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Warriors falter at UC Irvine, 75-60


The University of Hawai’i basketball team started fast and finished slow in a 75-60 road loss at UC Irvine on Thursday.

A crowd of 1,810 at Bren Events Center in Irvine, Calif., watched the Anteaters complete a sweep of the home-and-home conference series from the Warriors.

Hawai’i dropped to 18-10 overall and is now in a three-way tie for fifth place in the Big West Conference at 6-6. UCI improved to 15-10 overall, and is in second place at 8-3.

The Warriors led by as many as seven points in the first half, but got out-scored 46-31 in the second half.

Two glaring statistics told the story of the game. First, Hawai’i shot a season-low 30.8 percent from the field (20 for 65), including 27.3 percent (9 for 33) in the decisive second half. Second, the Warriors forced UCI into just seven turnovers – the lowest amount by a Hawai’i opponent this season. The Warriors entered the game forcing opponents into an average of 17.5 turnovers per game.

Hawai’i entered the game ranked third in the nation with 10.4 steals per game, but got just five against the Anteaters.

Sophomore forward Stefan Jankovic had his best statistical game as a Warrior, finishing with season-highs of 18 points and 15 rebounds. Sophomore forward Negus Webster-Chan added 16 points and five rebounds. He continued his hot shooting, going 6 for 9 from the field, including 4 of 6 from 3-point range.


Aaron Valdes contributed eight points and five rebounds, and Stefan Jovanovic scored eight points off the bench.

It would not be enough on a night when guards Garrett Nevels, Roderick Bobbitt and Quincy Smith combined for just eight points on collective 2-for-23 shooting.

Three Hawai’i players were on the injury list with sprained ankles prior to the game: Valdes, Mike Thomas and Isaac Fleming. Valdes started and played 26 minutes, Thomas scored two points in eight minutes off the bench, and Fleming did not suit up.

Hawai’i opened the game with an 11-4 lead, but the Anteaters responded with a 7-2 run to cut the Hawai’i lead to 13-11 with 11:13 remaining. The Warriors maintained the lead for most of the first half, but UCI managed to tie the score at 29 after Travis Souza drained a 3-pointer with 1:01 remaining before intermission.

Both teams missed opportunities to go ahead in the final minute, and the score remained tied at 29 at halftime.


The Anteaters scored the first four points of the second half to take a 33-29 lead, and increased it to 41-35 moments later. Hawai’i responded with 3-pointers from Garrett Nevels and Webster-Chan to tie it at 41 with 14:50 remaining, but the Warriors could never regain the lead.

UCI took control for good after a 10-2 surge increased its lead to 55-46 with 9:57 remaining. The Anteaters slowly pulled away in the final 10 minutes, leading by as many as 20.

Wil Davis II led UCI with 23 points and 14 rebounds, and Travis Souza hit five 3-pointers to finish with 15 points. The Anteaters played without three key players

Hawai’i will travel north on Friday to play a Big West game at first-place UC Davis on Saturday.


(Game photos courtesy Warren Haraki)


Thursday’s Big West Results
Cal Poly 65, Cal State Fullerton 54
UC Davis 65, Long Beach State 58
UC Riverside 64, UC Santa Barbara 62
UC Irvine 75, Hawai’i 60

Saturday’s Big West Games
UC Santa Barbara at Cal State Fullerton
CSUN at UC Irvine
Cal Poly at UC Riverside
Hawai’i at UC Davis, 5 p.m. (Hawai’i time)

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  1. Welll…remember key …uh mbb shoot well?
    Only janks and nwc shot for combined 55%
    Rest of team 15%

    However if hold true to form..uh mbb never lost 2 games in arow
    go get davis whom they mdatch up well with

    UhH mbb wiill get win at davis ,,team shoot and defend well whole game
    miss fleming however bobbitt, nevepls , smith, jovanovich valdes need to step up

    Get healthy guys !!

    Go Bows!!

  2. Flemings did not play but AV and Thomas saw some action tonight. I though it should have been a closer game since Irvine had Ndiaye, Young and Ryan all out tonight too. UCI is not a team you want to see in the tourney once they get healthy. UH is going to have to regroup for Davis as they are on a roll after beating LBSU tonight on the road and getting their first 20 win season in program history.

  3. Thanks for the info. Have a great time at Davis

  4. Oh nooooo. We can’t afford losses Warruors. Nevels, Bobbitt, Smith come on man you guys need to bring some offense to the game. No excuses at Davis. You can do it. Gotta battle both halves. Let’s go !

  5. One good thing is that Jankovic is shaking off any cobwebs and is finally putting up some numbers.

  6. Plusses and Minuses

    “Top 100 Players” Playin’
    Jankovic: Double-Double, 18 points, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists
    Negus: Back-to-Back Three-Fests: Saturday 6-12, Thursday 4-6 (6-9 fgs)

    M.Thomas (and AV) ‘Played Through’ Injury (Team NEEDS Toughness)
    Only 7 Turnovers Good

    We CAN Win with ‘Support’ Like:
    AV 4-12, Coming Off of Injury, Probably Better When Healthy
    Jovanovic, 3-7 fgs, 2-3 fts

    GOT TO Figure Out How to Score AT Least 33% on BAD Night(s)…
    (Hint, USE Offensive System, PASSING & Take ‘BETTER’ Shots)

    GOT TO Play Smarter Last 3-5 Minutes Each Half
    Winnable ‘Periods’ IF Focus & Play Smart
    (Coach RE-Focus Team?)

    HURTS TEAM When:
    1-6 Q, 0-5 Bobbitt, or 1-12(!) G
    1-11 Point Guards (MISS Fleming) and 1-12 “Shooting” Guard
    “SHOOTS” the Team OUT of the Game
    (Total All-Three, ONE Turnover IS Very Good)

    GO ‘BOWS!
    WIN Saturday!
    [To GO to 10-0 After A Loss?]

  7. This team is way to inconsistent….no matter who played or not this will be another short tournament…next year is scary with no incoming recruits and might have players leaving

  8. Well, the ‘Bows got off to a great start, per the usual…but when 3 of your heavy minutes guards combine to shoot 2 for 23 (<9%!!) that most likely is not gonna get the job done, especially on the road. They were still in it for most of the game, but even if they upped that percentage to a paltry 25% then it would have been a one or two possession game in the final minutes. Another stat line that caught my eye was that UC Irvine only had 7 turnovers. Seems like Benjy called off the dogs from the get-go, likely due to the short bench. Fleming was dearly missed! Either way, the pressure wasn't there, the D wasn't there (especially on the perimeter) and the guys were just off tonight. The yin and yang pattern of conference play would dictate a loss this Saturday at Davis as well…hopefully that's not the case.

    The lone bright spots tonight were NWC and Jankovic. Glad to see them really coming into their game, and at a good time of the year too. Hopefully they continue to improve and break out. Just need the rest of the team to follow suit! Let's go BOWS!

  9. I only got a chance to listen to radio and couldn’t watch the TV coverage so I have a question for those who saw and that is did UH use the full court D? If Irvine only got 7 turnovers and Bobbitt only got 1 steal then Irvine has some really good ball handlers or UH didn’t really put on the pressure. I dont think Bobby Curren ever mentioned this so I am wondering what happened.

  10. Feel let down by 20MPoM in this game. He had a hot hand, and besides Jankovic everyone else was ice cold. Arctic cold. Yet he inexplicably does not take a shot in the last 14:50 of the game. We were tied at that point, he had just made 2 triples coming out in the 2nd half, and he decides to stop shooting. Why afraid to shoot? We lost badly relying on other guys to provide scoring, but he has to show some initiative.

  11. Agree with the above various posters. UH went almost 10 minutes in the 2nd half without a FG, missed 18 of its last 24 shots per news article.

    Irvine shot 70 % on 3 pt FG’s in the 2nd half, 55.6 for the game (They shot 66.7 % on Threes in the first game vs UH at SSC).

    On 3 pt. FG Defense in conference play , UH is ranked 8th at 38.9 %, if stats are correct. Davis is ranked 1st at 31.2 % !
    On Offense, UH is ranked 8th in 3 pt FG’s shooting % in conference, at 31.2 %. Irvine is ranked 2nd at 45.4 % and Davis is 1st at 50.0 % !

    But UH is ranked 4th in total FG % at 41.8 on offense and 5th on defense at 41.8 %. Irvine is ranked 1st on FG defense at 39.3 %.

  12. Imagine if MJ didn’t shoot in the last 15 minutes of the game. Just disappeared. LeBron always got flamed for passing away the ball at the end of games.
    20MPoM can forget the weights, and forget the NBA if he doesn’t have the mental fortitude to want to be the man.

  13. ChuckCheese: UH put pressure but at times backed off some and went to a zone. Other posters may have better recollections.

    Irvine looked like the (much) better team last night, in the 2nd half.

  14. Win as team, lose as team. Not on any one guy. Same problem all year, long droughts where team can’t throw it in the ocean. Keep heads up and get ready for tourney. That is the season.

  15. Injuries…….healthy fleming…thomas and valdes key..
    uh mbb would have had chane to win 2nd half and game
    uh mbb with all guys healthy have to execute really well in half court offense and defense
    they cannot especially short handed pressure gamble on steals for 40 minutes

    I am hoping uh mbb wiil bounce back against davis for win..they match up well

    Sad that the 3 guys all got injured at same time

    Still goal
    1-1..on this road trip

    Janks and NWC are playing at higher level
    healthy perimeter guys have to step up
    if bobbitt has good game against davis and uh mbb shoot in 40% from field or better they can win
    tough..however all preparation for bwc tourney
    any of top 8 teams can win it

    Gets more intense ..have to make sure in top 8

    Go Bows!!
    Benjy and Bows don’t give up
    warriors till the end!!

  16. Whos is 20MPoM???

  17. On the bright side, the highly touted transfers are starting to take flight. Janks and NWC are starting to heat up for the Bows. Just too bad most of the team had a pretty forgettable shooting night and the defense couldn’t force UCI into very many mistakes.

  18. Chuck…Bobby Curren mentioned right before tip-off that Irvine had a ton of turnovers near the end of the game against UC-Riverside due to late game pressure that brought them back in the game. Point being that Irvine does not have good ball handlers. That one Martin guy constantly made wild and seemingly out of control plays but somehow it always ended up UCI’s favor. One play it looked like he took about 4 steps with the ball and nearly flew out of bounds until Jovanovic was called for a foul, for standing in the way, apparently.

    Anyone else see all the phantom fouls called on UH? Then UH would get hammered going up for a shot but only got calls maybe half the time. At one point Janks was getting mobbed under the rim yet still managed to pull down the offensive boards, then gets tied up and the call is “jump ball”.

    UH was their own worst enemy last night but in the same note, I strongly believe all of the Big West ref’s have it out for them. At this point it’s getting to be quite disturbing and I’d probably do something about it if I felt like it would change anything.

  19. Thanks islandman. I guess the sprained ankles and short bench made UH play conservative than normal.

    Looking at the standings now, UH really have to win couple more games to stay out of the 7 spot. Irvine looking like the 2 spot and they going be even tougher match up when there other guys come back so it would be better to not play them on the first day of Big West Tournament.

    On the other hand, Cal Poly was the 7 seed last year and remember what they did.

  20. Forgot to add, I agree with all the NWC comments. When you’re one of 2 guys on your team actually shooting the ball well, you really need to keep shooting. The fact that he didn’t shoot it at all for the last 15 minutes of the game is absurd. Like how Souza was bombing it for UCI and actually KEPT shooting it (going 5 for 7). NWC was 4 for 6 and could have easily went 5 for 7 or even more. Bobbit and Nevels were ice cold last night and that’s exactly when he needs to step it up and really take over.

  21. You know IsaacM…we know the deal, UH has to be hitting on all cylinders.. given the circumstances, incredible they have won 18 games overall and 6-6 in conference.

    That NWC and Janks are stepping up offensively and they were putting more effort down low, Benjy take them out for rest, and UH had no offense, they have to take over in 2nd half too.. remember If UH Admin can keep this group of freshman and sophs together, and juniors.. next year with hopefully 2 bigs and a shooter joining them, they will win much more games.

    Still say.. in ON WEEK time over 2 games last week.. lose 3 Major contributors on Offense and Defense plus Energy to ankle injuries.. quite devastating.

    This Team has surprised us all year.. I know Benjy Que, Brad and Brandon the staff, they have enough experience, to know the shortcomings of a shorthanded and not healthy UH team.. They are going to get tougher, smarter against Davis,

    I Really do not think UH will lie Down against Davis,, they will come out to win, and play better, lock into zone, matchup don’t gamble on defense, and shoot much better by the perimeter guys.. UH gets the Win..

    Hey, even if they come out short.. UH just come home and sweep the last 2 home games..
    This Team They are Winners,.. just have to get healthy and play Half court O and D much better, and Shoot that rock better.
    Easy game, shoot the ball , make the basket, on D, stop other guys from scoring..

    Let’s Go Bows !!

  22. We all still will be listening or hopefull davis has good IT people better broadband signal stream..
    davis is as close to bay area guys quincy and bobbitt’s homes…I look for team to battle to wire
    cannot get down double digits and scramble back
    get lead.hold on..finish
    put it this way davis must be favored by 9 pts or more..uh mbb has to sneak a win
    nevels is a warrior.he hit for his average and bobbitt, nwc, janks do too..uh mbb can win
    would that not be sweet ride flying home
    even if lose
    get 3 guys healthy for bwc tourney.

    Looking for good game tomorrow.uh mbb has won there before when I think Zane Johnson was junior..could use a zane..tough..now nwc,,he be and janks finaly offense come around just have to be better conditioned and finish
    healthy thomas, valdes, fleming and janks and nwc living up to offensive expectations
    bwc tourney time uh mbb can win it
    go bows!!

  23. Irvine has deadly 3 pt. shooters and Will Davis looked deadly inside.

    As for UH, Benjy said at halftime on TV, he wanted UH to take the ball inside more. With a lot of our outside shooters putting up bricks, except NWC and Janks, that would have been good to do. Maybe they tried ?

    Unfortunately, Davis has even more deadly outside shooters.

  24. runbows; UC Davis favored by 6 pts.(1 TD), so far in some lines.

  25. That wil davis just clean up and such great position..easy dunks layins or jump hook..he was a difference maker on defense too
    still say in anaheim neutral court uh mbb healthy can beat all the bwc teams
    just have to get lbsu and ucsb at home
    games really physical..probably nevels, thomas and valdes still hurting not 100%
    Get more touches for jovanovich…just has to make quicker move and finish
    tell you all davis ready to rout uh mbb
    uh mbb can surprise them..here we go again
    Resilient team.surprise if they don’t upset first place davis at their home gym
    probably 1400 or less in attendance
    go bows!!

  26. islandman..bwc teams playing uh mbb for that one fake uh guy gamble for steal to the rim or mid range shot and score
    they taking better care of ball crunch time
    valdes bobbitt smith ..fly out for steal miss ..shooters set for wide open threes

    However True? All bwc teams have better 3 ball shooters than uh mbb
    have to not go for steal guard the ball..identify the shooters and no clean looks
    bwc teams getting so confident..even uh mbb contest shot hard ..they making them

    Uh mbb just has to get out on pg..and don’t stuck on screen…get to shooters before they receive ball
    still say
    benjy might have to adjust..not all pressures gamble steals unless they opening up 17 pt leads..have better half court
    however remember 3 key guys not even practice with team because of injuries
    hard to prepare for irvine great start however that is why uh mbb got so winded
    this team without fleming..at times hard to overcome 10 pt leads

    Still hoping uh mbb shock bwc and spoil davis’ home game

    Go bows!!

  27. Enough about the refs. UCI shot 10 fee throws to UH 22. So how can u say refs were out for UH?

  28. islandman, where do you get your lines from? i’m surprised Hawaii is only a 6 point underdog. Looking at the facts straight, I’d think Davis covers easily. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve won a decent amount of $$ betting on UH basketball (forget football lol). But as a fan, I like to think they will compete until the end in this one. They have responded well to losses in conference play so far but winning at Davis would be one for the ages. Sweeping the team that didn’t lose a single time to any other teams in conference? LOL. We beat them at home by shooting out of our minds, but after seeing yesterday’s fiasco I’m inclined to believe that’s not going to happen again.

  29. The bows been beating odds…isaacm wouldn’t it be sweet uh beat line?
    Cannot count the out unless they give up

    Look for better gamey

  30. isaacM :

    Surprise, UH had 22 second chance points to Irvine’s 11. But i guess, Irvine didn’t need many second chances.

    Stats also say UH had 18 pts. in the paint to Irvine’s 32. Only 5 pts. of turnovers to 13 for Irvine.

  31. Line going down to 5.5 . . .

  32. If you wanna get technical, Hawaii was called for 15 fouls, UCI was called for 20, 6 of which were called after the game was pretty much out of hand for UH. Also, 6 of Hawaii’s fouls were called during a decisive 13 – 4 run in the 2nd half. Officiating can really dictate the tempo of games which in turn can really sway the game in either teams favor. UH could have also done themselves a favor by actually guarding some of their 3 point bombers.

    Either way, last time I checked it’s freedom of speech, right? I can say whatever I want about the ref’s. Just stating opinions, not like it changes anything.

  33. Runbows, I’m not sure I care if UH beats/covers the line…a 5 point loss is probably worse than a 15 point loss, just because you start to get your hopes up on the final possessions, only to see UH choke their chances away.

    As great as Rod has been this year…he’s really choked away a number of wins. Granted, UH probably wouldn’t have even been in it if not for him, it’s just awfully painful to watch

  34. Always freedom of speech, especially for those who believe in the sweep!

  35. Thanks for the link islandman, been to that site before but forgot about it…if the line drops any lower I may have to temporarily relapse into my old ways, lol

  36. runbows; you got it, got to try and balance the steal attempts vs staying with your man. There was that one time when Rod went flying into the sideline and then Souza had the open look just for a very short moment and that’s all he needed, he made the 3 pt. shot.

    He was 5 for 7 on 3 pt shots last night. He is 2nd in the Big West at 3 pt FG % at 48.6 % to CoreyH. at 54.0 % ( two other Davis players are in the top five).

    Luke Nelson was 3 for 6 on threes, last night.

    The 7′ 2″ Dimakopoulos from Greece was pretty deadly inside too. Didn’t know he was so tall, until i looked at their roster.

  37. IssacM…. like all of of us, well 99.9999% on this forum, when UH loses we Feel their Pain, from Benjy on down to 11th guy on bench and at home with the 2 Rs’s, and medical out..we feel it.

    You are right.. That is it, and Benjy identified it from November, strength of team, quickness , athleticism, go pressure, jump passing lanes, deflect ball, crash boards. dive for 50/50 ball, pedal to the metal, and go out and run, run, run.. He Knew weakness of team 3 ball shooting, FT shooting, 3 ball defense, and execution in Half court Offensive and Defensive sets.. A Really balanced D team of recent vintage was Gib first year, Weak side shot blocker Bill Amis, a great one, Vander, long, and take up space, get some altered shots, and MIah, Zane all out hustle, until they could not breathe.. that team, the Defense was coordinated by ? Benjy Taylor…made UH team one of the top 25 overall Defensive teams in the nation.. just could not stop that penetrating quick guards to rim..otherwise, they held teams overall FG percentages, 3 ball percentages, and scoring averages down, as well as stayed even on the boards.. That is the missing ingredient, the last line of defense, the Rim Protector, Monster Reggie Cross, Melton Werts, Tommy Barker, who would clean the glass, and protect the paint.. If UH signs Benjy first week of March, let’s say new AD in place already.. UH admin.. guys know Benjy, Benjy knows his team and what they need for next year.. New AD, with input from AD dept, fans, students, other coaches, community support, and we forum supporters.. go ahead sign him to 3 year deal.. then Senque and Benjy work some JC with 3 year to play, or outstanding 2 yr to play JC transfers, 2 bigs, teeth on rim, bangers, who are team guys, and right fit, and 2 shooters.. lights out, who are athletic and can get out and finish..
    Next year , we talking about a legitimate top 25 team .. for sure.

    IsaacM.. I don’t gamble, however, I know how you feel, I can tell 10 minutes into game that feeling if UH has chance to win.. the Irvine, game,UH hot start, however after 10 minutes, Irvine crept back in.. and I went,.. oh, oh.. looks like UH might come out short, if they don’t defend and shoot well.

    Well live and learn.. 4 games last of BWC regular season.. they finish 3-1 going into Anaheim and Healthy 11 active guys..I give them odds, hey, better they underdog, the under.. and UH go shock the world.. remember, now IsaacM.. beginning of season. ones naysayers were saying UH fortunate to win 9 or 10 games, well they are 2 games away from winning 20, which should lock up Benjy for top consideration of New permanent HC.. and if he gets to Championship game., or wins the whole tournament, give him A WELL WRITTEN FAIR CONTRACT>.
    And team, look at Coolen, Wade and Beeman’s contracts, they put APR, GPA as factoring heavy, into vision of contract and what is stipulated, I guess academics the focus, that is why Chow got the pass for 4th year, and also, UH AD dept no money to buy. out.

    Hope they hire new AD soon, by BWC tournament , UH and Benjjy get to semis at least, and 21-22 win season, he should be new coach with 3 year deal !!

  38. Irvine had to travel to Hawaii to play UH in yesterday’s game, then travel back to California today and play CSUN tomorrow. Riverside did that in earlier in February, losing at UH on Feb 12, but was able to defeat Irvine on Feb. 14 at Riverside.

    I don’t think UH has that kind of travel between Thursday and Saturday games until for the last game of the season, but that one is a Wednesday game in SSC, then a game at Fullerton on Saturday.

  39. Hey good comments..
    basically we want uh mbb with benjy at helm to win 20, 21 games regular season at 10-6,9-7 or 8-8..
    Then make it to championship game bwc tourney
    we happy…happy happy

    Bows and benjy staff grad assistants ,totors and jay goo mvp..
    good job
    strength and championships through adversity

    If season ended now..and I were power that be at UH…sign benjy to good 3 year deal…have assistants on board and flying out when able or probably on these cali road swings for 2 bigs score defend run..and 2 shooter, breakdown athletic defender scorers all jc at this point so late

    Go Bows. UH MBB Will not give up
    look for them to play much better they…bobbitt in particlar are peeved
    they going get it…hungry..eat and grind!!

  40. BR report AV and MT good and ready to goal…if davis has shaky ballhandlers look for Bobbitt, Quincy, Aaron, stay in front of men…bigs protect and don’t let ANY 3 Ball shooter go off for 40..
    defend and shoot well!!

    Getting excited ..you know why? MBB make monies,,fly high ..dunks and fun to watch
    younguns wahine win 25 games go to ncaa hopefully. .however exciting mbb rock and roll

    Hope 8000 fans come out for may 2015 grad nevels senior nite!!
    Less than 20 hours davis ready to rock with warriors
    bounce back after one loss team..

  41. Keep streak going..10-0 after loss
    janks and negus have arrived!!

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