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Warriors have seven games remaining to make a move in standings


Here are the facts facing the University of Hawai’i basketball team right now:

• The Warriors are 16-9 overall and tied for fifth place in the Big West Conference at 4-5.

• There are seven regular-season games remaining this season – four at home and three on the road.

• UC Davis is in first place at 8-1, with its only loss at Hawai’i. While first place is still a mathematical possibility for the Warriors, it is very much a long shot at this point because UC Irvine (7-2) and Long Beach State (7-2) are also in contention.

• If the Warriors are to make a move up the standings, they must win both home games this week – Thursday against UC Riverside, then Saturday against Cal State Fullerton.

• Thursday’s game against UC Riverside (11-12 overall, 4-5 Big West) is meaningful for several reasons. For one, Hawai’i could move up as high as fourth place with a win. Second, it would avenge an earlier loss at UC Riverside, and thus avoid a series sweep (which comes into play as a tie breaker for the Big West Tournament seedings).

• CSUN (2-8) and Cal State Fullerton (1-7) are the bottom two teams in the conference. The last place team will not qualify for the Big West Tournament. As long as at least one of those teams does not get hot, Hawai’i is safe from falling. The Warriors have already swept CSUN, and must still play Fullerton twice.

— — — — — — —

Record watch

Junior point guard Roderick Bobbitt now has 81 steals, which is three short of the UH season record of 84 set by Tom Henderson in the 1972-73 season. With at least seven games remaining, Bobbitt will likely shatter the record, and could even challenge the Big West Conference record of 106 set by UNLV’s Greg Anthony in 1990.

Bobbitt’s 81 total steals also rank first in the country, although his 3.2 steals per game ranks second. VCU’s Briante Weber is first in steals per game at 3.9, but he is done for the season due to a knee injury. Weber will likely drop off the national statistics at the end of the year, as he will not have played enough games to qualify.

The Warriors have 261 steals, which is already the second-highest total for a season for a Hawai’i team. The program record is 293, set by the 1980-81 team.

— — — — — — —

UC Davis took over sole possession of first place with two victories by surprisingly large margins last week: 75-56 at UC Irvine, and 68-55 over CSUN.

The 19-point win at UC Irvine was the real eye-opener, but both wins could be considered impressive given that star player Corey Hawkins did not suit up in either game for UC Davis. Hawkins, who leads the Big West in scoring at 21.3 points per game, was out with a leg injury.

UC Davis forward Josh Ritchart scored a total of 43 points on 17-of-24 shooting in the two victories, and was named the Big West Player of the Week on Monday.

Thursday’s Big West Games
CSUN at Cal Poly
Cal State Fullerton at UC Davis
Long Beach State at UC Santa Barbara
UC Riverside at Hawai’i

Saturday’s Big West Games
UC Irvine at UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara at CSUN
Long Beach State at Cal Poly
Cal State Fullerton at Hawai’i


  1. Go Bows !
    Guys, just listen to coaches, and coaches, make sure the Team locks down, and shuts down games, sure get out to big leads , however protect and finish game strong. You all could run the table 7-0, or even 5-2, would be great. !!

    We Backing The Bows !!
    Love You Guys .. The effort tremendous..
    Strength through Adversity,.. Come out as winners.. And UH Admin and counsel, fight like heck for this team for next few years !!

    Rainbows Warrior Time, go get it.. at SSC this Thurs and Saturday.
    Rod B.. nation leader in steals, great work.. just shut down those guards !!

    Dayton thanks.. through stormy times, UH MBB not expected to do anything.. yet they are in race for BWC tourney crown.
    Love Laura B. and the gals, They doing great and were Expected to be 2nd, so that is good.. Wish MBB and WBB team journey into NCAA tournament come March !!

  2. Can someone please tell Benjy to stop making dumb comments in the media. He’s killing his chances to get the job permanently.

  3. Pono, I missed hearing his comments. What did he say?

  4. I don’t get it either. I haven’t heard Benjy say anything controversy.

  5. BT said two things. One he threw Janks under the bus and basically called him out in the media and two he was quoted in a SA article this morning saying that he wasn’t worried about the contract because he’s too busy winning games. I’ve heard from staffers in the AD that they aren’t thrilled about those comments b/c it’s a cheap shot at the admin. Seems petty but he should really think before he talks. These under handed comments are aimed at the people who will eventually hire/fire him.

  6. Pono, what did he say about Janks? Where can we find this?

  7. Pono:

    Almost seems, like a darned if he does, darned if he doesn’t with the situation at UH, the Gib termination, investigation, having 14 guys on board working hard in class and on the court. I believe Benjy will take the high road, and just as he says, he is proud of the team, they are Family, and they are trying to position themselves to make a run for BWC tournament crown, and of course go for that 20+ win season. To myself, I don’ think Benjy throwing anyone under the bus, he just wants as did Riley, guys who give 110%, Janks is a huge part of UH’s success going into BWC tournament in Anaheim, all 12 guys. are.

    I don’t even know if he would or would not put his name into contention for permanent HC, if Benjy felt that , say, team won 22 games overall, and made it to the BWC championship game, and did not have support of UH admin.. really odd situation.. If UH Admin, really wanted him to be permanent, that one year extension offer, with written, to multi year extend after next season, in neighborhood of 220, 000.00 would have been good to take, However, I think, JMO.. Benjy doing good job, just the emotions, and how hard this has been on him, and The whole MBB team, and STILL they have won 16 games and counting.
    whomever the next HC, and I hope it is Benjy for continuity sake, and for the current guys..
    We Backing The Team, and the current staff. 8000 near at SSC for final 4 home games, will attest to that.. UH MBB just has to keep winning.. I think that is what he meant, keep team going working, to Win for UH and Hawaii.

    Just my opinion

  8. Fellow Warrior Insider Nation Fans? What you all think ? Benjy throwing guys under the bus? or going against admin?
    chime in, good to hear other comments, opinions , observations..

    I just want, UH MBB, whomever the coach , team to have fun, graduate, do well in school and community, no troubles!, and win on the court..

  9. If PONO is referring to Taylor’s comments about Janks needing to “take care of responsibilities” and “not being locked in” and not playing with more enthusiasm, then I don’t think that’s throwing Janks under the bus. It was more calling him out, and whether coach should relayed those comments to Dayton or just kept it in-house … well, coach’s decision.

    I do agree with PONO that Taylor’s comment,”Well, I haven’t had any conversations lately about anything in regards to my future. But you know, I’ve just been so busy winning basketball games. …” was a bit arrogant and excessive. In a way I guess it’s understandable because advertising for the position is a slap in his face, but, in this case, it might have been best to take the high road and not antagonize the powers that be and jeopardize his chances for the permanent position.

    Speaking of coaching … I have respect for the way Taylor has taken over the team, allowing the players to play with freedom and to their strengths. And to do so under all the adversity that has best the program. That being said, I think coaching played a part in the loss to Santa Barbara. Not worth going into detail, but I questioned the continued use of the high-risk, trapping defense in the final five minutes and also the curious use of timeouts … burning two when they were seemingly in control of the momentum.

    But what do I know? The coaches are experienced, and I’m sure they — and the players — are learning a lot as the season plays out. Gotta win the next two.

  10. bowsforthewin; — for info only – see the Feb. 8 article, last few paragraphs, by this blog . It’s motivation .

  11. clyde:

    Now…. it is All About Winning games, get the 2 at SSC , remember UH has never won 2 in a row this year, so close, and I do agree, a lot agree, sometimes, coach has to stop guys from pressuring, when the gamble, it leads to guys getting wide open looks. And baskets..

    I guess, UH MBB team got off to such a great start 12-4, pre BWC season, Mid Major Hugh Durham award, all the ESPN announcers giving Taylor a lot of credit, and the resiliency of the team, despite , the worse that can happen, .. Plus Andy Katz shout outs..

    That is a pretty good resume, me thinks, Benjy wanted, with his agent handling, still ongoing dialogue, that they had his back.. I still think they do… UH MBB, is drawing up to 6000 more fans per game than WBB, just a given.. they look to cover their expenses.. as you mentioned, exciting ball, haven’t seen a team, except for that Racky Selser, Tony Webster led team that had record for steals.. that was so athletic, quick hands.. However. Benjy says, and This is The Test as a Coach, lock down in HALF COURT.. and close out games.. and you are right this time of year.. Using timeouts wisely.

    He is right, you cannot take away 16 wins, even if it is a local church league, that is impressive with all the stuff team had to deal with.. AD Ben Jay, entrusted Benjy with Acting HC job,.. He keep on winning, and NO more problems.. he applies for Job, and he has say 22-23 wins, and made it to BWC tournament Championship.. he would be frontrunner for the job,.. pretty sure when season over, if UH has that 20+ game winning season.. and team bought in and Truly Ohana, which I believe they are, .. fun loving hard working all out defensive effort team.. The Team themselves.. you watch,.. if that is what they want.,. all guys returning.. will throw 100% support for Benjy, Even in artilces in SA, the post game interviews. and WI interviews.. they , the Team always, talk about coach Benjy.. He is their coach.. and hopefully their coach for next few years,.

    clyde and Pono.. read further in that SA article.. key point.. Benjy says, he is best fitted for HC… to guide this group of great young men, through whatever comes down from ncaa.. I believe, this team, is able to handle it.. they might just play to go for All time Wins by UH MBB team..

    Either way.. great job Benjy Taylor.. keep winning and coaching better, and fans come out.. heck. you all , the Team with Benjy at the helm, win that BWC tournament and go ncaa’s, Then What does UH admin do? If Benjy puts in his application, HE SHOULD DO IT NOW… What National assistant, or OLD former HC wants to come into a program that could be hit by penalties.? not many.. Benjy just might be the Man to help these great young Men just Keep Winning.

    Great job Benjy.. otherwise, Coach Beeman, and coach Wooley would have to have coached mbb TEAM THIS YEAR TOO !!

    JMO.. However.. I like what Benjy has , done, as a FAVOR to Admin and AD .. and he has done a good job, not perfect, however he learning too.. if have to keep silent.. Well Benjy I know some of your team and Maybe You read our posts.. just play it cool, coach better, team gets better and win a lot of games.. You all will be in front running for job HC .. for next few years !!

    Who else would want it? And could they recruit to Hawaii?
    Give Benjy and Que, who have a Big and some shooters lined up, chance to recruit a class. then see..

  12. islandman:

    thanks, but where is that particular blog? WI MBB forum, another forum, or SA archived article?
    Thanks in advance! Jujst curious, Motivation for whom and what?

    islandman, stats, metrics, info.. you ARE THE ISLAND MAN.. for All things UH sports..!! Right on!!

  13. Runbows; yes the previous post by WI on Feb 9, entitled ” Updated : video review …”

    I say it is motivation.

  14. for the named player near the end of the post by WI .

  15. I think BT could have just said the Janks situation was a coaches decision and leave it at that. Most people would draw conclusions that it is related to his performance. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to criticize a player in the media. It should all be done behind closed doors. No need to air dirty laundry

  16. I kind of agree about Janks situation but not all the way. Dont forget about all the crazy stuff thats been coming up around this program. Like PONO says “Most people would draw conclusions that it is related to his performance.” The sad part is most people is not all people and I guarantee if only thing Benjy said was coaches decision there would be all kinds of rumors.

    I bet some people would say have to do with the forge document and some other people would wonder if Janks was the hotel room that alarm went off. At least we know now it has to do with his attitude and I hope and pray that is something that can be corrected because we need Janks at 100 percent.

    Benjy been saying whats on his mind since the beginning. Dont forget he also question Negus when he didn’t want to play with sprain ankle. Like islandman say I think it is more about Benjy motivation for the guys than throwing guys under the bus.

  17. I also hoped that Benjy would be a little more polished in the media if he wants the hc position. The more he talks in the media the more it seems like he’s not the right guy for the job. HC also had to be good with media PR stuff and not just coaching. Maybe someone at UH can coach him up.

  18. Coach Benji Is consistent with the way he handle his players Fleming,NWC now Jank they all been bench for the same thing attitude nothing personal it’s about the team moving foward.

  19. BigDaddy you are right.
    Fans remember Riley Wallace, all time winningest coach in UH MBB history?
    He run the program, he make the call, he would sit players who not on board, or not going to class etc. And Riley had some really disciplined teams, some interesting athletes too, good ones, however they would clash..
    I think All of Us UH MBB fans, WE Been through a lot too, going into season with Gib at helm we saying THIS THE YEAR.. then boom.. everything seem to fall apart.. Benjy, sure not perfect, and I am sure he not saying he is. He loves the guys, has their best interest at heart.. You can tell he old school, will put down the law, Be On Board, As a Team , in classes, on court , in community..

    Pretty sure, he is not pleased with whatever went down in Riverside, however, he move on with whomever on team want to Follow team rules and proper Attitude.. That is not just old school.. That is good managing and coaching.. I am sure that the parents of the athletes appreciate that too.
    Know their sons, are being treated as.. well. as Ohana.. when need correction at least Benjy up front. and They Always, many times Air out concerns.. This is the type of team, and with the coaching staff now on board.. they get as ONE.. They can dance.. very dangerous, but fun loving, and they love on another team

    Still say, one of My Personal Favorite coaching staffs, and MBB team I have witnessed through the Storm and trials, in over 45 years !!
    Benjy good job, and staff, and 14 guys on Warrior Roster, listen to coaches and families, and school instructors.. Go Warriors..
    Anaheim.. go get em !!

  20. Also cannot be lack of playing time
    check mbb season stats
    top 9 guys in rotation getting between 15 and 31 (nevels)a game.
    averaging between 4 and 14 ppg
    that is balance and benjy allowing guys to play

    Greatest most challenging foe for coaches and team?

    “Negativity” from press..some fans…forums…
    That team with staff can insulate best they can and not be 5-25 at this point
    kudos props to benjy staff, team and their families

    I would say getting 2 wins this week and sit at 18-9
    …6-5. BWC…Would be huge.
    with 5 BWC regular season games remaining..
    and 3 games to go in Anaheim
    where hopefully ncaa dancing dreams come true!!

  21. Sorry meant uh mbb could have been 5-20 at this point
    they have done well

    No drama I guess …however..need to win
    uh mbb winning..

  22. 5-25? Not with Southern, Prairie View, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Chaminade, Hilo and the like on the schedule. And last time I checked media pretty positive about team. But guess unless you agree 100% with RunBows then you are negative. Hire Benjy now! 5 yrs @ 250K plus . Win two in a row before u think about BW tourney where you need to win three in a row.

  23. People that think Janks was in the room where the alarm went off are oblivious to the facts. Janks is a great kid and reading all these speculations about why he is not playing are ridiculous. We should be more focused on the team as a whole and not play the name game by making false accusations towards these boys. Let the season play out, these next games are crucial and I am optimistic that this team has not peaked yet and have big expectations for a run in Anaheim. Go Bows !

  24. 3,515. What’s that number ? That’s the walk up crowd for the game vs. UC Irvine on Jan 24. . Total attendance 7,465; tickets distributed 8,761 , per newspaper article.

  25. I don’t disagree about BTs disciplined of the kids for attitude problems but I don’t think he’s handling it in the most professional way by sharing it with the media.

  26. All BT got to do is win baby and they will come begging at his door. Yup all is forgotten when you hoist that Big West trophy over your head. After that BT can say anything he wants. Right now though silence is golden.

  27. servante. …you hear sport animals…GD …overtime show?
    He brought out good points what Benjy has done fof a program that could have imploded
    they bouhgt in to his pressure defense uptempo style..of course half courtt execution a concern however can be fixed
    caller told GD..because team sophs and a freshman..those are the mistakes of a young team…still he agreed wih GD..whomever calling shots at UH …should lock in coach soon..impacts recruiting
    how can any HC in country convince basketball athlete to come to UH if they are only going to be there 1 year? No one…thinks it was an insult to Benjy that he was offered 1 year extension as interim..offer 3 year deal…so he can land recruits that he can assure he will be there 3 years and more
    GD thinks to wait so long if the case for UH to hire AD if that person not able to hire basketball coach?
    Instead a committee does it?
    The late start after basketball season ends hard to get anyone to take HC job at UH
    Benjy knows guys…ones GD interviews the team like Benjy ..so why does UH not just hire Benjy Taylor as HC for 3 year deal?
    And GD knows Benjy ..the staff..the players..
    he is a fan of Benjy Taylor..I agree…Benjy..just go ahead win 20+ games..go to Anaheim and win that thing…then tell UH….shhhhhhhh…to naysayers…
    servante …with what Benjy has done on moments notice ..I don’ t think anyone thought UH would be at 16 wins

    Go Benjy and team..total diss of staff ..and team..

    Fans ..they coming out..watched hilie video of irvine game uh athletics site..sure looked like more than
    7400..more like 8900…
    hey ..Fans can voice support for Benjy..just let Jay…chancellor know
    GD..says UH no sense of urgency…to fill AD and MBB coach
    admin..do something right..okay you making Benjy apply
    more so galvanize team..they go ncaa
    or 23 win season..and they going hire mid major assistant?
    Dumb, dumb, and dumber..!!

  28. UH MBB has their next and best for returnees and the recruits they have on radar
    hire Benjy…go through protocol..however sign Benjy , he deserves it not C. Mcmilla..sour grapes

  29. Hire Benjy! Hire Benjy! Hire Benjy! Now! Hurry up! GD for AD!!

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