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Warriors host “big week” of home games

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will need to show that there is no place like home this week.

After two weeks in California – their longest road trip of the season, in terms of number of days – the Warriors returned to their home practice court on Tuesday.

“It feels really good to be back,” head coach Benjy Taylor said. “It was a long trip and I’ve gone back and forth on that flight (to Los Angeles) a lot, but it seemed like that flight coming here was like 10 hours.”


Hawai’i went 2-2 on the road trip and is now 16-9 overall and tied for fifth place in the Big West at 4-5. The Warriors will host UC Riverside (11-12, 4-5) on Thursday, and Cal State Fullerton (9-14, 1-7) on Saturday. Two victories could move the Warriors into fourth place, and assure the program of an overall winning record for the season.

“It’s a big week for UH basketball – the biggest week of the year for us,” Taylor said. “We got a chance to secure a winning season, which in November if we said we’ll have a winning season this year, everybody would’ve thought we were crazy.”

The Warriors were one inch over (toe on the line) and one point under (75-74) in a frustrating last-second loss at UC Santa Barbara to close the road trip.

“I’m not OK with the split (on the trip), we should have had three (wins),” Taylor said. “We’ve had 10 games that came down to the last possession and we’re 5-5. We’ve won our share of close games and lost our share of close games, but that one on Saturday, we should have won.”

The Warriors will have to make up for it this week, and it starts against a UC Riverside team that beat Hawai’i, 66-62, last month in Riverside.

The Warriors were without key players Garrett Nevels (hand) and Negus Webster-Chan (flu) for that game. Both are back in the rotation, but another key player could be a game-time decision this week.

Starting point guard Roderick Bobbitt – who leads the nation with 81 steals – was unable to practice on Tuesday due to a knee injury.

“We’ll find out soon,” Taylor said. “He couldn’t go (Tuesday), two days before the game, so that’s a little concerning. He’s our leading minutes guy, and he’s our leader, so hopefully we’ll have him.”

Taylor noted that sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic has worked his way back into the rotation after receiving just nine and six minutes, respectively, in the last two road games.

“Janks is good; Janks is good to go,” Taylor said. “He lost 12 pounds on the road trip (due to food poisoning), so he was lethargic and didn’t have a lot of energy.”

— — — — — — —


During his first week as acting head coach of this season, Benjy Taylor welcomed several former UH players to speak to the current team. It was a tumultuous time for the present program, and it made Taylor realize the power of the past.

As part of the return, a UH men’s alumni basketball game will take place on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center. It will precede the UH vs. Cal State Fullerton game, and the alumni will also be recognized at halftime of that game.

“They did a really good job, and I could see the passion in their eyes and the love for UH basketball,” Taylor said of the alumni. “Just trying to bridge the gap. These (current) guys are going to be alums one day. No matter what happens next year, who’s at the helm here, they can keep the thing going. I think it’s a positive.”

Notable attendees include Eric Ambrozich, Jason “JC” Carter, Saint Anthony Clements, Dennis Chai, Al Davis, Kawika Hallums, Dwight Holiday, Ryne Holliday, Phil Martin, Kalia McGee, Woodrow Moore, Miah Ostrowski, John Penebacker, Geremy Robinson, Tim Shepherd, Kelii Silva, Justice Sueing, Johnny White, and Artie Wilson.

Fans with tickets to the Cal State Fullerton game will be allowed to enter early to watch the alumni game. Tickets can be purchased at the Stan Sheriff Center, and each ticket will be good for entry to both the alumni game and the Cal State Fullerton game.

Thursday’s Game Information
Hawai’i (16-9, 4-5 Big West) vs. UC Riverside (11-12, 4-5 Big West)
When: Thursday, Feb. 12, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center – Honolulu, O’ahu
Tickets: Lower level – $26 per seat; upper level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens, $5 for students (age 4 through high school). Parking is $6.
Television: Live on OCSports – Channels 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD).
Streaming Video: www.bigwest.org
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at HawaiiAthletics.com


  1. Benjy and team just go and kick okole..heck with adadmin and naysayers
    if I were power that be…expedite ..”interview process”..lock you into 3 year contract, then you , Senque, Brad and Brandon start bringing in bigs and shooters ..make uh mbb team best in the west!!

    Go Bows
    8000 SSC fans in house ..and another thosands more in 808 and across the globe backing you guys!!
    Great job Benjy and the Bowz!!

    Dumb admin…move fast…lock in..Coach Taylor


  2. Heck…darn…Benjy another good point..this week get 2 wins at end of regular season worse can do..18-14…even if lose opening round bwc game guarantee winning season..
    of corse ..win 4 more…guarantee 20 win season
    yes…don’remember any of previous 8 mbb coaches having alumni game…wait a minute
    in early eighties think fab 5 vs alumni with henderson and barker..fab five won at blaisdell

    Been over 30 years since they had one..great job..
    Benjy love for UH..Hawaaii…alumni..mbb program and team

    Darn admin…if they don’t sign Benny to 3 year deal as head coach..
    dumb..dumb..and dumber!! Shooootsss!!


  3. Benjy love his team, and they love him.. they all love UH and Hawaii MBB fans.. hey some 8000 strong near at SSC..and growing..

    Get wins 17 and 18 Benjy and The Bowz,
    And Chancellor, BOR leaker, and Admin, Power that be, just sign Benjy to 3 year deal, I would like to see how he and Senque can recruit from East coast to West coast.. pretty sure they bring in some good guys to complement the current returnees.

    UH admin… dumb, dumb and dumber..
    gotta get smart, smart and smarter..
    learn from past.. support a winning coach acting and make him HC permanent.
    If you , Admin, don’t do that.. set program back couple of years..
    Dumb, so dumb, so lolo, pupule, loco.. sheeeesh !!

    Sign Benjy, 12-4 pre BWC start, Hugh Durham Mid Major coach of the year, wins over Pitt, Colorado and Nebraska, shoulda coulda woulda won 8 games in BWC, they could have won all 9 games they played, very competitive, just have to lock down and execute in half court.. play smart last 5 minutes.. and UH and Benjy and the Bowz can win 20 plus games and win that dang Anaheim tournament and go to dance.. then Benjy.. if UH does not do anything.. we appreciate your great work. for making this year’s Fight through Adversity team, the Best UH MBB team in past decade.. hands down

    Go Benjy and The Bowz.. get the 2 wins, then go sweep next weeks games. what have you got to lose? You guys are winners, your staff Que, Brad and Brandon, secretary, Jay Goo, and assistants.. first class Team and program !!

  4. servante. …

    you hear sport animals…GD …overtime show?
    He brought out good points what Benjy has done fof a program that could have imploded
    they bouhgt in to his pressure defense uptempo style..of course half courtt execution a concern however can be fixed
    caller told GD..because team sophs and a freshman..those are the mistakes of a young team…still he agreed wih GD..whomever calling shots at UH …should lock in coach soon..impacts recruiting
    how can any HC in country convince basketball athlete to come to UH if they are only going to be there 1 year? No one…thinks it was an insult to Benjy that he was offered 1 year extension as interim..offer 3 year deal…so he can land recruits that he can assure he will be there 3 years and more
    GD thinks to wait so long if the case for UH to hire AD if that person not able to hire basketball coach?
    Instead a committee does it?
    The late start after basketball season ends hard to get anyone to take HC job at UH
    Benjy knows guys…ones GD interviews the team like Benjy ..so why does UH not just hire Benjy Taylor as HC for 3 year deal?
    And GD knows Benjy ..the staff..the players..
    he is a fan of Benjy Taylor..I agree…Benjy..just go ahead win 20+ games..go to Anaheim and win that thing…then tell UH….shhhhhhhh…to naysayers…
    servante …with what Benjy has done on moments notice ..I don’ t think anyone thought UH would be at 16 wins

    Go Benjy and team..total diss of staff ..and team..

    Fans ..they coming out..watched hilite video of irvine game uh athletics site..sure looked like more than
    7400..more like 8900…
    hey ..Fans can voice support for Benjy..just let Jay…chancellor know
    GD..says UH no sense of urgency…to fill AD and MBB coach
    admin..do something right..okay you making Benjy apply
    more so galvanize team..they go ncaa
    or 23 win season..and they going hire no name no experience, don’t like Hawaii, does not understand recruiting to Hawaii, a stepping stone guy,,..dumb to hire that type of mainland mid major assistant?
    Dumb, dumb, and dumber..!!

  5. Hey !! I would really like to see video of the Alumni game. Will that be available on youtube or somewhere?
    Anyone know?

  6. Hire Benjy! Hire Benjy! Hire Benjy! Hire Benjy! Dumb admin! Dumb Admin! Dumb admin!

  7. is that a joke? he doesn’t know how to use his players correctly, and he calls timeouts at the worst times!!!!! we lost the last game because of him!!!!

  8. Interesting article on Jerry Tarkanian, who passed away today, excerpts:

    “Tarkanian was an innovator who preached defense yet loved to watch his teams run. And run they did, beginning with his first Final Four team in 1976-77, which scored more than 100 points in 23 games in an era before both the shot clock and the 3-point shot.

    His teams helped revolutionize the way the college game was played, with relentless defense forcing turnovers that were quickly converted into baskets at the other end.

    In the final that year (1990), UNLV used its pressure defense to blow out Duke 103-73 in one of the most dominant performances in championship game history.”
    “He ended up beating the NCAA, too, collecting a $2.5 million settlement after suing the organization for trying to run him out of college basketball. But he was bitter to the end about the way the NCAA treated him while coaching, and carried the grudge the rest of his life.

    “They’ve been my tormentors my whole life,” Tarkanian said at his retirement press conference in 2002. “It will never stop.

    While at Long Beach he got into his first dispute with the NCAA, writing a newspaper column that questioned why the organization investigated Western Kentucky and not a powerful university like Kentucky.

    Never shy about challenging the NCAA, Tarkanian once famously said: “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, it’s going to give Cleveland State two more years’ probation.

    Tarkanian liked to tell the story about the time one of his assistants saw an NCAA investigator renting a car at the airport and followed him to a local strip club.

    Tarkanian got some brochures for the club and mailed them to the investigator, telling him there was a special going on.”


  9. Joke. Runbows doesn’t want someone fro mainland mid major who doesn’t “understand” Hawaii. Last time I checked Benky came from mainland and that mid major power house Chicago State. By the way, what was his record there?just asking..,

  10. Reportedly he didn’t have too much talent to work with ?, and overall 39-53 there, but

    “Most recently, Taylor was the head coach at Chicago State for three years. During his tenure, he helped the Cougars achieve new heights in its Division I era, including the program’s first winning season in more than 23 years. The 2008-09 squad finished with a 19-13 season ledger and also finished the season ranked third nationally in scoring and steals. For his efforts, he captured Independent Division I Coach of the Year honors as well as the HSBC National Coach of the Year. ”
    “As a player, Taylor was a four-year letterwinner with the University of Richmond (1985-89). His teams registered an 85-38 (.691) record during his career with two NCAA Tournament appearances (1986, ’88) and one NIT Tournament bid (1989).

    The 1988 Spider team advanced to the Sweet Sixteen with upsets of Indiana and Georgia Tech in the NCAA Tournament.”


  11. And then went 9-23 the year after the 19-13 year with his recruits. Overall losing record at North Central also. And good for him he was on Richmond team but not like he was star of the team and led them to those victories. Like saying Lance Takaki’s team went to NCAA and NIT. Can’t blame his record on not too much to work with since it was his recruits who went 19-13 and then 9-23. Not saying he should not get consideration but also some talk like he is second coming of John Wooden. If he is confident about his ability he should welcome competition and not resent it.

  12. A guy like Eran Ganot or Mark Campbell are mainland guys who get Hawaii.


    You cannot be any better than the players, (talent), that you bring to play. This current group is a culmination of 5 years of recruiting and upgrading at every opportunity. It is incumbent upon any coach to build on what he has.

    Coach Riley had Jackson Wheeler, but usually only had 2 or 3 players with pedigrees and usually only played 7 players.

    Coach Nash got a raw deal, (due to this ADMIN), came in late on the recruiting, (just like Benjy is going to have), and played with the talent he got. Rod Fleming was a real get, but did not get to show his true ability consistently.

    Coach Gib promised to build a program and each postseason sat down with his players and gave them a choice or not on what their future would look like with the incoming upgraded talent.

    Coach Benjy has been the recipient of that talent which, to his credit, not only kept these young team together, but has managed to win many more games than most expected. For that, he was recognized nationally by fellow coaches. This team only needs a couple more pieces, but they need another year or two to grow with each other. They are already exciting to watch and he can actually platoon one team for another as they are so deep. This team can be great in the future, but the ADMIN has to understand the importance of taking 5 years of program building and being able to cultivate this team to grow with one another…they can be special.

    I have seen this ADMIN blow so many athletic opportunities because of their MICRO-MANAGMENT. I already pity the next AD that they bring in and if you want to start anew with a new bball coach, well memories of the three years that Bob Nash had for success come to mind.

    GO BOWZ…hoping to see a lot more students in the stands this week…assist from Jamie.

  14. BACKBEAT: yes, whatever ones think, that is bottom line, Recruiting, and coaches and staff, Admin for supporting the program come out looking good, when Team wins games. I don’t get it, I see the buyout for Chow, UH being financially strapped, gave him one more year, however 3 years of losing and one year, of only 1 win.. that doesn’t cut it..The Gib era, .. I love that first team, when had combination of Hiram, Bill Amis from previous coaches recruiting , combined with Joston, Zane, help from Miah O., they won 19 games, and should have had 20 and moved on in CIT .. they could not stop U. San Franciso PG, from driving to cup, right past tiring Vander and Bill Amis..Now, with Bobbitt, Fleming, Smith , Nevels, they can stop that dribble penetration.. Result of Gib era recruiting.
    For Admin to hire, a low mid major, assistant, for a higher cost of living, and low pay 3 year deal, with the ongoing ncaa thing, and the lack of great facilities, .. would have to take a .. you got it, a Bob Nash, with full support, or AC Carter, with a College Degree, don’t know if he earned one.. etc. Though , I don’t think Bob will be back, and AC , I believe has interest in coaching in NBA with George Karl perhaps..
    Man, that upper campuse, or lower with chancellor, BOR radio host, , or whomever the heck calling the shots on an AD who can hire whom he thinks is good, Has to be an AD who played Sports, or coached DI ball, or Now UH admin, and the Power that makes decisions.. .. JUST LOOK AT THAT SUPPORT>. and for those fans that can go.. myself, home ridden, I wish I could.. If 8000 near every game, and close to 10, 000 for final senior game for Nevels comes out, and UH finishes 10-6 or 9-7 .. top 4 or 5 seed for BWC tourney, with a regular overall season record of say, 21-11 or 22-10, .. UH admin or Power, not Darth Vader, a fan of UH MBB and the support of thousands of loyal UH MBB fans, who love Benjy Frenzy Ball, I love it.. just have to execute and finish games.. It is exciting ball.. UH Admin, do the right thing, and now, with Benjy’s above statements, about the Team, the ohana, and the alumini, saying that current guys will all be alumnus one day of UH MBB program, to honor the past.. Historic..

    Shoots.. Benjy if you want, and I understand if you don’t , put your name in their, for HC permanent.. You have 20+ wins, and great fan support, and Governor Ige, seen you at MVB game, hey bruddah, show up at the MBB games, and support Benjy and The Bowz, the best game in town now.. love the WBB and Beeman.. however, the high flying act, the slam dunks, 30 foot 3 ball bombs, the blocked shots, the 20 steals.. and runouts.. IT IS MBB that is creating that excitement..

    Whatever happens,,and I want Benjy as HC,,.. for 3 years guaranteed, to weather, whatever coming down from ncaa.. he is right, .. he is in best position.. to do so.. years ago, UH admin brought in Larry Little, after Ncaa thing of seventies.. the bruddah, nice guy, great assistant in Riley, however left with a losing overall record .. had some great guards though..

    Benjy, and the Bows.. just go out and win these NEXT 2.. HUGE.. sit at 18-9.. and chance to return in two weeks for final 2 game homestand at 19-10 or even 20-9 would be awesome.. then UH Power, .. what up ?

  15. Pupule, stop making stuff up about Benjy. Benjy was a multi-year starter on those Richmond teams that was going to the tourney every year during those years.

    Your comparison to his role there to Lance’s role at Hawaii is ridiculous; and for that matter, lay off Takaki as well. Dude was a legit walk-on athlete, who would have been a multi-year baseball starter for Trap had he decided to play, and remains one of the legendary pain-in-the-ass practice players that the men’s basketball program has ever had.

  16. Just want to confirm this “90% of coaching is recruitment” claim.

    Who was the better recruiter: Riley Wallace or Gib Arnold?
    Who had the better teams: Riley Wallace or Gib Arnold?

  17. Lance Takaki? Remember he had quite the Fan club.. when he got into game the Arena went wild…you are correct, hard worker, going against big boys.. very proud.. we were All members of the Lance T. Club.. yes.. We want Takaki..

    Man shout out to the past, the Alumni.
    and mid range game sounds like you might have been a former UH athlete too. ? You and Former UH Athlete, you know the deal.

    And for Pupule, P…, gib…., sounds the same, mantra, any short snippets, and blurbs negative, they go there.. whether, coach was Coach K or Benjy T.
    sheesh.. don’t get it..man..

    Well, mid range, we support the team and guys, just have to focus, team will cheer a lot, with Jamie Smith leading the Maniacs.. and UH get to 18 win total by Sat nite after game.. FANTASTIC..

    and pupulle, sheesh.. no need be pupule !! Auwe !!

  18. runbows and others: You mentioned lack of great facilities. In basketball, UH has the best, by far, arena and fans in the Big West. Locker rooms, i don’t know. UCSB seemed to have a lot of fan support too.

    Some commentators on local radio stated that the UH coaching job is the best in the Big West and that there are many that would want to take on the job. Although, maybe not a currently highly paid head coach type, but an up and coming assistant type.

  19. Lance was the victory cigar. You knew game was over when he came in. As for Lance, Mid range, the best u can say is he was a “legendary” practice player? Wow! Impressive! And Runbows please don’t use coach K and BT in same sentence. LOL!

  20. For the record….. Riley took his teams to Nit and Ncaa appearances. Gib never did. Let’s not rush to sign BJ till we see some positive tournament results for a change. Some of you wanted to rush Gibs contract signing. Good thing it wasn’t consummated.

  21. lol.

    But by the same token, “For the record”, Gib won more games in 4 years than any other coach in UH men’s basketball history, including Riley. Look it up. Like it or not, he is the coach that holds the highest winning percentage in program history.

    And let’s not forget. He took a program that had lost 60 games in 3 years, with the last miserable year suffering through 20 losses, about 1,500 fans showing up each night, and a roster of 3 players consisting of Amis, Thompson, and Johnson. And leaves this program coming off a 20 win season, with dramatically increased attendance, and with a very well-organized roster with classes spread out well, and with prospect of a monster year in two years when Valdes, Thomas, Jovanavic, NWC, and Jankovic are seniors and Flemming is a junior. It took him 5 years, but it certainly appeared that he had finally figured out how to recruit players to this program.

  22. When Valdes plays well, UH wins. When he doesn’t play well, UH struggles. He’s the leading scorer. He’s got to score. If he doesn’t score, somebody has to step up with big points whether it’s Thomas, Nevels, Fleming, or Jankovi, or another player. Look at the games and see the trend, Valdes is very erratic. He needs to be more consistent every night. Sometimes he gets quick fouls and he’s taken out of the game. That hurts the team. Other times I see him staying on the perimeter and just standing around. He’s got to move around across the baseline and has those quick bursts to get open down low. It reminds me of Richard Hamilton, who is always in motion and trying to get open for good shots. Valdes has so much athleltic ability, but sometimes he doesn’t use it to his advantage. A lot of times, the lob for a dunk to him is there for the taking, but he doesn’t move to get into position to get it. If he’s tired, take himself out, then he can go back in when he’s ready. But, you can’t stand around and pretend the ball is coming your way. He has to make it happen. He’s only a sophomore, so he will learn, but right now, as the main scorer for the team, he needs to step up if we are to get on a roll these last 7 regular season games in the Big West. I really like the way the team plays defense and force a lot of turnovers and steals. It’s a matter of finishing the break, makes smart decisions and shots on offense and moving quickly (but don’t rush). We should have beaten Santa Barbara easily without Williams playing. I think Taylor made some bad decisions down the stretch. I don’t know what the deal was with Jankovic, but we could have used his help in the second half. And Nevels and Thomas should have gotten more touches late in the game because they were the 2 guys who were shooting for a good percentage. And they should have gone to a man to man defense down the stretch to keep close check on the 3 point shooters. We got killed on those 3 points in the last 3 minutes of the game. No way we can lose a double digit lead with 6 minutes to go in the game. Inexcusable.

  23. Gib is great! Hire Benjy!

  24. mid-range game: — Gib had a 56.7 % winning percentage to Riley’s 55.8 %, not much difference and Riley’s was over 20 years. Also, Gib’s victories may possibly be vacated (forfeited), at least for 2013-14 ?
    Jamie is back, said on sports animals:

    Thursday – Rock Star night

    Sat – Super Heroes night

    Feb 26 – Harry Potter night

    March 4 – Senior / White out night

  25. If some victories are vacated, then Gib’s win % will be less than Riley’s. So what price did UH pay to get all those victories, though some debate whether the penalties are/ will be fair, etc.

    Tarkanian beat the NCAA.

  26. are we having fun yet? Watch that blood pressure boys! Love this site!!

  27. Pupule …by your comments ( gibno…P…., ja…)in what small or large way does it contribute to support of uh mbb? Nothing
    by short blurbs..coming from smart phone..maybe
    bigwest opponent trolling?
    Clear the nets…get rid of unsuitable fish…comments …troll alert…

    Support team..and whomever coaching team
    Gib gone..now turn your sixth grade rants to Benjy?
    Pity new coach..
    pupule…p….gibn….,ja…what Non UH MBB fans
    go back to playing your video games..


    We supporting team, Benjh and the families of athletes
    join us friend

    Go Bows !! Not foes of UH MBB !!

    (Humor …:)….)

  28. Pupule….just joking..!!
    Want uh mbb have good season and best coaches
    benjy dooing better than we thought.team great fun and winning!!

  29. keep it coming Rumbows! Like I say, I love this site! Nothing like it and no one better than you! But could you post a bit more?

  30. Runbows, please stop feeding the troll.

  31. Hope Bobbitt okay knee sore keep him out of practice
    get well for strech run Rod !
    Here we go again…team resilient. ..someone else step up if he not able to go.sign of good team..maybe niko?dyrbe..,
    and support guidance of staff

    Go Bows!!

  32. Anyone can explain how someone like Tarkanian is an icon and others like the former UH coach are censured ? Tark had a great record – in 31 seasons, he had 20 win seasons in all but two of those. Four final fours, 18 NCAA tournaments.
    He had good attorneys.

    Supposedly the NCAA investigation process is fairer now than in Tark’s time.

    “Tarkanian long contended the NCAA had targeted his teams at Long Beach State and UNLV, all starting, he thought, from articles he wrote in the Long Beach (Calif.) Press Telegram citing the NCAA’s unfairness in penalizing smaller schools but not the more prominent programs with similar if not worse violations.

    In 1974, while he was at UNLV, the NCAA found 23 violations under Tarkanian while he was at Long Beach State, including improper gifts to potential recruits and fixing test scores. For that the NCAA tried to impose a two-year suspension on him from postseason play while he was at UNLV. But in 1977 a Nevada court squashed that with a permanent injunction, saying the NCAA investigator had an “obsession to the point of paranoia” to get Tarkanian.”

    “The case eventually made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, which ruled in 1988 that the NCAA had the right to discipline its member schools, reversing the 1977 injunction.

    In the decade between the original suspension and the Supreme Court ruling, it was revealed that the NCAA’s enforcement process was stacked heavily in the NCAA’s favor — so heavily, in fact, that it created a perception that there was no due process.
    The enforcement staff was allowed to build cases on hearsay, and shared few of their findings with the targeted school. The resulting negative publicity led the NCAA to institute a clearer separation between the enforcement staff and the infractions committee, as well as a system for appeals.

    Also, hearsay evidence was no longer admissible in infractions cases.[9] ”


  33. Thanks…islandman
    good counsel…can really help coaches..athletes and institutions against heavy penalty from ncaa
    we remember tark..ncaa constantly hounded him…glad he finally won against them
    know when saw he and unlv team at waikiki hotel years ago
    very approcahable…humorous. ..great to talk hoops with
    friend of Riley…speaking of…I hope coach Wallace is getting better…good guy..

    That athletic type teams tark had…they could turn you over Plus always had good shooters

  34. Now…get ready fans
    uh mbb team ready for riverside…remember about 3 weeks ago..uh mbb should have won that game in cali
    uh mbb team just gotta execute…and win
    2 wins
    history made..for team..many said would be great if won 10 games whole season!!

  35. Facts speak for themselves but I’d take Riley any day because he didn’t come with NCAA allegations and potential sanctions. If we have to vacate wins then Gib’s win percentage will drop. Anything Gib has done needs an asterisk by it since he didn’t do it legally. I’m sure other coaches in the past broke rules but they didn’t get caught like the Fibber. Literally caught in his own lies. That is the legacy that the Fibber will leave in my mind.

    If you guys stop getting all serious and relax a little Pupule’s comments are actually quite hilarious.

  36. @ mid-range game

    Just curious why you are picking a 4-year range? Has Gib had any recruits stay here for 4 years?

    Anyway, I see Gib won 72 games in 4 years while Riley won 72 games in his last 4 years. Look it up. I even picked Riley’s last 4 years for you. There was a 4 year stretch where Riley won 84 games. Look it up. 84 > 72 look it up.

  37. um…. because Arnold was here 4 years. Why else?

  38. If you want to compare apples to apples. Riley won 62 games (62-61) in his first four seasons, Gib won 72 games (72-55). You can not compare any other results. Those are the facts…

  39. Just wondering how you would try to justify picking a 4 year stretch. Or if you were just cherry picking some stretch that would make your results look better to the untrained eye. eg find one stretch where Gib’s numbers look better, and ignore other stretches. We don’t want to get into selective bias.

    Like what Manoa Baller here is trying to do. “Cannot compare anything except the first 4 years”. I know why? Is it because your results look better that way? So all coaches should be judged on their first 4 years only? That is quite a leap in logic.

  40. There is only one four year stretch to pick here, the first four years. How could you compare any other stretch? Both coaches took over dismal programs. I don’t really understand how any other comparison could be made….or how any logical person could make any other comparison. I am just stating facts here. There is no bias.

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