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Warriors taking injuries on road trip

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will have some unwanted baggage when it departs for a two-game road trip on Tuesday afternoon. Specifically, three sprained ankles will accompany the Warriors on the trip for games at UC Irvine on Thursday, and at UC Davis on Saturday.

Starters Aaron Valdes and Mike Thomas have sprained left ankles, and top reserve Isaac Fleming has a sprained right ankle. All three are expected to travel, but head coach Benjy Taylor said he is preparing the team to play without any of the three players on Thursday.

“They’re down,” Taylor said. “I don’t think any of them are going to play. All of them are going to go (on the trip) because they have to do treatment and you never know what can happen in 48 hours, but they’ll be hobbling around.”


Valdes’ injury occurred in the second half of a victory over UC Riverside on Feb. 12, and he did not suit up for Saturday’s win over Cal State Fullerton. Fleming and Thomas were both injured in the first half of the Cal State Fullerton game.

Valdes said he would have considered playing in the last game, had he known that two teammates were going to join him on the injury list. He added that he thinks he will be able to play this Thursday at UC Irvine.

“It would have hurt a lot, but I think if it was the Big West tourney I would’ve played for sure,” Valdes said. “I hate sitting out. Sitting out that game sucks, so I’m excited to be back.”

Fleming’s injury is considered the most severe of the three, and it is likely that he will not be available for either game this week.

“I want to be back by the next home games against Long Beach and Santa Barbara – that’s my goal to get back by that time,” Fleming said. “If not, hopefully the Big West (Tournament).”

Fleming’s injury occurred on a bizarre play, which ended with both he and teammate Stefan Jankovic lying on the court a few feet away from each other. Jankovic was knocked off balance as he went up for a shot, and fell backwards onto the leg of Fleming.

Fleming’s knee hit Jankovic in the back of the head, but Jankovic was able to return later in the game.

“Honestly, I don’t remember,” Jankovic said. “I watched it on film, so I kind of remember driving in, but after that, honestly, I kind of blanked out.”

Jankovic said he passed a concussion test “with flying colors” and is prepared to play extra minutes if needed.

If Fleming, Thomas and Valdes are unavailable on Thursday, it will leave the Warriors with eight available players: Roderick Bobbitt, Dyrbe Enos, Niko Filipovich, Jankovic, Stefan Jovanovic, Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith and Negus Webster-Chan.

Junior guard Brandon Jawato has already missed the last 11 games with a back injury, and he is not expected to be available for the rest of the season.

“We got a lot of tough guys, and I know guys are going to step up,” Fleming said. “We’ll still be the same team. I got a lot of trust in my team.”

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  1. Wow what a tough road trip with potentially 8 available players. UH will be true warrioris this week on the road.

  2. Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

  3. I’m questioning why they are taking Flemings on the road trip if he’s not even targeting to be back on the court this week? Would he be better served by being in class and having the UH facilities available to him to rehab instead of going on the road with the bad wheel?

  4. Pono; The coach said he didn’t want to leave Isaac by himself or something like that. But your suggestion sounds good.

    FUHA; regarding your post under the previous day’s post, Gib is not suing UH yet but is going through the grievance process under HGEA Unit 08 procedures, where the final step is arbitration.

  5. Team, tough resilient….and, on and off the court or during practice times.. THEY ARE OHANA.. really testament to Benjy and staff and the athletes..
    Still think , if Dyrbe, Niko, NWC, Bobbit and Q were to finish games on the road. that 5, would get wins for Hawaii. tough, and now they will have lot of PT they be ready !!

    What Else can happen to This Team this year?
    However, to naysayers.. of Benjy and the Bows.. all they doing is winning games.. approaching the milestone 20th win of the season !!

    Go Bows.
    Aaron, Isaac and Mike.. get well !!

  6. Flemings go on the road, just this weekend missed.. Think Benjy wants to Keep Team Together, gets more depressing to stay home and rehab.. as Benjy says, never know in 48 hours, how these guys respond.. Several injured, and a surgery for Nevels, they cam back fast..
    I think if AV is ready to go.. that makes 8 guys available,.. with that top rotation Bobbitt, Nevels, AV, NWC and Janks.. and off the bench , Niko, Dyrbe and Jovanovich.. Team can beat Irvine and Davis. This bunch they are tough..
    That is my thought.. Just to keep MT and IF on board.. rehab on the road.. know that possiblity that MT might play Irvine game. if needed.. Beilive it is bonding.. if MT and IF are hobbled.. they won’t play.. Mike, the iron mike, I believe, Irvine or Davis game he be ready…even if for limited minutes, balance out the fouls. stay in good active zone.. protect them

  7. Edit to above post… sorry forgot about key energy guy playing really well Quincy Smith !!!

    I think if AV is ready to go.. that makes 9 guys available,.. with that top rotation Bobbitt, Nevels, AV, NWC and Janks.. and off the bench ,Quincy, Niko, Dyrbe and Jovanovich.. Team can beat Irvine and Davis. This bunch they are tough

  8. Quincy Smith was in beast mode last Saturday.

    In fact, he’s been playing really well over the last month. But Saturday night was something else.

    It seemed he emerged with rebound after rebound in the second half, and attacked the basket vertically, and from the angles with barely-controlled aggression.

    You see his confidence growing, and his productivity rising, and it is reflected in his improved shooting.

    He is just such a live, strong athlete who is an unbelievable ball hawk and who can really guard the ball. Very adept at taking away his offensive opponent’s airspace – and has really improved late in the year in not picking up cheap fouls.

    Playing him off the ball has done wonders for his confidence, and he is playing his best basketball of his career. Very excited for him.

  9. islandman… thanks for the clarification on the Gib grievance process. I figured the purpose of his action was to force UH to satisfy the terms of the “without cause” termination.

    That being said, I just continue to shake my head at how poorly UH handles their coaching contracts. Another head scratcher was McMackin’s 5 year guaranteed deal (no early termination buyout). What school in their right mind would guarantee for 5 years? UH lucked out that McMackin agreed to “retire” and accept a lower payout even though he had every right to push for a full $1.1 million buyout. I remember seeing a comment by another coach congratulating Mack on his sweet deal and that every coach wishes they could get 5 guaranteed years of pay, regardless of performance.

    Before that, the obvious eff-up of not negotiating with Jones until it was too late, then panic and give an unproven, lifelong coordinator a lot more money than you were paying the best coach in UH history that just left.

    Back to MBB, this is judgment week for UHMBB. UH needs to do no worse than a split in hopes to stay in the top 5 and avoid playing the Top 3 in the first round of the BW Tourney.

    Any word on big Alan Williams (UCSB) on his return to the lineup? If the standings stay as is, then UH vs UCSB in round 1 of the tournament. UH could have serious problems if Big Al is healthy.

  10. FUHA; i think most schools handle “Termination Without Cause” in their contracts like UH handled Mack’s termination. They paid him off for the remaining term of the contract. Only in his case, Mack agreed to take half of what was due him. Most schools use that provision to let a coach go who hasn’t met win-loss goals.

    However, seems like Gib’s contract is the only one written like the way it is written, apparently saying UH will pay him off for all the earnings he had from the Beginning of his contract. I’m wondering if that was a mistake in contract language ?

    Norm’s and Laura’s contracts have the provision that they would be paid off for the remaining amount of their contracts, should they be terminated without cause, except for Year Five, Norm’s buyout is $ 200,000 .

    Also, most mainland colleges have similar provisions stating the coach would be paid off for the remaining terms of their contracts.

  11. Man oh man. The challenges never ends for this team. It’s gonna be a tough road trip. But you know what, I think these guys can do it.
    Go Warriors!

  12. 2 wins,,,woulpd not surprise this long time fan..gib akana..,,terninated…gib attourney found loophole or vaugely written contract..watch artribrator gets involved to get stettlement …guarantee. gib get monies loop hole is good attorney found,,,uh and gib attorney fight then come out as winners? Gib gets compensated..then he get his witnesses in towm..battle ncaa to bitter end…once again gib will win

    Pau..if ncaa level 1 allegations oroved false,,,gib wins again and currennt uh mbb comes out okay

    Best case secnario…seems small however that is where arbitrator gets involved when parties at impasse.
    gib defendant has good cas..uh admin , whomever uh counsel fire those guys

    Been looking at a lot legal battles..contracts not honoered how written..believe gib gets settlment and if true will battle ncaa to clear uh mbb With he at hel…he is absolutele certain he and uh mbb completely exnoerated..and uh mbb will good to ..!!
    I AIN’T no legal eagle…the silence from uh admin counsel rely.
    nothing came ot in legal ruling gib no cas frivolous. ..so gib ..former mbb coach
    has a good case to be compensated..if he receives the money hope he can use money clear uh mbb from level 1 allegations!

    And uh mbb just keep winning
    even if onl 4 guys on the court last 4 minutes for the win!!

  13. Eagle: If Gib man of his word.. uses, and he has good lawyer, the UH counsel, the ones recently got terminated, they wrote horrible contracts.Gib;s case in point . Gib, in Bickerton has the Bulldog, of an attorney , he smells blood, and he does.. contract written so poorly WE NO LEGAL people can see the loop holes. just not written correctly.
    Okay, McCorriston, counsel for UH vs, Bickerton , counsel for Gib.. impasse.. Arbritrator… the Winner will be Gib and the loser, ta daaaa, UH…guaranteed.. Now once again if Gib man of his word…wanted to use his own money and whatever settelent monies awarded to fight the worse of the allegations the Level I allegations, and he is totally confident he will win.. In a HUGE WAY.. gib’s fight will help UH MBB.. it would show ncaa interview, ones heavily biased against Gib and Akana, and really mina mina things.. small kine.. had obstruction, or misinterpreted comments, and even misleading statements by ex coaches and many guys no loner with program. He can do that with his 1 mil. settlement, and call in those witnesses, ex coaches, begruntled ex athletes etc..He probably will win.. if case setteled by late summer and he wins.. clears himself, Akana, UH MBB of level 1 allegations.. UH MBB owes Gib a large measure of gratitude… If that is a Hones Man in Gib. Fantastic wife Lisa, beautiful 5 children.. they don’t need the negative vibe from community about Gib.. He did complete or close the deal on initially 16 great UH MBB athletes this year..

    And he knows, Benjy doing a Helluva job winning and keeping program together.. Gib gives support to Benjy.. ex Alumini their mantra, UH admin , take off the Interim label from Benjy and make him permanent HC with 3 year deal in hand… then we see how Benjy and Que can recruit those great JC hopefully soph to be with 3 years to play.. and a shooter deluxe,.. of course 4 of them.. then they on The Benjy Frenzy Ball, train. off to battle and take down top 10 teams in the DHC and win it.. also, if they had an away game at UCLA, or home and home, and UH goes and rocks them with D, rim protecting bigs, good Serbian Bigs,.. and great Forwards and guards.. a legitimate top 15 team in nation.. battling to go 16-0 in BWC and dance dance in either NIT or NCAA..

    Can bows do it.. without question, original coach a fighter.. Benjy is one too.. he take care of his MBB family. he like Riley Wallace(coach get well soon).loves the guys as his own sons. very special relationship

    Don’ t count this team out, lost 2 coaches, Elite PF to pros, and a Big body SF/PF.. back to Florida JC college to rehab and RS get recruited by other schools again, and ncaa trying to work over bankrupt UH MBB,, and all the injuries, the fly high bruh’s , etc.. hope team just stay sober and straight, have fun, however not, Bob Marley type, with herb.

    Go Bows…. My prediction UH against all odds with 8 guys on roster, and 8th guy Valdes at 80%, wins 2 games on the road in Cali, UH MBB second home, they used to.. and sweeps the top two team.. How can I say that? Look at all the trials of this year.. UH has come out stronger… if they down to 5 guys.. Benjy and staff and team will find a way to sweep this road swing..

    Go Bows !!

  14. Completed Good Homestand…other than injuries…
    Re-Hab, Re-Cover, Return STRONGER…

    As Benjy says FOUR of Last Six Games Won — “shoulda” been Five of Six– IS a Good Trajectory…
    IF Indeed “Shoulda” Been Five of Six — Then GET IT BACK By Winning One or Both On THIS Road Trip

    Then SWEEP Into Anaheim…

    IF This Team Continues to Improve…
    It Will Be Among the BEST of the Big West
    GO ‘BOWS!

    UHMBB Prayer Request:
    PLEASE Surprise Us with A Number of Good, Even Great, Recruits…

  15. Read that Governor Ige told Uh that the university has autonomy so they should figure out by themselves their financial problems. Yep, the gov got enough problems on his plate and he quickly made it clear that he was not about to rescue one ship when his ship is in bad shape too. That steak that UH got has a lot of fat clinging to it. Wonder how much the Board of Regents gets paid? What about the Presidents mansion in Manoa? There’s 3 million right there. Gotta cut somewhere and best to start at the top. Unfortunately some sports programs will most likely get cut. That’s the sign of the times. Is there anyone or anything that can keep this ship afloat? He needs to make an entrance now before too late.

  16. Gub is great and never lies!! Those ex-coaches are lying about Gib over manini stuff. Gib will win a settlement, clear his name, halt global warming, and then assume his rightful place back on the bench as the best coach EVER!!! He will also be relocating to the ohana housing unit being built by RunBows. That way he can see his #1 fan every day and hear how great he is. Hire Gib! Hire Gib! Hire Gib! UH baaad! Gib is good! Let’s go Gib!

  17. Pupule your sarcasm is funny. I hope Gib moves off the island and goes to work for someone else so we don’t have to hear the Arnold name anymore. Arnold’s have been horrible for UH. Frank and Fib a program killer duo.

  18. Amen to that Pono! Like he hasn’t done enough damage already! And what chutzpah to want a million more from UH after screwing things up.

  19. servante: Board of Regents members serve voluntarily and are not paid. I wonder what fringes they get, any free tickets ? They do have an executive administrator and secretary to the regents at a salary of $140,016 .

  20. Believe in the road sweep, folks. I have full confidence in the projected starting 5 of Bobbitt, NWC, Jankovic, Nevels and…Jovanovic? With Q coming off the bench with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Then Dyrbe and Niko coming in for relief minutes and scoring. AV would be a plus! Lock ’em down on D, put the pressure on for 40 minutes and watch out for desperation bombs. We’ve beaten Davis before payback is due for a UCI team that came in and shot an uncharacteristic 67% from the 3, yet still barely pulled out the W.

    And in unrelated news, shame on PONO and Pupule for badmouthing a situation that they really have NO actual information on. You don’t know what actually happened and things are still in motion so stop being quick to draw conclusions on a Coach that did nothing but good things for the U of H. How do you think we got the current players we have now?? If you have nothing nice to say here then please go away.

  21. Ask NCAA if he did nothing. I know what ex coaches and players testified to and that was Gib breaking rules. But shame on me for bringing it up. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I shall only say nice things about your hero and chief cheater, the one and only Gib! Believe in the road sweep. I guess anything is possible, even pigs flying. I have no comment about his recruits. Young men trying hard and leave it at that. but as long as this site has blind Gib apologists I will continue to post until those blinders come off, if ever. Go Gib (I mean Bows)! Sometimes forget if this site is about Bows or Gib. My bad.

  22. Interesting that Janks passed the concussion test but couldn’t remember the play and self proclaimed was out of it for the rest of the half. Head injuries are nothing to mess with.

  23. IsaacM..jealously…
    might be same person…Pono..n Pupule..plus gibno…,…

    We like team…support current coaches..their families and athletes..
    Isaac you know how we know benjy has support of fans and many good people even gib?
    When John Pennebacker ex Airforce vet and member of fab five

    Why add negativity…to team and add more cons
    they need support
    Wonder ..if dayton and scmidts make it secured, monitored..payed forum service,,
    if it were 10 to 15 dollars a month ..I would pay..with legitimate mailing addresses

    Sometimes too out of hand some comments..the negative person/s

    Go Bows
    benjy aband bows doing great..and gib if exonerated of charges..would actually help uh mbb
    maybe might happen?
    Go Bows !!

  24. Edit to above ..

    When John Pennebacker ex Airforce vet and member of fab five support benjy and the bows!!
    IsaacM…you and 99.9% of forum contributors positive
    fight for the bows
    I am with you IsaacM
    take high road!!

    Go Bows!!

  25. Fight for Gib! Just remember who was the cause when additional penalties handed down. But you will blame that on someone else. Almost like a cult. And to paraphrase, sometimes too out of hand with the hype and adulation for Gib. If you notice, when you focus on the players u never hear from me. When u start in again with Gib fantasies then hard to resist pulling back the curtain to show you the real thing. Hang in there boys. Guys like Gib always land on their feet. He can sure talk the talk. Let me know how traffic is on the high road.

  26. Caught me. Pono, gibnogood, pupule all the same. U one smart buggah! Also I happen to be Tyler Harville’s second cousin

  27. Pupule and myself are definitely different people so I’ll clear that up for you RunB. Just because I am a fan of the basketball program and the athletic department doesn’t mean that I have to turn a blind eye to the facts. Gib could very well win his lawsuit but its a legal error not because he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t see how a sensible human being could and UH fan could not have disdain for what Gib has brought upon the program. Gib will not win any case against the NCAA and if he did challenge them on his own he’ll be wasting money on attorneys. He broke the rules and now UH and the team will pay for it in some form. It’s unfair to these players to pay for it since they weren’t a part of the violations, hence that is why I am disgusted with Gib for dumping all this on the current team. He knew what he was doing was wrong which is why he tried to cover it up.

  28. IMAGINARY LETTER FROM RunBows/Supporters/maybe families of UH MBB team, FOR SUPPORT OF BENJY Taylor.. Just my own opinon, not the stated opionion of 14 sets of parent or guardiands of the 14 Fantastic MBB team.. Strength through Adversity..

    Below Letter, Just imagined, Not actual opinion or expressions of UH MBB families and friends. However Imagine if it were Real? Would be Neat !!

    WOULD BE AWESOME AND HEARTFELT… If.. all parents/ guardians, and friends of UH MBB athletes..if it was their desire, and united feeling to write a letter to UH BOR, UH Pres. , UH AD, and Media. I cannot write as well as MammaVx4… I will take a stab at it..

    DISCLAIMER: This is just RunBows, imagined solidarity letter of support for Benjy Taylor as new HC..

    To the Univeristy of Hawaii Administration :

    In regards to Benjy Taylor being considered as a permanent HC for a mulit year fair deal. The reason we supporters of Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Roderick Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming, Nikola Filopovich, Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Jankovich, Negus Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, Dyrbe Enos , Mike Thomas, Zach Bushcher and Brocke Stepteau, feel that , as Former UH Fabulous Five member and former State Librairan feel, that Benjy Taylor, after the firing of coaches Gib Arnold and Brandon Akana, and the subsequent, departure of Isaac Fotu, who had been put on indefinite suspension. Plus the final transferring of a Gib Arnold recruit Sammis Reyes back to Florida. We, the families, and our sons, were in turnmoil.

    Benjy Taylor, met with our sons, and laid it out on the table, there was talk of who might leave or stay. Team came together and expressed their concerns that at least for one year , they wanted Benjy Taylor as HC.. acting/ interim. and go from there after this year. Well, Mr Taylor has exceeded our expectations, team has had growing pains, being so young, different, backgrounds, skillsets, and to mesh together as one after Nov 1 2014, from first practice official with Benjy , they beat Pitt, they almost Beat 3 Power conference teams to win the Diamond Head Classic. 12- 4 pre Confrerence record, was a first for MBB program, the most by a UH MBB team.

    Now , our concerns turned towards, the injuries of our sons, however, with direction of Benjy, and even the practices, shorter lighter, there were still injuries, kudos and props to Trainer Jayson Goo. Excellent job taking care of our young men. Plus , the love and support and helping develop these fine student athletes by Senque Carey, Brad Autry, and Brandon Loyd, outstanding..

    This team has had national recoginition from ESPN broadcasts for what Benjy and team have done, coming out of adversity and battling as warriors. Mid Major Coach of The Year Hugh Durham Award, And though a bumpy start, and 3 ankle injuries, sitting at 6-5 and still in the hunt for that 3, 4, or 5 seed in BWC , despite, major setbacks.. our sons, whomever available has stepped up…credit to love and support of Benjy, the assistants, the tutors, team doctors, the professors, and the Team.. our Sons, who despite, a lot of negativity , have become stronger. And Benjy Taylor at the helm has helped to guide team to verge of 20 win season .. We would never have thought possible back in October 2014.

    Therefore, Benjy Taylor and staff, has done a wonderful job, when decision is made to hire a multi year, properly written and fair contract , we believe Benjy Taylor’s name should be first and foremost considered. And we know, still have 5 to 8(BWC champioinship tourney game) to play, and perhaps, ncaa playoff bound…

    So we echo thousands of fans, if it ain’t bronke, don’t fix it, by hiring someone else, could actually break the bond of the 14, and soon to be 13 with Garrett Nevels departure..Please we are united and support Benjy Taylor as next Permanent Head Coach of the MBB program.. His team, for next year will even be better.. Our sons are maturing by leaps and bounds.. And Coach Taylor is working on helping them to control emotions and mature . Live, Learn Lessons, and Love playing Basketball for the University of Hawaii and for the State and thousands of fans.

    Sincerely.-Supporters.. of Benjy Taylor and the MBB Team——————-(Make Believe letter from supporters of UH MBB team if they fully support Benjy for next HC of MBB.. I promote Benjy, however no intention to sway, their final decisions of the parents for their sons futures)

    Go Benjy and the Bows !!
    Above letter composed by RunBows.. does not express feelings of parents.. Just imaginary,..though I think a lot of team’s parents do appreciate the good job by Taylor..



  29. And supporters of BRANDON JAWATO.. first class young man, going to get degree in May 2015

    Awesome, sorry forgot to include your name above Brandon Jawato !!

  30. So Runbows is a former Fab Five team member?

  31. Because the NCAA knows everything and is perfect, right? LOL, the NCAA is one of the most corrupt organizations around, all about the greed/money/politics but hey, anything they say must be true, right? I’m not trying to put Coach Gib on a pedestal but the fact of the matter is that none of us really knows what all happened, even the NCAA. Details are vague and ambiguous, and the fact that UH let him go “without reason” is a statement in itself.

    The fact of the matter is that Gib isn’t the coach anymore and anything he has going on with the University is their kuleana. I’m here to support the team either way, as I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and have seen this team through thick and thin. If you want to talk crap about someone who does not currently have ties to the U of H then that’s fine but this is not the place for that kind of toxicity.

  32. IsaacM.. hit it on the head….We true MBB fans, we are here to support current coaching staft the student athletes and their familes.

    I feel sorry for Gib’s families, and Akana’s, those ohana are very good nice people, Gib’s son plays HS baskeball for Alika Smith’s Varsity team , doing well, one day, he might be a DI BB player.

    This forum, 99.9% supportive of team, if thieir record were 6-11 and lot of discord.. not too fun to post.. team doing really well has Galvanize, United a whole state, even for people know nothing about UH MBB.. good job Benjy..

    ONLY=gibnogo…, Pono….._Pupule from a smart phone, hit the from with negative bombs about Coaches and team.. pilau..
    As for Gib, he is and adult.. he has a case.. well go to court.

    We support Benjy and I hope UH admin, when benjy hits 20 wins, will start process to sign him to mulit year deal, to sign 2 bigs and 2 shooters ,JC incoming sophs with 3 years to play.

    Only way to rid forum, of Negative nancies? Dayton and Valerie Schmidt primary sponsors charge..$10.00 to $15.00 per month , verified paymernt, and legitimate mailing address, pluys local 808 area codes.. You make these ANTI anything UH MBB, pay, and show Hawaii legitimate residencey.. will stop the nonsense, the attacking past and current MBB coaches and teammebers.. Pono, pupule annd gibnogo.=., Just a waste of time.. Nothing in support of true UH fans, and Hawaii.

    Go away.. if have nothing good or constructive to says or type, move on sister and brother..
    Isaac M well said.. Support the bows, past is the past and let UH counsel and Gib’s counsel handle, all we care about is supporting Benjy and the Bows !!

  33. What happened to free speech “true fan”? U think $10 would price me out of speaking the truth? Guess again. and a fan for 20 yrs or a season ticket holder for 20 years? There is a difference . Keep stroking each other. One person’s crap = unvarnished truth. TTYL.

  34. Whoa, hang on there RunBows. Don’t have to be in Hawaii to be a UH fan. I’ve supported them for years, but am not anywhere near Hawaii. Plus, you have growing support in Cali. and international fans. Don’t mean to dump on you, but wanted to stop that misperception before it grew.

  35. sarconic…I am sorry we appreciate true uh mbb from usa and the world!!
    3 serbians, cali guys, delaware, canada, texas..

    just with pono, pupule, gibno–..the person , 3 in 1..same one at herl/his smart phone jealous of happiness we experience with benjy and the bows
    always negative or mocking good fans on sit
    that is his/her bad mantra!

    sarconic…just made suggesttion to Dayton Morinaga and major sponsors Valeie Scmidt and ohna, Pacifc risk solutions..to stop negative person…
    make this a secured pay forum site, that way monitor registered accounts and will control negative nancies..

    that would be good would stop whatever is bugging ..this person…pono/pupule and gibno–…

    sarconic you are good fan objective constructive comment like 99.9 % of forum
    that is a strong positive mbb nation

    go bows!!

    Any locale welcome..paid service with secure logon and legitimate phone mailswould stop pono/pupulele, gibno–..if they continue on negative tangent..

    I would pay for joining forum,,,the best uh mbb coverage hands down!!

  36. not going away. I would pay good money just to read more fictional letters. Classic. Will check back in to see when there is actually some real (not fictional) bb talk. Nighty night!

  37. Runbows I’m glad you are allowed to make accusations, but no one else can. You are the almighty king of the board.

  38. In the Where Are They Now Dept…

    I was watching the end of the Duke/NC game tonight and I heard that BO BARNES made the winning basket again tonight in the 68-66 win over UCLA.

    BTW, GERRY BLAKES is a junior who ia also playing for ASU.

    Nevada Wolfpac announced today that RONNIE STEVENS has retired from basketball after ongoing complications from knee surgery.

    GO BOWZ…bring it tomorrow.

  39. BB…Thanks…

  40. Hey Runbows,
    As a proponent for expanding the Rainbow Warrior brand, I would think that you want this to be a free site. I would pay, but the casual fan (who may turn into a hardcore fan), would they? Just because people speak the truth and not put UH coaches on a pedestal, even though they don’t really speak ill of the players, you would like to cut off the casual fan, or family members who may not be able to afford a fee? Auwe! I would call pilikia on your part. If you have the proof that ___ should be absolved of the accusations, then spread it. If you don’t, then accept that taxpayers have a right to be upset that he is asking for money that, 1. UH can’t afford, 2. Taxpayers can’t afford, 3. He really doesn’t deserve because of his actions.
    I am all about talking the players and program up. But blindly? Nope.

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