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Warriors need road wins to stay in race; Gib Arnold issues statement

CLICK HERE to read the Hawaii News Now Report on Gib Arnold’s response to the NCAA’s Letter of Allegations.

And here is the video report:

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

— — — — — — —

The top three teams in the Big West Conference have created separation in the standings, although there are still four weeks of games remaining.

The University of Hawai’i is not among those top three, which means it has little room for error if it wants to stay in the race. The potential road back to the top begins this week – on a tough road trip.

The Warriors will play at Cal Poly on Thursday, then at UC Santa Barbara on Saturday.


Hawai’i is 15-8 overall and 3-4 in the Big West. Cal Poly is 10-10 and 3-5, including a 61-57 overtime win over the Warriors in Honolulu on January 7.

The Warriors are 0-3 against the Mustangs in games played at Cal Poly, and the Mustangs are 5-1 at home this season.

Hawai’i broke through with its first conference road win of the season last week, an 84-73 victory at CSUN. That was followed two days later with a loss at Long Beach State, but the Warriors have remained in California since then, giving them ample time to be ready for Thursday’s game.

Win or lose on Thursday, it will not get any easier on Saturday for the Warriors. UCSB is 10-11 and 3-4, but does not play on Thursday and thus will have a full week to recover from recent setbacks and prepare for the Hawai’i game on Saturday.

The Gauchos played without star center Alan Williams (shoulder) and starting point guard Zalmico Harmon (sick) last week, and predictably lost twice. Harmon is expected back this week, and Williams’ status is yet to be determined.

Hawai’i, UCSB and UC Riverside are tied for fourth place at 3-4, while Cal Poly is 3-5. Two wins by the Warriors will keep them in fourth place, but two losses could drop them as low as seventh or eighth.

The three teams tied for first with 6-1 records are Long Beach State, UC Davis and UC Irvine. There will also be a shake up at the top this week, as UC Davis is at UC Irvine on Thursday, then UC Irvine is at Long Beach State on Saturday.

Game Information
Hawai’i (15-8, 3-4 Big West) at Cal Poly (10-10, 3-5 Big West)
When: Thursday, February 5, 5 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: Mott Athletic Center (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
Television: None
Streaming video: Live on www.bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor Islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona, and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live streaming on espn1420am.com
Live stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com

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  1. jjay….just news…intersting how works out..

    Go Bows…no…we are not saying better win or else…we take high road..shoot well, execute fight for wins
    you have made thousands of fans of mbb..

    Go Bows..and UH ..Get it right…hope everyone is okay..move on..
    mahalo Dayton..for report..national news?

  2. Court and Contracts – Attornies & Civil Judicial System will hash that out
    (I’m Glad we’re Finally Getting some Source Info — First-Hand from NCAA, Bley-Vroman, BJ, and Gib
    Less Second-Hand Innuendo B.S….]… We WON’T Have a Better Sense Until It’s Over…
    i’ve seen too many surprising turns over the years to try and draw a Conclusion This Early…

    — Looks Like Gib’s Battle — and it’s Time someone put the NCAA in its place;
    As Hypocritical as They Are… They’re about Problems More Than Solutions…
    Might Delay ANY Stupid B.S. Sanctions…
    NOTE: There’s Nothing here that rises to the level of jeopardizing Fotu or Davis (or even Janks) Eligibility;
    The Normal Corrective Actions are to Pay Back / Chastise Any Unauthorized Benefit — YES. You Cannot Borrow a Friend’s Car or iPad so QUIT Talk of Vacating Victories — There was NO Ineligible Player….

    Court and Basketball — BT: KEEP the Team away from The B.S….
    GET Some Surprising WINS? Then Get More?
    Get a Good “Contract” and Extension (Whoops, Here we go again)
    RETAIN ‘Everybody’ — Boost The APR AND
    Bolster the Team with Some Surprising Recruits!

    GO ‘BOWS!
    Finish Strong!

  3. Eagle…totally agree…remember almost year ago..we say what?all second hand “source”…fair to all sides
    ..now we know what ncaa alleges, UH response, and Gib’s course of action..
    dumb…the gag order until all things sorted wise for UH and MBB program

    You are correct..if GA clears himself of the top tier.allegations good…ex athletes they okay too..no felonies…and uh mbb team keep on moving forward..get better..just might, since ncaa not accusing UH or MBB for loss of institutional control..and they addressed quickly good..

    Leadership..as FL hilites and we all know is needed..and well written executed contracts
    just might ..since current and next year team probablying playing for championships..
    that 6’9” 244 athletic strong handed rim protector fearsome rebounder JC? Or JC …shooters just might sign
    just Guessing
    Eagle we seen everthing now , except uh mbb team winning ncaa game..maybe this the year..
    hey..we wait..and for fairness sake..all sides get it right.
    team, families and thousands of fans of this mbb team want no less !!
    Go Bows!!
    Less melodrama more positive and fun winning sports teams and UH grads!!

  4. Eagle….correct…believe mbb program can just keep on playing..hopefully..fully intact with young team growing maturing and really awesome over next 2 or 3 years..
    they..should chill in cali..and go for broke..all out shoot well for tough poly win..guy that hurt them..6’9″ bennett…keep him off the glass..bigs for hawaii box him out
    poly excellent coach ..half court and execution.
    remember they were leading nation with onlt 8 TO’s per game when uh mbb turned them over 18x..uh mbb should have won game..maybe G has great game..still takes whole team on same page to win and finish top 4..for bwc tourney seed..

    Go Bows!
    Benjy, Que, Brad, Brandon and staff , tutors take care of the boyz. The Bows
    warriors finish strong!!
    And thanks to coach GA for signing very good athletes..!!

  5. This is the Warrior Insider. Not the Gib Arnold propaganda board. We are in the middle of a conference race. The program will suffer from Gibs actions. Support the current staff. Thursday is around the corner , it’s Warrior time !

  6. You should know that some people that post here are more about Gib than the program. Even after all this comes out people are still siding with Fib. CRAZY!

  7. I am in complete backing of the program no matter what but it still amazes me that the bumblers and fumblers in UH administration keep f-ing up! After watching the news video it looks like the big issue now is that Gib can collect additional 1.4 million bucks out of this. How the f did anybody in any position of power allow that to slip through the cracks!

    The one contract attorney in the report says he never seen anything like that in a contract! Whether or not Gib can collect it looks like will be a big court case but the fact that it can even go to that is shameful on UH part.

    Except for the forged money papers I would say that UH is being made example of by NCAA for minor violations. The media has already put it out that this is more about the concealing then the violations. UH administration clearly wanted to clean there own house on this and was willing to give up all the minor info. They cleaned the house all right. They just aren’t smart enough to know that they are screwing up the “new” team and Gib could be making a nice profit out of all of this anyway.

    No make sense to me.

  8. Jjay and Pono, mahalo for speaking truth. For some it all comes back to Gib. I don’t get it. Especially when they say they are all about team, families, current coaches.

  9. I just read the NCAA’s 46-page-long report. I’m so amazed at Gib’s statement. He’s a liar and needs to be punished for what he did and for what he concealed. It seems like everyone else that was interviewed, except for Fotu and Akana, were being open and honest. Hopefully he doesn’t get hired anywhere else.

  10. Looks like UH messed up on writing Gib’s contract. The provision on Termination without Cause is ambiguous or not what UH had intended it to mean. If you read other contracts drafted by other institutions, they more clearly state something like the “coach will be paid for the remaining unpaid balance of the contract, if terminated without cause .”

  11. Something to consider…when Gib fights and if he has a defensible position, then what? I am still awaiting the final outcome, everyone is entitled to their day in court. What’s perceptions and what is the truth still remains to be heard.

    Just a thought, whatever is said to the media is “evidence” that WILL be used in a court of law. Anyone, speaking on camera has to be careful and words scripted, if not, it may come back and bite you.

    Currently, sincerely believe everyone supports MBB team and proud of their accomplishments; Bobbitt is set to break record(s)… -Go Warriors

    What concerns me, is, if Gib’s contract is written as such, what about everyone else????

  12. Whew! Now everyone is an attorney! Rather rely on real lawyers like Alabama counsel rather than opinions of posters on a local website

  13. And Islandman you earned your JD in contract law where???

  14. Thanks Pupule, the intent was never to play lawyer, just to consider that until the real lawyers settle everything that we reserve “judgement.” -thanks again and have a good one…

  15. Game time tomorrow at 5 pm. Watch it live streaming. ESPN 3. Support our team to the end. The kids are here and playing their butts off. The taxpayers and UH will not pay this fibber another stinking dime. Not on my watch. Scott Fisher Chris McMillan and the trainer spoke the truth. They didn’t lie. Put it to rest. Warriors will finally get one at Cal Poly.

  16. pupule; –you don’t have to be a lawyer to see that the termination without cause provision is written poorly, unless the UH intended it to mean they would pay a rich reward to the coach if they terminated him.

    You don’t have to be lawyer to comment on warriorinsider, nor do you have to be a college coach to comment on warrior basketball strategies, or be an expert character witness to give an opinion on Gib like you always do, etc.

    pupule and tako; — Norm’s contract clearly specifies what is to be paid to him should UH terminate his contract; it speaks of paying the remaining balance of his contract, should they terminate him.

  17. Mahalo for your legal opinion. UH admin should have Islandman write next contract. Then no problems. And absolutely agre on ur other points. Like the old saying “opinions are like ________, everybody’s got one”. UH better get the checkbook ready. Islandman has spoken

  18. Chillax everyone. Is that the word the kids use these days? Funny enough I think a lot of you are correct. Those are wise words from islandman that you don’t have to be an expert on every subject to comment over here. We all “experts” when comes to caring about this team right? As the man once said in a time of turmoil Can’t we all just get along?

    Pupule you actually right too about UH admin should let islandman write the next contract. Might as well because who ever did the last one wasn’t so great either. The fact that we are having a debate over what a contract says or doesn’t say is proof that it wasnt done right to begin with. Just more of the bumbling and fumbling from UH that we come to expect already.

  19. Oops, we hear from co counsel ChuckCheese! Never knew this was a “debate”. Thought it was the I Love Gib No Matter What association. The fact that some posters with no legal background are interpreting a contract is proof that some people can be fooled all of the time. What’s next? Islandman and ChuckCheese thoughts on correct neurosurgery? After all, no need to be an expert to comment

  20. Legal opinions and contract issues aside common sense and evidence shows that Gib was dishonest and has brought all this pain to UH. Former coaches and players have spoken the truth about Gib doing illegal things and asking them to cover up for him. I laugh when people say that old players and coaches sold Gib out. How is telling the truth selling someone out. Lying is what got Fib and the program into this mess to begin with.

    Can we let the lawyers argue about the language in the contract, agree that Fib is an A hole for doing this to the program and cheer the current team on b/c we are fans of UH Basketball not fans of one player or coach.

  21. I think Pono, Pupule, islandman, tako, Chuck, TAVS, everyone, We have to support the current Team and Coaching staff.. they are doing a great job, They are still focusing on that BWC tournament title, and NCAA bid,.Benjy doing a great job with that, insulating team.. however on road, you never know if NOISE from few fans that come to those games, in their ears..ncaa thing, etc.
    jjay, you are correct, I don’t know if team , I know families do, look at posts about team and their sons, the WI coverage and videos.. so we try to stay positive.. These current guys , the 14, nothing to do with that ncaa investigation..and the current staff has admin support.Team just has to keep on winning,..finish with that winning record best they can .. and have shot at Post Season.. It Is still out there..

    True, and Eagle stated correctly, this has to be all sorted out…, you know Gib, whatever you think of him, he would respond..and That is it, to clear name, to challenge UH on that poorly worded contract…The SILENCE officially from legal team at UH, that is the thing.. Maybe Gib has a case..I don’t know… and True everyone has an Opinion.. And Pupule, it does Make UH look , well PUPULE.. in eyes of nation.. Leadership..has to be on top of it..I just hope, whomever you backing, that MBB team not suffer, I agree with Mamma Valdes and other families of the guys.. JUST BACK THE BOWS.. the team and Benjy and staff.

    I know to about 8000 who were at last UH SSC home game, They love This Team, and we do too.
    tako.. really about cheering on the team at this point.. Let the Legal teams, on both sides battle it out.. Hope MBB team, the student athletes do not suffer..
    Ferd, and other writers hit it on the head, LEADERSHIP.. and having properly worded and executed contracts.. man, what about Beeman, Coolen, Shoji, Wade, Chow? They better make sure their contracts are done correctly…sheeesh..

  22. Omg! UH admin looks pupule. Not Gib of course. Everyone does support players. They are college kids growing up. NOT everyone blindly supports Gib but some do. And UH admin can do nothing to change some minds on this board other than to bring back the Gibber. Wow! Unbelievable.

  23. islandman:

    To all the other posts, and forum members.. man you do a lot of research, very thorough, and YOU READ very detailed every word and letter. Thanks. Just about Everything UH Athletics , all sports, and all goings on, you are on point with the stats, metrics.. appreciate, it.. Otherwise, I would not know a lot of that ,…. And For The Man All Things WI MBB news.. Dayton Morinaga, if the subject of Gib’s response and fighting to clear name of serious allegations, as well as seeking to pursue 1.4 million owed him by contract, if that is the case.. Well Dayton, being the excellent, The Best, Insider of MBB coverage.,. what does he do? He posts the response letter by Gib, as well as link to TV news coverage reports.. so anyone doesn’t know what is going on.. Well now we know.. I think for those loyal 8000 or so fans that go to SSC home games for this team, All they are concerned about, support of team, They Like that exciting brand of ball, so do I.. Wish them best against Poly and UCSB.. They have to go at least 2-2 on this Road swing.. A must..
    Then, when return next week.. SSC,.. fans, come out and support the team, they win, have winning season, One Game at a time.. Standing Ovation for effort, despite all The Noise.. Go Bows !

    Just My Opinion.. We love Them Bows !! Go Warriors We support the team, Benjy and staff and their families !!

  24. Runbows; you are the person for historical recollections and support of bows basketball, much like the man who is no longer with us, on the other forum (op1966). Other posters too, good comments in many areas.

    As for today, do you think UH can neutralize Bennett of Cal Poly ? It was pointed out on the Curran show that he made nine FG’s last time vs. UH. But then someone else will score. In the game vs Long Beach St., Caffey only had 5 pts, but others made up for that.

  25. islandman: Yes.. tough game, remember Poly has really well coached and disciplined team, just good fundamentals.. Still think KEY UH HAS TO SHOOT WELL.. and as Benjy alludes to, by game 24, of season, They have to be mature, Know how to close out games, make good decisions and execution.. Team , they are young, in terms of NCAA experience, MBB program being part of Benjy’s system since Nov 1 2014, and new to extended BWC minutes, the AV, MT, Jovanovich, Smith… however, G Money, that is they guy, catch and shoot, hit 3 out or 8 attempts really good for team.. Like that Janks, G, Fleming, Valdes, Bobbitt, Smith at times, NWC have ability to hit 3 ball.. UH has to.. I think same thing.. They going to pressure, slow down Poly attack, and drop back down into that Zone.. hope Poly off in shooting.. That Bennett, nothing fancy, not great athlete, just gets job done.. UH could use a guy like that down low.. just workman and smart..

    jjay, tako, and All of us on forum.. we will be listening to, or viewing Big West TV feed, or looking at live stats, or when coming home from school or work, hopefully tomorrow at a little after 7pm HST, UH can come off with a HUGE victory , 16 overall, and 4-4 in conference, if not.. don’t drop heads.. go to battle on National TV ESPNU game against UCSB on sat… and go to war.. I think This team, unless they give up, which they won’t , will battle for potential 2 game win streak.. 1-1 at the least this week, and come home either 3-1 or 2-2 a must..

    Go Bows
    And islandman.. You are the Island Man for sports. ..that other thing.. Man,.. never ends, however.. should be interesting in court.. Just hope MBB team for 2 years insulated from it..

  26. UH should put the game time HST on their home page schedule, because it could mix up fans. For example, for tomorrow it shows 7 pm Wahine basketball game, then it shows Men’s at 7 pm (PT). Then for next Wedn, it shows volleyball at 7 pm on the mainland.

  27. A Tsai blogger posted that Syracuse is self-imposing a post season ban only for 2014-15 for academic misdeeds in 2010-12 and some other items. I guess better than getting rid of the coach, for them.

  28. islandman, just read an article about syracuse on the new york times website. article states that all violations were self-reported and that infractions date back to 2003 season, when they were national champions.

  29. tavs; — thanks, so even a monkey can fall from a tree. I guess Syracuse is hoping that their NCAA penalties will be lessened.

  30. Are we comparing Gib to Jim Boeheim now? Now THAT is a good one! Thanks for providing the laugh of the day. You are indeed Mr facts and figures. LOL

  31. Makes no difference if you are a Gib or a Jim B, Bruce Pearl, Kelvin Sampson, Tim Floyd, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, Jim Tressel, JoePa, etc. all should play by the same rules. When you play a basketball game, for instance, you don’t give Jim B or a Jamie Dixon more favorable calls during the game than a lesser known coach.

  32. islandman…..it is all about this 2014-15 MBB team…
    hope they finish strong.
    the other stuff looks like litigation ..let them go to battle..

    This team with Benjy and the Boyz…let’s get win against mustangs tomorrow. ..

    Go Bows!!

  33. For those interested, Duke provides iPads for its players.

    ” Players can use the devices as long as they remain a part of the team. The iPads will remain school property for that time, but players can then buy them at market value upon graduation if desired. ”


  34. Maybe gifted back? ipad gifted to uh mbb …so all guys have …for school..
    that would be neat..
    for university not individuals…some rules…wow…

    Heard HGEA joing battle..should be interesting
    all depends..cleared or not..

    Go Bows..stay strong ..ffinish strong

  35. RunBows, the chances of UH making it out of this mess without incurring severe penalties seem slim. Everyone interviewed, including coach Fisher and AD Jim Donovan, admitted breaking certain rules and stated Gib Arnold was well aware of such infractions. In fact, according to them, Arnold was the one who ordered them to break the rules.

    There may be some good news though. In their findings, the NCAA made a list of mitigating circumstance, most of which were, if I remember correctly, in favor of UH. For instance, UH self-reported 40+ Level 3 infractions since the beginning of Gib’s tenure. That sort of proves that UH was (somewhat) trying to operate a transparent organization. Moreover, it seems that UH’s firing of Gib Arnold and Brandyn Akana was a good move that will likely lessen UH’s penalties.

  36. What a great bb mind. You really don’t think coach K and the like don’t get some calls from refs when they are playing someone like Southern. Laughable. Don’t stay up too late washing Gib’s dirty laundry. You need to get back in touch with reality and step away from the keyboard. Again, LOL

  37. pupule; –time for bed, you / we might wake up on the better side of the bed tomorrow.

  38. It is starting to look like collusion on the part of UH and the NCAA. The latter wanting to get Gib for his prior coaching allege infractions. If this is so due to how the chain of events is taking place Gib may really win big time. Interesting if this is the case what will it create as a precedence to the gestapo tactics of the NCAA.

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