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A closer look at the final numbers

Along the way to stealing the hearts of fans, the University of Hawai’i basketball team stole its way into the record books.

The well-documented turmoil aside, the 2014-15 Warriors can be remembered as the team that shattered the school record for steals, and even challenged for the national lead in that category. Among the new UH records in the steals category:

• The Warriors were credited with 337 steals for the season, breaking the previous UH record of 293 set by the 1983-84 team.

• They tied the single-game record with 20 steals against CSUN on January 10. The only other UH team to record 20 steals in a game was the 1988-89 team.


• Junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt had 100 steals to establish a new single-season record. The previous record of 84 was set by All-America guard Tom Henderson during the 1972-73 season.

• Bobbitt recorded a single-game UH record of 10 steals in a victory over Hawai’i-Hilo on November 19, topping the previous mark or nine set by Tony Webster during the 1982-83 season.

• Bobbitt also had 12 points and 10 assists to go along with the 10 steals in the win over UH-Hilo, making him just the second player in UH history to record a triple-double. The only other one was Reggie Carter in 1975.

Perhaps because of the team’s aggressive style of defense, the Warriors also shattered another team record … for fouls. Hawai’i was whistled for 712 fouls during the season, topping the previous mark of 635 set by the 1983-84 team (which, as mentioned above, also held the previous record for steals).

The 2014-15 Warriors finished with a 22-13 record, which tied the school record for most games played in a season (the 1989-90 team went 25-10).

The 22 wins is the fifth-best total in the modern era (since 1970), topped only by 27 wins in 2001-02; 25 wins in 1989-90; 24 wins in 1971-72; 23 wins in 1970-71.

Among other notable statistics from the season:

• Bobbitt led the team with 187 assists – an average of 5.3 per game. The 187 assists for a season is the sixth-best in UH history. Anthony Carter holds the season record for assists with 212 in 1997-98.


• Sophomore wing Negus Webster-Chan led the team with 64 3-pointers, which is the 10th best total for a season in UH history. Zane Johnson set the season record of 98 in 2010-11.

• Webster-Chan also finished with a .410 percentage from 3-point range, which is the eighth-best in school history. Bert Woodard had a school-record .479 percentage in 1991-92.

• Senior guard Garrett Nevels finished his two-year career at UH with 107 3-pointers in 282 attempts. His career percentage of .379 ranks eighth best in UH history.

• Sophomore wing Aaron Valdes finished the season as the team leader in both scoring (13.7) and rebounding (5.3). Since 1970, eight previous players have led UH in both categories for a season: Bob Nash (1971-72), Gavin Smith (1976-77), Tony Wells (1977-78), Jack Miller (1983-84), Reggie Cross (1988-89), Marquette Alexander (1999-2000), Vander Joaquim (2011-12) and Christian Standhardinger (2013-14).

• Valdes is also just the third sophomore in the modern era to lead the team in scoring, joining Andre Morgan (1984-85), Chris Gaines (1987-88) and Matt Gibson (2004-05).

• Perhaps overlooked due to Bobbitt’s steal numbers, Valdes finished with 56 steals, which is the ninth-best total for a season in UH history.

And here are the final statistical leaders for the 2014-15 season …

Scoring: 1, Aaron Valdes 13.7; 2, Garrett Nevels 10.8; 3, Stefan Jankovic 10.6.

Rebounding: 1, Aaron Valdes 5.3; 2, Stefan Jankovic 4.9; 3, Garrett Nevels 4.4.

Field goal percentage: 1, Mike Thomas .492; 2, Stefan Jankovic .491; 3, Stefan Jovanovic .483.

Assists: 1, Roderick Bobbitt 5.3; 2, Isaac Fleming 2.1; 3, Negus Webster-Chan 1.5.

3-pointers made: 1, Negus Webster-Chan 64; 2, Garrett Nevels 48; 3, Aaron Valdes 31.

3-point percentage: 1, Negus Webster-Chan .410; 2, Aaron Valdes .360; 3, Garrett Nevels .345.

Free-throw percentage: 1, Garrett Nevels .771; 2, Stefan Jovanovic .761; 3, Roderick Bobbitt .733.

Steals: 1, Roderick Bobbitt 100. 2, Aaron Valdes 56. 3, Quincy Smith 43.

Blocked shots: 1, Mike Thomas 34. 2, Stefan Jankovic 33. 3, Stefan Jovanovic 28.



  1. Good Season… and we still don’t know who will be part of, and be leading the team? Only in Hawaii.

    Mahalo Benjy, best wishes on future endeavors.. you made me a fan of your Benjy Ball, much apologies form my former employer, for their taking too much time getting things settled in UH Athletics.. You have done well, and many opportunities await.. I enjoyed your candor, admitting you are not perfect, yet very caring of the 14 guys who stayed on board. Papa Bear Benjy Taylor taking care of 14 cubs. great BB student athletes. Don’t listen to the Negative Noise, Benjy and team, make the BEST decisions for yourselves and your families.

    Would NOT be surprised if Benjy , for example ended up at South West Mid western, a mid major school, (fictitious) and led them to NCAA tournament next year.. With some Benjy Ball !

    Still I am hoping UH will at least negotiate, open up talks with your agent. for even a two year deal. You have the pieces.and the big challenge. keeping guys together to make championship run.. if not..and some choose to move on. well, fill in the pukas with some hard working Bigs and shooters. that can defend in half court and shoot well against zones !!

    Benjy Taylor and The Bows. Great season, Your DEFENSE kept you all in every game, and brought a lot of excitement to the islands !!
    why, me , the GA supporter, then GA gone, and NOW the BT supporter? Just the fact, even though Uhadmin, and Dave R., Bobby C,, Artie W., and chancellor, or power polticial factions, say that winning is everything for coach, administration., organization, and discipline, true.. however Benjy had to do it on the fly, NOT EVEN KNOWING if he could field a team of 10 guys.. Miraclous job

    However. never know.. believe.. UH admin has their own agenda. I hope BT gets a shot. if Not BT will be okay.. opened a lot of eyes with 22 wins, and a game within NCAA tournament.. and UH strapped, what shibai.. a donor wanted to sponsor, donate monies to cover CIT or CBI.. crazy.

    Wish you Well Benjy and The Team, finish school wherever you may be or end up.. hopefully just stay with UH and win championships.. Just One Big, a good one, and A great defending shooter away from dominating the BWC and winning the regular season title !!

  2. Mahalo Dayton & WI.com Team, Schmidt ‘Ohana and Supporters,
    Coaches and Staff, Players And Families…

    For a Very Good, Well-Documented, and Exciting Season
    All the Way to Anaheim, Nine Points, One Half Away from NCAA Tourney Invite
    Best Conference Tourney Finish in a over a Decade

    A Young Team, Overcoming Unprecedented Adversity
    Excitement in Every Game, ‘Gamers’ who show up to Play and Challenge
    Won Two out of Three in Every Tourney
    And Led in the Third Game as well
    In My Book, Finished Strong
    And Almost Strong Enough for Everyone

    Stand Tall
    Please Stay the Course
    Finish Strong In Classes
    Work Hard on Your BB Game
    Right There… Hold Together as a Team
    You have a Group, A Make-Up and a Method that Can Work
    And Can Work Even Better
    You already Have Enough
    Hone and Improve through More Hard Work
    Recruit a few more Friends, Players
    Take It Over The Top!
    FIRST Three-Peat 20-Win Seasons
    MORE Post-Season…Win!
    Maybe in Honor of Departing Garrett
    ‘Money’ Season!

    However it All Works Out
    Thanks for Bein’ Good Guys
    Mahalo, ‘Bows!
    AND Winners
    GO ‘Bows!

  3. eagle.. hey we been posting from beginning of Forum started by Dayton some years back, Gib’s first year or so.
    Echo the sentiment, First Rate and Excellent support from Super Duper fans, Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions and Schmidt Ohana.

    Hey, Dayton, if need be, I would be one of first, to PAY for subscription to this site. It is that good. No matter whom the coach, and situation with UH MBB, you are there.. The Best in the Business. way ahead of the game, ahead of another periodical.

    However. this site, great for young and old , newer and makule fans of MBB !
    Thanks so much.. now, … We see how AD/MBB hire turns out. And even before that.
    I am sure you will have video, on what guys are going to do, moving forward, also,’
    that great post season, closeup, asking guys what they are going to work on.
    Heard on Animals. supposedly Two Key guys, are going to play NCAA summer league
    this year. Hope they stay HEALTHY.

    Thanks eagle, .. I think it was YOU.. telling ME to keep blogging. keep the flame
    going, when only had one or two posts, or Zero, from beginning of Forum
    We have hit 100 posts. sometimes. and easily 25-40 comments.

    Now we KNOW, team they read our Posts.. and to The Team:
    Great Job guys..Talk with your Ohana, do super well in school,
    that diploma will come in real handy, a lot of you will do well,
    as Coaches !!! Because of overcoming Adversity.

    To the Ohana of MBB team. Hey.. Appreciate you all letting.,
    Garrett, Quincy, Rod, Isaac, Zach, Dyrbe, Brocke, Stef Jankovich, Stefan Jovanovich, Brandon Jawato, Mike, Aaron, Negus, and Niko.. be part of Great 22 win UH MBB Rainbow Warrior Team
    We, the Warrior Men Basketball fans.. appreciate you allowing your sons to
    give us so much joy, they battled through every storm, every, trial thrown
    their way.

    eagle, fellow fan for going on 5 years. on WI…keep the faith..
    UH system and admin, my former employer, they have mandate to keep the MBB program
    Better Days Ahead, a Bright 2015-16.. Benjy go get em.. grind, and sign some good additions to team. .IF.. they give you a Chance.. All We Are Saying .. Is Give Benjy a Chance. to Dance !!
    Look forward to New AD and HC , moving forward.. see how this final minutes crunch time
    plays out.. like all year, I am cheering for Benjy and The Bows.


    20 – 22 – 25?
    This Year Improved BY TWO
    Next Year, Even More…?

    Even With FOUR NEW Starters…
    ONLY ONE Played MAJOR D-1 Minutes Last Year
    LOST #1 Assists Man, TEAM MVP, AND TWO FIRST-TEAM All-Conference Players…
    And TWO Coaches At The LAST Hour…

    Next Year: SOME OR ALL Should Be BACK…

    AS Other BWC Coaches Noted: CHIN UP! Please DON’T DARE Feel Bad…
    Regular Season BWC Champ Went from Worst to First…
    TOURNEY Champ HAD TO Squeeze Out Semi-Final O.T. Win…
    And WAS Previous Season’s Regular Season CHAMP LOSING In Tourney to #7 Cal-Poly
    Who DID WIN an NCAA Tourney Game…
    AND Irvine Took #4 LOUISVILLE Down to The LAST Rebound @ Nine Seconds…

    This Conference (BWC) IS UP In Standings #13 Right Behind Mountain West…
    And Committed to Keep Improving…
    THIS TEAM Improved From #240 at Start of Season to #123 @ End (Pomeroy)
    Knocking Off Top 100 Teams: PITT, Colorado, UC-Davis (TWO out of Three – UCD”s ONLY Other Loss to BWC Power UCSB) and O.T. Loss to Top 10 Wichita State…

    … AND The Team “COULD Have” Improved Another 5-10 Points IF They Played Another Week…

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Take It To THE NEXT LEVEL!

  5. Bu laia for AD and Pee Wee Herman for coach ,cheeehoooo

  6. ^^^ We already tried that before except they went by the names Frazier and Nash. LOL.

    Sorry couldn’t resist that one.

  7. ezdozit: ha, ha, ha..:)

    the way things done UH Manoa, and politics, so slooow… and no support .. getting things done pono..

    Pee Wee why not.. and Bu.. well maybe not Bu.. The Bruddahs !! AD and Associate AD.. ha, ha, ha..

    Thanks for the laughter.. more to life than sports. family, good health, worship.. and taking care of our beautiful planet earth !!

  8. what we need next season….a 2 guard that can create own shot…i can’t even remember the last player to able to create and score…a high flying big that blocks shots…all benjy needs to look for is 2 players for next season

  9. hawaiifan09……Yes, that is on his shopping list the 6’11” 258 pound athletic, rebounding, shot blocking big, that will dunk on any BWC big in the conference including Mamadou if he does not go to NBA or NBDL.. And that long..,.lenghthy , stay in front of your man, scorer and great 3 ball shooter, I would think a 6’5″-6’6″ 215 athlete.. looks like at this point, late get AAU summer, or the March AAU showcase, where Gib found Sammis, and the late July AAU showcase the under radar late gets.. plus the DI transfers..this year there are a lot.. Maybe with UH having 22 wins, and Jeff P. BOR chair, saying ncaa hits, will be more mild.. Benjy can lock of those guys.
    With what they have coming back, AND that Big and Scorer, who will work their okoles off in Half court O and D sets.. UH will guarantee win the BWC regular season title.. then win the BWC tourney title.

    If that dang UH admin, chancellor, and the politicians, boosters, BOR chair, and POWER that be. get off their butts and sign Benjy.. he willing to take that guaranteed ONE year, contract , reason, to see this year’s team win BWC championship. regular season AND BWC tourney title for NCAA invite.

    Go Benjys and The Bows..
    If UH has Mark Campbell or Reggie Theus.. they are going backwards.. why spoil a good thing. and personal issues… Benjy Papa Bear Taylor, man enough to take care of 4 kids, resolve what should never have come out by SA and Hawaii News Now.. .. that is his kuleana.. sheesh..

    Go Benjy, no Listen to the Noise, when hawaiianfan09, a huge critic of your former boss Gib. comes out in support of YOU.. that is HUGE.. the ones who hated anything to do with Gib.. they seen what Benjy and the Boys did.. and Want more.. dang, UH Admn, get it done soon. Benjy getting good offers already. !!


    Benjy And SenQue: 1) GET the Power-Shooting BIG; Rebounder-Blocker-Finisher-Free-Throw Burner to Free Up Negus, Thomas, Janks, But Also to Inspire them to ATTACK and Dominate Boards –The Way Roderick Inspires and Energizes The Guards;

    2) GET the Silky Shooting-Passing 2-3 to Add 40%-Plus Threes @ 3-5 per game… Stretch the Defense and Ignite & Inspire The Other Three-Ballers;

    JANKOVIC: Determination & Focus — (Already HAS The Skills) – so MAKE 1 to 3 More Free-Throws Per Game (Because Also Initiating CONTACT On Offense); LOCK IN and Take More Threes, Of Course MAKE 1-3 More Threes per game; Those Two Alone takes janks up from 11 to ~ 15 ppg; BUT Gaining Back the 20 to 25 pounds (yes, he lost that much when he got sick) good training should restore or improve the strength, drive and power to his legs to bring back his Offensive Finish-at-the-Rim Slam Game, and Disqualify a Few More Opponents (besides earning a few more And-Ones…)

    NEGUS Webster-Chan – Benjy Gotta get Another 4-5 Big AND Get Mike Thomas 10 more pounds of Muscle to Allow Negus to play his Natural 2-3 …[TRY Again, Sammis?]; Then Negus can play his wide-open game which by itself should ADD a Fast Break or Two per game, 1-3 more threes p/g, 1-3 more assists p/g…just basically moving Negus into All-Conference Range…

    AARON VALDE’S / AIR CUBA – Just Aggressiveness – Consistently More Steals BUT Fewer Fouls; Shut-Down Defender; Hit One More Three per game, More Contact on Offense for 1-2 More Made Free-Throws, takes you into 18ppg Range, Plus One -to-Two Rebounds per game, Automatic Three-Shooter…

    MIKE THOMAS – 10 -15 more pounds of Quick Muscle – Make that jump shot an Instinctive, Automatic, Quick-First Reaction — HIT 2-4 More per game, Option to Drive-Slam and TIPS, Work Shot-Block Timing

    STEFAN JOVANOVIC — ALL the Vander Skills plus better Passing and (even more) deadly shooting — think Bill Amis — study the videos, Stefan — it’s more Aggressiveness And Attitude (and Maturity); 1-3 more free throws AND 1-3 more field goals per game puts Stefan in the 8 – 12 ppg range…Increase Range beyond Three-Line…

    ISAAC FLEMING /Agent Zero / Showtime – Fewer Turnovers Given And One or Two More Gained, and Better Patience, Set-Up and Shot Selection alone will up his outside shooting percentages – 1-3 more threes per game and 1-2 fewer fouls (of All Types) per game… Practice to be the 10-second / 5-second HIT! Guy…

    ROD BOBBITT – Just 1-3 more Made Threes per Game AND Looking to Shoot Every Game like later this past season — Improved Three Set-Up, Selection and Percentage

    Q, QUINCY SMITH – Take it to The Hole (More) AND Up Three Percentage…Become Game Breaker a little more like Fleming…Focus on More Free Throw Consistency;

    Niko & Dyrbe – Continue Strength and Position Improvement, Niko become a Ball-Hawk; Both Run System Effectively AND Shoot (Higher Three Percentage) Lights Out…

    BENJY AND SENQUE – INSTILL Half-Court Passing, Control, Shot-Selection Effectiveness…

  11. eagle: Points about Benjy and Que.. really important.. HOWEVER they are out on the road, in homes, in gyms, talking on phone with contact recruits, YET…THEIR HANDS ARE TIED.. the recruits are ASKING THE SAME QUESTION: Yes, We want to come to UH MBB Warrior Team, I am the 6’11” big that is faster , stronger, and will dunk on Mamadou, the other recruit. yes, I would want to sign , I am the 6’4″ long, 42 inch vet, rebounder, and mid range, create own shot, great passer, and Defender in half or full, that can shoot 40 percent 3 pt line and 88 per cent from FT , and 48 percent from FG..YES WE BOTH>>>a Good JC big and JC shooter deluxe who can defend with quickeness in Half court and full court..

    However, coach Taylor, what is the Latest on the Coaching Situation at UH? Are You going to be there next Year?

    Good News: AD is Dave Matlin… Hope he close to MBB program, and hiring, or give First Chance to Benjy Taylor..,
    Then Recruits Will Sign !!

  12. Nevada hires new Basketball Coach.

    David Carter was fired on the evening of the 11th of this month.

    Less than 2 weeks later, Eric Musselman is being reported as the new Head Coach. Formal announcement will be tomorrow. Musselman was a former head coach for the Golden State Warriors and of late, spent time coaching the Reno Bighorns of the NBA D-League.

    Carter was reported making $464K in salary and benefits.

    Mussleman’s contract is being approved by the BOARD OF REGENTS.


    Gee, doesn’t UH Manoa have a Board of Regents? I wonder what they have been doing! The new AD is not going to have the final say anyway.

    GO BOWZ…I, for one, want to see this group stay together.

  13. Sad but it does not appear that anyone is making a move to sign Benji before the April 13 National Letter signing day. Maybe they feel that there is no one at that time looking to sign with Hawaii. Now all that leaves us is a scramble for last minute players that got overlooked or got some baggage. Not to say that we can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, but it won’t be easy now finding that shot blocker we all needed.

  14. Bobby C said the new AD Dave M. will have to evaluate other aspects of the current coach’s regime such as i think he said like administrative, budgeting, academics, discipline, etc. besides win-loss record.

    Overall win-loss record was very good and first time in conference finals since 2002. Also, most wins since 2001-02, per Dayton. Only UH coach in modern era to get at least 20 wins in his first season.

  15. UH Basketball coach opening posted today, per WSN forum. Closing date of April 13, or 19 days from today.


  16. If the posting period ends on Apri 13, then we will have a Head Coach by the end of April. Nice!!! No good recruits by then, only leftovers and maybe late qualifiers out of high school or JCs. Few good pickins!

    I hope most of the players will stick on, but I can’t fault anyone for transferring. Life goes on. Good luck to everyone.

    Note: Nevada got a new basketball coach with NBA experience. Wonder how much they had to pay to lock him up. Say what you want, but Gib Arnold was a tireless recruiter and he went all over to try to get some good players internationally. Some worked out and some didn’t. An overlooked area to me is Canada. There are a lot of good basketball players up there. I’m not sure if Benjy Taylor does a lot of recruiting of foreign players. Maybe Senque Carey is a better recruiter. Did he get Paul George for Fresno St.? I don’t know. As the new AD, Matlin’s first hire will be a very important one. His decision could define his tenure here, other than hiring the next football coach. And I’m sure he knows it too.

  17. Bob Nash did everything that he was supposed to do as head coach except win enough games. And he still got canned. The bottom line in todays world is win games and stay clean. The rest needs to be managed but is only a minor requirement. Id say that Benji has managed the other requirements. Look, no marque coach will be interested in coming here at this point in time. So AD needs to quit wasting time and go for the bird in hand and let Benji recruit. BOR need to back AD on this. Time is of the essence.

  18. Dave M said the job posting has to be for 10 days.
    Laura Beeman said in Tuesday’s SA article that she will bring in potential recruits as late as June. So far, she has one oral commitment. But she said she wasn’t going to just fill scholarships, but wants to find the right people to fit in with the team. Looking for the big combo guards.

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