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Warriors can still make a move up the standings

First place in the Big West Conference is no longer within reach for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, but there is still much to play for in the final two weeks of the regular season.

The Warriors have their final two home games coming up: Long Beach State on February 26, then UC Santa Barbara on March 4. The regular-season will conclude on March 7 at Cal State Fullerton, followed by the Big West Conference Tournament on March 12-14 at Anaheim, Calif.


Here is some of what is at stake …

Tournament Seeding

The Warriors can finish anywhere from the third to the seventh seed for the Big West Tournament. In order to climb as high as third, the Warriors basically need to win their three remaining games, and have other teams beat the three teams immediately ahead of them (UC Santa Barbara, Long Beach State and UC Riverside).

It will also help Hawai’i’s cause to have UC Davis win out and finish the Big West season at 15-1. Such a scenario would give the Warriors an advantage in many tie-breaker situations, as they would be the only team to own a win over the first-place team.

Hawai’i could still finish in a tie for second place in the final standings, but it would take several unlikely scenarios, and the Warriors would still lose the tie-breaker for the No. 2 seed to UC Irvine.

20 Wins

The Warriors are 18-11 overall and 6-7 in the Big West. Two more victories would give them 20 victories for the second consecutive season. The last time Hawai’i had back-to-back 20-win seasons was in the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons, when Anthony Carter was running the point.

Winning Conference Record

The Warriors need to win all three remaining games to finish at 9-7 in the Big West. If they do, it would give the program three consecutive seasons of above .500 records (10-8 in 2013, and 9-7 in 2014).

Believe it or not, the Hawai’i program has never strung together three consecutive seasons of above .500 records in conference play.

300 Steals

The Warriors have already set the school record for steals in a season, and they are currently at 295. The previous record was 293, set by the 1980-81 squad.

Hawai’i is currently second in the nation in steals, and only West Virginia has more with 312.

Junior guard Roderick Bobbitt has already set the UH individual record for steals in a season, and he is currently at 91. He is within reach of the Big West Conference season record of 106 set by Greg Anthony of UNLV in 1990.

Bobbitt is also now the official NCAA leader in total steals and steals per game (3.14). Oregon State’s Gary Payton II is second with 81 steals and 3.00 per game.


  1. Yes, it sure would be nice to see a 20 win season, HOWEVER, I got to say that I am in it to win it. That is to say, The Coaches MUST focus on the tournaments and getting ready to win the tournaments. There are a lot of factors, including off court factors like homework and term papers. If the team needs to focus on class, or on getting healthy, you know we got a chance to win the tournament, we nee to focus on that. Keep the big picture in play! Things happen. Focus on the big picture!

  2. Mahalo for The Updates, Dayton

    Most Valuable are The Wins in The Second Week of March
    UCD Set The Precedent for Finishing Strong

    UH Can Extend It
    A Healthy UHMBB Squad can play with Everyone on its schedule
    AND Maybe Run Three in The Next Tourney

    I Say Build The Good Habits and Expectations THIS Week
    Build ’em Better and Stronger Next Week
    Take it On the Road to Winnable Fullerton

    Get The Team’s Road Legs goin’
    They Usually Play Stronger as they go
    I think they were better at the end of The Four-Game BWC Road Trip than the Beginning
    And Stronger at the End of The Florida Trip as well

    Start The Streak Now or Soonest
    Build Up Confidence to A Crescendo
    Take It On The Road and Steam Roll Anaheim into a Happy Hawai’i Place
    This Year,
    The Men AND Women CAN Support Each Other (With US)
    ALL The Way Through…

    Go ‘BOWS!
    Imua Na Wahine!

  3. Basically, I believe, bottom line, if Benjy and the Bows, finish this season with 20 , 21 wins overall, even if they don’t win the BWC tournament, Benjy Taylor will be the New Permanent Head Coach, that is why he and the team are focused on winning as many games as possible.. sure, the NCAA tournament is HUGE piece of the pie, The ultimate, that would validate how Awesome Benjy, the staff, the team and their ohana have survived and thrived through adversity.

    If at 20 or 21 wins overall, and Benjy not made HC with a 3 year deal, in place, shame on UH admin. Personally, I think that is the goal for MBB team , to keep program moving forward and for solidarity , continuity…Man, if AV, MT and IF did not get hurt or ill, UH could have been standing at 20 wins already, .. However.. This Team, fans, .. win out with 3-0 record down the stretch, and having all guys healthy.. I say, UH if they can play shutdown, 3 line defense, and half court offense, they will be the Team to beat in BWC.. I am sure, the other teams know that.. UH has their shots falling now.. just heal up, Isaac, Aaron and Mike !!

    Go Bows.. !!
    Should be a great finish to a most Memorable Season. .. the Best I have ever witnessed. overcoming massive odds!!

    Go Warriors !!

  4. If not the current coach, there is someone like Mark Campbell mentioned on another forum, although he is on a women’s program track right now. He is with the Oregon women’s program in his first season; before that with Oregon State’s for four seasons. Before that he had experience with St. Mary’s and the Pepperdine men’s programs.


    1980-81 UH squad mentioned by Dayton,had Webster,Strayhorn,Goodlow,Sanchez, Dickerson,Pineau, Miller, et al. under Larry Little, 14-13, 7-9 (6th) in WAC. First winning season under Little, per UH website.

  5. Right on akuhead2. The only goal left available to this team is in the tourney.
    This team is what it is — it is not going to win the Big West regular season, and “trying to get to 3rd place” is unappealing. Don’t need to worry about seeding for a Big West tourney. If there’s any team that we fear in the Big West, then forget about trying to make it to the Big Dance. Fear no one in the Big West, the only seed that mattered was #1.

  6. This brings up a good question of should the coaches just rest Fleming and Mike Thomas for the next two games and make sure they are full ready for the Big West tourney. They can come back in the Fullerton game as a warm up and then hope and pray for no more injuries and they all at full strength going into the Big West tourney.

    I think some of you guys are right that the only seed that is big deal is #1 because they get the “easy” draw of either Fullerton or Northridge. Since UC Davis got #1 locked up, all the other match ups are kind of even so don’t really matter where UH finish and they should concentrate on being full healthy for tournament.

  7. On second thought, I would rather not be #7 if UC Irvine is looking like #2. I think that is the toughest team for UH to face in first round.

  8. At this point, it doesn’t really matter where they place since they know they’re making the tournament. I believe on any given time and place, UH can beat any team in the conference…especially if they’re at full health. A 20 win season, which looks very possible at this point, would be a victory in itself. As a bonus, I’d be stoked if they play in some post season tournament somewhere. We’ve already done the CIT a couple of times…is a CBI invite out of the question?

  9. ONLY #1 SEED Matters Because That IS The ONLY Other ‘Guaranteed’ Berth —
    IF #1 Seed – Regular Season Champion does NOT Win BWC Tourney, NCAA Awards Invite to NIT…

    AND — Even Though We “Been There, Done That” …
    (Are we supposed to Eventually Get Tired of NCAA Berths Like Na Wahine Volleyball?
    Their GOAL IS to HOST…)

    I’d Stiil VOTE — For a Second Choice — IF We Don’t Get Our FIRST…
    For CIT in Honour Of Riley, Down …But Not Out —
    WHO Lobbied for Hawai’i When NO ONE Else Wanted UH

    The RISK Lays in Making Sure Isaac and M.Thomas ARE Strong/ Healthy Enough to Play AND Improve without getting Hurt, Sliding Backwards…BUT We Need Them Built Up, Ready To PLAY To WIN, Hopefully NOT Tentative or Afraid of the ankles…

    GOOD, EVEN Great that MOST of Us Have NO DOUBT a Healthy UHMBB Team CAN WIN THREE…
    i’m Concerned they’ll get caught in a Slow-Down….
    And Out-Executed…Which i Find Frustrating Because We Have MORE Good Passers than Most Teams
    Passing and Execution “Should Be” A Strength (Given Enough Effort/Coaching to Prep)
    Basketball IS a Passing and Shooting Game…
    Passing to Get SHOTS YOU KNOW You Can /WILL Make…
    (And Preventing the Opposition from Same…)

    GO ‘BOWS!

  10. Benjy Taylor,you have made me a fan and friend of you forever.. A real Warrior who cares for his team like 14 sons..
    Go and get those 3 last games.

    And IsaacM.. yes, I hope a donor, or a carwash, or Oceanic Cable, will step up and finance UH to play in CBI.. if UH can win 4 out of last 5 going into BWC tourney semis, and fall short.. they deserve it..

    Benjy Taylor Resume, could be at end of run in BWC tournament, 24-11 , and NCAA invite, and still not be chosen as permanent HC.. Weird as hell !!

    Go Benjy and the Bows..
    This Makule Man, loves your effort, and why not, just get healthy and hot shooting and defending, in BWC tournament and go to NCAA’s and win several games … Then UH admin, can do what they want to do..sheeesh..

    IsaacM.. and others.. Benjy has done a lot, what if they hired Riley , poor guy, whom I really love and respect, his health, would have been devastating if he took over as this year’s interim.. Benjy, with input from team members that wanted to stay, and Ben Jay.. GOOD JOB..
    Aurite !!

    Go Bows.. Hey UH MBB fans.,. I love the WBB team,, however wouldn’t it be double sweet if MBB and WBB teams both got their invites on March Selection Sunday?

    Hey, I is getting excited for PAYBACK game against LBSU , Caffey might go off, however, UH just shut down, the whole team., believe, pressure, and getting the 12 steals, turning over LBSU, and UH shooting well, in transition and half court, plus guarding full and half court, and 3 ball shooters., and closing out games.. should be Terrific game.. if only 4200 show up.. not to good, however those 4200 in attendance for Harry Potter nite, will make noise of 14,200!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    And Benjy fantastic team and staff win 21-22 games overall, they deserver CBI or whatever is out there, hey 25, 000.00 investment per 3 games,, some donor can come up with that cash, it would show a lot of support and pride for this Team of Redemption..

    My Favorite Team of All Time ” Strength, and Victories, Over Overwhelming Odds !!”

  11. Maybe the hangup is with that horrible general outside lawyer, counsel, who made terribly written contracts, that put UH athletics more in the hole, not fault of AD’s, coaches, and others that were bought out, or severanced.. Get rid of that lawyer, or firm..
    Have a great and fair, and well written contract for Benjy a good 3 year deal, soon, so he can recruit.. the PR duties, as Bobby alluded to, Benjy can learn.. hell, he has had to deal with hellish problems already..

    Get healthy Benjy, Aaron, Mike and Fleming,.. I think with the Mizzou tiger transfers, NWC and Janks, showing what they can do, finally.. UH will be the team to beat.. just have to play 40 minutes of great ball for last 3 regular season games and 3 in a row in BWC tourney!!

    Get Chance to Dance.. UH plays well with everyone healthy.. The Get Chance !

  12. I read somewhere that there was a recent posting for a Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel for the University of Hawaii. This vacancy is apparently due to the former VP recently leaving the UH. It makes me wonder whether this has anything to do with the screw up of Gib’s contract relating to the severance provision. The ridiculous wording of his contract could put the UH on the hook for over a million dollars, monies that it will be hard pressed to find. Anybody know anything relating to this vacancy and how it has arisen ?

  13. Bernie, I was wondering about it too. I believe I posted about this on Warrior Beat regarding Daroyn Lendio who seems to have a good background. BTW, she was the former VP of Legal Affairs who left. I haven’t read anything anywhere about this so it seems like nobody had any insights on this. I know Curran said he knew who the person involved with the contracts was but didn’t want to name that person.

  14. UH’s outside counsel said her leaving wasn’t due to this issue and that she had given notice before this became an issue. She was also the one of the ones who approved the contract for Stevie Wonder, apparently.

    UH men’s team still receiving votes in the Mid-Major Top 25 poll, equivalent to being No. 36.

    Wahine ranked No. 22 in the Women’s Mid-Major poll.


  15. I think the Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel (Lendio) is leaving in June.

    Here’s some info on free tickets that UH administrators apparently get; the ethics commission said such gifts are acceptable only under limited conditions.


  16. Islandman, I read the same thing. I was thinking that with all that has gone on and the ethics issue, she may have been proactive and had something lined up anticipating what might happen???

  17. Lendio was a founding partner for the law firm McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon LLP, and UH uses William McCorriston a lot as outside counsel so there is a connection there. So I am surprised with all the negativity with her at the helm. That is why I am anxious to know what the details are.

  18. BigFan;– That seems to be a conflict or something. McCorriston has to somehow cover for his former partner ? He’s the outside counsel hired by UH to deal with Gib.

  19. You think anyone is playing too many minutes this year as far as lasting through the end of the regular season and after ? Roderick is averaging 33.2 minutes per game, Garrett 31.2, Valdes 29, Negus 25.8, Isaac 23, Mike 19.2; Janks 19.8 .

    Last year Keith S. averaged 32.3, Standhardinger 31.9, Nevels 31.7, Fotu 30.8 and Spearman 29.6 , Quincy 17.1, Rozitis 11.9 .

  20. “Could” Be A Factor in being Un-Able to STOP Late Runs by Opposition…

    1) Got to be Able to Score “At Will”,
    Good Teams Have THREE or More Options;

    2) Got to be ABLE to Get a Good Shot Less than 10, 4,Seconds

    3) Got to Be Able to Get Some STOPS in Last Three Minutes of Half, Game, OT…

    Benjy Alluded to Bobbitt (as an example, among others) breaking down over the course of the game and Season…

    For Februaery, March: Game Management

    For April, May: Recruitment

    For April-August: Development Training
    Some of Our Guys are looking Real Thin (as in skinny) as their weights drop over the season…

  21. Sorry, IF Duplicated….

    “Could” Be A Factor in being Un-Able to STOP Late Runs by Opposition…

    1) Got to be Able to Score “At Will”,
    Good Teams Have THREE or More Options;

    2) Got to be ABLE to Get a Good Shot Less than 10, 4,Seconds

    3) Got to Be Able to Get Some STOPS in Last Three Minutes of Half, Game, OT…

    Benjy Alluded to Bobbitt (as an example, among others) breaking down over the course of the game and Season…

    For Februaery, March: Game Management

    For April, May: Recruitment

    For April-August: Development Training
    Some of Our Guys are looking Real Thin (as in skinny) as their weights drop over the season…

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