 68.6% this season. I also hope that Negus Webster Chan can increase his point production. We were all looking forward to his first season given the expectations that we had. He needs to look to shoot more given he he is a starter and we need more than 8 points a game from him. In his last 3 games in the tournament he only scored 4 points, 6 points and 3 points.

    Will look forward to next season.

  34. Bernie:

    yes, everyone get better, UH MBB team will be up on the top of BWC…just imagine, being together for a whole year, this season 4 months then the off months another 6.. off season when championship teams are made.
    Still not enough shout out and appreciation for this great 14 young men , Benjy and staff, incredible 22 wins, and one game, Win away from NCAA tourney.
    Look forward to Benjy leading the team. with a JC big and JC shooter added.
    UH get it done fast … hire AD hire HC soon ..

  35. Nothing wrong with giving second chances. Like I said, it’s not only winning, it’s winning with class and with integrity. You don’t want something to come back and bite us in the butt later. This is what happened to Gib. I think I was right that we should have hired somebody else instead of him. There were some shady things under Tim Floyd at USC and Gib was there.

    Eventually, things will come out and the truth will be known. Pono is correct. The fact is that it doesn’t matter what me or anybody thinks or wants because we don’t make the decisions. We just have to trust the new athletic director to make the best choice for the long term success and health of the team, the program and more importantly UH Athletics in general. I like winning, but not at the expense of ethics and integrity. You don’t have integrity and you don’t have anything. That’s a fact!!! Whoever the AD chooses we have to run with it and pray it’s the right one.

  36. BOR…meeting tonite…no decision on new AD
    so no decision on coach…which would help recruiting , team and their families

    They, UH want best “for betterment of student athletes?”
    Lack of urgency…
    well par for the course..
    Why …did not do this 2 months ago?

  37. thought there was suppose to be a news conference tomorrow at UH per Dickman on Animals show mentioned couple days ago

  38. Hope so…jjay …they should move smart and fast
    should have been done deal by now
    maybe tomorrow?
    AD….new…then help uh mbb get settled

  39. Believe he just said the chancellor was supposed to be a guest on the show on Friday, but canceled because of something more pressing on his calendar. Dickman just threw it out there that maybe the selection of the AD was imminent.

    As Derek said above, ain’t nothing that’s said on this blog or other social media matters … just let the process play out and that process appears to be, for now, AD first, basketball coach second.

  40. clyde….we just chatting…we know we don’t make calls
    however decisions made historically at UH …tend to be not with sense of urgency..expediently. .
    I know..worked for that entity..that is why frustrating..after years..same thing

    Why ask about recruits, recruiting by benjy if his hands tied?
    Same ole same.
    for betterment of student athletes?
    I wonder?
    14 young men and their families , plus staff..their future in balance..

  41. Regarding money owed to the ex. Is it not so that out of his paycheck money owed can be garnished to pay for divorce settlement?

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